Terps vs. Tar Heels Thread

After an encouraging hoops opener (to everyone but Al V), it’s time for the football team to follow suit.  Ah, which team will we see today?  Let’s hope that number by North Carolina’s name as well as all the ESPN ‘experts’ picking the Heels gets our guys going.

This will be a simple gameplan.  It’s all up to both lines. Our offensive line must have a bounce-back game and we NEED to run the ball.  We have running backs who can get it done, it’s up to the line to hit some people and wear them down.

The D line doesn’t need to turn in a game like Wake Forest (though it would be nice), they just need to contain the runners and get some pressure on the passer.  We all know Chris Cosh is not going to blitz that much, which leaves it all to the line to make some plays.

I’d also love to see Portis out there again.  Though he wasn’t always effective, it’s still a different look and we need to keep that UNC defense off balance.

Today’s game is the difference between a New Year’s bowl and spending the holidays on the blue turf in Idaho.  Let’s get it done.