O-line, Turner Horrid

You know, Ralph Friedgen is always complaining about lack of fan support for the football team. Well, if he expects to have good crowds, I would think he’d like to show up in the biggest game of the year.

The offensive line, one that is big and experienced should be ashamed of themselves. They have been just miserable and they should offer apologies to Chris Turner. 5 sacks???!!! Give the guy some help.

Second, Turner should offer apologies to the defense. When he has had time, he’s been horrible. We were getting right back into the game late in the 2nd quarter and he had Davin Meggett so wide open, yet he decides the throw into quadruple coverage. I know he’s getting nervous back there with all the pressure, but my goodness, complete a pass.

The entire team should be ashamed.

Oh, and did anyone know that there is this Rolle kid who was arriving late tonight?



  1. Oh, and Chris Cosh needs to be fired after this season.

    I don’t care that the defense has had some good games, the lack of pressure on the QB has kept the defense on the field way too long all season. It should be common knowledge that 18-22 year old QB’s don’t like to be pressured. So if you aren’t getting pressure with 4 guys, BLITZ.

    Oh, and teach the kids how to tackle.

  2. I think I saw an article that talked about the Terps weak defensive line, so Cosh went with a 3-3-5 all season to mask that deficiency…hmmm…

    Cosh should have been fired after the Virginia game…if he’s not fired the day after Maryland’s bowl game, there is no accountability on this team.

  3. Frustration = trying to keep count of how many tackles we’ve missed tonight

  4. Frustration = waiting all day for a big game and THIS happening.

  5. Can we fire Cosh DURING the game?

  6. Shoot, in reality, we can’t truly pin this one on Cosh…the entire team has looked absolutely horrendous.

  7. What is the purpose of putting a camera in the locker room while that Rolle kid is changing? Seriously. How is this compelling? Ooh a football who is smart too? Stop the presses! I get it.

    And another thing, is it a law that every person from the state of Florida with the last name of Rolle MUST play football?

    Cosh needs to be fired. Franklin sucked too. He didn’t mix up the plays at all. It was run, run, run until FSU stopped it. Then, it was pass, pass, pass. It’s not hard to stop a team when they do the same thing over and over again.

    That BC game is going to be awful. Hello 7-5 and blue turf.

  8. I totally agree with the comment about how Friedgen complains about the lack of fan support only to send 50,000 home frustrated and angry after a totally flat performance where the (ranked) Terps lost a totally winnable game.

    Here’s to hoping that Maryland bounces back with a win at Boston.

    Everyone likes looking at trends right – well here is a funny one for you: The number of Terp wins after a loss decreases by one after each loss. 3 wins after MidTennSt., 2 wins after Va, 1 win after VT, (0 wins after Fl.St? – God, I hope not).

    Go Terps!

  9. Hate to say it but the players and coaches really wet themselves tonight. Painful to watch. It was like the Terps were playing Florida State after spending the week preparing to play Florida International

  10. I agree that we can’t pin the loss on Cosh, but the guy has been brutal all season with a couple of good games. The bend-but-don’t-break just tires out the D and they do not force enough turnovers.

    The offense has become ridiculous. Incomplete pass on first down is ALWAYS followed by the draw play on 2nd and 10. ALL YEAR.

    They get the ball to Heyward-Bey on the first pass of the game once again, then he’s used as a decoy the next 10 times.

    The offensive line is completely overrated. They have underachieved big time and their lack of blocking was a big reason for the loss.

    This season could have been special, but we’ll be hanging out in Boise or Charlotte come holiday time. Oh well.

  11. What happened after the first five plays of the game!?! The Terps were actually exciting with the misdirections and trick plays- and it was working. Then after that offensive drive- nothing like that the rest of the game. It’s like we used up all our tricks all at once in the first 3 minutes WTF. Losing to FSU is excusable, but looking TERRIBLE on national TV at a blackout sucks. The stadium looked empty most of the game and it was an embarassing showing for the university since we rarely get the national coverage. And by the way since their defensive line was penetrating at will, why don’t we try to take advantage of the over penetration and dump a screen over their head once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I have a theory on this year’s team that I haven’t posted here yet in hopes of being wrong. The games we’ve lost, we’ve lost soundly. We’ve been blown out in 3 of the 4 losses and lost the 4th one convincingly also. Other than Wake Forest, most of our wins have been really close games that came down to a decisive drive, FG and other means.

    This tells me two things. 1) We’re not that good. 2) We won every close game we’ve played and that usually attributes to coaching and luck. Conclusion: Our coaching has been good this year and we’ve also been lucky. We could easily be 5-6 right now.

    Most guys on this site blame the coaching staff. Coaching cannot make a team 10-20 points better. Conversley, I don’t think it can make a team 10-20 points worse. The fact we’ve won our close games seems to indicate our coaching is a strength compared to other teams.

    My take is that we are not as talented as we think we are. In my opinion, this team is lucky to be going to a bowl game at all.

  13. It’s hard to argue with that theory Eddie, but the play calling has to have something to do with it, on both sides of the ball.

    If the team isn’t that good, then you are saying they’ve gotten lucky an awful lot. They have skill and have shown that a lot this year. That is what has made these losses so frustrating. I just don’t think they have the leadership to get the job done. You can’t tell me a division 1 (or whatever stupid thing they are calling it now) team can win 7 games with smoke and mirrors.

    I’m not saying it’s all coaching, but that has had something to do with it. The more I see this west coast offense with the Redskins and Terps, the more I hate it.

  14. Eddie is spot on. Our four losses include one to MTSU who we had no business losing to and we were never really in the game. One to a UVA team that was reeling after a loss to Duke and reports all week that Groh was as good as gone at seasons end. Again never in the game with an extremely lame performance. One to a VA Tch team that was very beatable with a crippled QB and no running game, again a no name RB scorches us for +250 yards and never in the game. Then last night, game at Byrd, National TV, ACC Title game on the line, FSU coming off a loss where they were man-handled by BC and we look completely overmatched, O-Line embarrassed, Turner eating turf every other play, missed tackles.
    Once again the team had laid an egg on National TV.
    It’s one thing to lose games were competitive in, but that has not been the case this year.
    Very frustrating, I have no confidence in next weeks game.

  15. For fridge if you want support, you gotta earn it. People don’t just go because they got nothing better to do. We don’t have blind faith. I’d be glad to support a team that gave an “A” effort. Fans give their best when the team does. That’s the bottom line. If the team can’t give it every week, the fans won’t either, it’s a two way road.

    Myron Rolle, said when he verballed to FSU that he wanted to be a dr. I didn’t buy it, but now look at him. Rhodes Scholar, finished his degree at FSU. I guess he’s legit.

  16. Well, MD could be Texas Tech!

    I visited my old stomping grounds to see the OU-TTU game. I hoped to see a great game, a game like the Texas-TTU game. Instead, I saw the most dominating football team I’ve seen in person. TTU fans were utterly disheartened last night. They all left the stadium at halftime.

    I then watched the scoreboard and received texts from friends about MD’s wipe-out. I have tickets to the MD-BC game next week, and I wonder what the point of going is now. Ralphie once again blamed the players. I can’t believe he actually blames the players in the press. Signs of a sinking ship. Why would a recuit want to come to CP for blow-outs and a blaming in the press?

    I’m glad I didn’s see this game. I dread what I will see next week in Chestnut Hill.

  17. After all this, if the season plays to form, we will beat Boston College in a nail-biter. :-)

  18. I don’t completely condone the blaming of the players, but did it look like they put for the effort last night? Not even close. But that has to come back on the coaches because this happens every damn year…it’s not something new to this program that appeared only with these athletes..

  19. I would rant against Fridge, Cosh and the players but I’m going to rant against some of the fans for a second.

    My buddies and I have been to every home game for the last 8 years including the two games this year in the pouring rain, most of the time we sit but if the people in the rows in front of us stand we’ll stand as well. So it pisses me off to no end when I’m standing and a couple in their 50s two rows behind who had previously come to 1 game this year spend the entire 1st half of the biggest game of the year yelling at me to sit down, calling me an a-hole and a jerk the entire time, it is ridiculous. Of course they turned me into an jerk because when the people in front of us started to sit down as the game got out of hand my buddies and I stayed standing just to spite them. Just had to get that off my chest.

  20. I think this has been posted here before but we all have to accept the fact that MD is not going to be a national power in football. With that said, the Fridge gives us the best shot of being competitive in the ACC year in and year out (which is what I think our ceiling is) I know they could have been in the ACC title game this year and last night’s game is frustrating for sure. There have been times in the past when I thought that we needed a change at coach bc the last 5-6 years it seems like we’ve shown glimpses of a team that can ascend to national prominence and we haven’t delivered. I no longer think that’s the case. We are a middle of the road squad in a mediocre conference that will sometimes contend for the conference crown. I’m ok with that.

    Think about all those NC state fans that thought Chuck Amato had to go. Look where they are now. If the Fridge was ever pushed out the door I could see MD going down the same path. The Fridge came here and pushed everything MD. I was at school during his first year and saw the changes he brought to the table. I no longer waited until BBall season to get into MD sports.

    My point in this ranting post is that just like we have to accept the good and bad that comes with following a bball team led by G.Vasquez, we also have to accept the fact that MD’s fball team led by the Fridge is going to be frustrating as hell sometimes but that he gives us the best shot to be relevant in the ACC.

    With that being said, last night’s game was crushing but I’m happy we were in contention and I hope we return to form and beat down BC next week.

    Go Terps.

  21. I sat there in the freezing cold soo hyped for this game. I had scary visions of two years ago when we had the same chance and Wake came into college park and we blew chunks there and we did the same here. We played like we were scared like ooo its FSU. That 2nd quarter was the WORST I’ve seen this year. I was sitting next to a guy telling him we can’t get into 3rd and long because andrews will bring the house. When we did they came and we didn’t pick it up or had another stupid play call.

    If you guys want to blame coaches I’ll blame our Offensive coord Franklin! I’m sorry I CAN call a better game than he can. The wake game was the best he called but last night many situations we had the stupidest play call. ONCE I like lets freaking go deep with Bey and use his speed. We did but ball was under thrown where it could of been 6. Turner definitely looked scared and throwing into some of the stupidest coverages I’ve seen. Ok Scott fumbled and then we just ABANDON the run!??/ WE ARE A RUNNING TEAM, We can run we are SOL and it showed!

    Finally COSH seriously GO BACK TO BASICS! I’m sick and tired of this BS no wrapping up duck your head and pray i get the tackle. EVERYONE on our D does it. HOW MANY MISSSED TACKLES did we have last night? Too many to count.

    Now.. BC we have a shot because their starting QB is out with a broken collarbone. Now if Fridge and get pissed off and tell them we have a shot at a JAN 1 bowl (gator) and BC is must win then we can do it.

  22. josh portis. that is all i have to say.

  23. Sorry about the Terps loss to FSU.

    I had trouble getting my posts on re the VT/Terp game so now that problem is solved here goes.

    I’m glad some of the Souper s that were posting all the “stinking thinking” about our guys were not at Comcast much less behnd our bench. Some of these guys are like kids finally getting the nerve to go into a haunted house and at the first strange sound……they bolt out the door.

    When you trash our guys like some of you did Neal and GV…..does it make you feel better?

    Even here in cyber space, when you trash our players, notably GV and Neal, then these two pull it out for us, how can you even enjoy the “W” much less look kforward to the next game?

    What are you going to say about Neal when he scores 15 point, 7 rebounds and 2 steals in a game ? It’s a’coming.

    I;ve read all the stats and all the posts and my conclusion is the same. He’s a veteran, the rest of the teams trusts and respect him and so does GW. So, let’s get behind the guy until some other “big” puts him on the bench.

    I had to watch the game on ACC select and that’s tough. But even through that medium you could see we got burned underneath again. We’ve got 5 scorer;s (thus far) we can depend on – GV, Hayes, Milbourne, Tucker and Bowie . However, they can’t all play at the same time. Burney has got to get PT…he’s the most athletic and by far a better rebounder and defender. Anyboday got any insights as to why he’s not getting substantial PT?

    Today, I watched the first half of the Duke – Montana game and Duke’s got a “big” in the middle that is going to be difficult to stop. Duke’s guards were slashing and scoring at will. We still got time to tighen up.

    I believe we have a team this year that “can find a way to win”.
    Go Terps

  24. Great post GERRY.

  25. First off leave the Rolle kid alone. He accomplished what I want for every college athlete. A degree and a choice at what to do at the next level. He can go football or DR. That is impressive.
    That was the worst football I have seen in college park. How many times do you let a 6’6″ 260lbs 4.5 guy run free from the QB’s blind side. Poor Turner sucked but damn he was running for his life and the coaches did nothing to stop that guy. Then the defense would only play 1 down a series. What the heck was all the intensity used on one play. Say what you want the Fridge has to go. Don’t compare NCSU now. It takes 2 to 4 years for a coach to get his kids in to play his style of football. UNC is getting there, NCSU is getting there and Maryland is still just there.
    Now basketball, that was a hard game to watch being out performed by subpar talent and having to rally to tie for overtime. You got to be kidding me that Neal is what you think is a saviour, blind dogs find food you know. Something has to change because I saw the kink in the armor and if I see it then all of the ACC coaches see it. It could get ugly fast…..

  26. Duke’s big is Kyle Singler. A face-up big man, not a traditional post. Let’s the game come to him then takes over down the stretch. Very, very strong player. More athletic than Hansborough and comes at you hard just like him. I hate him.

  27. Couldn’t agree more re Fridge and the team not showing up last weekend. There are a lot of fair weather fans out there, and I’m far from a Fridge hater. But if I’m gonna sit in 20-degree weather and spend the entire week leading up to the weekend reading about how hyped the seniors are for the game, the team better play with some freakin intensity. I didn’t expect a win – I expected (and rightfully so) a competitive battle. Instead, the Terps were thoroughly dominated on both sides of the ball, and I left in the third quarter. Fridge may not like it, but he should expect nothing more when his team fails to show up for the biggest game of the year.

  28. On our Maryland football team I will steal the classic Dennis Green line…they are who we thought they were. Any team can play well at times…truly good teams play consistently well.

    They play well one week then terribly the next, just like any other mediocre team. Our BB team played the same last season. Beat UNC and lose to American. It’s what average teams do.

    Could we beat BC? Sure we could. As a matter of fact I expect it.

    Then we get to the worst post season selection process in any sport. You get selected by bowls not based on how good you are but on how many seats you will fill. Wait to see where Clemson goes and then see where BC goes after we beat them.

    The only saving grace is the new “one win rule”. I believe it means if a team is more than one win back in the ACC standings from another team you cannot take them.

    Our defense is just not good. The only path to victory for us each week is to control the ball on O and not turn it over. We have to protect our D by playing keep away. Against FSU we didn’t do that and you saw the results.

  29. Singler is probably Duke’s best defender too. I thought GERRY might be talking about seven foot tall Brian Zoubek, who is getting more minutes this season at Duke.

  30. Hey DBR any idea which recruits were at the game on Saturday? I saw what looked like about 8 recruits walking around before the game, the atmosphere before the game probably impressed, but can’t think they came away feeling positive about MD after the performance.

  31. Al —

    Wait, you want every college athlete to somehow also be a Rhodes scholar?

  32. Plus-minus against Vermont and YTD.


    Looking at per minute, Burney, Goins, and Mosley should be given more chances. Dupree, Milbourne, and Gregory not getting it done.

  33. No RT I want every college athlete to be an actual student so that once the sport ends there is a path. I would love to see Maryland have one who is an athlete. I saw UNC and Duke had winners. I am a mythical creature that believes in the student athlete. My wife did it in Engineering at a Big 10 School so I see no excuses not to be a student. They get all the help and motivation so there is no reason to fail.

  34. Dan Gronkowski, MD tight end, was nominated for a Rhodes scholarship. Props.

  35. I would surmise after the Egg we played on Saturday the recruits will be going elsewhere.

  36. LOL last week I was emailed a list of all the FB recruits that confirmed they would be coming to the game against FSU but I don’t know what I did with it. I do know that Jelani Jenkins confirmed attending. Perhaps the recruits took the contrarian view that if they come to UMD they’ll be able to earn playing time right away :)

    Meanwhile on the B-ball front: Greivis Vasquez named ACC Player Of The Week today.

  37. Speaking of Jenkins, Chris Cosh is the lead recruiter for him.

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