Previewing Michigan State

I can’t start this without sharing this quote from MSU coach Tom Izzo today:

“Vazquez is like the ‘Magic Johnson’ of Maryland”

Now,  he meant it as to say Vaz does everything for the team, including being the leading rebounder, but it just made me chuckle to hear him say that!

I’m listening to Izzo’s press conference today (an advantage by working in the media in Detroit), and Izzo shared his thoughts on the Terps.  He was very complimentary as you would expect with him being buddies with Gary. 

Good news for us is that their senior big man Goran Suton is not expected to play much if at all due to a knee injury.  He’s the type of guy who could have dominated the boards with putbacks both on the offensive and defensive glass.  Marquis Gray will be playing and he’s a big guy who we should be aware of, as is Delvon Roe.

The Spartans guards are very quick, so we’ll have to do a very good job taking care of the ball.  It will be difficult to press them as well. 

This will be a difficult game as I don’t think we match up well with Michigan State.  But you never know what can happen, and the gutsy win last Friday could help the guys’ confidence going into a big time atmosphere.

Obviously our guard play will be key in this one as I’m sure they’ll zone us a lot, but if we can get both Hayes and Vaz to get aggressive (not too aggressive Vaz!), and drive to the basket, then dish, or at least look to get fouled, we can have a chance.  With a zone defense, we could look to JSK to try and get hot from the outside and make them pay, but JSK is very slow on the defensive side of the court, so it’ll be a pick your poison.

If our guys can match MSU’s physical play down low, it could make a difference, but I have yet to see our bigs be able to do that against much smaller competition, let alone a Big Ten team.  It’ll take a great effort to win this game, but do they have a chance?  Yes, sure they do.



  1. Our bigs are horrible, I think we’re in for a long night.

  2. According to Don Markus/Baltimore Sun, Vasquez has been named the ACC Player of the Week

    “Vasquez averaged 27 points, 8.5 rebounds, 4.5 assists and three steals in wins over Youngstown State and Vermont. Vasquez hit the three to put the Vermont game into overtime, then teamed with Adrian Bowie to help the Terps score the first 17 points in OT.”

    Congrats to Vaz!

  3. Especially if Sutton is out, then MSU has much less experienced depth in the front court. They have one experienced guard (Walton). It’s the first game against a big conference school for either team –> MSU is definitly beatable.

    The stable of guards are the key to every Terp game. If GV wants national attention, the stage is set. A big game from him, and the country will start talking. A stinker game from him and we’ll start wondering whether he can do it against mid-majors, but not in the big leagues. Bowie and Hayes also need to keep doing what they are doing. Tucker has not had a big statistic game. He’s due for a breakout. If the freshman can contribute, so much the better.

    Gregory and Milbourne must play defense with their feet instead of their hands. They both fouled out against Vermont and Milbourne fouling out two games in a row is totally unacceptable. I want Neal to play, but not during crunch time. When it matters the most, Gregory should be there. To that end, I hope GW gives Goins and Burney more of a taste. Let them go out and bang around. If there fouls to be given, let them do the dirty work.

    Regarding the enigma that is Dupree, I agree with Yanik…keep it simple stupid. Tell Dupree to box-out and nothing else. Braxton, put your butt on whoever is near you and start nudging that person out to the top of the key. That’s your only job on offense and defense till you can do it right.

  4. Dupree won’t suit up on Thursday.

    The resident “Dinnaer Bell/Doughboy” will be sleeping off turkey ane the trimmings.

    Braxton is a certifiable Stiff if there ever was one.

  5. I must have a different definition of “stiff”.

    Braxton Dupree may not be putting up the kind of stats we’d all like to see, but six rebounds and two blocks in 8 minutes (and yes he had 3 TO’s and zero points). He just may not be starting center material at this level…then again he may work out just fine it remains to be seen. We’re three games into the season. Three games.

  6. Can’t wait for the Terps to play on Thursday!

    Go Terps!

  7. Just as the Vt. game was a “chracter buiilder’ for our terps the same can happen to Dupree. Clearly, the stars have to be in proper alignment for that to happen. However,
    should he start and he gets lucky by being in the right place at the right time he could
    “find himself”. I’ve been trying to match him up with WIll Bowers and have concluded he’s better than Bowers. Dupree just needs some “breaks”. Basketball is ‘sa funny game, sometimes the ball just bounces to you and “instinct” takes over. I really believe that, even though he’s got his marching orders to box out and rebound, that if he got some key put packs or WAO that’s (Wide Ass Open) shots ….and made them he could have an “awakening”.

    The guy that is “mystifying” is Jerome Burney. We desparately need him. I’ve asked several times….doesn’t anyone know what’s holding GW from putting him in?

    Michigan State has has our number the last couple of times (I do remember we beat them 2-3 years ago) but they are in the same position we are……i.e., both teams need this win. I say it’s up for grabs. It won’t bust us if we lose it but it damn well can give us a huge boost with a “W”.

    BTW….someone tell me how Tucker is going to have a break-out game. Bowie, EH, GV and Milbourne will see lots of time together. Even if/when Tucker gets in he’s going to be 3rd or 4th option depending on the flow of the game. Tucker is not hitting his shots early and if he can do that….he’s got a chance to impact.

    Then, theres Mosely and JSK….these guys are hungry and need to “make some statements. They both would be starters in other D-1 schools and maybe even some
    ACC schools.

    Lots of possibilities but the ball needs to bounce their way.

  8. We need someone to step up and do the dirty work down low. Having said that, the game is changing to a smaller game. You just don’t have teams that bang it in the paint. Most teams spread you out and try to get to the hole. They don’t want a couple of bohemoths clogging up the lane.

    We do need someone down there, but they don’t have to be Joe Smith.

  9. Greveis is our magic. What’s so funny?

    I believe our last meeting with Mich St was in 2003 season Sweet Sixteen game. Caner-Medley got hurt early in the game we shot horribly and went down about 20 before coming all the way back and making it close late. We were a 6th seed and Mich St was an 11 seed. Both teams had beaten higher seeds (we beat #3 Xavier with David West) to get there.

    Izzo not a good matchup for us. We need bonus points somewhere. Something un-expected. Some 3-balls from Hayes or even Kim might do the trick.

  10. We beat Mich. State in 2006 in an early season mini-Tournament and won. I can’t remember the name of Tourney, but the score was something like 62-60. Does anyone remember the specifics?

  11. Yes it was the 2k Sports Coaches vs. Cancers Hoops Classic Iat MSG believe. And Maryland held onto win 62-60. I remember the game being fairly close throughout, although Maryland held a slight lead during the game.

  12. What’s going on with Burney? Does anyone have a good read on his situation? The Dupree situation seems well chronicled by all, but the Burney situation??? Is he back in GW’s dog house again? Has his development regressed? Can this kid ball or not?

  13. I just don’t think we match up well with MSU. I can see a double digit loss. That’s not lack of faith in my team, that’s just reality. If we happen to lose by a ton, it won’t be the end of the world. It’s just one game and we play the next day. If we happen to give them a good game and perhaps pull it out, then it’s a big big win that can only help come tournament time.

    I think we have nothing to lose. Nobody expects us to win, so let’s go out there and have fun and not think too much. Just play smart!

  14. i don’t think anyone knows what the deal with Burney is. By all accounts, he should be playing. He has demonstrated an ability to run the floor, rebound, and block shots. That is what the Terps need out of the pivot right now. He must be in Gary’s doghouse, is a terrible practice player, or both.

  15. i was one of “those people” who four years into travis garrison’s career, and with 3 games left, were still hoping he’d bust out of his shell. i won’t make the same delusional error with dupree. he has til feb 15 with me. and all he has to do is be a positive presence of some kind and i won’t write him off. — by ‘presence’ i mean that other teams will have to acknowlege him and plan for him in any capacity.

    i was a big burney fan last year and saw enough flashes of…well, something to make me a fan. i think it was timing on blocks. good timing is usually not an isolated talent, where the possessor of said timing can do nothing else. other skills are usually present. i thought his quickness was going to be an asset as well. he must have done something fairly reknobberish to receive such disregard from coach.

    so, with regard to bigs, heres my play….

    1] if i was specifically pissed at my bigs and wanted to make a BOLD statement, i would 100% without a doubt and with extreme confidence start BOWIE at center. yes, i said it, and mean all 6’2″ of it. it is a statement that will hit it’s intended mark. sometimes, coach showing a lack of confidence helps a player step up.

    2] if i was NOT specifically pissed at my bigs, until one of them clearly steps up, i would start GOINS EVERY GAME under the rule that he stays in the game until somebody other than him gets a rebound. (even if it’s 13 seconds). sometimes, coach showing confidence really helps a player step up.

    regarless, izzo’s teams are physically tough if not mentally as well. without some big boys, we will have to be significantly tougher on both accounts…by, like, alot. alot, alot. by friday, we will no doubt know where we stand as a team. it’s quite exciting.

  16. Agree we don’t match up well against Michigan St., particularly with our poor inside play. But Izzo’s teams have a history of underachieving in situations like this. Let’s hope they don’t show up this week. Unfortunately, I think that’s our only shot at a W.

  17. Expect to hear Raymar Morgan’s name a lot. He will be taking a majority of the shots for MSU. Their PG is solid (Kalin Lucas) and of course, they’ve got some big dudes to fill out their lineup. Hopefully that Suton kid doesn’t play much because we’ve got no one who will keep him off the glass.

    Regardless of production or effectiveness, we need Dupree in the starting lineup. I’d rather see Burney in there but it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon and at least Braxton has the ability to make his presence felt. Of course if their true center isn’t going to play, then maybe ours shouldn’t either. Gregory’s athleticism can make him a huge asset but he needs to show that he can bang around a bit. No reaching over the top or pushing off to get boards. I’m tired of that crap. Get in position and grab the board or just get back and play defense. Fouls could mount up quick in this one.

    If we can get into the game quick like against Vermont, we’ve got a chance to hang around and make this one interesting. If we get off to a slow start (a la the first two contests) it will be a long night.

    I’m away from home and may skip out on the turkey day festivities at my friends place just to watch the whole game. I don’t like eating during Terp games and my mood will only worsen if this game goes the way it should on paper with a bunch of people around who don’t care either way.

    Can’t wait…

  18. This is the first of 3 opportunities over 4 games for somebody to step up inside. MD has OKST or Gonzaga to follow, who knows in the third game, and Michigan back home after Old Spice. Time to prove it.
    Even with Suton out and Roe limping, I don’t see MD’s frontline keeping us in the MSU game. loop was right about 6’8 Morgan. He’s averaging 21 ppg and can play both forward spots.

  19. with 2 minutes left and the game on the line, coaches put in the A team…no ifs, ands or buts. last game, with two minutes left, game on the line….dino gregory was in the game.

  20. Sure wish we were the team right now that we’ll be in a month. In the meantime:

    “He isn’t John Lucas and he isn’t Brad Davis,
    But right now he’s our offense, so enjoy watching Greivis.”

  21. It seems to me that the problem with MD’s bigs is softness, both physically and mentally. Gary should take a play out of H-Izzo’s practice playbook:

    Borrow some blocking pads from Ralphie (they obviously don’t need them anymore or didn’t use them to begin with), put your bigs down on the blocks surrounded by other players armed with said borrowed blocking pads, give your bigs a ball, tell them to take a shot or rebound a missed ball, and have surrounding players armed with said borrowed blocking shields beat the crap out of the player with the ball. Repeat daily for 15 minutes. Repair all bloody noses, scrapes, and bruises with ice, neosporin, and cotton bandages.

    Rebouding is about heart. Gregory, Dupree, and (likely) Goins have the size and athletic ability to clean the glass. They just need toughness. Neal has the toughness and size, just not the athletic ability. Square peg in round hole problem.

  22. Unfortunately, Milbourne and Hayes “are what we thought they were”, Milbourne average with bouts of greatness and Hayes below average against good competition and average against everyone else. Our only chance to be good this year is if Bowie (so far very impressed), Mosely, Tucker and JSK show some game and Dupree and Burney can somehow hold down the middle. I wish GW would let Dupree play 30 minutes in a game to just see what he could do with some extended minutes, how could it hurt? At least then we could know if he has anything. Regarding the center spot, I only want to see Dupree and Burney there and no one else, sink or swim.

    My starting five is Vaz, Bowie, Tucker, Milbourne and Dupree with Mosely and JSK first off the bench.

  23. Gary was interviewed on radio last night and said he still has confidence Braxton can get better. He noted Braxton had 6 rebounds in just 8 minutes. He said Braxton is having problems with “quicker” big men like Vermont had, but that he expects him to do better against “big men that are not as quick”.

  24. As previously mentioned Mich. State has some very quick guard play, therefore i wouldnt be shocked to see Bowie, Tucker, maybe even Mosley getting some more minutes over the likes of Hayes and JSK. In a game like this you dont want a quick team to get off to a hot start and cripple the terps confidence. I like what i have seen from Hayes this year, however he isnt the quickest guard and he has trouble defending other quick guards. Also on offense i wonder whether or not he will be able to get his shot off with a lightning quick guard defending him, this wont be Youngstown st. come thursday.

  25. I repeat. MSU is beatable. For the Terps to win they need to keep the TOs down to 10, and MSU has to miss a few shots, and a few bounces need to go the Terps’ way. There will also need to be a player (or two) to step-up with big games. Who might it be? Here are 4 possibilities:

    Obviously, in the early season, GV has clearly emered as THE team leader. No surprise, but his role as the #1 go-to guy seems clear. Thursday is his chance to cement that position. GV’s previous high game is 26, I think. A ‘big’ game from GV would mean 30+. If GV is held under 20, then the Terps will need to look elsewhere for additional points.

    Milbourne has yet to impress us with a big game this season, so if GV gets shut down – I note that MSU has some big guards – then the Terps will need Milbourne’s inside/outside scoring threat to re-emerge. He’s got it in him.

    Tucker is the most athletic Terp, IMO. I still remember him leaping over a WF forward to seal a win in that game last year. He’s had a few mediocre games so far. He’s streaky, however, and he can easily get hot with his slash to basket, stop-n-pops. If he finds the range from 10 feet, it could open up the middle for the (so far) anemic forwards.

    This brings me to possibility #4 – Dino Gregory. Dino is a player that I’ve been touting all off-season. Based on his HS credentials, he’s got the potential to emerge as a scorer. If the guards are hitting from 10 feet, then the MSU forwards will need to step-out to defend. This will leave the interior exposed. Gregory can catch and move with the ball. There will be opportunities for him to prove that he belongs and I think he’s hungry for that chance (the most hungry of the ‘bigs’). 14 pts from Gregory would not surprise me, and that would be enough to get the W.

    BTW – I miss Shane Walker. We could really use him right now.

  26. Gary should take a page out of Izzo’s playbook with regards to ‘soft’ inside players. Back in 1998, during a game, Izzo pulled Morris Peterson out of the game and handed him a milk carton with Peterson’s picture on it. Now that’s funny.

  27. Don’t compare anyone to Magic, Bird, Jordan, or any other already been there done that person as it is not fair nor accurate.
    This game against MSU is winnable with a whole bunch of possible ifs. But mostly it is a challenge to see how an established team with all the pieces match up against the Terps. It is an early season watermark that will let the world know what they need to do come March. Prepare for the NCAA’s or hope that the NIT calls again. Vermont is an average team and almost pulled it out. No team not in the ACC should fall to such an opponent much less one that is the Terps. I predict a tough loss to MSU by less than 6. I will not even consider that a loss this early in the season. A blowout by 20 will hurt especially if the Terps main middle presence or lack of is the exploitation that causes the loss.

  28. I think we get beat by 15.. Now then, if we had some “mediocre” interior talent – I believe we’d stand a good chance to win.

    I surely hope I’m wrong.

  29. Lots of teams have lost to the Vermonts of the world. It happens early in the season. Duke almost lost to RI for god sakes. You aren’t watching any ball if you don’t see that.

    The Terps have beaten the teams they should thus far. Mich St is a top five team so losing won’t be a big deal. It is the games after that are important.

    The preconference schedule dictates what you need to do in the ACC. If you lose to some teams you shouldn’t then you have to do better. If you roll in there with some big name pelts on the wall you can skate by with less.

    Va Tech is a good example. They already dropped one to a lesser team and barely escaped another loss. In past seasons this has come back to bite them. They roll in the ACC but those early bad losses kill them. Wasn’t it two seasons ago they won 2 of 3 against Duke and UNC, finished 9-7 and were left out of the dance?

    This early games don’t make or break you but they make your life easier or harder.

  30. I like Shane Walker too but at this point I question if his game is high major level ready. Lots of upside for a kid that took up B-ball late. He’s athletic though and I would have loved to see his game develop over 4 years. Oh well.

    Meanwhile, more from GW’s radio interview:

    The play that got Vasquez the last shot was only installed into the offense 5 days before. The team is still installing new plays.

    Gary said 4 players were fighting for 2 last spots in the rotation, and that he expects some players to step up and claim the last 2 spots. He said its great to be 9-10 deep, but he does not think this year the team can go that deep. Gary said with all his guards he would like to play quick, but he needs the big guys to move and keep up….he mentioned Braxton is coming closer in that regard.

    He also said that rebounding would be critical for having any chance to beat MSU. They’re really good (#5 team in the country) and you can’t give a team that good 2nd chances at scoring.

    GW also said a tournament like this exposes a teams weaknesess.

  31. That being said, DBR, would you not concur this probably will be a 15 point loss?

  32. i had them losing by 17. after two scotches and lapdance, 23.

  33. Fred,
    The Terps may lose, but it’s beyond me why you are trying to advocate a blow-out loss based on a tough game against Vermont. MSU itself was trailing Iindiana-Perdue in the second half. They don’t walk on water. They are beatable. The Terps can do it.

  34. DBR,

    – Izzo, for anyone that follows CBB, has always been a propoent of hard crashing the boards. He allocates a special segment of his practices on a rebounding drill that’s been feature on ESPN.
    Our bigs are pathetic – hence, I am not ADVOCATING (I don’t support the Terps ever losing)… however I am Prognosticating we get hammered.

    I would love us to score even a 1 pt win.

  35. Phyiscal bigs that crash the boards are part of Big Ten basketball. Tom-to-the-Izzo is a terrific coach we need to be ready to play. I’ve seen some posts on Michigan State message boards that start off with “If we beat Maryland”. So at least some of their fan base doesn’t think this game will be a stroll in the park for the Spartans.

  36. DBR, that’s just MSU fan at their best. Trust me, I’m married to one (though I’d be shocked if she could name 2 players on the team). MSU fans are used to disappointment (even the basketball ones) and they never want to assume anything.

    Sounds like us too!

    Michigan State is the better team, but we’ll see who decides to be better on Thursday.

  37. Michigan State senior post player Goran Suton has missed the last three days of practice with a knee injury and is questionable for this week’s Old Spice Classic in Orlando, according to Tom Izzo.

    Suton is the Big Ten’s leading returning rebounder (avergaging 6 per game), but he has been slowed by several ailments early this season.

    Menwhile, MSU has had to use Durrell Summers and Chris Allen a bit more than Izzo would like because they need to get better defensively.

  38. Since I haven’t seen the Terps yet in person or on TV, let me ask you guys something based upon what I’m seeing in your posts based on your eyes-on observations. Projected starting line-up and rotation as we get towards the ACC games, something like this: Bowie (1), Vaz (2), Milbourne (3), Neal or Gregory(4), Dupree (5), Hayes, Tucker, Gregory or Neal, JSK and Mosley? Is that what we’re potentially looking at??? Is Burney heading toward a repeat of what happened to hime last year, buried on the bench?

  39. Hayes
    (Center to be named at game time)

    I could see Tucker coming out of the starting line up if we needed to be a tad bit bigger, question is who would go in. Neal? or Dino (who has been getting it done in practice and been aggressive in games).

    As for Burney, he knows that he has to earn playing time in practice. When you play in the game, you better earn your right to stay on the floor. You come to play, you come to practice every day with the intensity, focus, drive to become a better basketball player each day. Gary tells this to his recruits. Gary has told current players this time and time again. Some for years. Years.

    Speaking of practice…

    The Terrapins emphasis in practice this week has been fine-tuning the offense and concentrating on rebounding heading into Thursday’s showdown with Michigan State in Orlando. They’re working on setting screens, being a little more patient in the offense and in getting the big guys to be more confident offensively around the basket. In that regard, Gary Williams indicated Braxton Dupree would likely remain the starter at center, and pointed out that banging against the MSU big men is a much better match-up for Dupree than chasing the smaller, quicker Vermont post players. Dupree had six rebounds in eight minutes against the Catamounts but didn’t score. Dino Gregory’s “energy” in the last two games may get him more work, too.

    Sorry to be a post hog.

  40. Well, to me, it looks like our first game in the ACC will start with Hayes 1, Vazquez 2, *Bowie 3, Milbourne 4, and **Dupree 5.

    * I think Tucker may find himself in a losing battle with Bowie for a starting spot. However, if he improves in upcoming games…who knows? BTW I think the numbers for our starting guards really make no difference. Hayes, Vasquez, and Bowie/Tucker (not so much Tucker) will play every position with Hayes getting a majority of the PG responsibility.

    ** As far as Dupree goes, it seems like Gary is really happy with is off-season work and his progress so far this season. If he can find a way to clean the glass and bang some people off the boards, he’s going to start all year long. I feel like Gregory just hasn’t stood out enough to get the nod. Just like Tucker though, if he improves…who knows?

    Neal is going to see some time, possibly even in significant circumstances (i.e. end of close games). He deserves it and has proven himself capable in the past.

    I truly hope Kim and Mosely continue to get minutes. Unfortunately, I think their minutes will be greatly limited as we approach and get into the ACC season. We’ve got Hayes, Vasquez, Bowie, and Tucker as guards and combined with Dupree, Gregory, Neal, and Milbourne make this team 8 deep. If what DBR says about Gary thinking that this team cannot go 9-10 deep is true, then I’m not sure where either Kim or Mosely get on the court. Unless he feels that Gregory is not fit to join the rotation. If you ask me, leaving Gregory (or Burney/Goins or whomever) out would be asking a lot from the other 3 bigs I mentioned. If Gary can’t see it fit to go 9-10 deep, then Kim and Mosely could spend this season learning from the bench. Not something that Gary is opposed to…

  41. Whoa…dissing my Rhody Rams! URI was ranked last year and started the season like 19-3 or something similar to that. MD would kill for URI’s starting PG…Jimmy Baron. The kid hit 7 or 8 3s against Dook in Camoron. Kept them in the game. I’ve seen URI play. I know URI. UVM is no URI. Besides, the A10 is far superior to the America East.

    Sorry to get this out there. I’m a little defensive about it.

  42. I think there may be some confusion about this tournament. The Terps are playing THREE games this weekend not two. Michigan St., OK St/Gonzaga; and a third opponent depending on how the Terps do in the first two games.

    I keep reading posts that talk about Michigan after the OK St/Gonzaga game.

    The Terps are not winning this tournament whether or not we beat Michigan State. Winning 2 out of 3 is a realistic goal.

  43. Wheels,

    Easy big fella’, they played a great game. I watched the Duke game (since I am down in the heart of darkness…Raleigh) and they had some very questionable foul calls late in the game. I would be shocked if they were ranked this season with the team they have. A team that Duke should have handled though right?

    How about Pitt in a close game against the Belmont team we beat pretty easily?

  44. How about Stephen Curry not scoring a single point tonight (not that Davidson needed him) and he only took 3 shots in 32 minutes?????

  45. On Thursday 12/11 James Padgett and his Lincoln HS team will be on ESPN at 9:30pm in a game against a HS team from Texas. Padgett’s HS will have two other games this season that are available on one of the ESPN channels.

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  47. sorry guys. i would erase that if i could. dr. numnut had a lot of gin and some blue things, and a yellow one, and started randomly boxing out people in the chip aisle Flying J yelling “now that’s how you do it bitches! try and get the cheeto. try and grab the cheeto!” he thinks the terps will lose cause they can’t box out.. i think they’re winning the whole show. 3 games. really. and i know what you’re thinking, but i just had a yellow one. 3 games. happy turk.

  48. Stephen Curry 0 points. What a stupid coach. Oh yeah for Terp number 1 assistant coach. What did he prove that if you chase one kid with 2 guys you can get beat by 40 or that you stopped the hottest kid in the country. What a joke. Curry stood in the corner and let his team mates play 4 on 3 all night. Now you may think wrong of him but he sacrificed to let his team mates shine with no complaints. I am laughing that Va Tech would not help out one of their own. They lost more than just Dell Curry’s money on that move.

  49. Hunter S. Thompson lives.

    Based on psychologically profiling GW for years, I think Milbourne, Hayes and GV are locks on the starting rotation this season. Barring injury, you can write their name in ink at the top of the stat book for every game. The other two starting spots are still open. Also as a GW head-shrink – it was a minor surprise that GW did not begin the season with Neal as a starting center based on senority. Meaning that Dupree must be showing more in practice than he has yet to show in the games…..but the potential is there.

  50. One more thought on Dupree – Last year, his best game was against Illinois (another Big 10 team with lumbering bigs), so maybe there is something to the match-up issue that DBR is raising.

  51. I’ll wager that by the 1st TV timeout you all will swear Braxton’s shoes have been nailed to the floor. He’s an honorable mention for “ACC Stiff of the Week”.

  52. if braxton is like garrison, it’ll be like the floor is nailed to his hands.

  53. Here is a stat for you in guessitland. Dupree 4 points 3 rebounds 4 fouls and 200 cuss words from GW.

  54. Based upon Braxton’s contributions, I’m beginning to believe Travis as the better player.

  55. on yahoo sports, the link on this tourney has picked Md to finish 7th out of 8 teams in the Old Spice tourney.

  56. Hey Everyone,

    Thought this could be some helpful information…I had some time to ask Dana O’Neil a quick question on our Terps.

    Kevin (Schenectady, NY): Hello Dana, Great to talk to you again. This year I am sure Gary will get the Terps back to the tournament and that they will surprise some people. How do you see them doing in the Old Spice Classic? I think 2-1 is a reasonable possibility for them.

    Dana O’Neil: (2:08 PM ET ) Kevin: 2-1 is possible though the presumable second game against Okie State is no walkover. Big tourney for the Terps, I think, to show if they are in fact on the way back.

  57. I briefly interrupt this hoops thread with the following quote about the MD-BC tackle football game:

    “We have to see if we show up,” Friedgen said. “We didn’t show up last week.”

    Our fearless coach.

    Rick…no worries about the URI crack…just messing around.

  58. Just realized Tennessee is playing in the Old Spice with their new point guard, Bobby Maze. For those who might have forgotten, Maze was going to sign with Maryland. Not trying to bring up old recruiting stuff again. Just thought it was an interesting coincidence.

  59. Yes the same Bobby Maze who was given a years worth of chances to qualify to get into Maryland and could not pull it off

  60. Yes. That Bobby Maze. Haha.

  61. Speaking of the football Terps…the Post reported that the Meineke bowl was interested in a Maryland/West Virginia match-up. I think I would have to go to that one.

    Good game and pretty close by.

  62. Travis Garrison was a serious dissapointment overall in his 4 years. Braxton is about half the player Garrison is so far. And that’s that. I hope he proves me wrong.

  63. A couple of additional comments to some of the posts above…

    Regarding Wheels Ralphie quote, here’s my thought on the matter: they damn better well show up to play! UMd is paying Ralph umpty umpt millions to coach this team, the least we should be able to expect is for the football team to show up and leave everything on the field. If they lose, so be it. If they blow the game, so be it. But to not show up and give it their all is flat out inexcusable. Ralph is responsible for them showing up. If it takes getting in their faces and benching some of them, so be it; but they better show up on the fiield and give it their all. Ralphie that one’s on you big guy. Don’t blame the players. Kick their frickin’ asses if necessary and put the fear of god in them. Pet peeve of mine, however I bet I’m not alone in my feelings; cerrtainly not among Soupers.

    As to Bobby Maze, good luck at Tennesee. I hope UMd is through with recruiting headcases and guys whose word is next to worthless. The Jennings, Evans, Gus Gilchrists of the world, we’ve had enough of that crap. UMd needs to only go after talented players with heart and character. It appears GW is progressing in the right direction in regards to recruiting the right kind of players.

    Here’s to hoping Braxton proves all of us wrong. I look at that kid with his body and see the next LonnieB, but this Travis Garrison comparison stuff is making me nervous. Travis was the biggest waste of talent to wear a Maryland uniform in the last 20 years. Here’s my advice to Mr. Dupree: I don’t care if you score a single point all year long, block out, grab 10-12 rebounds a game and run the floor. Throw those damn nails away and move those feet. Oh one more thing Braxton, get a mean streak dude. We need an enforcer out there! And Mr. Burney, Gregory and Goins, that goes for you too! Don’t let Dave Neal try to do all this in absence of you guys not contributing anything to the cause.

  64. Let’s guess the total under-over for the 3-4-5 slots tonight vs. MSU. I say the total points by starters + subs in those spots is 34. BTW, if we beat that number, I think we’ve got a shot to win.

  65. With three games in four days, we are going to see a lot of all of our bigs, including Steve Goins.
    A win 2 lose 1 scenario would be a nice weekend in my book. A 3-0 not likely to happen, got to be realistic.
    Happy Turkey day to all Soupers

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