A Reasonable Michigan State Thread

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I don’t know about you, but tipoff will occur right about the time that my family is sitting down to dinner.  Needless to say, I will be taping the game (taping the old fashioned way as my parents have yet to embrace the DVR concept).

The purpose of this post is to create a repository for a reasonable discussion of tonight’s game. I say this because I think tonight’s game represents unchartered territory for Terps fans.  Most Terp fans do not think our guys have a realistic chance of winning this game.  Aside from last year’s UNC game (a game we won by the way); when was the last time this happened?

There are plenty of reasons to be pessimistic about this season, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives.  The Terps are limited in some important areas; but are stacked in others.

Last year’s team could have been called the cardiac kids.  The highs and lows were almost too much to bear.  I think that we will find that this year’s squad doesn’t have as high a ceiling as last year’s; but the floor is much higher too.

We won’t see Clemson-like collapses; but we may not see UNC-like wins either.  On paper, that puts Michigan State out of reach.  I’m not willing to bet on it though.  Vasquez is a true leader and could indeed will this team to victory.  We have lots of weapons and if the bigs can hold their own on the defensive glass; we might just pull this one out.



  1. As much as people think this game is out of reach, it actually is not. The last 7 minutes of the Vermont game was the best I’ve seen the team play going back to the UNC game. They were fired up, grabbing boards, hitting shots and passing the ball very well. If we can play like that for at least half of the game, we have a shot at winning, or at least coming close. If we can make this a fast paced game and ensure that Mich St does not slow it down, the scale tips in our favor. We must grab rebounds and play defense. So many points were scored in the paint versus Vermont. If Dupree is to step up and show us that he IS capable at playing at this level, tonight is his night.

    Would I put my paycheck on the line that we’ll win? No way! Odds are we will lose. Still, there is a shot.

    Jeremy, sucks that you have dinner at the same time as tip-off. Make a plate and go sit on the couch and cheer on the Terps!

  2. I’m pumped for the game and will probably be watching it later tonight on the DVR…as long as Comcast doesn’t screw things up. How I long for Directv. But that’s beside the point. They’ve got a chance tonight. It probably helps that it’s on a neutral court and certainly helps if Suton isn’t playing. But regardless, I’m keeping it positive. Keep the turnovers down, hit the glass and be patient on offense. But let’s see some aggressive play as well.

  3. Reasonable discussion? Bah humbug. Oh wait, that’s next month. Never mind. Go Terps.

  4. Can we win? Sure, I don’t think there’s much doubt. But we can’t come out slow or fail to do the little things throughout the game. Someone said the over/under for our 3-4-5 players including starters and bench players is 34. That’s probably pretty close and I agree that if they exceed that number, we’ve got a good chance at the W. Though if we don’t rebound and defend extremely well it’s not gonna matter how many points our bigs get.

    Mich. St. is for real so I don’t want to fool myself or anyone else, but I feel like the Terps are capable of competing with anyone in the country so why not tonight!!!

  5. The spread on tonights game opened at 11. It is now 7 1/2. I think people betting on the game have more faith in the terps than the soupers

  6. Md 27-18 ….at this point we are the best team on the floor.

    Don’t say anything bad about Dupree…yet.

    He’s holding his own.

    Bowie and Hayes are playing exceptional.

    Hold on and BELIEVE.

  7. Bowie WOW!!! My Starting five is playing well together (bowie instead of Tucker).

    Cmon Braxton!!

  8. 36-28 MD. Neal…..get this….just gets in and hits a 3 …..that’s right ….a 3 withn 10 sec.

    That’s confidence and leadershipe at work.

    Bowie hits a great 3….we have 7 3.s….that’s right…our team….the terps.

    Durpree…..still hollding his own against # 6 MSU.

    What more do you want….other than a win?

  9. MD can’t stand success. They play smart, aggressive ball for 18 minutes and finish the half as though lobotomized. They’ve let MSU back in this game when they had a better than even chance to go in the locker room with a 10, maybe 12 point lead. This is maddening.

  10. We’re by 3 at the half…. MS made a 6-0 run to end the half…We didn’t look that good. A few forced shots anc couple of TO’s.

    We’re STILL the better team at this point. MS has a few guys in foul trouble and that helped us.

    Bowie playing exceptionally well.

    Hayes and GV not playing well . Hayes hasn’t played much PG…We still have an issue there. Bowie, EH, and GV have all played point.

    Dupree got lots of mins in half and didn’t hurt us at all. He showed progress and diversity.

    MS’s guards can hit the short J’s and floaters. Seems as though we have more defensive breakddowns in the lane and inside the FT line. Let’s face it,,,,,,you got to have a great touch to drop those . MS guards do and we don’t.

    Bowie made a great right to left hook in front of the bucket.

    He’s got 11 at the half and GV’s got 7.

    The story in the 2nd half is….”who wants it badder”.?

    Hold on.

    Go terps

  11. Although I feel good that we’re up at the half, why do I get this irking feeling we let some oppurtunies slip by in that first half? I think the first 4 minutes of the 2nd half will tell many things. Pre-conference game that means really not much in the scope of the season. Why am I an emotional wreck already? It’s damn good to have Terps basketball back.

  12. Very impressive until the last couple of minutes of the first half. Terps hoops IQ inexplicably went south. Last few minutes were like a bad flashback circa spring ’08. Hopefully thats the last lapse we’ll see like it during this game. Go Terps! Take out MSU!

  13. This game and this season is not bout bad bb IQ nor flaskback circa spring 08.

    Our guys are playing hard, doing some right things and making understandable errors against a very good MS team. We’re leading at the half, that in itself is huge.

    I must say this though…..Hayes has to play better or he’s not going to see much time at PG nor PT overall.

    GV will play better in this half.

    Need some help from other sources.

    Go terps

  14. My goodness boys! Please hold on!!!

  15. Notice I said impressive performance until the end of the first half. They are looking good in the second half. Now they’ve got to close the deal. Do not let MSU back in the game. Play hard. play smart and get the W! Go Terps!

  16. C’mon Fellas!!! Keep running the offense and playing D.

    I love the effort.

    Got ’em by 15 boys…let’s do this!

  17. Seriously now….who on this site would have had us up by 15 with 7 + mins to go in the game.

    Our guys are not quite palyl “40 mins of hell” but it ain’t that far off.

    Everyone’s getting in the act.

    We should win but if we don’t…..we got lots to be proud of.

  18. This is too good to be true.

    Neal with 14 pts….Let’s hear from some of you Neal “doubters”.

    MS is 12-25 from FT line.

    I think we are cntrolling the def board.

    This is going to be a great win.

  19. Right now I”m amazed at how Neal is playing, how well many of our offensive plays are working and we are hitting THREES! 4:14 left for a HUGE win for us this year!

    So far happy at how we are playing minus that last 4 mins of the 1st half.

  20. They’re looking good! We might be more talented than any of us realized going into the season. Leading by 19 with 2:53 to play! Luv it!!!

  21. Bring on the Zags. This game reminded me why I love Garyland.

  22. Are you shittin’ me

    what a game – Eric Hayes 13pts 5assists and 3 steals

    Neal 3-3 from 3 point range

    Oh SNAP – Neal can play!!!!!!!


  23. I turned off the game at halftime, with the sinking feeling this one was going to end as another low BB IQ disappointment. Checked back in with 9 minutes to play, and I’m still bruised from pinching myself. All the problem players came up big. Neal??? Dupree??? Xmas just arrived early.

  24. Quck comment to JohnE- Many of us knew we had the making of a good team. We had to get some breaks and some of our “newbies” had to step up. We got both.

    Certainly, some of you are going to disagree with me about the following comments.

    I don’t believe Neal is doing anything different this year than last. The difference is he’s giving the effort, his shoulder is healed, his shot are dropping and our guys play well with him in the line-up. I don’t want him starting but he’s a great guy off the bench. I said this after last game ” What are you Neal bashers going to say when (later on) he scores 15 pts and 4-5 rebounds et al”……remember that one. He may not be the best but he’s OURS.

    Well he scored 17 tonight…..and PROVED he can hit the 3.

    GV was having a ok game but really made some key plays/shots in 2nd half. I said Hayes had to play better in the 2nd half and he did. Mosely got some critical PT time and delivered.

    I haven’t checked the stats and know you will but I got to believe we were superberb in our rebounding, overall defense, and shooting %. Dupree made the most of it.

    There’s reason to be excited and raise our expectations.
    That was another superb performance by a MD team, against a nationally ranked team on national tv.

    Go Terps

  25. A great game by the Terps and coach W. Gerry what does it take you to see that we
    are a much better team when Hayes is in the game and maybe along with Bowie?

  26. In addition to a very satisfying win, we saw some encouraging play from Braxton. Sean did some very nice things that don’t appear on the box score. And Dave Neal, some big points in the second game in a row! Eric played a good game, showed some agressiveness, protected the ball and made some nice assists. So what’s not to like tonight?

  27. DAVE NEAL!!!!!

    Mark the tape! Mark the tape!

    This team is Gary Williams personified. I love this team right now. I mean, obviously, but I love how we’re doing it. Tough D, transition buckets, lotta guys contributing, and outside shooting! Where did that come from?

  28. Great win for the Terps. Hope we keep up the momentum. and come out hungry tomorrow. Big game for Neal. The announcer said “If they were playing a pick up game at the YMCA and there were 12 guys, Dave Neal would not be picked”

  29. Jerry….I’ll say it again….I like Hayes. I like in him in the game. However, he didn’t play real well in the 1st half and I made the comment he’d have to do better in the 2nd half and he did. What impressed my most was his playing off the ball and going to the bucket. He did very well even though late in the game he had a WAO (wide ass open) 3 from the corner and “air balled” it. That happens. I’m pleased with his overall performance. Bowie was terrific.

    Could someone tell us who the real MD PG is? Got to believe we had 4-5 guys play that spot tonight.

    Not only was the VT win “transformational” but so was this one. It especially will elevate the effort and play of others (Tucker, Burney, JSK etc) to improve if they want some PT.

    Let’s hear it from the rest of the crowd.

    Double digit loss me ass
    Dave Neal ACC Player of the Week

  31. A couple of observations from the game.

    Hayes was excellent throughout. His lateral movement on defense has REALLY improved from last year.

    Mosley made me think I was seeing the reincarnation of Byron Mouton. He got a couple of “tough” rebounds, made the right decision with the ball almost every time.

    Milbourne couldn’t get into the flow but he impressed me by not forcing the issue when he did get the ball later in the game.

    The best attribute to this team is unselfishness. Also they DEFEND. If we continue to defend and share the ball, we should have an entertaining season.

    For some reason, this win feels even better than winning in Chapel Hill last year. Maybe because of the hope and promise it bring for this season.

  32. Wow what a win, probably the best overall team win ive seen by the terps the past couple years. Most thought that in order to win the terps would need an exceptional game from vazques and one or two guys would need to step up. Well it didnt really happen because Vaz played a rather mediocre game(hot and cold) but literally EVERYONE else stepped up. Ill start with Neal dropping 17 we all are guilty of bashing him, but i must admit if he can hit the 3 somewhat consistently he will be an asset. Braxton, another guy catching some heat from most of us but he stepped up grabbed some boards, made some shots and maybe this game will boost his confidence. Bowie, especially in the first half he was lights out shooting the ball and slashing to the hole. Hayes, made some nice shots and took care of the ball against some talented guards his defense seems to have improved in my opinion. Mosley just hustled all night long, played solid D and made some really smart plays, you can really see Gary has some faith in him to be giving him major minutes in this game.

    Gary said on his radio show the team would probaby end up being about 9, maybe ten deep. It looks like its gonna be Vaz, Hayes, Milbourne, Tucker, Bowie, Mosley, Neal, Dupree, and Gregory. Thats our nine. It is possible either Burney or Jin Soo kim might be able to eventually grab some more PT, but i dont believe either stepped on the floor tonight. all in all great win, getting more confidence is key, and a win over Gonzaga would be more than i could have ever asked for.

  33. I couldn’t be more excited to say I was wrong. I never saw this type of effort coming. Everyone played well. Everyone. We matched them physically, we got them frustrated and took advantage of their turnovers.

    Sure, we looked like our old selves a bit late in the first, but who cares? They played great ball for 35 of 40 minutes.

    Mosley really impressed me. He is just as advertised. Hard worker and will do anything. That strip and launch down to Bowie was the play of the game. Neal was great. He battled his ass off and made shots. Vaz was mostly contained and Bowie proved he can hit some big time shots.

    We also drilled all three of our 1-and-1’s in the 2nd half. Huge!

    If we play like this, we can beat anyone.

    Nice job Gary and nice job kids!

  34. Our frontcourt players outscored their frontcourt players 32-18. Neal got 17 of our frontcourt points. This isn’t Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas.

  35. Super win! It felt good in so many ways. A lot of guys contributed, the defense looked pretty good most of the night, and most importantly, the Terps weathered MSU’s run early in the second half. Hoops IQ looks like it is growing. Dupree showed up. Dave Neal was more than just a YMCA-like player tonight. He was a big time contributor. Congrats Dave!

    They’re growing, but we’re going to need to keep things in perspective. It’s a great early season win, but its still an early season win. We’ve got a long road ahead, but if they keep developing as they appear to be, they are going to make some noise in the ACC. But guys, we’ve got to be patient. There will be growing pains (I’m bracing for Gerry’s counterattack right about now). MSU was not full strength tonight. I’ve seen enough of MSU over the years to know that MSU in November is not the MSU we see in March. Let’s definitely celebrate and enjoy a big, big win, but not go way overboard reading too many things into it.

    I missed who they get next in the Old Spice Tourney; did someone say Gonzaga? Is it on TV? I missed the postgame show because I promised wifey the remote at the final buzzer. Someone fill me in. Thanks! Go Terps!

  36. We take on the winner of gonzaga and oklahoma state, who are playing right now. The game is at 5:30pm tomorrow on ESPN.

  37. nice to see Md outplay a serious opponent and on a national stage no less. I didn’t expect a win much less an 18pt blowout. helped that morgan had foul trouble and MSU hit less than 50percent FTs but this was a case of MD being the better team, not a case of MSU mailing it in.

  38. A very important stat. We had 10 turnovers in the entire game, and I believe 7 of them were in the first half. Great job taking care of the ball against a good team.

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