Maryland Trounces #6 Michigan State, 80-62

The Terps took it to Michigan State.  Boy, did they ever.  Tonight’s victory was a season defining triumph. It was Gary Williams at his best.  No one gave the Terps a chance.  Most Soup readers thought that Maryland had a chance if everything fell our way.

I’d say when Dave Neal SCORES 17 POINTS that everything is falling your way.  Sure, critics will say that the Spartans got themselves into trouble.  Their bigs got into foul trouble and they couldn’t hit free throws.  I don’t care.  Maryland played a fantastic game.

The committed only 10 turnovers and four players scored 13 points or more.  That is balance.  They held their own in rebounding and nabbed 8 steals.

Sean Mosley played a great game and did all of the little things.  How about that steal off of a Mich St. offensive rebound followed by a 60 foot pass for a Bowie layup?

Every Terp hit the glass tonight.  Eric Hayes led the team with 6 rebounds.  Eric Hayes!!

I think we can answer the question about the importance of solid guard play in college basketball.  Vasquez and Hayes are playing with the maturity  needed to lead a team into the NCAAs.  Pundits look at the Terps roster and see no inside play.  What they missed is one of the deepest and talented backcourts in the country.

The Terps will go as far as their guards can take them.  Right now, their ceiling is being recalibrated.  We know their are flaws and Maryland will be tested again in less than 24 hours.

This is a deep tournament and Maryland will have to do it all again tomorrow.  Sitting at 4-0; Maryland is position to acheive a Top 25 ranking with another victory in Orlando.  I’m not prepared to contemplate beyond that.  I am going to savor every minute of this one.

Go Terps!



  1. I DVR’d it so just finished watching it. What a great effort by everyone. They played really hard tonight. Now they still played a bit dumb at times but always hard. I can take that kind of team winning or losing.

    E Hayes ran the point very well. He played under control and didn’t turn it over. Bowie lit it up early and has become a real offensive threat. Dupree played exactly how we need him to play. At times it looks like he lost too much weight but he stuck his nose in there and got dirty.

    Neal played a great game. The guy I really liked watching was Mosely. Man he looked like Byron. He is just a smart, smart basketball player. Can’t wait to watch him grow over the next few years.

    We could come out tomorrow night and get waxed by 20. It’s a young team so we have to be patient. All I want is that effort every night. Those shots won’t fall every game but that hustle will win me over every time.

  2. Dave Neal would like all his haters to know that he’s thankful for all the support you have given him. Oh, dean hate to remind you about “Mark the tape III: Mich State: 78 UMD 61” but we need to discuss a gift card to china cafe that you offered :)

    On the positive side, I seem to recall GERRY posting: What are you going to say about Neal when he scores 15 point, 7 rebounds and 2 steals in a game ? It’s a’coming. Well 17 points and 5 rebounds 0 steals ain’t too shabby. Good call GERRY.

    That’s two straight games we don’t win without Dave Neal (who is healthy for the first time in 2 seasons).

    It’s seldom that someone out coaches Tom Izzo (even dean said we wouldn’t steal one from Izzo and the crew) but Gary took him to school.

    Oh and congrats to Dupree: 31 mins, 7 points, 6 boards, 1 block 0 Turnovers

    I can’t comment too much on the game because I was driving from Secacus, NJ back to Albany while the game was on. BUT ironically I got to hear the entire 2nd half on the radio. And as luck would have it I was hearing it on the Spartans radio network. Nothing like listening to the other schools broadcast team when you’re beating them.

    Their take was that UMD played almost mistake free basketball for the last 17 minutes of the game after the Spartans took a 1 point lead. They did mention that their big man Suton didn’t play and that Morgan got into early foul trouble, but they also gave credit to the Terps defense and terrific shooting. Talked about how UMD made as many 3-point shots at MSU attempted. They also lauded the Terps on their FT shooting.

  3. Oh and Izzo said in his post game comments that the team MSU plays tomorrow will be a better team than the team we played tonight. Uh…u just got waxed by 18 coach have some humility.

  4. Wow – thought Gary and Izz were friends

  5. That’s bush league from Izzo. You got bitch slapped. Bend over and take it.

    Just a great game all the way around for the Terps. Fantastic defensively, won the battle on the glass, and for the most part, played under control offensively. Unfortunatley I don’t think we’ll shoot like we did tonight on a regular basis, but I’ll take it. Bowie was undeterred from 3. Mosley looked great. Braxton stepped up huge despite having struggled early in the season. And Neal; what a stud. Best quote of the year from Fraschilla – Neal wouldn’t get picked for a YMCA pick up game if there were 12 players in the gym. Not even the analysts give him respect. Way to bring it, Neal.

  6. F@#$in’ aye right boys!!! What a great game. If nothing else, my in-laws are now completely convinced I am a raving lunatic (makes it even sweeter that we are celebrating Thanksgiving deep, deep, deep in Tar Heel town). Wonderful game, good for all of the boys. Interesting comments after the game by Gary on Dave Neal – an All-Met player having his first healthy year. Maybe accurate, maybe not, but good for the Senior to get player of the game!

    Hey Al V. per our prior exchange, I’ll (check that, we’ll) be expecting those props now. Being the principal oriented, old-school guy that you are, I know you will come through. Go Terps!!!

  7. Duke wins and gets ranked every year without legit big men and great guards. It is now our turn! BOOYAH! Go Terps!

  8. Alright. We get Gonzaga and they will be tough. Despite what happens tomorrow, we saw the potential of this team tonight.

    They will have ups and downs, so let’s try not to go overboard either way. But we did prove that we can be a NCAA tournament team, now we just have to stay consistent and continue to improve. The shots were falling against MSU and there will be times they won’t be, so the defense must remain the constant, and it was pretty damn good tonight.

    Ah, the bragging rights are mine! It was so nice driving around tonight with the Michigan TERPFAN license plate!

  9. Just finished the game on DVR. Hot Damn! I’m enjoying this win, baby. I probably woke my wife up a few times screaming (this time with joy).

    Love how hard they played tonight. For the most part, they played quick and aggressive but not in a hurry. Patience on offense led to lots of open looks. They were super scrappy on defense, hustling, and all that hard work got MSU in foul trouble. Only 10 turnovers. Way to take care of the ball and hit the glass.

    And screw Doug Gotlieb’s comments during the postgame, playing down Maryland as the underdog. Yes, they didn’t have Sutton but the Terps wooped up. How bout a bit of respect? Sheesh.

    Gotta love Neal. Gary’s comments were great after the game. It’s very true that Neal is fully healthy for the first time and he “knows what we are trying to do.” There is indeed a reason he’s a captain. He’s not the most talented (YMCA comments were great) but he plays hard and wants to win.

    The great thing was how everyone on the floor made contributions. Dupree played a solid 31 minutes. His stat line wasn’t crazy but a game like this could really give him confidence.

    Love Mosley’s patience and willingness to do what it takes to win. Fran Fraschilla made a good point about an elite player like Mosley (2nd all time scorer in MD high school hoops) coming in with a great attitude not simply looking for his own shots. He’ll continue to play under control and get more and more comfortable. That will only make the team more dangerous.

    Hayes was more aggressive offensively. I hope that continues because he could have stat lines like tonight more often. He’s back at PG and it’s a good thing.

    One last note. I really enjoyed listening to Fran Fraschilla call the game. Great to hear a guy who coached with Gary talk about him. In light of all the recruiting crap, I especially liked hearing him say that Gary won’t break NCAA rules and how that has cost him with some recruits. He also mentioned how recruiting isn’t Gary’s favorite thing. But it was just good to hear the emphasis on how Gary takes playing by the book seriously. And damn did he have those guys ready to play tonight…especially, Neal, Mr. YMCA. Hahaha. Go Terps!

  10. First of all, Congrats to the GW & Co. for proving the pundits wrong……again.

    Second, who was the idiot on this board who called for a contract to knee-cap Neal if he ever took a 3-pt shot? Oh, wait…that was me. Sorry about that. Mr. Neal, you can take 3-pt shots as long as they are falling. When they stop falling, I will still be pissed. (That’s the luxury of being a critic)

    There is plenty to be excited about. Everyone was solid. Everyone! So the kudos for tonite belong to the “Wizard of College Park” (for tonite, at least) – GW. Specifically, he deserves the credit for moving Milbourne to the 4 and for sticking with Dupree (even though he looked like a stiff early). I would never have done that. The problem, Mr. Wizard, is the GV and Hayes both played 35 minutes and Dupree played 31. They have to play again on Friday and I’m worried about their gas tanks. On second thought. F*ck it. I’ll take tonite’s win and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

  11. Great win, but if we were scared of Mich. State, we should be terrified of Gonzaga. I think we’re gonna win, you know, obviously, but Gonzaga might just literally be the hugest team in the country. A 6’11 guy, a 6’10 guy, a 7-footer, and then a freakish 7’5″ guy off the bench, and then strong-ass Ira Brown, or whatever his name is–it’s gonna be tough. Even there guards are strong. 6’5″ Bouldin on Vaz is a super-tough matchup, as is Pargo on Hayes. I think we need to get Bowie going early and give him 34 minutes tomorrow night.

  12. What time is the game tomorrow?

  13. Answered my own question.

    Friday 5:30 PM ESPN

    That big tall line-up will be interesting to watch. Remember, match-ups go both ways. Those big guys have to stay with our quicker guys as well.

  14. Anyone see the classless/bush league move by MSU at the buzzer? They dribble near half court to run out the clock, and once the MD players started to walk over and shake hands (about 5 seconds left), the guy drove the lane to score a bucket…well, the idiot missed the layup, but what a low class move. After hearing Izzo’s comments, I can’t say I’m surprised.

  15. GV only needs 5 more points to reach 1,000 points for his career at UMD.

  16. I echo everyone’s comments–super win Terps! I woke up humming Y-M-C-A, Y-M-C-A…Dave was great last night! If GW is even half right that Neal has been a non-factor the last couple of years becasue of the shoulder, it is only going to help our frontline depth tremendously as the season goes on. A senior playing with confidence and three years of experience in our system is definitely a plus most of us had not factored into our prognostications.

    A couple of observations I don’t think have been mentioned yet: 1) our boy Vaz played pretty much under control and contributed in a lot of small ways tonight. The TOs were down and other than a couple of back-to-back poor shots at one point, he was playing pretty heady ball all around; 2) Dino Gregory showed some good energy. If he keeps developing, we might have ourselves a good 4 before the year’s out. Landon is doing a credible job as the 4 right now, but a big stepping up as a legit 4 would be…well…BIG; 3) Sean Mosley’s got some kind of physique for a freshman. I kept looking at him and thinking post-up! He is going to be able to play the 2 and 3 positions and post-up just about anyone in the ACC using his raw strength, and 4) Mr. Bowie!!! Did someone excel in summer hoops school or what! If AB’s game keeps growing…omg the possibilities. I like EHs steady game right now at the point, but Bowie’s potential upside, well let’s just say the possibilities are tantalizing based upon what I observed last night.

    Looking forward to Gonzaga tonight! I’ll be visiting my mom in Bethesda today, down from the Philly area. Anyone know of any really good sports bars in the area?

  17. Rockbottom Brewery isn’t bad – not a sports bar but the bar area has lots of tvs and good beer….There is a sport bar next to it but not impressive….

  18. I’m so expecting YMCA to be a chant that the student section does when Neal gets into home games. Then on the other side of the coin there’s new material for the Cameron Crazies.

  19. Five random points about last night’s game:

    1) Is it me or did Gary seem unusually calm, almost cheerful last night? During his halftime and post-game comments, he looked and sounded different than he normally does even after wins. I expect curmudgeon, and Gary gives us charming. I’d prefer that he didn’t need the “doubters” to get the billows firing, which be default means a discontent base, but he can play us-against-our-base all season long if it means a 20 win season.

    2) Eric Hayes is physically maturing. He looks very long. I just love the kid’s game.

    3) Sean Mosely looks like he’s 28 years old. I couldn’t believe how old the guy looks…and incidentally…plays. I believe we will hear the SAT word “preternatural” uttered by a many analysts about him (except Dookie V. who has the vocabulary of a special needs 4th grader).

    4) David Neal, while playing a great game, looks so “weeble-wobble” out there. He looks like he has a load of crap in his pants when he runs. That said, if he can score 17 a game all season, MD should hang his shorts in the rafters of Comcast. He is the Mario Lucas of this team, and Mario played on a many NCAA Tournament teams.

    5) I liked MD’s uniforms. They looked sharp.

    Great game last night. The Zags tonight pose a serious match up problem for the Terps. Lots of size and experience. MD has a marquee win for Tourney time, a second would be massive.

  20. Al V., curiously silent the morning after a huge win. No surprise. He’s a hater, not a fan.

    I agree re Gary sticking with Braxton. The way Braxton has played to start off the season, I can’t say I’d have had that much faith in him. But Gary obviously sees something in him, and he really came through last night . . . against a smaller team than advertised for most of the game, in fairness, but regardless. We’ll see how things shake out on the block against Gonzaga. I didn’t realize they have that much size. Yikes.

  21. When Franschilla defended Gary by saying, “He doesn’t play in that gray area”, he wasn’t really trying to complement Gary, he was just stating it as a fact. Franschilla played in that “gray area” at St John’s to get Ron Artest and Erick Barkley. Franshilla said Gary playing straight as an arrow caused him to lose local recruits. That was also a back-handed slap at Stan Heath (hired Gus Gilchrist’s personal trainer) and Jim Calhoun (scheduled an exhibition game vs Rudy Gay’s AAU team).

  22. Wheels is right – Hayes has a really solid game. I know he missed a couple gimmies last night, but he looked more aggressive on offense, and despite his lack of quickness, he can beat smaller guards to the basket with his length. I firmly believe he’s our strongest threat to score behind Vaaquez.

    Also, gotta show some love for Mosely’s fro-box. He’s a throw back from head to toe.

  23. Not to rain on everyone’s parade (ok maybe a little), but as great as everyone played I think the Terps caught some huge breaks. The MSU injury issues where the obvious one but how about the officiating. Nothing favors a non-physical frontline like zebras who call the ticky-tack. I don’t think the calls where one-sided, just uniformly terrible. I really can’t see us getting those kind of calls come ACC time. Question: Is Dave Neal’s success something that people see continuing? Was he popping open because of the defensive focus on Greivis (which would be repeatable) or because MSU played some terrible defense?

  24. I can’t watch the games here in Brazil, except every so often when I can find one being streamed, so I appreciate the comments here. I especially appreciate Al V, who provides a much-needed counterweight to what otherwise would be the single, overly-optimistic, perspective here. If he hasn’t commented immediately following a win, it’s probably because he has a life away from Turtle Soup, not because he’s upset that he can’t criticize the team.

    Can someone who saw the game tell me why/how Dino Gregory managed four fouls in eight minutes? And why Cliff Tucker only got seven minutes? I’m happy about the win, but curious to know why what apparently should be a nine- or ten-man (What happened to Burney, anyway?) rotation was more like a seven-man rotation last night.

  25. What does Doug Gottlieb have against the Terps? Any love he throws our way is grudging at best. The guy is beyond annoying. Oh, and who was that pudge ball on Yahoo Sports who picked MD to go winless in the Old Spice Tournament?

  26. I have Sirius radio and Gottlieb has his own show on there. He got asked about why he was always so hard on the Terps and he came out and said he just doesn’t like them. He did go on to say that GW is a great coach and runs a very clean program.

    Gottlieb is an annoying guy. Frustrated player that is always quick to get on the real BB players.

    We have had more and more of that on this site. I can generally over look it but at the rate it was on here last week we were getting into the standard Internet fair. That is fine for all the pedestrian sites but this site needs to stay clear from that.

    Objectivity is a two way street. How is coming on here constantly saying negative things anymore objective than always talking them up?

  27. Man, Doug Gottlieb is a hater. Hates UMD, hates Syracuse. F-him. In fact, if you ever meet Doug, tell him that you’ve got some fake credit cards that you made in your basement and ask him if he knows anyone you can sell them to. LOL

  28. This AM he was guest hosting “Mike and Mike in the Morning.” He was adamantly defending price-gouging ticket prices for tomorrow’s game between OK and OK State at Stillwater. It was an unapologetic defense of the overcommercialized big-time college athletics, and it dripped with arrogance and condescension. Glad to know I’m not the only one to fine his shtick tiresome.

  29. Maybe Gottlieb is a puke fan. I can’t wait to see what else Gary has been teaching the boys. Some of lefties junk defenses like the triangle and two or the box and one. Like to see them hang one on Gonzaga and bringing out the secret weapons: Kim, Burney and Goins tonight.

  30. Okay, I’m functioning a bit more slowly today than normal, but I just realized that the Terps opponent on Sunday will either be a game against Georgetown (GU & UMD would be interesting for local recruiting) or a game against UT & Bobby Maze which has it’s own subplot to it.

  31. The Terps owe the Zags an ass kicking. I was courtside at the Maui Invitational when we last played the Bulldogs and saw Adam Morrison rip the Terps, The Zags are the tallest team in the country, but Gary will exploit their size with our team speed and heavy guard play. We need to shut down Pargo with Bowie and Micah Downs with Milbourne. I like the way we are playing defense and hitting the boards despite our size disadvantage. Quick, smart guard play and taking care of the ball will make us a very good team this year and the improved three point shooting will keep us in games that would have been losses last year.

  32. Incredible win. You guys have said all the positive points. Surprised me after watching the Vermont game. I will be watching again this evening.

    GO Terps.

  33. Were we fortunate that GV’s shot went in against Vermont? Yes we were. But Vermont is a good b-ball team. Could be in the NCAAT come March. It was Vermont, not Presbyterian. :)

  34. Recife – I don’t have answers to your questions, other than that Dino is still very much a project who’s seeing playing time based on high energy rather than high skill level. Tucker wasn’t providing a thing and off the bench comes Neal, playing the match-up game of his life. The usual mysteries apply. But I wanted to give you a shout-out for posting from Brazil. Good boy.

  35. 210 minutes to go, I’m chompin’ at the bit!

    Great performance all around yesterday.

    Interesting about GW’s demeaner. I told my bro-in-law (UVa grad) that “this isn’t the Gary we all know and love”.

    Go Terps! Zig the Zags!

  36. I’m shocked. I asked the wife what we were having for dinner tonight – we have in-laws in (yesterday and today) and she say’s “we’ve got reservations in Jacksonville Fl restaurant tonight at 6:00”. With the in-laws w/in earshot I said “Great….just wonderful.

    Is there anyone out here than can take my in-laws and wife to dinner at gametime tonight in Jax? I’ll pay.

    Ok….so I am going to miss the game. So, I will be really counting on some random
    play by play from you guys. C’mon…..I gave out some timely updates last night.

    Looks like many of you are expecting an ass-kicking from the Zags tonight. Any resemblance, of last night’s play from our guy,,,,,,,,,,, and we win by 6. One key point is they are huge down low and we can get in some serious foul trouble early and I suspect they will try to pound it inside. No reason for them to do otherwise. We don’t have the shot blockers this year that we did for the last 4-5 yrs so “blocking out” will be critical.
    If ……there’s that word again…..if we can pick up some loose balls, get some steals
    and get our share of the defensive rebounds we should win the foot race to the other end.

    “40 mins of Hell” seems like a good game plan. They can’t possible run with us…..can they?

    3-PT shooting is not just an art-form. If you have the ball and you know that Coach and the team are ok with you launching 3….when the shot is there, you exponentially increase the odds of making the shot. I say we have to make’s 3 to stay in the game and beat the Zags down court to win .

    Go Terps.

  37. DBR: Thanks for reminding Soupers that Vermont is a damn good team: Gonzaga without the size. So that OT win is another resume builder come selection Sunday.

  38. By the way…how sweet was that falling out of bounds, full court, one-handed assist by Mosely last night?

  39. Moutonesqe, as one poster put it.

  40. Was Mosley’s pass an ESPN Top 10 play? Should have been. I’ve seen it online and in Sports Center but didn’t see the countdown.

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