Terps BC Thread

I know it’s an anti-climactic way to end the football season, playing to not have to go to Boise for the holidays, especially two days after a big basketball win, but the Terps football squad looks to end the season on a good note today.

Will the good Terps show up? Will they go in and do like FSU did last week and ruin BC’s senior day and cost them a chance at playing in the ACC title game? Or will the bad Terps show up and get creamed in a road game where they have much less to play for than the Eagles?

This is the “Chris Cosh tries to save his job game”. Once again, like against Va. Tech, you are facing a redshirt freshman quarterback, one who fumbled twice last week. If you do not blitz and you allow this guy to sit back there all day long, you will get beat. I’m not saying send the house every play, but it is imperative we get pressure on Davis. If they play the usual read-and-react, we are doomed and I suggest all Maryland students head to the football offices and demand Cosh be canned!

Let the game begin.




  1. What the hell happened with DHB?

  2. Why don’t any of our corners LOOK BACK AT THE BALL!!!!!!!!!??????

  3. A very nice answer on offense, but if this game is going to be won, it’ll be the defense getting some pressure on Davis. Please blitz, Cosh, PLEASE!

  4. Well, BC is ranked, so it’s a foregone conclusion that we’ll win, right? RIGHT?

  5. OMG, at that point in the half, the one thing you DON”T do is get beat deep…Screw this team and these coaches.

    Of course, I won’t be turning off the game…

  6. Thank G-d this is the last football game for a while. Fire Fridge, Cosh, whoever, I don’t think it will make a difference. Warm up the bus to Boise.

  7. You also don’t get beat on a fake field goal. Pretty embarrassing.

  8. You’ve got to field that O-kwen-do :-/

  9. When did Gronkowski forget how to catch?

  10. Well, time to turn on the Caps game. Hopefully they fare better on the road than MD.

  11. Wonder if we can score another TD in 14 seconds…

    So where do you all put the loss? On Cosh and the D, or Franklin and the O? Or the special teams? All of the above, or just Friedgen?

  12. A very disappointing season. It sure seemed like we had a lot of talent on offense and we are 11th in the ACC in scoring. Something just doesn’t add up.

    We were in this game but just didn’t make enough plays. The offense bogs down. We don’t get a lot of three and outs, we will move the ball to around the 40 and then stall out.

    I really hope we don’t go to Boise. Playing on the blue field is just embarrassing.

  13. Agree, very, very disappointing. As the years pile up under Ralph’s leadership, his teams seem to be settling into the continous mediocre performance pattern we’ve been witnessing all year long. Unless there is some sort of change, we’re going to end up experiencing Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  14. I don’t know if Cosh needs to go, wouldn’t hurt my feelings, but they need to get some size on the D line. Teams ran against them at will for the most part. A real stud QB would make a world of difference too, just look at the mediocre football programs that have had really good teams in the past few years and you’ll find a great QB. Most were not HS All-Americans either, just need to find one that adapts to the college game with an arm. Playing Boise State would be an interesting game since they are undefeated but ending up in that bowl would be a let down overall.

  15. In spite of themselves, they almost won. I was yelling at the TV about the almost obvious fake field goal. It sucks that that did us in.
    The TV announcers we the worst in s a string of bad ones, not mentioning DHB injury in the beginning, mis-pronouncing Danny O’s name, ignoring UM’s come backs.
    Looking back I can’t say that this season was very satisfying. If you take away the two gimmies, this is just a mediocre .500 team.
    On to Boise, Charlotte or whatever. Hard to get too excited about going to one of those.

  16. I hope we go to Charlotte. We will get thumped by Boise. I know they’re unbeaten but still it would be embarassing to lose 35-7 to some team from Idaho.

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