Georgetown – Maryland Thread

I do not have much time to write anything as I will be traveling most of the day; but I can’t let a Georgetown-Maryland game pass without commenting on the importance of this regional contest.

The first MD-Georgetown game of recent history signaled the rebirth of the program.  Joe Smith unveiled himself to the world and the Maryland program finally emerged from the depths of the Bias saga.

The second MD-Georgetown game of recent memory ocurred during the Terps first successful March to the Final Four in 2001.  If you will recall, the 1990s witnessed countless sweet sixteen appearances for the Terps; yet never any appearances beyond.  Yet in 2000; on the brink of our first ever Elite Eight appearance; the Hoyas stood in Maryland’s way.  Again, the Terps prevailed.

Today, Maryland will be meeting Georgetown at a pivotal moment.  The decline of our program has been well documented; yet the Terps have a chance to reassert our regional dominance today.  With a win, Maryland can put a stamp on this year’s team that says “we are going to the NCAA Tournament”.

I will weigh in after the game.  Go Terps



  1. We need to split the next two games. That would put us at 2-2 against probable NCAA teams. GT has some real size around the basket so it will be another test for Braxton.

    If we were to take the GT game we would have beaten the preseason favorites in the Big Ten and the Big East in four days. Not too shabby.

    Hell in a shell!!!!

  2. A test for Braxton and either Gregory and/or Burney to step up. I appreciate what Dave Neal is doing so far, but Braxton is going to need another Big, preferably both Gregory and Burney, to step up and assist him. especially on the boards Of course, this also presupposes Dupree is going to continue improving and not level out or even decline as he did last year.

  3. Ricksterps – Love that “hell in a shell.” But I don’t think we’re splitting the next two games. We win both. We don’t lose another game in 2008.

  4. I wish I had kaze’s never-ending fountain of optimism, but even if I don’t, he’s been right before so I’ll concur with his prognostication.

    Just Win Baby!

    Go Terps!

    (One of my favorite phrases for years has been “the only thing better than seeing Georgetown lose is seeing Maryland win”)

  5. not a good start for the Terps.

  6. Trouble early….We are getting 1 shot at the basket and we aren’t making em from outside. Our freshmen Mosely has only bucket.No rebounds either.

    GT hit two big 3’s and two slashes to the bucket.

    We are very “pourous” down low. If we don’t fix it….the nay’sayers will be out soon.

    AL V is suspiciously quiet….he’s probably waiting for a great “I told you so” moment.

  7. How many illegal/moving screens are they going to allow by GT’s #10?

    NEAL with the Trey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Terps!!!!!

  8. that was one ugly left handed hook by Dupree…yeesh

  9. Our last 3 shot at the basket were 2 total misses and a clunker.As bad as shooting was outside against the Zags. This is worse.

    I luv these guys but man we need some outside shooter’s to “make some”.

  10. I see Chris Wright has learned and perfected the art of the “flop”

    This is ridiculous.

  11. it’s a deadly combination of our guys not shooting well and Georgetown executing extremely well at both ends of the court

  12. If we don’t disrupt the GT offense it’s going to get even more ugly.

    GT is killing us with the 3.

    I am sorry to say,,,,but EH is not a PG… least not yet. He telegraphs two cirticial flaws:

    1. He’s looking to pass.
    2. He can’t quite make his own shot…….still.

    I honestly want the guy to make it….but it ain’t happening.

    C’mon….let me have it.

  13. We may be witnessing the slipping away of our chances at returning to the NCAA tournament this season, and maybe next one, too. This is getting hard to watch.

  14. Nothing’s slipping away FF. I feel you pain but we can make our case in the ACC and in the ACC Tournemnet.

    Here’s another EH flaw. When he’s playing PG and we get a rebound (somehow)
    and they clear the ball out to him ….he then dribbles away from the bucket almost to half court and there’s no one with 8-10′ of him. How about Bowie or Mosely at PG and EH and GV on the wings? A PG with the ball (and a shooter like RH) ought to be able to make his own shot…when he wants it. Se, if EH is not at point all he’s got to worry about is getting open looks. Surely he can do that.

    Not trying to pin our woes on him but we have no offensive leadership, no real go to buy that can shoot for % outside……at least not yet.

    Now for Burney…..He’s the man. What we saw of him in the last of the lst half is more than we have seen from anyone else down low. He did reach (bend over) for a loose ball on the floor when he should have pounced on it instead. He had a great dunk and plays decent “D”.

    I have empathy for GV…..he’s seeing this team struggle, they drop his passes so he tries to make things happen. In his brief career he’s had mixed results. We’d be a cellar dweller without him though.

    Anxious to hear your thoughts.

  15. As much as I want to see Hayes succeed, Gerry’s right – he’s killing us right now. Chris Wright has beat him back door at least three times. And despite showing an ability to get into the paint, he is routinely unable to hit the 5-10 footer. I’m not ready to give up on this team offensively, but the shooting we witnessed against Michigan St. is looking more and more like an aberration. Sapp has Vasquez on lock down, and there is absolutely no one else who can step up and score. Props to Bowie, who is making some plays. And Gary going to the zone in the last 4-5 minutes of the game worked well; G’town’s not a great outside shooting team, although you wouldn’t know it watching Sapp light us up from 3.

    We better freakin wake up in the second half, or this is going to go down as one of the most embarrassing losses in several years.

  16. Burney was very active. IMHO he’s earned more time on the court for the remainder of this game. Overall the Terps look tired/lethargic.

  17. Georgetown shooting lights out tonight

  18. It’s slipping away. You don’t get embarrassed this badly back-to-back against quality opponents and not pay for it on Selection Sunday. MSU was an aberration. The Gonzaga and the Gtown games are pretty fair indications of how far MD has fallen from elite status and how much rebuilding it still has to do to return to that level. You can critique the miscues and misplays of individual Terps until the cows come home, but it won’t change the basic fact. MD’s talent pool, especially in the deep end, is pretty shallow.

  19. I’l make this last post during game.

    GT is driving the lanes, with directional lights on, and scoring with impunity.
    Bowie is looking more like “THE PG” with 2 consecutive slashes to the hole for 4 pts.
    GT is making NBA 3’s.
    Chris Wright of GT “owns” GV and Gv knows it.

    Another EH flaw….just trying to help. He brings the ball over at half court and stalls 40′ from the basket. He has not “break-a-way” move or shot.

    With 16 mins to go….and not able to disrupt GT offensive sets we have NO CHANCE.

    We are left to watch the game film and make corrections.

    This team (MD) will still make it to the NCAA. This is a good “lesson” for the to learn.

    GO Terps

  20. As the Indian chief said in “Little Big Man” many years ago, “Some days the magic works, some days it doesn’t.” I will retire for awhile from the prognostication business.

  21. This is beyond ugly. As encouraged as I was after the Mich St. game I find myself equally as disappointed watching this one. We have zero low post presence. I don’t think I’ve ever watched the terps with no players down low as an option on offense. Every team I’ve watched ran it like crazy and went inside out during half court sets. This team has nobody to pass it to in the post and it shows. One of the announcers mentioned that on the season, Dupree, Gregory and Burney are averaging 5 pts per game. That is amazing. The team relies on guard penetration which doesn’t work out when we make bad passes and turn the ball over after they collapse on us. We can’t rebound at all either.

    The one bright spot I’m seeing is bowie. He is a player and should be on the court more often than he is. Even though he hasn’t shown much in this game, I like mosley as well . Overall though this is tough to watch.

  22. What has happened to our team? Gonzaga at least made sense. This one, I can’t even figure out. It seems like Gtown makes everything AND the ball bounces their way. Then you have a horrible shooting team trying to make a dramatic comeback….it’s really ugly…

  23. The press is going to have a field day with this game. We’ll hear all week about how Gtown is now King of the DC area, which is true, but it doesn’t make it any easier to hear.

  24. This lind of loss is tough. As much as the win against Mich. St. built confidence, these last two just strip it all away.

    Kind of a letdown for me. I didn’t expect much but during that win we looked so damn good! I thought we could at least compete in the next two. Frustrating…

  25. Gotta agree with you Billy D, I’ve been pushing for Bowie to start at point. In the Gonzaga thread, I wasn’t sure why Bowie played the same minutes as Tucker and 8 fewer than Hayes. Bowie is by far the better shooter overall. He is able to penetrate and shoot the 3. My starting 5 would now be Bowie, Vazquez, Milbourne (back at his natural small forward position), Gregory, and Dupree. Hayes, Mosley, Neal, and Burney off the bench. Mix in Tucker and Kim for mop up or end of half duty. Without two bigs in the game, we get killed on the boards.

    And I would switch from man-to-man D to the 3-2 zone. We are two slow to play man and Georgetown is exploiting it.

    And for those that are saying we look tired or lethargic, I agree. But doesn’t that beg the question, why on earth are we so tired when we play practically play our entire bench? Where is the fire that the players in the past had?

  26. The MSU game showed what this team can do when we get good perimeter play. When that doesn’t happen we’re in for loooong nights. At least until something improves with our big men.

  27. Whew…glad that is finally over. Thank goodness we caught Georgetown when they’re young and rebuilding

  28. What a Sh*tty weekend, 3 Terps loses, add in Redskins, Wizards, Capitals, its raining in DC and my sons winter lacrosse league team loss.
    No sense analyzing it any more than has already been done.
    We now have an 8 game run of very winnable games, plus the ACC opener at Comcast against GA Tch. We need to run that table, no excuses.

  29. man, that was one serious ass raping! what the hell has happened to milbourne? he improved so much between freshman and sohpmore years, but he seems to have regressed this year. i understand that mosley is a good all-around player, but i just don’t understand why he isn’t putting up more points. how can you be the 2nd leading scorer in MD state history and not be an outstanding scorer?

  30. i think the Terps had six (6) assists. I wonder how long it’s been since that has happened. Leading Terp rebounder had four (4) boards. And both guys that had four rebounds came off the bench. Burney & Gregory.

  31. So one other question:
    Are we really that bad or is this just a lesson game for a young team?

  32. I agree with DBR….when we don’t get good perimeter play it’s a “long night”.

    More on EH. On earlier post I made the case he’s not good with the ball and shouldn’t be the PG. However, he played much better in 2nd half….without the ball. In 2 consecutive runs he made a floate in the middle and a “catch and shoot 3” for the corner. Case closed . Bowie and GV share PG.

    Our perimeter offense was awful …..but so was the perimeter “D” ….if you want to call it that. Gotta believe GT had at least 10-12 three’s.

    Here’s what I think is wrong with our offense……….IT’S PREDICTABLE. Adding to my previous comments earlier, we move the ball around but other teams move it better and quicker. GT did that with ease. Because we can’t afford to bring a “big” to a high post block, our guards struggle to get a decent look. When’s the last time this season you saw a “back door”? GV and others take it to the hole and get swallowed up. What bigs we have don’t block well and are NOT anticipating a “no look” or quick dump pass. GT had some Frosh and Soph’s with a “license to shoot”, they did and they made em.

    I said it last year about our offense and see it again this year. Some of our guys….not Bowie, seem obviouslyl timid about taking the shot, Neal doesn’t have the problem either. He cooly cranked (and made) a 3 within 1 minute of entering the game.

    I’m with you on Mosely but I’d like to know how he was the 2nd highest scoring HS player in Maryland schoolboy history? At 6’6″ he probably got a lot of points down low but that’s ain’t going to happen in the ACC and against real good teams. He’s got big man moves and BB IQ but needs to take it outside.

    I’m not buying the bid that “we looked tired”. Frustrated, confused, timid, outmatched, outgunned, out hustled……yes. GT played their 3rd game in 4 nights tonight as well.

    We have got to win against Michigan. Get that done and we should win the next 7 before ACC begins. That would put us at 11-3. Take down G. Tech and that’s 12-3 going into Miami at Coral Gables. Get lucky there and that’s 13-3 and that’s HUGE. The next 9 games are at College Park (actually GW is in DC) so let’s call that home too.
    These are “must wins”.

    Let’s get to that point BEFORE we do any more “hard core” analysis.

    Go Terps

  33. IMHO, there’s no way to shade the obvious: this isn’t a good team. Adequate maybe; excellent, no way. It might overachieve into 20 wins, thanks to a cream puff non-conference schedule . But the inside game is about as weak as I’ve witnessed in forty-some years of bleeding MD red. If things continue on this course, I’m not sure GW will be around to reap the benefits of the quality recruits he is said to have coming in next season.

    Most people on this site get really upset about losing to Duke. My generation smarts at getting embarrassed by Georgetown. I find their self-regard insufferable and unwarranted, on every level. How are we supposed to compete for local McDonald All-Americans when a small university across town cleans our clock so convincingly?

  34. The only way we win is to play very hard all game long. That just didn’t happen tonight. I read most of the posts and to call out this guy or that guy in this sort of blow out is just silly. I saw no one play well from the General on down. No one.

    Mosely started for the second game and I think he will stay there. He is Gary’s type of player. Hayes, GV and Mosely are a lock to start right now. I know some of you think Bowie should start at the point but I just don’t see it. EH is not turning the ball over or taking dumb shots. That’s not always the case with Bowie.

    Our bigs are having real trouble holding onto the ball. They are getting some nice passes on penetration but they can’t bring it in.

    We are making wayyyy too much out of this one game. As I stated before the game, a win over Michigan will have this be a successful week. Most have Michigan being at least a bubble team so it will be a really good win.

    Beating Mich st then losing to two other top 25 teams is way better than going out there and losing the opener and beating the two also-rans. Would it have been better to at least hang with GT? Absolutely.

    This is a young team and it is early in the season. You don’t win or lose tourney bids in November.

  35. This loss totally erased the MSU win as the announcers reiterated multiple times. The MSU game gave me hope and even the loss to Gonzaga we at least played hard but were overmatched. Now all our opponents have a pretty clear blueprint on how to beat us. Our inside game just does not exist. Not only do our big men have NO offensive skills whatsoever, but they are fundamentally horrible at positioning, rebounding and defense. There are some bright spots, Mosely will be decent and Kim plays with a lot of heart, and hopefully next year’s recruits can make an impact right away, but the rest of this season will be tough unless we start shooting over 50%. Milbourne is really starting to disappoint, he really is a very mediocre player with a tendency to disappear for long periods. Last question, can Dupree dunk the ball? I mean seriously why does he lay up everything, even wide open put backs? I am lowering my expectations for this season although at least, as opposed to last year, the team seems to play hard most of the time.

  36. We are who we thought we are. It’s that simple. A work in progress. When we hit shots, we can beat anyone. If we don’t, we are toast. Our guys will get better, mark that!

    Wednesday is a big one. If we beat Michigan, we’ll be okay. I am a big fan of Bowie and I think he’s done a pretty good job so far. He seems like the only guy willing to be aggressive. That being said, I think he should be our 6th man. We need a guy who comes off the bench and can score. I’d like to know why Tucker seems to have taken a step back and why none of our inside guys can put the ball in the basket, even from a foot away?!

  37. Ricksterps – I appreciate your optimism but I can’t see how these last 2 games can be just tossed aside. I think the positives to take out of this are few and far between. I’ve been watching MD bball for a while now and that Gtown game wasn’t just a lost – we got flat out exposed for what we are – an average guard-oriented team with absolutely zero low post presence. How can you be so optimistic when there has been absolutely no production from the 4-5 spots on our roster? How are we going to be successful without a player that we can feed the ball to in the post or play some kind of role in blocking shots or rebounding? I don’t know what the exact stats are so far but in the games I’ve seen our leading rebounders are guards. That is a big problem. Another issue is that we still don’t have a big time shooter on the squad which compounds the problems in the post.

    It is a long season – I agree with that. And Mosely is a solid player; I think he should stay in the starting 5. But Gtown flat out crushed us to the point where we didn’t belong on the same floor together. I know Gary is a good coach and will identify weaknesses with the team (there are many) and improve upon them. I’m not doubting that. All I’m saying is that my optimism for the season has taken a hit courtesy of the last 2 games. Lets hope I’m wrong.

    Go Terps.

  38. As far as the frontline goes, here’s my suggestion: GW needs to start Burney at the 4 alongside Dupree at the 5. Mosley starts at the 3. Gregory, Neal and Milbourne are the back-ups. They need to be drilled to shut off penetration in the paint, box out and team rebound, especially on the defensive end. Its got to start there or we’re sunk.

    If we don’t fix our paint problems, we’re looking at a sub-.500 season. I don’t care how well the perimeter players shoot or run the floor. It won’t mean a damn thing. I got tired of watching Gtown OWN the paint area. And it looked like they didn’t have to exert much effort to own it. I believe that was the softest interior play I have ever seen a Maryland team play; and I’ve been watching a long time.

  39. BillyD and JohnE: My thoughts exactly.

  40. I think Landon is having difficulty playing the PF position that the coaches are asking him to play. Particularly on defense, and that in turn is hurting his confidence on offense. IMO Burney getting 2 points, 4 rebounds 1 block in 8 minutes against GU should earn him some more playing time (and earlier playing time) in the next game. Dupree had six points which was awesome to see, but he grabbed ZERO rebounds in 17 minutes.

    Now, I know that Dupree has limited hops but how on earth can you be 6-8 and not get a single rebound in 17 minutes. Even if you’re not good at boxing out, if you’re 6-8 at some point the ball should bounce off the rim/backboard and find you.

    Did GU do that good a job defending Vasquez or was something physically wrong with GV? His motor is usually always on, and when things haven’t gone well for the team in the past he’s tried to take things into his own hands and force things. Tonight we didn’t see that. He only took seven shots. And I can’t recall any of them being of the “omg why” variety.

    Oh well, this game is over and nothing we say/write is gonna change the outcome. After the MSU win Gary said that the Terps were not going to play like that every night. We need to turn the page and hope the coaches/players are ready to play Michigan.

  41. Too stupid to graduate, too stupid to win, too stupid to get a new coach. NIT bound!!

  42. Losing to G’Town hurts. Earlier poster was absolutely right about Duke reference. As much as we hate the Dookies, we don’t recruit the same players. Getting embarassed by G’Town really hurts. How many times in the coming years you think JT III will be in some kid’s living room telling them “We smacked Maryland by 30!”?

    Having said all that. Everyone agrees that it’s hard to compete for us against nationally ranked teams unless our perimeter players almost perfectly. Our big guys will get better as the year goes on. It’s almost guaranteed because they are after all very young. We have two able big bodies coming in next year with almost everyone coming back. I think if we can sneak into the tournament it will be a successful year. Then next year we will be real good. It is December 1st guys. Losing to G’Town and Gonzaga is much easier to swallow than losing to American and Ohio.

  43. I keep seeing some people defend EH starting at point, commenting on his “lack of turnovers and not taking dumb shots”. I’ll agree, he seems to be taking care of the ball better than Bowie. But that is easy when you do nothing but pass the ball off to GV. Hayes does not have the ability to penetrate and create in the lane, and unfortunately, that is the type of point we need right now. And granted, he leads Bowie in most statistical categories, but that is largely in part because he sees the majority of minutes. The categories he does not lead in? Points/game, shot percentage, and three point percentage. So if Bowie is taking all of these “dumb shots”, why are those numbers better?

    As for our bigs, I still think we need Dupree on the floor, but let’s move Gregory to a PF position, return Milbourne to his natural SF position, play GV at SG, and start Bowie at PG. We will be quick, still have a good set of hands to handle the ball should Bowie start feeling pressed, and will have some additional size on the floor at one time.

    At any rate, it is still early to hit the panic button. Remember, Gonzaga and GT were top 20 teams, Mich St. was a top 10 team that we beat, and not all ACC teams have the studs up front that the Zags and GT do.

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