Picking Up The Pieces From A Blowout

Tonight was an utter disaster. There really is no other way to say it. I can’t recall a Terps squad getting so thoroughly manhandled. When was last time Maryland lost by 27 points? Not only did the Terps get embarrassed by a local rival on national TV; but a blueprint for how to beat the Terps was unveiled. Smother Greivis Vasquez and force everyone else to beat you.

Maryland is a team with serious deficiencies. Our best three players are point guards (Vasquez, Bowie, and Hayes); and our worst player starts at center.

Let’s start with the big stiff. Braxton Dupree is horrible. I mean horrible. I have given up on him. He took a five-foot hook shot and missed the rim. He can’t play defense and does not rebound with consistency. His only offense comes from put backs or “thank you” layups from a cutting guard who has drawn the defense away– and half of those opportunities; Dupree fumbles away. To quote the great Roberto Duran, the kid has “manos de piedra” (for the spanish language-challenged that’s “hands of stone”)

I wish the problems ended there. Landon Milbourne has fallen off a cliff. He can’t shoot or do much of anything else right now. He has been terrible since the Youngstown State game. Maybe it’s the constant rotation of players that is knocking Milbourne of his rhythm; but he needs to adjust because right now he is a liability.

Sean Mosley scares me. I just don’t see the stud that everyone keeps talking about. He seems a step slow on his drives and he has a slow release on jump shot. What’s more, he is laying brick after brick with those shots. There are problems on the defensive end; but he is a freshman so I’ll be more forgiving in that department. However, a lack of quickness and a bad jump shot are not easily overcome. I’m just not seeing the talent that I expected out of this kid. Am I crazy? I read the comments from the game thread and others seem to like what they are seeing out of Mosley. What am I missing?

The Terps are teetering on the edge of disaster. The Michigan game is now of utmost importance. A third straight double-digit loss and our Terps could fall right into the abyss. I still believe that this team is better than last year’s squad; but I am recalibrating my assumptions.

I had said in a previous post that our floor was not as low as last year’s team. I no longer believe that. We are capable of playing terrible. If teams can shut down Vasquez; we have almost no chance of winning. Without his scoring and playmaking abilities; we can look like a high school team.

Where will the rebounding come from? Personally, I think Gary needs to banish Dupree to the back of the rotation and he needs to insert Jerome Burney and (gulp) Dave Neal as the two-headed monster down low. Burney can block shots and he is very active. Dupree is neither a shot blocker nor active. End of discussion. As for Neal; I think he is the only guy over 6’7″ who knows what he is doing. He has earned the playing time. Throw in a little Dino Gregory and that’s our frontcourt.

The Comcast Center crowd will have to help against Michigan. These kids will need the support of the home crowd if they are to overcome the embarrassment of being outscored by 49 points in two games. They don’t have much of a break. Tipoff is Wednesday at 7:30pm.



  1. Thankfully, I didn’t see this game but did see the MSU and Zags games. A couple of points of caution. If MD can get through the remainder of their non-con schedule in good order and finish 8-8 in the ACC, they will make the NCAAs.

    Second, Bowie seems to me to be the only player who can really create offense on his own. He’s more explosive than GV, so he can get to the rim and finish much more efficiently than GV. Aside from he and GV, no one on this team can create offense.

    Third, if I am reading everyone’s posts on the game correctly, it seems almost like GTown pulled a Loyola on GV (putting 2 men on him and playing 3 on 4). That MD’s 4 couldn’t be GTown’s 3 is a bit unsettling. I know GTown didn’t actually put two players on GV like Loyola did to Curry, but they must have run people at him to get the ball out of his hands.

    Finally, forget inside scoring for a while. MD needs bodies on the inside for defensive purposes. In the 2 games I have seen so far, Gregory didn’t get in…or at least I didn’t see him and he didn’t do anything to get my attention (like even get a rebound). If Dupreee is Charles Barkley without the skills, technique, and heart, then why play him? Where does Goins fit into this? Geez…MD’s interior players are all 6’7″ without hops?

    I still think 8-8 in the ACC is doable.

  2. Gary needs to go to volleyball practice and find a big man.

  3. Hey, I’ve been blogging on how terrible your program has been for two years now. I enjoyed seeing the Hoyas dismantle your team. Bottom line, you guys just don’t have the players to compete at a high level. You got a good win over Michigan State, but don’t be fooled. This is going to be anther long year for the Terps and you will NOT make the NCAA Tourney. The league is just too tough and like usual, you aren’t really playing anybody out of conference. See Syracuse’s problems getting in last year as a reference. 9-7 in the ACC, and that’s IF you have that kind of record, won’t cut it fellas. Sorry, but Georgetown exposed you for what you are. A bunch of Mid Major level players, with big time ACC level expectations.


    If you care to see my commentary on the subject. Enjoy. Go Duke.

  4. i’m treating this three game tournament as one single game that we lost twice, and that tells us exactly where we stand as fans. and that is, we stand right where we are. the only way for us to remain sane is not assume anything, ever, about this team. just like the past 5 years, the second you assume they’re good, they’ll kick you in the nuts. the second you assume they suck, they’ll beat north carolina. it’s a trick. just show up and cheer.

    against MSU, i saw a clearly defined and executed strategy. there was no guessing or making shit up on the fly. the terps seemed to know what to expect and how to handle it / against gonzaga i saw a clearly defined strategy that didn’t work. there was, evidently no backup plan. / against georgetown, i saw no strategy.

    you gotta have plans, backup plans and contigency plans for the backup plans. it involves knowing the other teams strengths and weaknesses. it involves knowing your own teams strenths and weaknesses. / and you need to get this team psyched up for games. there are 1,276 ways off the top of my head. be creative. ‘EYE OF THE TIGER, ROCK!”

    i thought dupree came out swinging for the MSU game. i was impressed and happy with him, for one game only. he may improve, but i don’t know if there is a fix for ‘pansy.’ dunk and rebound. dunk and rebound. dunk and rebound. that’s it. oh, and grow a beard.

    he’s has the right attitude. he dunks and rebounds. keep putting him in and let him work the kinks out. push him to the limits in practice. time to start building confidence with this one. he’s our best immediate choice.

    i don’t know…i like the kid. he’s just green. he needs to toughen up and keep it simple. dunk and rebound. grow a beard. the only thing you need to do to be a badass is to just decide to be a badass. just choose it and you are it. on the opening tipoff against michigan, when the ball goes up, punch someone in the face.

    how does pearman get playing time and not goins? was he hurt? he’s freaking 6’10” 250 and we were down 30. let’s get with the program here. put him in the game and say “goins, i don’t care how you do it….get me that fucking ball!” if he sucks that bad, why did we sign him? grow a beard goins. you are now james worthy.

    if neal had goin’s body, we would have only lost by 15. he’s doing all he can do.

    our best player and we are toast without him, but not the right leader.

    the right leader. soon.

    get bigger balls. be more focused. score more points.

    he’ll be back. he’s good. real good.

    my fingers are crossed. at least he’s tough. our shortest player and cammands the paint better than braxton.

    just needs time. he’s good.

    as i have explained several times, he’s the median. the mean. the average. he is the microcosm of the entire team. as he goes, the terps go…and he’s been going down the sewer. he made me want to puke the last 2 games. get your head out of your ass milbourne. you are vital. like a spleen. or a liver.

    dude. learn how to play a freaking zone. let’s be a little agile here. my 10 year old knew you could have slowed gonzaga with it. i turned the Gtown game off after 10 minutes, but bet you didn’t even try it, probably becasue you don’t practice it. also learn the box and 1. just because. do we even have a defensive stopper?

    it’s time to be flexible. agile. crafty. wise. a sneaky son-of-a-bitch. the only way to make the dance with this team is to let them know who they are. if all else fails they need to always have the blueprint strategy to rely on. small teams need to drive and dish, pick and roll, run and gun. that’s your strategy! you must be faster than the other team. pass, pass, pass and wear the other team out. that’s your strategy! you must never, ever, ever stop moving. you have enough guards to keep it fresh all game. run, run, run. whoever stands still comes out of the game. run you fucks! that’s your strategy.

    right now, without teaching anything new, just increase the tempo of the flex. turn up the metronome. even if hayes is walking the ball up the court, the other 4 players should be running around in circles, weaving and jutting like a rising current below the surface of the storm ridden sea. that’s your strategy.


    if your going to live and die by the 3, you better be master rebounders. more rebounds = more shots. everyone. guards, forwards, centers….master rebounders… and it’s as simple as the scene where forest gump learns to play ping pong. never take your eye off the ball. and go get it! box out! this team needs the basics, including gary. i charge $300/hr.

  5. Talk is fun, talk is cheap — did we have the right strategy? did we have any sgtrategy?

    At the end of the day, let’s talk about how to beat GT and anyone else. Recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit — until GW can or will do it, forgetaboutit.

    I’m sick and tired hearing how GW likes to get under the radar kids and develop them. How about getting five star kids and developing them?

    DC is a gold mine for high school talent and we do NOTHING

  6. Talk is fun, talk is cheap — did we have the right strategy? did we have any sgtrategy?

    At the end of the day, let’s talk about how to beat GT and anyone else. Recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit — until GW can or will do it, forgetaboutit.

    I’m sick and tired hearing how GW likes to get under the radar kids and develop them. How about getting five star kids and developing them?

    DC is a gold mine for high school talent and we do NOTHING

  7. Sorry I have been away but I was ready for a big old dose of humble pie after MSU. Then there was a good game with a loss against Gonzaga and I was still ready to eat it, then GTown. Oh my God. Spaz stinks up the place, Dupree plays 21 with almost a big goose egg in stats and the Terps don’t even score 50 points. WTFO!!!!! That was embarrassing to say the least. No wonder GW stays away from the GTown rivalry it would be one sided unless major changes happen. Face it with a team with a defender to disrupt Vaz the Terps are in trouble for the rest of the year. I will put the humble pie back in the fridge for now.

  8. yanik,

    you win the award for post of the year. classic stuff! and all very true! the bit about gregory growing a beard and punching someone at tip-off is hysterical. same about comparing milbourne to a spleen.

    on a more serious note, does anyone see a repeat of last year in how gary is treating dupree and burney? last year dupree got playing time during the first half of the season and burney didn’t play a single minute, not even garbage time. when burney finally got playing time he was fantastic. why are we reverting to last season? we already know that burney is better than durpee. does gary hate burney or something? maybe he’s lazy in practice and this is gary’s retribution?

  9. This was one of the (if not the) worst losses in MD’s most recent history. National TV, excited talk of renewed rivalry – and the Terps were thoroughly dominated from opening tip to final whistle. Make no mistake, it’s extremely unfortunate this game was played in 2008-09; no one in their right mind would have suggested that we can compete with the likes of G’town going into this season (I believe this squad is better than JT III’s Final Four team from two years ago). But losing by 30? In fact, not just losing by 30 – the Hoyas violated the Terps last night, like five studs from the neighborhood running a Thanksgiving weekend scrimmage on 8 ft. rims against their little brothers’ friends for kicks. It was a complete joke.

    For all of you who are miffed about the Terps’ lack of inside strength against G’town, I wish it were that easy. Sure, Greg Monroe made a couple strong moves with his back to the basket, and we had no one to guard him in the post, but the vast majority of G’town’s points in the paint came from back door cuts and pathetically lazy Terps’ defense. The Hoyas are very disciplined and run the Princeton offense well, so you expect to get beat every now and again. It happened all night. By the end of the second half, Jessie Sapp was literally walking down the lane on his way to open lay ups. That’s lack of discipline and lack of effort, plain and simple.

    The awful defensive effort wouldn’t be as disconcerting if we could actually put points on the board, which we can’t do with consistency. Again, credit G’town’s defense. They blanketed Vasquez (Wheels, from my vantage point, there wasn’t a whole lot of double teaming going on – Sapp and Co. simply shut Vasquez down), and it’s now painfully clear that, without his offense, we simply have no hope of scoring. I haven’t given up on Hayes, but he continues to underperform and is disappearing as a legit threat from outside. Milbourne baffles me. I can’t believe that the coaches actually encourage him to shoot as much as he does, because he just can’t put the ball in the hoop. I’ve lost track of the number of dump offs from Vasquez that Braxton has dropped or missed entirely. Tucker shows flashes of a mid range game but hasn’t really played enough to assert himself. Mosley – who knows. It’s still early, and I think the comments from an earlier post re the ease with which he scored in high school as a 6-5/6-6 man-child are probably accurate. If there’s anything encouraging to take away from the game, it’s Bowie and Burney. Right now Bowie is our best outside shooter, and he is fearless going to the rim. I still think he tends to play out of control, but at this point, you’ve gotta take the bad with the good and make him a focal point of the offense. Burney missed back to back dunks and looked a bit lost on defense (no more lost than the starters, of course), but he is so far superior to Dupree athetically it’s ridiculous. And more importantly, he plays with an aggressiveness that Braxton just doesn’t seem to possess. I hate to pile on Dupree, cause I think he’s got some game. But it’s just not working; I don’t know how Gary has gone this long sitting Burney. Finally, let’s give some props to everyone’s favorite punching bag, Dave Neal. The guy has developed a decent outside shot and is giving us quality minutes. Of course, Neal is Neal; you probably can’t count on him to score 10-12 every night, and he’s clearly outmatched defensively against true post players. Still, he’s playing hard.

    Now, having said all that, I firmly agree with Terpsfan that, strategy aside, top recruits make the team. It’s that way in every major D-1 sport. You have to have the talent to compete. And what struck me last night was how wide the talent disparity between the two teams appeared. What to do, I don’t know. Our recruiting class next year looks promising, and I think Chuck and Booth are making in roads in DC. But let’s face it, Dupree, Gregory, Mosely, etc. simply can’t match up with Chris Wright, Greg Monroe, and Austin Freeman. It’s not even close.

  10. What up –

    While the Gonzaga and Gtown games were disappointing to say the least, I’m not disheartened in the least about this season. Why? Because in the words of my boy Dennis Green, “they are who we thought they were.” If we look at last year’s results (19-15; 8-8), the pundits preseason predictions (bubble out) and the quality of our recruits (no real immediate impact players), then this weekend should have been totally foreseeable. We are going to finish with 18-20 wins this season–period. Obviously, depending on when and against whom we get these 18-20 wins will determine whether we bubble in or bubble out. One would expect a bubble out team to possibly win one game against the #5, #9 and #16 teams in the country. We did. To think that we would beat two or all three of these teams with little rest is unrealistic. To think this way would be to believe that we are a 25 win team this year. That’s just not the case.

    While I wish we could count on our team to keep every game close this year regardless of the other teams’ ranking, that is just not going to happen with the talent level of this team. We have no inside presence–just like we thought–and will live and die by whether our outside shots happen to fall. We are a bubble team just like we knew we were going into the season. So we shouldnt put much too much stock in losing to the #9 and #16–predicted sweet 16 teams!–at the beginning of the season in an away game.

    We are not going to win every game this year. We are going to be up and down, left and right, edge of your seat and will likely win one or two against NC and Duke but lose one or two to VA and BC.

    Instead of expecting us to run the table against the #6, #9 and #16 teams, we should focus on winning the games we should win and stealing a few we shouldnt–e.g. against the #6 team! With that in mind, this weekend was to be expected and we are right on track to be on the bubble. With a win against the #6 team hopefully we are on the bubble-in side.

    High five

  11. I’d say at this point, we need to forget about bubbling one way or the other. We’ve got a lot of areas to improve on ASAP (I think I just qualified for understatement of the year when I typed that sentence). I think this team needs to take it the proverbial one game at a time and work on correcting a key aspect and see how much closer to the W it brings us.

    I vote for fixing our interior play first. How about starting Burney at the 5 and Neal at the 4. I think they’ve earned the chance more or less, especially Neal. Braxton, Gregory and Goins back them up. The emphasis should be on protecting the paint from opposing guard penetration by playing very aggressive individual and team defense. Along with it, I’d emphasize blocking out and defensive rebounding. If the bigs can statisically outrebound their opponent on the defensive end by say 5 rebounds a game, while simultaneously cutting in half paint points by opposing guards, I think that would be a big first step in improving this team’s fortunes.

    I’m afraid without decent play from our bigs, opponents will concentrate all their energies on clamping down on our perimeter players just like G’town did. We’ve got a lot of potentiial offense from our perimeter guys, but not when our bigs are playing so soft in the paint and on the boards. GW and staff have their work cut out for them. I hope they can transform our big’s play or we’re in for a very long season I’m afraid.

  12. I watched Michigan play already this year. That UCLA game proved that they could step up to big time competition and the Terps did the same against MSU. Duke lit them up athletically, I don’t see the Terps doing that. I predict a close one with who ever shoots the better from 3 the victor. Low scoring game as well. 68-64 final.

  13. One observation. I believe the rout yesterday was the worst game I’ve seen Md play since the total beatdown/alley-oop fest vs UCLA in the sweet 16 about 8 yrs ago.

    I was happy about the W vs MSU. However, MSU I feel is overranked. I knew Heyveldt would tear us up … but I didn’t know they also had two other 7 footers.

    I didn’t expect such a bad loss to Gtown though. Really and embarassing and unacceptable loss in my opinion.

    DBR – will next yrs bigs offer any immeidate impact?

    Or is it really time for GW to go. It seems each season is worse than the last.

  14. The biggest thing we did differently in the GT game was we settled for jump shots. When someone throws a zone at you, you have to penetrate and dish. We just shot jump shots all night. We have very good guard play, we have to take advantage of that.

    Take it to the hole, it’s easy buckets and gets their bigs in foul trouble.

    Go Terps.

  15. As the great Earl Weaver said – “You’re never as good as you think you are when you win. And you’re never as bad as you think you are when you lose.” We got to see both sides of that over Thanksgiving.

    The Terps are not going to win games based on inside play. They need to dominate the permimeter. Against MSU, they did it. Against Gonzage and GT, they did not.

    Dupree is servicable on the inside, but he is only servicable if the guards are hitting their open looks. Against MSU, the guards did it. Against Gonzage and GT, the guards did not.

    Other than Bowie, no one else came to play against GT. Pity.

  16. Fred, I was reminded of that UCLA game, too. That was a very good Terp team. These things happen.

  17. Both Terp ’09 recruits represent upgrades at the PF and C positions from what I’m told. Not saviours but upgrades. They will get playing time early.

    I’d say that the way to beat a zone is to score in transition. But if that isn’t happening then Ricksterps is correct, the way to beat a 2-3 zone is by penetration and dishing thru an open passing lane to a player cutting to the basket.

    FWIW, terps RPI is now 26.

  18. Am I the only one who is still optimistic about the rest of the year?

  19. Let the emotional rollercoaster that is turtle soup begin!

    Yanik Mguaua – seconded for post of the year. Perhaps Germ and Greg can let him do the occasional guest spot like DBR? Great work either way.

  20. I was cautiously optimistic about Dupree this yr. I honestly don’t think Dupree will ever amount to much. He’s far too soft and looks lost out there.

    DBR (or someone else, feel free to chime in)… at this point why not give Burney and Goins the bulk of PT.??? Goins is 6-10 … but I”m guessing he really, really has to be bad or “project status” if he doesn’t get a whiff of time in close to a 30 pt loss.

  21. I have been watching college sports long enough to know that you can’t make judgements this early in the season. Besides, how many people thought we would go 2-1 against top 15 teams in November?

    We will cruise into ACC play with an RPI of around 25. That means 9-7 or 8-8 gets us in the dance. Will we do that? I don’t know. I know we have some really young players so we should get better over the coming months.

    The Michigan game will be another good test. Come tourney time, we may be fighting for a spot and head to head helps.

  22. Matmc – I wasn’t particularly optimistic about this year going in, but the Terps played so well against Michigan St., I thought maybe we were seeing signs of a newly disciplined team on both ends of the floor. Truly, I hadn’t seen Gary’s team run the flex with such efficiency in a long time, and our defense was fantastic. Gonzaga? Fine. They’re clearly the better team, and coming off such a huge effort against Michigan St. the day before, I wasn’t as concerned with the loss (it really wasn’t blow out city until the second half). The G’town game gutted me. It wasn’t even so much the loss, but the way we lost. I don’t care how much of a recruiting edge G’town has developed in the last 3-4 years, no legit program with any self respect goes out like that, particularly when local bragging rights are at stake. It was shameful. So no, I’m not high on optimism right now. There’s some left, don’t get me wrong, and I’ll be rooting as hard as anyone for Gary to turn this thing around. I guess it’s just gonna take a while for me to shake this loss.

  23. I’m not optimistic. The last time I was this down about MD basketball was during the Bob Wade days. In my darkest moments (like when I start looking at the gas range with friendly interest) I wonder whether a complete collapse might be the best outcome to a Terps season that now seems predestined to burst on the bubble–assuming it even gets that close. A losing season–or even a .500 one–might be enough to force GW to bow out. We don’t have the talent (and haven’t for several years now) to compete with the likes of G’town. If the last two games did nothing else, they drove home that point like a stake through the heart. The guards can’t shoot from the trifecta line with consistency. The bigs can’t rebound. They blow snowbirds when the guards are able to penetrate and dish off (assuming their pockets aren’t picked first). I don’t see things improving next year year, if the incoming bigs are mere “upgrades.” It’s really time for GW to hang them up. The student athletes he’s been bringing to campus are, for the most part, problematic students and so-so athletes. What we need is a good black coach with the ability to reel in 5-star local talent without going through the AAU under-the-table marketplace.

    Nothing personal against Gary. I like him, and feel he will always have a warm place in heart of the MD faithful. But it’s time to move on.

  24. Ricksterps & Stevend and many others…….thanks for the “straight-up” talk. I said on earlier post that we can be 12-3 (maybe 11-4) going into the ACC against GT. I still believe that.

    When a team loses, it’s got to know W.I.N. I believe Lou Holtz coined that acronym and it’s “What’s Important Now”.

    What’s important now is not the losses, it’s what did we learn and are we capable individually and as a team to correct them. Smaller, quick (good outside shooting )teams have always given teams that count on their “bigs)…….real fits. Our terps can do that but we have to hit the “J’s” and beat them to the hole or we simply can’t compete. It is difficult to believe that Soph’s and Jr.s in College that have played most of their career’s as guards and forwards can’t have 40-50% scoring accuracy.
    Hayes is a better shooter without the ball. GV & Bowie need to ball to score because they can both fake the “J” and penetrate. EH has no fake shot. He’s either open or he’s not. Mosely is a mystery…..again, “the 2nd best (highest scoring HS player in MD history”!!!! He should be lighting it up outside. Georgetown’s guards don’t have his credentials and they were deadly.

    I pray GW is not using the last 5-6 years offensive strategy (pound the ball inside) with the “tree trunks” we have down low. Give Burney 20-30 mins. In short order he will be a starter, very good rebounder and decent scorer..

    Ya’ll have analyzied the crap out of the MS, Zag and GT games and done a great job at that.

    I just have two closing comments….for now.

    #1 – Don’t give up on them yet. These next 8-9 games will be a real test of their mettle.
    I said that next 8-9 games not just the Michigan game.

    # 2 – I truly resent any Souper using perjoratives against our team players. It irritates the living crap out of me when you tolerate AL V calling GV- “SPAZ”. I said it before and I’ll say it again….AL V wouldn’t say it to his face. nor would he yell it from the student section at COMCAST. Most of us acknowledge we’d be less of a team without Grievus Vasquez. So why denigrate him? What was SPAZ about him against GT. He only took 6-7 shots while being handcuffed. Call him (and our other players) anything you want but don’t denigrate them.

    For what it’s worth, I have come to realize AL V has some good BB IQ, is reasonably intelligent and probably a decent guy. However, I am not thin-skinned but when fans get pissed at their team and their players , it should stop right there. Nuff said. I would appeal directly to AL V but the last 3 times resulted in no response.

    I’d appreciate your support but it’s the last you will hear from me on this particular topic.

    Go Terps.

  25. I’ll continue my optimism if they can beat Michigan. A bad loss at home and the season is in trouble

  26. – Can anyone assess why Goins did not even get a few minutes PT when the game was so out of hand?

    DBR always attempts to be “kind and positive”… but the only thing I can assume is that Goins is so bad he won’t ever take off the warm-ups.

    Isn’t Goins 6-10 with some bulk?

  27. GW has to figure out between Burney, Dupree, Neal, Gregory and Goins if he has any frontcourt at all. Do you think starting Burney at the 4 would have any affect on Dupree? Physically they look like they can play at the ACC level, maybe they need to be paired together and see what they can produce? We’re going to need them next year even if Padgett and J-Dub step in as the starters (unlikely to happen with GW’s approach to selecting starters). Neal will be gone, so we’ll also need to know if Gregory and Goins can contribute anything on a regular basis. I’m not ready to give up on the frontcourt just yet, but GW is going to have to find out if he has a workable rotation or not among the five bigs.

  28. Neal got abused on the defensive side of the ball against GT. He has a role on this team but it isn’t playing D against big boys like that.

    I have been critical of GV in the past. He didn’t play within the offense very often. This season he has really matured. He is trying to get people more involved but they have to catch the damn ball. He is trying to make people pay for doubling him but he needs some help doing that.

    Go Terps.

  29. LOL I’m not always kind and positive. I think I posted that I felt Dupree had played himself out of the starting line up after the ‘Zaga game.

    Simply put, he’s just not ready at this point in time. We’ve played six games this season. Yes, I’d like him to hurry the hell up and improve but…

    With the exception of the handful of games he started, it’s not like he got major minutes all of last season. Usually, he played less than 10% of the teams total minutes.

    I think a reason we’re all disappointed/angry at Dupree is because back in 2006 we read things about him like “very agressive on the offensive glass” and my personal favorite “He might have the best hands in high school basketball for his grade.”


    In fairness to BD, and the people at Scout.com, it was also said that his weaknesses were defensive presence, mid-range game and rebounding. Scout was SPOT on about that. Scout also ranked him the #16 Center in his class and a top 100 player overall. Expectations were high upon his arrival.

  30. Matmc – I’m disappointed from the losses, but I’m still optimistic for the season. We’re less than a week past beating the #6 team in the country!!!

    All the negativity on the board is coming from the same folks who said the Terps would lose to MSU by 15. Instead, the Terps beat MSU by 18! Had the Terps lost to MSU and then won the next two, we would be cautiosly optimistic because of a 5-1 record, even if the wins were against lesser competition.

    Both GT & Gonzaga had stiffling defense inside, but the Terps were getting plenty of good looks on the outside. The peremiter players did not hit their shots. If they hit those shots, then the double-team on GV would have stopped and things would have opened up underneath…. Dupree would not have seemed so inept.

    Maryland is #26 in RPI. Gonzaga is #1 and GT is #7. Michigan, Even at 5-1 and with a W over UCLA, is 74. If the Terps win on Wednesday, we can get back to some positive vibes on this board. All this negativity is kill’n me!

  31. OK Stevend;

    Back to Football for a moment and some positive comments:
    All ACC teams announced today and 4 Terps made it.
    Da’Rel Scott, Edwin Wiiliams and Travis Baltz are first team, Alex Wojiak second team.
    The only missing would have been the extremely talented and under-utilized DHB.

    On the b-ball positive side, we are steadily moving up the RPI ranks this season, we beat a top 5 team, Gary is still working out the best combinations and we have a 8 game stretch of beatable teams.

  32. Gerry yes I would call him Spaz to his face and in the student section. But that is neither here nor there. He is the catalyst to the Terps and the failure as well. He is not the best player just the current leader. As a leader he spazzes out from time to time but in order for this fragile group to suceed he needs to be better than the last two games. As far as football the Spaz of that team was Turner. He was Farve at his best and his worst game to game and even in game. Wow he needs to find a solid medium.

  33. This whole team is a farce. Gary has not recruited since the National Championship. He won the trphy and headed straight to Ruths Chris Steakhouse for a victory party (no lie, he is there all the time). Gary hate recruiting. Coach K goes to more local WCAC high school basketball games than Gary Williams. This team is filled with rivals.com three star athletes that may one day become good basketball players. In other words, they are projects. There is a problem. Gary berates these players to the point no one wants to make a mistake. So they play it safe. Everyone simply looks to pass the ball to Vasquez (the player Gary likes), and they never run their offense. You need a guy like Juan Dixon on the team to push Gary back and protect the team. By the way, you are wrong about Mosely. He can play. He has great instincts. He needs to adjust to the speed of college ball and gain confidence. He is the second leading scorer ever in Maryland high school basketball. He too is afraid to take over. Vasquez is the only player not afraid of Gary, but he is too selfish. His down fall is believing he is a superstar. Watch, he will produce against the sorry team, and he will shoot poorly against the ACC teams. He will set a new record for turnovers in the ACC. Why? Because he looks to shoot first. That is a recipe for disaster from your point guard. My advice to the players, tune Gary out and start playing like men.

  34. You all crack me up! We are a Sweet 16 team after beating Michigan State, but now we’re back to Gary can’t recruit and he’s garbage and such after two losses to VERY good teams.

    This is just so comical. Sunday was embarrassing, but not more so than losing to Ohio and American last year. This team is going to have ups and downs and they just have to go out there and battle every night. That’s what this tournament taught us and, hopefully, taught them too.

    We just need to shoot the ball better. Nobody sleep on Michigan though. They may have been losing to Savannah State by 20 at the half on Saturday (before coming back and winning in OT), but they have a good big man in Zach Gibson and a decent big guy who plays on the perimeter in Deshawn Sims. Add to that, one of the best players in the Big Ten in Manny Harris, plus two little annoying white guys. They’ll be a handful if we aren’t ready.

    The fans will make a difference if they show up. We need that home court advantage we used to have. I would love to live in the area and go to games, but instead I must beg all the students and locals to go out there and help us win some games.

  35. If we beat Michigan, we will be 5-2. We would be 1 game ahead of expectations if you break every game down individually. What’s the problem? If we beat Michigan we will actually have beaten everyone we should and one team we shouldn’t have.

    Having said that, we NEED to beat Michigan.

  36. So down here in Raleigh the talk is that NC State is trying to convince the bowls that they don’t have to abide by the new NCAA rule that doesn’t allow a bowl to take a 6 win team if there is a 7 win team available.

    The claim is that the bowls have the agreement with the conferences and the NCAA has no jurisdiction. I don’t think it will happen but they do travel well so you never know.

    The college football postseason is the biggest farce in sports. The BCS is a total joke so I won’t even go there. The bowls don’t take the most deserving team, they take the one that will sell the most tickets.

  37. I appreciate the jolt of perspective, Jeremy, but I remain miffed as to why more people on this site aren’t outraged by the G’town loss. Regardless, what’s done is done, and if I keep talking about it I will surely fall into deep depression. Time to move on.

    Re Wednesday, I wish I had as much confidence in our ability to knock down shots as the rest of you. Yes, it would be a great cure for our lack of inside game if we could “just shoot the ball better,” but let’s face it – we’re not a good outside shooting team. I think going into the G’town game our field goal percentage was hovering around 40%. Of course, I don’t know how we could shoot worse than we did on Sunday night, so maybe we’re due another Michigan St.-type performance from the field on Wednesday. If so, it’s gonna have to come from Vasquez, Hayes and Bowie. Let’s hope those three are in the gym as we speak, shooting jumpers late into the night like Dixon and Blake . . . while Dupree and Neal munch on Cluck U, chug Natty Light and play video games.

  38. Or, Gregg (you guys are really the same person, right?) . . .

  39. I nominate Gregg for” best sensible post” of the year. He’s come the closest to “calling it like it is”. GW said it as well in his comments after GT game…..”Nobodly has played a tougher schedule than we have”……thus far. We have played 3 top 20 (?) teams.

    Gregg made another great observation. We just had 2 losses to two very good teams.
    Hell, NC would have had a tough time against GT last night and Gonzaga 2 nights before.

    Terpsdude is telling us “how he feels” not how it is. He says Mosely “is afraid to take over”. It’s not about that….it’s about finding your niche. It’s about blending in. We are not looking for Mosely to become “the hightest scorer in Terp BB history”. We just want him to make 50% of his shots and help the rest of the team shine. Gregg’s right, some of you guys are comical. We beat the # 6 team in the nation. If their starting 5 were all out with a hang nail…..we still beat # 6. There are no asterisks (*) in the Win and Loss columns. Get a grip. Also, WTF are you saying “tune Gary out” and start playing like men” . WTF are you a Stephon Marbury fan too? That shit don’t work. This team will go as far as the coach (s) take them. You too, are probably too smart to talk with your mouth and not your head. Admit it…..you’re frustrated. Take two (2) Tylenot and mail in the $10.00. Get a grip.

    I said earlier, let’s cool it till we have completed the next 7 games going into tthe GT game. We should be at 11-3 by then……….worst case. Beat GT at home and we are 12-3 WTF is wrong with that?

    Al V- wrong again….if you want to label anyone “spaz” how about Dupree, Mosely,
    Tucker, Gregory, Burney,? If you are going to crap on players….do it right and not confine your diatribes to the guy we can least do without. Sorry, but I don’t believe you would “say it to his face”. People with class, no matter how they feel about a player (s) ,don’t tear them down before the build them up. Maybe I gave you too much credit. If you believe GV spazzes out from time to time….what do you call it when the rest of the players t “barf” all over the court? For the last time, please put your labels in your toy box and use your BB IQ to express your frustration with our team and its players. Show your class and your ass.

    Finally, this is probally one of the finest NCAA BB blogs out there. Let’s be sensible,
    show our class and attract other terp fans with our own brand of BB IQ. If, as Gregg says, we are a Sweet 16 team, then lets rise to that level as fans and supporters.

    Go Terps.

  40. ooops Al V….that was “show your class and not your ass”.


  41. Gregg and Jeremy’s pictures do look remarkably similar!

    MD needs to get out and run. Of course, if they can’t rebound the ball, they can’t run. We’ve all known and talked about the likely change in style that’d we see this season. Well, they can run if they rebound. When forced to play halfcourt offense, they will look very, very bad. That’s pretty much it. That’s why I don’t think inside scoring is the issue. Defensive rebouding is. Heart and technical skills…that’s what defensive rebounding is about. If Dupree put his wide load on a seven footer backed that shit up, they’d have to go over his back to get the ball.

  42. Well, I’m late to the posting party and you have all touched on what I would say…the negative and the positive. So I’ll just say this….

    Let’s not crucify anyone at this point. Get through the non conference schedule and then maybe we can make some more judgments.

  43. Talent, talent, talent. That is the issue here. when you lose the supporting coaching group, you lose continuity. Most high ranking kids always cite the coaches that have been on them from the beginning. If the current coaching team stays in place, the recruiting will come back. It is getting better, and the 2010 class seems even more promising. That being said, it is not going to happen this year. NIT bound again I am afraid. I can live with that outcome, but only if we actually do well in it for once.

  44. When we hit the ACC, it could get ugly. Virtually every ACC team has one or more quality bigs, and I am not sure how you overcome that.

    I hope GW puts our best 5 guys on the court to start the game Wednesday, and I hope that he puts the hottest five guys on the court to start the 2nd half. All too often he seems to start the 2nd half with the guys that started the game regardless of how they’re playing. Or is that just me?

    Let’s see though, where this wacky season leads us, after all, it’s been six games.

    Looking at our next opponent, the Wolverines are 5-1 with a neutral court win over UCLA. Their loss was to Duke. When I wrote this Michigan has a top 15 RPI (realtimerpi.com is updated every 5 minutes), top 40 Sagarin.

    Forward DeWhawn Sims and guard Manny Harris are their leading scorers. They’re the only players averaging in double figures. A freshman named Zack Novak seems to be gaining confidence. They expect big things from him.

    According to realtimerpi.com the Terps have one quality win and zero bad losses. A win over Michigan, who has a higher RPI than the Terps would be another quality win and bring us to 5-2.

  45. I do think it reflects poorly on us to badmouth the kids in a personal way. The biggest sin any of them have done is choose to represent our university.

    It’s fine to criticize but personal attacks cross the line.

    I am not the blog police, just my two cents.

  46. Gerry can you really read. Vaz is the cog to this whole team. The others are just pawns at best until they figure out their role. Vaz can be a great player and a numb nuts all in the same possession. The rest of the guys are way under performing but with a great like Vaz they would be better if he lead them instead of doing his own thing. Just quit comparing Duke and UNC to anything. They recruit better, have a better name, and probably nicer coaches(meaning i have never seen anyone berate players like GW does). So enough of that. This team has about 6 good athletes 4 who can ball and Vaz. They need a shooter to step up, a defender, and a rebounder. They are on the team right now. They just need to accept their role and enjoy the game. Take that with Vaz not playing like a Spaz and you have a tourney team at 9-7 or 10-6 ACC easy. If not NIT again. Is that more plain for you GERRY or would you really like to see my ass.

  47. We need to can the season projections for now; who knows at this point exactly how this season will turn out. I for one will be watching to see if GW and his staff can begin to straighten things out from the inside-out. My things to watch for against Michigan: 1) Defensive rebounding. Can we control the boards at that end of the court?; 2) Opposing guards. Can we shut off their dribble pentration and limit their threes?; 3) Team defense. Can we get all five guys on the floor to play as one unit most if not all the time and limit the oppositions shooting percentage below 40%?; and 4) Do we have any scoring we can count on from anyone besides Vaz and Bowie? Who else can give us double digit scoring? Can one of the bigs? At this point that would be a miracle. Maybe Burney can contribute some points with putbacks and dishes from the guards? However, to find out, GW will need to play him some serious minutes or will never know if we have an ACC caliber big or not. Dupree? Only if we could transplant LonnieB’s competitive heart into him. Yikes.

    Guys, I agree with the above posts that say we need to remain optimistic. We’ve got to give these guys a chance to improve. It’s still early. I will admit that Gary and hus staff have their work cut out for them. They will have to work very hard molding this team and getting it ready for ACC competition. He’s got a month or so to work it, so let’s wait and see what he can do. In the meantime, Go Terps; take out Michigan!

  48. GERRY vs. Al Vinchent, steel cage, to the death. Two men enter, one man leaves. Let’s get it on.

  49. Got an email from a Michigan guy that works in the media covering college sports and he says: Deshawn Sims, 6’7, is by far our best “big”. Honestly, Maryland probably has the edge in the frontcourt.

  50. DBR and all;

    – Doesn’t Beilein run a version of the Princeton offense? Seems like we generally have trouble with it. Certainly we were dismantled by it on Sun…. but I”m speaking historically GW has had his troubles with it.

    – DBR any news on the recruiting front?

  51. I’m not discounting improvement. I’m doubting a return to the NCAA. It’s tantamount to whistling past the graveyard to expect otherwise given the talent level. And I’ll continue rooting for the Terps, while stifling the unsettling feeling that this program is experiencing the proverbial slow death by a thousand cuts.

  52. One thing lost amid the rancor is that MD has great backcourt size and really good, albeit not exceptional, backcourt athleticism. Getting beat on backdoor cuts from the wings is a correctable problem…it’s called desire.

    Look, we saw what happens when MD plays with desire (see State, Michigan). Recall last year that MD had the same problem. Playing up and down to opponents or just zoning out during some games. Personally, I think this lack of intensity or focus is a result of poor coaching or at least a coach who is willing to bench his best player when that player zones out (hello Mr. GV). Maybe that’s why Gary pulled GV against Gtown…to send a message not just to GV but to everyone else. It’s the Norman Dale School of Coaching.

    Given this team’s lack of inside talent, they need to play every game with a high level of intensity. Defense and rebounding are about desire. 3 point shooting or perimeter shooting in general have more to do with talent. The latter can be overcome by the former. They just have to show up and at least try. Hussle covers a lot of mistakes. Hussle covers a lot of poor shooting.

    On a positive note, at least turnovers are down this season so far.

  53. ….don’t see the problem. I understand A. Vinchent completely. We agree, but state it differently. The way I say it and state it is…. Emotion is volatile by it’s very nature. If you have an emotional “up”, you will 100% have an emotional “down”.

    Grievis is the leader. Grievis is emotional. A leader, by definition, has followers. If the followers are following a leader who is continually up, down, up, down– you ultimately end up with a whole team that is up. down, up, down. You think it’s a coincidence that the Terps are manic-depressive year in and year out? Look at the coach, beloved HOF Gary…calm one sec, fuming the next.

    Maryland has been a jeckyll and hyde team every year of Gary’s tenure, save one glorious season where he had a very very calm, focused, stoic assassin that matched Gary’s will to win while simultaneously overriding his dramatic temperment. In a way, a big way, Juan’s Dixon’s persona usurped Gary’s.

    The team that followed Juan is the team that took on the characteristics of Juan Dixon. I, personally do not want my leader to be emotional. I want that stoic, even keeled, emotionally stable assassin. I, and it seems Vinchent, acknowledge that Vasquez is our best player by far and that we would win 10 less games without him. I actually feel bad that he will not have a great college career because he has no supporting cast. I also acknowledge that Vasquez is much more calm than last year and even acknowledge that the timing of his emotional “highs” have already won at least one game for us. Emotional victories depend alot on timing.

    Vasquez is not a spaz. He doesn’t actually spaz out. He tries too to do it all himself sometimes which results in poor decisions and a flailing about, but mostly, he just thrives on the emotional high’s… which means by default, there must be a “low” that precedes it. Gtown was a big low, so….

    Watch for the Terps to spank the ever loving crap out of Michigan.

  54. Hello,

    I’ve enjoyed the site regularly for the past two months without joining any discussions. The player and game analysis from soupers have been great!

    Like many, I expected our bigs to have trouble this year. After watching the Gonzaga and GT games, it appears that post presence may be a bigger concern than previously thought. Though our shooting has not been good the past two games, I really like our guard play. Adrian Bowie is without a doubt the most improved from last year. Remembering the troubles at PG in the years since Steve Blake, this is a strength that I can much appreciate.

    Others have touched on the mystery of Landon Milbourne. I too have watched in frustration as he has struggled greatly this year despite showing a tremendous amount of promise last year. However, I am beginning to reconsider the harsh criticism. While we all have high expectations of our Terps, LM has been doing his best despite playing of position at PF. I have not seen him settle for jump shots. Though ineffective, most of LM shot attempts are in the paint. In short, LM should not be banging down low with the big boys. Despite the log jam at SF and SG, this may be an experiment soon worth abandoning.

    We have very talented young guys in Cliff Tucker, Sean Mosely, and JSK that should push for time at SF. However, we need pack more muscle down low. Gary Williams said that the benefit of playing in tournaments like the ‘Old Spice’ early on is that it shows your strengths and weaknesses. I dont think I can stomach many more games like the last two we had.

    Dupree is soft and ineffective, we all know that. We all expect him grab rebounds and hope that he can be a defensive presence. However, he is an inexperienced starter with mediocre abilities who I think is being left out to dry because he has no real help at the PF position with an outmatched LM. It seemed that Gonzaga and GT had 3 big guys out there banging with 1 true big guy on the Terps. Dupree never had a chance..

    That said, I would love to suggest we give Goins a try but if he was any better than Dupree then he would be starting. I agree with others who say that Burney has the most talent and aggressiveness that we need. He may give Dupree more confidence out there to back him up in tough situations. Give me: EH, GV, LM, JB, and BD in the starting lineup.

    Go Terps!

  55. Hello,

    I’ve enjoyed the site regularly for the past two months without joining any discussions. The player and game analysis from soupers have been great!

    Like many, I expected our bigs to have trouble this year. After watching the Gonzaga and GT games, it appears that post presence may be a bigger concern than previously thought. Though our shooting has not been good the past two games, I really like our guard play. Adrian Bowie is without a doubt the most improved from last year. Remembering the troubles at PG in the years since Steve Blake, this is a strength that I can much appreciate.

    Others have touched on the mystery of Landon Milbourne. I too have watched in frustration as he has struggled greatly this year despite showing a tremendous amount of promise last year. However, I am beginning to reconsider the harsh criticism. While we all have high expectations of our Terps, LM has been doing his best despite playing of position at PF. I have not seen him settle for jump shots. Though ineffective, most of LM shot attempts are in the paint. In short, LM should not be banging down low with the big boys. Despite the log jam at SF and SG, this may be an experiment soon worth abandoning.

    We have very talented young guys in Cliff Tucker, Sean Mosely, and JSK that should push for time at SF. However, we need pack more muscle down low. Gary Williams said that the benefit of playing in tournaments like the ‘Old Spice’ early on is that it shows your strengths and weaknesses. I dont think I can stomach many more games like the last two we had.

    Dupree is soft and ineffective, we all know that. We all expect him grab rebounds and hope that he can be a defensive presence. However, he is an inexperienced starter with mediocre abilities who I think is being left out to dry because he has no real help at the PF position with an outmatched LM. It seemed that Gonzaga and GT had 3 big guys out there banging with 1 true big guy on the Terps. Dupree never had a chance..

    That said, I would love to suggest we give Goins a try but if he was any better than Dupree then he would be starting. I agree with others who say that Burney has the most talent and aggressiveness that we need. He may give Dupree more confidence out there to back him up in tough situations. Give me: EH, GV, LM, JB, and BD in the starting lineup.

    Go Terps!

  56. Recruiting wise things are kinda quiet as the Terps have closed out 2009 recruiting and the top targets on the Terps board for 2010 (Epps & Buie) have said they’re waiting until Spring (likely to see how UMD does this season and to see if GW is retained as head coach). Roscoe Smith would be a great get but is highly unlikely in my opinion. Terps like Will Barton but there are some grade issues there. Terps are
    one of at least 11 schools that have offered Tobias Harris. I sense some shake-n-bake going on there but we’ll see.

    More on Michigan…

    Offensively the Wolverines are very patient and they usually take good shots making them very hard team to defend. They really work the clock. Michigan has only scored more than 78 points once (against Nofolk State).

    Defensively the Wolverines will play some man-to-man and they will change it up with a 1-3-1 zone trap. They’ve held three teams in the 50’s (including UCLA) and one team in the 40’s. Duke only scored 71 on them.

    John Beilein is a good coach and will have them ready to play. They will come into Comcast with confidence since they’ve beaten a ranked team UCLA on a neutral court before losing to Duke.

  57. Fred,

    To answer your question John Beilein’s teams usually run a 1-3-1 zone defense.

    Beilein’s objective is to pressure the ball out of the hands of a team’s normal playmakers and instead force players unaccustomed to making decisions into uncomfortable situations.

    In a 1-3-1 zone defense there is one player who is in charge of running the baseline from sideline to sideline. Typically the player running the baseline is the team’s best athlete. You can tire this player out by making him work hard running the baseline. I know last year Beilein has his PG playing this position, though I think it is ideally designed for an uber-athletic big with superior lateral quickness.

    The good news for MD is that rebounding is sometimes easier when playing against a 1-3-1 zone defense. With four defenders playing away from the basket it is easier to get offensive players in position for rebounding. Here’s a good link on Michigan’s defensive tactics: http://mgoblog.blogspot.com/2007/04/1-3-1-zone.html

    Michigan runs a relatively interesting 5-out motion offense, if you’re into tactics and coaching you should check out this blog.

  58. DBR;

    In your first paragraph you cite “…. if GW is retained as head coach”. That’s a pretty big statement there. So, am I to infer that you may have some info that GW is in a precarious situation?

    Yes, all fans and alum are pretty steamed at the slide the last few yrs. However, am I making much ado about nothing pertaining to that statement? Or is there really the possibility that he will be fired or forced to resign?

    Please advise.

  59. I see Michigan as sort of an improvement, litmus test type of game. We’ve all pointed out the perceived strengths and weaknesses of this squad after getting a good look at them during the three game Old Spice tourney. I think the Michigan game will tell us whether this group of players, along with GW and his coaching staff, can work on and correct their shortcomings during practice and then execute during the game. We’ll see.

    I’m still going to remain optimistic that what we saw last week can be corrected. We’ll know in the first half of the Michgan game. If the Terps can come out and play serious defense for 20 minutes that will be a big indicator to me. Of course, they’ll have to continue it during the second half as well. Can Gary get some strong interior play out of what has been so far been a wasteland for us (w/ the exception of Dave Neal)? Another big indicator to look for.

    There are other things that need improvement of course (I haven’t even mentioned the offense), but those two things we have to have to compete. Strong defense usually begets good offense. With our perimeter players talent and ability to get out and run the floor, we need to generate some offense by first playing solid defense. Thoughts?

  60. My thoughts for the day:

    1) Gary doesn’t recruit? Well, he never did. Even before the National Championship. He never recruited. Were we getting 5 star players before he turned the program around? Was Joe Smith expected to be the #1 pick? Let the coaches recruit with Gary’s help and let’s move on.

    2) Dupree is not supposed to be the savior in the paint. Unless you are Ewing or Robinson or Mourning or Shaq…one of those once in a coaches lifetime type players, your inside man will need help. Milbourne is not the help Dupree needs. Go bigger, go Burney.

    3) Milbourne is not a power forward. DJ was not a point guard yet he played there. Please do not make the same mistake with Milbourne. Let him play his “natural” position and see if his game returns.

    4) Run, run, run. Control the tempo of the game. We have a plethora of guards. Let’s make other teams run a track meet and force them to sub.

    5) Practice zone D, it may be the only chance we have against more talented teams. I saw Teague play for Wake and he looked like lightning. Lawson is the same. We will have no chance to shut them down one on one.

    6) Stay confident. We just played the #5/6 (depending on the poll), #9/10, and # 16 teams in the nation. Going 1 and 2 looks pretty good to me. Yes, we got pummeled in defeat, but won convincingly against MSU. So far, have we beaten the teams we are supposed to beat? Yes. Have we snuck a win against a better team? Yes.

    7) Last but not least. Gary hasn’t had a losing season since 92′-93′, and has had only 2 losing season in the ACC since 92′-93′. Not bad for a coach that seems to be ripped by fans on this site.

    Keep the faith, Fear the Turtle.

  61. Al V, your comment on Coach K and Roy not ripping their team is way off. They both launch into their players on a regular basis. Being down here on tobacco road I see it all the time. The funny thing is both schools accuse the other coach of berating his players. Coach K probably does it a bit more than Roy. Both use the F-bomb as a regular part of their tirades.

    If anything, Gary has scaled it back a bit. He doesn’t grill them like he did earlier in his career. Of course that got brought up on here as well.

    So some say he is older and too easy on his players and some say he is too tough.

    Talk of Gary getting canned is just silly. He ain’t going anywhere. He will leave of his own accord. That is just talk radio talk whenever a program isn’t doing what the fanatical base want. Debbie doesn’t have the juice to can him in any event.

  62. Let me clarify. I DO NOT think nor have any source indicating GW would be leaving the UMD program. However, I’ve spoken with someone very close to Taran Buie and he specifically told me that all the stories that GW is on the hot seat is causing Taran and some recruits to hold back a commitment to UMD.

    He said UMD needs to: win games…have more TV games…keep Gary and we’ll get Taran and others.

    Sorry Fred if I alarmed anyone. However the fact that recruits have read/are aware of these articles shows how that kind of noise can affect a programs recruiting efforts.

    Good stuff there E$. Michigan shoots lots of threes and their D frustrated UCLA but Dook blew them out. Hopefully our shooters will be on like the MSU game. Otherwise weak side cuts along the baseline could lead to lay ups (Neal and Dupree notwithstanding LOL)

  63. Have to side with Ricksterps re Rat Face and Roy allegedly not ripping their teams. Coach K was schooled in the ways of Bobby Knight, for crying out loud. Do you honestly believe he doesn’t berate his players? It may not show on the game tape, but it’s widely known that Coach K throws around just as many obscenities as anyone else when coaching up the Dukies. Admittedly, I haven’t heard the same about Roy, but I’ll take Ricksterps’ word for it. Of course, why this is even relevant to anything, I’m not sure. If you actually think that a player chooses one school over the other because a coach is less prone to drop the F-bomb, you’re insane. It’s one thing if you’re choking your players, but Gary isn’t anywhere near that level. Now, if the point is that some players might not like Gary’s more old skool, get in your face style of coaching, well, that’s a legit question. But ask Juan Dixon or Vasquez how they feel about Gary, and I think you’ll learn that, despite his on-the-court demeanor, Gary loves to teach and he really connects with his players.

  64. Really like Yanik,GAC and Ricksterps comments – Thanks for hellping AL V understand and be better informed.

    AL V- If I didn’t know better I could easily assume you did a tour in Iraq but instead of lbeing in the “action”, you got your action at “Abu Ghraib”. You obviously showed enough of your ass at Abu Ghraib so we don’t need to see more of it here. I’d get in the steel cage with you that CT suggested, but you’d squeal like a pig. I’m retracting the complement I gave you re your BB IQ…….it ain’t really there. Have you ever given therapy an effort.

    I can’t justify taking any more valuable space here trying to steer your towards civility. I’d have to drag you there yelling, kicking and screaming and it could be messy. You really ought to stop “guessing” what kind of medicine our Terps need and take some time be get better informed about the team specifically and basketball in general.

    The best we can hope for is that you get some “anger management” help. I sure hope you don’t run into GV anywhere because if he finds out about your “bashing” he’ll
    pummel you like a “pinata” (sp?). Cheers.

    To my fellow Soupers_ Appreciate your patience. I’ll try to end my “jousts” with the pinhead AL V. He obviously brings out the worst in me.

    Go Terps

  65. Yanik–That was solid stuff.

  66. Today GW had the team watch the tape of the first few minutes of the Georgetown game to see how low their energy was to start that game. Also used the tape to show the players where they didn’t screen, where they took shots too early in the shot clock instead of making the extra pass, where they weren’t keeping an eye on their man and the ball defensively.

    EH mentioned how against Michigan the Terps have to pass the ball and attack the seams they get in the 1-3-1 zone, look to drive and kick, drive and get in the lane and score. Also talked about the guards need to do a better job of getting the ball to LM in positions on the floor where he can be successful.

    Ironic stat of the day…Braxton Dupree is the only Terp starter shooting better than 43% from the floor.

  67. One more comment on Gary that most of the posters probably don’t know.
    Gary has donated over a million dollars to the school ($1,000,000). I get the donation rankings every year. That is putting your money where your heart is. He is the truest of true Terps and he is going nowhere until he decides its time for him to go.
    He is who he thought he was.

  68. Glad to see Gary did that. Gary is/always was/always will be a Terp. Saved our program. Yeesh, when I think of the ’92-’93 season…

  69. Awesome stat on Braxton’s FG%. Awesome, but frightening.

  70. Scrolling down to the 70th post takes some time!
    I am really getting irked at the Football team Bowl situation. Two weeks ago we were playing for a spot in the ACC Championship game. Then we lose two in a row are passed over by ACC Bowls ranked 4-7 and now were being dissed by the 8th Bowl choice, The Humanitarian Bowl. HOW INHUMANE! You can read more about the situation at :

    Now it is very possible we may end up in the dog of all bowls, the Detroit Motor City Bowl, eeessh. Just when I was getting used to the fact of Boise in December. Of course I know they did this to themselves and we are getting the respect we deserve. Still sucks!
    Anyone going to the game tonight please remember to bring a winter coat for Shawne Merriman’s annual coat drive. This is a nice charity event that he has started and sponsored for 5-6 years.
    Come on Terps, beat Michigan and give us something good to feel about for 9 days.

  71. Game is on ESPN-freakin’-U. ARRRGH!

  72. Yup Samster. Just saw that too. Is there ANY cable networks in Maryland that get ESPNU? I know Comcast doesn’t. Ridiculous.

  73. I’m out here in Overland Park, KS and sadly too have Comcast. Does anyone have any plausible explanation why ComCrap doesn’t carry ESPNU?

  74. ESPN should set it up so that if they are showing a game with a team from a location that doesn’t have ESPNU, they sell the right for that area to a local station. I mean its insane that you can probably watch Maryland vs Michigan in Tennessee but can’t watch it in Maryland.

  75. To quote Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight…It’s all part of the plan.

    I read an article in the local paper that said they strategically put teams on the U to get different audiences to purchase the package. Do you really think ESPN thought the Minn/UVA game was better? Or Northwestern?

    They throw your team on there so will go buy it. I have resisted the urge so far but I do love to watch my Terps…Damn them.

  76. Looks like I’m watching the game on ACC Select again. Argh, it sucks to live 45 minutes from CP’s campus and not be able to see the game on TV.

    Did anyone see what McClinton did in the Miami-OSU game last night to get ejected?

  77. For me, games on the U mean visits to the local sports bar. So I think the pub owners are in on the conspiracy, too.

  78. One thing to try folks is StoogeTV.com. I understand you can watch lots of games there including ESPN U. See if it works!

  79. GERRY before you volunteer to be in a cage know that I am the 6’5″ 300lbs gorilla that everyone else wants to be. But if you must as the greats always say “Lets Get it ON!!”

    Enough of that bravado. My comment about the Duke and UNC coaches is not that they are angels it is that comparison is wrong. I hate the media up here because they hilite GW having a fit every chance they get. It is like they would rather show a GW meltdown than a hilite dunk it is crazy. Does that clarify my point. Probably not since I need a cage match and therapy.

    The game against Michigan should be a better litmus test. It is at home against a solid performing team. If the Terps play strong regardless of W/L then hope is there. If the Mich team exploits a weakness in the paint and on Vaz then GW needs to come up with a new plan. Is that optimistic enough

  80. I dont think you can even watch it on ACCSelect. They only show non-televised games.

  81. Ricksterps—
    They are showing Penn State vs Georgie Tech on the deuce instead of Terps vs Michigan. I mean c’mon. I have the “Sports Package” for Comcast. Bought it for the soccer channels. And I STILL dont have ESPNU. How many more games will be on the U?

  82. From the info on umterps.com this is the only ESPN U game. Looks like the rest of the televised games are on local stations or ESPN and ABC.

  83. McClinton got slapped (on the arm I think) by an OSU player who was playing defense. Nothing intentional but no foul was called. McClinton passed the ball then slapped the OSU guy in the face. Automatic ejection

  84. I sense change in the air tonight…

  85. What sort of change?

  86. Perhaps a starting lineup change??

  87. I hope the Milbourne experiment at the 4 is over. Move him back to the 3 and play 2 bigs out of Burney, Dupree, Neal, Gregory, Goins.

    The mid major teams are able to succeed with smaller lineups, but they play zone defense. If we’re going to succeed with Milbourne at the 4, we need to play zone.

  88. Change possibilites (listed in my opinionated order of liklihood)….

    1. Bowie starts in the 3 spot (tucker/mosely start on the bench)
    2. Burney starts in 5 (Dupree starts on the Bench)
    3. Burney or Gregory start 4 and Milbourne goes back to 3 (tucker/mosely start on the bench)
    4. Bowie and GV start 1 and 2 with tucker/mosely at 3 (Hayes starts on the bench)
    5. Terps to open in a Zone

    GV, Hayes and Milbourne are all likely starters, still, IMO. But their is a possibility that Hayes played himself onto the bench against GT. I doubt the Terps will ever open in a zone, but it could happen to protect the lack of big pressence on D.

  89. Nice rundown, Stevend. My choice would be (3). Milbourne’s been playing out of position, which has discombobulated one of our few potential scorers. So let’s put him where he can do his best work, and make room on the court for a (possibly) real power guy like Burney.

  90. The problem with choice number 3, however, is that GW will only have 4 minutes before either Burney or Gregory has two fouls and then eight minutes before they both have 2 fouls. So, Milbourne will be back playing 4 anyway.

  91. watch the game online here: http://www.justin.tv/timmex

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