Maryland-Michigan Thread

All I have to say about tonight’s game is the following:

-Eff Comcast for not carrying ESPNU with its sports package

-Eff ESPN for sticking this game on ESPNU. Is this game really worse than Illinois – Clemson or UVA – Minn? Please!

Obviously, I won’t be watching the game, so those lucky enough to see the game please help with providing insight. I will be relegated to tracking the shooting percentage, rebounding and turnover margins on the CSTV gamecenter. Whoopee.

This game is huge. The guys need to come out strong to erase any ill-effects from the Georgetown game.



  1. I don’t mind saying fuck, cause you know, fuck, I pay off this company called Comcast to get pretty pictures sent to my fancy picture box and lo, the game’s being played in another fancy box called the Comcast Center. You think I can get pictures from one box shone onto my other box since the same numnut owns both boxes. Of course not, that would be to reasonable. Mr. Comcast is surely an asshat of the highest order…next to Obama, who probably is the cause of all this communist chicanery. Yea, I know what you’re thinking. And the answer is not Lucinda.

  2. Terps by 7

  3. Just win, baby.

  4. MD needs to be patient against Beilein’s zone. Nobody has a height advantage. As long as MD hist timely 3s, they can keep Mich from packing the boards. Hoping they wear the same shooting shoes that they wore against MSU.

  5. Go Terps!

  6. Gotta hit shots. It’s that simple.

    In regards to the TV situation, unfortunately consumers get screwed because Comcast and ESPN are in a childhood staring contest in regards to ESPN U. High and mighty Comcast always wants things on their terms. That’s why it took a year to get the Big Ten Network on there. They want to charge for everything they can, and ESPN wants all of their channels on every cable system free of charge. Who knows when or if they’ll ever come to an agreement.

  7. What’s the name of that site that showed college games from last season?

  8. The Maryland – Michigan game is on the web. See

  9. Getting ready to watch the game. Luckily Cox Cable out here in Vegas carries ESPNU.
    Maryland needs to win this game to show they are a decent team. Very interesting to see how they come out and play in front of a half full at best Comcast Center.

    Dave Neal starting oh well could be worse at least it’s not Braxton Dupree…

  10. It says the Maryland game is on, but I am not geting it.

  11. Bad start. 4 turovers already. Both Vazquez and Hayes passed up shots to give the ball to Neal, who hit the side of the backboard with a jumper. Ugh.

    Michigan missed four 3’s early, but have a one point lead at the first timeout.

  12. 0-6 from 3 for us. Not hitting shots. Not a good sign. Down 15-12 at second timeout.

  13. Great start Maryland is 0 for 6 from 3 point range already. Terrible shooting even though they are getting wide open looks. Bowie made 2 terrible passes early while trying to run the point and is already on the bench. Michigan has made a couple wide open 3’s and is getting dribble penetration right down the middle whenever they want to.

    Doesn’t look like the Terps have come out with any fire early in this game. Just going through the motions and playing uninspired, poor fundamental basketball not a good sign…

  14. I’m glad the powerhouse match up of UMBC vs Towson is televised and the Terps are not. Thanks Comcast.

  15. This is like watching GT game again. Michigan is 4-4 for 3 land. Our defensive sets look good but losing our man down low for easy buckets.

    We desparately need a go to guy.

  16. We’re 0-7 from 3pt land. Mosely hit a nice shot J. Just had another TO that led to a 2 and a foul.

    We also need a big down low to take some heat of our perimeter game.

  17. Another MF 3 for Michigan.

  18. Same story different day. Thank God I don’t get ESPNU. No defense and nobody can shoot the ball. Where the Fuck is the pride!!!!!!!!!

  19. More of the same, another wide open 3 for MIchigan.

    Maryland simply cannot hit open shots and doesn’t have enough quickness to drive in the lane.

    And with no inside presence the lane is wide open for penetration, offensive rebounds or whatever the opposition wants to do.

    Very surprising that the Terps have come out so flat and uninspired. I figured they would at least be playing hard after getting blown out in 2 straight games but that is obviously not the case so far at least.

  20. We can’t hit shots. But worse, we can’t draw fouls. Whenever our players drive the lane, they get blocked and can’t get to the line. If the shots aren’t falling and we can’t draw fouls, it’s a 20 loss season!

  21. John, I don’t think the team is flat and uninspired. I just don’t think they are very good right now. They don’t have much confidence. They all need to call Juan Dixon, get the key to the gym and shoot all night long!

  22. I thought kids should at least be able to shoot the basketball to even be considered for Division 1 basketball. MD doesn’t have anyone that has shown they can shoot the basketball.


  24. Come off the ledge guys, it’s early :)

  25. Well, we were down 9, now down 2 with 4 minutes left in first half. We actually hit some shots and Hayes had a nice drive and scoop. We are playing a bit better, but against that zone defense, some of our guys are going to have to be aggressive and shoot. We are playing too tentative right now. Some guys are afraid to shoot.

  26. Rick, being on the ledge is calm as a fan of this team.

  27. I don’t think they’re flat/uninspired either. Terps are being patient on offense but we simply cannot buy a 3-point shot. Wait… Hayes for 3.

  28. Eeeeeek

  29. Dino is playing well. Too many TOs.

    Where is the crowd? It looks really bad on TV to be playing to an empty Taj…

  30. There is no offensive flow whatsoever. Nobody can shoot from the outside. The ball doesn’t even enter the post. Very ugly.

  31. 6 threes already for Michigan and they are all WIDE OPEN. Even off a made basket when MD sets up the press they have no ability to keep Michigan from having wide open shots.

    The last play was a wide open dunk for MD blocked by the rim!

    Well the first half is over, nothing much different than was expected. Michigan has come in and controlled the game, hitting wide open 3’s and taking the ball inside quite often. Maryland is 1 for 11 from 3 and can’t shoot at all. When you have a perimeter oriented team someone on the team has to actually be able to make shots!

  32. We are clueless against a zone. Vaz can’t hit a shot longer than 5 feet. Unless the defense steps up or they go cold from 3, we are toast.

  33. Just caught the halftime score, Wolverines by 6. For those able to see the game, do we have a good shot in the second half, i.e. are we playing better; or did we just have a short lucky spurt coupled with a Michigan letdown that drew the score close? Just trying to get a better read on what you all have been posting during the first half.

  34. Looks like it came down to the 3’s, we were 1-11. That can’t continue, we hit our share in the second half and we should win.

  35. We’re down 5 at the half. Michigan must have been 6 for 7 (or more) from 3pt land.
    Mosely had his first (our only) 3 of the half in fact we’re probably 1-9 from the 3.

    Don’t understand why we can’t hit the 3 and defend against it. Both the GT and Michigan defense is real tough. You got to move the ball around w/o dirbbling.

    2nd half we must:

    Defend against the 3 better.
    Hit some of our own…..anything from outside to keep the defense honest.
    reduce the TO’s
    Play ZONE D?????

    Our guys are not flat. They diving for balls and hustling. Michigan is making us play
    “Hurried” and that’s creating some offensive anxiety. Burney and Gregory still trying to find themsleves and their way. I do think Dupree should get some PT.

    Wouldn’t it be great to see JSK come in and torch 3-4 tre’s?

    This terp team is not a bad team but without a low post presence we may be doomed.
    Hell, we’ve led the ACC in Blocks for 4-6 year I think???

    We can win but we got to “disrupt” their outside shooting.

  36. We definitely have a chance if we can turn up the defense and actually hit some shots. We would be up 10 if we would have hit some shots.

    Bowie is the only guy on our team who has proven he can create his own shot. He has to go out there and look to score. JSK would be nice on the offensive end if he can hit shots, but he’d be a major liability on defense against this team. He needs to learn his craft against the lesser opponents before getting a shot against teams from the top conferences.

  37. They should pull out a cot for Milbourne … he’s asleep already.

  38. Nice little run keyed by defense.

  39. We have woken up. You can see what a different team we are when we have some confidence. Now up by 3 and shooting free throws. Defense keyed it, but Vaz and Hayes hitting 3’s right away got the whole team (and crowd) going.

  40. Good start to the 2nd half … will it last? We’ve seen this Jekyl and Hyde routine for about 4 years now. I hope so …. but the team psyche is so fragile. I know you get that with kids, but the Terps have been manic the past few years.

  41. Vaz is the spark plug. Love him or hate him, he has great court sense tonight, especially in the last couple minutes.

  42. Terp basketball at it’s best.. If you can’t see it, you’d be proud.
    We’re up by 5 or something like that.

    Great all around play by our guys….lled by AL V’s favorite guy…..GV

  43. are u effin kidding me we fouled a guy shooting a three???????????????????

  44. You are right Gregg the 3 by GV to open the half seemed to unlock the lid on the rim. The defensive intensity picked up and the Terps are moving the ball nicely on the offensive end instead of going one on one.

    Your man Bowie is playing terribly tonight though, a few bad turnovers, no offensive plays to speak of and he just made a HORRIBLE decision on D. He moved over to double team and left Novak wide open for a 3 pointer then fouled him on top of it. Terrible play by Bowie…

  45. All was going well until we left a guy open from 3 and fouled him too. Not good to give them life.

  46. Vaz has 13 points 6 rebounds O turnovers.

    Victor Oladipo of DeMatha at the game tonight.


  48. BS goal tending call…definitely still on the way up…Did we just throw an alley oop to Dave Neal?

  49. And as fast as I could finish typing the lead has totally evaporated. Wow, playing so well and with so much momentum and it’s gone in a flash. The play by Bowie led to 4 points for Michigan and turned the tide against the Terps once again.

  50. Dino Gregory is earning his right to stay on the court in this game. He’s playing very well tonight at both ends of the court.

    These last 12 minutes are going to become a game of attrition I do believe. Lots of back and forth.

  51. We are such a streaky team. When things are going well, they play great. When they don’t, they just suck. This one is going down to the wire. Gotta defend the 3.

  52. Note to Gary Williams — it’s amazing what recruiting shooters can do for your program.

    THis Novak kid is a freshman and is just killing the Terps. He has 9 points in the last couple minutes and is getting wide open looks against the soft perimeter D of the Terps. Recruiting guys that can come right in and hit big shots, what a concept!!!

  53. We got a 1 pt lead but we got to stop playing yo-yo bb. We tighten the D down low and they drop 3 pt precision bombs. We adjust our perimeter D and they go down low.

    WE freaking need A effective Biggie.

    Gregy is strating to shine.

  54. Gregory has shown more tonight than ever seen. He’s earning PT.

  55. GV doing a good job off the ball. Finding his teammates when he has the ball…getting rebounds and going to the hole strong.

  56. I hate the timing of the 3 he put up. It just kills momentum.

  57. Bad pass by Sean but good hustle/fight at the other end by Landon to get the ball back

  58. Adrian’s handle is not strong tonight…quite loose actually. Landon is waking up and showing some aggressive play at both ends of the court the last few minutes.

  59. Am I reading the stat sheet right? Has Braxton played his way out of the rotation 6 games into the season?

  60. 10-4 on Dupree

  61. looks like it’s for the best so far. by the way – we need to stop taking 3 point shots. like, now.

  62. Dupree meet Gary’s dog house…


  64. I don’t think it’s the dog house for Dupree, I think it’s matchups. UM is a smaller team in the front court…with the exception of one guy they’re atheletic not a good matchup for Braxton.

  65. That was a horrible call. He just lost the handle, and they gave Neal the foul. Big 3 by Neal on the other end.

  66. Nice pass by AB to Neal for 3. Thought Dave poked that ball out cleanly on defense.

  67. HUGE 3 by Neal!!!

    As for Gregory, he’s earned some big time PT

  68. Neal for 3….

    Crunch time…

    Notice the short bench that Gary is playing tonight. No Dupree, very little Burney.

    GV is impressing me on the boards. I think he has double digit boards. Gotta be approaching a triple-double.

  69. Terps close to getting 5 second calls on MIchigan with tough man to man defense. Just need to defend the perimeter and close out this game at home.

  70. Let me get this straight the YMCA guy and the Battered GV and our 2nd half heroes.


    BB IQ my man…..BB IQ….gotta have it.

  71. Hayes fouled on the rebound, no call. Led to Michigan 3… 4 point game now with 1:35 left

  72. Sure glad espn showed the Wake Indiana 30 pt blow out game

  73. SWEET.

  74. As long as we hold on, this was a big win against a good opponent. Sure it was tough, but they gutted it out. Nicely done boys.

  75. Everyone root for Mich State

  76. Looks like we will hold on for the big home win. This is great for team confidence. Maybe Gary has settled on a rotation. Lots to dissect.

  77. Great second half by GV and Dave Neal (can’t believe I am typing that)

    This game shows that with no inside presence GV, Hayes and the guys are going to have to hit shots to be competitive. It was a nice comeback and solid win but nothing about this team so far this season shows them to be anything more than an NIT team once again.

    Does anyone disagree???

  78. Vaz consistently blows FT’s at the end of games. 1 for 2.

  79. Defend the 3 for God sakes

  80. Hate to say it because I really don’t like UNC but I’m rooting for them tonight. Wanna keep the ACC dominance in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

  81. Great Win Guys! Sweep of the State.

  82. Well…MD is the best team in the state of Michigan!

    Gregg…you have bragging rights for the year.

  83. E Hayes with a couple clutch free throws. Never get on here saying we have won until we have for God sakes!!!!

  84. Nice of GT to lose to Penn State :-/

    Big win for MD though…especially after this weekend.

  85. We’ll take the win. Played a much better 2nd half. The ACC is going to be tough … especially on the inside. Gregory had a pretty good game … would love to see GW use this as an opportunity to try to build more confidence in him … he has some ability and very active tonight …. GW and coaches need to encourage it!

  86. Maryland can make the NCAA Tournament. Absolutely. Will they? They must run the table with the rest of the non-conference schedule and beat the beatable ACC teams at home and on the road. This team can win 20 regular season games. I think that is the magic number.

  87. Dino Gregory…26 minutes. WOW did he play 26 minutes all of last season?

  88. MD will be favored to win every game from here until Jan 10 (against GT…to open ACC play). 13-2 heading into ACC play. Pipe dream? Can they handle success?

  89. It is so nice to have those bragging rights!! I get so much crap from my co-workers and friends, so this is oh so nice!

    Michigan will be a tournament team, or at least a bubble team, this year. This win will be a good one come March.

  90. John….we’re not going to the NIT.
    This win is Huge and a loss could have been devastating beyond our mortal imagination.

    Gregory’s play, Hayes and GV’s steadiness (did you get that?) and Neal’s inspiring play …..just in the nick of time…. Let’s hear it ….Y……M….C…….A !!!

    Now for the reality…..Michigan is a NCAA Tourney team. No doubt about it. They must have had over a dozen 3’s, some of them from NBA land. We were more than fortunate to be able to win against that kind of shooting. IOn the other end, this was our home court and you got to conclude, the ball just wasn’t dropping, We were “clanging” the rim all night. The 3’s we got including GV’s 2nd half opener got our guys juices flowing. I’d like to think GW had a “Lombardi-like” locker room talk.
    Michigan didn’t have a “big” that hurt us and we should be encouraged.

    Duke’sbeen one of the better 3 pt shooting teams and they kill us with it. It’s encouraging that teams like GT, Duke, Michigan, NC et all can have those kinds of weapons and … this case we can survive. Zags bigs were too much for us, this time around.

    Boild down….we’ll get better but we have limitations and unless Gregory, Burney and
    Dupree can get some game,,,,we’ll be in trouble down the road.

    This was one for the ages……Let’s enjoy it.

    Go Terps

  91. I just hope the TERPFAN mobile doesn’t get egged or anything!

  92. By the way, we had a 43-26 rebounding advantage, including 12 by Vaz. Wow.

  93. Gotta tighten up our perimiter defense. Michigan shot 42%. Fortunately they only attempted 6 FTs.

    GV 23 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals 1 TO

  94. The General had a huge game, no doubt about it. To win a game where you shoot that poorly from three point land is nice. We will shoot well from the arc, I know we will.

    Good win and the ACC should win the challenge yet again.

  95. Braxton Dupree missed a class this week and that’s why he didn’t play tonight.

  96. Bad for Braxton, Good for Gregory, who should start now.

  97. GERRY, the Athletic department should look into getting permission to play YMCA for when Neal is making some big shots like he has been in the past few games that we won. I think the fans would really appreciate it, and it might be more effective at getting people out of their seats than Zombie Nation for the 8th time a game.

    Good win, close game, go terps!

  98. Tonight GV moved up to #43 on the list of all time Terp scoring leaders passing Len Elmore, John Ghilcrist and Brad Davis . He also tied Laron Profit with 105 three point shots made, ranking him 11th place all time. Vaz is 10th all time in assists at UMD.

  99. UNC totally dismantled MSU tonight. Very impressive, clearly the best team in the country.

    Dookie V’s voice is shot. For as much as I can’t stand the Dookie Hype Man (maybe the best Hype Man since Flava Flav’s days with Public Enemy…all Dookie V needs is a Dook clock to wear around his neck), the guy loves college basketball and is ultimately good for the game.

    I saw some of the Wake game, too. They are good. UNC, Dook, and Wake are the top 3 teams in the ACC right now; and not much at this point separates the remaining teams.

    Great win tonight. Team rebounding was the key. Bowie was out of control at the point, so we’ll see how long the Bowie experiment lasts.

    Gary ran a very short bench tonight…very short. Precursor for the season?

  100. I hate to say this because we all want Hayes to suceed in the worst way but our offense only REALLY gets going when Vaz is handling the ball. There’s just no way around it. Vaz hasn’t learned yet to involve himself without having the rock in his hands. I’m starting to realize more and more that Vaz at the 1 and Hayes at the 2 is the way this team can be successful.

  101. I was at the game tonight and have my thoughts for the game.

    1) Gregory earned the next start. He played aggressive, looked for his shots, and went up strong. Even when he missed, his shots were smart shots. And he played well on D.

    2) GV played well, was fired up in front of the crowd, and didn’t have to do it all himself (even if his stats might suggest otherwise).

    3) Hayes played decently, but for those of you suggesting that he vastly outplayed Bowie, think again. He controlled the tempo well, and managed not to get burned on D, but his 4 for 13 shooting isn’t much better than Bowie’s 1 for 7.

    4) Neal is the most underrated and overrated player. Not sure how a man that looks like he is struggling to run up and down the court, can manage to score 12 points and grab 4 boards.

    5) Landon’s stats look okay, but he seemed to fade in and out of the game. We were lucky that Michigan has the same problem we do, no go-to guy in the middle.

    6) Gary substituted well, coached a good game.

    7) The fan turnout was somewhat lackluster.

    8) Merriman was there. As was Clinton Portis. Where was the TV coverage?

    Fear the Turtle

  102. Although Hayes didn’t shoot very well from the floor, I was encouraged that he took shots. All too often last year, and even this year, EH has passed up shots. Tonight his shot wasn’t falling early but he kept shooting. In a strange way, that is a good thing. Shooters have to shoot and he took good shots, just didn’t knock many of them down. I hope he keeps it up. Plus Eric had 4 assists and 4 boards.

    Congrats to Dino. He definitely was a presence on defense and did well on offense. Last year he played a total of 92 minutes and he played 26 minutes tonight. Hopefully the light just went on inside Dino and we’ll get more efforts from him like tonight. Damn if he was only 2 inches taller LOL

  103. Congrats Terps! Way to pull yourselves up by the bootstraps after GT. Didn’t see the game, but I’m liking what I’m reading about Dino. Did Burney play much? Might a Dino at the 4, Burney at the 5 work with BD and Neal backing them up? Are we making headway with our bigs, or was this just Dino and Neal giving us something for one game? Not trying to be negative, just trying to get a read on our bigs improvement between the GT to Michigan games.

  104. Congrats to the Terps. It was a good, come-from-behind win.

    The permiter players must do a better job shooting.

    You gotta be impressed with how Dino is developing. He plays with energy and went 26 minutes with only 1 foul! Dupree will have a hard time replacing him

  105. Dino was the closest thing yet that resembled a “big man” this year. He’s 6’7″ but he somehow looks bigger. He plays bigger than Dupree. Maybe he has longer arms? 1 or 2 inches in height doesn’t matter that much. It depends on how they play and how long their arms are. In fact, the correct height for a basketball player is the tip of his finger with his arms raised in the air. Dino deserves a couple of starts. The confidence light might have gone off in his head.

    Hayes definitely needs to keep shooting. I don’t think he’s 100% comfortable yet which is hard to believe since he’s a junior. If you notice he rushes his shot just a tiny bit even when he doesn’t have to. He might be worrying too much about getting his shot blocked. He should slow down his release just a bit allowing his body to square up better. The stroke is pure. If he shoots it more comfortably I bet he can shoot it like Drew Nicholas.

  106. Now Gerry I can only read the box score but it looks like Vaz was not a Spaz and led the team 23 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals 1 TO. Terrible from 3 land is the only problem. Good support around him against a decent team. That performance will win 22 games this year but it has to be there every night.

  107. JohnE scroll up for explanation on why Braxton didn’t play.

    Dino definitely added some muscle in the offseason working with the new S&C coach has paid off for him. Still somewhat of a ‘tweener’ but his activity and agressiveness in practice is getting him game time. While his activity and agressiveness during games is keeping him on the court. Hey may not be PF tall but he is long as Eddie pointed out.

    When we were shooting bricks last night I kept hoping to see JSK check in but alas that didn’t happen ;)

    I think Adrian was a little too amped up with his start last night. Trying to do too much offensively and it led to turnovers/sloppy play. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Mosley continues to do the little things while the coaches ask him to play a couple of positions/game.

    Good win. I think I saw that our RPI moved up to #39 while our SOS is 28. Now gotta turn the page and get ready for GW in the BB&T thingy.

  108. . . . and the dreaded Terp-killing GW Colonials.

  109. Big win, peeps. Michigan is a soild team. The 1-3-1 is really rough, particularly when they extend to half court. When they play aggressive up top, though, which they did quite a bit in the first half, the post is really vulnerable. Gary tried to exploit that soft post and the team was able to do so on a few possessions, but we just couldn’t finish shots. And especially in the first half, everyone outside Vasquez was scared to shoot, at least inside. No hesitancy chucking 3s; we just couldn’t make them (1-11 in the first half, I believe). If we had shot well in the first half, this might’ve been a blow out, cause as disciplined as Michigan plays, they struggle to score (obviously they play a slower, more methodical game offensively, but even when it’s run well, good defense teams will be able shut them down). From my vantage point, they were ahead early thanks to good 3 point shooting and poor defense on our end. If we had less defensive lapses in the first half and simply played them straight up, Michigan would’ve really struggled to score.

    For all you Vasquez haters out there – The Terps are dead in the water without him on the floor. Given all the distress re the rest of the team’s struggles, we’ve lost sight of the fact that Vasquez is playing more patient basketball, making better decisions (turnovers down), and going all out to get his teammates involved. He will still take the occasional dumb shot, and the prancing around is a bit tiresome. But he is without question the heart and soul of this team, and it’s clear everyone else takes their cues from him (for better of worse).

    Not much more that can be said about Dino. What a great effort . . . and that was the key with his performance last night – effort. Dino’s obviously still raw offensively, and he didn’t wow with skill in the post, etc. But he played great defense on Michigan’s front court guys, was active blocking shots and on the boards, and most importantly, attacked the rim. We desparately need aggressive play in the paint, and Dino looks like he might be able to give us a spark in that area. He’s also more athletic than he looks, and as you guys have mentioned, is much longer than Dupree. I will be the first to admit, I wouldn’t have expected that kind of performance from Dino in a million years, considering his track record thus far. Just goes to show, you’ve gotta give these guys time to develop (of course, it’s only one game; let’s see how he progresses throughout the rest of the season).

    On Braxton, I understand the explanation about his missing a class, but I’m not buying it. If he were a baller, he might’ve been docked his starting job, but no way Gary would’ve kept him out for the entire game. I think his missing a class provided the perfect excuse for Gary to bench his fat ass and give Dino an opportunity to step up. Maybe I’m wrong. I just don’t recall that severe a punishment ever being handed down for simply missing class.

    Aside from Vasquez, Neal may be the most consistent player on this team at this point in the season. He’s unathletic, and he will definitely struggle to guard legit big men come ACC play. But he plays relatively mistake free, which is huge on a team with so many young guys. Also – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – I’m at the point where I’d rather see Neal shoot from 3 than anyone else on the squad. He’s got a nice stroke from outside, and he rarely forces his shot.

    Others – Milbourne’s stat line looks great. However, I agree with an earlier poster who remarked about him disappearing at times during the game. I have a hard time with Milbourne because I see how much potential he has, so even when he plays well, I feel like he could be so much better. Nevertheless, I’ll take 12 points and 4-6 from the field any day. Hayes struggled across the board in my opinion – shot poorly, defense was porous, had several near turnovers that won’t show up in the box score. He still seems out of sorts, maybe confused with bouncing from point to shooting guard. That having been said, he kept shooting, which shooters have to do, and he ended up with a nice line. Hayes also went to the basket strong a few times and was able to beat his man to the paint – as we’ve said before, if he can do this consistently, watch out, cause the more he gets to the line the better. Bowie had a terrible game, the first real stinker of the season. When he’s good, you love to see him go to the rack and lock down guys defensively. When he’s bad, you end up with 4 turnovers to just 2 assists, and poor decisions with the ball. I continue to believe that he has a tendency to force the issue and play out of control. He’ll get better, and I like having him out there. Just not ready to sacrifice Hayes for Bowie yet. I’d love to see more point production out of Mosely, but overall I’m digging his game. He’s not intimidated, solid defensively, and strong on the block. Once he gets more confidence offensively, I think he’ll really be able to cause some match up problems in the post with smaller guards.

    My primary concern with this team remains our inability to score consistently. We have to get routine numbers from guys like Hayes, Milbourne, and hopefully Bowie (maybe even Neal at this point . . . 8-10 every night would be amazing), or we’re just not going to be able to win games. Tonight guys stepped up in the second half, which was huge. We need that kind of effort going forward.

  110. I was looking up the history of the BB&T Classic and the Terps and GW are squared at four wins apiece, although GW has won the past two times in ’04 and ’05.

  111. Milbourne will hopefully get better as he gets more comfortable playing the 4. Remember he’s playing out of position.

    Bowie might be better off being our 6th man, coming off the bench with energy and a chance to be the scorer when Vaz takes a rest. Still, I’d give him a few more starts just to see.

    Our Pomeroy rating went down to 33 after the win, but I blame that on Michigan State getting creamed. We’ll have two quality wins over at least Top 50 teams now. Should help as long as we don’t drop any of these games before the ACC season.

  112. Anyone else completely sick of the Big Ten getting more teams into the dance come March than the ACC? The ACC COMPLETELY OWNS this challenge. I love the braggin rights. It is the one time of the season that I root for Dukie, UNC etc.

  113. The Milbourne playing out of position point is overblown, in my opinion, at least from an offensive perspective. The 3 and 4 spots are interchangeable in the flex; Milbourne’s getting the same looks he would if he were playing his natural position, for the most part. Defensively I can see where he would struggle guarding bigger guys, and I would also expect playing the 4 to affect his rebounding numbers a bit. I suppose you can argue that having to work harder to defend bigger guys might take away from his effectiveness on offense (as far as his energy level, etc. is concerned).


    DINO — the coach’s best players are the ones that finish games, not start them. Dino was in the Last 2 minutes of the MichSt. game. He’s been Gary’s #1 for at least 4 games now, despite who has started.

    DINO — For the people who didn’t see — dino’s back is to the basket, noone within 5 feet of him. he get’s a pass, hesitates, jukes, spins, see’s no one’s there. freaks out, hesitiates, makes a move — but now people are on him– so he has to lay it up over some guy, but misses. ////// couple minutes later, i think the 13:20 mark, second half. dino’s back to the basket. he gets the ball. BOOM! monster dunk. no hesitation. ////// motto: the boy is learning.

    MILBOURNE — he had a nice two series play at the end, but my boy is about to get the bench from me. he’s actually pissing me off with his crappiness. lackluster on all fronts and i think it’s straight confidence. 100%. i know you’re a kid, but don’t ever let me see you whine again milbourne. lead.

    VASQUEZ — been watching close. he never makes 3’s while on the run. and always make them from a set position. just watch.

    MOSELY — tough bastard, but i don’t see any activity that would make him the 2nd leading higghschool scorer in MD history. he can’t buy a bucket.

    TUCKER — there’s some real confidence issues present with all the position jockeying going on, and tucker’s caught up in it. gary should start being aware of wounded egos and managing them, because tucker’s a badass. period. pump him up gary.

    HAYES — his greatest asset is that penetrating drive. it’s a thing of beauty, and we need it. driving ability is essential for our survival.

    BOWIE — grow the facial hair back, bro.

    GARY — way to work out a win big guy. you did good. nice reading the situations. nice sub patterns. odd, but effective. and these are kids here… watch for wounded egos… don’t forget to build up after you break down.

    OVERALL — [1] jeckll and hyde game again. not good. [2] everyone on this team needs to become a master rebounder. everyone! even the practice players. and by “master” i don’t mean “good at it” — i mean ‘Master’ as in “mastery of”

    i see us 7-8 in acc play as of now.

  115. As I previously posted, effort will lead this team to the NCAA promise land. There is enough talent on this team to get it done. That talent might not proportionally spread across the team in terms of position but the surfeit of talent at the 1-3 positions, if utilized correctly and maximized through effort, should be more than enough to win 20 games. The ACC is top heavy but more than average through the middle and bottom compared to other leagues. Yes, UNC and Dook will keep the ACC’s league RPI at #1 all season, but as we saw with this ACC/Big 10 challenge, the ACC is deep.

    I like Gregg’s idea of bringing Adrian “The Microwave” Bowie off of the bench. I still like Hayes, and his new found ability to get to the paint will open up his 3s and get him to the line. By the way, how about MD leading the ACC in FT%? I don’t think I’ve seen that in my lifetime. Did anyone notice the side-by-side of Mosely and Milbourne in the huddle during the 2nd half? LM has 3 inches on him…not that you’d know…Mosely is 6’4″ but 6’7″ with the afro. I dig it.

    The last point I’d like to make is about Dino. He needs to pull a Wilt the Stilt at the start of each game. No matter where the opponent’s first shot comes from, Dino should throw it into the stands. Just to send a message. His name and throwing shots into the stands will intimidate opponents!

  116. One win and everyone forgets how awful the guys looked against Gonzaga and Georgetown. Let’s see how we do against GW, which has always played very tough against us. Doesn’t anybody else find it disconcerting that Maryland won the national title six years ago, and is now at the level of George Washington, George Mason, and American, looking up (way up) at Georgetown?

  117. We looked horrible against the ‘zags and G’Town. But I think that has more to do with the quality of those teams. UNC will probably make us look horrible later this year. The key is winning the rest of the Non-Conference and the mid-lower ACC teams. I dont think we are on the level of GW, Mason and American. No doubt GW gets up to play Maryland. and Mason had 1 magical year. And American beat us last year (1st win against the Terps in ages). But none of that has been sustained. Right now we are definitely looking up at Georgetown. But not too long ago Georgetown was much lower than we have been.

  118. Random Thought – Watching AB take a foul shot and the TV did a close up. Anyone else think he kinda looks like Snoop-dog?

    Also, anyone else note that AB not only started, but started at the point? He had 4 TOs, but at least one (an early-game pass to Hayes that Hayes just watched) was not his fault. The sports bar got to hear a big ‘eff hayes’ when that happend. Unless Tucker or Mosely start scoring, I think AB will be the third starting guard for the season. He’s earned it. Mosely/Tucker can also offer energy off the bench…..I’m still not sold on freshman Kim.

    BTW – I want it noted that when we were wondering which of last year’s freshmen would become contributors as sophopmores, I called Dino as my dark-horse candidate. I never said it with enough conviction, maybe, but he’s my guy. After last night, I’m pretty sure that we are going to enjoy having him on the roster for the next 3 years.

  119. Two weeks ago I think we’d all have been okay with it if someone had predicted that UMD would go 2-2 over in four games against Michigan State, Gonzaga, Georgetown and Michigan.

    Particularly Gregg with both wins coming over the two biggest schools in Michigan.

    At least we’ve won a national championship more recently than Duke :)

  120. On the recruiting front Ima try to get to Taran Buie’s first game of the season tomorrow night. If I make it I’ll post some observations.

  121. Unfortunately I will never forget how awful we were against G’town (the effort against Gonzaga wasn’t nearly as poor; they’re simply a much better team) – that pitiful performance is seared into my brain for all eternity. But at the level of GW, Mason and AU? That’s crazy talk.

  122. Good win last night, but I’m in the same funk with Samster and CT. Whoever said this was a Jekyll and Hyde team nailed it. The fundamentals are still suspect. We’ll probably go as far as our go-to guy (Vas) takes us. I’d be surprised if it’s back to the dance.

  123. One thing about GV that that doesn’t get mentioned enough is his defense. He was assigned the best scorer the Big 10 has to offer in Manny Harris and did an excellent job on him. Harris was 5-15 from the field and most, if not all, of those buckets came in transition or when Greivis was on the bench.

    Why did Gary refuse to get out of the token 3/4 court pressure? It created no turnovers and allowed multiple open threes and Dave Neal was required to stick with a guard in the open court when Michigan skipped it down the sideline. The Terps seem to play much better when they’re in a half court defensive set or in the full court 55 press.

    Now the Terps have to take care of business for the rest of the non-conference sched. Don’t take any games for granted Terps fans!!

  124. TerpFever – noun – condition characterized by distinct peaks and valleys; demonstrated in athletic competition: one game played very well, usually against quality team; another game played poorly, often against an outmatched opponent.
    Example: Ralph Friedgen came down with TerpFever this year as he saw his team beat Cal, Wake, UNC and Clemson and get embarrassed by MTSU, UVa, FSU.
    Gary Williams is exhibiting signs of TerpFever after winning the Michigan Hoops Championships while getting embarrassed by a local rival.

    Remedy: Two stiff drinks and EPSNU.

  125. It is not crazy to compare us to Mason, GW and American. The latter beat us at home last year and made the Tournament. Mason, like us, beat Vermont in OT this year, although Mason did it at Vermont. Mason has been to the Final Four more recently. And GW has done pretty well this decade, often making the Tournament and has beaten us the last two times. The unpleasant reality is that our beloved Terps have been very mediocre the last four years and it is verging on 5 years. ESPN totally disrespects the Terps, putting them on ESPee-U.

    Sure, beating the Michigan teams is nice, but the Big Ten is severely overrated as the one guy wrote. I, too, am tired of seeing them get more teams into the Tournament every year than the ACC, when the ACC beats them in the Challenge every year. Michigan State is incredibly overrated; they should be out of the Top 25 pretty soon. Michigan had little inside presence, so we could beat them.

    The bright side is that we do have plenty of upside. The young guys like Gregory and Mosley can come on strong. I am still waiting to see how Mosley was such a scoring stud in HS. I am not seeing him as a scoring threat at all. Instead, he does little things well, like a Byron Mouton. It will be interesting.

    I love the idea mentioned earlier of playing YMCA by The Village People whenever Neal comes into the game or whenever appropriate. That would be something to rally around. Fits in perfectly with the Gary Williams attitude and ethos.

  126. We’re going to have to agree to disagree on that Samster. We have had a bad run of it but c’mon. But we went to the NCAA 2nd round two seasons ago. And 04 marked the end of a 11 season streak in the tourney, including two final fours and a national championship. Now I know that is the past, but our memories are not THAT short. American beat us last year (first time in forever) and made it to the tournament out of the Patriot League. Mason did have a magical run in ’05. But they didn’t make the tourney in ’06. And hadn’t made it to the tourney previous to ’05 ( I can only find back to ’02 season). Point is, I think you’re cherry picking a particularly bad couple of seasons for the Terps, versus a few good seasons for the other schools. But we will see, when the Terps play GW this weekend and AU on the 22nd.

  127. I’m with jonbruns. No one is suggesting MD’s program hasn’t dropped off since 2002; there’s no doubt about that. But you have to examine/consider the entire body of work. When considered in the proper context, MD remains superior to AU and GW.

    Also, great point by Tommy re Vasquez’s defensive ability. Honestly, if I hadn’t been familiar with Manny Harris going into last night’s game, I would’ve had no idea he was such a top prospect. Vasquez did a great job locking him down . . . while leading the team in points, assists, and rebounds, by a wide margin. Geez.

  128. The Michigan win is going to look even better in a few months. That team is going to improve when Laval Lucas-Perry starts playing on Dec. 20. People are saying he’s the best PG Michigan has had since Rumeal Robinson.

    Well shut my mouth. UNC has an upcoming game on ESPNU. I guess failing to win the NC last season is an indication that program has fallen off

  129. Ok, in reading all the posts, the constant I’m hearing is Vaz is one of our five starters and our go to guy. Most seem to have him at the 2 spot, I believe one poster had him at the PG. The rest of line-up, I’m guessing a 8/9-man deep roatation eventually, is a complete jumble right now (at least to me).

    How about some of you taking a crack at how our starters and key reserves will end up shaking out. GW will eventually have to come up with a rotation, correct? We can’t go too deep into the season, certainly not into the ACC regular season, with our rotation jumbled up like it is now. Who will be the 1, 3, 4 and 5 starters? Who will be 6th man, and who will round out the 7-9 reserves?

  130. Comparing Maryland basketball to American is absolutely absurd.
    Maryland has lost to American once in the past 82 years, and they’ve played practically every year.

    I can’t belive I’m actually debating the merit of this.

    George Washington was 9-17 last year. Maryland 19-15. Outside of sharing a 9 in the W column, I don’t see many similarities between these two programs either.

  131. JohnE, I’ll take a shot. I think the Michigan game was a preview for what we will see from here out. Hayes, GV and Milbourne are locks as starters. The other two starters are TBD, but Bowie has earned the right to be the third guard, IMO, until someone else steps up. The fifth starter is a question mark, but I think GW will go with the Senior, Neal. Barring a foul situation (pun intended), the first substitution will always be Gregory and Mosely. GW will sell the pair as being the 6/7 man, not one 6th man. The rotation from their is Tucker, then Kim, at guard spots and – depending on match-ups – Burney/Dupree at the forward slots.

  132. BTW – Speaking of rotations, it should be noted that Hayes and GV both were on the floor 35+ minutes last night. That’s too much. The pair also had 35+ against MSU. I submit part of the reason the terps folded like a lawn chair against GT and Gonzaga was that their legs were spent (pressing all game, every game will do that). The bench needs to step up for the Terps to be truely succesful.

  133. Stevend,

    I will take that thought one step further and say that they played too much last year. I still think the game that cost us the NCAA was the Clemson collapse. In that game they looked REALLY tired. Last year he played four of the five starters to death. The team plays well with VG and EH on the floor. However, we are much deeper in the back court this year so we can afford to give them a rest. We need them at the end of games.

    Let Bowie, Mosely ect, get in there and see what they can do. We need them all to win this year.

  134. Comparing American and George Mason to Maryland is completely absurd. Despite any head to head results, Maryland has managed to hover around .500 or better in the ACC over the past decade and longer. Do you honestly think those schools could have done the same? Hardly.

    All teams fall to Mid Majors once and awhile. Why do you think so many people take a 15 seed in the NCAA tourney pools. Duh.

  135. Despite our recent “troubles”, the Terps have the third most wins in the ACC in the last 10 years.

    The defense rests.

    No more ridiculous comments on how we are like AU and Mason. Should we have been better the past few years? Yes. Are we irrelevant? No way.

    We are a respected program that has been in a small “slump”.

    Now let’s get back to the present day and talk about this team.

  136. Hey, I’m having a techno weenie problem posting again. This is a test

  137. Our next true away game is more than a month from now, on January 14th at Miami. – I wonder if the team gets permission to miss classes on the 14th, 15th and 16th in order to cut down on transport costs since they have a game in Tallahassee on the 17th.

    If being tired against sizable opponents can produce the results we saw against Gonzaga and Georgetown, I don’t even want to think about the troubles the Terps might have in a post-season tournament where a team often plays games on successive days.

  138. Wonderful. It works . Now for the good stuff.

    These posts after the Michigan game have been all over the place. Gregg just said it best….Let’s get back to this team…..and the here and now.

    First things first I have to send a short zinger at AL V.
    AL V – One of the differences tween me & you is that when I can’t watch a terp game I eagerly await the Soupers posts so I can get their take. You say you didn’t watch the game but as Reagan said so well….:”there you go again”. You were smart to credit
    GV with a great game. You were not so smart when you said “he’s terrible from 3 pt land”. Were it not for his buzzer beater 3, falling away, against Youngstown we would have been toasted. Then in OT he was superb. Were it not for his opening 3 of the 2nd half against Michigan and his other two 3’s we’d have been toast. You didn’t even mention his Double-Double. I must admit he probablly wouldn’t have 12 rebounds
    if Mich. has a big or two down low. We are a cellar dweller without him. Against that back drop and not having seen the game, like many of us….you were not at a loss for
    “post game quarterbacking”.

    Hey, did you say you were like 6’4″ and 225 or somenthing like that? Well you can forget the steel cage until you get over 6’6″ and 250 ‘ish. I have been a giant killer most of my life and I don’t have time to fool around with a lightweight.

    What does your (cloudy) crystall ball see in the next 7 games? I have us at 12-2 going into the G.T. game. Remember, a closed mouth attracts no feet.


    Sorry guys….I can’t help myself…AL V just gives me too much to work with.

    I don’t buy the comments ” our guys came out flat or their legs get tired because they played 25-25 minutes.” These guys, at this level are “thoroughbreds”. Factor in TV timeouts, and 8-10 other time outs…….no problems …..for guys like GV, EH, AB, Mosely and Tucker. Add to that the adrenelin coursing through their bodies……and the tired and flat don’t wash.

    I think part of our challenge is we don’t enjoy the rebounding and shot blocking of old.
    They seem to be hampered with “uncertainty” about who’s starting and how much PT they going to get. I agree with whoever said’….”Starting isn’t the issue….it’s who’s in the last 8-10 mins ” or something like that. Right On. One of the other lingering observatiions on this team and one that’s been carried over the last few years is that
    there really isn’t a “go to guy” for a perimeter shot. The last 3 years is long enough to conclude the following point. Our best option at PG is GV or AB. EH has been doing a whole lot better …..without the ball. With the ball there’s only about a 20% chance he’s take a shot or make his own. Haven’t you notice his floaters in the middle and other points are coming when he is without the ball?

    Bowie- We need to stick with him. He, Mosely and Tucker (sometimes LM) are trying to be the “GV-like hero” and launch 3’s. When they pick their spots and timing ….they’ll deliver. Right now…..get this…..Neal is our most “reliable” 3 pt scoring threat. Y.M.C.A.

    We should be ok the next 7 games.

    NC’s 30+ pt blowout of MSU was quite foreboding.
    We can only get better.

    Go Terps.

  139. Jacob, classes for the Spring semester do not start until late January-early February

  140. Gerry
    Agree with you for the most part. But I think you are talking about the Vermont game. Fade away three and Overtime domination. I think more than being tired from multiple games is the fact that this team is still pretty young. Thus, highs and lows. Inconsistency.

  141. MatMc, what will the team be doing for the month of January if not taking winter courses?

    Granted, missing three days of a winter course is like missing 3 weeks of a normal semester.

    Maybe winter courses are more of a viable option for the ‘other scholarship players’ (football guys) whose season is over by the time the classes start. Whatever the case, good catch.

  142. On the radio tonight GW said the team (and himself!) was tired going into the Mich. game, but still had good practices leading up to it. Dino apparently did well in those practices and duplicated it in the game. It’s still early but maybe he is turning the corner for the better. The TERPS should could use it.

  143. ECG – good case in point. I’ve been saying we’ll get better as time goes on. First it was Dave Neal….who got better. Then Bowie even though he’s been erratic of late.
    Now Dino and hopefully the real Burney will show up soon.

    DJ Strawberry was erratic his first 2 yrs. His Jr. Sr. year he was exceptional. We have enough of a corps for the next 2-4 years to make some noise.

    We’ll be seeing a different brand of Terp basketball than we are accustomed to seeing. We won’t be pounding it down low. Our perimeter game will get better. We really do have some shooters but in order for them to become scorers, they have to shed the “anxiety” they show.

  144. Don’t have much time to post…late to the party again…but I’ll say this…

    Love the effort and performance form Dino. We obviously need a frontline player to step up and he did. Sometimes it just clicks for a player. There’s no explanation or formula for it. It just happens. Maybe this game was a turning point for Dino. Maybe practice the two days prior was a turning point. I was at the game and in Gary’s immediate interview with Johnny Holiday he said that he knew Dino wanted to play. He could see it in practice and with him that’s a key…to see it in practice. Maybe other bigs haven’t been showing it to him.

    Gary also commented in his post game press conference on how pleased he was that Hayes took 13 shots. He said don’t worry about Eric, his shots will fall. Shooters need to keep shooting and he’s happy Hayes is looking for his shot. He will be just fine. I think that’s important. I think eventually, it’ll scoring will click with Hayes and the shots and points will come. I agree. Just keep driving and getting to the FT line, Hayes. Such an easy way to pile up points. He hasn’t missed a FT all season.

    Lastly, so much of winning is about effort and finishing. I don’t mean finishing, as in putting the ball in the bucket. I mean finishing cuts, passes, defensive help, etc. This team learns to finish little things and good stuff will happen.

    More analysis later. Looking forward to your comments Soupers about GW. I be out of town and won’t be able to watch the game.

  145. Oh and one more thing. These guys (other than Grevis) just need to cast away all the fear. Don’t be scared to shoot. Someone has to step up and score. Might as well be you.

  146. GERRY at least you can’t read. I am well over 300 so in the cage will not be a waste of time but I digress. Vaz is hitting 28% of his threes and that is horrible for a SG or SF. Neal is hitting 58% so VAZ should not be shooting so much. Hitting a miracle 3 does not make you a shooter, Manute Bol even hit a few miracle 3’s. GV is better at slashing, foul line, dishing, uptempo basketball. He can shoot anywhere anytime but with 28% from 3 he should give it up to Neal or drive is all I am saying. Besides even you can read his stats and you listed almost his only 3’s that he made. Maybe you are the Spaz…

  147. Gerry and Al V…it’s like watching 2 special needs kids argue over who has the more protective helmet.

    We get it, guys. Hyperdown. Cease and desist. Agree to disagree. Stop throwing poo at each other.

  148. Couple thoughts:

    1. Kudos to Turtle Soup. 147 comments and counting!?!?! That is crazy. Good job on the site guys.
    2. I really enjoy Yanik Mguaua’s posts. Great job. Seriously, so many of you put a lot of thought and effort into your posts and it really makes this a killer site.

  149. I also want to give a shout out to Jeremy and Gregg. It was crazy when this site was at MVN and EVERY other team had, oh 1 comment and a story once a month, and the Terps one had hundreds of comments and regularly stories. Great job. And there is lively debate and the comments are generally very thoughtful.

  150. Wheels, you’re killing me. I have visions of Mike Myers as the Hyper Hypo dancing in my head right now. Fantastic. The Soup is about Terp love, not hate — but I will not be satisfied until we see the steel cage match, especially if these guys are both pushing 300 pounds. Let’s get ready to rumble, baby.

  151. CT, I like the steel cage match idea. Will these two be arriving at it in a little yellow school bus? Both 300 lbs,really? that would be Souper Sumo.

    Seriously Jeremy & Gregg, great work with this site; but I do think we’re in need of a new post or two. The scrolling down forever to reach bottom is beginning to peg the fun meter.

    On a purely non-sense thought for a TGIF, how about updating last year’s JWB theme to incorporate the Y-M-C-A! Y-M-C-A! theme that’s been brewing on the site. Try this one out. If we JWB, we’ll all be doing the Y-M-C-A!

  152. Wheels…..neither AL V or I are quitters.

    Hey,,,AL V says “I can’t read”. Now I question his IQ. If I couldn’t read how the hell would I be taking him down and tenderizing him about on the stupid things he says. We’re not special needs kids, but he has special needs. Someone needs to direct him towards civility. Silence is tacit approval and I’m not going to be silent on the BS he shoots at our team and players.

    Now he says he’s over 300 lbs. Doesn’t he ever miss a meal? In the steel cage he
    woulld be looking around for me wondering where the last 6 left hooks came from. He’s a bonafide perfectionist. He probably yells at his kids if they get an A- on their grade. If you don’t shoot over 50% ya ought not to shoot. Get this….he thinks Neal should be our go-to 3pt shooter. Maybe, but GV nails em when we need them. He won’t end up at 28% from 3, Like the rest of the team he’ll get better. Gregg says let’s get to the “here and now”…..AL V doesn’t knowwhere that is…..he’s totally lost. He can’t even say good things when we win but when we lose….he’s all ….”I told you so”. Let not your heart be troubled I will eventually grow weary of his diatribes.

    CT – I never said I was 300 lbs….nowheres near that. I do keep my body honed to a razors edge though.

    AL V- It’s ok for GW to tell EH to take 13+ shots a game “because they will start falling soon”, but if GV does he’s a bonehead. My man….you just don’t get it. Hey, if you really are 300 lbs don’t crap on Neal lumbering up and down the court. You’d be sucking wind on the 2nd fast break. You really need anger management.

    Why not try being a student ….of the game for awhile. There’s an old saying….”when the student is ready the teacher will appear”……….I am trying to get through to you.


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