Cosh Leaving; Blitzing May Happen in ’09!

Chris Cosh, Maryland’s third-year defensive coordinator, will leave to become Kansas State’s defensive coordinator and assistant head coach, his wife, Mary Cosh, said. A Maryland official said Cosh will not coach in the Terrapins bowl game.

Cosh is returning to Kansas State to work with Coach Bill Snyder, whom Cosh worked under as linebackers coach during the 2004 and 2005 seasons

Washington Post

Well, most of us got our wish.

Like I’ve said in many posts, I have nothing against Chris Cosh and I appreciate all he did in the past few years in College Park. He ran his system. I am not a fan of his system, but he ran it and there were games where his decisions won us games. (Like Clemson this year).

However, I’m very happy as a Maryland fan that we are going to get a new defensive coordinator. Like I said last week, this team has to get back to being aggressive and not passive. The defense needs to go after people and make things happen, not give up yards and hope to force teams into field goal tries.

Cosh supporters will say the Terps went to 3 straight bowl games under Cosh after two straight 5-6 seasons before he came to town. However, one would argue that the defenses in the ’04 and ’05 seasons were much better than the ones in the past few years and the offense was the reason we did not make it to a bowl game in those years. Either way, I think it was time for a change. Recruits would much rather play in an aggressive scheme than a passive one.

The hire for the next D coordinator is a big one. We need a guy who is a good recruiter and one who can take our team to the next level. This is a chance to have a much better team and here’s hoping the make a good hire.

Thanks for your efforts Chris Cosh, and best of luck back at K State.



  1. My vote is for John Chavis. Former D-Coordinator at Tennessee. However, I think it’s unlikely we’d get him.

  2. All I can say is amen! We need an attackmeister for a D-coordinator. Oh, and one who can recruit starting with keeping the Maryland boys in-state.

  3. Remember Cosh was recruiting Caleb Porzel & Jelani Jenkins sooooo….

  4. Hey, you are going to lose some recruits when a coach leaves. That’s going to happen. I think the team will be better in the long run, assuming they make a good hire.

    With the ACC having so much parity, I think a decent coach would want to come to Maryland since nearly every team in the conference has a chance to have a big year each and every season.

  5. Judging by the K-State message boards not all are happy about Cosh coming back there. Comments like “let’s be fair to Cosh” and “for all those that are pissed behold the power of beer”.

  6. I am sure he saw the writing on the wall and jumped ship. I am glad he did because firings are never good. They may not have done the job but you are also admitting you had poor judgement in their hiring.

    You can no longer count bowl years as successful. If you are playing on a blue field, you did not have a good regular season. This is a NIT bid and goes as a sub par year for our football team.

    I do not like the Cosh brand of D. It is a slow death and really depends on the other team making an error. I would much rather play a style where we are forcing errors.

    Let’s not get too excited until we see his replacement. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you don’t.

  7. Harryfish…has to get more specific about the Ralphie rumor.

    The holidays come early for Terp fans with Cosh leaving.

    Franklin is Ralphie’s successor…no doubt about it. If Ralphie can bring in another young coordinator with local recruiting roots, the program will be in very good shape in terms of recruits.

    I agree with Rick…Cosh saw the writing on the wall. DBR…Chavis would be bigtime.

  8. Am I the only one wondering about the nifty geometric avatars on all of the posts? Sorry I get distracted by shinny things.

  9. This is a big weekend at UMD, quite a few F-ball recruits coming in as their HS seasons have ended. Meanwhile, it’s expected that Seamo will handle D-Coordinator duties during the interim/bowl preparations, and interviews will get started soon for D-Coordinator position. Terps also need a new special teams/TE coach.

  10. It’s just an option within wordpress. It differentiates commenters a little better I think.

  11. Sorry I can’t be any more specific because that is what was said to me by an extremely high ranking school official not in the Athletic Department. The person also added that they personally were not sure if trading Ralph for Franklin was an upgrade.
    If I hear more I will pass it on, but my AD sources are weak compared to DBR.
    So I don’t normally spread rumors I hear about the Terps because usually they are from disgruntled fat cat alumni just wishing, but this one was a credible source so was worth passing on for discussion.

  12. Wow…Army came out wearing cammo uniforms…

    I’ve never seen anything like this…

    As a taxpayer, I don’t like the associated fringe costs of changing uniforms…

    As a college sports fan, I kind of like it. I wonder if the Midshipmen will be able to see them? If they can, as a taxpayer, I want an investigation.

  13. Why are we talking about football?

  14. Do you believe in Miracles?

    Half time score…….Michiigan 32 Puke 30

    How big would a Michigan Win over Duke be for us.

    Go GO GO Michigan.

  15. 6 mins to go in the game and Michigan is leading Puke 58-53.

    Get this ….Duke is 3-26 from 3pt land.

    GV does better than that by himself.

  16. 74-68 Michigan up with 1:01 to go!

  17. BWAHAAAAAAAAA. Typical Duke. When the game is evenly called, they lose.

  18. Nice work Michigan! How much impact does this have on us? Any really?

  19. Woohoo! That does it! Michigan beats Duke by 8!

  20. Great win for Michigan and great for the Terps.

    Lots to learn from this Duke Loss.

    1. They kill us from 3 pt land….They can be had. I think they shot like 6-30. When’s the last time you saw our guys launch 30 tre’s?
    2. They don’t really have a “big” down low. They had some giraffe in there and he took a sweeping hook and air balled it. He got yanked. Puke is real good at slashing to the hole.
    3. They had 2 FT in the game with about 14 mins left.

    There’s going to be a lot of movement in/out of the Top 25. I have seen a bunch of teams (TV) already and the talent level across the board is the best ever. This is going to be one hell of a year for NCAA BB.

    GO Terps

  21. Great win for Michigan and great for the Terps.

    Lots to learn from this Duke Loss.

    1. They kill us from 3 pt land….They can be had. I think they shot like 6-30. When’s the last time you saw our guys launch 30 tre’s?
    2. They don’t really have a “big” down low. They had some giraffe in there and he took a sweeping hook and air balled it. He got yanked. Puke is real good at slashing to the hole.
    3. They had 2 FT in the game with about 14 mins left.

    There’s going to be a lot of movement in/out of the Top 25. I have seen a bunch of teams (TV) already and the talent level across the board is the best ever. This is going to be one hell of a year for NCAA BB.

    GO Terps

  22. What did I just tell you.

    Ohio State Leading #7 Notre Dame by 5 wilth about 1 min to go.

    Hold on.

  23. I’m pretty sure that this is the second time that Michigan and Duke have played this season. Duke beat Michigan by a bunch earlier in the year in one of the invites (2k sports maybe?) so maybe their series is a wash, and doesn’t impact Maryland (or anyone) at all. If I had to choose a team for Michigan to beat, I’d rather it not be an ACC team, but rather Wisconsin, Purdue or Michigan State. There are plenty of ways for teams we beat to prove themselves to be good (and by extension proving us good) other than beating our own conference foes.

    I guess the stat that Duke went 3 for 26 and that we went 1-11 in the first half vs Michigan should say something about their 3pt defense.

    Also! UMD and UNC are in the Men’s Soccer NCAA College Cup after winning their Elite 8 games today. Wake Forest is winning by 4 at the half. Go Terps!

  24. Can we give a shout out to the Terps soccer team! Terps beat Creighton today 1-0 at Ludwig fieild to punch the ticket to ANOTHER trip to the College Cup (equivalent to the final four!) Fifth time there in seven seasons including a national championship in ’05. They are loaded and have a great chance at another championship. We are a serious soccer powerhouse.

  25. What did I tell you?

    #7 Notre Dame falls to Ohio State.

    It’s going to be a roller coaster.

  26. Sorry to ride your post Jacob! I didnt see that you mentioned the soccer game!

  27. Also, NC State lost to Davidson – well really they lost to a bunch of guys and Stephen Curry. Mr. Curry shot literally half of the shots for Davidson, and the rest of his team took the other half. YET, he was only 4-14 from 3! 15-33 fieldgoals! ncstate still managed to misplay the game … really NCState? really?

  28. Ohio State is good. Remember they beat Miami this week. Michigan win is sweet and proves that Duke is who they’ve been for years. A good shooting team that can be beaten if they aren’t hitting their 3’s and getting every call. In the 2K Tournament earlier in the season at MSG, they got all the calls and beat Michigan. This time, you saw what happened. A very good win for us!

    Congrats to the soccer team as well. Now I will actually watch a soccer game next week. Only happens once in a while!

  29. GERRY I checked the Terps RPI rank before the Duke/Michigan game and then again just now. Our rank moved up 5 places with the Michigan win.

  30. Supposedly there will be no changes in the Terps starting line up as it is now. It appears that Dino has played his way into being the first big off the bench.

  31. DBR – You’re the best. Thanks.

    Miami just beat Kentuckey. The Canes are athletic and tough. I am not overly impressed with Jack MacClinton. Sure, he’s good but we can beat them. We get our first crack at them in about 5 weeks. We should be 13-3 going into that game. I just might fly down to Coral Gables for that game.

    Never, ever give up.

  32. Hey Jeremy or Gregg- Why is our posting time an hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time?

    Just curious.

  33. Michigan beating Duke does help UMD. It will help Michigan get in the NCAA tourney which will help us at the end of the season.

    I watched the last 10 min of that Davidson game and Curry was just huge at the end. He hit a three from about ten feet behind the 3 point line as the 45 sec clock expired to seal the game. He has scary range.

  34. Sean Mosley reinjured his left ankle early in the Michigan game but fought thru the pain and played on.

    GW told the media today thathe’s pleased with the leadership on this team, particularly Greivis Vasquez and Dave Neal. But the team’s youth shows up when the team doesn’t have much turnaround time between games (Gonzaga and Georgetown). When the Terps have time (Michigan State, Michigan) to prep, they’re tough but obviously, a work in progress.

  35. McClinton has gone from only starting one season at Calvert Hall, to Siena College to Miami to a potential 1st round draft pick. Would love to see the Terps beat the Canes, they beat us last year, punked us in the ACC Tourney the year before too in Tampa. I’m tired of losing to them and Va Tech. Damn.

  36. Agreed DBR. I dislike all of the former Big East schools. I wish they were not in the ACC. Gerry- I have no idea on the posting time. Maybe wordpress never switched from Daylight Savings Time?

  37. VA Tech and Seth Greenberg aren’t far behind Duke on the hatred meter for me. And I’m with Jeremy; the former Big East schools don’t belong.

    The Duke-Michigan game was great. Michigan looked like a different team, played with a ton of confidence. Their point guard was near impossible to contain – I don’t remember those quicks against Maryland. Duke still has no inside game, despite all the pre season ass kissing by the media about how much bigger/stronger Singler is this year. Zoubek still sucks.

    So Michigan has beat two #4 teams? Wow. They have quite the non conference resume. All the better for the Terps.

  38. DBR, your post on GW saying we struggle when there is little turnaround time is an interesting insight. It would be interesting to lay out the rest of their schedule to see how many back-to-back games, and/or one day between games are left on the schedule. They may be a much better team when they have two or more days between games and can get practices in.

  39. DBR & others- If there is a grain of truth in the “Terps turnaround time (sluggish) on back -to-back games” it would seem that does not bode well for ACC and NCAA tournaments.Then again, it’s the same for all the other teams in those games. I’m a little reluctant to buy into that ……we ran into two potential Sweet 16 teams in the Zags and GT……at the least. Those games were won on the perimeter and our inability to defend against the 3. That alone, is MD’s most glaring weakness the past 4-5 years.

    I’ve posted comments like this during that same time span….”Why is it that some teams we play, with just average or better 3pt shooters, have a “career day” shooting 3’s against us”? It’s been our most glaring weakness ….other than TO”s.

    This year, with our lack of size, we probably have to “challenge” teams to make the 3’s because we aren’t solid down low. If Dino is rising to the top of his game, that won’t be enough. I believe for us to compete with better teams we need BOTH DIno and Burney in simultaneously. Dupree surely can give them an occasioal break

    Let’s play Fantasy Basketball for a moment.

    For us to be competitive the rest of the way and get to the dance, let’s face it……GV is going to play 30-35 minutes and EH probably 25-30 mins. That leaves Bowie and Mosely (?), Tucker and Milbourne to both battle for the 5th starter position. or the 6th man. Assume it’s Bowie.

    Now we’re down to Tucker, Mosely and Milbourne to “spell relief” for our 3 guards.

    Our best strategy for more “W’s” comes with “40 mins of hell” and that’s using the above scenario. What about Neal you say?

    He’s the secret weapon. When we pull one of our “burner guards” we do that wilth confidence because we probably have taken conntrol of the game. Neal gives us a dyanmic we haven’t had…….a mini-big that can shoot the 3 and won’t hurt us down low..

    Does someone else care to pick it up (or apart) from here…………………..?

  40. The BB&T classic should just go away. It was a good idea when it was in it’s original tournament format. More recently, they had trouble getting anyone of note because of losing home games to do it.

    John Feinstein has tried to make this a total local tournament with GT, UMD, GW, American etc. GT of course won’t sign on to it. I know there isn’t a lot of upside for GT or the Terps in playing this every year. When you play those local teams that aren’t on your level you are in a no win situation. A win is what you are suppose to do and a loss is devastating. You add in the fact that those kids all know your kids and aren’t intimidated and you have a tough ball game.

    I believe it is the responsibility of the bigger local programs to give the Americans, GM, etc a shot. They are never going to get a game like of that stature on a neutral court. Yea, it’s not easy but it is the right thing to do.

    Having said that, unless they can get this thing back to a tournament format, they should just bag it. You just can’t get the attendance when it is just a couple teams playing one game.

  41. Hey DBR , what site do you use for your RPI updates? Does anyone have a site they particularly like? I was just looking at Kenpom, but it hasn’t been updated through Saturday yet.

  42. RealTimeRPI.COM is what I’ve been using. They claim to update RPI’s every 5 minutes. Kempom posted that they weren’t going to keep up with RPI’s much longer.

  43. Football Interlude:

    Oklahoma’s scoring for the last 4 games (3 coming against ranked teams): 254
    MD’s scoring for the full 12 game season: 241.


    Back to hoops:

    Check out what Don Markus wrote on 12/4 in the Sun’s MD Blog…

    “There’s been a lot of talk on this blog comparing Greivis Vasquez to Walt Williams, and this season’s team to the one “The Wizard” played on during his senior year in College Park.

    I have two thoughts, having covered Walt throughout his career at Maryland (yes, I am that old!): They are similar in that Williams tried to prove he was a point guard (he wasn’t) and so does Vasquez (he is more of a point guard than Walt, but takes too many chances). Also, this season’s team is similar to the 1991-92 version and probably will finish with a similar record (14-15, 5-11 in the ACC).

    But Vasquez certainly had a Wizard-like game Wednesday night against Michigan — 23 points, 12 rebounds, six assists and one turnover in 35 minutes, along with solid defense against Manny Harris (5 of 15 from the field). It was one of the best games I’ve seen Greivis play as a Terp, but he will have to do that nearly every night (or close to it, especially with the turnovers) for Maryland to be competitive.

    When Walt played at Maryland, I used to whistle the theme song from “The Wizard of Oz.”

    Anybody have any suggestions about a theme song for Vasquez this season?”

    MD will finish with a similar record? Some people on this site think that some of us are too pessimistic (Hello Gerry!), but I can’t believe this team will finish with a similar record.

  44. Terps going to Boise.

  45. Harryfish: Couldn’t find your comment about Friedgen anywhere. So what’s the rumor about the Fridge?

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