George Washington Preview and Thread

My slingbox is out of commission, so I will have to follow the proceedings online. GW is rebuilding. The Colonials didn’t even finish over .500 last year (figures we played VCU last year in the BB&T) and are looking to rebound.

Their squad is young and has some talent; but the Terps have no excuse to lose tonight. Maryland should win by 15-20 points.

I like the leadership that I have seen from Vasquez and the Terps have been rebounding well as a team. I’m excited to see them string two good games together. I hope that is the case tonight.



  1. It’s official, Terps to play Nevada in the Humanitarian Bowl on Dec 30th.

  2. Damn, I was hoping for the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl… or maybe the Meineke Car Car Bowl

  3. Wheels_ nice post on Walt Williams et al.

    I have us at 12-2 going into the Georgia Tech game. Am sure you agree this is not a 14-15 team.

    Surely GV needs to hone his game possibly reinvent himself as a playmaker and not necessarily as a PG. He’s got to make the rest of the team look good but they have to stay in passing lanes, catch his passes and score.

    A real leader makes those around them feel good and perform better.

    Let’s see who the real leader is that emerges.

    Guess most of you are getting the game live tonight and others in/around CP will be at the game.

    I’ll throw a few quick hi-lites of the game later or until it’s apparent not many are “blacked out”.

  4. Starting 5 is GV, EH, LM, AB and DN.
    Those of you not being able to watch the game will miss the insufferable John (DOOKIE) Feinstein

  5. Key to the game as per the broadcast team: “Keep Vasquez on your side.” So true…

  6. way to go Eric Hayes….kid has a great shot. Terps up 10-4 on 2 long 3’s by him

  7. Md 10-04 at the 16 min mark. Bowie looks good at PG.

    Remember my earlier posts that EH works better without the ball.
    He’s got 2 quck 3’s.

  8. Gerry…I’m on the record as saying that this team is a 20 win team and 8-8 in the ACC.

    A win tonight starts a 7 game run of wins.

  9. Nice start. Good to see EH getting his shot off and making them. And nice to see Burney getting some run in the 1st half.

  10. AM I reading this correctly?

    Hayes 3-4 from 3 and already at 11 points in the first 10 minutes of the game?

    Terps shooting 5-7 from 3 to start the game. Wow. I wish I could watch this game somewhere.

  11. Lead up to 11, if we could grab a rebound on the defensive end it would be even bigger.

  12. Wheels if your internet provider allows access to ESPN360 you can watch the game there.

  13. radio for me tonight too. Sounds like a game I would like to watch as well!

  14. 34-18 MD.

    Everyone’s playing well. Dino looking good …Burney’s got some PT but look nervous or unsure.

  15. Terps 1st TO of the game comes with 6:33 left in first half. Way to take care of the ball guys.

  16. Espn 360 and ESPNU are pipe dreadms for comcast subscribers. What happend to Braxton?

  17. 39-19 Terps ….4mins to go.

    GV just got his lst TO but ref blew it. It was of GW plaeyer.

  18. ESPN360 is a pipe dream for Time Warner Cable users too. I think you pretty much HAVE to have Verizon.

  19. AB hits a buzzer beater 3 pointer, Terps up 19 at the half.
    Everybody looks good so far

  20. Nice first half.

  21. Who is this team I am watching? They are hitting 3s and minimizing turnovers… I’m even seeing some great rebounds. Surely this can’t be the Terps of late.

  22. GW has 12 offensive rebounds. I think they opened up the game with 7 straight O-Boards and yet we still took the lead and expanded it. I realize they are not exactly shooting the lights out, but when we went on that 14 point run (and for most of the half for that matter) we didn’t have a single turnover (ended up with 4). That gives me hope that our improved ball handling will be able to negate our rebounding difficulties.

  23. 45-26 Md at the half. Bowie with a 3 at the buzzer. We probably had 7 3-s is lst half.

    Couple quick hits:

    There’s been lots of comments about Burney and I saw a few things tonight I hope I misjudged. First, he doesn’t look ready to play. At times he looks lost. He took a pass with about 15 secs on the clock and he was wide open from about 7′ and didn’t look good shooting it. It was one of those tweener looks. Should I or shouldn’t I. Later he got a defensive RB and looked lost and unsure of how to get the break going.GW then yanks him and he had a blank look as he passed GW. Keith Booth spokd to JB and he scowled at him. Not good. Anyone else got another view?

    I’m sticking with my previous posts…..i.e., against ACC teams we are going to need BOTH Dino and Burney in there at the same time. Unless Burney breaks out of his (supposed) funk…..I’m concerned for us in ACC play.

    Bowie looks more and more like a PG.

    MD with only 2 TO’s in lst half and one of them was a blown call.

    Tucker got in and almost like Burney, just looked lost on offense. He threw the ball away. lookied bad going to the hole when it was jam packed and overall—-unimpressive.

    Dino still doing some positive things but, in my opinion, Tyler Hansbrough and others would swallow him quick.

    Obviously, we should win this one on our way to 12-2

  24. Burney is frustrating me because he’s been going to meetings, watching film watching practice for three years now. He’s not a dummy…he’s a LeFrak scholar but for some reason the light just isn’t going on. Makes me wonder if the only thing his HS coach taught him was “you get rebounds and give the ball to this guy”

  25. this is freaking awesome, MD is kicking the ever-loving shit out of GW! i love it! this is the most complete and dominating game that i’ve seen any MD team play in the past several years. granted that GW sucks this year, but still. everyone is contributing and playing well, hayes, vasquez, milbourne, bowie, gregory. it’s a real team effort.

  26. Terpgrad……they are playing well but now they are getting “big lead’itis” Getting kind of sloppy and guys are looking for pts.

  27. Vaz is 2 rebounds away from another double-double. Five minutes left. Would love for JSK and Goins to get some PT and see how they do. We’re up by 27.

  28. Well, for some reason it took forever to upload my post. GV has his double-double LOL

  29. I agree DBR why can’t we get some PT for the pine riders? Let them stretch their legs.

  30. In comes JSK as I type that.

  31. Great effort by the boys this evening! Took care of bidness’ like they needed to do.

    Go Terps!

  32. This is the kind of game last year’s team struggled with. We’d play teams that they should beat by 20 and next thing you know we either lose (AU & Ohio) or we win in OT by 2 (Northeastern). Now the challenge for the coaches is keeping the kids focused on the next task at hand.

  33. Chris Knoche said in the post game wrap up that when Greivous came out of the game, he went up to Knoche and the only thing he asked was how many turnovers he had. When Knoche told him “5” GV turned around and muttered “terrible.”

    Its good to know that he is focusing on the turnovers.

  34. Ever the eternal optimist and looking to improve here’s some other observations.

    We look pretty good with AB at PG.
    Burney, Tucker & Dupree don’t look happy. GW’s got to find a way to keep them “Upward Bound”. I still remember the Miami game in Coral Gables last Feb. We got tix for game and flew down. Burney played inspired ball , was a monster on the boards, had a couple blks and scored a few points. He looked then like our starting center or power forward. Now he looks like an emotional mess.

    With 3:oo mins to go Dino had 5 pts nine (9) RB and 1 Blk. Good as that is, it will be tough for him to duplicate that in ACC play.

    Mosely got some good PT. Still don’t see how he made history in Md HS BB. He’s not looking to score and like Hayes last year, doesn’t even seem to be able to create his own shot. He’s always down low and he’ll get swallowed up. We’re going to need him to have a few 8-10 pt games.


    This one’s for AL V – GV …….another…..Double-Double….17 pts, 11 RB’s etc.

    Merry Xmas from GV


    Good Win….yes we dominated but it was easy to do against GW.

    6-2 on our way to 12-2 before G. Tech

  35. Considering he shot 1-6, Dino had another nice game tonight.

    I hope what we saw from Dino Gregory the past two games is the beginning of more good play from him. He came to UMD as a POY out of B-more, got some run early but then sat on the bench and watched his teammates play the last 16 games without taking off his warm up suit once. I even wondered if he had his uniform on underneath his warm ups. Lots of off season whispers about should he transfer. People tell me that the game came so easy to him that he didn’t work as hard as he needed to once he got to UMD, instead he was enjoying being a college student. But all that time on the pine got the message to him, Dino looks like a totally different player this year. Added muscle and is more aggressive in practice and in games. Believe it or not, but that one-handed dunk by him that gave the Terps a 47-46 lead against Michigan was Dino’s first dunk in a game since high school.

    I hope that Braxton got a message watching Dino these past 2 games. And the message I hope he got is pound the boards and push some people around. Because if Braxton goes out and plays hard, even if he fouled out, it would be better than watching him play tentative and soft.

  36. Both Gary Williams and Sean Mosley have said SM is adjusting to the speed of the game at this level. His shot hasn’t been falling in the first few games but he made a 3-point shot and a turnaround jumper against Michigan and seemed to settle down offensively. At the other end of the court he’s settled in and gained some ground as a rebounder (3.2 rpg) and defender.

    I’ve mentioned it before but as a refresher on Sean, he is good in most every area, but not spectacular/highlight/above the rim type player. As he gets more comfortable at this level we’ll see him fill the stat sheet and wonder…”he did all that”?

    On a down note, Sean re-injured his left ankle against Michigan early in the first half, but fought thru the pain and played on. I hope that ankle doesn’t bother him all season. EH wasn’t the same player after his ankle sprain last year.

  37. Watched the whole game and it was a very nice win. We hit the boards pretty well in the second half. Dino had a high motor the whole game and would have had more reb if he had a little better hands. We hit our shots tonight but I thought the biggest thing was really good D. Our press was only so-so but the half court D was tough all night.

    GV played another mature game. Just took one really bad shot, otherwise, he worked in the offense well. Braxton is getting no PT now. In his post game interview Gary said Braxton needs to earn it in practise.

    We need to bring that hard playing style to the rest of these out of conference games.

    Go Terps.

  38. Nice win all the way around. I like the starting lineup, and the bench players coming off. I also noticed that the starters and first players off the bench seemed to understand the flow of the game. Biggest thing I noticed? Solid D by every player. And everyone keeps saying “yes, but it was only GW”. And though that may be true, we keep beating “the teams we SHOULD beat”. We keep doing that, and this season will be a success.

  39. So, did Braxton miss another class this week? Or, has Gary finally decided we have a better shot at winning games with Dino and Burney on the floor? I’m guessing the latter.

    Re Burney, I think you guys are being too hard on him. He didn’t look polished offensively and was a bit tentative, but he’ll come along as Gary works him into the rotation. Besides, I’d rather have a hesitant Burney who at least changes shots with his length and competes for rebounds than a slow, hands of stone Braxton who adds little value at all. Actually, that’s not entirely fair; Braxton has had solid rebounding numbers this year. However, the positives are too often overshadowed by the negatives – turnovers, poor defense in the post, etc. If he doesn’t wake up, Braxton could find himself on the outside looking in for the remainder of the season.

    Another solid game for Dino and Milbourne. Both guys are playing really hard right now – battling inside, blocking shots, attacking the rim. When I think about a mature Milbourne, I think about his performance tonight – hitting a few shots from 15+ feet (maybe a 3), but focusing more on getting garbage points off the glass and using his quickness to get to the rim against bigger players. He really played HIS game tonight. Hayes’s shot fell off in the second half, but his three 3s in the first half opened up a lead that the Terps never relinquished. Gary’s encouraging him to shoot, and that’s a good thing. Bowie played solid, more in control. Vasquez is Vasquez.

    Three positives that stuck out to me tonight: First, defense. Coming off such a great defensive effort against Michigan, I expected a bit of a drop off. But our pressure against GW was great, particularly in the half court. Defense like this on nights when shots aren’t falling (and there will be plenty of those nights for this team, unfortunately) will be critical in conference play. Second, rebounding. GW murdered us on the boards in the first half, but we rallied in the second half and ended up winning the rebounding battle 45-42. It’s not even so much that we out rebounded GW, but that we took the poor effort from the first half to heart and came out in the second half determined to hit the glass . . . hard . . . and did just that. Third, patience offensively. The Terps have looked great in the half court the last two games. They’re working the ball around, getting in the lane, and waiting for shots to develop as opposed to forcing the issue. And no one is showing more patience than (arguably) the worst offender when it comes to poor shot selection – Vasquez. He still turns the ball over too much and takes the occasional bad shot (or two), but on the whole he’s playing within the offense and getting the entire team involved. It’s great to see, and it’s winning us games.

  40. GARY] well coached. new looks thrown out. nice win. would have liked to see some more PT for the underlings though while up by 30.

    GV] seems to me he is much more balanced, composed, focused, playing within his limits, trusting his teammates…love to see it. nice game as usual. 11 boards. wow.

    BOWIE] alot of people not liking him starting and/or playing point. i don’t know. it seemed to work and i’m trusting gary on this one. i think we’ll be seeing different starting lineups all season, as matchups dictate. i love bowie no matter where or when he comes in. he’s the next leader of the team.

    TUCKER] looked like crap. sloppy, tentative, lost. but he’s an awesome player, and i think he’s one of many wounded egos that i spoke about gary needing to tend to. it’s good breaking the colts, as long as you built them back up. tucker’s a badass and he will come around. book it.

    HAYES] tonight we saw how nice of a weapon he is when his 3pt shot is on. does it have something to do with the fact he’s a spot shooter and someone else [AB] was feeding him the ball? — probably. i love watching him shoot the lane and lay it up in traffic though. it’s very silky and still his best weapon to me. bigger and bigger balls is on the continual docket for hayes till he has no fear of anyone or anything.

    MILBOURNE] i will say it alot till proven wrong. he is our team in a nutshell. the microcosm. the median. the mean. our balancing point. generally, our team will mirror him, and tonight was no exception. i don’t see any limit to milbourne’s potential. he can suck or be 1st team all ACC– it will be up to him. great game though. very confident play. some disagree, but i like him at the 4 when the other team’s not too big. hey, lonnie baxer was undersized too. his 8 rebunds is nice. his 20 points is nice. all about confidence with landon.

    DINO] he’s playing like he want’s it– step one complete. 9 boards –step two in progress. step three is to dunk. dunk. dunk. badasses don’t pump fake unless it’s a very strategic maneuver. dino’s myriad of pump fakes are out of timidity, which is a trait he needs to unlearn. he would have had 10 more points if he did not hesitate and went up immediate and strong. dino….i dare you tto break the glass. grow a beard.

    BRAX] he had his chance. dino’s getting his now, and seems like he wants to keep it. gary said brax needs to earn it in practice and i have plenty of reason to trust gary on that one. though, i saw a little facial hair in his 30 seconds of play…yes yes…grow that beard boy. and don’t trim that shit either. let grow all over your neck and come out your ears. be a badass. be james worthy. but know james worthy didn’t smile during games. why you were smiling while only playing the last 30 seconds of a blowout is beyond me. you should be pissed, and then take it out on the other team. until you do that, you aren’t getting the lesson.

    BURNEY] i love burney. i wish he was a superstar. the story for our bigs is the same. 1] want it 2] rebound 3] dunk everything. those are the 3 easiest things to do and will garner the master of them tons and tons of playing time. master those, and then we can get into the fineries of the game.

    GOINS] again, he’s 6’10” 250. we were up by 30 points. hook a brother up.

    SOO KIM] i think he’s very smart and very talented. i think he will prove that he is very smart and very talented. i think i will very much enjoy watching him display his smarts and talents. very soon.

    MOSELY] still can’t hit the broad side of a barn, which really bites considering his credentials. but what i saw tonight was noticably more agility, quickness and confidence in his movements. he’s aclimating quickly and i have much faith that his scoring prowess will start to show before january. what i really like is that he’s always under the boards when a ball clangs off. the bitch is strong, smart and not afraid of you.

    NEAL] neal did not start and i think he’s earned the start. that said, everyone needs to understand that starting positions are up for grabs game to game. throwing out different looks, speeds, sizes, etc. is a huge strategy that will attribute to our success or lack of it. agility is a a big weapon. being unpredictable is a big weapon. of anyone though, neal knows he has a role on this team, and he fills it.

    BEST THING i saw (minus the first quarter) was this thing happening on the boards. the ball was like a piece of meat, and we were like a bunch of piranha. it was a relentless persuit of the ball –slapping, poking, prodding, diving, jumping… like there was an actual recognition that we have a size deficiency, and someone figured out that there are other ways to get the ball than just being big. it was a very intended, well executed plan to harrass the shit out anyone who had the ball in there hands down low. it was a thing of beauty. and it worked. this may be the first ‘smart’ team we’ve seen in since 02′

    NEXT] we’ve got what amounts to a month of sparring. this is where people learn and earn their roles. hopefully everyone knows not to slack. learn the art of the blowout. we’ve had 5 years of playing to our opponent and barely eaking out victories, be it the #1 team or #131 team. i would like to see a team that does their darndest to bury every team in a pile of their own feces.

    gary has one month to finish breaking down those who need it and then buld them back up before ACC. egos will be low for many. those egos will need to be recogized and nourished to the point where confidence does not wane. this is a month for gary to sow some very fruitfull seeds. this may not be the most complete team we’ve had, but i love what i’m seeing from this group. there is something very special here. if it were a light, i feel it’s warmth emanating from bowie, tucker, milbourne, and now reflecting off mosely and dino…i don’t know why.

  41. GERRY you need to get for real. A double double is great and he earned it but it is GW and they suck so it is good but keep it in perspective. 5 assist and 5 turnovers is the bad stat. He still needs to protect the ball. Still early and the kinks can be worked out. Should be good to see Duke go ice cold and be beaten though. But if they hit any of those threes Michigan is in trouble and they were open shots too. The ACC is going to be as brutal as the football season I think. UNC will finish with 2 losses everyone else 6-8 then the bottom of the pack.

  42. Great summary yet again, Yanik. Totally agree on the team smarts too.

  43. Good win from the Turtles last night. I caught the game at the local pub.

    When the guards are hitting their shots (like last night or against MSU) the world is a wonderful place. This year’s team does not play to the level of their opponents. When they are on, like last night, they are good and will stomp bad teams and beat good team. When they are off, like againts G-town, they are very bad.

    Tucker’s disappearance from the rotation is frustrating. He’s too good to disappear entirely, but he’s seems to have fallen into the GW doghouse. I hope he fights through it.

    Lots of grit from Milbourne, Hayes, AB and my man Dino.

    GV’s game was a disappointment, IMO. He needs to solve his TO fetish and quickly. Everyone but him was taking care of the B-ball last night. I think GV is still living in last year, when he had to shoulder too much of the burdern too oftern. This year is different.

  44. What a wonderful morning. Last night the Terps played a team that they should beat by 20 and they beat them by 23. Unlike last season, they didn’t have trouble playing with the lead and let the Colonials back in the game.

    Gary had positive things to say about Cliff Tucker’s talent, but clearly feels he hasn’t stepped up to meet the challenge. And we really need Cliff to step it up.

    The team has put together nice back-to-back wins following the blow outs in Orlando. With finals coming up, there are only 2 games over the next two weeks. This is a young team, I hope they maintain their focus/edge. Last season Terps were 2-4 in December, this year it would be great to go undefeated.

  45. Stevend- You’re somewhat right about GV. His TO’s are definitely down. One of his TO’s last night came when he garnered in one of his 11 RB’s in a crowd and then was stripped. Another, as said earlier, was a blown call by the ref. Also ought to factor in that as leading scorer, he’s going to attract defenders (swatters) like bee’s to honey.
    Expect that as team production gets balanced, that will help keep his TO’s down. No way is GV’s play like last years. His good numbers are up and bad ones are down.

    AL V – A win is a win. A DD is a DD. If Terps had won by 15 you’d have said, “Yeah but, they ONLY won by 15”. Hey, how can “5 assist and 5 TO’s” be a bad stat, as you put it? You’re not getting that bad BB IQ bug that’s going around….are you? Tis the Christmas season… a giver.

  46. A pretty good line from Gary…

    For the second consecutive game, center Braxton Dupree did not play after starting the team’s first six games of the season.

    “It’s not Little League – everybody doesn’t get an inning,” Williams said. “You’ve got to earn your minutes in practice.”

  47. GERRY believe it or not it is called an assist to turnover ratio for a reason because there should be more of one that the other. Watch much or read anything. I said it was a good win they are a bad team so you stats should be a little better in your favor not just as bad. So he did good with shots, points, rb’s and assists but his to’s suck.
    Is there something else going on at college park. Is there a sign that the mid term grade release will have someone ineligible. If not why aren’t more of the guys getting playing time. I know they need to gel but dang everyone needs time to get better. I want to see the bigs get chances during a real game when it does not matter as much.

  48. The Terps overall are taking much better care of the basketball this year. The decline in TOs is the #1 reason for the team’s better performance and a good reason to have hope from here out.

    Why I was disappointed with GV’s performance last night:
    GV had 5 TOs. That’s unacceptable. Period. He was making poor decisions, IMO, on entry passes…..baisically telegraphing the passes. You can subtract 2 TOs as bad luck, but there were a couple of other near-turnovers that the Terps saved by out-hustling the George Washington. GV must take better care of the b-ball. Over the next few weeks, I would encourage GW to hook GV if GV goes out of control. I was also disappointed with GV’s pleading with the refs. That shit has to stop. The ref ain’t gonna change his mind! GV is either gonna get called on a T or he’s gonna piss-off the ref’s for the next close call.

    BTW, It fits in with what Yanik was saying about Tucker being broken to be rebuilt, but Tucker also telegraphed an entry pass that got stolen. That miscue earned Tucker an immediate hook. Tucker is being handled – at the moment – like AB was last year. Make a mistake and you’re back on the pine. The tough-love seems to have worked well for AB (even though it took a season). Let’s hope it works for Ticker, too.

  49. The Terps RPI shot up to #23 with last night’s win. Pomeroy has us at #30. These are good signs as our SOS will get stronger as the season progresses. SOS will dip a little in Dec, but we should win all those games so our position should not be hurt too bad. If we can hold serve in the ACC (maybe go 9-7); we are tournament lock.

  50. Gary has been very consistent over the years that players get into games by how they pratice, and stay in games by how they play in games.

  51. I see Dook went from 7-4 in the AP poll despite losing to an unranked team. Unfathomable for any other team. They are the Obama of college hoops.

  52. I stumbled across a GW board and it seems they are have a breakdown over there. Here’s a quote:

    “I’m nominating General Greivis Vasquez for the quote of the year regarding GW:

    “This is a game we need,” said Vasquez, who had 17 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists. “I knew these guys weren’t good enough to beat us. I knew. I spent a lot of time watching the tape and saw these guys were disorganized all over the place. They’re great athletes, but their defense was not good enough.”

    Disorganized. Disorganized on defense giving up open 3s every time MD either set a screen or passed out of a trap. Disorganized on offense passing the ball around the perimeter with no clear plan of breaking down the opposing defense or creating an open look for a shooter.

    If an opposing player could pick one word to discribe the play of team with a bad coach: D-I-S-O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E-D”

  53. Yanik was right about Tucker being too tentative.

    Twice he was open for easy 8 foot shots. He was guarded some, but he had a clear edge on his defender, and all he had to do was go up for a high-percentage shot. Instead, Tucker passed to someone guarded more than he was and who was less of an option (such as the pass to Burney). He takes himself out of games.

    Tucker is a player, but needs to get his confidence going. Maybe against Del St.! I agree he will be a big plus for the Terps this season.

  54. I agree with the earlier thoughts about getting the guys on the end of the bench in earlier during a big win. I will say that is an issue many coaches struggle with. They look at every minute as a learning tool for the players. They don’t want to “waste” them on guys that are probably not going to see the floor much.

    I think it’s junk time and the play is usually pretty ragged. Guys start jacking up shots they normally wouldn’t. Let those guys that practice every day get in there.

  55. Terps are “receiving votes” for the first time this season in both ESPN and AP Polls.
    The rebounding and fighting for the ball under the rim was much improved this game – it really seemed like our guys wanted the ball. Props to Dino, GV and Landon. I love that tear-drop shot that Bowie has been perfecting, that can be a huge weapon against any team with big bodies under the rim so the ball floats over their hands.

    Go Terps!

  56. Congrats to GV on the POY award.

    And I think Duke fell from 4th to 7th on the AP Poll.

  57. other way for duke. they went UP to 4 from 7…after losing to an unranked team. hmmmmm.

  58. Looks like they’re at #7 to me

  59. Didn’t get a chance to see the game, but you guys did a great job filling me in with your robust posts. One thing is still not really clear to me, do you all see Dino now as our 4 and LM as our 3? How about the rest of the frontcourt players-BD, JB, and DN? With the apparent Dino emergence as a budding big, are we any closer to getting the frontline rotation figured out, or is it still too unsettled to get a better read on it yet?

  60. Team is definately better than last year as others have said. A couple of points:

    1. In Gary’s postgame interview I was glad to hear him say that they really need some good PT from Tucker. Tucker needs to earn these in practice, but at least Gary is pulling for him to get the job done.

    2. Keep encouraging Dino. We need him big time in the ACC and he will need all of the confidence he can build over the next 6 games.

    3. I really like Mosley. He hasn’t shown the scoring ability yet, but he has shown several things that I am impressed with as a freshman. First, he is an excellent rebounder for his size and he has the tenacity to get it done. Rebounding is about heart, and he has it. Second, he has a very good basketball IQ. He knows what is going on and has made some really good plays. Third, he has great hands. How many balls has he knocked out of people’s hands (without getting a foul). This kid will be a star before its all over. I think his shot will come … I’m glad he’s not rushing it right now.

  61. Dear AL Vinchent,
    Obviously you missed the point of the assist/turnover stat. Assists/Turnovers are usually a measure held for POINT GUARDS, not shooting guards. Obviously you cannot compare a shooting guards Assist/Turnovers to a point guards stats. I would say a 1-1 ratio isn’t great for a shooting guard but based on his production in all other categories I would expect his TO’s to be a little higher. Last year he had a turnover problem as a PG which is a completely different story. It was the same curse DJ Strawberry had when he had to play PG for a season. Learn your stats and go join the Duke chat board. There’s no room for non-basketball educated Debby Downers on this board of loyal devoted Terps.

    -Mark “In Gary I trust” Max33

    P.S. I hope somebody hits your Mom with a waterbottle.

  62. Great point about assist/turnover ratio. It is a relevant stat to basically point guards only. Generally, the leading scorer for most teams also leads that team in turnovers, especially if he’s a backcourt player. The reasons are obvious, they don’t have to be stated. I can state 20 different reasons why a PG turnover is different from a turnover from a scoring player in the flow of a basketball game but I won’t. I think most of you already know.

  63. Two games in a row now we have run a fluid offense. The stench from the John Gilchrist/Nik Caner-Medley selfish, standing-around imitation of an offense might finally be gone. The “flex” works. There’s a reason it’s been around for millions of years. If we had UNC’s talent we can basically throw the ball out there and just play. But we don’t. So we need the flex. It gives our players open shots. We basically have two players right now that can create their own shot (GV and AB). Drew Nicholas scored 6 points a game curling around the foul line extended for the turn-around J. Guys like MIlbourne can do the same then go make millions in Europe like Nicolas is doing.

  64. Couple questions tonight regarding football.

    1 – Where did Danny Pearman (special teams coach) head off to? Did he end up going to Clemson?

    2 – Any thoughts on Locksley leaving Illinois for the head job at New Mexico. Think he’ll still take up all our recruits? Think Illinois will still make noise here or lose a bit of their luster?

  65. Dagnabbit, I’ve been hoozlefoofed. ESPN corrected the error. They had changed the date, but not the poll. In 3 weeks Dook has gone from 7-4-7. Yet, wihout the poll it read they went 7-4, dated Dec 8. And it’s not just the mint julips talking either. Cause I’m sucking the moonshine out of a redneck watermellon.

  66. I TOLD YOU! I did that too. ESPN had week 3 poll posted under week 4 date, but does it count that I’m sitting right next to the nunmut Mguaua. Yes, same watermellon.

  67. So these polls you guys are talking about. Gary Williams supposedly votes for them, how much time do you think he spends actually thinking about who the number 16 and 17 teams in the nation are? Do you think hes ever tempted to put Maryland as number one just because?

    Hes been doing it for quite a few years now ( at least since 2002) and there are like only 31 or so coaches who get votes, that has to say something about how the people who make the charts feel about the guy, right?

    I can’t imagine that with all of the tape he watches of Maryland and opponents games, all the practices he attends and time he spends thinking of rotations, subs, plays and everything else that goes into being a head coach, that he would really want to spend his time voting for teams for this ridiculous poll that sports fans salivate and argue over so vehimately.

  68. I believe Pearman went to either Clemson or South Carolina. Locksley will have more difficulty recruiting Balto/DC kids to Albuquerque vs to a Big Ten school methinks.

    If Landon keeps playing like he has the past game and-a-half that will help alot. True PF’s will have trouble matching up with Landon in transition.

  69. FWIW…two games into their season James Padgett and his Lincoln HS teammates are 2-0. James is averaging 13.5 points/game and 11 rebounds per game. His FT shooting isn’t too good, only shooting 5-9 from the line thus far. His rebounds are evenly split 11 offensive/11 defensive.

    If I get any info on Jordan Williams I’ll post it here.

  70. A little off topic but…

    The Terps have recently gotten involved with a 6-foot-9/220 HS Sophomore named Steele Davis. Some in recruiting circles believe that by June 2009, Davis will be the top 2011 prospect in America. K-State may be the early leader for Davis but Maryland, Georgetown, Florida and Kentucky as well as others are showing interest. Davis has some contacts in the DC area, and almost attended Gonzaga HS. So he may want to return here for college.

  71. MM33 you must have such a brain that you think turning the ball over is OK if you score a bunch. Wow that is a sharp BB IQ there. A 1/1 ratio is still crap even for the team. UNC is almost 2-1 for the team. You have to account for you non ball handlers being goofy like WFU seems to have problems with BIGs controlling the ball. If you dribble up the court you are a guard g/f combo. You at that position must protect the ball. If you score 30 and turn the ball over as much as you do assists then that is bad. The object is to limit opportunities by the other team. Turnovers does not do that and neither does crappy 3’s. Vaz is doing better but he still needs to make better decisions. Why is that a hater. You are the smoocher that drinks the koolaid that is happy that the Terps got the crappiest bowl in the ACC. Who wants to caravan to Idaho. Whoooo Wheeeee.

  72. I wonder what bowl the Terps would be going to if they hadn’t wet the bed against Middle Tennessee State? Damn shame. Terps are going to the Roady’s Sports Grill Humitarian Bowl with a payout to the team of $250,000. It’s probably going to cost $250,000 to get the team to Boise. Yeesh. But losing 3 of your last 4 will do that for ya.

  73. I side with Al V today.

    True, a SG with a 1:1 assist to TO ratio is no big deal. But a SG who commits 5 TOS in a game is a travistiy. That cannot happen! GV must take better care of the b-ball or TOs will be a problem against good teams. He needs to clean that up.

  74. Jacob…probably none of the coaches fill out those rankings. Someone in the sports information department probably does (or an assistant or a grad assistant. Same goes for football, too. UNLESS its crunch time and you need to get your team up there!

    I’m also with Al V. Can’t have it both ways, folks. You can’t expect GV to be a primary ball handler and not have to worry about his TOs. If you want to tout his assists, you have to also look at his TOs.

    Don’t be such homers. Facts are stubborn things (John Adams).

  75. Don’t get me started about these bowls again. The Terps had a disappointing, subpar year no matter how you slice it. But let’s not judge it by the bowl selection process. Clemson had a horrible year…they beat NO ONE. As a just reward they are playing on New Years day. Once they got six wins they were going to a nice bowl. Look at what BC got. They got the shaft is what they got.

    The bowl system is a complete joke. It has nothing to do with how good you played that year. It has everything to do with how many people you can put in a stadium.

  76. Hey Everyone…got to speak with Andy Katz in the ESPN Chat today…here is what he said about our Terps! (looking good!)

    Kevin (Schenectady, NY): Hey Andy, any more present thoughts on the Terps so far? They got a much needed win verse Michigan and did what they had to do beating George Washington easily. If they win the rest of their non-conference games they will be 12-2 going into ACC play and possibly ranked, good shape for the tourney?

    Andy Katz: (11:53 AM ET ) Maryland is now taking care of business and rebounded very well from the Georgetown debacle. The Terps aren’t overly talented, but bust their tail for Gary Williams. They have a chance to earn a bid by winning games they’re supposed to and staying above water in the ACC.

  77. Thanks for posting that NYMets. Good work.

  78. Dear AL “I go to Duke and flame the MD chatboards because I am a loser” Vinchent,
    Just to prove you are an idiot here are some career stats from big scoring NBA players that do everything for their team and who are not point guards in a league that has much more talent around them and in a league that plays 0 defense:

    Player Career Assist/Turnover Ratio
    Dirk Nowitzki – 1.4
    Kobe – 1.56
    Kevin Durant – .78
    Stephen Jackson – 1.2
    David West – 1.0
    Paul Pierce – 1.26
    Ray Allen – 1.58
    Corey Maggette – .94
    Carmello Anthony – .99

    Greavis is perectly fine at around 1.0 and has the heart of a lion. Would you shut up and go slither back into the hole you came from already?

    Mark “In Gary I trust” Max33

  79. Watched the game on 360 today and was happy for the solid win but confused with how the lineup is shaking out. We need Dupree this season. Even if his game doesn’t pick up on offense, we need him for all of the other little things. Unless Goins gets PT (which he won’t) or Burney really turns his game around, Dupree is the backbone of our front line and he didn’t get into a blowout until 30 sec. left in the game. I think Gary is making a big mistake here. Dupree needs to play…NOW!

    As far as Vasquez and the assist:TO ratio goes, I think you really need to see the game and account for every TO to assess if a 1:1 ratio is forgivable. For Vasquez (our leading scorer/rebounder/best player) a 1:1ratio probably isn’t a bad thing unless we are consistently triggering our offense through him and he commits bad TOs by throwing the ball away. I’m not seeing that so far this year. I see most of his TOs coming when young guys vacate the passing lane (miss communication) or when he is picked clean after making a hustle play. The times when he has gotten into trouble and done something stupid are WAY down from last year and there is no question that he is operating within the offense on almost every possession. If the guy scores more than 20 a game with nearly ten rebounds a game, a 1:1 ration is certainly forgiveable.

    Cmon Tucker…I’m rooting for ya buddy. Unfortunately, when Gary drops you from the starting lineup only to see your minutes consistently decrease in the following games, it’s gonna be a tough road back into the rotation. I see Tucker as an impact player…I just hope he can make an impression on the court.

    Yeah Dino!! Nice to see someone play with some real effort. Things are looking much brighter for this guys immediate future…and thank goodness for that!

    Dave Neal will hit more huge threes this season then I think anyone here realizes. His shot looks pure and he’s going to get a ton of minutes.

  80. GW: “It’s not little league ya know”. WOW, message sent…hope it’s received by BD

  81. loop, in the first paragraph of your post above, you hit on what I have been talking about for awhile now. GW needs to figure out his frontcourt rotation soon. I’d like to see whoever GW thinks is the leading candidate 4 and 5 guys get extensive playing time in the NEXT game. IMO he’s got to start giving extened minutes to whomever he feels has earned it. We need to see if those individuals can sustain it for long stretches. Here’s a suggestion, if Dino is ready, let him play 30-35 minutes next game to see if his game is ACC ready or not: same with Dupree and/or Burney.

    I am one who has not been comfortable with the idea of LM at the 4 spot. I’m sorry, I just don’t think it will work for us. I put the experiment in the same category as DJ at the point–nice concept in theory, doesn’t work in the real world. I think he is a natural 3 and that is where he should stay period.

    Between Dupree, Gregory, Burney, Neal and Goins, two of them are going to have to step up as our starting 4 and 5 spots. IMO we are going to need at least three of our bigs to elevate their game so we can compete effectively in ACC play. It appears Dino may be making a move to capture the 4 spot, that leaves the 5 spot coming from among BD, JB, DN and Goins. IMO, I don’t see us competing with either DN or SG playing extended ACC minutes in the 5 spot. Braxton and Burney have the physical tool, but for some reason, their game will not develop to the point where it is at an ACC level .

    Thoughts? Comments?

  82. JohnE,

    My two cents:

    1. There is no difference, really, between the 3 and th 4 on offense. Milbourne can handle either just fine. The potential issue with Milbourne will be on defensive matchups. I think he can handle the 4 man fine in most cased – with the exception of a match-up problem against UNC, WF and Clemson.

    2. Dupree has shown so far that he lacks grit and energy. He wants to lally-gag….He lallygags around the infield, he lally-gags around the outfield. He lallygags around the base paths. What’s that make him? A lally-gagger, coach? He’s a gad-darn lallygagger! With Gregory and Burney starting to emerge, I’d be fine if GW sat Dupree. I would like to see Goins get a chance, however.

    3. Neal is a glue guy. He knows his role on offense and can fake it on defense. He’s good for 10-15 minutes a game. Anything more than that and I think you are rolling the dice. I like the idea of having him start a game (because the first few minutes are sometimes warm-up time anyway) and then bringing in Gregory for added energy and athleticism. Neal’s shelf-life extends a few minutes if that scenario works out.

    4. The Terps will win or lose games based on permiter play. The troika of Neal, Gregrory and Burney are adequate to fill the hole in the middle. If Dupree improves, so much the better. But I’m not going to count on him till he shows as something on the court.

  83. for JohnE
    “…I’d like to see whoever GW thinks is the leading candidate 4 and 5 guys get extensive playing time…IMO he’s got to start giving extened minutes to whomever he feels has earned it.”

    –that is precisely what you have been seeing, and will continue to see.

    “….doesn’t work in the real world. I think [Milbourne] is a natural 3 and that is where he should stay.”

    –i don’t know. who’s to say LM is a natural 3 when he had the best game of his life at the 4? Maybe he’s a natural 4 and has been playing out of position all this time. Isn’t that what “natural” means…good for no apparent reason? You like Dino at the 4, but the only thing Dino has on Milbourne is 20 lbs. LM is same height, more confidence, more experienced, and better in almost every category right now. If the proof is in the pudding, then Landon is a pretty darn good 4, at a time when we need big men to step up.

    This, I am 100 confident in, on all levels. Goins should start every game and stay in the game until someone other than him gets a rebound, then he immediately comes out. This path is guaranteed successful if the rules are followed.

    1] once the decision is made, Goins has to start EVERY game without exception, all year

    2] gary can never let anyone know that goins will be starting every game. it MUST seem like a gametime decision, all year

    3] when announcing gameday rotations, it must be stated ALOUD that goins will stay in till he misses a rebound. something like this “starting at 4, milbourne. starting at 5, goins, until you miss a rebound.”

    4] goins MUST come out as soon as he misses a rebound, immediately and without exception.

    —— i would love to discuss any flaws you can find in this theory. please think through thoroughly before presenting ——

  84. Football update…
    The defensive players are excited about playing for Seamo and seeing him get a shot. Very spirited practice. Players were bummed they didn’t get to say goodbye to Cosh and several said they will miss him, as he was their lead recruiter in some cases.

    Some of the charges against Costa were reduced, whether or not he’ll ramp it back up this month and play football remains to be seen.


    Dupree was, and is, being counted on for some production this year. GW has repeatedly said that the main thing he needs inside is some defense and tough rebounding.

    Neal and Dino have been blessings up to this point and hopefully that will continue. Burney can help out some by just being active on the defensive end. I got an email from someone that scouted BD extensively in high school. Said he witnessed some dominating games including 30 point games against Saint Frances and Mount St. Joseph. Said he saw other games where BD was a non factor. Said he’d testify in court that BD had “GREAT” hands in high school. He is flummoxed to see him now fumbling passes.

    Clearly BD needs to get it together quickly (this week would be nice). He just needs to play mean and hungry out there like someone stole his lunch ( that sounded better in my head) and use his size/strength to his advantage.

    Meanwhile here’s a great feel good article.

  85. Gregg,

    Midwest CSN will not be broadcasting the MD v. Delaware State game, so I won’t be able to see it on TV. You know of any streaming sites that may stream the game? Thanks.


  86. I’ll get to work on that ‘Chi’, but you might be out of luck. Just as I found out about, the site got shut down.

    I’ll poke around and see what else I can find out, though it might not be a bad idea to invest in the slingbox if you have someone in Maryland who can set it up at their house. It’s a great great invention!

  87. By the way, I think it’s great for Maryland recruiting that Locksley is off to New Mexico. You really think kids will choose to go to New Mexico over Maryland? At least Illinois could boast about being in the Big 11 and the players would have a chance to reach the Rose Bowl. What could NM offer? I’m thinking this helps us keep a few more players local.

  88. Ok Stevend, and I guess you too Yanick, what do we do in the case of UNC, WF, and Clemson if LM is the main 4 on defense? I have not had a chance to see the last two games, but did catch Gonzaga and G’town. From what I was looking at during those two contests, I think it foreshadowed the Terps having trouble with teams that have a legit 4 and/or 5. Do you think that has changed any with what you have observed in the Michigan and GW games? Put another way, are our perimeter players going to be able to make up for our weakneses down low? Are they going to be able to score enough to overcome the easy baskets by the oppositions bigs if we don’t hold our own on the boards and in the paint?

  89. I agree with Yanik re the Mibourne at 3 vs. 4 debate. As I said before, I’m not convinced it matters where he plays from on offensive perspective, given the nature of the flex offense. And although he may struggle to guard bigger post players, he should be able to use his quicks and exploit those same players on the other end of the floor. Let’s also not forget that Milbourne hasn’t exactly wowed anyone playing the 3 up to this point in his career.

    Re the big men – Look, we’re simply lacking in the post department, and nothing’s gonna change that. Is there a perfect rotation? Maybe, but you can’t make something out of nothing. Dino and Neal have played well the last 2-3 games, Burney is showing flashes, and Dupree has fallen off. So, that’s the rotation. Let’s run with it and see what happens. Of course Dino and Neal are undersized, amongst other limitations. But you certainly can’t argue that these two don’t deserve primary roles on the team, considering how they’ve played recently (and considering the entire team has played well with the two of them on the floor). No one’s giving up on Dupree; there’s still a lot of growth potential there. However, if Dupree doesn’t improve and can’t earn it in practice, then he doesn’t deserve to play. I don’t care how talented he was in high school. Give Burney his minutes and let him develop. Right now, Burney’s got a ton more up side, and he’s more valuable to the team with his length and athleticism. And Goins? Come on, guys. Do you really think he’d be on the bench if he could actually contribute? Mere size, without more, doesn’t beget all-star freshman center. Give Gary some credit.

  90. DBRuss, Great AB story! It reminded me of a story I heard about Juan. Legend has it, when Juan was a freshman he saw Stevie Francis shooting for hours with no one around. Juan realized, then, what it took to practice to be a champion and he adopted the same work ethic. I think the Terps lost that work ethic after the NC. Let’s hope AB’s work ethic is contagious and now they got it back!

  91. That Bowie story reminds me of the stories they used to tell about Juan staying late into the night at Cole with his girlfriend feeding him the ball. I always marvel at the fact that a few more players don’t realize that with an improved work ethic their talents that got them on the team could become talents that make them a star, and, with tireless effort, maybe even an NBA baller.

  92. Yanik—you’re Goins deal has some merit but probably zero chance of materializing.

    Let’s say Goins starts. We must have EH, GV and AB start also. That leaves Landon (or Neal) in as well. Now what? Unless he’s doing exceptionally well in practice and playing with those starters, it could get real messy …….fast.

    Tell us more.

  93. Goins starting would be a huge confdence boost for the young man, and often, that’s all a kid needs to flip his switch…one nod from coach. If he sucks, he’s only in the game for 13 seconds or so. no harm. By the 4th-5th start he would have no choice but to start owning his role, or continue to disappoint. The other bigs would be fighting for playing time and not starting position, which would minimize crashing egos. By the end of the season, goins would have touched every team in the acc, if even for a moment. How much more mentally prepared would he be for next season, and how much better would he prepare himself in the off-season.

    Now this is only some of the surface stuff. This whole thing isessentially a masterful phycological play. Think about the freshman who gets nod after nod after nod from his coach even though he’s doesn’t do well. How much harder would you practice knowing you would probably start next game. How driven would you be after only ever getting a small taste. How focused would you be knowing you were going to get a possible 2 minute shot at tyler hansbrough. How important would rebounding be to you knowing you got to stay in the game as long as you get every rebound?

    It goes on and on and I haven’t been able to think of a negative, all for the price of giving a kid 13 seconds a game to define his own destiny. But don’t mistake it as a charity move…if he is smart and strong and willing, our biggest man could be contributing solidly come tourney time. Not a bad trade-off for 13 seconds.

    As far as Milbourne at the 4…who knows what is best. Who knows why he shines one game, disappears the next. I personally think LM runs on confidence and I don’t see any performance cap on him. I think he could be an outright superstar if he chose it. Mostly, I think one of our greatest weapons this year is agility in throwing out multiple, changing faces. mixing sizes. changing speeds.

    So, it’s not how Landon can handle Gerald Henderson… it’s how Gerald Henderson can adjust to an undaunting 40 minute flurried and steely mix of Landon, Burney and Dino while that pesky bastard Sean Mosely is in his shorts elbowing his nuts whenever the refs aren’t looking. Every team will call for different strategy on our part and the sneakier, more agile and better prepared we are, the more wins we get. I have not been vague about how important I think Milbourne’s role is in how these strategy’s play out. His versatility is the hinge on which our door swings. If he’s tight, we squeak.

  94. Virginia Tech 66
    UGA 67

    00.3 sec left

  95. Nevermind, change that to FINAL. Jeez, I almost feel bad for them…

  96. I do not feel bad at all, their coach is such a poor loses and they have no class. Everyone said they were going to be so good this year…preseason picks mean very little

  97. Agreed re VA Tech. Let ’em suffer.

    Yanik, I’d love to see Goins blossom into a monster down the road, but let’s not get carried away. Players with the drive/motivation that you’re hoping to spark in Goins don’t need a token start and 13 seconds of PT to get their juices going. If he can help the team, he’ll play . . . eventually. For now, I have to believe there’s a good reason he’s on the bench. And if you’re looking for negatives, there are plenty. How ’bout throwing a young, immature freshman to the wolves and allowing him to get brutalized by better players, thus killing his confidence. Also, a lot can happen in the first minute or two of the game. Would you be willing to gift wrap an automatic 4-5 point swing to the opposing team at Goins’ expense just so he can have the experience of getting bitch slapped by Tyler Hansbrough? I agree playing against superior competition and in pressure situations makes players better, but within reason. Unless you know something about Goins’s psyche that his coaches don’t – and I doubt that’s the case – I can’t seen any benefit to what you’re suggesting.

  98. The way I recall the Juan Dixon story about his girlfriend rebounding and passing to him is that she wanted him to go to a Prince concert with her but it meant he couldn’t play in pick up games with his teammates. He took her and in return, after the concert the two went back to Cole and she rebounded for him while he worked on his shot.

    Meanwhile, tonight DBR saw Terps 2010 recruit Taran Buie in action. And all I can say is WOW! He is as advertised. It was kinda strange to watch him play because his game resembles Juan Dixon’s and he resembles Juan at a quick glance at his face. Meanwhile

    Great jumping ability? CHECK
    Good looking shot? CHECK
    Goes to the hole strong? CHECK
    Good defender? CHECK
    Gets his teammates involved? CHECK

    Played all but about 1 minute of the game. Scored 29 points in a variety of ways including an ally oop dunk. Didn’t shoot too well from the FT line (6-12) but quite a few of those misses were in the 4th quarter and fatigue could have been an issue. I’ve seen him listed at 6-0 and at 6-1. I’m not sure that he’s not 6-2 after seeing him myself.

    First time I was around him was in September, this was the first time I’ve seen him play and he looked a little bigger than when I saw him 3 months ago. His father is 6-9 so concievably he could grow another inch? But his mom is like 5-5 soooo.

    But the kid can play, and he would look great in a UMD uni.

  99. Also, shout out to Steph Curry. Even with his NCAA Tourney heroics from last year, I thought him making it in the NBA was a long shot, given his size (I don’t care how great a shooter you are, playing against 2 guards in the NBA is a whole different experience). But he looked pretty good running the point against West Virginia tonight. If he continues to improve at that position and gets stronger physically, watch out. It’s a bit tiresome listening to ESPN slobber all over him during broadcasts, though. And he takes a ton of shots. Hell, even Al Vinchent could averange 30 if he shot the ball 40 times a game. Then again . . .

  100. Thanks for the report on Buie. Sign him up!

  101. MAX thanks for solidifying my point. 1/1 is not good and it is okay for non primary ball handlers. Look saying a kid needs to improve does not put me in DUKE fan land. You might be with all the stats lol. Stephon Curry is ridiculous. I want him on my team. Everyone knew he was going to take the shot and boom he nails it and then gets the inbounds through 3 people. What I don’t get is how is brother slipped to Liberty. Wasn’t there writing on the wall to take a chance on a Dell Curry offspring. On the other hand the 10 assists were awesome but the 8 TO’s needs work. The 27 shots needs a little curbing as well. See Max who am I a fan of now. I am objective you should try it.

  102. DBR,

    Regarding Buie, where would you put the Terps on his list of schools?

  103. DBR, do you see Buie as more of a 1 or a 2? The comparisons to Dixon seem to indicate a 2; although he’s probably interchangeable. I’m thinking ahead–Buie and Mosley as a future backcourt, or Bowie and Buie (now that’s got quite a ring to it).

  104. Always nice to hear on Buie, maybe he’s hitting a late growth spirt? Not that it is needed, at all… his overall ability more than makes up for not having classic SG height. It’s pretty scary how similar he sometimes looks to Juan, isn’t it? I want him here and to be part of a 4 or 5 kid class (even though we’re set to only have 3) ;)

  105. JohnE, more of a SG, but a Buie Mosley backcourt Mosley’s last year here probably wouldn’t be bad at all. We want Epps with Buie, but if that doesn’t happen we’ll have other options for PG in the 2010 class. Something like mystery PG, Buie SG, Barton SF, and Tobias Harris PF would still be great. A under the radar 2010 PG and C/PF who are both the real deal will I suspect surface in the next month or so.

  106. DBR, I thought that the staff had Epps as a priority with Buie as back court mates for 2010. Is that still the case? Are we still high on Epps’ list, and he on ours, for 2010? Thanks.

  107. Well CT, I wouldn’t “gift wrap” or “hand it” to the opposing team, but yes I would absolutely risk a 4 point swing in the first 14 seconds just to have Goins bitch slapped by Tyler Hansbrough. Depends on his character. If his confidence gets killed by playing against “better players”, I’m revoking his scholarship. I’m also not quite sure why you would consider the 4 pt swing “automatic”. I personally have never met Goins, which is why my theory is just a theory, but do generally assume he can stand on a court for a few seconds and not come off as a total douch. If that’s the case, this theory would have a 92% chance of success…and still… is the risk worth the reward.


    Never feel sorry for VT. Seth Greenberg is an asshat of the highest order. He makes his school actually loathable, one rung below Boston College, and 3 rungs below Georgetown.

  108. Terps are in Buie’s list of top 5 schools. Gary is personally recruiting Taran. After watching him in person, I see him more effective off the ball as a SG but I could see him playing PG in spurts.

    Epps is a priority at the PG position, in fact some close to the program have told me that Epps is THE priority.

    Buie’s team is going to Long Island this weekend to play Tobias Harris’ team.

    Meanwhile…James Padgett’s Lincoln HS team will be playing on ESPN tomorrow night at 9:30.

  109. Sorry if this has already been discussed, but any info is appreciated…My husband is a Michigan fan and is harassing me about how much Will Regan enjoyed his recent visit to Ann Arbor. Anyone know WR’s latest thoughts on the UMs??

  110. Brooke First of all, virtually every recruit enjoys their campus visits. Their treated like kings, what’s not to like LOL . Second of all tell your husband that Regan took notice of Maryland beating Michigan…whoops.

    Reports are that Will Regan wants to be a business major…taking a look at the Michigan economy the past 15 years…prolly not alot of opportunities there for business grads compared to Washington, DC. Terps talked to Regan about getting an Under Armour internship and that was something that excited Regan. So, Will enjoyed his visit to UMD too. While he was here, Regan met Tom McMillen, Joe Tydings, and Steny Hoyer, all of whom have been involved in the political scene here. He also met Lefty.

    The Terps were probably the first school to offer a ‘ship to Regan and are recruting one of Regan’s AAU teammates/friends (Taran Buie). Word is that if the Terps get Buie, Regan will come to UMD too. Buie isn’t even looking at Michigan btw.

    Long way to go with Regan’s recruitment…I don’t see him choosing a school before Spring. Hope that helps.

  111. has the Terps RPI at 18 and SOS #11. However our next opponent’s RPI is in the 200’s so we need to win with style points ala Oklahoma’s football team.

  112. Regarding the RPIs;
    Its nice to see that both Gonzaga and Georgetown have their wins over Maryland listed at the $$ value for “good win.” I’m glad that the Terps are ranked so highly, we sure have risen pretty far. The season is about a quarter over and I think that the RPI still needs some time to level off and shake itself out of the pre-season rankings that inherently affect how far a team can reach week to week. Look at UNC, ranked 13th at 8-0 while Northwestern is ranked 5th at 6-1. Apparently Michigan(16) is on the downswing while Duke(6) is on the upswing. Their last game against each other would seem to indicate otherwise.
    RPI is great, but I think that there is way too much room for error near the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, its an iterative system and the information it is based on is from last week (or in this case 5 minutes ago).
    If you start with bad data, you get bad data.
    With that said, if the Terps drop to around 30 or 40 in the RPI while not losing until ACC play, I’ll be happy. No doubt the system will have the chance to rid itself of pre-season ranking vestiges by then.

  113. DBR…not to belabor a point here…but you threw this one right in my wheelhouse.

    While MD has a Top 25 b-school, Michigan has a Top 5 b-school. Nothing to be ashamed of on our side. I’d kill for a MBA or PhD in management from MD. They wouldn’t have touched me with a stolen pecker, even as an alumni.

    You’re right about Michigan’s economy, but a b-degree from Michigan gets access anywhere in the world. MD’s not quite that level.

    I must say, though, that meeting Lefty would outweigh all of that school nonsense. Seriously.

  114. By the way, I do believe that Brooke might be the first female poster on The Soup since Nik Caner-Medley’s lover, Cara, left the Soup after he left CP.

    Big Props to Brooke. Big apologies if there are other women on here that I couldn’t discern gender from their tag.

  115. Thanks for the info DBR. It was definitely a party in my house when we beat “the other UM” and then again Saturday when “the other UM” beat Duke. Yes I would imagine it’s great to be a D1 recruit these days. Too bad I’m 1) a girl, 2) 5’3″, 3) un-fast, 4) way too old for college, unfortunately. lol…Here’s to Buie and Regan becoming Terps!

    And thanks, Wheels. I love this blog and read it all the time (I belong to Terrapin TImes too and it’s quite intense), props to Jeremy and Gregg and all of you who provide cool info, debate topics, etc.

    PS for those who live out of state and have problems getting the bball games on tv, I live in FL and DirecTV has been awesome. Last year I think only 2 were not televised. Plus, the Gary WIlliams show, c’mon what could be better?!

  116. Michigan definitely has a terrific business school…so I had to split hairs with the Michigan economy LOL

    I’ve been working the phones on serveral things today and one thing that keeps coming up is that people in Charm City keep saying that Cosh is among the final 3-4 candidates for the Towson head job. This could explain why K-State hired a Co-Defensive Coordinator.

  117. Welcome Brooke! Are you a UMd alum? Many of us remember Cara w/ her big crush on NCM, you sound like you might have a bit more hoops knowldege than our beloved Cara…Hey, come to think of it, whatever did happen to Cara???

  118. She’s probably in Spain with Nik

  119. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this, Yanik. Unless you can provide evidence that starting Goins, just for the sake of starting him, and then letting him play a mere 13 seconds before being yanked, will actually help his development, your theory is actually all risk and zero reward. Licensed medical professionals in the area of sports psychology, and/or those with direct knowledge of Goins’s mental stability/instability, speak now or forever hold your peace.

    DBR, thanks for the continued recruiting info (some of us don’t feel like paying for insider access to, etc.). It is very interesting and much appreciated.

    And Brooke, keep hope alive. My wife thinks this site is a colossal waste of time.

  120. Am I the only one who would like to see a Burney/Gregory/Milbourne frontcourt?

    I don’t think we’ll be able to win many ACC games with Neal and Milbourne playing 5 and 4. I don’t think they can defend the post nor provide scoring against ACC teams at those positions.

  121. Yanik, You have a very big brain. Your insights into games are brilliant. Sometimes, however, your psycology ramblings are either above my reasoning or just very bad ideas. The ‘start Goins and see what great things happen” concept, in this case, seems like a very bad idea to me. Why? Because it puts one player above the rest of the team. This would create team division even if it somehow helped Goins. If Goin’s is getting schooled in practice by Neal, for example, then what sort of message does that send to the rest of the team if you start Goins anyway? I like the “earn it” in practice philosophy much better.

    In reagards to Regan (and with defference to Brooke, and any other female readers), may I remind everyone that his eventual choice of College will be largely influenced by which school has hotter chicks. I have never been impressed by the Michigan cheerleaders. So the advantage is clearly with the Terps…unless the University of Florida or UCLA starts recruiting him, too.

  122. Right on CT. Agree to disagree. It’s all theory anyway without knowledge of Goins and a few other things. Assumptions are being made, but this Is basic psychology mapped onto an unfixed matrix of possibility. Theory. I’m not presenting right angles though and as far as i can tell, you keep missing me by about 13 degrees +/-3.

    e.g., we wouldn’t be “letting him play a mere 13 seconds before being yanked”. That would be silly. What would not be silly (to me) is letting him play till someone other than him got a rebound.

    It’ll never happen anyway, but I think an average human being that wanted to play ball and had the skills to play ball would respond to the challenge. The big unknown is whether or not Goins is an average human being.

  123. Impressive cheerleaders never hurts LOL

    Seriously though Regan is an excellent student that attends a prestigious HS in Buffalo. Academics will play a big part of his decision.

    Thus far he’s visited Arizona State, Stanford, Michigan, Notre Dame, Penn State, Providence and Maryland.

  124. Grayson – I have long touted the necessity of getting Burney plenty of PT. GW’s a great coach but I got to believe he realizes that bringing Burney into the
    fold (rotation) is not optional, especially since the reversal of the Dupree experiment.

    Further experimentation is probably limited to the next 4 games to see who acutally emerges. We have all massaged the heck out of the possibilities. This is certain Hayes, Bowie, GV, and LM are likely starters ……and “finishers” absent any of them fouling out. In the next 4 games, we’re ok with Neal, Dino and Burney getting plenty of PT. If Dupree “emerges from his coma” that’s a plus. If Goins doesn’t get “appreciable” PT he’s going to need a “cushion” for his seat on the pine. We certainly don’t need another Will Bowers” …..even though he had his “moments in the sun/shade”.

    When we get to the last 3 games before ACC play the first 8 will be firm. Again, that’s
    GV, EH, AB, LM and probably Gregory. Then it’s Mosely, Tucker Neal and not necessarily in that order. Much as I like Neal and appreciate his l’ship and productioin this year, we sacrifice “40 minutes of hell” with him in there.

    Briefly back to Burney and Dupree- They actually shoulld be major role players this year and the fact they are not should be alarming to all Terp fans. Something’s wrong. It’s not the coaches fault. They got them to College Park. DIV 1 BB is the fast lane to the NBA. When you have an athlete like Burney…..maybe Dupree….Tucker too….the old axiom of “It it’s to be, it’s up to me” is the last hurdle.

    The door to success is locked…..from the inside. These guys are going to decide to eompete, improve and contribute or they’ll linger in the ubiquitous limbo of self-flagellation only to leave UM with “regrets”. No doubt they have the physical ability. It’s now a personal decision to either be a specator, cheerleader or a player.

    One final note – If JSK ever caught fire either offensively with the 3 or Defensively with some productive low post play that’s a dynamic that could be very exciting. It’s not easy to block a 6’8″ perimiter shooter.

    Yanik – More than Goins…..JSK’s development and emergence…..this year …..could be the key factor in the Terps competitivness. Any combination of threee (3) perimeter shooters combining for 40-45 points will help us be competitive down low.

  125. I can’t believe you all don’t remember that Yanik/Sphincter is the great philosopher of The Soup. He dispenses knowledge the way that Chevy Chase did in Caddyshack. He left us for a while, but now he is back. HIs circular logic is renowned in these parts…

  126. Yanik’s had some productive posts but he’s not “Carnak” nor is he out of the AL V mold i.e, know all without seeing all.

    Wheels …..and circular logic is similar to “he who goes around in circles shall be known as a “big wheel”?

  127. Kaze blows one prediction and gets no love anymore.

  128. Congrats to Edwin Williams, Travis Baltz and Da’Rel Scott for making 1st Team All ACC.

  129. Al “I play lacrosse at Duke and banged a hooker” Vinchent,
    You must have REALLY missed the games this year. GV is NOT the primary ball handler as he was last year. I proved my point exactly. Bowie and Hayes are the PGs this season. Have even seen a game? INFACT if you really want to compare some assist-to-turnover ratios for shooting guards:

    Juan Dixon 2000-2001 (Junior Year) – 93 Assists – 86 Turnovers – around a 1.1 ratio

    Greavis Vasquez 2008 (Junior Year through 8 games – Assist/Turnover ratio – 1.5

    READ’Em and weap. You must think Juan Dixon was a horrible player his Junior year. You MUST BE A DOOKIE.


    -Mark “In Gary and GREAVIS I trust” Max33

  130. You crazies need to drink what I’m drinking. This is good shit here.

    Be Goins for a second. Put yourself in his shoes. Feel him. Be him. It’s Friday night, 20 minutes before taking the floor against Deleware St. You’ve played 3 minutes all year, but Gary announces you’re going to start! What, start?!! SHIT!! (panic, excitement, fear, confidence…your adrenaline spikes) Dino and Neal are like WTF! Then Gary says “you’re coming out as soon as you miss a rebound.”

    Say wha?

    Oh, ok, coach is doing something here…Dino and Neal calm down. You now realize that your time will be short. (confidence goes down, but focus goes up) Your job is simple — get every rebound. You play seven seconds, the ball clangs way off the rim to half court. You get pulled. Shit. You go through a whole range of emotion but don’t get back in the game. Shit Shit. (but now, subconsciously, you focus on rebounding during practice)

    Next game. American U. Coach says “Goins, your starting at center until you miss a rebound.” Dino and Neal are ok becasue they assume it’s only gonna be a few seconds. But you’ve been here before. You’ve trained your mind for this, and you are ready. You grab one board then get yoked. Shit! But gary gives you a “good job” when you come out. Yes! Adrenaline spiked again… itching to get in.. wanting to get another shot … C’mon coach I’m ready. The shot does’t come… CRAP! So you go to Booth and ask for extra rebound training. (simple self-preservation)

    Next game. Big Bad Bryant University. “Goins, you’re in till you miss one.” Fuck yea! You’re stoked. You’ve thought about this moment all week. You’ve studied their players this time and watched 10 hours of Charles Barkley tapes so you can steal a few extra minutes. Bryant is small and you grab 4 rebounds! Your are pumped! PUMPED! Your’e no longer upset by coming out, becasue you are starting to accept your role. You hope to go in soooo bad, but it never comes. It’s Ok, you killed it!

    Next game. Elon. “Goins, you’re in till you miss one.” Freaking clanger….no rebounds. CRAAAAAAAP! Now you are salivating for playing time and are doing everything in your power to impress Gary to get more time. Your like a crack head wanting one more rock. (C’mooon Coach, I’ll suuuck yo d*ck!) You practice you ASS OFF. You run twice as hard and sweat twice as much. You are now like a rebounding machine in your head. You’ve read 2 books, seen 32 hours of tape and are boxing out people in the Circle K without thinking.

    Next game. Charlotte.
    5 reounds in 2 minutes! Yes! You kicked ass, and even got 4 more minutes becasue of your efforts in practice.! Booooyah! So….you get the formula…. and now you practice even harder!

    Next Game. Morgan. Bunch of pansies.
    You nab only 1 rebound before coming out, but your grit in practice has gotten you 7 more minutes! Yes! You shoot 3 bricks because you’ve only been focusing on rebounding, but you got 8 rebounds in 8 minutes of play. Unreal. OK. Now it’s time to focus on the shot a bit.

    Next game. Georgia Tech.
    Is anybody feeling me here?

  131. I think we tried that experiment and his name was Travis Girlison. I hope Goins is better!

  132. How about that soccer team BTW!! Go Terps!

  133. Yanik…..I hate to “yeah but” you ……but how many fouls did he create during this fantasy start, how manyO’s, how many pts did the fouls cost us?

    On the other hand markmax33…..we’ll never know if Goins is better until he get some PT.

    I’d like to see Goins get in and see what he can do though. Has anyone seen him practice? Any reports on his progress?

  134. Yanik that was how many TO’s?

  135. Yanik, there are two big problems with this idea:

    1. As I said before, it puts 1 player in front of the team. That will be destructive to the team dynamic in the end.

    2. If Goins is not truely the better player, he will cost points (either defensively or offensively). At the end of the game, if the Terps lose by 1, it does not matter when in the game the 1 point was scored. If the experiment costs the terps a point at the beginning of the game, it counts the same as the end of the game.

    Pass the bottle.

    US Ranked 4th

  137. Programming reminder…James Padgett’s Lincoln HS team will be playing on ESPN tonight at 9:30.

  138. kaze – You’ve always been the shining light. Even when I feel at the end of my rope, GWB gets me back on track for the next contest.

    markmax33 – I’m with ya’ on Terpie Footie. Tomorrow night’s game is on ESPNU. I used to piss & moan about that channel until RCN picked it up out here in MoCo a few months ago. I’ve got a feeling that Sasho and the boys . . . will . . . go . . . all . . . the . . . way!

  139. Goins experiment. Ok Ok, sweet. We’re almost there. The picture is painted and everyone sees the myriad variables involved. There are tons of them. This theory glazes over all of those, and considers all of them…it doesn’t matter…they are all unknowns and will remain unknowns — which is why we experiment!

    Whether Goins gets 0 fouls or 3 fouls is unknown and irrelevant. The only thing that matters is, will he respond? Will he “get it”? Will his efforts double in practice through sheer self preservation? Will his confidence boost? Will his desire ignite? Will there be a significant progression? Will he start clicking?

    The answer are unknown of course, but for most humans all the above should happen. Humans are reletively similar. How would you respond? If you’ve played sports, something similar may have already happened.

    Stevend’s points are easily answered.

    1] The schedule in my example is real — Delaware St., American, Bryant, Elon, Charlotte, Morgan St. — if giving Goins some time is going to mean a loss in any of these games then we have a bigger problem than Goins here and I wouln’t try this experiment.

    2] If giving a player on the team some time will destruct the team dynamic, then we have bigger problems than we know.

    3] As Gary says, “this aint little league”. He doesn’t need to consult the team when making a lineup. Seeing how the team reacts would be a big part of the experiment for me, yet I included in my example how it would probably go.

    Regardless of any thoughts about it, if i were coach (which i am not) this is what i would do with Goins. I see no bad thing happening and lots of good potentially and probably happening. Neal or Dino or Vasquez throwing tantrums is not a concern of mine and it would let me know something about the quality of my players. These next six games are precisely for experimenting and solidifying and honing. “The Goins Experiment” is different and ballsy and has a 92% (+/-3) chance of success. I promise. Do it Gary.


  140. Not sure how many of you are following Portland this year, but for those that aren’t, Steve Blake is on his way to a career year. Here is a cool story from the local paper on his importance to the team.

  141. Here’s a post by Grayson I’d like to highlight. He wrote: “Am I the only one who would like to see a Burney/Gregory/Milbourne frontcourt?I don’t think we’ll be able to win many ACC games with Neal and Milbourne playing 5 and 4. I don’t think they can defend the post nor provide scoring against ACC teams at those positions.”

    You’re not the only one. I’ve been advocating that GW needs to take a good long look at this combo. By that I mean some extensive minutes in the upcoming cupcake contests. In my mind, Burney and Gregory are our best combo IF they can bring it for 30+ minutes per game. I’ll throw in Dupree if he can emerge from his “coma” as GERRY so cleverly coined it. (love that line dude).

    I like Neal and Milbourne, but I’m afraid they will not be able to handle ACC competition as starters and getting the lionshare of the bigs’ minutes. I hope Dino continues to emerge, but we’re going to need one, preferably two, from the Burney-Dupree-Goins troika to emerge. That’s what I’m watching in the upcoming games. If they don’t step it up and carpe diem, well, let’s just say we better hope our perimeter guys shoot 55-60% and hit half a dozen threes every game. or I think we’ll be doing a lot of crying on this board.

    Does anyone else share Grayson and my concerns, or do you guys really have confidence that the Dino-Neal-Milbourne combo can get the job done? I’m trying to be optimistic about this season, but I can’t get my mind around this frontcourt situation. I mean last year we had a frontline of Gist-Boom-Milbourne and we struggled (shouldn’t have, but we did). How the heck is this current frontline bunch NOT going to struggle?

  142. Whenever you have a match-up problem on one end of the court, it is your advantage at the other. If you have milbourne in there on a big guy, he should have the advantage when we go on offense. I am not saying that is always the case but that’s the theory with a small lineup.

    My thoughts on Neal is he may start but if you look at his minutes played he isn’t in the game that much. His starting is more symbolic than anything else.

  143. Remember how months ago I said our bigs need to avoid foul trouble and injuries?

    Well, Jerome Burney will be out 3-4 weeks with a stress fracture in foot.

  144. The Sun says Burney out 3 – 6 weeks with stress fracture of his foot.

  145. – This is really bad news to a already thin front line. Will Goins start seeing PT?

  146. If Gary reads Mguaua, and you know he does, Goins will be starting tomorrow, for approximately 1 rebound;)

  147. Dang 3-6 weeks. This is a big blow. Burney hasn’t been blowing things up obviously but he was slowly getting into the rotation. Looks like Dupree will have to get it back in gear and step things up. The frontline just got thinner.

  148. Brutal! I like Neal, but he’s no Burney…what a shame…

  149. Confirmed by Gary tonight on the show.

  150. Jeez louise! Oh well, GW has been reluctant to make much use of JB anyways, so I guess he’s not going to miss him all that much. I hope Dino’s game keeps ascending for GW and the Terps sake; and our sanity as well. I guess LM now has to be our main 4 for the majority of the game unless “coma man” emerges as a legit 5 between now and January. Braxton, dude, if we ever needed you, now is the time! Carpe Diem.

  151. Hey DBR,
    Can you provide any of your special insight on Anthony Wroten, SG in the class of 2011? I’m reading on scout that we might be leading for him. Sounds too good to be true considering he sounds McD’s AA good.

    Thanks a ton

  152. Wroten is supposed to be an incredible talent but needs to work out his academics. In fact, I think academics will keep him off the basketball court this season.

  153. Yanick,

    Like someone else posted in an earlier thread, it seems like GW starts the second half off with the same starting lineup so Goins would get two “starts” per game…that may cost us too much momentum in a close game if he is not up to par.

  154. I read he (Wroten) was ineligible this season due to a districting thing. Any idea on our chances with him? Have our coaches been out there to see him?

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