Burney Out 3-6 Weeks

I know it was discussed briefly in the comments on the last post, but here’s the latest on Jerome Burney:

Jerome Burney, who has barely played this season for Maryland despite the team’s lack of inside players, will miss three to six weeks with a stress fracture in his foot, Gary Williams announced today.

It marks the second time in his three years in College Park that the 6-10 center has been sidelined because of a foot injury. Burney was redshirted as a freshman because of a recurring foot problem. Williams said he didn’t know if it was the same foot.

In Burney’s absence, Williams will now turn back to sophomore Braxton Dupree or freshman Steve Goins, or possibly go without anyone over 6-7 if he stays with a combination of senior Dave Neal or sophomore Dino Gregory.

Asked specifically about Dupree, who was benched for missing class against Michigan and played only one minute against George Washington, Williams said, “I think he’s trying to figure out what he has to do to get back on the court. With Jerome Burney going down for a while, he’s certainly going to get a chance in practice. Even today is an important practice for him for tomorrow night.”

-Baltimore Sun

Obviously we will be seeing more of Dupree in the near future, but this is a big loss. Burney wasn’t playing fantastic, but losing any inside guy for any length of time will hurt. Perhaps Turtle Soup favorite Steve Goins can get in and show us someting!



  1. Just in case this gets missed under the last blog article, I’m repeating it here.

    Hey DBR,
    Can you provide any of your special insight on Anthony Wroten, SG in the class of 2011? I’m reading on scout that we might be leading for him. Sounds too good to be true considering he sounds McD’s AA good.

    Thanks a ton

  2. Thanks Jeremy. Not a good situation. Just when the Soupers were going to petition GW to put Burney in ,…..or else…….we’d swing our support to Goins who hasn’t played 60 consecutive seconds yet. Even if Burney comes back in 4-5 weeks it begs the question if he’d even be 90%.

    OK….I’m going to jump on this next issue before Yanik does.

    Not so fast with Dupree. We’ve got some cupkakes on the menu and with Burney out,
    everyone moves up including Goins. If we don’t see Goins tomorrow night against Del. State ….he may be damaged goods i.e., he (still) isn’t ready mentally and/or physically.

    Clearly, he didn’t just grow to 6’10’ the last few months. Anyone got his BB resume’?
    It would be nice to kow what “he brought” to College Park. Is he D-l qualified? How about this one……can he or can’t he dunk the ball?

    If Dupree doesn’t sieze the moment – and it may not show against Del State- it’s going to be a long season.

    I’d almost take my chances with JSK over Dupree.

  3. I’m sure we’ll see Goins a bit, but he was labeled a project from the start and those guys usually don’t see a lot of time the first year. If Goins does not get big minutes, I wouldn’t automatically say he’s a bust or not a D1 player. Big men who are young and overweight usually take time to develop. Lonny Baxter didn’t light it up as a heavy freshman.

    That being said, I’d like to see Goins get some minutes this month just to see if there is something there.

  4. Wroten is supposed to be an incredible talent but has academic problems. In fact those problems may keep him off the court this season.

  5. Tonight, I’ve been watching the Lincoln HS basketball game featuring future Terp James Padgett. They don’t run any plays for their big men but when Padgett has had his hands on the ball he’s shown more athleticisim than Dupree. He’s also shown that he knows what to do with the ball in his hands. But he’s had difficulty from the FT line.

  6. Didn’t Lonny have a 10-10FG, 8-8FT game as a freshman? Albeit he didn’t play a ton after that until his sophomore year, I seem to recall him tying a Terp record with that performance. Anyone?

  7. Looks like Lonny did do just that in 98-99 against North Texas on Dec 23rd…

  8. I read he (Wroten) was ineligible this season due to a districting thing. Any idea on our chances with him? Have our coaches been out there to see him?

    (We can just move this topic to here)

  9. Lonny was good as soon as he played. Remember he was behind Obinna Ekezie as a freshman. Then Ekezie got hurt and Lonny went from bench warmer to starter and played well almost right away. He didn’t blossom into an All-ACC type player until his sophomore year but he was pretty productive as soon as he was given a chance. None of the stiffs we have will become a Lonny if they played 10 years at Maryland. Talented players pretty much show us something as soon as they’re given a chance.

  10. Great comment by Eddie- “talented players pretty muc showus something as soon as they’re given a chance”.

    One could opine that’s the death knell for Dupree. However, if he was told to “rebound and block” and that’s it maybe he didn’t take his chance. I’m down on him but trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. If he ain’t out of the coma in the next 4 games he’s comatose for the season.

    Equally concerned about “none of the stiffs we have”. Is Goins a stiff? The nextd 4 games will be very interesting.

    Anybody got some thoughts about bumping JSK into the immediate rotation? What if, a mobile 6’8″ forward like JSK could get quality minutes, build confidence, hit his shots, play respectable (perhaps surprising D) and run the floor. I saw video of him doing all that last year. We know he can do it. Just searching for new dynamics.

    For the next 4-5 games we should experiment, experiment, experiment.

  11. Looking at Burney’s contribution in the recent Terp wins, he had 11 minutes against GW, 6 against Michigan, 2 minutes against Vermont and DNP against MSU. Even in his 11 minute stint against GW, his stat line was not terribly productive – 3 boards.

    So, the temporary loss of Burney seems to me like painful news, but not tragic.

    As Soupers know, the loss of a player sometimes rallies the others on the team to perform better – leading to unexpectedly good results. When an unknown named Tom Brady replaced Drew Blewsloe, few would have predicted that Brady would become the next Joe Montana. Likewise with Cassel replacing Brady this year, the Pats have continued to do well.

    Our best hope is for Dupree to return to the energy level he had against MSU. Maybe we will see some sort of variation on the Yanik proposal with Goins…..but if Goins starts tonite, I’ll need to check into St. Elizebeth’s.

    Terps are at 16 on RealtimeRPI. Take care of business and win tonite. Take it one game at a time. Things will work out.

  12. We need to stop worrying about the development of our big men. They are what they are this year. Next year, they won’t play. James Padgett and Jordan Williams will be starting. That is just how it is. Eddie’s earlier comment was spot on. My Dad went to a Terp game with me during Lonny’s freshman year. (Note: he hadn’t been to an MD game in 20 years and hasn’t been back since).

    During that game, he marveled at Baxter. He told me that Baxter would be a star. Is anyone (let alone a someone who goes to College Park once a decade) saying that about our current big men?

    These guys (Dupree, Burney, Gregory, and Goins) are a stop-gap until Williams and Padgett get here. They just need to be serviceable.

  13. I favor Stevend’s prognosis re our big men.
    With all due respect to Jeremy, I don’t believe we can “stop worrying about the developement of our big men”. First, our bigs aren’t that big and they are not where they need to be. However, we are unlikely to get to the dance this year without them. Our program simply cannot afford another stint in the N.I.T. Given that situation, we could lose out on the likes of Padget , J. Williams…….and others.

    You only stop worrying about things when you “cannot control them”. We can control (stimulate) our bigs development but not while they are on the bench. We cannot afford to give up or under-utilize them. If Goins, Dupree and JSK don’t get quality PT in the next 5-6 games, every game, then we will be flirting with the N.I.T. and that would take us 3-4 (more) years to recover. Even if it means we risk a loss or 2 in the next 6 games to stimulate their development it’s worth the risk. If successful, it would enhance our play in the ACC and probably ensure our NCAA post season prospects because, as is, we are highly suspect at this point. It’s unlikely we’d experience a winning record in ACC play with 5 guards, 2-3 forwards and a near comatose center in BD.

    I’ll go so far as to say Dupree “must” perform up to expectations. If he doesn’t the only thing that would save us from the N.I.T would be that we get “extraordinay” production from any 3 guard combo, Neal and LM.

  14. Jeremy, I think it’s way premature to turn over the keys to the front line to two incoming freshman and it’s unfair to group all 5 of the ‘bigs’ as one.

    Dupree – He has stiff hands, get surprised by passes, does not go strong to the hole on offense, plays soft defense and rarely fights for boards. Other than that, he’s pretty good.

    Neal – slow white guy who plays mediocre – at best – on D. On O, he knows how to set a pick and has surprising accuracy from 10 feet, but does not play a strong interior game. Again, no fight for boards. Until he learns to fight for boards he has a limited game shelf life, IMO, of 10-15 minutes a game.

    Burney – tall and energetic, but kinda spastic on offense. There is potential, especially with his shot blocking D.

    Gregory – He’s a little short and skinny for a “big,” but his early play has separated himself from the pack, IMO. We are going to enjoy having him on the team for the next two and a half years. He’s good.

    Goins – Who knows.

  15. Ok, I’ve already weighed in enough on our bigs. I feel like freakin’ Grounds Hog day talking about it again and again with you guys. Here’s all I’ve got to say to the whole bunch: carpe diem! Between now and GT on January 10th, Carpe Diem Braxton, Dino, and Steve, starting tonight!

  16. I may be wrong, but I don’t remember watching Baxter in his freshman year and thinking he was going to be a star. I thought he had promise in the same vain as an Obinna Ekezie, but if I remember, he was raw. He would have some decent games here and there, but it took a couple years for him to start to dominate. The Stanford game that got us to the Final 4 in 2001 was his coming out party.

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