DBR Update 12/12/2008

As reported yesterday, the Terps thin front line got thinner as Jerome Burney is out anywhere from 3-6 weeks with a stress fracture on the bottom of his foot.  Let’s all wish Rome a full and speedy recovery.  If you’re looking for a silver lining in this injury take solace in the fact that after tonight the Terps have 10 days off (that’s almost 2 of the 6 weeks).  Meanwhile, this provides an opportunity for other bigs to rise to the occasion starting with tonight’s game against Delaware State.

While the Terps are about to play their 9th game of the season, the coaching staff staff has been hard at work on the recruiting trail.  I’ve posted several times how critical the class of 2010 is to the program and now some new names have surfaced in that class.  At first it appeared the Terps class of 2010 would be a PG, a SG and some type of forward.  But given the current state of our ‘bigs’ I now feel that getting a big man in 2010 is critical.  To that end, the Terps have been out to see Darnell Turner play.  He’s 6-8, 240 lbs, from the Blue Ridge School in Dyke.

I’ve been told that Maryland will be in attendance at tomorrow’s game between Bishop Maginn (Taran Buie) and Long Island Lutheran (Tobias Harris).

The Terps are recruiting two players at Miller School (close to Charlottesville, VA), Hippolyte Tsafack, a 6-8 PF and Mychal Parker, a 6-6 G-F.

Tsafack has a high level of interest in UMD and took an unofficial visit to College Park over the Thanksgiving weekend.
He’s considered a warrior type of player similar to James Padgett.  And much like Padgett, Tsafack doesn’t get a lot of touches on offense due to the teams talented perimeter players.

Parker has a long list of schools interested in him and he already has scholarship offers from  Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Clemson, and has drawn interest from Florida, North Carolina, and others.  Some feel Parker could be the most skilled swingman in the class of 2010.

Speaking of Padgett, I watched his game on ESPN last night and was encouraged by what I saw. He appears to have good hands, works hard, knows what to do with the ball although he gets few touches.  He needs to work on his FT shooting.  Summary…a taller, stronger version of Dino Gregory.

Someone asked about SG Anthony Wroten.  Word is he was ruled academically ineligible to attend the HS he wanted to attend (guess he was trying to transfer?) so he clearly has academic issues and may not be able to play any ball this season.  This could lead to a reclassification of his recruitment class (currently he’s a 2011 recruit).  UMD has not offered him a ‘ship at this point in time but Tennessee has (evidently UT will admit anyone).

Let’s all hope for a breakout game from Cliff Tucker tonight…of course he’ll need minutes to do that.




  1. If there had to be an injury, this was the best time of the year. Really need Tucker to step up. He showed flashes of brilliance last year, but has looked lost so far.

  2. i believe Anthony Wroten is inelligible due to districting, not due to academics.

  3. The fact that Wroten was ruled ineligible to attend Garfield HS will probably not have a big affect on his recruitment. He is one of the best prospects in the country regardless of class. The fact that he was ruled ineligible does, however, set him back academically and ruins his basketball season.

  4. I apologize for all the crazy font size/style changes in the update. I compiled the info over a couple of days on a couple different computers since I lost power at home due to the ice storm.

  5. thanks for the update. good stuff.

  6. Maybe the fact that Gary wasn’t playing Jerome so much is a small indicator of the level of talent that Gary has for seeing talent and quality play that others just don’t.
    Gary probably saw in practice that Burney was favoring one foot. Jerome probably didn’t say anything since whatever, hes gotta think, “a small twinge, it’ll go away soon enough,” and then the next day he thinkg, “damn this hurts, but it’ll go away, i gotta practice.” And the next day, “wow, maybe i should tell someone about this, nahhh.. it’ll go away.”

    Meanwhile, Gary sees Burney and goes, “hes being sluggish today,” “he’s not jumping well today,” “he’s not being aggressive today” – basically insert whatever adjectives you want to think that Gary and coaches look for.

    Finally Jerome approaches the team Trainer and says, “My foot is busted, dude” and Gary thinks to himself, “Damn I’m good.”

    Also, the note about the Cheerleaders attracting players: Agreed, the cheerleaders on TV at any school probably represent portions of the top percentages of good-looking-ness at the school, but are by no means a portion of the kinds of girls that Athletes actually want to hang out with. Even at large diverse schools like Maryland there are cliques, and from my experience, there isn’t much cross-over between the girls who are likely to be cheerleaders and the girls who are likely to hang out with the athletes.

    Athletes and cheerleaders might have held hands in the 50s, but thats usually not the case here and now. As for what really attracts players: I’d have to go with personal relationships with the coaches, facilities, and promise of success (however that individual defines it) as the top-three factors for decision making.

  7. Concerning our front line, my hope is that Dino will be the guy. He has played better these last two games than any of them have at any time. Our bigs just have to bring energy, rebound and play defense. We don’t necessarily need them to become back to the basket scorers like Lonny was. None of them can do it anyway. The thing we forget sometimes is that we have a BIG TIME backcourt. There I said it. I have been plenty critical of both Vazquez and Hayes on this site. But being the college hoops junkie that I am, I watch 30-40 games per week and I haven’t seen many better than our trio of GV, EH and AB. Our backcourt is BIG TIME. College basketball is about guards. You can’t win it all without post presence but you can be plenty competitive. I think what we should really worry about is GV’s continued maturity, Hayes’ continued assertiveness with this shot and AB’s continued development.

  8. The looks of MD cheerleaders has greatly improved over the last 10 years. In fact, I think that MD’s cheerleaders would rank behind FSU and Miami overall.

    Easily, the best looking cheerleaders in the country: USC. Believe it or not, I think OK State is right behind. Check out the OK St cheerleaders at a hoops game. Gaa-gaa.

  9. What is it about Mosely that he can’t hit a WAO Jumper?

  10. Caught the last half of the game. Went about how I thought it would go with Gary giving a lot of minutes to his 8-9 person rotation. Milbourne had a huge game, something like 23 points. Gary does not use these games for experimentation, rather to get his set rotation ready for ACC play, hence why we didn’t see much or any of Goins who he views as too behind in skills and conditioning to help much this year.

  11. Looking at the box score, Goins DNP, Gary went with starting 5 of GV, EH, AB, DN, LM.
    Dino had a solid game of 8 pts and 3 rebounds in 17 minutes, Tucker also solid. In the troubling department – Dupree not much to show for in his 11 minutes. Moseley and Kim shot a combined 2 for 9 when the rest of the team shot 58%.

  12. Another National Final for Soccer against UNC

  13. Jeez, dean

    Tell us how you REALLY feel!

  14. Wow dean, lets not disparage a freshman who sat through an enormity of difficulties with the clearinghouse, was unable to get going with the team until the last minute, and has the added bonus of a language barrier with racial epithets. I don’t want to get a whole “racial” discussion going, but I find that sort of thing unacceptable.

    Once again…You stay classy, Turtle Soup.

  15. And nice job terps, get done what needs to be done. Now its time to show American that, this year, we can handle our business.

  16. Our chearleaders are busted.

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