Terps Cruise 86-58 Over Del. State

The game was over after 10 minutes. That’s about all the time it took for Maryland’s starters to build a 20 point lead. Unfortunately, the Terps played more or less even with Delaware State the rest of the way until they finally padded the lead in the final five minutes.

Greivis Vasquez had a fantastic game. 50% from the floor, 16 points, 8 boards, 8 assists. What more could you possibly want? Oh, and he committed only one turnover.

Milbourne had the smooth J working tonight and there was no one who could keep up with him on the baseline.

Tucker dished out 7 assists. It was nice to see him get playing time. He’s so far ahead of Sean Mosley that is kind of embarrassing.

Speaking of Mosley, I think he looks terrible. He’s slow, has no jumper, and thinks he can score on the low block with a pump fake. I just don’t see a guy who will ever be a scorer in the ACC. His jump shot is nowhere near where it needs to be. He lacks that explosive first step. Where are his points going to come from?

Mosley reminds me of Jordan Steffy. It seems like everyone but the coaching staff can tell this guy is lacking basic Division I level talent. You can’t teach that.

Fortunately, Maryland has enough backcourt scoring at the moment that we don’t need to worry about it. The frontcourt is still a mess. Jin Soo Kim is our best player over 6’7″ and he weighs 195 lbs. Dino Gregory is a hustle player who does the little things, but he will be out matched against bigger opponents. Dupree is a wasted scholarship at this point. He brings nothing to the table. He got a layup blocked by a guard tonight.

It’s clear that Vasquez has a made a concerted effort to hit the glass. I haven’t looked, but he has to be leading the team in rebounding. Let’s hope Burney comes back in time for the road the first ACC road game (Miami).

The Terps don’t play for 10 days as the head into Finals week and then it is cupcake city until the New Year.

Overall, I still like what I am seeing. 13-2 heading inot Miami or bust.
The crowd was awful tonight. Comcast was maybe half full. I realize Delaware State is terrible, but can our boys get a little fan support?



  1. Mosley really stinks. He’ll never be a Johnny Rhodes or Mouton. His pedigree is overrated.

    Dupree is woeful on his best day. I hope he xfers, seriously … it would give us another scholly.

    I don’t know what you’ve been watching, but Kim stinks too.

    Comcast deserves to be half empty, in my opinion. GW and staff have done an abyssmal job with a squad of mostly stiffs. Why should they get support until they have a more competitive team.

  2. The University was nice enough to give us Saturday and Sunday off to study since the last day of classes was today and finals start on Monday. That might have had an impact on the attendance at the game (I know that’s exactly the reason I wasn’t there).

  3. dean, you are entitled to your opinion and we appreciate your involvement on this site, but please refrain from personal attacks on the players families. You may not like Mosley or JSK, but there is no need to insult Kim’s family. Stick to your thoughts on their play please.

    Now back to my thoughts on your opinions. Gary and his staff have a 7-2 record with two quality wins over what will be NCAA tournament teams so far this year… hardly an abyssmal job.

    Try again.

    our players are smart! they actually understand the game of basketball. that alone makes me so happy, i want to go slap some boobies.

    our guards are not only good, they all have different specialties.
    bowie/ fast and can penetrate with ease
    tucker/ if you’re open, he’ll find you
    mosely/ inside fighter & rebounder
    hayes/ cool, calm general. triple threat.
    ****these guys are literally an arsenal ***

    if nothing else, the terps are fun to watch again. lord have mercy how long has it been?

    post game. gary confirmed that milbourne played the 4 in highschool, which is why he’s excelling there.

    no other opponent has scored 80 against Delaware State, including Ohio State, Kentucky, WVU and UCONN.

    mosely doens’t suck. he’s a freshman. you can’t fake what he did in highschool, not even close. he WILL come around, and right quick. if you believe that gary’s not plaing goins because he’s not ready, then believe that gary IS playing mosely because he IS ready. he only got 2 boards today, but watch him fight in the paint.

    welcome back tucker. no one doubted. 6 assists in 19 min. (vaz had 7 dimes in 34 min)

    comcast announcers. it was actually funny. the one was calling milbourne “LANBOURNE” for the first 5 minutes. renob.

    2011 1st TEAM ALL ACC + FINAL 4
    adrian bowie.

  5. Finally a Terps team with some basketball smarts – yes we will struggle in the paint, have no bigs, blah blah blah..we all know the deficiencies. But they are easily the most watchable team we have had in years. Go Terps!

  6. Gregg…where did Dean make personal attacks on someone’s family? Was it on a previous thread, because I don’t see it on his first post. The pedigree comment was about his high school credentials.

    All of the “Mosely stinks” stuff is absurd. Yanik is correct. The kid is a frosh and he’s playing for a major ACC team. The kid plays smart defense and seems to really understand the game. He doesn’t shoot too well right now, but remember that Bowie couldn’t hit anything outside of a layup last year, either.

    Mosely played in the BCL…that’s not bad competition. It wasn’t like he was tearing up Montgomery County Public School teams. Last year in the Alhambra Tournament, the most competitive Catholic high school post season tourney in the nation, the kid set a scoring record. Check out the alltime scoring leaders of that tourney, and you’ll see NBA players. I’m not saying he will be a NBA player, but you don’t dominate that level of high school hoops by simply looking like a man-child. He’s 9 games into his first season in college, and he is contributing more than someone like Dupree.

  7. The inappropriate comments were deleted from the previous post. Not necessary to dwell on. He knows what he wrote.

  8. I’ll admit that Mosley’s numbers aren’t helping his cause yet, 25% FG%, 1 for 9 3PT shooting, 66% FT%. But seems to me that the “Mouton types” who do the little stuff to help you win need time to get comfortable with that role. Give Mosely more than nine games to settle in. Mouton wasn’t “a Mouton” either during his stint at Tulane.

  9. I don’t think mosely is a lost cause by any means, but he has really stunk up the court in most of his minutes. I chalked up the first few atrocious shots to nervousness in his first few games. Now, it looks just as bad and I don’t think he’s nervous any more. I agree with many here that he will be an excellent team guy, play hard all the time, and probably fill a stat sheet with all of us wondering how, but for now, he needs a ton of bench time. Not to say he won’t shake out of his slump…

    Nice win for the boys. Hopefully Milbourne can do the type of stuff he did tonight against real competition. He was no where to be seen in our games against the Zags and Hoyas. Of course the rest of the team decided not to show either…

    Thuis is going to be a fun team to watch. Maybe a bit frustrating at times…but this team should really compete night after night.

  10. Agreed re Mosley. The guy’s a freshman, for crying out loud; a highly touted freshman, yes, but a freshman nonetheless. Admittedly, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit concerned with his seeming lack of scoring ability. However, consider: (1) the high ankle sprain from earlier in the season may have set him back a bit; (2) quality isn’t measured by points alone – Mosley is a solid defender, strong on the block/boards, and relatively mistake free; and (3) again, HE’S A FRESHMAN. Give him time.

    Jin Soo our best player over 6’7″? That’s crazy. I haven’t seen him hit a three pointer since our exhibition games, and with his lack of muscle, he offers little to nothing defensively. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jin Soo a lot and trust he’ll develop into a solid player. He’s just not there yet.

  11. It’s an interesting team when you have three point guards playing at the same time. They will continue to grow together and learn to do things that other guards can’t do. Add a very quick PF (Milbourne) and an athletic center, and more teams will have match-up problems with the Terps than the other way around. And when Mosley gets some game experience and Tucker plays the way he can, that will only add to the formula. I can remember a lot of shorter, quicker teams beating the Terps over the years.

    BTW, maybe there is an obligation to tutor a low-income kid who needs help or something like that, but showing up at a basketball or football game and sitting among thousands in a chair is no obligation at all.

  12. Well, if there had to be a power outage preventing me from listening to a Terp game online I’m glad it was a game against Delaware State. If it happens during an ACC game you may see me on CNN.

    From what I’m reading it appears this game was over seconds after they finished the National Anthem.

    With Jerome Burney out with a stress fracture in his foot, Braxton Dupree failed to capitalize on the opportunity for more minutes, finishing with no points and one rebound in 11 minutes. The game’s pace wasn’t really suited for any of the big men.

    Looks like I need to write about Chris Tucker more often. Tucker, who had played just 14 minutes total the last three games, played 19 minutes last night and was active and often effective in his best showing in six games. He finished with seven points, five rebounds and equaled a career high with six assists.

    Nice to read Jin Soo Kim had two points and four rebounds in six minutes.

    Gary Williams commented on Sean Mosley’s toughness and versatility which explains why he’s getting the minutes he’s getting as a freshman: “I don’t put any pressure on freshmen to score a lot of points. I think Sean gives the intangibles and toughness like Landon Milbourne, but in a different position. As long as he does that, the offense will come. It is a little quicker out there, and sometimes it takes a while to adjust to it. Sean is mentally tough enough to calm down enough to where he can start making those sometime. He’ll be fine.”

    And the kid sprained an ankle during preseason and reinjured it in the first half against Michigan. The kid is grinding it out and doing what is asked of him by the coaches.

  13. I agree with all of you about this team being watchable. This is definitely the most watchable team since 2003 (Blake, Nicholas, Sleepy, Taj, Jamar, etc.) . Perhaps part of the reason is that we do indeed have 3 point guards on the floor much of the time.

    Don’t give up on Mosley guys. The only thing he doesn’t do well is score. On this team right, at this moment, that is the least important thing he has to do. His basketball IQ is there, he is not gifted athletically, so that’s his adjustment. He scored more points in the BCL than anyone except Rodney Monroe. (Great player, I guarded him twice a year for two years.) That is not a fluke. I predict Mosley will hit his stride in the coming months.

    One thing about Byron Mouton. He was actually Tulane’s leading scorer as a freshman and sophomore. He actually had a bit of a reputation as a ballhog and selfish player. Mouton transferred out because he wanted to play better competition. I kinda worried at the time because we didn’t need another scorer at the time and I thought he might disrupt chemistry. But man oh man he completely transformed himself the year he practiced with the team and didn’t play. That’s why Byron will always be one of my favorite. He sacrificed his game for the good of the team in a big way.

  14. The coaches are pleased with Mosley – problem with quickness somewhat due to an ankle injury, but he is learning. He’s a great person and does everything he’s asked.
    I am trying hard to like Dupree but he really seems lost out there, no toughness what so ever. He might be replacing Grergory or Tucker as the most probable transfer to the Maryland “D” league, Loyola or Towson.

  15. Another point about Mosley lacking explosiveness: quickness and experience are closely related. When you know what is going on around you and learn what you can do within the apparent chaos of a big-college fast-paced game, then you are quicker. You can have all the natural ability in the world, but if you are not sure what is happening around you, then you will appear slow. Look for Mosley’s quickness to accelerate as the season progresses.

  16. Hey Greg I totally agree with your comment to Dean. Hey Dean what is your last name Smith. Wow you tear down our players and our coaches and your suppose to be a fan. Give the kid time. Gary is working him in right.

  17. I missed the game. Tanks, Gregg, for the summary and thanks, Soupers, for the additional commentary.

    After seeing the score, the second stat I’ve been conditioned to read on the box from last year is Turnovers. Overall it looked gooed, but what was up with Hayes that he had 4? That’s not acceptable. Kim had a nice rebound total for 6 minutes, nut he also had 2 TOs – again, unaccepatable.

    Interesting that the Terps won the rebound count……AGAIN! All of those saying that we lack an inside presence need to take notice of that. Something is happening right on the inside for that to happen.

    I’ve read some silly things on this board (and have probably posted some silliness, too), but the “mosely really stinks” line probably ranks among the dumbest comments. Sorry, dean. It’s just not so.

  18. Another quick Football note.
    Daryl Hill will be featured in an HBO documentary about players who broke the color line in College Football. Hill was the first African American ACC Football player and also the first one south of the Mason (not Juan) Dixon line. More on it at

  19. Way to early to say Mosley is a bust. I love what he brings to the team. He is going to be fine, relax.

    Thanks for deleting that post from Dean. I know we welcome all viewpoints but racist rants should not be tolerated.

  20. I’m honestly amazed at some of our ‘fans’. Mosley doesnt have D1 talent? Are you kidding me? Mosley was the best player from the BCL in a very long time. The same league that recently produced Carmelo, Rudy Gay, Donte Green, Malcolm Delaney. Mosey was better than all of them in high school and basically carried his team composed of otherwise mediocre talent to the BCL championship and #1 ranking in the Sun. He’s going to be a fantastic player, he just needs a little time to work on his jumper.

    Other notes…
    If GV comes back we should be a top 15 team. Our 5 guard set of GV, Hayes, Bowie, Ct, and Mosley is fantastic and will be one of the best in the country. Padgett and Williams should be able to provide decent minutes in the post. Landon should stay at the 4 for several reasons. He’ll be a better option than anything else we have there next year, our backcourt is terrific and already crowded, and he’s a terrible perimeter defender.

  21. Agree with most posts on Mosley. To claim that this kid is not a “Division I talent” after only nine games is simply ridiculous. Especially with the ankle injuries he has suffered early on. Come on Mosley haters stop jumping the gun on this kid, as many have mentioned you cant put together one of the most productive years in Baltimore high school bball history without having the talent necessary to play at the highest college level. I saw Dupree and Mosley play many times in high school. I have thought all along Dupree would never amount to much playing in the ACC on the other hand i have no doubt that Mosley will improve this year and in the coming years to have a solid if not great career at Maryland. Unfortunately for all the impatient fans out there it might just take more than nine games into his freshman year to show all of us what he is truly capable of.

  22. New Maryland site just launched…pretty good site.


  23. Is this site administered from Siberia? One would think so with all the communist censorship. Unless somebody blows sunshine and butterflies up the wazoo of the Gestapo it’s inappropriate. I stand by my remark about JSK, I actually have first hand knowledge that it’s irrefutable fact. Fear my wrath, dullards. I can assure you NSA is listening in as I write this and will shortly have all of your social security numbers to sell – talk about lack of data integrity and BCP.

  24. I love the NSA, glad it exists and is in the state of Maryland they do great work.

  25. I just got an email about Goins and the absence of playing time for him. The email says:

    Goins is behind Neal, Gregory, Dupree, and Burney (when healthy). Not sure that giving him a minute here or there accomplishes much at all. Gary is not counting on any production from him this year. As woeful as our inside game has been at times, if the young man was showing something in practice, he would be playing. Right now, it’s more important to get a 9 man rotation set than experiment with Goins.

    Before the Terps even played Northwood I said keep your expectations on Goins low this season and you won’t be disappointed.

  26. Dear “My Mom sucks a lotta Jimmy” Dean “Sausages”,
    You post has no fact or point or background to support any of your claims. The Terps beat 2 very strong teams so far this year. They have out-rebounded almost every team this year and have fewer turnovers than their opponents in almost every game. They are blowing cupcakes out by 30 and getting the bench a run. Right now they match up very well with every team in the ACC except UNC. They have by far the best guard and leader in the ACC with Vasquez. Please provide a fact or reason before you say something retarded and change your damn screen name back to Al Vinchent for your next post.

    Mark “In Gary and Greavis I trust” Max33

  27. Maryland’s 28 point win dropped them about 9 spots from 16 to 25 in the RPI. (Even though Georgetown beat Memphis)

    Go figure. In the same time period, without playing a game, North Carolina jumped from 13 to 11. Duke is also apparently on the upswing after losing to Michigan a week ago and not playing since.

    So it is foreseeable that Marylands SOS is going to continue to drop, and with it so is our RPI and there isn’t much we can do about it – even if we win big…?

  28. Gregg,

    Talk to me about the slingbox. What is the slingbox? Where can I get it? How does the sling box work?

    I will hate to sit by my computer listening to 105.7FM while staring at the CBS’ box score. It sucks! 5 more games to go before I can catch the games on FullCourt. Ashamed to say, but I cannot go 5 games before I see my terps on TV again. Maybe I should see a doctor. My wife sure thinks so.

    So, talk to me about this slingbox thing. Thanks dude.

  29. Regarding Mosely, I have heard many times that he is 2nd all-time leading scorer in Baltimore City. I am curious if anyone has a more specific breakdown of his HS stats such as his: PPG, FG % etc.

  30. TerpBall,
    For a slingblox to work you need:
    1. A friend with some tech savvy who gets the games and is willing to spend 2-3 hours to setup the slingbox. Preferrably they have a cable box right by their internet router. You can plug the slingbox right in. There are wireless solutions too.
    2. Buy the slingbox for about $120.
    3. You need an internet connection. The faster the better.

    That is about it. Installation is usually fairly painless but getting the wiring right takes time. It can actually control the remote cable box if you set it up properly and you can watch the TV just like it is in your house from a remote location.

  31. DBR-Thanks for the update on Goins. That describes the situation perfectly and IMHO is exactly the way it should be.

    Our RPI will be just fine if we continue to win and our opponents perform as expected. SOS should hold pretty steady unless something drastic happens. Hell, we’ve got Duke and Carolina twice and we’ve already played 4 very good basketball teams. If our SOS plummets, I’d be shocked.

    Just to clarify, I like Mosely. He’s has looked bad from the get go but that’s not to say he won’t get better! It’s actually refreshing to see a freshman come out and play with this kid’s smarts. He gets into passing lanes, rebounds like he’s a couple inches taller, and seems to be hustling all the time (granted….he’s a step slow, ankle…). We’ll see what he can do this year go from there. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes off in some upcoming game. Would you?

  32. DBR, if he is that far behind and continues to see no playing time, is it likely Goins redshirts this year?

  33. Addicted to Terp Ball: MarkMax explains it pretty well. I have the slingbox set up at my parents house in baltimore. I can access their cable system through my computer with the slingbox.

    by the way, not that it matters, but I wrote the above post and the one about the slingbox. I’m not sure why there are some comments directed towards Gregg as if he wrote those. I’m the Mosley doubter and the slingbox guy.

  34. Slinboxes are pretty cool, you can find more information about them at http://www.slingmedia.com. Essentially, what the box does is takes the tv signal that usually comes out of the wall and into the TV, and digitizes it and sends it off through the internet (usually some server farm in California or India). The other end of the user interface is accessable from any computer with a decent internet connection. What your computer will do is find all that TV information that the Slingbox is broadcasting, and let you watch it on your monitor (i guess there is a password user identification process so you don’t watch TV that is coming from Alaska).

    If you have a slingbox set up at your parents house in Baltimore, then you can watch anything that you could see if you were sitting on the couch in Baltimore – from anywhere in the world (excepting maybe China).

    Hope this helps?

  35. Dean,
    Please find another blog to flame. It sounds like you should be wearing a helmet out in public. How does your handler let you on the comupter alone? Do you sort glass for a living? (20 points to anyone who remembers the “I sort glass commercial” from like 20 years ago from the ARC.)

  36. Mark;

    you wrote “comupter”… seems like you, dullard, should be annointed “Corky” the glass sorter. I’d wager you are the typical “ham and egger” comfortable in your relaxed fit Sansabelt dress slacks with a preference for fine dining such as “Applebees”.

    I’m certain you are succeeding rather well as assistant manager in the appliance department at Sears.

    That said, I scored 20 pts. You lose, grab your shine rag and buff my shoes, laggard. And if you demonstrate an affable demeanor while doing so, and only if you play nice…. I’ll let you trim your nails and scratch my scrote, lackey.

  37. Dean,
    Sorry I own a web startup and will probably be retired before 30 but then I could get a 2nd job at Sears as you suggest. The only thing we know for sure is that you aren’t Terp and need to go somewhere else. Peace Corky.

  38. Dean,

    Go home, go back to the duke rock you climb out of.

  39. Thanks for the info on Goins, DBR – Exactly what the majority of us (save for Dr. Yanik) suspected re his lack of playing time.

    What does everyone have against Sears? I bought a lawnmower there. It’s pretty sweet.

  40. I love me some Sean Mosley and I love my slingbox.

    The thing pays for itself the first time you watch a game on it. The key is getting someone in the D.C./Baltimore area to hook it up and not change the channel on you while you are watching.

  41. Thanks for the info guys. This little gadget is perfect for me. A lot of hotels don’t even carry ESPN2.

    With the two big men coming in next year, it looks like Goins will have to establish himself this year or transfer out. I think Garyland should play him some in the next few games. We are in the last soft part of the schedule. What’s the use of bringing him along slowly when the front court will be crowded next season? Not counting Goins there are 5 post players on the roster in 2009. Gotta make the decision on him this season. To do that we have to see what he’s got. Scholarships are precious to us right especially if GV comes back next season. If Goins isn’t gonna cut it, that scholarship has to go to Will Regan or whoever else.

  42. Back in the final 4 days we had 4 solid big men and we rotated them and had extras sitting around for injury (Tahj Holden broke his foot just like Burney, damn 5th medatarsel). There is plenty of room for Goins and even a 4th big man. Only 2 can start but I’m sure 4 can get 15+ minutes of PT if they prove themselves.

  43. Nice article about Terps S&C coach http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/dec/12/ricci-strengthening-terrapins-hopes/

  44. Here’s a refresher on Goins coming to UMD.

    He visited campus in the spring, Gary checked him out thought Goins wouldn’t be much immediate help to the team but had a solid upside. However, based on the roster at the time decided not to offer him a scholarship. Then a few weeks later Gilchrist asks for a release and things changed.

    Goins was offered a scholarship, got thru Clearinghouse and voila…he’s a Terp.

    Back in September I posted that I was informed Goins had a ways to go conditioning-wise in order to get on the floor this year. Strength, conditioning, adjusting to the speed of the game etc could all be issues keeping him from being ready.

    Back in the summer Goins was quoted as saying he needed to get stronger and in better shape so he could play at this level. His HS coach said the same thing and evidently the Terps coaches feel he’s not quite there yet.

    It’s difficult to be patient (it’s something I’m working on myself) but with Goins we just have to be. It’s like I said at the beginning of the season, keep your expectations on Goins low this season and you won’t be disappointed.

  45. Taran Buie scored 24 points and led his Bishop Maginn HS team to a win over Long Island Lutheran. The Maginn defense limited Tobias Harris to 13 points.

    Gary Williams was at the game as were coaches from Rutgers and other schools.

    In three games this season, Taran is averaging 23 ppg. I hope to be able to get to his next game on Tuesday night.

  46. Maryland Men’s Soccer 2008 National Champs! Defeated UNC 1-0

  47. Anybody wanna guess which team is the 2008 Men’s Soccer National Champion?

  48. Guys, remember the name Hassan Fofana. Guys that can play ball at this level can play. Guys that can’t, well they just can’t. There is no miracle transformation. Players make incremental improvements year-to-year. Guys that become really good later showed promise from the very beginning. Some guys that mature early do not improve at all. What’s the use of a guy that becomes a good role player by the time he’s an upperclassman? Those guys are available in HS anytime we want them. Every person we bring in should be with the thought that this guy could be real good. The reality is not all of them work out. This is the University of Maryland, not Towson State. Goins’ signing made perfect sense at the time. We lost Gilchrist and needed a big body. There weren’t many available. But next season we have an abundance of big bodies. Most of them can’t play because Hayes, Milbourne and Bowie will be our best players next season. GV, if he comes back, makes the situation even worse.

    Watching the Tennessee/Temple game yesterday, I was really impressed with Bobby Maze. When they went down big, he was the one doing everything to try and come back. Great handle, great first step, looks to pass first. Winning-type basketball player. Those Iverson comparisons are pretty accurate. Even looks just like him. He’s a more pass, less shoot, poor man’s version of Iverson.

  49. Give it up for the Terps mens soccer team! 2008 National Champs (and ACC Champs). The soccer program is really something to be proud of. We are a serious national powerhouse. 5 final fours in 7 years and two national championships. And a string of really quality pros. The Terps routinely are the tops in terms of recruiting as well. No sign of letting up!

  50. Awesome win for the kids and the coaching staff of the men’s soccer team.

  51. Jackie Nared has been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse and will enroll at UMD in January. Also Brenda Frese is got a verbal commitment from 6-0 combo guard Natasha Cloud. Word is she is a DJ Strawberry type player…could play several positions and is the person you put on the other team’s best perimeter player to shut them down.

  52. Kudos to the 2008 NC Mens Soccer Team!
    In this dead period between December games I took the time to look at what some of the recent de-commits or transfers are doing.

    Bobby Maze – Starting for Tennessee and playing pretty well. I wonder how he would have been helping us with the glut of guards we have but he definitely is a talent.

    Terrance Jennings – Is on Louisville, current averaging 6.2 minutes a game, 2.2 reb. and 2.8 pts. He has the least amount of minutes of anyone on the team.

    Gus Gilchrist – Has played only one game so far, 21 minutes, 6 rebs and 8 pts.

    Shane Clark – Now a senior at Villanova, averages 17 min a game, 2.9 rebs and 5.1 pts.

    Tyree Evans – Listed on Kent State website as on the team but no appearances in the box scores.

    Shane Walker is at Loyola but is sitting out this year.

    I think we will miss Gilchrist the most this year given our lack of size.

  53. Regarding Bobby Maze, he just didn’t have the grades to get in at UMD. As has been stated before, Tenn will take virtually anyone.

  54. Gilchrist also had 3 fouls and 5 turnovers in his few minutes. He shot 3-9 from the field and 2-4 from the line.

    This was all in a 15 point loss to the Niagara Purple Eagles. Lets not get too bent out of shape yet, wishing Gus was still here.

    If he was as good as he was advertised, he would have dominated a team like Niagara. Instead, Niagara’s center scored 17 points, 7 more than his 9.9 point average.

  55. Tyree Evans has eligibility issues. I’m not sure exactly what his status is but I know he’s ineligible to play right now.

  56. For less stress, my doctor prescribed that I move on from Terp De-commits :)

  57. Ricksterps said,

    “Regarding Bobby Maze, he just didn’t have the grades to get in at UMD. As has been stated before, Tenn will take virtually anyone.”

    Georgetown, an ivy league wanna -be, was said to take anybody too. But at least the kids they and TN take meet all the NCAA requirements and must get cleared by the Clearinghouse. I like the idea of allowing kids to prove their value in the classroom, rather than prejudging them based on higher-than-NCAA standards (which often weed out lower-income kids).

    But anyway, the Terps are guard-heavy, and Maze is getting starting minutes in TN. It seems to be working out OK.

    An interesting article on why the Terps backed off:

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