Humanitarian Bowl Ticket Sales Are in the “Dozens”

This is pretty hilarious.

Apparently, Maryland fans and Nevada fans are too excited about going to Boise, ID in late December.  Fanhouse is there with the story.

In case you don’t want to click through; here’s the rub:

As of Monday afternoon the University of Maryland says it’s sold about 16 tickets to the game. The University of Nevada says it’s sold 8 so far.

How bout that Terp fans?  We doubled up Nevada in ticket sales!  We’re #1! We’re #1!

Honestly, I can’t believe 16 fans from Maryland are actually going to this game.  I thought I was a dedicated fan, but that takes the cake.  I defer to these loyal 16 supporters.

Are any soupers among the 16?



  1. Maybe ag school grads are teeming in Boise?

  2. Yeah … that number has been completely debunked.

  3. There is a reason that game always has Boise St in it…that is the only way they will fill the seats. I bet there is virtually NO ONE at this game. Yea, we will sell tickets but no one will actually go.

    Good research by the Times on the history of ACC teams out there. I think the contract with that bowl is up in two years. I would be shocked to see the ACC continue a relationship with that bowl.

  4. Well let this be a lesson to the Terps. Fall apart and freeze your butt off in a crappy bowl game.

  5. It is what it is. A 7-5 team is hardly exciting. Look, I’ve traveled to Maui to watch our hoops taam in the Maui Invitational – great time. I’ll be going again next yr too.

    – For all of you that are skiers, I would think catching the game and then a vacation of skiiing might not be a bad time at all.

    I’m hardly the optimist, but, IMO, this bowl fairly reflects what the football team is deserving of. Heck, if I liked to ski and didn’t have 2 young kids… I might to.

  6. I bought a small bunch and donated them to the military families located there.
    Re my previous post.

  7. Must read at

    What’s the hoops hotbed of the US right now? Chicago? No. LA? Nope. NYC? Sorry. Welcome to Prince George’s County, MD.

  8. I think part of it has to do with the WAY we got to Boise. It is hard to get amped up and excited about a sorry-a$$ bowl in Boise when two weeks ago Terps fans were hopeful for a ACC championship and a BCS cowl bid. If on the other hand we were looking like we weren’t getting a bowl bid at all and strung together three wins in a row to get this sorry-A$$ bowl bid, people might get excited. Or not.

  9. Not sure what a BCS cowl bid is. I think i meant Bowl bid.


    Gonna be tough to get on the kids at Ole Miss for drinking after this…

  11. Ricksterps, I appreciated the post just because it had side-link to Cheerleader of the Week, Kaylee Ann Crawfard. Western Michigan just went up a few notches in my estimation.

  12. I tried but couldn’t get to the Orange Bowl to see the Terps. Wasn’t able to go to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl…but did make it to the Champs Sports Bowl to see the Terps beat Purdue. Ain’t no way…no way I’m going to Boise in December. Hell, I’m in tropical Albany (movie reference) where we’re gonna get 6-12 inches already LOL

    We get back to a Florida Bowl game and I’m down!

  13. Go to the game?!? I’m not sure I’ll be able to WATCH that game! That blue field is the worst. I don’t know how the NCAA let them get away with that thing when they built it. You’d think someone would use their better judgement…you know?

    MD football travels pretty well, but if there is more than a spattering of red in the stands I’d be shocked. Good luck fellas! It was a really good season if you ask me.

    Cheerleader of the week? Maybe the day, Don’t get me wrong, she looks pretty good but a whole week? CMON! LOL

  14. We’ve debated this issue a couple of times, but the good folks at the Washington Post wade into the debate:

    Joe Smith at #5? Too high, I believe.
    Juan Dixon at #9? Too low, I believe.

  15. That list is insane. juan dixon was the best player on the best Maryland team ever and he is number 9? Give me a break! At worst, he is number 2 behind Len Bias.

    Joe Smith was so dominant at Maryland it’s hard to keep him out of the top 5. His lackluster pro career has obscured his utter dominance. Imagine what he could have done during his junior and senior seasons?

  16. the 02 team obviously was best by accomplishment, and maybe the best team in MD’s history. They probably had more depth, but Lefty’s ’74 starting 5: Elmore, McMillan, Owen Brown, Lucas and Mo Howard; man THAT was a team.

    Who’s number 11 on this list? Booth? Blake? Francis? Brad Davis?

  17. this is the last year of the ACC’s contract with the Humanitarian Bowl, and wisely they will not be renewing. How about something in, say, Hawaii for gods sake… There used to be two bowls there (Oahu and Aloha, not counting Hula Bowl), and now I think there’s just the Hawaii Bowl.

    Funny how Notre Dame, with a severely weakened schedule, scrapped by to 6-6 and we send an ACC team to Boise… The Humanitarian Bowl should be between the dead last and second to last teams in Div I-A — its probably a fair punishment to get epileptic seizures from that blue turf.

  18. Joe Smith was good, but it’s hard to justify having him rated higher than Albert, Buck and Juan.

  19. I knew Len Bias. Gotta say Bias was the best ever at Md. I’d put Dixon at number 2, though.

  20. For me the list starts with Bias goes to Lucas then Dixon, Buck Williams and Len Elmore.

    Gotta find a way to get Bob Bodell in there LOL

  21. Jordan Williams dropped 34 points, 24 rebounds last night

    The Wildcats surrounded the University of Maryland recruit with three defenders in the first quarter.

    “Let him try to beat us on the foul line” was the clear Seymour attitude.

    So, in a ragged first quarter, the Raiders took up the challenge, going 9-for-12 from the line. Williams was 5-for-6.

  22. If PG County is the nation’s hotbed of roundball talent, how come MD is seldom in the hunt for the hottest talent but Gtown is?

    I’m with gbx79 re: the 1974 Terps team. Had the rules back then allowed more than one team to enter the tournament, Lefty’s bunch that year might have won it all. To open the season, they lost by a mere point to Bill Walton’s UCLA at Pauley Pavilion. To end it they lost by one or two points to NC State in a classic ACC overtime final, and might have won that game too had they not been forced to play consecutive games.

  23. As your only Seattle souper I will be at the game. I went to the Nut bowl last year, but Boise is no SF.

  24. Blake’s name never seems to come up in the best ever conversation, and while I understand that he wasn’t the best at the collegiate level, he is had a solid NBA career, particularly compared to his peers from the 2002 team.

    Check this box score for Blake’s most recent game where he was playing against S. Nash (SB finished +11 while SN finished -19) –;_ylt=AsTpOAGgiAW9F3XrXPlMa_SQvLYF?gid=2008121822

    Few excerpts from the article:

    … Blazers guard Steve Blake matched his season high with 22 points and added 10 assists, and LaMarcus Aldridge scored 10 of his 16 points in the first quarter to help Portland improve to 17-10. With the victory, Portland ended an 11-game losing streak to Phoenix dating to March 12, 2006…

    ….A few minutes later, Portland nearly pulled even as Blake hit four consecutive jumpers, including two 3-pointers. But O’Neal, who scored 17 points in the first half, finished the quarter with a three-point play to give Phoenix a 66-59 halftime lead.

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