DBR Recruiting Report 12/19/2008

Gary Williams and Rob Ehsan were in New York last Saturday, watching Taran Buie’s Bishop Maginn squad beat Tobias Harris’s Long Island Lutheran team 63-60. Buie scored 24 points while Tobias Harris was held to 13 points. Harris had foul trouble (3 fouls before halftime) and Bishop Maginn double teamed him whenever he had the ball. I posted this info in another thread but felt it was worth repeating.

It’s starting to look like it’s between Notre Dame and UMD for Buie.

In addition to Buie, DeMatha’s Victor Oladipo, Lake Clifton’s Will Barton, and Montrose Christian’s Terrence Ross all are considering UMD.

Isaiah Epps begins his season tonight (weather permitting). I sense no significant changes in his recruitment during his season. He’s been firm that spring is when he’ll decide. It appears to be down to Pitt and UMD but don’t be surprised to see some other schools attempt to get into the mix with him.

April 2009 will be a CRITICAL month for Terp recruiting. UMD’s season will be over and the AAU circuit will fire up. Evaluations will be completed and 2010 recruits will begin giving verbal commitments. Then, of course we’ll turn to the class of 2011 where as many as five spots will be open.

As for this year, the million dollar question is who/when will someone step up consistently in the paint? How the Terps are going to match up against Hansbrough/Thompson at UNC; Booker/Sykes at Clemson; Singler at Duke; Allen at VT; Costner/McCauley at NCSU? If the guards aren’t playing lights out against those teams it’s gonna be a struggle.

On that note, Braxton Dupree had a meeting with Gary Williams prior to the Delaware State game. Word is that GW told him he needs to work harder, specifically he needs to be better at rebounding and being a finisher when he gets the ball inside and not really worry about anything else.

IMHO the next couple of weeks are crucial for BD. Classes/finals are over so he’ll have a few weeks of being able to focus on nothing but basketball. He needs to get out of this funk he’s in stay positive and stay focused and work on his weaknesses. We need him to play better for this team to have success this season.



  1. DBR;

    Do you think BD is potentiall y on the way out via xfer? Any rumors that an additional scholly will open up? Please advise.

    Merry xmas to all, happy holidays, and a great Festivus.

  2. DBR,

    appreciate the recruiting updates, thanks.

    Does Gary delegate practice responsibility to specific assts to help guys like Dupree improve their inside play? Who on the staff is working with Dupree to make him a better rebounder?

    MD-AU – a payback game – heh.

  3. Jordan Williams had 34 points and and unholy 24 rebounds in his second game of the year. In game 1 he had 39 points, 17 rebounds, 5 steals.

    He’s not playing the best competition in highgschool, but tore it up in summer AAU as well. Regardless, 73 points and 41 rebounds in 2 games is coo coo for cocoa puffs.
    The read on him says he has soft hands and will catch anything you throw at him — the anti-garrison. Bring him on!

    here’s latest game snippit.

  4. I do not believe BD is going to transfer. From what I’m told, he enjoys all aspects of college life at UMD. And someone told me he gets it done in the classroom.

    Practices are closed to the media so getting info is quite difficult but I believe Gary and both coach Booth and coach Driesell are working with Braxton.

    The staff didn’t put pressure on BD to be a big scorer, but in the offseason they made it clear to him that they needed him to play solid defense and be a factor on the glass. Going back to the game against ‘Zaga his production has dipped as he appears to lack jumping ability and his hands have been close to stone, and when he gets the ball on the blocks he has been indecisive or has had his shots blocked. Which creates a lack of confidence in his teammates to give him the ball.

  5. I LOVE the guidelines for posting a comment in the Register Citizen. Especially #3 “don’t hate” LOL

    They clearly know what age demo is reading their articles online.

  6. Sadly, Dupree is a bust. DBR, the two guys we have coming in next yr.. do you think they’ll be impact players. If so, what recent Terps would you favorably compare them to?

  7. I’ve only seen one poorly shot video of Jordan Williams playing. And the guy guarding him was shorter/smaller and no match for him. I’ve seen Padgett on ESPN once and he was playing with an injury but still looked pretty good. But I’ve talked to AAU guys that have seen both of them play and they tell me that Padgett and Williams are better talents than the bigs we have now (I was told this before we saw the new/improved Dino Gregory who’s really not a PF but is playing like one).

  8. Directors cup standings out yesterday have Maryland as number 6, with 100 points each for first place finishes in Field Hockey and Mens Soccer.

    -Too bad I don’t think they count Cheerleading (the Competitive cheer squad has won their National Championship multiple times in the past 4 years).

    The weird thing is that usually the ACC isn’t very well represented in the top bunch by the end of the spring seasons, but this year Virginia, Wake Forest and UNC are all in the top 5.

    About Braxton: everyone I know was rooting for him, maybe he just needs something to click – maybe he just doesn’t understand some fundamental thing that will make him better, maybe hes scared still, maybe he doesn’t like to think of might happen if he plays well, maybe its all mental, maybe its all physical, maybe he just doesn’t get it, maybe hes not trying hard enough, maybe it wasn’t meant to be, maybe it is, but not right now.

  9. The weird thing about Dupree is that he did play adequatly against MSU (31 minutes, 7 pts., 6 rebounds, 1 block and 0 TOs). Then, he disappeared.

    He needs to channel whatever energy that was driving him in that MSU game and improve from there.

    I hope he has it in him.

  10. Speaking of disappeared, what happened to that affable poster Dean? Or did he crawl back under his rock?

  11. BD didn’t play well against the Zags or Hoyas on the boards. After that (and a benching for missing class) it appeared that GW thought that it was best to start three guards and have BD come off of the bench. He’ll have to earn his way back into the starting line up and make sure he goes to class.

  12. I have a theory about Dean based solel on the timing of his presence.

    The TSR board was the best place to find out about anything Terp. Lots of insider info. The problem is, that 80% of the people on that board were straight up assholes (18 -22 year old students). I hated posting there.

    Well, all of the insiders at TSR followed the kingpin Jeff Ermann over to his new site — TerpCenter.com. This is when Dean showed up. I think he was one of those young kids caught between worlds looking for a terp home without having to pay a subscription. That’s my best guess anyway. And BTW, on all accounts, Turtle soup is the place to be.

  13. dean was a troll.

  14. Mark the tape!!

    I’ll always remember that fondly. That was Dean, right?

  15. By the way, think about how good our team would be right now if we had, say, the much-malinged Ikene Ibekwe starting in the post.

  16. Dean was the “mark the tape” poster and he promised me a gift card for a restuarant

  17. What an odd thing to promise and then renege on.

  18. DBR do you know anything about Anthony Thomas? Junior from North Carolina, who committed early and regretted it so de-committed. Apparently coached by Keith Gatlin…

  19. Will Barton has spoken to the media about his recruitment. Thus far Maryland, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Central Florida, South Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, and Marquette have made firm offers to Barton.

    Barton is wide open right now and says his prime focus is on his academics and his current HS season. But he says he will another unofficial visit to UMD. Barton says Keith Booth, Gary Williams and the rest of the staff havebeen recruiting him. Says the Terps have been showing him a lot of love. Barton also said he likes the way the Terps play and that he really likes Maryland.

    Barton would be a terrific local get so we’ll see.

  20. matmc funny you should ask about Anthony Thomas. A friend of mine got a chance to see him play at the Life and Breath Tournament in Virginia. He went there to see two players I posted about several weeks back (Deng Leek and Leek Leek). Thomas is a teammate and is said to have a big upside (6-5 or 6-6/170). And yes, Thomas and the Leek brothers do play for Terp great Keith Gatlin, at Veritas Sports Academy in Kernersville, NC.

    The schools that are interested in Anthony Thomas at this time are mid majors.

  21. What is the status of Leek Leek? He needs to come to Maryland. If for no other reason, than to replace Exree Hipp as the greatest name ever to wear a Terp Uni

  22. Did anyone else read the BSun article about UNC. They want to know how to beat UNC already. Not American on Mon or the others but UNC. As I recall the best game of the season last year against UNC did not equate to anything but a feather in the cap. Those sports guys suck bad. Terps gotta beat as many as possible to get to the dance, and that happens one game at a time not 10 down the road.

  23. Leek Leek is a 2010 recruit. My friend said that Leek Leek has a strong upper body and can get up. Enjoys playing above the rim. In fact the kid had some highlight material alley-oop dunks in the Life and Breath Tournament game down in Virginia. He also has long arms.

    My friend also said that Leek’s talents are not as honed as some of the wings on the Terps board for 2010, but on athleticism alone, he remains a target for the Terps.

    The Terps have been recruiting Leek Leek and his younger brother Deng Leek for almost two years now. The Leeks were at UMD last month, at a game, touring Comcast, sitting behind the bench and in the locker room after the game. Coaching staff is staying in constant contact, Chuck D watched them in person a week ago. People tell me that sophomore Deng Leek is most interested in Georgetown but Leek Leek is more open.

  24. DBR, concerning Buie and the Notre Dame vs UMd angle; would you say it is 50-50, or more likely ND over UMd, or the other way around? I don’t want to feel disappointed if he picks ND, but if the chance of him going there was say, 80% or something like that all along, then it would be understandable if/when he selected ND over UMd.

  25. JohnE, I talk frequently with a staff member of Buie’s AAU organization and his firm belief is that as long as Maryland continues to win games, keeps getting national TV exposure (hard to avoid that if you’re winning in the ACC), and most importantly keeps Gary Williams as head coach Taran Buie will end up in CP.

    This guy seems legit…very upfront about the recruiting scene and seems to care about the kids in the City Rocks AAU program. I haven’t spoken to him this week since both of Buie’s HS games have been canceled due to snow but I’ll reach out and if there’s new news, I’ll post.

  26. Last night in Ft. Myers, Florida Abraham Lincoln (NY) played Briarcrest (Tenn) in hoops. James Padgett played, but is still bothered by an ankle injury and only scored four points and four rebounds. Both totals are about seven lower than his average in both stats. Meanwhile, the guy he was guarding, 6-7 George Mason commit Jonny Williams had 19 points and 11 rebounds for Briarcrest.

    I’m not sure the exact nature of Padgett’s ankle injury but he’s tried playing 2-3 games on it. I’m hoping his coaches will shut him down for a while and let it heal. I mean ya gotta think about the future :)

  27. #19 Michigan State (we beat them) takes down # 5 Texas. Got to bode well for the Terps.

    We’re not “hoping” for a great season.

    “Hope” is the absence of a plan and a commitment to it.

    Also….Gonzaga got beat tonight as well by # 2 Conneticut.

    All’s well….that ends well.

    Go Terps.

  28. That Uconn/Zaga game was great. Zaga had the lead for much of the game but Uconn came back and pushed OT.

    RealTimeRPI.com has our SOS at 14 and RPI at 22

  29. Just got back from the club and saw an email that says Jelani Jenkins may have verballed to USC. Bummer, but we’ll see.

  30. A local story here in Raleigh that hasn’t gotten much play nationally is about Hansbrough’s mother.

    She just got hired by UNC for a pretty nice position in their dental department. There are plenty of candidates across the country and you hire the mother of your star player? It just doesn’t look good.

    If this had been another university and an inner city kid, would the reaction have been this muted? I doubt it…

  31. So, anything for us to look for in the AU game tomorrow? I guess the continued wondering of whether Dupree’s game is progressing or not would be one thing. What else?

  32. I’m just hoping that the Terps get off to a good start Monday. Never know how a team will play after such a long layoff from games and regular practices.

    BTW…Gary was in NJ recently to watch Terp 2010 recruit Isaiah Epps’ team practice. That makes at least 3 2010 targets that GW personally went to either watch play in games or practice this past week (Epps, Buie Harris). Great to see GW out on the recruiting trail showing how interested the Terps are in these guys. Hopefully it will pay off with some verbals in the spring.

  33. Sorry to reference non-basketball. I saw that Dexter McDougle verballed from Stafford High football this weekend. I was wondering if anyone heard or knew anything about him. Seems kinda under the radar.

  34. I think we are going to smoke them by 20. GV gets a triple double.

  35. Last year’s loss to AU was the low point of, pehaps, my entire life. (not really, but this is a Terps sports board, so I figure it’s ok to exaggerate)

    They better show up ready to take care of business. As we saw last year, if the Terps do not show up to play, AU can win. Enough with the cliches.

  36. Terps 2010 recruit Isaiah Epps scored 24 points in his teams weekend victory.

    The info I got is that Dexter McDougle is a DB, an athletic guy and a straight baller/great kid and student.


  37. does anyone know of any viewing options tonight for those of us not in the DC area? i really hate using game tracker.

  38. DBR- thanks for info on Epps………..and Sean Mosely is the 2nd highest scoring player in MD HS BB history.

    Don’t take that wrong….it’s nice to know these kids can put the ball in the hole, but you can tell, many of us are frustrated with SM’s lack of production. He ‘s goiong to get “swallowed whole” if he keeps trying to put up J’s in the lane . He’s probably leading the team with “rejections” down low.

    Mosely really needs a breakout game soon. He had a good 3 a few games ago. With EH, GV and AB on the perimeter, he probably see’s himself as the 3rd option.That’s going to be a problem for him and he’ll never get untracked.

    Perhaps his schoolboy record is throwing us off and GW is grooming him for another role.?

  39. Sean is doing what the coaches are asking him to do…right now. In a way he’s learning a new position but it’s not what he’ll be doing his entire career at UMD.

  40. I agree with DBR, I’m not sure why everyone is hitting the panic button 10 games into his career. He has played very smart for the most part especially for a freshman. We have enough guys jacking up shots right now. He is there to play hard on D, rebound, get loose balls etc. The kid is tough as nails.

    Relax, before his Terp days are done he will show he can score. The last thing we need is for him to start listening to the masses and start forcing shots up each game.

  41. Yes Ricksterps, no reason at all to hit the panic button on Sean Mosely.
    Gary said at a recent booster breakfast that “Sean is coming along nicely, has a problem with quickness due to the ankle, but is a great person who does everything that is asked”. He also mentioned that everyone is working on dribble penetration because they are such a good foul shooting team.
    How good? They are 6th in the country at 79.1%, behind 5 mid minors (Green Bay, UC Davis, Coppin,et.al.). So our beloved Terps are the best free throw shooting major team in the NCAA’s.

  42. More from my “in-box” on the Terps 22nd football commitment:

    Dexter McDougle has a 36 inch vertical, a 230-pound bench and squats 315. Flew under the radar because he broke his hand during his junior year and missed most of the season. He had offers from Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Maryland, James Madison, Richmond, William & Mary and a few others. He actually attended the Va Tech and Virginia football camps last summer. Nice to pry him away from those schools. He’s a good get considering the Terps lose several DB’s this year and several more next season.

  43. Did anyone catch the MSU upset of Texas? Good for Md, however it should be noted Goran Sutton played and scored 18pts.

    Clemson looked pretty good last night – dropped quite a few pts on Miami down in Miami.

    DBR or anyone else … so it looks as though Gregory is our starting Center. Who will be first off the pine Dupree? Will we see any PT from Goins? I’d just like to see how he looks. I wouldn’t think he could look anymore lost than Braxton. Please advsie.

    Happy Holidays to all.

  44. Agree with most assessments of Mosely. The point I was making was that one would expect a player with his shooting/scoring credentials (like a Mike Jones) would be able to put up some points, more so, than even EH, Bowie or GV. I just have seen him take too many ill-advised shots, especially down low and he gets stuffed.

    Yes, AL V, GV has that same affliction.

    I also sense Moselly will be a vary valuable player for us and will have “his moments” but in his current mode is unlikely to average 10-12 ppg which many of us thought he would do his 1st year. Obviously GW has other plans for him. That’s OK.

    Re being “6th best FT shooting team in USA”. Don’t you guys (and gals) expect that is unlikely to hold up in ACC play? If we play 40 mins of hell, tired legs and arms will eventually lead to missed FT’s. I AM excited about our FT shooting. It’s the best we’ve seen in a long while. If it holds we will have better chance to get to 20+ Wins. If not………..?

    Go Terps.

  45. FT percentage goes up when your tallest player on the floor is 6’4 :)

  46. Playing as many guards as we are tends to help your FT shooting, especially if one of them improves his shooting (Tucker). However don’t overlook the fact that Dave Neal is 90% from the FT line and JSK & Milbourne both are 80% from the line.

  47. Yeah, since we have no really BIG guys who start for us, we probably have the same average height as those ‘mid-majors’ who are in front of us in the FT %.

    Maryland still gets much better recruits than those schools, no matter how big of an inferiority complex we have.

  48. Clemson handling Miami the way they did is impressive. I did not see the game, but – reminiscent of last year’s Terps – Miami had 22 turnovers!

  49. I saw the Miami/Clemson game. Wowsers…early on it was all Miami. I think they led 21-9 at one point. Then Clemson went on a 16-0 run and never looked back. Miami only had 6 of their 22TO’s in the 2nd half but they made up for taking better care of the ball by playing poor defense. Clemson must have shot 65% in the 2nd half. Oh and Miami shot a bunch of bricks from the FT line. Wierd for a home team to miss so many FTs. Clemson had this guy…Booker I think…who seemed to grab every rebound. Maybe he’ll eat some bad chicken the night before Clemson plays the Terps.

  50. Often it’s easy to forget that the Terps are kids (late teens early 20’s). Players do read some of the blogs/message boards:


    … “It was real tough,” Gregory said. “My confidence left when that happened. It hurt really bad. People would talk about me on the Internet. I thought I wasn’t a good player…”

  51. I’m getting pumped for the game :)


  52. Good point, DBR. I read that article the day it came out and thought about how Dino could’ve easily been reading the Soup. It’s a reminder to keep some perspective as we post. But maybe Dino also took some comments to heart and really wanted to show the fas as well as the coaches that he can play.

  53. I agree with everyone who says be patient with Mosley. Here’s a question for everyone to wiegh in on concerning SM: do you think he is more suited to play the 3 instead of the 2? Just looking at his physique, I think he could more than hold his own down in the paint. Question would be could he move quick enough to handle slashers with a 3-point shot in their arsenal?

  54. Whatever position you want to call him, Sean Mosley will get his minutes and be in there and mixing it up. He’s learning that some of the things he could get away with as a 6-3 high school wing/small forward, he can’t get away with at the college level. He’s a smart, gritty and talented ball player and I’m sure he’ll adapt to that with time. His toughness and willingness to do whatever the coaches ask of him is impressing the heck outta me at this point.

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