Charlotte at Home = Trap Game

Charlotte is dangerous. They lost to Clemson by 1 point. Last year, the Terps won on the road in what at the time, signaled a brief resurgence that culminated with our victory at UNC a few weeks later. This time around, the Terps are looking to keep their longest winning streak in two years alive as they head into the conference schedule.

The Terps can’t afford to overlook Charlotte. They have good athletes and can shoot the ball. Maryland is capable of playing poorly (see Georgetown), but that should not happen today. Just don’t expect another cupcake-style blowout. We should be happy with a “W” of any kind, but I’m think we win by 10-15 points.



  1. Intuition tells me the Charlotte game might be a foreshadowing of what’s ahead for us in the ACC. We all to a degree seem to be hung up between the Mich/MSU vs. Gonzaga/GT showings; which is the better barometer vs. the tougher competition that awaits us? I don’t think we have a definitive answer yet.

    Besides Jeremy’s 10-15 point “W,” I think we need to look very close, assuming they do in fact win it, as to HOW they win it. If they win it because they simply outlast Charlotte, and Charlotte sort of shoots itself in the foot with its own TOs, that would be different from “dismantling” Charlotte with our strengths being maximized (guard play, transition points, strong defense, etc) and our deficiencies being compensated for by an overall teamwork effect.

  2. I don’t normally crunch numbers but here’s what Charlotte looks like in some key categories:

    Scoring Avg – 74.2 vs 73.2 Opp
    FT % – 72.6%
    Reb’s – 418 vs 398 Opp
    3PT % – 32% vs Opp 38%
    3PT pg – 6.9 vs 7.9 Opp
    Assists pg – 13.5 vs 12.6 Opp
    TO’s pg – 15.1 vs 18.0 Opp
    Stls pg – 7.6 vs 6.2 Opp
    Blks – 3.7 vs 2.5 Opp

    They have 3 player avg 10 ppg, 1 @ 9.4 and leading scorer avg’s 12.2

    From that knot-hole look at them one could conclude we should do well. Nothing real scary. There TO’s can hurt them and that could go up against our D. They are certainly not killing opp’s with Blks and steals. 3pt shooting is average…..less than 7 pg.

    Hope that helps the Terp nail biters.

  3. where is this game being televised??? i could’ve sworn a couple of weeks ago that this game was being televised on espn, espnu, or game plan. now it’s not listed on any of these venues. not even acc select is showing it! only csn as far as i can tell, the one option i don’t have access to!! any suggestions??

  4. This game might get a little tough. Charlotte playing really well as of late (4 in a row) and they are an experienced team. Also, their associate head coach is that little weasel Rob Moxley who worked for Gary one year (acted like he fulfilled a dream getting to work for Gary where he grew up) then took all that wisdom he learned back to Charlotte. They have all our plays and tendencies. Does anyone know the inside word on that situation? Did Moxley not get along with Gary? I do remember games that year where Gary would be screaming at his bench during games and Moxley would sit back there with the “I really don’t wanna be here” face on. I can’t believe he went back to Charlotte after just one year for the sole reason that he was promised the coaching job in the future. Lutz isn’t even that old or for that matter good enough to call the time of his own retirement. Anyway my prediction is:

    Maryland 349 Charlotte 1

  5. I can’t find many viewing options. It’s not on ACC Select, doesn’t appear to be on either. Must be one of those Comcast Sports Network games. It may also be on Fox Sports South if you live in the Carolinas, parts of southern VA. I’m either gonna stream it from WJZ-FM or go to a HS game and watch one of our recruits play.

    UNC-Charlotte got off to a bad start this season but have put together a four-game winning streak, which includes road wins against Southern Illinois and Mississippi State.

    UNC-Charlotte (Call them that and they get pissed off) Sophomore forward An’Juan Wilderness will miss today’s game with a stress fracture in his foot and 6-foot-10 center Phil Jones is questionable after turning an ankle during practice Wednesday but I expect him to play.


    I live in Wisconsin, and I use this link to listen to 1300 AM for the games not shown on tv. Hope this helps n go Terps!!!!

  7. It is on CSN…Must win game as always agaisnt these OOC opponents

  8. I’n in Ga and Fl and have the game on Comcast Sports Net (CSN) which I pick up on Direct TV at both locations.

    I’ll do some real-time posting during the game.

  9. Awesome thanks for the link guys. Anyway someone can stream it live from their computer or tv to watch over the net

  10. I’m told the game will be on channel 464 on Dish network and on 642 Direct tv

  11. i live in charleston so im hoping its on comcast south. any terps in sc that can confirm this?

  12. I’m watching the Pitt – G’town game right now. I am a bit disappointed we didn’t get Juan’s Younger brother Jermaine who plays for Pitt. He hasn’t really done anything of note in the game but it would be nice to have Juan’s lil bro!

  13. Georgetown got their asses handed to them! It was great. Hey DBR, I said this in the other thread but it seems we’ve moved on…any more info on Lance Stephenson?

  14. No other info on Stephenson beyond what I posted. And I did put “might” in italics on purpose :)

  15. crap. sorry south carolina terps. i think theyre showing miss st-houston instead of our game.

  16. I very much enjoyed watching Pitt bitch-slap G’town today. The Hoyas aren’t used to losing at home, and they looked shocked to be as much as 20 points down at Verizon. They’re a really good team, though (Greg Monroe is playing well beyond his years). As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been impressed.

    We need a strong fan showing at Comcast today. This is the type of game — solid team from a mediocre conference, sleepy post-holiday timeframe — that the Terps have not shown up for in the past.

  17. I very much enjoyed watching Pitt bitch-slap G’town today. The Hoyas aren’t used to losing at home, and they looked shocked to be as much as 20 points down at Verizon. They’re a really good team, though (Greg Monroe is playing well beyond his years). As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been impressed.

    We need a strong fan showing at Comcast today. This is the type of game — solid team from a mediocre conference, sleepy post-holiday timeframe — that the Terps have not shown up for in the past.

  18. has anyone found a link for the game? its not on acc select and justin tv doesnt have it. i havent seen yet

  19. Pitt looked very impressive today indeed.

    I checked earlier today and didn’t see the game listed.

  20. LET’S GO MARYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 8-6 Md trails

  22. Not a good start for the Terps

  23. Oh Oh!…..15-7….MD down by 8??!!??

  24. 18-7 UNC….they have four 3pt FG’s already.

    They are shooting the 3 with ease.

    Mosely in and got a quick TO …again he’s under the bucket and not even looking for the ball. He really shouldn’g be there.

  25. Can we have a do-over please? That was some of the worst perimeter defense I have ever seen. Wide open threes everywhere I look.

  26. Why all the unnecessary double downs in the post? Can’t stand that crap. Wait for someone to deserve a double team before you leave guys wide open from outside.

  27. Yikes!

  28. 18-7 ….GV’s is shoting/playing lights out .

  29. Terps have closed the gap to 1 point.

  30. 21-19 still down. Mosely just scored. W/B @ FT line . Time out.
    Dupree in.

  31. Nice to see Mosley got some early minutes and some early points.

  32. Guys…unless Charlotte gets tired, we might lose this one y’all…there is plenty of ball to play, but right now?…it just sucks!

  33. Bowie not looking good. Dupree getting used bad. He just fronted his man 8′ from basket (kiss of death) they lobbed over Dupree and he was done.

  34. Dang…Charlotte got the lead back up to 7.

  35. 27-22 terps down. Now in a 1-2-2 zone.

    Coleman for UNC CHarl already has 21 pts, if I am not mistaken.

  36. Terps switch to a 3-2 zone??? Interesting.

  37. DBR isn’t that 1-2-2 ?

  38. UNC hitting the boards.

  39. It might be a 1-2-2. I’m listening on the radio and they said 3-2.

  40. C’mon Terps! Need some stops.

  41. TUCKER FOR 3!!!!!!!!!!

  42. MOSLEY FOR 3!!!!! It’s an 8-0 run keyed by the bench.

  43. Now hear this…..Tucker and Mosely for back to back 3’s…..32 all tied.

  44. Tucker & Mosley turning this shit around!…..tied….how about that?! Go Terps!

  45. I can’t recall the last time I saw the Terps stay in a zone this long. Charlotte must have nothing on the inside.

    The best part about that little run was the fact that Vazquez was on the bench. It is nice to see the other players compete without him. He is leading the team in 12 offensive categories after all.

  46. Have the Terps pressed full court yet this game?

  47. down by 3 at halftime. Gotta defend better in the 2nd half. UNCC shot 50% from beyond the 3 point line. YEESH.

  48. Johnny said the Terps need to defend UNCC’s PG better. He’s been able to penetrate and kick out to an open man when help comes.

  49. Charlotte is shooting the lights out. They can’t keep this up. If they can, you gotta give them credit. Like my post last week, I love how the Terps are able to come up with those spurts. They scored 8 points in about 1 minute. We have missed a lot of close and makeable shots. I think those will start to fall, I HOPE they start to fall.

    If Charlotte can miss some shots, we’ll get better looks in transition. We just gotta keep playing tough defense.

    I really like how Mosley is playing. He makes mistakes, but they are mostly hustle mistakes. He does a great job fighting through screens. We just gotta get out on their shooters a little better and rotate better when the drive.

  50. We just gave up another 3PT with 5 sec to go but….now hear this….Hayes comes down and nails a 3pt’er at the buzzer …down 3 (?) at the half.

    Tucker is looking better. Mosely just needs to get untracked and keep his eye on the ball at all times. Dupree ….Dead man walking.

    GV with 15 at the half.

    UNC is in this to win….but it’s still our game to lose.

    Our zone has slowed them down. Terps have 10 Off Reb’s in lst half .

    Guess you can tell it’s an exciting game huh?

    Hope this helps ya’ll

  51. Terps should be happy to be down three at the half. It is essential that they take lead early in the second half. It is hard to win a game down the stretch after trailing for 30+ minutes

  52. Any online streams for this game?

  53. You can listen online at WJZ-FM’s website.

  54. 43-41 gv with another 3

  55. down 1 …hayeswith a 3

  56. Md by 1

  57. yay…first Terps lead of the game.

  58. 49-47 Md…Hayes with a 3.

    This one’s going down to te wire ….maybe.

  59. Bowie is taking a step back today. His shot selection is terrible and he is out of control with the ball in his hands. Tucker and Mosley have looked great so far. The mark of a good team is when role players can step up when a regular is having an off night.

    Our first two point lead and we are surging. Let’s hope we can win going away.

  60. uh oh…serious injury. Johnny is saying it appears to be really bad.

  61. UNC’s Dewhurt….good player …. maybe down with knee injury

  62. gv with another 3 w’re up by 3

    Dewhurts definitely out

  63. Md by 6….

    Bowie with a 3 pt play

  64. Md up by 10…. get this …Milbourne with back to back J’s inside the arc.

  65. Are these near real time posts helping?

  66. Yesssss!!!….Go Terps…we up by 10 already???….sweet!

  67. helped out alot. my stream locked up and was silent for the duration of the 10-0 run thanks GERRY!


  68. We have outscored UNC 14-0
    Mosely with a 3

    Vazques with a “ESPN highlight) behind the back layup.

  69. What a move by Vasquez!!!! Behind the back layup. MD is really pouring it on now. They are something else when everyone is shooting well.

  70. We’ve waited a long time for Sean Mosley to have a break out game and here it is. Looks like the UNCC player suffered a dislocated knee.

  71. We dropped zone and went man and UNCC burned us in the middle twice.
    Up by 12.

  72. Lots of b-ball left to be played…Terps can’t let up….step on their throats….need to develop a KILLER INSTINCT.

  73. Good time out by GW…get these kids focused….it’s still possible to blow this game if they let up.

  74. We passed first test to get the lead back..

    Test 2 is to hold it.

    This is crucial for our terps confidence….builder

  75. step on their throats?…DiamondbackRuss?…really?…lol. Go Terps!

  76. GV with 25 points thus far. What a tremendous weapon Mosley can be for us if we can get this kind of output from him night after night. He’s done alot of the dirty work in the first 12 games nice to hear his shot is falling today.

  77. I’m not allowed to say that? LOL

  78. GV setting a new career high with his next made FG. Pearman is in?

  79. 81-74 terps.

    Dupree back to basket ….gets the rock…..goes for the baby hook and gets it blocked.

    GV with 27 pots so far

    Milbourne, Tucker and Mosely look good this half.

    Would not call this a “breakout” game for Mosely. He also missed a layup with no one within 5′.

    He’s playing well but no breakout.

  80. I wonder if UNCC commit and former Terp recruit Chris Braswell is at Comcast for this game?

  81. Dupree with a 3′ jump hook… good. All he had to do was go airborne (after he cuts the anchor on his foot) and lay it up.

    5 terps in double figs. 85-75 win.

  82. Game ova…cue the band! For us old timers break out the Amen Chorus!


  83. Great effort. They played well throughout and really stepped up on defense in the 2nd half. As I mentioned, if Charlotte stopped hitting shots, we’d play great in transition. I was actually right for once!

    Mosley still has some issues in his game, but this was, by far, his best. He did all the little things as well as finally hitting some shots. Tucker played well too. We got contributions from all.

    Here we sit at 11-2. A great start. A 9-7 conference record makes us a lock for the tourney. But there is still a lot of ball to be played. Next up, we cannot falter in our home games to start the ACC season. Getting off to a good start will allow us to withstand the inevitable losing streak that we’ll likely have at some point.

    Go Terps!

  84. Sean Mosley needs to be referred to as Sugar Sean Mosley from this point forward. Excellent game from SSM. Kid is a BALLPLAYER

  85. We’ve got Morgan State before the ACC schedule begins. Gary credited Mosley’s defense in his post game comments. Also thanked the fans for “sticking with us” when they team was down in the first half. Said that really helped the team.

  86. It wasn’t an ACC win but it was just as gratifying. UNCC is going to break some hearts along the way and could still get to the dance.. One of their bigs was out for the game . As many others noted UNCC lost to Clemson by 1. This was a big win and if it had gone the other way it would have been a big L. We got 9 games to go for a 20 Win season.


    The bench play is BIG
    Looks like we can score in bunches.
    GW not afraid to go to zone and against some teams we have to use it.
    Tucker and Mosely are improving.
    We had 12 TO’s
    Glad GW kept Bowie in…..he come on when we need him.
    Terps with very good in open court.
    Our 3 pt accuracy isn’t what it needs to be but we are shooting more of them and that’s a huge plus. We did hit four 3’s to open 2nd half.
    We’re getting our share of “breaks” aka luck as I noted in earlier posts. That’s got to continue.

    Dino had a great tip in off a missed shot. Great athleticism.

    Downside- I couldn’t see Dupree’s eyes but just watching him play is not healthy. It’s a real shame because he just lacks toughness. If he was just lacking confidence that’s correctable. Lacking toughness is inexcusable for a guy his size. GW and cast ought re-mold him into a bully. Part of problem is we ran 3 plays for him and he was a bust on all of them. Let him get his points of hustle, junk and other crap. Don’t run plays for him.

    We still have a huge hole in the middle and ACC teams will “bakes cookies” all night long untill we shore it up.

    Finally, at one time we had Landon, EH, GV, AB and Tucker/Mosely in and I believe they put together the 14-0 run. A smaller, atlhetic 5 like that can do some damage… a positive sense.

    Go Terps.

    I believe VA and GT (that’s Ga. Tech) lost as well as the boys in DC>>>>Georgetown loses by a bundle. Hard to believe. Notre Dame lost today as well . Couple other upsets in Top 25 too. Maybe we creep in there this weekend.

  87. Really good game with competition. A squeeker in the first half made the second half all the sweeter. Perhaps not a breakout for Sean, but definitely a confidence builder. Good game for Cliff too. We’ll need them as we get a bit deeper into the schedule. In fact, they helped today. Nice tap-in for Dino.

  88. Wow…I just added Mosley and Tucker stat lines: 33 minutes, 19 points, 8 rebs, 3 assists, 2 blocks and 3 steals. I’m not mad at that at all.

  89. I think that was a great win. I really like this team. I just had the sense they would come back in the first half and knew that once they had the lead they would not lose it. This team seems to have more, idont know focus? than last year. Last years team seemed to have some confidence issues. When something went wrong the collapsed. This team, accepting all its faults, is really fun to watch. I think we may surprise some of the ACC big dogs this year.

  90. Really nice win, this had loss written all over it. Dino and Braxton had 9 boards between them. Yea, I know, it’s not great but for the two of them it’s not bad.

    Tucker’s minutes are really diminishing these last few games. The team only had 11 TOs and Tucker had three in ten minutes of play. JSK might starting getting more of those minutes.

    Great non-conference performance by our Terps. Now the real test, conference play. Can’t wait to watch our boys do battle. As I said early this year, this team is fun to watch because they bust their butts all game. They play tough ball, win or lose I can get behind that.

  91. Oh yeah, Vasquez. Love him. He is the type of player you LOVE when he is on your team. But can you imagine if he was a Blue Devil? Oh man, I would dispise him! But he is a Terp so I love him!

  92. The chemistry on this team is very good. They seem to hav each other’s backs and that’s good to see. Holding the 49ers scoreless for almost three minutes in the 2nd half was great defensive effort and defense takes alot of effort and energy.. Kids always seem to have the energy to shoot the ball.

  93. where does GV rank with the elite players in the country? i think he’s climbing into the top 15 territory.

  94. Yahoo declares Vasquez and the # 6 point guard in the country. I think he cracks top 5 next week. That dude is our beast, hands down. He has scored double figures in all but 1 game (the GTown loss).

    I am proud of our boys though. Very dissappointed in Brax’s game but everybody else are stepping up and that is a good thing. Brax has no business playing for MD for real.

    I wish we would crack the top 25 this week…ain’t gonna happen though. If we keep winning our games between now and when we play Florida State, we will crack the top 20; no doubt.

    We have to do something about our ability to defend 3s. That almost killed us today.

    Go Terps!

  95. This was one of the most important games of the season to date. Sounds crazy, I know. But this team is growing up, and we witnessed it first hand today. The Terps of old — playing on emotion alone, terribly inconsistent, etc. — lose this game, without a doubt. Down by 10 in the first half, looked lost defensively, couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn . . . Gist and Co. would’ve given up and left with an RPI-killing home loss to an average non-conference team. Instead, the Terps regrouped at halftime, committed to playing D, and completely changed the complexion of the game. If we lose to Charlotte, we’re staring 10-4 squarely in the face (spirits low, primed for another loss against Morgan St.) and lamenting our chances in ACC play. Now, we’ve got momentum on our side, one more game left on the schedule before GA Tech, and a great chance at 12-2. Seriously Soupers, I realize we just beat Charlotte and not Carolina or UConn, but I’m VERY encouraged by this win.

    Coming out party or not, the Mosely bashing needs to stop. He’ll start scoring points eventually; I firmly believe that. But if you’re really paying attention and understand hoops, you realize he brings so much more to the table. His physical strength and relentless play are key ingredients to this team’s success thus far this year. Along with Vasquez, he helped lead the 16-2 run that put Charlotte away, and it was defense and hustle that made the difference, not necessarliy points (although he did score 11 today, a career high, I believe). The guy plays his ass off.

    Great contributions from Tucker today; it was good to see him get in rhythm. If he could hit that mid-range jumper consistently, we’d be a much better offensive team. Thank goodness for Dino. With Burney out, Neal slow as molasses, and Braxton generally ineffective, we’re SCREWED against athletic big men without Dino. He’s gonna have to step up big defensively as the season progresses. Neal, again, can’t guard my grandmother, but he has developed into one of our best outside shooters (which is scary). Hayes isn’t Blake, but he’s soild, and 2-4 from 3 ain’t bad. Bowie is a bit Jekyll and Hyde – one minute he’s flying by defenders to a wide open lane, the next minute he’s barreling into opposing players with his head down and no regard for running the offense. Still, I love his quickness. And what more can we say about Vasquez? The guy continues to get it done night in and night out.

    Looking good going into the Morgan State game, peeps. I’m pumped.

  96. ESPN.COM’s ACC preview.

    Here is the commentary on our Terps

    Player to watch: Greivis Vasquez. Only Georgetown has been able to stifle the junior, who has reached double figures in all but the game against the Hoyas. The emotional guard can still be prone to turnovers, but he also remains a deft playmaker.

    Circle the date: Jan. 14 at Miami. Maryland will find out just how good it is in the second game of the conference season. The Terps haven’t won at Coral Gables since the Hurricanes joined the league.

    Good sign: The nonconference schedule isn’t going to bite the Terps this time. There are no hide-under-the-sheets losses, no Ohios or Americans jumping off the card. Instead Maryland played good competition and emerged the better for it. The Terps beat Michigan State and Michigan, quality wins that will resonate, and lost to Gonzaga and Georgetown, not exactly chump teams. More importantly, aside from an overtime win against Vermont, Maryland has pasted the teams it’s expected to paste.

    Bad sign: The Terps are second-to-last in rebounding margin in the ACC, besting opponents by only 2.3 boards per game. That could prove costly in crucial games.

    Why you should care: Dropped off the national radar after failing to make the tournament in two of the past three seasons, Maryland has a quintessential Gary Williams team — a crew of under-the-radar talent that can and will work its tail off. For everyone fed up with silver-spoon-fed stars, the Terps are a team to root for.

    NCAA outlook: The conference schedule hasn’t been the hard part for Maryland, and presuming form holds, the Terps are a tourney team.

  97. GW postgame comment on BD: “Braxton Dupree in the first half, gave us some strong inside play against their big guy, Phil Jones, who is 6-10, 270. That was a step up for Braxton, and I thought he did a good job when he was in there.”

    Maryland had a season-high 19 offensive rebounds against Charlotte.

    Terps are undefeated this season when Landon Milbourne scores in double digits.

  98. Bed time Soupers but want to take time to quickly express my excitement over the win. Like CT said, it’s Charlotte, but this is a huge win for us. I know many of us feared this game a trap. The boys showed up in the second half and took care of business. The intensity showed after halftime. Gary must have really put it on them.

    Completely agree with the Mosley supporters. He’s the real deal and is going to be very good. His value so far hasn’t been in scoring (until today). His such a tough player and Gary loves him. Directly after the game he said Mosley is going to be great, has big upside and is going to be great because he’s talented and is a great attitude player. He does what is asked and takes criticism very well. I can only imagine how much better certain players (fill in your own name of choice here) would be if they had that aggressiveness.

    Bring on Morgan St.

  99. I have so much to say, yet it all of it points to the fact that I like watching this team! This is a REAL t-e-a-m. Cohesive. Lke minded. United. And if I had my guess, I would say they all like each other, which is nice.

    I like GARY WILLIAMS. I can’t judge him on what’s to come later this month, but as of now, he’s doing about all one can do with what he’s got. If we were at a poker table, Gary’s stacks would be nipple high.

    I like the rotations he’s running. Done properly, we should poop out most of our competition and win ALOT of games in the last 10 minutes. Our depth might be our biggest weapon and I’m a big proponent of the 40 minute press.

    I don’t like this “try to get the steal then retreat” press, but any and every method of harassment should be applied liberally and without apology.

    I like the IQ…a lot….just smart basketball. Not always glamorous of course, but smart. They get it. They see the big picture. The can switch from a zone to man D at a moments notice without me noticing. The can see who’s hot and get the ball to him. The can recognize the weaknesses and adjust accordingly.

    I did not like that we let up intensity at the end of this game. Not good precedent. Not one single ACC team will let you get away with that…unless they’re exausted, which was the case tonight. But still, not a good precedent.

    I don’t like that we haven’t played enough away games, and I don’t like that we play Miami and Fla state early, AWAY. We don’t have the best luck in those places, but I’m wiping away the past for this team. All old rules don’t apply.

    I didn’t like seeing the Gtown/Pitt game. These guys look like man-childs. 30 year old big mean people. Skull lickers that enjoy the taste of flesh. Their big guys are BIG! So I’m going to say it again — DINO GREGORY needs to grow a beard and become James Worthy right now. He looks like a kid. He needs to look like rapist asap.

    I like Dino Gregory. As of today, I believe he will exceed my expectations…by a large margin. I want to see that fucking beard though, and i’m serious. Someone get that message to him please.

    I like Turtle Soup. I will never go back to the message boards again.



    It must be the Coirvoisier, because if I’ve noticed that DUPREE was wearing Garrison’s #4, I had forgotten about it. I’m not giving up on Dupree, but now that I notice it again, #4 should be banned from MD jerseys. No explanation needed.

    The entire team should agree to mentor him and make it a priority. Even if his skills are maxed out, a change in focus could make all the difference. The difference between a pimp and a pussy is all mindset.

    For those interested, I just saw that Garrison won the 2007 CBA Rookie of the Year, which means that he finally got it, or the CBA really really sucks. As the biggest bust to ever dawn a Terp uniform, I wish him the best at his new Division 2 Turkey Team. Truly.

  100. Crap, forgot about Mosely. Tonight was just a taste. Just wait till his coming out party. Chapel Hill. 1 month from today. Bring an exta pair of undies.

  101. Yeah, I too was thinking of the number 4 curse at last night’s game. I agree – this jersey should never be issues again to any player.

  102. CT – Not certain anyone has been bashing Mosely. Most of us got caught up in the fact that “his reputation preceded him”. However we see his great attitude, his hard play and coachability…… to our detriment,,,,,,,,we were looking for his scoring.

    That said, he may well be the “surprise” on this team and not to take anything away from Neal. Most of us appear to be guardedly optimistic about this team but if you watch other teams in the top 25 they do appear, as Yanik said ” these guys look like man-childs”. We eventually will come up against teams with a few of these man-chlds and such David and Goliath matchups, may well be to our liking. Most big men can’t run hard,,,,,,,,all night long…….we can. We have been out-matched all year long but…..
    MARK THE TAPE……we are getting unexpected breaks aka LUCK.. When the likes of GV, EH, AB and CT (all under 6’6″) can garner in rebounds and loose balls it suggests GW may be positioning them to radar-lock the flight of the ball. Now I know this seems far-fetched but these guys are getting rebounds because they are in the right place and not because they are good rebounders.That’s not an accident. Can we count on this for season-long produciton? Maybe I am imagining this but check it out yourself. I have watched a lot of basketball, as I know ya’ll have, and this “phenomenom” seems to be enveloping our guards and forwards. Perhaps some “numbers crunching” will prove me wrong……of you want to do the research. STOP THE TAPE.

    I took a break and did some research. Get this!

    The players I cited above have combined for 225 rebounds. Dino, BD, Neal and Landon Milboure combined have 192. Throw out Milbourne and you see 2 of our guards i.e, Hayes and GV have 123 or 7 less than Dino, BD and Neal (130). Throw out GV and you see that EH, Mosely and Bowie have combined for 122.

    There’s far better “numbers crunchers” on this site but I think those stats somewhat suport my previous “illusioins”.

    Catch this! We are outrebounding our opponents, we have more Blks per game (Amazing) and we have:

    MORE Assists steals and 3PT FG’s per game.
    BETTER FG %, better FT% (top 6 nationally) and LESS TO’s per game.

    Will this all last? Maybe not but it shows what a “smaller team” can do. Remember how G’Town & the Zags looked so impressive. We the Zags have lost more games than we have and GT got dumped Sat. Our Terps have a lot going for them right now and tf they can think TEAM i.e., Together Everyome Accomplishes More . It should be a goot season with less disappointments.

    Go Terps.

  103. Wow…Jordan Williams had another terrific game. He had a season high 43 points and pulled down 21 rebounds and blocked 8 shots. Regardless of the competition, that is pretty incredible in a 32 minute game. He was also 13-16 from the line.

  104. Anyone catch GV on Sportscenter’s top 10 last night?

  105. Exciting win for sure, i feel like this one really builds some hope that this team can turn in a good enough conference record to get in the dance. This team is coming along nicely and overall they do alot of things better than last years team, the non conference results thus far have proved that. What i really like is that Maryland appears to be a team that consistently will be able to go on runs and score in bunches particularly off of turnovers. Furthermore they are not turning the ball over and they are hitting free throws, two areas that hurt us last year, our ability to hold onto the ball will eliminate long scoring droughts. Im liking the small lineup after this game i am fairly convinced that this is our teams identity this year, strong guard play and running teams up and down the floor will be how we will win games, in the second half teams may start to tire against this team. Most happy about Mosley, i knew he was going to start turning in better performances, but there were his dobuters even some claiming he was not a division I caliber player, which is ridiculous. I like Mosley because he does everything, he is a GW player, he defends very well, rebounds well for a guard, can certainly score and shoot which he finally showed, and most importantly nobody is gonna outwork him or out hustle him…thats what i love the most. Alot of guys can step up on this team GV, EH,LM,CT,SM…basically all our guards can step up at any time in any game…this team reminds me of, i know your not gonna like it but a Duke team.

  106. Travis Garrison had a good medium-range jumper and scored about 10 ppg. Other than that he was GARBAGE all-around. But what one thing does Braxton Dupree do well enough to be even compared to the McDonald’s All-American Travis Garrison?

  107. Speaking of Garrison, I can remember 3 McDonald’s All-Americans that came to Maryland out of DeMatha HS in the last 20 years. Garrison, Jerrod Mustaf and Steve Hood. All three of them were busts now that I think about it. No more McDonald’s guys from DeMatha please.

  108. Speaking of McDonald’s All-Americans, since its inception in 1977, 14 future Terps were honored. In comparison, Duke has had 39 and North Carolina has had 43. Furthermore, only 4 of the 4 Terps were recruited by Garyland. Here is the complete Maryland list of players:

    Albert King 1977
    Reggie Jackson 1978
    Peter Holbert 1980
    Jeff Adkins 1981
    Adrian Branch 1981
    Keith Gatlin 1983
    Derrick Lewis 1984
    Steve Hood 1986 (transferred to James Madison)
    Brian Williams 1987 (transferred to Arizona)
    Jerrod Mustaf 1988
    Duane Simpkins 1992
    Keith Booth 1993
    Travis Garrson 2002
    Mike Jones 2003

  109. Congrats Terps! Nice posts guys. Even though I didn’t see the game, I feel like I’ve got pretty good insight on what transpired. It sounds like our perimeter players are beginning to gel into a team. I like what I’m hearing about DIno. Do you think when Burney gets back, some of this might rub off on him? Might he be plugged into the 5 spot for some D, rebounding and added frontcourt athleticism?

  110. I was at the game and Goins was in street clothes, so if he is a long term sit out, can he be redshirted or is it too late?
    Burney was in a very nice light grey suit with a white shirt and yellow tie. This young man has some class.

  111. Eddie, would you really call Mustaf a bust? He left after his sophomore year, if I recall correctly, but he played fairly well.

  112. harryfish,

    Why would you want to redshirt Goins? He does not seem to have the upside potential to justify tying up a scholie for an extra year, but maybe I am missing something? He was recruited very lightly, which is rare for a big guy with any talent at all. Most likely it is too late anyway.

  113. BC is up 10 on UNC. Anyone watching this?

    68-58 with 10 mins left in the game

  114. Watching UNC vs. BC right now. BC up 10 with 10 min. left. They are looking good. They’re young and could be playing out of their minds, ala our Terps last season, but it’s very impressive. Rice is excellent as usual. But Jackson and Sanders are looking great. They’ve been super aggressive and have played a fast pace at times, something you wouldn’t think they’d do against UNC.

    Damn…just went up 14. Sheesh.

  115. Tar Heels go down at home.

  116. BC just upset UNC at the Dean Dome…wow. They played incredible though, should we be scared come January 27 @ Comcast?

  117. Eddie,

    Peter Holbert???

  118. Can u imagine if we can take down both BC and UNC?

    Hey Jerermy….I was revisiting your last thread about “stats”. Noticed that we are like .1% better in 3pt shooting accuracy over last years team. But if you look at my post above we are better than our opponents this year….making more and holding them lower. FYI.

  119. “BC just upset UNC at the Dean Dome…wow. They played incredible though, should we be scared come January 27 @ Comcast?”


    As well as the Terps are currently playing, they really haven’t been tested inside since the Gtown game. They are certainly are playing with more heart and team cohesion than last year’s edition. So, maybe they’ve turned a corner. But I’d feel a lot better if we had some bangers on the board. If only Braxton could discover his inner Bambale…or Lonnie.

  120. Give BC all the credit in the world for getting a win at UNC. They probably won’t lose another game down here all year. That being said, UNC played a really poor game. They just couldn’t shoot from the field and were terrible from the FT line.

    At least now they won’t have the pressure of the undefeated season :)

  121. And they jacked up a lot of hurried, panicky trifectas in the last seven minutes or so of the game. I think Rice and Sanders got inside their head.

  122. UNC missed 12 free throws, shooting about 55%. That’ll hurt your chances of winning not matter what your rank is. That makes the terps solid FT shooting thus far all the more comforting.

  123. Roy Williams is a joke…loses to BC….underachieving team….gets no local recruits….what has he done for me lately….he needs to go. LOL

  124. EdDC,
    Gary likes the potential of Goins, he has been hurt since early in his Junior year in HS. He is still growing and may wind up at 7 Ft.
    So why not redshirt if you can?

    EagleFever – Pete Holbert was the all time leading scorer in the state of Virginia and I believe still is? was very highly recruited and was a solid recruit by the Lefthander. He was a goofball though and never materialized.

  125. Va Tech had a chance against Dook but couldn’t put it together in the second half. Malcolm Dulaney is a baller; I love watching that guy play. And Jeff Allen looks like he’s ready to break out. Lots of floor pounding in the last 10 minutes of the game. Freakin Dookies.

  126. ACC play is crazy so far…Clemson beat Miami at Miami, VA beat GA Tech at GA Tech…and although Duke routed Vtech at home, BC spanked UNC at UNC.

    I hope Vas and the boys are ready for GA Tech this saturday. Looks like some ACC teams are messing around beating up teams they are not supposed to beat. Hopefully, we beat the teams we are supposed to beat…AND beat teams we are not supposed to beat. Hell, maybe we will compete for the ACC title with BC or NC State, with Duke & UNC watching from NC, huh?

    One thing I am learning? Anything can happen…all teams need to recognize. Maybe Morgan State should beat us so that we take our revenge on GA Tech…huh?

    Go Terps!

  127. I guess Jerrod Mustaf wasn’t a bust. I guess I was looking at his career in general. He was a mid-1st round pick of the Knicks and never really made an impact in the pros.

  128. Mustaf was a damn good player. He became poison in the NBA when the girl he got pregnant was killed by his cousin shortly after she refused $5,000 to have an abortion. Mustaf was never arrested for it but settled a civil suit out of court with the girls parents. He may have been a stud if he would of stayed with Walt Williams and the NCAA/Bob Wade stuff didn’t make him bolt for the NBA.

    Steve Hood had a decent career at JMU and was drafted in the NBA second round. A friend of mine knew him pretty well but I don’t remember the details. He was a Lefty recruit which had something to do with why he left.

    Michael ‘the next Len Bias’ Tate was also a McD AA that signed with UM but was able to get out of his commitment when Wade was fired. He won the slam dunk contest at the AA game but tore up his knee before his first year at JMU and was never the same. I saw him play in a couple of HS games and he was almost unstoppable.

  129. Congrats to the Terps for a come-from-behind win against a good team.

    It’s surprising that there is not more gushing on this thread about GV’s 27 points. The guy is money. What a difference from last year when the go-to guy (Gist) would disappear or 2 years ago when the go-to guy (Strawberry) would bonce the ball off his foot.

    I once again missed the game, but all of the reserves had good lines. The 3 TOs from Tucker in 10 minutes is concerning.

    GERRY, I think what’s missing from your analysis is that Dupree and Gregory average only 15 minutes a game, while Hayes and GV average over 30. On a per minute basis, they do ok in terms of number of rebounds.

    Congrats to BC, too.

  130. Va Tech folded up like a cheap lawn chair in the 2nd half of that game. They scored 13….13 second half points. YEESH.

  131. Does anybody have more substantive information on the recruiting buzz from this pat weekend?

    I read that somebody mentioned Lance Stephenson. Word is that he’s a ball-hog sort of like Allen Iverson? Can anyone comment on this? thanks.

  132. It’s just one man’s opinion, but this an interesting conversation starter

  133. Also, I’m sorry if he has already been discussed and I missed it or have forgotten, but any info on Adreian Payne in Ohio? A top guy in the 2010 class that seems to have popped up on our recruiting radar?


  134. It seems puzzling to me that Stephenson still hasn’t formally given a verbal. In fact, makes me a bit leery of the guy to be honest.

  135. I don’t think we should get our hope up with Lance Stephenson. Nor do I think we really want him. I watched him play in that game with James Padgett a month ago or so and he looked to be a ball dominating player. He didn’t share the rock much at all. Not sure we want that kind of (what appears to be selfishness) on our squad. Some write ups on him have him as immature and not very coachable. Of course, those sources could be way off.

    He’s certainly a one and done type player I think. Not sure Gary would go for him, but obviously the Terps would be landing a top recruit if they got him. But I’m guessing it’s just talk and won’t happen anyway.

  136. Ok – based upon that I don’t think that’s the type of guy we need on the team. With the bigs coming in next yr the squad has lot’s of upside. Don’t need it brought down by this guy.

    Is it a virtual certainty that GV will declare for the draft?

  137. Eddie,

    Danny Miller?

  138. I was sorry to lose Danny Miller to Notre Dame. Loved his game.

  139. Here’s my take on the Lance Stephenson chatter.

    Jeff Erman moved from one Terps website (Turtle Sports Report) to another (Terp Center). In order to keep that site going they need to get some paid memberships sold. So he posts that Lance Stephenson might visit UMD on his paid section of the site and posts ‘potential blockbuster recruiting news’ on the free section of the site. Partly…I’m speculating here…to drive membership to the paid section of the site.

    I’m not saying that Stephenson won’t visit UMD or that he will. But if something is officially set up we’ll sure hear about it.

    As for Stephenson being a ball hog, the offense at Abraham Lincoln goes thru him. I wouldn’t base an opnion of him on watching one game. In their last game Stephenson had six assists. He’s also active on the glass, averaging 11 rebounds a game in league play.

    He’s another in a short list of very talented guards to go to Lincoln: Stephon Maubury-Sebastian Telfair-Lance “Born Ready” Stephenson

  140. Fred according to people close to the program it is a long shot that GV returns for his senior year. Things could change, but long shot right now.

  141. DBR;

    Don’t you think it would be prudent for GV to return for his Sr year? He’ll have a more talented cast with the incoming bigs. Plus it would allow him to further develop.

    I don’t follow – or anything comparable. So I don’t think he would be a top 15 pick.

  142. Fred: I agree with your comment and really hope he stays. He would help make this team very special next year with the people coming in.

    DBR: is there anything that can be done to help make him come back next year?

  143. has GV going #43. Hopopshype also has him out of first round.

    I think GV could go in the first round. His turnovers are down, and his decisions are much better than last season. GV is so far the Terps’ top 3 point shooter by far, which is also quite an improvement. GV’s reputation has to catch up with his new performance.

    If GV comes back for his senior year, how much will he improve further? Unless the answer is “a lot,” then he could go–especially if he gets a firm first round commitment from a team.

    Naturally, I hope GV stays. Our best hope is that GV is a real Terp, and the team means a whole lot to him.

  144. Thanks for giving it to us straight DBR.

  145. No problem. The usual thoguht is don’t enter the draft early unless you’re a lock for the first round…but sometimes 2nd round guys stick…or get paid overseas to play. GV leaving early would be what used to be known as a ‘hardship’ case. Father has health issues etc.

    Meanwhile…Portis will transfer down a level, looking to solidify next destination now.

  146. DBR;, EdDC and others on GV and his return.

    Is it worth factoring in that given he continues on his stellar pace and “If” he returned next year with a repeat performance that he might wind up, “statistically” at least, as one of the TOP-20 Terps of all time……or in there somewhere?.

    Given that circumstance wouldn’t that factor in his decision. He also cherishes his relationship with GW and the school.

    The only mitigating factor might be “economic issues” as home et al?

    What do you think……he might be thinking?

  147. I was really hesitant to make that post about GV. But keep in mind I did say “long shot” not a virtual certainty. And my source said: “things could change…”

  148. Terps will win the ACC and the NCAA’s. GV will be a lottery pick. You read it here first.(seriously, there are 3+ months of basketball before we fret about that)

    FWIW – RealtimeRPI actually has Morgan St. ranked higher than G-Tech (168 v 178).

  149. GV is going to have a tough time of it in the NBA. The only position he is really suited for is PG and his ball handling skills just aren’t there. He is also pretty slow for a PG. Chris Paul would light him up like a Christmas tree.

    There are guys that have the skill sets that can leave after one or two years of college ball because their game is all about their athletic ability. GV will have to make it like Steve Blake. Work on your game and find your niche. Steve B didn’t really find his shot until his senior year with us. We needed him to score and he did so. He has gotten even better at the next level. He did what he had to in order to make it in the NBA.

    That is the blueprint for GV.

  150. New polls have 5 ACC teams

    2 UNC
    3 Duke
    4 Wake
    11 Clemson
    24 BC

    We get…1 vote? Fl State had more votes than us…geez. Anyway ACC > Big East

  151. These comments on GV make sense. The consensus is probably late first round, assuming he sustains his performance. Thus he would get a small contract, but the $2-3 million total up to his team’s option year would be more than most of us make in a lifetime. Then he either has his option year exercised and he sticks for a awhile in the NBA and gets a Steve Blake-type of contract worth a few million more, or he plays internationally for nice bucks. It does look like he has pro possibilities.

    Does he return to MD and risk all this? I guess it all depends whether he gets a virtual guarantee (nothing is certain in business) to go in the first round.

  152. BC cracks the top 25 because BC beat NC…I recall, MD did not crack the top 25 when it beat NC last year. Man, the press will not give us a break.

    You know what? It’s good, because MD will whip up BC later this month and that will only help us. I notice that Miami does not even have votes anymore and MD got 1. That shis is just arbitrary man!

    Bring on Morgan State. Like DiamondBak Russ would say…let us ‘step on their necks’ and crack a spine or something. Terrapin needs to take its frustration out on some school.

  153. update.

    I see now that Boston is ranked 17th on the AP Poll. Man! I am pissed. I have to agree with Gary Williams that MD gets no respect and it’s a bloody shame. Fuck them!

  154. BC does not have the glaringly bad loses prior to beating UNC that we had last year. I guess the loss to St Louis is if’y but the other lose is to Purdue so that’s understandable. Certainly more understandable than Ohio, AU, etc. But I am surprised that we are just getting one vote.Thats okay, I prefer us being under-the-radar, underdog type team.

  155. im guessing the one vote in the coaches poll is gary’s guys. we did get 25 votes in the ap though.

  156. Hmmm…not ranked, boy will that be some movitivation for the players :)

  157. Good news…Steve Goins returned to practice today.

  158. DBR, does that really matter? The guy saw no time in non-conference play? I don’t think we expected to see him at all once ACC started.

  159. Not so good news…Burney could be on the shelf longer than originally expected.

    That makes Goins getting back into action very important. Coaches could be calling on him to provide minutes/fouls when ACC season starts and the games get more physical and foul touble becomes an issue.

  160. Gotcha. I just wonder how much of liability his defense would be…

    Also, asshat Lunardi has MD in his first four out for tourney projections, not that it matters. But I believe he had us in earlier. What did we do wrong? It’s all gravy though, because Gary is squeezing everything out of these guys this year and they are ready to play with a chip on the shoulder.

  161. Terps do better with the smaller guys than they do with the big lunks. I can remember many games when taller Terps were beaten by lots of 6-4 and 6-5 guys, scrambling around and out-hustling the Terps. Now is our chance to dish it out. Mismatches work both ways. I like guys who can run and shoot and defend quickly, and also jump out for the rebound before anyone else gets there. Save the bigs for intimidation in pre-game warmups.

    When Dupree learns to play basketball, he can get in the games and help. Same for Gregory. They will get their minutes, when they earn it. I don’t hold much hope out for the others.

  162. Don’t talk yourself into Greivis Vasquez staying at MD for his senior year. He doesn’t need to play in the NBA. Methinks, he would do quite well in the Spanish League. He speaks the language and although the money ain’t green; it’s worth the same (more actually).

    He loves MD, but he is not passing up millions just for a shot at a NCAA title. It is not happening. I wish it would, but it is not.

  163. Danny Miller from Mount Holly, NJ. I forgot about him. I feel bad for him in a way because he transferred the year before we won it all. He got some redemption after he sat out a year when he played great in a ND win at College Park. He had trouble with defensive breakdowns which eventually caused Gary to start Byron “The Ultimate Warrior” Mouton over him.

  164. Jeremy- Certainly don’t want to appear argumentative but your case for GV leaving MD is circumstantial at best. You’ve proven you have very good perception of Terp basketball in particular and college bb-ball in general. However, Sure, we are all guessing but his personality suggest to me that he is at Md to “make his mark” . Sure he needs the money and in the end that may be the compelling factor.

    I don’t believe he would be “passing up millions” (to stay at MD) just for a shot at a NCAA title. Worst case he would be deferring the $. How do you see it differently. Do you know something we don’t?

  165. Hippolyte Tsafack, a 6-8 forward and his teammate Mychal Parker made an unofficial visit to UMD this past week. They play for the Miller School in Charlottesville, VA. This was Tsafack’s second visit to College Park since Thanksgiving. Claims UMD is his favorite. He runs the court well and has an above the rim game according to people that have seen him play. He’s under the radar recruiting wise as he has only been in the US for a little over a year and hasn’t played any AAU ball. He’s looking into playing with Albany City Rocks AAU this year.

    Parker, is a 6-6 forward currently ranked a 5-star recruit and the #4 SF by Scout.

  166. DB, what class are Tsafack and Parker?

  167. They are class of 2010.

  168. Greivis Vasquez, whom I love like the son I never had, will not leave College Park at the end of this season if there’s no kind of banner to hang at Comcast. That’s just the deal. It’s a pride thing. And Ricksterps’ comment that Greivis is a tough call for NBA success right now is dead-on. Greivis is growing every year and one more at Maryland might get him that banner and a better game. I am even more certain about this than I was that Maryland would beat Georgetown several weeks ago.

  169. Kaze said:

    “Greivis is growing every year and one more at Maryland might get him that banner and a better game. I am even more certain about this than I was that Maryland would beat Georgetown several weeks ago”

    What? I don’t even understand the above sentences. Kaze is surer about Vas getting better (and possibly, a banner) next year than he was about MD beating GTown several weeks ago? But MD did not beat GTown…so, I don’t know how the latter sentence validates the first sentence…

    Also, Vas staying 1 mo year ‘might’ or ‘might not’ make him better or bring a banner to UMCP (remember John Gilchrist)…

    Yeesh!…LOL! Go Terps!

  170. I think GV will declare for draft. Just my two cents.

    If he would stay, IMO, I think we could make some noise next yr especially with the bigs coming in.

  171. don’t get bent. i think kaze was making a funny.

  172. ACC TEAMS IN THE ORDER I HATE THEM, just because


  173. My two cents on GV. If he goes this year, he is at best a late first rounder; probably more likely to go in the second round. If he stays four years, has an excellent junior and an outstanding senior year, he cracks the top 15 in the draft. Getting to play with Williams and Padgett vs. sitting on the NBA pine or running up and down a European court would be an additional reason for staying at UMd. My guess he stays for his senior year.

  174. Dr. S. Fincter,

    that’s an odd list. dook is in the bottom half? how is that even possible? I get the hatred towards bc, vt, and miami. they have destroyed the ACC is many ways by joining the conference. but how can you not hate dook more with all of the whining and biased officiating that comes with them? I’m not even going to get into the dorks in the stands. There is a Manifesto on this subject linked at the top bar on this site.

  175. ACC TEAMS IN THE ORDER I HATE THEM (because Faison did it and it makes more sense then adding to to the GV discussion):

    1. dook – See link at the top of the page
    2. MIAMI — Great cheerleaders and ok b-ball program, but I still hold a Jimmy Johnson era grudge
    3. VT — I’ve grown to hate their sports programs. They are thugs.
    4. VA — Nothing against the sports programs, but as a rule their alums are assholes
    5. NC – I like their b-ball program, but the “God painted the sky Carolina Blue” T-shirts are irritating
    6. GA TECH – I liked them, actually, when they had the white haired coach (I forgot his name and don’t feel like looking it up), but now they suck. OK cheerleaders.
    7. FLST – hot cheerleaders. Their coach is an idiot, but he’s got the Terps’ #. That pisses me off at GW, not them.
    8. BC – GW’s old school, but poor, poor cheerleaders. I like their B-ball coach.
    9. WAKE – Nothing for or against these guys. I can’t even remember their cheerleaders. Prosser was great coach, but I don’t have an impression, yet, on the new guy.
    10. CLEMSON – Hot cheerleaders, good fan base and I like the B-ball coach.
    11. NCST – I like their alums/fans, and their 83 NCAA championship was my second favorite behind the Terps’. Jimmy V is a legend.

    ……this exercize was tougher than I thought it would be. The top 3 hate, the middle 6 depend on the situation and my mood, and I’m a sometime fan for the bottom 2.

  176. Stevend , the “white haired coach” was Bobby Cremins. I’ve got no hate for Ga Tech; Paul Hewitt is a great recruiter and seems like a stand up guy, and I was a Cremins fan back in the day. And I agree with Jeremy re Dook. Honestly, if Dook isn’t at least top 3 on your most hated ACC teams list, if not #1, then I would truly question your Terpness.

  177. The top 3 teams are Duke, Dook, and Dewk, with the Duke fans a close fourth.

    If you remember the Lefty era:
    – Hate for Georgia Tech: Lefty’s making his third try for his 300th win, late in the game in Atlanta, Ga Tech takes an insurmountable lead, fans start chanting 299! 299! at Lefty.
    – A plus for Clemson; Purnell was a Lefty assistant.

  178. We should make this its own thread!

  179. My most hated ACC teams: From most hated to Least:

    1. Duke. Period. They are heads and shoulders more hated than any other team. The ONLY ACC Team I will not root for in the tourney.

    2. UVA. There athletic program is neither here nor there. But they seem like a pretentious school. Hate their “The University” bumper stickers.

    3. BC. I think the alums think their athletic program is better than it is.

    4. VaTech. Beamer seems cool (boys with the Fridge). But Seth cries a bit too much for my liking. They do seem to get thugs in there. Also, living in DC, it really bothers me when they get “local” coverage. Are you kidding? They’re like 5 hours away!

    5. Clemson. The fact that they dress up in khakis and button downs for football games makes me want to puke.

    6. Miami. I have to like “the U” cause I’m a skins fan and half the team went there. All of the former Big East teams are a bit annoying but these guys not so much. I wish there football team would step it up!

    7. FSU. Hot cheerleaders. But the football team has had our number. But they are even more snakebitten than us when it comes to the bubble in March! So that makes me root for them.

    8. UNC. Obviously the b-ball team is annoyingly good. But the fans dont seem NEARLY as annoying as the Dukies. I actually think it woulda been a cool school to go to!

    9. Wake. One of my buddies went there. I really liked Prosser.

    10. Ga Tech. I like Paul Hewitt a lot and also Paul Johnson. A really fun b-ball team to watch.

    11. NC St. Seems like a good school with pretty chill alumni. Seems similar to the Terps program. I do have a soft spot for Jimmy V.

  180. How can BC be so low on your list, stevend? Biggest perpetually reloading display of jersey popping thuggery this side of Virginia Tech. They make me want to vomit.

    See if you can stay with me here on dook. Firstly, I am a man. A real man, and I have no problem acknowledging coach K is the best college coach of this generation. He’s earned that, and is a true master. He has the press dangling from his scrotus, the refs up is sphincter and no matter how man nerdy white kids he has on his team, they perform like a relentless freaking machine…and if they don’t, he’ll collapse and blame the assistant. That’s the truth.

    And I know Brian’s Mainfesto well. As far as you know, we shared the same mescaline dealer, and half that shit he stole from me at Lucy’s 3 day SpleenFest®, but that’s another story.

    Yet not too long ago, when we started thumping dook on a regular basis, I began to notice a shift in my consciousness. If dook was not who they were, I wouldn’t be able to bask in that etheric warm stench of smashing their faces in all the time. I started to realize that my loathing of dook was directly correlate to my joy of beating them, and I found myself NOT wanting them to change. I liked seeing their players suffer. I liked seeing their fans weep after we spanked them time and time again.

    Subsequently, I no longer wanted their fans to stop being shitlick, annoying douchebags. I didn’t want the press to stop the blatant media strokejobs, the unwarranted poll positions and the shiftless whitewashing of the foul mouthed ferret-faced fucknut. I found myself liking dook and the falsetto dook-mytique-machine just the way they are.

    If their coach changes, or the media changes, or the fans change or the players change, I will have significantly less joy in my life. I like dook. I like them just the way they are. I like them so much that I just acquired 2 tickets for Wed, Feb 25, 9pm so I could like them slinking out of Comcast with a tear on their cheek and pants around their ankles.

    To maintain this level of joy, even though it’s a dirty paradox, I have embraced my loathing of dook. This is why they are middle of the pack on my list. It’s walking a fine line I know, but if i had instead made my list of teams in the order I enjoyed beating them, Dook always was, is now and ever shall be the dook blow devils.

    As a small boy being potty trained, when the turtle started poking it’s head out, I was trained to say, … “dad, i gotta go take a dook”. And my own son does the same.

  181. Dr. Faison S. Fincter,
    GREAT post. So basically Duke is the team you LOVE to HATE. I can feel that.

  182. B-ball injury update coming soon.

  183. evil + teaser = DBR

  184. S.Fincter,
    I’m an equal opportunity hater….I just don’t have it for BC (but I’m old and maybe my memory is failing me). It seems to me that BC plays a tough brand of b-ball and they are street players, but they play within the rules. I think Skinner does a good job of coaching his kids up and overacheiving, which I respect in a way. I got no problem with them.

    Compare that with dook, who you claim to ‘respect.’ I call bullshit. dook is full of thugs who play outside the rules. Period. They deserve hate, not respect.

    I’ll tell you what. If you can name a BC incident that’s similar to Henderson punching Hansboro or the crap the dickhead Laedtner used to get away with stomping on players while they are on the ground, I will be open to changing my mind. Or, as an added bonus, if you can name a BC fan incident that’s like the crap dook fans used to yell at Dixon, I’ll change my mind.

  185. gbx79, IMO, the fan chant you reference to hate GT is not that bad. Such taunting of an opposing head coach is totally ‘in-bounds.’

  186. Didnt say it was out of bounds. It just pizzed me off. Therefore I especially enjoy it when MD beats Ga Tech.

  187. Goins practiced again today but Gary Williams indicated it is unlikely he will play tomorrow night. Another scan was done on Jerome Burney’s foot and it showed some healing so that is encouraging. However it’s safe to say that Rome is out of action indefinitely.

  188. Crap. Did I say I respect dook? I need another martini if I did. There’s nothing to respect. They are traditionally the biggest bunch of flopping, whining, cheating hacks in the country. As stated though, I wouldn’t change them, but I don’t even respect K, whom I 100% acknowledge. He’s the best coach.

    BC / VT
    Interchange them at will. I have not embraced my loathing for either. I would change them, with a couple grenades and a pick axe. They are the eptome of dispicable hacks, and they will prove it once again very soon.

    dudley = puke

  189. I believe it’s all over… except for the official press release…that DHB will be leaving UMD to pursue the NFL.

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