A New Low

In a half decade filled with lows, tonight has to take the cake. The Terps lost to fucking Morgan State. Dave Neal can’t guard anyone. The guards shot terribly and we lost.

Bye bye RPI. The degree of difficulty for the season just doubled. Now, MD must win 10 games in the ACC to get in to NCAAs.

This hurts.

I looked past this game and so did the players.


Besides throwing my computer through the wall,I don’t know what else to do.

I hate sports sometimes. I really hate it.



  1. grrr.

  2. Jeremy- You can do better than that. Gregg can help you out. That’s not what we are looking for from you.

    I hope you don’t live close to dean.

    Let’s regroup……. we lost a battle but not the war.

    Gregg…..thanks again.

  3. You might as well cut and paste this article all yr. Save your energy for next yr when there is hope.

  4. Looking back, this one may have been the true trap game…just like with football and freaking Middle Tennessee…it’s the ones no one sees coming. Momentum going into conference play: Zero.

  5. the next trap game is ….. Gtech.

  6. Trap game? This is an ACC team coached by a “Hall of Fame” coach. It’s a joke game. Like Kentucky losing to Gardner-Webb this is a sign of a program in decline.

    I like this team. I like Bowie. I like Tucker. I even like Dave fucking Neal. I like Milbourne. GV is great, except when he chokes and f-cks up like he did tonight and last year vs. BC, which took a 10-point lead and lost it. Hayes is not an ACC-caliber guard.

    And there are no bigs. Didn’t it occur to GW 2 years ago and that Gist and Osby would leave???? We may pull an upset or two, but if we break 8-8 in the ACC, I will be shocked.

    I loved the other board where everybody trashed Duke. Wah wah wah. they only win because of the refs. K curses (OMG as if GW doesn’t). We may have had Duke number a few times, but Duke doesn’t lose to the Morgan State’s or AUs or Ohio Us of the world.

    Dean may be an asshole, but he and a few others are right. The party ended in 2002. A great two years, but it’s a long, long time ago.

    GW needs a bailout. Big time. HOF coaches don’t lose to Morgan fucking State.

  7. Wow….all I can say is Wow. I didn’t see this coming that’s for sure. I thought we would beat them by 30 since we had 24 in the NIT…..

  8. Thanks GG Almighty,

    I am an a$$hole, to be sure. But I call ’em as I see ’em. I love Md, and am an 87 alum. Both my sons wear nothing but Md clothes and we love the Terps.

    I traveled to see em in Maui and watched NCM score 2pts and get schooled by Adam Morrison.

    I take no joy in watching my team lose. As a kid, I sat in Cole…. when I was 7 yrs old and watched Brad Davis etc. The sky doesn’t fall after every loss. But since 02 it’s been pretty standard.

    If Drew hadn’t hit that miracle trey against UNCW … then what? Being objective, there’s more wrong now than right.

    Silver Lining, IMO, are the recruits for next yr. I think there could be good things then –

  9. Sorry Gerry. I am at a loss right now.

  10. I just got back from Comcast and I can’t say I am shocked. We did not play with energy except for that spurt in the 2nd half. The fans did not show up – The game might as well have been played in Boise. Vasquez thought is was 2008 and took too many bad threes (fading away with 25 seconds on the shot clock) but he will reover and so will this team. Neal does all he can out there but he is just not big or athletic enough to play D in the ACC or any confernce in the country. We either got beat down low or cheated and got beat by a long three. Dino looked like a deer in headlights on two straight turnovers. We got nothing fron our bench Gary did not use his timeouts very well. You look at the stat sheet and we should have lost by 20.

    All that being said, we need to rebound strong on Saturday and win by 20. This game will not be the reason we dont get a ticket to the dance. We still need to go 9-7 with a win over one of the top four teams in the conference and we are going dancing.

    I will be back at Comcast Saturday ready to cheer on our Terps. Let’s not give up yet.

  11. Gentlemen;

    It appears we are beginning to eat our own young based upon one game.

    Truth be known, our problem is, has been and will continue to be bad coaching.

    Any man who can lose a game having a 10 point lead with 56 seconds left (I cannot forget or forgive that) and then coach a game like this against an opponent like this, no longer has the right to coach Maryland basketball.

    I’m really sick of those Gary apologists – “Gary doesn’t like to recruit “– well, shit that’s his job; “Gary likes to bring in under the radar kind of guys” — no he doesn’t, he just can no longer recruit enough quality players to field an ACC comptetitive team.

    Please wake up and understand the basic problem that is facing the program and the problem is Gary.

    When we lose like we have over the past few years it can only be one of three things
    Bad Coaching
    Sub Par Talent
    Poor Strategy

    Who is responsible for all of the above??? Gary has to go!

  12. Once we steal one of the games in Fla all this will be forgotten. This team will be ready come Saturday. Gonzaga lost to Portland State at home and just beat Tenn. on the road. We are in much better shape going into ACC play this year then last. This game will be remembered as a catalyst to a great season and not a death knell. Keep your spirits up and Go Terps.

  13. Those who know Jeremy know he just has to have his breakdown, then he’ll get his head straight and will be back on track.

    I’m just an optimist at heart I guess and I realize that it’s really hard these days to recruit, coach, and win games when some of your players just don’t seem to learn. Just look at the sport of basketball as a whole. There is something wrong with the attitudes of all players and it has a trickel down effect. 6 NBA coaches were fired in the first 2 months of this season. They all weren’t bad coaches.

    I’m the one who thought we should start the process of getting a new coach this past summer. I believe Gary is at fault for much of the losing in the past few seasons, but I have been impressed with his ‘re-dedication’ to recruiting. I’m willing to give him a chance to get this program back on track. He has earned that right. He is a hall of fame coach and does not need to prove himself to us. He needs to prove to himself that he still has that fight in him and get this program back on track. If he can’t do that, then, and only then, is it time to move on and look for someone else.

    Let’s see how they respond to tonight’s loss. We’ll see then whether we are on the right track.

  14. No way this game will be forgotten. As we kept doubling down on their inside men in the last minutes they kicked the ball out for open threes. That is coach”s call on how to play. In this case this time it did not work. I was there and saddened by the lousy turn out. I do not buy the notion if the team plays bad, why should we have to go. If you are a real fan then go to the damn game and be pissed off afterward like i am. I bet dooook and g–damn n.c would have a big crowd against the same team. We have people who buy season tickets and then do not go or give up their tickets to make money. And i cannot get season tickets. something is wrong with that.

  15. Just finished watching the game on DVR…horrible! Absolutely horrible! Can’t they get through the non conference without laying one of these eggs!! Upsets happen daily in college hoops so losing to Morgan State alone isn’t what irks me. It’s the effort and attitude. I think it’s pretty obvious the Terps looked way past tonight’s opponent and to me that in itself is a huge no no. I don’t care who you play. Looking past them is disrespecting them and setting yourself up for a huge letdown, especially when you know underdogs would like nothing more than to take out a “higher caliber” (I use that term with some hesitancy) team.

    Looked like last years squad in most ways tonight. 21 turnovers. Too many stretches with poor shots, leading to frustration and more forced shots. Way too many threes. Undisciplined and lazy transition defense. Regardless of whether the doubling down was a good idea or not, there wasn’t much effort in large stretches to close out to shooters. At times, I wish Gary left the press on the bench and just played aggressive half court man. But hell, tonight they were running on us even when we made baskets. That’s absurd. And they had a one track mind issue tonight. Seemed like each player had moments where they made up their mind/knew what they were going to do with the ball, or without it, without even considering other options. I was having flashbacks.

    The front court obviously remains a huge concern. I know I’m wearing out this point (like we all are) but we have no one with any quality inside game. I’d take the kid, Thompson, from Morgan State over any of our big guys right now. He was aggressive and actually had a solid offense game. Dupree is just lost offensively. It’s the unsolvable mystery after he showed some polish last season. Dino isn’t much of an offense threat but he’s still playing hard. Looked like some early fouls threw him off a bit. But give me something fellas. A put back. A dive to the rim after setting a screen. Something.

    My first thought after the clock hit zero was, here we go again. There’s another dagger to the tourney resume. I truly don’t like thinking about the reality of our tourney chances this early anyway but it’s hard not too when you have a loss like this with the tough conference season looming. That being said, this is one game. And we had two of these bad losses before January last season. Many of us were praising Gary and this team for the mostly unexpected job they’ve done so far. Let’s remember that and hope they remember this…The ACC season is upon us. NO MORE EGG LAYING!!!

  16. Well, chum, there are plenty of eggs left to be laid.

    I appreciate Gary pulling the team outta the ashcan yrs ago – with the intestinal fortitude to plug on with no tourney bids, no tv appearances .. persuade Walt W to stay etc.

    Nonetheless, this is unacceptable. Time to gracefully pass the baton. The apologists really attack me due to my commentary.

    Before we used to compete for an at large berth. Now we are ALWAYS a bubble team.

    Be introspective cretins, you know I’m right.

    I’d hand over the reigns, right now, to Chucky D (I mean next yr)

  17. Wow, this one hurt. Help me fellow soupers, I am trying to develop a plan for coping. Here are some possible tactics I may employ:

    1. Accentuate the positive – We can send the tape of this game to any NBA team that might be thinking of drafting Vasquez so we can be sure he will stay around for another year. Think how good it must make David Neal feel to know he is our best player. When Dupree looks at the tapes of this game and how weak he looked it has to snap him out of his funk.
    2. Live in the past. – Watch the youTube video of Steve Blake stealing the ball from Jason Williams and scoring a layup, watch tapes of Buck Williams making Ralph Sampson look like bad, watch the 2002 tournament games over and over again.
    3. Ignore basketball completely. Watch the Monkey Bar video on youTube (“looks like you blew a seal, no it just ice cream”), always makes me laugh! Remember how quickly I have forgotten last years loses. When the Terps win on Saturday this game will seem like a bad dream.
    4. Live in a fantasy world. Think of how good it will be to watch the Redskin’s playoff game this Sunday! Think of all the fun things I’ll do with my 401K money when I retire.
    5. Rationalize the lost away. The 5-8 Morgan State is really a powerhouse! UNC got wallowed by BSU who got wallowed by Harvard, everyone has a bad night.
    6. Wallow in the misery. Find a Cubs fan to commiserate with. Things that don’t kill you only make you stronger!

    So let me know howyou plan to cope!

  18. Cope by being realistic about this team’s talent level and prospects, and live within those expectations, which means enjoying this year’s edition of the Terps for what they are: fun to watch when they click but limited when they come up against squads with strong front courts. Whoever it was on this blog who said it’s hard to double down on quality bigs when your opponent can fire cruise missiles from the perimeter nailed it, IMO. Without a reliable inside game, the Terps are going to have difficulty doing better than 7-9 season, and I wouldn’t be shocked if they fell short of that record. That’s been the truth, Ruth for some time.

    If Gary after this season gathers up his laurels and rides off into the sunset (which I can’t see him doing graciously because of stubbornness), MD would be crazy to hand the reins to Chuck D. We need to hire a proven black coach, someone who can go head-to-head with George Thompson III in the battle for local talent (read: basketball-rich PG County). Anthony Grant would be my choice, possibly Dave Dickerson, but he is struggling at Tulane.

    For all of Dean’s acerbity, he’s a breath of honest air. Some of the Pollyanna wishful thinking on the Soup is getting real old, if not deoxygenated.

  19. Oh crap. I was having a good week before this.

    21 Turnovers. Just like that, the problem is back.

    I echo Jeremy’ expletive

  20. I don’t know if there is a Boston College blog but you gotta wonder what they’re saying about BC’s loss to HARVARD. I hate BC, that’s natural. I now hate Morgan State. I don’t like the Zags or G’Town either. I really don’t like any of the other ACC teams either. I love the Terrapins. I get more satisfaction following teams I love than those I hate. Some of you need an enema and the rest of you ought to go find a team that does…….what you want them to do. Good Luck.

    You’ve all heard me say (mostly about our terps) ….”on any given night” any team can get the unexpected W or lay an egg. This is the NCAA. My other love ( the Celtics )won 19 straight but have lost 6 of the last 8. That’s just the way the ball bounces. Did you get every promotion you “should have gotten” at your job? Probably not. Did you quit? Probably not. The only group that got what they wanted was the Gestapo and in the end……they got what they deserved…..and then some. Lighten up.

    Jeremy and Gregg are providing us with a forum…..not a spitoon or barf bag. Look at the 2nd comment on this thread. Isn’t that a mild admonishment of a guy I hardly know but obviously respect. Why? He proved he deserves it. Check out his response. That’s # 9 above (I wish they were numbered Jeremy). That’s ‘Class” and we need more of it on this sight……at this time. Sure, say what you feel but say it with some class and respect. Trash taliing our team, our coach or program and our “success” is not going to get you what you want but may get you what you deserve.

    I really doubt UNC or BC fans are calling for Roy Williams or Al Skinners firing. Even Coach Rat’s team lost and Puke fans ain’t crucifying him. If you love your team but hate the coach……you need to find some middle ground or YOU are going to have a bad year.

    All you crapheads that call us “GW apologists” don’t get it. We are one of the best college basketball programs in the country and we have GW to thank for that. We average 20+ wins a season. Many of our players make it to the NBA and make it “IN) the NBA. Sure, we want to go to the dance and get in the Final Four every year…….but how many storied programs can say they do it.

    Let’s talk about how we lost a game, how we won the game, what we have to do next (as if any of this makes a difference to our terps) who’s improving and who’s not. One of the biggest losers last night was Mosely. His Balto buddies took the #2 Maryland HS scoring champ …..back to school. Please guys…..I’m not bashing Mosely,,,,,, but he ain’t showing us much. His shot selection is poor to very poor. He doesn’t even look good firing the rock. He’s playing out of position and while he gets an occasional rebound is lost when he gets it. He, alone. certainly is not the bane of this team and neither is GW.

    We can’t denigrate Dupree any more than we have. The lights on but nobody is home.
    No doubt GW look at this 6’8” (bigger than Lonnie Baxter) and laments…..WTF? We all thought he was a prized recruit….yeah man….GW’s back in the Balto area getting our local kids …..before they get away.

    What the MS loss should show (remind) us is that these Terps are a good team but they have serious limitations. A healthy Burney will make a difference as we go forward. Mark the tape. Getting JSK into the game and settinig some plays for him is
    an absolute must.

    There’s alot of other teams out there expecting to win 20 and get to the dance and they ain’t going to get it done either. We are still alive and kicking. If we lose to GT but put up one hell of a fight……that’s progress.

    Go Terps.

  21. Dean, I meant that with all due respect a la Sopranos…I take no joy in what’s happened either. It sucks. GGA

  22. I have six (6) season tickets and not one of those seats was filled last night. Bottom line if the Terps expect a decent crowd against a team like Morgan State then they have to actually be good. Of course UNC and Duke would have had a full house for a game like last night, when you’re the #1 or #2 team in the country; you will always have people that want to watch you play. Why would the Terps even think they would have people come watch a game against a no name team? Why should the fans be putting in more effort than the coach and the team, they didn’t bother to show up last night?

    Did anyone see the postgame press conference with GW? I like how he called out the reporter’s criticism. Umm, you just lost to Morgan State and you don’t feel that you should be criticized or questioned?

  23. We WERE one of the best college basketball programs in the country and we have GW to thank for that

    We ARE no longer a factor in college basketball and we have GW to thank for that.

  24. Terrible loss but it’s definiteily not the end of the season guys. It’s never as bad as it seems and it’s never as good as it seems. Case in point:
    2001 – After a loss to Florida St at home the players were booed off the court with our own fans chanting NIT. We ended up in the Final Four.
    2007- After a win at North Carolina and a 7-4 conference record, everyone was talking about seeding not just making the tourney. We ended up in the NIT.

    Our loss was worse than BC losing to Harvard. BC gets a pass for that one. Imagine if we had just beaten UNC then lost to Morgan. Most on this board would chuckle and forgive.

    Our run of 11 straight tourneys in the 90’s was nice. But that will never happen again. The dynamics of college basketball have changed. I studied this in-depth after we were shunned by the committee after last season. Compared to 15 years ago, there are anywhere from 4-5 less spots available for high-major bubble teams to get at-large bids. The reason of course is that every mid-major team years ago were basically one-bid leagues. That is definitely not the case anymore. The committee regulary picks mid-majors or high-majors these days. That NEVER happened in the 90’s. There are countless 25-win mid-major teams that went to the NIT’s in the 90’s. The second (more minor reason) is ACC expansion. If you’ve noticed our NIT appearances kinda coincided with league expansion. In the old days, we got to play everyone once at Cole. We didn’t lose many of those. We basically had 5-6 conference wins before we every played a game. The new arena doesn’t give us the same home court that Cole did.

    In the late 90’s there were a bunch of teams with long streaks of NCAA appearances. Almost every one of those streaks have been broken. We are not alone. If you’d like I’ll post the list of teams on this board. Some of you may be quite surprised. Lots of “relevant” programs on that list.

  25. Eddie, smart analysis of how the selection of more mid-major teams has crowded high-majors off the bubble. Good insight into the downside of ACC expansion. Agree the season isn’t over, but it’s hard to see how this team breaks the .500 barrier in the ACC. There’s no way the current crop compares with the 2001 team and its impressive turnaround. Think Juan Dixon and Lonnie Baxter and….you get the point.

    Right now I’m more stoic than depressed about the state of the program.

  26. Also, please do list the once “relevant” programs whose dance cards are no longer punched with annual regularity.

  27. This team cannot turn the ball over 21 times and win. As Mike Singletary said…can’t do it. The margin for winning is slim this year, they have to play hard each night to win. Our season will come down to ACC play as we knew before this game.

    This isn’t last season with losses to American and Ohio state and no wins out of conference. We have two very nice wins, one over a top ten Mich State team. 9-7 will absolutely get us in the dance. The only time 9-7 in the ACC doesn’t get you in is when you play a soft as butter out of conference schedule (hello Clemson).

    Are we going to get those nine wins? I sure hope so but I don’t know that we will. I said from jump street that I like this team and that hasn’t changed. It doesn’t mean they don’t have their weaknesses because they do.

    I do like the accountability of this team. All the quotes in the paper had them all stepping up and taking responsibility. GV said “this one is on me, I shot the ball too much and that isn’t my game this year.” You would not have heard that in his first two years at UMD.

    I will take my chances with a team that can man-up after a loss like this.

    Go Terps

  28. A little off topic but do you think Gary wishes he had Tyree Evans now:

  29. I am glad that jeremy’s “article” is short enough to quote. This way later in the season when he is flying high and fleching the terps again, I can throw it in the comments section.

    Thanks for saving the post GAK

  30. After one post last night where I vented a little, I’m gonna try and not point fingers because it doesn’t do much good to do that after a loss like this. The fact is that we lost and must move on. UMD will be outmanned in most ACC games this year, top to bottom, on a talent basis.

  31. This was the same listless team showing up that was blown off the court by Gonzaga and Georgetown. As Gary said, pressure defense doesn’t work if you’re not working all that hard. And this team relies almost exclusively on pressure defense creating easy offensive opportunities.

    This game meant nothing to us and everything to Morgan State. Those guys were seriously hyped up to win. Their coach was acting like it was a life or death matter. We were all looking forward to the start of ACC play.

    The Michigan State win will not count for so much, because it was early on and the Spartans were down with injuries at the time. This loss negates that win. This is going to be another NIT season, largely because we have no fricking inside game. That redshirt freshman for MS was abusing us inside, getting 13 rebounds. Our pressure defense will not work with most ACC teams. If we’re not hitting our outside shots, we don’t have many options. Dupree is a total bust with hands of stone. He is not going to magically turn into Lonnie Baxter or even Obinna Ekezie. He is a total waste of a badass name. I am still impressed with Vaz, but he took too many off-balanced and forced shots last night. Hayes looked really slow, especially when that MS player chased him down in the last minute like he was standing still to poke the ball away. Basically, when other teams can contain Vaz, we don’t have much of a chance. Milbourne has his moments, but doesn’t really believe in himself. I thiink we’ll have some nice wins, as we have some good guys, and I enjoy watching them play, but there are going to be some more inexplicable losses, and the talent just is not there to get to the NCAA tournament. We will probably finish 8-8 in league play. Nothing to be ashamed of, but not what we came to expect based on past performance.

    You have to wonder how long Yow and others will tolerate ACC mediocrity from Gary.

    What is worse is I was watching Duke open a can of whupass on Davidson last night. We are going to be hard-pressed to beat those a-holes.

    Someone mentioned Comcast being part of the cause for the decline in Terps basketball. Maybe it’s like the Redskins at FedEx Field. Everybody remembers when RFK and Cole were rocking and were regarded as tough places for an opposing team to play. There is probably something to that.

    On a positive note, Vaz’s free throw shooting is rather amazing this year.

  32. Dean is right… but it doesn’t matter b/c GW isn’t going anywhere absent some unforseen GW incident until HE decides to go or until the athletic department finances suffer as a result of competitive woes in men’s bball.
    GERRY is right too and his post is a better guide 12 or 13 games into the season.
    This team isn’t as bad as they played last night.
    Go Terps!

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