Morgan State Thread

Tonight is the final tune up before the start of the ACC season.  It is easy to overlook this game despite the fact that Morgan is one of the best teams in their conference and a likely participant in the NCAA Tournament.

The Terps have done just about everything they needed to in the non-conference schedule.  They have exceeded expectations and are set up to make a return to the dance.

A loss tonight would be unforgiveable.  It won’t happen.  Just as I would have bet my life savings that the Baltimore Ravens would throttle the Jacksonville Jaguars in the last week of the season to get into the playoffs; so it is with tonight’s game.

The Terps have worked too hard over the last two months to suffer a setback tonight.  Will they win by 30? Maybe.  Will they win by 10? Perhaps.  No matter.

Tonight is the end of the beginning.  It begins anew on Saturday.



  1. M

    Meanwhile, check out Andy Katz’ blog…halfway down some complimentary things about the Terps.

  2. AP Story:

    Maryland wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey will skip his senior season and enter the 2009 NFL draft. Heyward-Bey ranks second in school history in career receiving yards (2,089), is third in receptions (138) and tied for third in touchdown catches (13).

    “After the bowl game I sat down with my mom, my aunt and coach (Ralph) Friedgen to explore my options and felt like the time is right to take my game to the next level,” Heyward-Bey said Wednesday. “It was a very difficult decision. I love the University of Maryland and everything people have done for me the last four years. Not only the coaches, but also the players and support staff.”

    This year, Heyward-Bey led the Terrapins with 42 catches for 609 yards and five touchdowns.

    “Darrius has made a tremendous contribution to our program over the last four years,” Friedgen said. “He is the kind of young man we want representing the University of Maryland, both on and off the field. We wish him nothing but the best in the NFL.”

    Like I said before, we didn’t use him to his full potential, so it makes a lot of sense for him to go. He’ll be a high pick and hopefully will have a good NFL career.

    Now onto the hoops game.

  3. Andy Katz is a cool Kat…took a liking to him while he commentated for ESPN during the MD v. Mich. State game. It’s more than I can say for Dana O’Neil…in fact, Ms. O’Neil can join Coack K under that tree (see ‘hate Duke’ blog for context).

    Unfortunately, I won’t see the game on TV since I live in freaking Chicago…. I will probably hear it on radio…I expect MD to beat Morgan State…I won’t mind if we beat them in overtime or if we beat them by a close margin. I need the terps to be focused for the GA Tech game. Of all the ACC games played so far, the only home school that has beaten a visitor is Duke (Duke spanked Virginia Tech).

    It will be a serious shame if MD fell victim to GA Tech (like Miami, NC & GA Tech have against visiting ACC schools). Let us take Morgan State guys!…let’s beat them so hard that all of the Morgan State Alumni will feel it.

  4. I hope Steph Curry goes for 100 pts tonight.

  5. ditto

  6. Steph Curry should put on a Jaun Dixon mask and freak the Dookies the hell out then rain a bunch of threes on them while their punk asses chant something lame like “JJ WAS BETTER”. Duke=Dork.

  7. I have a feeling Steph might just freak the dukies out tonight anyway. Unless Coach K tries to pull off the Patsos Defense on Curry. I was at the NCAA Regional last year in NCSt, and Curry just put on a show. It was Dixon-esque.

  8. Godspeed DHB! If ever there was Terp who should go pro early its him. What a shame we didn’t use him to his full potential. I hope Ralph learned a lesson from it, probably not; but here’s to hoping to it anyways.

  9. I wonder if Kenny Tate will play any WR next year? Or play both Offense and Defense? He was a BADA$$ in high school.

  10. Montrose Christian at the game tonight including 2011 Terp recruits Jordan Omegbehin and Terrence Ross and 2012 recruit Justin Anderson. Jordan is 7-1, 260 lbs. Justin is 6-5 and could play several positions and will become a “national” recruit in time. Terrence, a native of Portland Oregon, is a 6-5 SG that Kansas, Memphis, Texas, Tennessee, Georgetown, Maryland, most PAC 10 schools, North Carolina, and Duke are all trying to get in the mix for.

  11. How many shots can Braxton miss!! They better not be from as close range as the game tracker makes them seem. He is doing a nice job on the boards thus far.

  12. poor rebounding effort by our guys according to Johnny Holliday on the internet stream I’m listening too. Only leading by 1 point yeesh.

  13. Braxton’s shots were from point blank.

  14. These forced entry passes to the post remind me of last year. And not in a good way. The post players should focus solely on rebounding and junk baskets.

  15. bc loses at home to harvard lol

  16. Only 5 players have scored. Hayes with a big old 0-for-5, and, worst of all, 10 turnovers in the first half. This is the Terps of last year. Hopefully they stay in the locker room and this years team comes out for the second half.

  17. Get this …..Harvard…..that’s Ivy League Harvard is beating BC.

  18. BC loses at home to Harvard immediately after beating UNC away. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

  19. 10 turnovers at the half. clearly they are looking ahead. let’s see how they respond at the half.

  20. Harvard has an RPI of 259…and they beat Boston at Boston. College Basketball is crazy…I am not liking what I am hearing with the MD v. Morgan game.

  21. I feel like there is a Terps run coming soon. We have been shooting terribly. If the shots start falling we could make a quick run.

  22. Dang it…put in JSK and let him shoot some threes! C’mon Gary.

  23. YMCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. A DUNK!
    amen bowie!

  25. where do you guys think Dave Neal will go in the draft next year?

  26. Just kidding but he is playing really well.

  27. This is not a tune up game…’s now a wake up game. Terps are not playiing well in any facet of the game.

    Dino, Mosely, Dupree …..choke, ,,, choke…..cough…

    I believe we have made 1 3pt’er.

    We will be fortunate to win….if so.

    We are reallyl hurting on the boards.

  28. Morgan State has done a great job slowing this game down to their pace.

  29. We are shooting 36% for the game and 1/13 from 3 point land? Unreal. And our boy braxton is 0-5. This blows.

  30. I’ve been trying to pretend we’ll find a way around it, but any team with good bigs are going to kill us in the ACC. KILL! This is what we have to look forward to unless we shoot 45% or better.

    Who’s our defensive stopper?
    Why is Hayes on the court? He’s dead tonight.
    Why don’t we dunk? It’s the best shot there is.

  31. 6’1″ guy with the tip in. nobody on him. good grief.

  32. outplayed. outcoached.

  33. DAMN

  34. Am I sleeping? Did that just happen?

  35. Awful. How many turnovers did we have in the last minute.

  36. that sucked. He had about eight chances to steal the game at the end. And I do say steal because we did not deserve to win. Reminded me of last year. we got a 14 point lead and then just seemed to let up. Ridiculous.

  37. F*ck, we screwed the pooch!
    No time outs, no way to set a play, no leadership, dumb shots, Vaskez out of control.

  38. they BETTER re-focus for saturday, hopefully this wakes them up…I still can’t believe this just happened


    Nice choke at the end (no blockout, two lousy shots) Senor NBA.

  40. There’s the terps I know from last year. I didn’t see the game but the ESPN gamecast line said it all – turnover, missed shot, turnover – tip in by short opposing player – three pointer by short opposing player – missed shot, turnover.

    What an amazing letdown. I gotta say the defining thing about these guys, save for 2002, is their ability to roll over when you don’t expect them to and then to somehow come back and beat teams you don’t expect them to (see morgan state of this year, UNC game of last year, any clemson game over the past 3 years). It is quite the roller coaster ride. This has gotta seriously hurt our NCAA resume.

  41. yikes. well that should end the ‘national recognition’ talk for a few days.

  42. Vasquez was definitely out of control at the end. But we had no one else to go to at the end. EVERYONE seemed cold, off.

  43. No way this team makes the tourney, mark the tape. Comparable to the loss to AU last yr. Its time for that pathetic has been Williams to hang it up.

  44. Well, we’ve got 16 games left to make the tournament. This loss is really going to hurt the ol’ RPI. All they can do is regroup and bounce back.

  45. I don’t here you cretins now yammering on about 9-7 in the ACC. Keep dreamin’.

  46. A great win for MSU, they have a nice team and played a great game; but we should NEVER lose an in state game, what a disaster. GV took what, 30 shots and he was off–all night–but he’s all we went to down the stretch. How many assists tonight 10? AB, LM, EH? Where was everybody else down the stretch? Did CT even play?!? Dave’s been great thus far, but is that all we’ve when the game is on the line GV or Dave driving to get fouled…Not a good lead-in to league play. BUt, a great play to end the first half. EH driving and passing out to DN for three was sweet!

  47. Once again, it’s time for that washed up pathetic has been Williams to trod off to the permanent 19th hole. At least his buddy Boeheim can still recruit and field a good team.

  48. In somewhat Terps news. There is a lengthy article on Tyree Evans in the College Bball section of ESPN. Apparently he is a model student. And playing pretty well.
    Oh well.

  49. Doug Gottleib, as loathsome as he is, summed it up several weeks ago stating that Md wasn’t even a “relevant” program anymore. He’s right.

  50. GV: 5 for 22 and 5 guys over 30 minutes plus SM w. 15 what happened to our depth?

  51. We did not shoot well at all.

  52. You don’t think we shot well tonite, well wait until we meet some real competition.

    Booker from Clemson is gonna have a career night against this frontline of stiffs.

    Peacock of GT will have a fabulous night. A loss to this team is unacceptable but sadly has become the norm the last several yrs.

  53. As bad as this loss seems, I dont think it will majorily hurt our ncaa chances. We probably needed to win 9 games in the ACC even if we had won tonight, and I dont know if losing really changes that. Lets say we go 9-7 in conference, thatd put us at 20-10 overall. That would probably be good enough to get us in. Again, this is a bad loss but it doesnt end our season.

  54. Hey Dean, SHUT UP. Nobody cares that tyou think GW is a crappy coach. Boston College lost to freaking Harvard tonight. You were probably licking Al Skinner’s grundel the other night and now they lost to an ivy league team.

  55. Vasqez got W O R K E D by a mid major undersized guard.
    Hayes needs to come off the bench.
    Gary needs a bitchslap for havin Hayes in at the end. WAKE UP!
    Dupree needs his scholorship revoked.
    Gregory is a fucking sissy. Grow a beard and man up you baby!
    Everyone needs to learn the easist shot in basketball.
    Shit the fuck fuck shitt shit!
    Where the h-e- double toothpicks was the korean. He’s a mean tall bitch!
    MOTHER #@$% $^&$%&!!!!!!!
    Wake up Gary! You got outcoached by dick who doesn’t wear a tie, dude!
    Bad coaching. Bad shooting. Bad defending. Bad character.
    Who was that who was laughing at BC? Your suspect! That’s all I got to say.

  56. Disappointed that JSK didn’t get some run when Terps went on that scoring drought. Horrible loss just gotta turn the page and get ready for Georgia Tech.

    Meanwhile…I wonder if BC fans are calling for Al Skinner’s head.

  57. I said it earlier ….this was a wake up call. This was our last game at “Camelot” Center.
    We got beat on the boards….bad. I was naive enough to think our speed and athleticism could overcome size. There is a side bar to this loss. The boys from Morgan State saw an opportunity to drive down from Baltimore and ” strut their stuff”.
    They had absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Where was the zone? I know GW doesn’t often use it but it can slow down the streaking 3PT shooter. I hate to say it like this “but Maryland’s chickens have come home to roost.”

    We are very weak at defending against the 3. Our FG accuracy was horrible……on our home court. Dave Neal was the only bright spot. GV did all he could without much of a supporting cast other than Landon Milbourne.

    Have you noticed EH……when he misses 3-4 in a row…..he’s done for the evening. That’s not bashing EH…’s just a fact. The solution…..keep looking …..keep shooting. If you doubt that ……watch GV. We still have some of our guards trying to put the ball back up under the bucket when they should kick it out.

    If we are trying to “band aid” or low post deficiencies, we are going to get killed.

    It is what it is and we have to move on.

    There’s a place for JSK in this rotation and he needs to be in it. Again, Dupree is a dead man walking.

    It’s over. It’s bad. We got to move on.

  58. This team, I repeat, will NOT go 9-7 in ACC play. They won’t win 7, bank on it.

    If Md wins 7 or more conference games this yr, I give you my solemn word to never post on this board again. Perhaps next year once we have some frontline play might we go 9-7. Stop living a fairy tale this year, because it will not happen.

  59. It is what it is. No inside game. I’ve been saying this since the G’town debacle. And I’m in in that minority of Soupers who abandoned hope weeks ago that MD would return to the dance. Funny thing about lowered expectations: it lowers the stress level of watching the Terps and raises the enjoyment meter when they play well, which they are capable of doing on any given night. GW’s problem isn’t coaching ability. It’s recruiting, and it’s caught up with him. Or maybe the times have overtaken his style.

  60. I am bit tired of the relevant program thing. If we are so irrelevant who IS relevant in the ACC? If we’re not the list would be UNC and Duke.

  61. Shades of last season. GV, who has been brilliant so far this year, totally out of control. Hayes unable to score on his grandmother. Turnovers, miscues, a blown lead, and 1 for 14 from 3. Dupree had some rebounds, but, again, hands like canoe paddles. They will be reminded of this sad night in March.
    As for Saturday……I saw Ga Tech come from behind last night to beat a weak Georgia team that lead most of the way. GT plays good defense every series for about 5 seconds. After that, anyone is entitled to a wide open shot. Lewis Cinch wears number 0, which pretty much sums up his contribution to that team. He does have one interesting tendency, however. He seems to like to throw his body into the defensive player when shooting a 3. Hoping to get to the line (where he can miss a few free throws). The freshman Shumpert loves to dribble and dribble some more. He can’t seem to decide if he would prefer to throw up bricks or simply turn the ball over (he is adept at both). Watch out for Lawal and Peacock though. Both can score, rebound and play above the rim. And Lawal is the real deal. I saw him in high school and we’d better have someone on glued to him all afternoon. Terps will win.

  62. Maybe this loss will quiet some of the talk about how great the Terps are and how they should be RANKED??? After a performance like that are you kidding me?

    And have to point this out — I guess someone just lost their life savings tonight because that is how confident he was for a Terp win tonight. UH OH the board may not exist tomorrow after such a debacle…

  63. Its funny that there are 27 people on this board right now. I have never seen so many people on here. I guess it wass the loss.

  64. Let’s revisit the “relevant” factor, shall we. Let’s also be unbiased. No other program has spiraled downward so quickly iinto oblivion after a Nat’l title since Villanova/rollie Massimino or UNLV with Tark. Gottlieb is and always has been a Md hater, to be certain.

    All teams have a “hiccup” every so often, I’ll agree. It’s just that what used to be an anomaly is now commonplace.

  65. Class of 73 is on the mark. Zach Peacock is lickin’ his chops.

    I think we can now all agree that Braxton is essentially useless. I think we ought to re-recruit Tamir Goodman to play center instead of guard. Even when Tamir, if he were to play, took off the sabbath on gameday – he’d be more productive than Braxton.

  66. Well theres no debate that we have dipped since the national championship but we have been to the tourney since then and every year we have 19-20 wins. Just on the border. I just think its harsh to question the relevancy of a team that won a National Championship 7 years ago and an ACC championship, what 4 years ago. But what the hell does relevant mean anyway. Relevant to who? relevant to what?

  67. Wow…..some of you guys make me sick. One loss albeit a tough pill to swallow and you throw up all over yoursleves. You’re not fans. All your “losers limps” ain’t gonna work here. Somehow I knew this was coming, you’d fall out of your euphoric crib and mess your pants.

    sp md- Thanks for saying to dean what I was thinking.

    There were a bunch of us thinking Turtle Soup was finally getting it’s ticket punched as a great NCAA and Terps blog and what happens……..some of you freaking basketball hacks “break in” when it appears we might have some real possibilities ann dump your garbage on our lawn.

    We lost. So What. The most important game is the next one. Crapping on GW, GV, our team is a bus to nowhere. Our guys have some work to do. So let them have at it while you STFU on the sidelines.

  68. Here we go leaping off the bridge again. Led by dean, of course, who takes some sort of sick pleasure on throwing out ridiculous statements that we’ve gone over on this site time after time. After 11 mostly impressive wins, it’s too easy to come out with “they aren’t relevant” and “Gary can’t coach”. Get the hell out of here. Your goal is to get us true fans all wound up and I’ll tell you, it aint gonna work with me.

    It’s simple. This Maryland team is a good team. They are not good enough to overcome a horrible game, which every team will have. The entire team (except for Neal) could not hit a shot tonight. They missed layups and short jumpers all night long. The Terps are the better team, they just gave Morgan life and in the end, THEY hit shots.

    We will find out whether this team is different from last year on Saturday. If they are mentally tough and Vaz realizes that he was completely out of control in the 2nd half, they will bounce back. If not, we are in for another long season.

    This team is what it is. These are young kids who lost confidence and aren’t talented enough yet to overcome it. Either it will happen or we’ll look ahead to next year when we’ll actually have an inside presence.

    Nobody played well tonight and everyone is accountable. It’s time for the leaders of the team to make a stand and prove this will just be a blip on the radar. They need to come out on fire on Saturday and steal one win against a ranked team. If they do that and somehow finish 9-7 in the league, we’ll be in.

  69. In a way the loss is good — it brings back to reality many of the posters on this board who suddenly had the Terps as a good team again and a coach who had the audacity to suggest a National Ranking!

    This team is a carbon copy of Terps teams over the last few years except with less talented big men. This team is yet another NIT caliber team coached by Gary Williams who after winning it all 7 years ago has turned this program into an afterthought that is destined for it’s 4th NIT appearance in the last 5 years.

    Let’s get back to dealing with reality instead of all this false optimism that has existed on this board for the past couple of weeks…

  70. No basketball hack here, Jerry. Been following Md hoops since early 70s. Watched probably as much ACC hoops as have you.

    7 yrs removed from a title and this program has, in fact, fallen into an abyss. Not claiming Md has the luxury of reloading like UNC or Duke. Nevertheless, this program is in disarray and not relevant. There is promise with next years recruits and seemingly a recommitment to intense recruiting.

    I don’t feel, like a UNC fan, a sense of entitlement that we compete for a title every year. However, we should make the tourney every year. We did that for 11 straight seasons with 7 Sweet Sixteens and 2 FFs.

  71. C’mon John. You say National Ranking like its a #1 spot. Sh#t BC was Nationally Ranked and they lost to Harvard which is probably a worse loss than Morgan State. Definitely a worse loss score wise.

  72. Making the tourney every year is tough. Look around. Tons of good teams can’t make the tourney every year.

  73. The Terps had 21 turnovers. Only 2 were by Vaz, but some of his ridiculous shot attempts can be counted as ‘turnovers’. Bowie had 6 turnovers.

    Morgan may have had 17 offensive boards, but we had 20. We did outrebound them.

    We shot 36% from the field and were 1-14 from 3-point land.

    While I’m not saying we should be a ranked team, I cannot imagine all of this happening again. They will shoot better, they will rebound defensively better and they will hold onto the ball better. They were pretty damn good on the turnover front in the first 13 games and I’m not going to let one game make me think they’ll start giving it away like last year. Not yet at least.

  74. Jon-

    Yes, there is no lock for the tourney every yr. But a recent title winner with a great facility in the preeminent basketball Conf in arguably the hotbed of hoops talent should not be in this state.

    I can’t equate this loss to Kentucky and Gardner Webb etc. Upsets happen, just far too many lately for this program.

  75. Thanks Gregg!!

    Dean… may teams “make the dance every year” let alone 11 straight years like our Terps?

    I’m not really interested in your response, in fact you ought to go to a local bar.

    A loss is tough enough but to read your feeble, whining is pointless. Tell us what our guys have to do. Every HOF Coach doesn’t win every game….in fact coaches don’t win games……team do. Your vitriol is putrid.

  76. Greg,

    get your lips off the hookah son. There is depth at guard on tihs team, but no frontline.

    This team will not win 9, or for that matter, 8 conference games – bank on it.

    You could see that next year, but the trip to the woodshed is comin’.

  77. Gerry;

    You blithering fool. You call me when Md wins 9 conf games or 8 this yr.

    I acknowledged 11 straight tourney berths, 7 Sweet Sixteens etc. Point is, this is a NIT team.

  78. Nobody is arguing now and nobody argued over the past few years that this program should not be a perennial NIT team.

    Nobody is arguing that the recruiting has been lax the past few years.

    Nobody is arguing that we aren’t all pissed and bummed over tonight’s game.

    I’m just saying that to come out and bitch out the program after every loss is ridiculous. Every team will lose a game, and most will lose a bad one at some point during the season. If you start bringing up the same crap everytime you lose, it just sounds like you have nothing else to say. We are ALL frustrated. We ALL wonder how this could happen.

    The program is relevant because we have the 3rd best record in the best basketball conference in the past 15 years behind UNC and Duke. When we have a season or two like UNC did in 2002 and lose 20 games, then we are irrelevant.

  79. dean, you may be right about this season and we all are aware of the shortcomings of this team, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to hope and believe this team can be the one that beat Michigan State and Michigan and not the one that lost tonight.

  80. When we went to 11 straight tourneys wasn’t that the longest streak at the time? Point is always going to the tournament just doesn’t happen. Its not like getting a bowl bid in NCAA football. What about a team like GaTech. They had a crazy talented team went to the final four and have pretty much fallen off since then. They are irrelevant. I just think its ironic to write a MILLION articles about how an irrelevant team is irrelevant.

  81. UNC rebuilt quickly after Matt Do was canned.

    It hasn’t been just a season or two, thats the point.

  82. You know. That game where dook beat us by scoring 11 in 54 seconds. I swear we don’t win a National title without that game. I was kick in the nuts and we had smart gritty players that woke up at that game. For the first time in years, we have smart gritty players again. Maybe, just maybe, a couple of them just woke up.

    Gary, who I’ve totally giving up on being able to adjust his plan in any way, better get it in his head that the flex freaking offense and man-to-man doesn’t work against everyone. How does anyone lose to us? Slow the game down alone and we’re toast. Gary better learn how to see, adapt, overcome. It’s quite easy. If Hayes aint working, do something else. If Man D aint working, do something else.

    We’re not winning 5 games without knowing how to run a better than competent zone D. Box & 1 and 2-3 at the very least. Least. Mabey my goggles were steamed, but I didn’t see a zone tonight.

    We’re not winning 5 games without a defensive stopper.

    Were not winning 5 games without EXEMPLARY passing, done on purpose, all game, in effort to have the other team exhaused at the end of the game. If the other team is fresh with 8 minutes left, they have the advantage. We’re the only team without good big players. Tired teams bang. Really tired teams bang poorly. We need them to be really tired.

    If you want to make a run of it without big guys, you better have EVERY trick in your bag ready to pull out at any moment. EVERY TRICK. Do you know how often the point guard drives right? Do you know that he uses the crossover when he does it. Does their 4 man always put the ball on the floor when faced up? Can you press an entire game with 5 different presses? If the shot’s not falling, can you mabey, like, you know, take the freaking shot that goes in 99% of the time?

    I guarantee we miss more layups than 95% of division 1. There’s a universally natural solutuon for that kind of weakness. Take off the little skirt and frea-king Dunk it. Dunk it. Dunk it. Pass pass pass pass pass passpass pass pass DUNK IT.

    Have to be the snakiest pricks on the planet to get to 8-8 in the ACC. Yea, It’s possible, but you gotta be smarter than them. More nimble than them. Better Conditioned than them. More fired up than them. More focused than them. Better prepared than them. And you need to have a really really big bag of tricks.

    And a coach who knows when and where to use them.

  83. Gregg you brought up the point of UNC’s 20 loss season last year. I guess there are differing opinions on that kind of season.

    I would much rather suffer through ONE 20 loss season and then immediately bounce back and again become a consistent force in the NCAA’s then become a middling program that as failed to even make the tourney in 3 of the last 4 years.

    Not being negative just stating facts. As we all know, there are very few examples of a program that has won an NCAA title then dipped into mediocrity with expectatiions lowered to the point of rationalizing losses to MEAC teams and trying to explain how consistent NIT appearances is somehow OK.

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect more out of the Terps than hoping to get enough wins to make the NCAA tourney every year. Projecting the minimum number of wins to qualify instead of projecting wins for seeding is a big change and it’s called mediocrity…

  84. And Dean made a great point that many people have forgotten —

    This isn’t about a loss to Morgan State, or American, or choking at home against Clemson it’s about a 5 year run of mediocrity, of making the NIT tourney, of rationalizing and making excuses for Gary and the poor play of this team.

    This isn’t a ONE SEASON problem, it’s much much more than that and it should be painfully obvious to even the most optimistic of fans…

  85. John

    thanks for your cogent comments. I suppose the excuse now, somehow, can all be tied back to John Gilchrist … it’s gotta be his demon-seed is bewitching us yrs later.

  86. When they weren’t running the offense the way Gary wanted them to, he should have benched those 5 and put in another 5. Even if it meant Goins, JSK and Pearman would have been on the court together.

    I had a HS coach pull me from a game once and when I sat down the assistant coach came over and asked me if I wanted to sit on the bench or if I wanted to run the offense. It’s really that simple. When I hear GW say in post game comments ‘we settled for jump shots and didn’t run our offense’ my first thought is ‘why didn’t you call time out and tell those players to run the offense or come sit next to me’?

  87. I believe even good teams can lose to chump teams as it happens all the time (look at USC in football the last couple of years) but I for one would like to see more direction from Gary than just the yelling. How many missed 3 point shots does it take before he says next MFer to shoot a three tonight sits on the pine tonight, now drive the lane and dunk the dam ball! Also if everyone is as cold as they were he ought to sit them all down including GV and let all the backups go in for 3 minutes before putting the starters back in to send the message. It always works for UNC.

  88. no ones mentioned it, but gary said “mother fucking asshole!” three times to dupree while frothing at at him. would he actually call him that or was he using it as emphasis for something else? did anyone else see it?


    really, if you asked me at the begnning of the year if i would take 11-3 with two losses to good teams and one to a shitter, i would have taken it.


    well put DBR. gary likes to blame other entities for stuff he could have taken care of himself. i’m pretty sure it’s not the selection commitee’s fault we’re in the NIT every year either. i think gary might be good at strategy, he’s just unbeleivably bad at changing strategy.


    it is a teeny weeny possibility this is a technical glitch.. 10 days from today we will know exactly who we are. i’m just nervous now instead of optimistically excited.


    for those who didn’t see. they showed braxton up close under the basket for a posession. he shoots a layup from his shoulder..blocked of course… he bends to pick up ball and the camera stays on his feet for his next two missed fumblings — his vertical while shooting and rebounding — no bullshit – 3-4 inches – tops

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