OK… I’ll Bite

I’m going to start a new thread picking up on the theme from the last one:  ranking the ACC schools in order of my hatred for them.

1. Duke.  For details read the manifesto at the top of the page.  In short, they are at the top of my list because:

– The coach is a fraud.  He curses like a sailor at his players but counsels the country about sportmanship during his endless AMEX commercials.  He whines to officials incessantly and acts like a capital crime has been committed when a call finally goes against him.

– The students. Comprised of dorks and nerds; they viciously insult opposing players (Steve Blake is “ugly”?? Are you kidding me?)

– The officials.  No team in the history of sport has gotten as many calls as  the Duke Blue Devils under  Coach  Krybaby.

2. UVA.  The fans chanted at DJ Strawberry that his dad was crackhead. Case Closed.  Their fans are pretentious a-holes.

3. UNC.  I never liked them.  However, last year’s “go back to the ghetto” chant after the Terps upset them sealed the deal.

4 – 6. VT/BC/Miami.  They have ruined the ACC plain and simple.  The conference will never be as good as the glory days as long as these schools are there.

7 – 11.  The rest.  These schools are the bridesmaids. They stir no feeling of revulsion or joy in me.  Aside from NCST, none of these schools have ever acheived anything substantial.  Wake, GT, Clemson,  and Florida State need to develop a basketball personality before I can hate them.  As for NCST, I do appreciate their fans for their ardent hatred of Duke and Carolina.  I love how they stick with the Pack despite being the third wheel down there.



  1. BooVa…wasn’t that also the place where the students chanted something about Juan’s parents dying of AIDS?

    One point of contention, that UNC ‘Go Back to the Ghetto’ comment was no a chant. It sounded like one girl saying it. Does one girl making one comment constitute a chant? Maybe you can repost the YouTube clip for a little better clarity, but I recall this from last year and didn’t think it was a “chant”.

    Finally, how can you not include FSU with your VT/BC/Miami string? They are the original ‘replacement’ school, brought on solely for football. At least BC brings up the academics of the ACC on the whole. FSU only brings up “Most Wanted” police profiles. Plus…that stupid tomahawk chant and Bobby Bowden’s Gomer Pile-ness should at least merit top of half of the hate roll on this site.

  2. You forgot another reason to hate Duke and UNC, Dukie V and Roy Williams are in the Hall of Fame and Lefty and Gary are not.

  3. The worst part of the VT/BC/Miami string is I remember thinking how great it was to add those schools especially in basketball because it would lead to more easy wins. It’s so sad that the Terps cannot consistently beat these schools especially Miami and VT.

  4. Dang…we only needed 11 more posts in the Charlotte thread to get to 200 LOL.

    Jordan Williams had some foul trouble last night and missed close to the equivalent of an entire quarter (8 minutes) of the game. His stat line was 30 points, 21 rebounds and 6 blocks. He and his younger brother scored all but 21 of their team’s points.


    James Padgett’s team lost last night but I cannot find a link to a game summary or any box score to see how he did. When I find something I’ll post.

  5. I appreciate that grouping. It is interesting that:

    1. UNC and UVA are hated because their fans are jerks.

    2. BC/VT/Miami/FSU are hated because their players are thugs.

    3. dook hatred is based on both fans and players (not to mention the media and officiating), which is why they are on top.

    3. IMHO, the ACC expansion reasoning to hate the recently added schools is hard to maintain. Big super-conferences are reality. It’s time to get over it. (I do wish that the ACC had gotten Syracuse instead of VT in the expansion, but that’s a different debate)

    4. No one has mentioned a general hatred for NC schools, which is a rivalry basis that you sometimes hear on TV. I never bought into that, and based on the silence of that reasoning it sounds like there is not a strong feeling in that regard here either.

    5. most of us have a soft spt for NCST……my enemies’ enemy is my friend.

    6. Jeremy, in fairness to Wake and GT, they have both made the final 4 relatively recently.

  6. It’s not Terp related, but it is basketball related, so I figure you guys (and gals) would appreciate this. There is a hillarious story on Sir Charles Barkley’s recent arrest.


  7. Hating Duke should not just be limited to basketball considerations. Hating Duke is an ethical construct, a way to keep a picture in your head of hypocrisy, classism, and an insolent belief in entlement. These things eat at the heart of democracy and economics in America, and Duke epitomizes all of them. Flopping in hopes of a getting a charge call is a metaphor for every hedge fund manager who works the system in order to get rich without actually creating wealth. Visit their campus sometime, where a tobacco baron funded a completely bogus environment that simulates an “old” university, complete with (and this is true), pre-worn stairs leading up to the buildings. Instead of “Duke Gardens” and “Duke Forest,” they should have a “Duke Cemetery,” where people who died from smoking would be buried, maybe with pre-worn gravestones. I hate Duke.

  8. Stevend,

    Good point on GT. They have two final fours in the last 20 years. Wake hasn’t been there since 1962. They have benn re-virginized in my opinion.

  9. Tell us how you really feel Kaze…please don’t hold back…LOL

    I hate Duke too…I love the creative and many ways us TERP fans can articulate our dislike for the other ACC teams, especially Duke.

    Go Terps!

  10. 1. Duke – You would hate them more if you ever lived in the Raleigh area. Even the papers down here protect them. Coach K can do no wrong. The fans are starting to get pissy with their recent early exits and basically being non-factors in March. Of course that is because Coach K is “coaching the right way” whatever that means.

    2. UVA – solely based on the fans. I am pretty apathetic about playing them on most games. With the exception on the Sampson years (and the one year after he left) they have been a joke in basketball and football. Welsh had them playing well for a bit but they never really had much to show for it. The fans write off all their failures by using the academic card. That is getting tougher to do now that they have had lots of issues on the football and basketball teams.

    3. BC – They are chest thumping A-holes year in and year out. It’s not like it was one or two guys, they have had a string of them. Even after they beat UNC, their comments just came off as asinine. “Everyone has been scared to play them. We just took it at them and they backed down.” They had a bad game, count your fortunes and move on.

    4. UNC – Fans are a bit elitist but they pale in comparison to Duke fans so I can’t get too worked up about it. I do like that they are allowed to shutdown streets with bonfires and it’s great support. Ah, I’m not going down that road. Gets me too worked up.

    5+. I lump everyone else into the category of dislike because they are in our conference. None of them have really done anything except lose to the Carolina schools. My dislike goes up and down depending on the players.

  11. The Myron Piggy scam that was played out at Duke’s expense never received the ‘gotcha’ credit it deserved from the media – but had the Dewkies pulled that over on another ACC team I can imagine the level of media gushing about their superior cleverness.

  12. I liked UNC, sort of, before Roy Williams came. I liked Dean Smith. Seemed like a pretty good guy. I like Oliver Purnell–and I liked Skip Prosser. Coach K…well he’s a dick, and that’s all there is to it. Holding a fundraiser for Elizabeth Dole?–that was it for me. There’s no going back from there. Duke is the only team I truly hate. All the rest are just adversaries to me.

  13. I don’t care about hate. It is a waste of time and energy, and gets you nowhere. Besides, in the NCAA’s I root for the ACC teams.

    I would rather hear about the signees for 2009 and the 2010 recruits.

  14. Tend to agree with Mike re: hate, but I got a nice chuckle out of Kaze’s populist rant against Duke’s smarmy, neo-Gothic pretentiousness. Good swipe at the hedge fund swindlers, too.

  15. In the Seventies, when my family first moved to Maryland, we could see there were four Carolina schools in the ACC, and then Maryland, UVA, and Clemson. The NC teams had their own Big Four tournament every year and the ACC Tournament was held there every year except 1976. We thought that Maryland and Virginia should forget the “southern” aspect and leave the ACC to form a new league with schools like Syracuse (as someone mentioned earlier), Pitt, Penn State, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Rutgers. It could have been called something like the Mid-Atlantic Conference. Also, if Maryland and Georgetown were in the same basketball conference, it would be like UNC/Duke.

    Top teams to hate:
    1. Duke for all the reasons listed. But they have built up so much bad karma, that it is starting to come back to bite them; witness the lacrosse scandal.
    2. UNC because of their sense of entitlement
    3. I have some hatred for NC State because they denied Elmore, McMillen, and Lefty the glory they deserved. NC State was the original ACC power, but let it slip away by recruiting thugs like Chris Washburn and hiring incompetent coaches, and now they engender some sympathy as the third wheel. But they have been a big part of the dominance of the ACC by North Carolina teams. They have won many ACC titles. Gary has sometimes brought up that the ACC Tournament used to be held at Reynolds Coliseum. How fair was that? But if you are a young person, all you can hate the Wolfpack for is beating our 2002 national championship team in the ACC Tournament. I was really looking forward to seeing us beat Duke that year, but the Wolfpack were hot that day.

    That brings us to Wake Forest, the “outsider” Tobacco Road school, in Winston-Salem, further west than the other three NC schools. And Wake Forest is one of the smallest schools in Division I so they have a perpetual underdog runt status. They had some early success with Billy Packer and then not much until the Duncan/Childress teams of the mid-Nineties. We have usually had good success against them and their success has usually come at the expense of the other Carolina schools, so I don’t hate them at all.

    UVA’s fans are pretentious snobs, but it is hard to get worked up about them, because they have never achieved much in the ACC. They have always had a bland program. I put them in the same boat as Clemson: two usually non-achieving Outsiders who are original ACC schools. Maryland belongs in this category, but has the national title and two more ACC titles than UVA and Clemson combined. Trivia note: UVA is not an original ACC school; they joined about 7 months after the league formed.

    Georgia Tech was the de facto replacement school for the Gamecocks, to get the ACC back up to 8 schools, so they are in a class of their own. They are an excellent engineering school and in a great media market. Atlanta is a good place to hold the ACC Tournament, too. Geographically, their inclusion made lots of sense: added the coastal state of Georgia to the league, and they are not far from Clemson. They were an upgrade over USC, which has no great academic reputation, and were a bunch of punks on the hardwood under Frank McGuire before they left the ACC because they felt, quite rightly, that the NC schools got preferential treatment.. I still feel bad they left the conference, though. My brother went there and says they hate the NC schools with a passion, and they were a great rival of Clemson, as well.

    As someone else said, the addition of Florida State was the first of the “football school” additions. At the time, FSU had a good basketball team. It made sense geographically, completing the ACC as far south down the Atlantic Ocean coastline as possible. It helped to further dilute the North Carolina dominance of the league. I never had a problem with FSU coming in. Like Georgia Tech, they came in on their own and are in their own class. In a way, they remind me of Clemson, since both have historically been football-first schools that are in what others would call redneck outposts.

    Finally, there are the three new schools, BC, VT, and Miami. Of them, I like Va Tech’s inclusion on historical and geographical grounds. Va Tech used to be in the Southern Conference with the other original ACC schools. They are located in the heart of ACC country and are natural rivals of UVA. They are a fairly good engineering school, as well. I just hate their butt ugly school colors. BC is a good addition based on academics and reputation. They add the media market of Boston, but they are so far north, they will never fit in. They should be in the Big East. Miami is not so bad, other than the fact they are a bunch of thugs. You would think that, being the second private school in the ACC along with Duke, they would have higher standards. At least Miami is in the same state as Florida State. But it still feels like they are too far away to matter much. It is just annoying that we can’t seem to beat them much in basketball.

    Here is a good and brief article on the history of the ACC and each of its schools.

    A bad thing about the new schools is that it forced basketball into an uneven schedule where we only play some of the schools twice. That diminishes the regular season league title although the ACC has always only recognized the tournament winner as being the league champion. A good thing is that the league is not Tobacco Road and a few other schools anymore.

  16. I stand corrected on the Wake front. (I thought one of the Tim Duncan teams made it, but none did)

  17. Did anyone catch the Gtech game last night? I’m glad they came back and won – a loss to GA might have made them more focused for our game this weekend.

    Zach Peacock had a double/doluble. Interesting stat – I think the announcer said GT was shooting 58 percent from the line as a team (correct me if I’m wrong someone) … in spite of this they hit their FT’s down the stretch.

    This is a must win game for us.

  18. I know it makes games more fun when you have an emotional stake, but the whole “which school do you hate” thing smacks of an inferiority complex. When a UNC fans say “go back to the ghetto” it is viewed as blemish on all UNC fans, but when a Terp fan throws a bottle and hits a Duke player’s parent it is viewed as one bad apple. I dislike all the F*** Duke t-shirts. I am sure fans of over ACC teams could give you a laundry list of perceived bad conduct by Maryland players and fans. For example Nik Caner-Medley’s famous “I’m from Maryland, nobody can beat me!”. I love the quote, it always makes me chuckle, but to other teams I am sure it just appeared stupid and arrogant. As Terp fans we should concentrate more on raising our own level, calling our fans and players on bad conduct. But I know it is fun to rant and rave, and after all the whole following of sports has a large irrational content to it, it raising our self-esteem when our teams do well, even though we really have very little or no effect. If it make you happy to hate Duke, go for it!

  19. I meant to say that UVA is not TRULY an original ACC school. But since they joined fairly close to the inception, they are basically thought of as one of the original schools.

    The person who said hatred is a waste of time and energy is absolutely correct, spiritually speaking. Hatred can eat up your soul, turning one into a bitter, miserable wretch. Unfortunately, I am not that advanced. And maybe we should hate all of that which is evil. I will hate Duke as long as K is there; as long as the fans are hateful, overprivileged, pampered dweebs who are lauded as being exemplary while Maryland fans are regarded as lowlifes; as long as they get dubious calls at key moments; as long as they are ESPN’s pet school; as long as the rank hypocrisy which permeates the whole program is perpetuated; as long as Dukie V. sings their praises; and as long as they keep flopping all over the place like rag dolls. But, in a way, it is good, because it makes it very sweet when we take their butts down, like in 2004. It was easy to hate UNC under the sanctimonious Dean Smith, with his cowardly (not to mention boring) Four Corners and gimmicky blue and white split squads, but Duke takes the cake.

  20. What really annoys me about Dukes fans are the Bandwagoners. Really I just hate bandwagon jumpers in general. I have a few friends who are huge Duke fans. Other than the fact that they are good, they have absolutely NO connection to the school. I just dont get that. I am a lifelong Terp fan. Raised on the Terps. My whole family went to Maryland, I met my wife at Maryland, Take my kids to Maryland games. So I am obviously very passionate about them. But it is because of a connection to the school. I dont get why you would randomly cheer for a frontrunner. It makes me mad.

  21. I have to lean towards aroc in this discussion: I’ve only been attending Terp games for a few years, but I’ve heard plenty of insults and putdowns and crassness from the student and paying sections of the Comcast center, as well as from the stands in Byrd Stadium. I wouldn’t venture to say that Maryland fans are the worst (how can you really know who is worst if you haven’t been everywhere? – I know I haven’t) but it sure annoys me to think that if every student or fan body is around the same level of fan support for their team, then how in the world can a single fan base be “anointed” as the “best”? – whatever that means.

    I also think that judging how much you like or dislike a team based on their cheerleaders is funny, and we should probably be spending time doing more analysis like that, for the good natured fun of it. Other ways of ranking the acc teams in ways that don’t make us seem like we have an inferiority complex, or are whining, are by favorite uniforms, colors, mascot, fight/victory song, arena, stadium, and so forth.

    Morgan State Tonight! good thing the roads haven’t frozen over, so get to comcast! go terps!

  22. Oh and I am using the term hate as a generality. I even love my friends that are Duke fans. I can’t speak for everyone on the board but I believe everyone is using the term “hate” lightly. And like Mike I root for all ACC teams come March (unless they are playing the Terps)

  23. If a Tree falls in the forest and no one hears it?…then I hope the tree falls on Coack K.

  24. Nobody is saying that Maryland is perfect. I am sure that we are high on the hatred list of the other schools. The bottle throwing incident was a disgrace. But this is a Terps forum. So I am assuming that Maryland is everyone’s favorite team on here. And no need to get upset about people saying they hate Duke. It’s just rhetoric.

  25. Part of being a fan, is the competitive feelings about rivals or opponents. It happens everywhere. Duke-UNC, Glasgow Rangers-Celtic, Michigan-Ohio State.

  26. I still can’t find a box score for James Padgett’s game but I’ve got several emails out. I DO know that Padgett scored 12 points. He and Lance Stephenson (37 points) were the only two teammates in double figures.

    In preparation for tonight’s Morgan State game here’s some quotes from/about Sean Mosley:

    Gary Williams on Sean:
    “His role is to be a very good rebounder at that in-between position player. Whether he’s a small forward or a guard, he has to go after the ball,” said Williams. “He probably does that as well as anybody on our team. In other words, if he sees a rebound he goes after it.”

    Sean Mosley:
    “Everybody up there (Baltimore) told me not to come here because of what had happened in the past,” said Mosley. “But I wanted to play for Maryland. I liked the program down here and I wanted to play in the ACC. It’s been my dream and I didn’t care how much pressure was on me.”

    I think Sean’s big adjustments have been the speed of the game (most freshman have this issue) and how he gets his points. In HS he could dominate in the paint with his size/strength (6’3″…210lbs) and get his shots from most spots on the floor. At this level with everyone being quicker & stronger than high school opponents he gets inside and gets his shot blocked sometimes.

    But the kid has game and plays hard…and he loves being a Terp!

  27. another, perhaps more subtle reason to hate dook. k constantly tries to uphold his image of his players being true scholar athletes. his teams have more white players than any high major in the country. his players arent allowed to wear cornrows, headbands, and usually dont have tattoos. i think he takes a list of the best white players in the country and makes them his recruiting priority. bottom line, his teams look like the complete opposite of a team like say, memphis.

  28. love the quote from ssm

  29. Uh, this “hate” list is all in fun guys. Lot’s of philosophical talk that should be saved for the real issues of the day. We aren’t trying to mediate the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

    It is natural to have adversaries in sports, I promise :)

    I don’t think I am going to hell for hating Duke. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if they were working on getting that on the list of unpardonable sins.

  30. Exactly Ricksterps! I will be rocking my F**K Duke shirt when we play them. The whole Wojo floor slapping thing annoys me too. Although, Vasquez’s histrionics come dangerously close to that. Again, if he was a Dukie I would hate him. But, alas, he chose Maryland so we love him.

  31. Another annoying Duke thing…JJ Redicks poetry.

  32. Darrius just announced for the NFL Draft!

  33. Dagger!

  34. If I were Israeli, Duke would be my Gaza strip.


    The “hate” list just says who you savor beating the most. Don’t read too much into it.

  35. Regarding the Sean Mosley quote above, I’ve never completely been up to speed on the Baltimore/Dunbar doesn’t love MD thing. Are people in Charm City still referring to Len Bias and Lefty or does the perceived mistreatment of Bob Wade still linger? I thought that Keith Booth had helped put to rest the ill feelings? Does anyone know how Gary is perceived in Baltimore among the high school coaches?

  36. Ok guys read all the posts and they were a lot of fun! I’m not giving a list since you guys have not only beat that horse into the proverbial ground, but trampled it to death!!!Here’s a couple of observations from my readings:

    1) Kaze is the frontrunner for post of the year! What a gem of a beginning: Hating Duke should not just be limited to basketball considerations. Hating Duke is an ethical construct, a way to keep a picture in your head of hypocrisy, classism, and an insolent belief in entlement….the rest of the writing definitely earns an “A.”

    2) Jacob is on to something when he says forget rating the schools, let’s rate the cheerleaders. Several mentioned FSU as having the hottest cheerleaders. How about a ranking of the babe leaders on the floor and in the stands? If FSU has the hottest cheerleaders, whose next on the list?

    3) DBR of course wins the award for most insight. I don’t know where you get all this info, but keep it coming bro. Loved the Mosley piece above.

    4) Maybe we should rate the top 10 Soup posters in certain categories such as Insight ful, Idiotic, Hilarious, Ridiculous, etc. Now that would be a hoot!

  37. duke does get all the calls and the refs are biased for them.in the 2001 ACC tourney championship game,close to halftime or the start of the 2nd half,MD had like 2 tean fouls and DUKE 2.as plain as day coach KRY pointed it out to the officials and you could hear it on tv.next play,foul MD and many more to follow which led to DUKE winning.
    NC fans just seem to go with the flow,and wait for the next round of NBA players to come.
    NC STATE fans are terrible in football,when i was in RALIEGH,i could’nt tell if i was there or MORGANTOWN!
    and there are alot of bandwagon DUKE fans.my friend roots for WVU in football and DUKE in b-ball.how can you do that?

  38. I’m late to the discussion, as usual, and surprised that nobody hates Clemson. I HATE Clemson. I grew up ten minutes from College Park, watching Boomer and Reich hand off to D’Addio and Badanjek, and Clemson was the only team in the ACC that could play with Maryland. And Danny Ford was so easy to hate that hating Clemson just seemed natural. To this day I cannot believe that anyone who doesn’t play football on a scholarship would ever choose to go to Clemson.

    I hate Duke, too, for all of the reasons that everyone else has mentioned. Beyond those two I can only manage a mild dislike of other ACC schools.

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