Grow Up Vasquez; Then Maybe We Will

I’m going to put aside the age-old question of ‘should your own fans boo’ for a moment while addressing Greivis Vasquez’s comments after the win over Georgia Tech.  I’ll say this though, I think 99% of us watching at home were cursing him loudly after he took dumb shot after dumb shot and looked way too much like the Vasquez of last season.  You remember, the horrible season where he nearly had 3 triple-doubles that included turnovers.

I’m also not going to say that Vasquez was horrible in the game against the Jackets.  I originally said it was his worst game, but after re-visiting  it, he did have some quality moments and hit a couple big shots to go along with the frustration of seeing mostly selfish play.  Mostly.  To take a long 3-pointer with 30 seconds on the shot clock with 2:00 left of a 2 point game is selfish and just not smart, especially when you have been 0-5 in the game from long range.

Okay, now to the comments.  Vasquez verbally abused members of the student section late in the game and had this to say afterwards.  These quotes courtesy of the Washington Post:

“You tell me how Eric Hayes got the threes? Who passed him the ball? I did,” Vasquez said. “I missed a lot of shots, but I made decisions at the end. And then I don’t get credit for that, which I don’t want. But I want them to support everyone on the team. I just don’t like when the fans get like that.”

Is he really wanting us to give him credit for passes?  It’s not like they were amazing dishes where he got the entire defense to collapse on him and he found the open man for a game winning shot.  They were good passes.  And don’t give me that ‘i don’t want the credit’ stuff.  If he didn’t want the credit, he wouldn’t have said all that.  There is no doubt the fans are a bit spoiled after the Final 4’s, but the way they’ve played the past few years, you have to accept the frustration of a fanbase that has watched their supposed top program fall to mediocrity and lose to low-majors.

“If they don’t believe in us, they can get the hell out. We don’t need them anyway. We need the people who will support us, who are with us. I know they are all happy now, but they didn’t believe in us when we were down.  I want to say thank you to the people who were supporting us and believing in us.”

It was important for Vasquez to make it clear that he appreciates the fans that don’t give him crap, that was at least something, and shame on the Washington Post for omitting that part of the quote.  I saw it on the Baltimore Sun site.  It’s a shame some papers only print the worst stuff to be more dramatic.  Anyway, the other question is, after what us fans have been through the past two seasons, do you really think we had much belief when you came out shooting 25%? 

Yes, we are thrilled that the team came together and did enough to beat a bad team at home, but it’s been a tough time in recent years.  Unfortunately, you are a part of a team that has disappointed more than it has made us cheer.  That being said, most of us are Terp fans through thick and thin and while we criticize you, we still want you to win.  Oh, and just because some fans boo or show frustration doesn’t mean they don’t support you.  If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t be there.  They paid good money to go to those games and that is support.  And yes, you NEED them.

“They don’t believe in what we do,” Vasquez said. “I didn’t shoot well, no one else did. But they always get on me. They are always expecting something out of me. I’m not here for the fans. I’m here for myself, my family and Coach Williams.”

You are damn right we expect something out of you.  You are the best player on the team and when you play well, there are few that can take over a game like you.  But when you get frustrated and stubborn and play selfishly, you are damn right we want better.  Whether it’s fair or not, it’s our right to get frustrated when we think you are trying to do too much, and in doing so, hurt the team.

We all know it comes from a desire to win and to lead your team to victory,  but you are a junior now and you should know better ways to lead your team to victory.  Saying you are not here for the fans is wrong.  If not for the fans, you would be nothing.  If you expect to play professionally, you are going to need those fans.  So keep those opinions to yourself.  Oh, and I really hope you feel that your teammates are your family because I didn’t see you say you are here for them in that quote above.

“We are a totally different team. What the hell are they thinking?”

This was in response to comparing the struggles in the past week to last year.  Well, for those of us who watch every game, this week sure did look like last year.  We’re thinking that the team was playing horribly.  That’s what we were thinking.

Now, I want to be clear in case Vasquez or anyone else connected to the team reads this. We love Vasquez when he is on his game.  We love that he is the pest that other team’s hate.  We love that most of those teams would love to have him.  We love his belief in himself and his desire to try and take the team on his back.  We love that he can miss the first 10 shots he takes, but has no problem taking that 11th one because he thinks he’ll make it every time.  We love his enthusiasm (most of the time). 


We don’t like his trash talking to us!  We don’t like that he plays selfishly at times and stubbornly tries to go 1 on 4 or throw up a long shot with 30 seconds left on the shot clock in a close game.  We don’t like that he tries some crazy reckless and high risk passes in tight situations.  I realize that you get what you get with him and trying to curb one part of his game will sacrifice the others.  What I’m trying to say is that he needs to play more in control and think about the team instead of doing something that will get him noticed. 

It looked like we had a different Vasquez during the first 13 games of this season. He was more in control and we didn’t see many turnovers or selfish plays.  The past 2 games have been a horrible flashback to last year.  Us fans just wish that Vasquez can go back to leading his team with smart play and understand that it’s been tough on the fanbase after a long run of success.  I was in Cole Field House for nearly every home game from 1993-1998 and those were some special crowds that never disappointed in numbers and enthusiasm.  In those days we were just happy to be a legitimate program again. I’m not asking for that, but it would be nice for the students to come out and make the Comcast Center more of a home court advantage.  If we had that advantage, I don’t think we would have lost to Morgan State.

Now, that still does not give Vasquez the right to do what he did and say what he said.  Remember Greivis, these are your fans and they are the only fans you have.  Most of them were just frustrated with what looked like another disappointing loss.  Give them a break and maybe they’ll give you one.  I suggest you apologize (even if you don’t feel like you have to) and remember there are a whole lot more real supportive fans than the one’s you heard on Saturday.



  1. Gary should make him apologize. I saw several reports about what was said from the student section and they said it was very mild stuff. Not that it matters, I don’t care what they said he needs to shut up and play.

    I am someone who thinks you should never boo your own team. In college sports even more so. However, that doesn’t excuse his immature behavior.

    This is a two fold problem. One, it’s doesn’t represent our university well at all. Two, I want your head in the game not fixated on some idiots in the crowd.

    His comments after the game made him look even worse. It really came off as though he isn’t that interested in winning if he isn’t heavily involved in the win. EH had a huge second half and basically won the game for us. Give your teammates some credit. Don’t tell us how you were the one getting him the ball.

    I am going to chalk this up to a very bad day for GV. If I see anymore of this type of behavior I will join the people who want him to leave after this season. I want team players at Maryland not someone who thinks they are the team.

  2. Appreciate your thoughts, but I don’t think you understand how bad this has gotten. The student section is filled with mini “coaches” and faux-ESPN analysts who start freaking out EVERY time Greivis even touches the ball, telling him to pass it, and god forbid he take a jump shot. “He’s so selfish”…I hear that a lot. Granted he hasn’t played as well his last two games, that is no reason to boo him. And even when he was playing well, the comments were the same. And especially at home. What happened to Home Court advantage?

    The thing that really upset me was the amount of racial slurs directed at him. I usually sit in the Student Section (Either 102/103 or 112/113), and its progressively becoming worse. Greivis wasn’t talking about the student section in general, but he was directing his comments towards a particular group in 113 who continued to ride Greivis and suggest he be deported etc, etc. throughout the entire game. Of course I’m not condoning his behavior, he shouldn’t have said anything. But at the same time, I’m not disagreeing with what he said. However, general comments were coming from ALL around me. I’m not just talking about the student section either.

    Anyone who knows anything about basketball knows he’s our best player, and sadly everyone takes him for granted. Should I even mention to them he leads us in almost every stat? You guys know this…I really think its the fairweather fans starting all this trouble, and that’s what GV is trying to say. It’s sad that it’s gotten to the point where he felt the need to even say that.

    I’m a student now so I don’t know much about the past years, but have our students always been this horrible?

  3. Well someone hurt my feeling boo boo hoooooo. What is he 4 years old. Give me a break. If you stink fans tell you if you don’t they tell you but if you leave it all on the court win or lose they tell, and if you forget that it is a team game they will tell you. This comment by Vaz has ensured he is very immature and will be back next year or overseas. Who cares what the fans say. Not all the kids in the student sections are fans of the Terps sad as that sounds. The game is on the court if you are in the stands you can’t be on the court. Grow up SPAZ and be the leader or fake an injury and move on.

  4. Gregg – well said. As I was sitting next to you in Cole, I remember how great the fans were. I now sit just behind the students in 112 and am very disappointed in the lack of cheering (I can not speak to the comments that are m=being made by some of the students but if they are matmcm has quoted, it pisses me off and those students should lose the privilege of attending games). I can only remember one of the 6 or 7 times that we went down by 9 or 10 points that the crowed got on their feet and tried to get the team going. As fans we need to get the Comcast center filled for every game. it takes me well over and hour to get to the games and about 2 to get home, and I make sure I make every game or give my tickets to Terp fans that appreciate being there.

    All that being said, I am one of the fans that get frustrated with our (GV) hot selection and will along with most fans yell at him for taking the shot. This is our right and obligation as fans. There is a difference between yelling in frustration and booing. There will always be some “bad” fans that boo and some idiotic fans that attack players personally but I think the problem with our fans is not booing but the lack of attendance and enthusiasm.

    GV – we love the way you play, your heart and your talent. We get frustarted with your decison malking as much as your coach. Just look at GW after you take a 3 with 30 secons left on the shot clock. You said what you said in the heat of the momnet and I hope you regret it. You are the leader of this team and you should play for your TEAM, COACH and YOUR FANS.

  5. To me this is a non-issue. Fans will be fans. Our fans want a winner. Sometimes wanting our boys to win so bad makes us say stupid things as fans. Same thing goes for GV. I strongly believe he wants to win badly. It’s written all over his face every time he’s out there. My advice for GV would be, JUST PLAY. Go to Miami, play the game of your life. Come out of there with a HUGE upset win. Then all of this will seem silly.

  6. Great reading.

    It struck me while reviewing these last few threads that the “fan talk and behavior” at Comcast somewhat mirrors our own behavior and attitude here on the Soup. Comcast has some good fans and some questionable ones. Comcast center has some GV haters and GV fans……and so does the Soup. Maybe “we” are normal afterall.

    Whoever said GV didn’t really have a bad game is CORRECT. If he had been anything but perfect at the FT line and making them when they really counted, Hayes’ heroics might have been for naught. GV is not the team and neiither is Hayes but together we desparately need both of them.

    BTW EH’s points came from playing without the ball. Mark the tape.

    Hayes has much trouble getting set (creating) his 3PT shot with the ball in his hand. He is much better with catch and shoot. And yes, GV is dishing assists to him. and the reverse is true. That’s what team players do. Rickseterps disagreed with my earlier post (that’s ok BTW) where I said EH should not bring the ball up court and that AB and GV should. Some others have also said that. Hayes is susceptible to getting trapped, has a bad habit of picking up his dribble before he gets across the center line and when he crosses he’s not looking for a shot……because he (still) has difficulty creating it.

    GV has demonstrated time and again that he can get the ball up court. I am not saying he should be the PG but he surely should alternate with AB. Anyone would be hard pressed to argue that point, but I am sure a few will.

    BTW I also don’t understand or accept GV’s behavior yesterday. The game is played on the court and if you’re head aint there, it’s a distraction. None of our players are playing for the fans (or disgruntled souls) they are playing for the University of MD
    They are playing to win. GV is human and still maturing. When a player leads the team in almost every category, it must be difficult for him to understand and accept the jeers. He’s also not a native. I have to believe we have seen the last of that episode. If some fans keep jeering him……shame on them…..shame on us.

    Al V – You are merciless buddy! You just don’t get it. No one…..that’s no one on this site has said GV “stinks, except you. No one on this site denigrates GV like you. No one on this site has tagged him SPAZ except you and that’s hateful. Get in the steel cage.

    AL V Quote – “Who cares what the fans say”?
    We all should, the fans included. The fans at Comcast and on the Soup have every right to act and say what they want. It just isn’t always helpful. Gregg said earlier, “I attended every game from 93-98 and those were some special crowds that never disappointed with numbers or enthusiasm”. If our fans responded in kind and enthusiastically cheered “everyone” on our team, they might play better. I hope you weren’t at the game and razzing him. That’s self-serving at best.You expect jeers on the road,,,,,,,,not at home and not from the home crowd. GV is not immature, like all the “kids” on our team they are still growinig up and maturing. The only helpful think you said is that “the game is on the court” and the entrire team should be reminded of that.

    Well, it’s Sunday and that my sermon from the mount.

    Other than Comcast Center, this is still the best place to be during Terp basketball season/post-season.

    Go Soupers and GoTerps.

  7. GV,

    You are the man. I should have thought of cursing at the crowd when I was a junior and thought I was headed straight to the NBA. Brilliant move.

    But you haven’t earned the right to be so damned cocky. I at least carried my team to an ACC championship before I imploded. I think your ego has gotten ahead of your accomplishments.

    Hey, if you need any advice on playing on B teams overseas or the NBDL, don’t hestitate to call.


  8. Well said Gregg. This cat needs to shut and play. If he wants to be a leader he needs to start acting like one. I appreciate Vasquez confidence but as we used to say when I was student at U of Md, back in the day “he aint all that”!!!!!!

    That being said, this squad is scrappy and will win its share of conference games. It will never be pretty. We should all applaud David Neal and Eric Hayes for being perimeter threats. These are times when you can see that Gary can “coach”. I don’t know if anybody else feels this way, but it seems like we made a run when Dupree (a key block), Milbourne, Tucker, Bowie, and Mosley were one the court together for a short time. They gave the squad an athletic boost when it was critical. Good move coach. We still need a cat who can break down defenses off the dribble.

  9. GERRY, I always enjoy reading your posts and agree with most of them. I agree how can we totally bash GV?. This I don’t care if he comes back or SPAZ talk is stupid. If he wasn’t a Terp, I don’t want to think our record would be. He is totally wrong in his behavior to the crowd.And then to continue to talk about it is worse. Gary needs to step up and hopefully he will. But, about the p.g. situation I don’t agree. I think coach W has the right mindset to move 3 guys over depending on match ups..Hayes was the primary pg in the second half. He finished the games with one t.o. which was less then either gv. or ab. If you are second in the conference in assist to turnover ratio, you are doing more then any of your other point guards. I guess gw. will move them around.I do wish Hayes would look for his shot more when he does have his feet set. GO TURTLES

  10. GERRY whatever. Every sport I played there was some who loved me and some who hated me. Performance makes them all love you. So the idea of a punk yelling at the crowd during the game while dribbling is stupid at best. Vaz is the best and worst player on this team. He cannot lead with his head in the crowd. He cannot concentrate with jaw jacking the crowd. I don’t care if he was my own son that is stupid SPAZZZy behavior. He is a Junior not a Freshman these antics have gotten old. He should Shut the F up and play ball and leave the punk stuff out on Route 1.

  11. It saddens me if it’s true that some “fans” are using racial slurs toward GV. I can obviously understand his frustration if that was going on. However, he has to learn that doing what he did, especially on TV, makes it seem like he’s attacking ALL the fans, not just those who upset him.

    I am well aware that without Vasquez we would be a bad team. That’s why we all care so much to see him play to his potential and to play smart. With him, we have a chance to surprise folks. If he is not with it mentally, it’s going to be a rough road.

    As for the PG talk, Gary said that playing GV, Hayes and Bowie makes it possible for all 3 to be the PG at times, especially on a fast break. Since both GV and Hayes work better off the ball, they all just need to realize that if they share the ball and use screens and run around, they will all get a chance to catch and shoot. They need to look at it as a luxury to have 3 decent ball handlers on the floor at the same time.

  12. Thoughts on Vasquez vs. the fans:

    We should take Vasquez’s quoted post-game comments with a grain of salt. First, as Gregg observed, we’re not necessarily hearing the full story. Second, don’t overlook the language barrier in all this. I think Vasquez knew what he was saying, but if we’re gonna parse every single word, understand that, with a better command of the English language, Vasquez might have been more artful with this comments. Does he play selfish sometimes? Yes. Is he a me-first player who’s always looking out for himself over the team? I don’t believe that for a second. He was fired up and felt the need to defend himself in response to relentness criticism. I’m sure Hayes didn’t take offense at the comments about Vasquez assisting the winning shots, and neither should we.

    If what matmcm says about the students’ behavior during the game is true, it’s an absolute disgrace. I would expect to hear slurs, etc. at an away game, and although low-brow, it doesn’t bother me too much. But such attacks should NEVER come from our own fans on our own court. Ever. You can slam Vasquez for the way he responded to the noise, and that’s fine. Being able to zone out the crowd and focus on the game is hoops 101, and the press he’s generated as a result of this episode helps no one. I agree 100%. But if you’re going to criticize Vasquez, please devote equal time to criticizing these moron students. Home court advantage is critical in tournament play, and these clowns are ruining that advantage. If you’re reading this and you’re a student who attends games on a regular basis, do the team a favor and drown these idiots out. Regardless of how many stupid shots he takes, show Vasquez show much love that these other tools are silenced completely. Otherwise, whatever advantage we had playing at Comcast is lost, and we become the laughing stock of the ACC.

    Al V brings up an interesting point (I assume intentionally; I’ll give the Vampire the benefit of the doubt) re whether this hurts Vasquez’s draft stock. There are already enough questions surrounding his ability to excel in the NBA (quick enough? inconsistent jump shot? etc.), and he’s always had a reputation for playing with emotion, good or bad. This thing with the fans doesn’t help in the eyes of NBA scouts, I’m sure.

  13. CT there are no NBA Jerry Jones or anyone who can afford to take on a head case. They are hurting for money and a overly emotional player who can’t win games won’t cut it. I know he plays great or sucks but his talent is overriden by his immaturity. Look at Lawson who got told to go back to UNC and grow up after he drank a beer. What do you think they will tell Vaz after the blow up at the crowd during the game.

  14. Gerry and others are right, we do need to remember he is still basically a kid. GW however is not a kid and should sit him down and set him straight. It just can’t keep happening. Period.

    Don’t take me saying that to mean he doesn’t help our team. He is our best player. I don’t think that is even up for discussion. He is being used better this year now that he isn’t bringing the ball up. I think that was the catalyst for all the TOs. We can’t go back to that. When you press like we did and get that frantic pace, it usually causes you to turn the ball over as well.

    GT had 28 TOs and we had 12, that is taking care of the ball. It was THE deciding factor in the game. Have EH, Bowie even Mosley bring the ball up. They have us playing under control which is what is needed when we are in our half court offense.

    I always liked GV’s passion. I like the general. That doesn’t mean I will blindly defend him when he does something this stupid. I hope he hangs 30 on Miami Wednesday, we will need it.

  15. “What do you think they will tell Vaz after the blow up at the crowd during the game”

    The same thing they told Ron Artest after he assaulted a fan in the stands. If he can play, they’ll give him a wrist slap and let him back in the game. Vas is no Artest, however. One thing I’d like to see GV rein in is the chest thumping and mugshot histrionics. I realize he lacks Dixon’s temperament, but Greivis and the team would be a helluva lot better off if he redirected his volcanic energy into shooting a thousand Js a day in the gym before and after practice like Juanderful of yore.

  16. You’re making way too big of a deal over this.

  17. Dear Mr. Vasquez

    You have just asssured that you will never be a New York Knick.

    It’s best not to display your weaknesses in the public forum. Your enemies will use it against you. Those Dook lackies will use this amunition you have given them against you. Which is what you thrive on, becasue you think it makes you play better. Which is why you ask for it. Which is why you act the way you act and play the way you play.

    You have asked for this, and are recieving that which you have asked for. If you would like something different, ask for something different.

    Until then, if you want a danish, and ask for a danish, don’t punch the guy in the face who brings you a danish. Because you are sitting at thier table, and they will be the ones serving you your dessert.

  18. I actually don’t mind the chest thumping and hopping around in celebration. We have a long line of soft borderline dispassionate players (Terrence Morris, Gist) It is unfair to compare him to Juan Dixon (in temperment or skills); Dixon is probably the 2nd greatest Terp ever. Is it immature to say the fans started it? Vasquez has had two not stellar games. I wouldn’t even say bad (wasn’t he the leading (or 2nd leading) scorer against Tech? Why in the world would you boo your own player every time he shot? Others on the team haven’t exactly been filling it up, but from what I read, it all seems to be directed at Vasquez. It seems weird to hold Vasquez up to a standard that apparently the fans aren’t. Vasquez is supposed to be mature, turn the other cheek. While the fans should be allowed to speak their minds, voice their opinions, etc. I think they’re both idiots. But I agree with umdFan that it is being made too big a deal of. I also agree with CT about the language barrier too.

  19. Al V, I was agreeing with you. You really don’t know how to read, do you . . . ? Much love to the Vampire.

  20. I don’t want to put GV on prozac, let alone compare him to Juan. It’s just that, where chest thumping is concerned, less is probably more, and that he ought to rechannel his kinetic intensity into to working on his jump shot, to reduce the muscle memory of the thing to the instinctuallity of an eye blink. Granted, he won’t reach Juan’s heights as a player, but there is nothing wrong with encouraging him to emulate Dixon’s work ethic, either.

    Enough, umdFan is right. This subject is played out, at least for me.

  21. To make things worse, apparently Epps gave a verbal to Pitt.

    Any info DBR?

  22. This team needs GV to win games- fact.

    GV needs to play smart for this team to win games- fact

    No getting around the two facts listed above, we don’t have anyone else to turn to. GV has looked much better this season (excluding the previous 2 games). The real problem I have is why didn’t GW sit GV down for a couple minutes and give him some words of “encouragement” the second after he made a couple of these bonehead plays? I was at the game yesterday and I was much more frustrated that a player like Bowie was yanked immediately following a poor pass yet GV was left out when it was clear he had become frustrated and was no longer using his head. If GW gives GV a few minutes to calm down this whole situation is avoided, he waited way too long to sit him, the damage was already done.

    While I don’t condone what GV did, GW should have recognized the situation and acted accordingly. He has to know that GV is an emotionally fragile player and needs a couple minutes to calm down when things are starting to get out of control.

  23. Wow imagine that. Our student section gets on our best player during a comeback win and the next day one of our top recruit targets for 2010 decides he’d rather play someplace else. I’m not saying thats the only reason Epps decided to commit to Pitt but it may have been a factor.

  24. More likely Epps wanted to go play for a top 10 program and did not want to deal with the possibility of calling GV his teammate.

  25. DBR,

    Maybe Epps heard our best player saw our best player was hurling expletives at the crowd after throwing up sorry shot after sorry shot and said “Hey, maybe something isn’t right with this picture.”

    I’m not saying thats the only reason Epps decided to commit to Pitt but it may have been a factor.

    Or maybe he sees Pitt @ #1 and Maryland losing to Morgan State.

    I’m not saying thats the only reason Epps decided to commit to Pitt but it may have been a factor.

  26. Re our PG play……I didn’t mean for GV to be the PG. I prefer EH, AB and GV sharing that duty. There are times when GV is our best bet to beat the press.

    AB can bring the ball up and slash to be basket. EH can’t (or doesn’t) do that. Eh ccn’t stop and pop. GV can break to the hole or stop and pop. Each of the 3 bring an individual dynamic to the PG posit in the absence, of a legit PG.

  27. Vasquez is a second rate punk. If he was only half as good a he thinks he is, he would be twice as good as he is! And for Williams, who coaches like Vasquez plays, to put up with his vulgar, childish tantrums.

    These guys have played exactly FOUR quality teams this season and have three games, two by huge blowouts. Yet they think they are a good team because they beat up on teams like Bryant(?), Elon, American, Towson, and a bunch of other low rent programs. Just look at their RPI rating, 100 I believe.

    The reason this progeam is becoming a joke is because Williams brings in guys like Vasquez who talks a much better game than he plays, and has ZERO class, and sits by idly as Vasquez embarrasses himself and the school. He, like the rest of team can’t shoot a lick. I can’t remember the last time they shot 50 percent from the floor, evern against the second rate schedule with which they’be been blessed. They shot 31 percent against Tech, and were killed on the boards. This team will be lucky to win 6 conference games.

  28. Just to clarify. We have played 4 quality teams this year and beat two of them. 2-2 against Michigan State, Gonzaga, Georgetown, and Michigan is not bad.

    Our RPI right now is 71. Our Pomeroy ranking is 52.

    We might still be lucky to win 6 conference games this year, but if we can find a way to win 3 more of those, we should be in.

  29. Gregg…Do you think Tony Moschetti sounds like/ may be ……Dean?

    Damn….I thought AL V was merciless.

    Tony…..tell us how you really feel!! On second thought…..Chill out.

  30. Hey, anyone is allowed to comment as they don’t personally attack anyone. If it was dean, he is welcome as long as he follows those rules!

  31. Perfect! Epps committed to Pitt. What’s the nrext PG option?

  32. To keep it in perspective, GV has been playing a much more team oriented style this season. This game was not a good example of that. I just hope he goes back to his play of earlier in the year.

    I do believe some of the what he does is cultural. He has said where he comes from, everyone wears their emotions on their sleeve. That doesn’t excuse the poor behavior we saw yesterday. It may explain some of his demonstrative expressions.

    I think this horse has been beaten.

    As far as Epps goes, didn’t we always know he was leaning towards Pitt? I know that was my understanding.

  33. LOL GV will be gone before Epps would have come to UMD as he’s part of the class of 2010. After talking with someone at the City Rocks AAU organization, he said Epps’ decision might make Buie more interest in UMD. Buie and Epps are friends but playing time is playing time he said. For Buie the key for the Terps is keeping GW as coach.

    Pitt and UMD led for Epps. Probably the main reason Epps picked Pitt are that he’s got a relationship with an assistant coach there that goes back several years, he’s close to a player already on the team and they’re winning. Epps will have to prep next year because this is his final year of eligibility at his HS.

  34. I got a chance to watch James Padgett’s team play on TV today in a rebroadcast of a game they lost earlier this week. Padgett moves very well and has good hands. Even threw a touch pass to someone.

    Lincoln’s offense revolves around their perimiter players…nothing I noticed was run for Padgett. At times they were playing four guards and Padgett. But he rebounds well and gets it done around the basket. Don’t recall him stepping out and facing up the basket. Also don’t recall seeing his man out working him.

    Padgett finished wth 12 points in the loss.

  35. Gregg…in your own words……”anyone is allowed to comment as long as they dont personally attack anyone”. Let me get this straight….iit’s ok to to call our players “punks”. That’s not an attack . Did you mean, don’t attack a Souper?

    Soupers don’t need an Intenet Cop but we do need to know what’s actually “not acceptable”, other than the obviious. I thought Tony’s comment crossed the line. If it’s ok with you ……gud with me.

    Go Terps

  36. UNC-Wake…..all square at the half.

  37. FYI – With all the ballyhoo about Md VS Gt…’s the former #1 ranked team UNC,
    with 1-10 from 3 pt land and 15….count 15 TO’s with 12.30 to go in the 2nd half.

    Oh yes, and Wake leads UNC 66-61 with 10:28 to go in the game

    Maybe we’re not as bad as some think. Just kidding.

  38. Gerry, all I am trying to avoid is one commenter getting into a name calling contest with another commenter. This is a 1st ammendment blog. You are free to say anything you want. If you want to call our players punks, we may not agree, but you have the right to say it. But I think there is a line that should not be crossed.

    We are not trying to play cops, but one commenter insulting another’s family and using obscenities is just not cool and I’d rather not have that on our blog. When someone threatens the site’s users and commenters with computer viruses, that’ll get you banned.

    We love 99% of the back and forth discussions that we have on here. It’s great. I never thought I would be able to be a part of a discussion board with so much basketball knowledge and fans as big as myself breaking down the games and recruiting. I think it’s awesome.

  39. Get this ….UNC is shooting 19% in the 2nd half with 7 + mins to go. They are 2-13 from 3pt land and have 16 TO’s for the game.

    Just thought this was interesting and helpful to the Terp proctologists.

  40. Gregg- Got It. Well done… usual.

  41. wake fans rush the court. cant wait to face teague and mcfarlane.

  42. For those interested…..I watched the UNC- Wake Game and UNC went down….again.

    UNC knew they were in a dogfight and the deck was stacked . UNC was playing 5 against 6.
    Yep,,,,,the 6th man was the Wake crowd/fans. It was a Wake “sellout”, their first since 2006. The fans were really into it from the get-go and you don’t need me to tell you …..that was a huge difference. MD’s COMCAST Center fans can learn a lot from Wake’s fan enthusiasm. Jeff Teague had 32 pts for Wake. You got some of the game stats from me on previous posts. Wake contained Hansbrough very well in 2nde half. He had 4 pts. UNC shot under 25% for the 2nd half…..I believe.

    When’s the last time you say UNC in a Zone. erps may have to play more zone especially against Puke and maybe UNC.

    Good game. When’s the last time you saw UNC at the bottom of the barrell 0-2?

    Just dreaming…..but a Clemson and Duke Loss next week and a MD win would put our terps in ……………….1St Place in the ACC. Ok,,,,,so what if it’s early.

    Go Terps

  43. Last post for the day…I promise.

    Interesting stats on UNC-Wake.

    6 of 23 from 3pt land for 26%
    FG% – 35%
    FT- 31-38……that’s a freaking bunch….what’s the message?
    TO’s – 18 …..another bunch.
    Rebs 46—-Check Wake below.

    Wake :

    3pt’s – 6 of 14 – 42%
    FG% – 47%
    FT – 28-39……and they still won

    Wake was out-rebounded 46-35 and UNC made 11 more pts at the FT line..but Wake won.

    As you have heard me write ad nauseum……….”on any given night any team in the ACC can “gert er done”.

    Go Terps

  44. I’m conflicted.

    I don’t know whether I really want the top ranked teams in the acc falling to the mid-majors of our conference. I’m just not sure what it means about the kind of talent that the conference gets and produces.

    Will people say, “thats parity for you,” or will they say, “man, the ACC sucks, all around” or will they say, “Wow, the acc is pretty good, all around.”

    its hard for an analyst to argue that UNC is the best team in the nation and then two weeks later admit that they are sitting at the bottom of their conference.

    A separation of the top teams from the pack helps Maryland because it betters our chances of getting into the NCAAs. When BC all of a sudden has an extra win, and UNC runs away for the regular season title anyway, that hurts the Terps because it could be that win that bumps Maryland out in favor of BC, meanwhile UNC is largly unaffected and still makes the tourney easily.

    Re GV: meh, tempers fly. Can anyone really say that being a Maryland fan is boring? There is a difference between mediocracy and boring. While we find ourselves edging into the former, we are nothing of the latter.

  45. @Gerry’s enthusiasm comment:

    Why should the Comcast Center be as enthusiastic about the Terps squeaking out a win against a bottom feeder as Wake Fans were when they beat the team that was recently #1?

    I went to a few games at the Dean Dome, and this sentiment drove me NUTS about UNC fans. They cheered the same for the that put them up 5 against a contender as the basket that put them up 30 against a nobody. Their attitude always seemed to be “If someone in light blue makes a basket, cheer loud.” I never understand why they are called “smart”, and fans (like Terp fans) who know enough about basketball to tell their players when they are doing something foolish, are called “ignorant”.

  46. UTZ – Let’s face it….Carolina hasn’t done much in the way of losing the last few years or more, so the fans don’t have much to complain about.

    We all want our Terps to win but when they lose they still need to be cheered “onward” . The most important game is still…..the next game.

  47. I’ve been saying for years that the atmosphere at Cole/Comcast has changed dramatically. Empty seats even in big games and idiotic fans only going to the game for a laugh because they are constantly ragging on whomever they feel like insulting that day. One reason I hate dook is due to their fans. They come up with BS chants just to get under the other teams skin and make fun of kids who happen to play BBall in the ACC. It’s absurd. Unfortunately, our students (and many others around the country) are following suit. During the end of the Wake/UNC game the Wake fans started the “Left…Right” chant when some guy fouled out and was making his way to the bench. This is all in good fun and I have nothing wrong with it, but it is a great example of other schools trying to keep up with the dook Jones. They come up with stuff that targets individuals personally and that’s not right. In any way shape or form…that’s not right. I find it hard to believe that our crowd would single out our best player and hurl personal slants in his direction but apparently that’s what happened and I’m all for Vasquez sticking up for himself.

    The language barrier is still an issue for Vasquez and I believe that even though he is saying exactly what he means he would say it in a much more sociable way if he knew how. However, we’ve got fans who have a firm grip of the language and choose extremely vicious vocabulary to personally offend/hurt the best player on the floor. This is inexcusable and those individuals should lose their game privileges.

    Unfortunately, Vasquez IS still maturing and learning how to deal with the scrutiny that he gets since he is our best player. In the same light, our student section is also still maturing and they may not comprehend that the things they say can really cut to the heart. Regardless of how one might see this issue, we are talking about kids and the only way to change their behavior is through good parenting and solid moral fundamentals. Maybe that is what has been lacking in our society for the last couple decades since it seems to me that student fan bases all across the nation are becoming much more vitriolic and hateful toward opposing teams.

    Give the kid a break is all I can say. Do me and the rest of the team a favor and cheer for the guy as well. It’s one thing if you really feel like he has given up the team concept for individual praise but I still think you should check yourself before ripping the guy to the tune of what has been discussed here.

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