My Thoughts On Greivis’ Comments

I just read through Greg’s remarks and all of the subsequent comments about Vaz and I have this to say:

Leave the kid alone!

If there were indeed any racist slurs hurled at GV as has been alleged; then I am indeed ashamed as we all should be. If true, than the University needs to do a better job of policing the student section. That is an absolute disgrace and something that I would expect out of the Deep South, not from a cosmopolitan campus like Maryland. For Shame!

MD fans are angry. I get it. I’m angry too. We won the National Championship in 2002 and now we are praying that we can squeak into the Tournament every year. It is not fair. There is plenty of blame to go around for that believe me. But to concentrate your ire at Greivis Vasquez– the most talented player on the team is insanity.

Let me remind the haters….


He is also a 20 year old living in a foreign country speaking a second language. Yes, he has a hot temper; but just try to imagine yourself at 20-years old. If someone called me a racial slur; I would have jumped over the scorer’s table Ron Artest-style.

There is no other player in major college basketball who carries a heavier burden night in and night out than Greivis Vasquez. Again, HE LEADS MARYLAND IN EVERY SINGLE OFFENSIVE STATISTIC!

Oh, and let’s not forget about the fact that his family is living under an incompetent regime in Venezuela and desperately needs him to make good so he can give them financial security.

What exactly were your biggest concerns when you were 20 years old? If you are like me, it was where am I going to get wasted tonight and how am I going to my chain yanked.

Sorry, for the vulgarity; but this whole incident is more embarassing for the University than it is for a 20 year old kid who carries more burden on his shoulders than most of us have in our lifetimes.

Whether we go 6-10 or 10-6, Maryland is a better team with Greivis Vasquez on the roster than without.



  1. I was at the GT game, heard the boos, wasnt close enough to hear any of the racial stuff, but I can believe that it happened. Every fan base has its “crack baby” “go back to the ghetto” “you should be deported” trash element.
    This is an opportunity for Gary to pull GV aside as tell him that its okay to vent about trash like that AFTER the game, but only if Gary and the university will back him up. I recall Dean Smith telling UNC fans from the scorer’s table to stop chanting ‘bullshit” at the refs during a game against UVA. If GV can hear the racial crap, Gary can hear it – and should publicly condemn it.

  2. There have been a many comments about how the fan enthusiasm at Comcast is not what it used to be, and I agree for the most part, but please this booing the home team is nothing new. Have people forgotten that in 2001 after a terrible loss at home to FSU the team got booed off the court? Terp legends Dixon, Blake, Baxter and co were booed of the court! Afterwards everything in the press was how Gary Williams had peaked and he could never take a team past the Sweet 16 (very similar to what NC State fans were saying about Sendek), and that Dixon was a good player with a good story but he wasn’t talented enough to lead his team blah blah blah. Well as we all know that team took the “nobody believes in us” mentality and began that glorious run the next 1 1/2 yrs culminating in the national title.

    In summary don’t be so nostalgic for the past, fans have always booed their teams, and it will happen again the future. It is going to be interesting to see how Vasquez and the rest of the team respond, not that I think they’re going on a similar run, but hopefully start to play better.

  3. Through adversity comes progress. I think Miami is in trouble Wednesday!!!

  4. Because GV is the self-proclaimed and in reality “go to guy” on this team, because he does lead the Terps in Pts, As, and Rbs, and because he is so emotional, he will be the focus of not just every opposing team’s gameplans but also the focus on the MD media and fanbase. It’s part and parcel with being the go to guy. He can tell the fans to go home all he wants, but if wants to be the man like he (and we) thinks he is, he has to be tough enough to take it.

    Jeremy, let’s face some facts here on the racial slur front. Let’s assume one or more fans do in fact make racially charged comments during a game, it is nothing compared to what others have faced without making such comments after a game. I am not condoning any racial comments made against GV, but to be the man you have to act like the man. Better and lesser men than Grievis have faced more and not acted like this.

    The real question in all of this as it relates to Terpdom is whether or not this episode will bring the team together or tear it apart. Seeing as how GV is the man, how responds to this, how he grows from it, how he channels his passion will dictate the success of this team. Let’s take him at his word…he is the man. This season rides on him. We’ve said it all season, and now he’s confirmed it. Can he carry the load that he himself says that he wants to carry?

    He’s our Mike Gundy…he’s 20 years old…he’s a man.

  5. First let me say I’m no fan of booing, but remember those great Terps were not ‘legends’ when they were booed off the court. They were part of a team that was underachieving and some fans showed their frustration. Remember it was just a couple weeks earlier that they blew the 10 point lead in the final minute to Duke. That was a frustrating time.

    I was referring to my time as a student 1992-1997. I remember grumbling and frustration during games, like when Grant HIll imposed his will and destroyed us, but there was never booing. Well, maybe when Mario Lucas took too many 3’s or when Exree Hipp bulked up for that sparkling NBA career he had ahead of him!

    I’m sure the booing has little or no affect on most players since it goes away as soon as they hit a shot.

  6. I like all of us hate booing our team or the other team. Personal attacks especially those with vulgar language is something that should get the fan or fans removed. But that would be hard on the enforce. I would applaud if coach took the mike and say strong words against it. Maybe that would get some students to shut up and maybe let other students to tell the raunchy asses to shut up. But NOTHING should condone gv. lashing back. He makes our team and university and our great fans look horrible. No I don’t approve of it. And it takes gv away from the focus for hisi,our,team.

  7. I like all of us hate booing our team or the other team. Personal attacks especially those with vulgar language is something that should get the fan or fans removed. But that would be hard on the enforce. I would applaud if coach took the mike and say strong words against it. Maybe that would get some students to shut up and maybe let other students to tell the raunchy asses to shut up. But NOTHING should condone gv. lashing back. He makes our team and university and our great fans look horrible. No I don’t approve of it. And it takes gv away from the focus for his,our,team.

  8. I don’t know that we needed two different posts on this subject. It was done to death in the last one. The racial slurs are not confirmed but even if they were it doesn’t excuse his behavior.

    More on the nuts and bolts of Maryland basketball and less on GV’s histrionics.

  9. Gregg – The 2001 team at the time was underachieving, isn’t that the point? The fans (right or wrong) have expectations and they see Vasquez as the one who when he is on can meet those expectations. If he keeps his head straight and the team starts a winning run, the boo bird will disappear. Before say 1996 I don’t really remember expectations being that high, people for the most part were just happy to make it the tournament again, correct me I’m wrong because I wasn’t a student back then.

    Also it wouldn’t surprise me if in fact there was a group of idiots saying racial things, but watching the game in person and being on the other side of the court I was taken aback by his response, because really the booing wasn’t as bad as it has been for some other home games or even last year when they lost to Ohio and American, if he wants to make it to the pros and be succesful he has to start ignoring the idiots in the stands and focus only on what is on the court.

  10. Jeremy – Well done !

    I doubt GW is going to take the mike while either team is on the floor….maybe at the half when teams are in locker room. For now, he’ll likely consider it a isolated incident.

    Utz – on the last thread said something lilke this, “Carolina fans hardly ever boo their team.

    They have won so much, so often that there’s noting to boo about. Hell when we beat them last yaar, on national tv, on their home court, while they were undefeated and #1, the Carolina fans openly wept. We could use some of that.

    Is it really the behavior and attitude of our cosmopolitan DC-area fans? I, like many of you, have been to years of home games at Cole and Comcast. I wasn’t at the last one but still can’t imagine the anxst expressed by our “home crowd” against our best player and our team.

    I’m not ready to say “enough is enough” on this subject until someone can tell us what
    this is really all about. Of course winning every home game should dilute the problem.
    If it continues when we win (or while we are trying to win at home) it’s very difficult to ignore, even by our players and coaches.

  11. I agree this topic is beginning to be beat to death. Let’s just leave it as this: all those who need to take a chill pill (or two or three), and/or grow up, should do so NOW! If the current UMd students cross a line (vulgarity, ethnic slurs), warn them, and then kick them out of the arena.

    Let’s get back to talking hoops in a mature and sensible manner. We’ve got a couple of big road games coming up next, what do we need to do to win these?

  12. I sit behind the band, so I didn’t hear what remarks may have been made about GV, but this is a student group who thinks it’s clever to shout “you suck” en masse to opposing teams. Vulgarities abound at Maryland basketball games in the student sections. So I would not be surprised if inappropriate comments were directed at Vasquez. That sure doesn’t make it right or very classy, just not surprising.

  13. The booing following the FSU game was aimed at the entire team. And followed a big loss. I would’ve completely understood booing the team following the Morgan State loss. But to boo aimed at one person becomes heckling. Plus, it was pretty much during their comeback.

  14. The subject of “negative cheering” is a fascinating one. I have had my favorite sports teams since I was a little kid like most of you. I would live and die with those teams, especially in my teens and in my 20’s. But only one team can make my blood boil. For some reason, when the Terps don’t play well my body doesn’t feel well. It makes me physically ill. I’m subconsciously in a bad mood until their next win. And when they win, the world seems a better place. As a little kid, I cried when the O’s lost to the Pirates in ’79. But when the Terps lose to Duke I don’t feel like crying. I feel anger. I’m thinking the Terps bring out these strong emotions in alot of us and that might be contributing to the booing, etc. Anyone else feel this way?

  15. Johnburns…let me put on my organizatinal behavior teaching hat…and I apologize to everyone out there in advance.

    It is totally normal to feel the way you feel when your team wins or loses. Each of us belongs to groups in our lives that we feel are highly attractive groups. Belonging to attractive groups makes us feel better ourselves, and belonging to these groups becomes a part of our social identity. Literally, it becomes a part of who we feel and say we are. That’s why we wear MD gear in public. It says something about us and who we are. When that group is attacked, we feel like that attack is a personal attack on us. When that group fails, we feel like failures. It is a very strong psychological phenomenon. For the appropriate references to read up on this for yourselves, see Tajfel & Turner, 1985 and 1986. Good stuff!

    Back to Mike Gundy for a second. Gary should pull a Mike Gundy ASAP about Greivis. Before Gundy pulled his Full Gundy, OK State was like a .500 team. Since he pulled a Full Gundy, they’re like 15-3. He’s also landed his best two two recruiting classes since. Ok St is the bastard of OK sports, and even their fans were getting on their QB (who has since transferred). So it’s not unusual for fans to get on their teams…even mediocre teams…for the social identity reasons explained above.

    Okay…sorry for the OB501 class…you all have earned 1 credit hour toward your MBA.

  16. Sorry…that was to Eddie not JohnB…

  17. I’m with you 100%, Eddie. A Terps loss is a loss for the entire family at my house. Everyone suffers. When we shi* the bed against G’town earlier this year, my wife and I had to have a talk about my behavior during and after games; now that we have 8 month old twin girls at home I’m trying to temper my “enthusiasm.” Bottom line, there is no sports team on the planet that has such a strong emotional effect on me. Does this change with age? Older, wiser Soupers, please share.

    As for booing and the aforementioned negative cheering, in theory I have no problem with either, and in practice I routinely partake in what I’d describe as constructive yet extremely passionate (often with a spash of anger/frustration) criticism of Terps’ players during games. But when I think about it, I realize that I rarely actually boo the team at Comcast, although I have no problem when others boo, so long as the booing is warranted. So, for instance, in my opinion, booing in the second half of a conference game that’s close, even if certain players are really struggling, just doesn’t seem right, particularly if the team is playing really hard. On the other hand, if we’re down 10 at home to AU, Morgan St., etc., and the Terps aren’t putting forth the effort anyone would expect from a D-1 athlete . . . let the boos RAIN DOWN.

  18. I agree with Jeremy on this one. Vasquez is the best player the Terps have. He has basically carried the team in a few of its wins this year. It’s terrible that fans at Comcast Center would boo him for missing a few shots. I wouldn’t have imagined booing Juan Dixon for missing a few shots when I was a student here.

    Vasquez will have to apologize for telling students to “shut the fuck up”, but he was correct in his assessment that there were fair-weather fans at Comcast Center this Saturday. Those fans should have just stayed home.

  19. I don’t know if you mellow with age. I’ve certainly grown more stoic about Terrapin basketball, with fewer mood swings. Maybe it’s because I’ve conditioned myself to look at this team’s talent level and prospects with gimlet-eyed clarity. I’m real pleased when they win, but not downcast and homicidally angry when they lose. I won’t mention how many clock radios I broke in New Haven, CT, listening to MD BB on WBAL, back in my salad days.

    Wheels, are you suggesting we are who we root for? Anyway, I didn’t realize you had a blog on the NYT

  20. Let me get this straight. UNC loses two games out of three, one to a very average BC team and they are number five in the country? This poll isn’t who has the most talent. It is suppose to be which team has performed the best.

    Let’s see if Wake is given the same treatment when they lose to the Va Techs of the world. I don’t want to hear anything about “they have earned that by being a great team for so long”. BS, it is suppose to be about performance, not history.

  21. JohnE,
    No magic formula here how we break the losing streak @ Miami. I’m concerned that Miami, according to John Goodman of Foxsports, is pizzed @ not being mentioned as a ranked or ACC top 4 team. they don’t need any extra incentive. But I certainly think MD can win this, unlike our chances vs Wake for ex.
    It seems to me that Gary isn’t even considering any set plays to feed the ball inside. yeh we have no big scorer in the paint but is it futile to think that maybe neal, dg, or kim can draw a foul or 2 or better set up our 3 ball by going inside out?

  22. FF, I wish I had a blog at the NYT! I’m just a lowly professor, whose students, let alone Soupers, barely listen to!

    Are we who we root for? Over time, yes. Have you seen the grown men dressed up like female Hogs at Redskins games or the Beyond Thunderdome clad fans at Raiders games?

    I’d also venture to guess that we are where we blog.

    Like you, I no longer get so upset when MD loses. Maybe having kids has done it to me. Ask CT…twin little ones…he and his wife deserve medals for that.

    I take that back, not about CT, but about getting upset. I get upset based upon HOW they lose. That’s why the MD football team drove me mad. Losing games is okay in my book if your team gave it its best shot and just wasn’t as good as the other team. That’s why I didn’t get upset when OU (my second alma mater) lost to UF the other. UF was just a better team.

    I suspect many of us feel the same way, that it’s how MD lost to Morgan and Gtown that upset us. At least in the Gonzaga loss, you could tell that Gonzaga was just a better team.

  23. Eddie (and others) I am with you all 100% on the emotional aspect of the Terps. I go into a serious funk when they lose, mostly with basketball but also football and soccer. After the Clemson game I felt ill and couldn’t sleep. The Morgan State game reminded me of that. That feeling that after being up significantly, the other team is racing back and feeling like there is little to nothing we can do about it. My wife has definitely scolded me on scaring the kids with my colorful language. But I would never shout expletives/heckle our players. And there is NO place for any personal attacks. I think that there is absolutely a line between booing college players and pros. To make the distinction greater, would you boo a high school player? Of course not. While college players certainly get criticized more I dont think they should be booed.

  24. Eddie,

    We must have grown up in the same neighborhood. I cried about the ’79 series as well. But when the McMillen/Elmore/Lucas Terps blew a game they should have won when I was 12, I punched a whole in a screen door. My parents were not too happy. I told them, neither was I.

    I think I had strong Terp ties because my father got season tickets and I didn’t miss a game at Cole from age 9 until I left for college. I loved the O’s (until Peter Angelos ruined the franchise a la Dan Snyder and the Redskins), but not in the same way as the Terps.

    On the bright side, Carolina loss cheered me up. As far as their remaining in the top 5, Ol’ Roy and the Heels have been so good for so long (sans Doherty era), they still get the votes even after 2 quick losses. If only Gary could have that much talent on the bench…

  25. By the way, I have mellowed. I have to — I watch the Terps with my 15-year-old and watch the Women’s team with my 12-year-old. I have also coached my girls in hoops, volleyball & soccer, so I learned very early on I had to behave myself.

    Both my girls have a tough time after losses, but they haven’t damaged anything yet…that I know of. Their temperament and their looks they get from mom, thankfully.

  26. Wheels, we listen to you. You’re one of the Soup’s Smith Barney’s

  27. I was one of the fans who booed Vasquez at a few points during the game. My boos aren’t the malicious boos that some of the student sections was throwing out in the way of personal attacks. I am a die hard Terps fan and have been since the early 90s. As most of you expressed it kills me when they lose and ruins the day. My reason for booing GV was that at certain points he was out of control and taking terrible shots, which he has done the past 2 games and the majority of last year. Last year was as frustrated as I have been as a Terps fan in a long time. With VAz’s illiogical ball handling and wild shots last year, it pissed me off to see him all of the sudden starting to fall back into old habits. He has played phenominal this year and has been great on all sides and to see him fall back and again try to do too much (and not in a way that in basketball terms makes sense), evoked that anger in me to boo. It was kind of my way of saying, “Come on, you are better than that” or “Gary take him out for a minute so he can compose himself.” So I guess I agree with many of you that it depends on when you boo and why you are boooing. It is just hte passion coming out. I do give it to GV that he lays it all on the line every game, it is just that the expectations are different for him because of how he has performed and his potential. On a side note, Dupree kills me. I know that he is trying but sometimes I call for him to come off the court when he is oblivious to basketball and does not do simple things such as boxing out or recognize that defense exists in basketball. I am, however more lenient for some reason, on Mosely. Even though he does some silly stuff and makes bad turnovers sometimes, he is the glue to the team right now and always does the little things to help the team out. Almost like a Byron Mouton with a better skill set and basketball savvy.

  28. Can we list wutangueray in some kind of Souper HOF for best name. That’s an incredible combination of hip-hop icons and a refreshing beverage.

  29. Hey CT, I am 45 and alum. I have broken two remotes much to the chagrin of my family 1) Gone in 60 seconds v Duke and last years Clemson melt down. As they say on ESPN “Never Graduate”, I hope I never lose the passion and love for The University of Maryland at College Park GO TERPS!

  30. Wutangueray hits the nail on the head. I too was at the game and directed plenty of frustration (though I don’t like actually booing) toward Vasquez and the rest of the Terps. The criticism comes because I’m a die hard fan also. It kills me when they lose, yes. But it’s more a matter, like Wheels expressed, of how they lose. Lack of effort and selfish play kill me. The last two games we’ve seen some of the selfish part of Vasquez’s game and it brings out the hard core critic in all of us.

    If racial slurs happened it’s embarrassing, even more so if directed at a member of the team that represents you and your school. And I’d agree that it would be nice for Gary to condemn them (though Gary does often get on fans for not supporting the team). However, it’s probably not the first time they’ve occurred in Cole or Comcast so no need for some crazy analysis. Criticism, however, is going to happened and has to be expected by Vasquez, et al. It just comes with the territory, especially if you’re going to paint yourself as the leader, the go to guy.

    Vasquez has the right to frustration. I’m sure frustration with fans boils over from his own frustration with how he’s playing. But the antics were just too much. Like I said, I was in attendance and there were obviously boos and frustration directed at him. But other players were getting ripped as well. No other Terp came out with those kinds of postgame comments after surely hearing it from some fans. I know, Vasquez often gets it directly from the student section. He’s the star player. People look to him to lead. There’s a lot of pressure on him. I get it. But it is time to grow up. There has got to be some balance. The antics don’t stop. The constant “look at me” celebrations after even routine plays is what irks me. Celebrate a bucket after taking a couple bad shots, turning it over and turning it over again? It gets old and I wonder if it wears on his teammates at all. How likely is this to become more hurtful within the team? That has always been my concern. By no means am I claiming this to be an easy task for him. He’s fiery and loves to compete. And do not misunderstand. Without him, we have no chance. He’s talented and I love so much of his game. The enigma that is Vasquez. I wonder if it would help him if someone else would step up, not just in playing on the court, but in vocal leadership/ownership of the team. Which brings me too…

    I was fortunate to sit a couple of rows behind the mother of one of our beloved Terps at the GT game and had the chance to talk to her for a little while afterwards. She mentioned her son had been told by a coach last week that he needs to remember he is a leader on this team also and that he needs to take charge, etc. Vasquez definitely needs consistent help, not just with scoring but with leading. Easing the burden a bit would be a good thing.

  31. You fans share the same emotion i have for the Terps. My wife and I have tickets to football and sometimes can get tickets for basketball. We raised 2 ex-athletes. I coached them in baseball, football, and basketball.My oldest had md. offers in football and baseball. by that time we had moved to no. virginia. I went to md. in the middle/late 60’s. And my oldest was a fixture at lefty’s camps. As much as he wanted to be a terp. He was a 6 foot 185 lb. player. Although Ist team all-state in football and b/ball, he knew his future was in baseball and they only gave one-half scholarships so the difference had to be paid. there is a big difference between out of state Md. and in state George Mason. So he stayed in less expensive va. and then to the texas rangers. The 4 of us live and nearly die with UM. I still go to games with them sometimes with my grandkids.. I gave up my terp club membership when our school treated Lefty like shit. Having started again there is no way i will pile up enough points to ever get basketball seats. My wife really raised an old coach and two ex-jocks. It was nothing after a loss to hear screaming, and yes a little cussing. also things being thrown off walls. And that was ME. So when I finally grow up things may get a little quieter. We love my alma mater. and want victories a much as any of you all do. So lets hope gv. grows up Now. And maybe I will too.

  32. TerpFever Lady Terps play Duke tonight…game should be on TV someplace…I haven’t checked ACC Select yet. ESPN Full Court is still having a free preview I believe.


  33. Whats up soupers I am new to the blog, and I was in attendance at the GT game row ten opposite side of the terps bench. Greivis was being yelled at by students, because of his horrible shot selection. Although he didn’t respond immediatley at the end of the game when the terps were winning he was at the line, and made his first free throw. He then turned to the crowd and yelled an something which was probably a cuss word. The students didnt harass him the entire game, only when he threw up a three with what seemed to be our first lead since the beginning of the game.

    I for one love Greivis Vasquez and feel he drives the team, and just to think where we would be without him is horrifying.

  34. Hey DBR,
    While Jeff at TerpCenter has breaking news, a poster there says that he’s heard rumblings that Stephenson may be following James Padgett to UMD. The poster made it clear that his info should not be considered very credible.

    Have you heard anything of the sort?

  35. DBackRuss,

    Believe me, my 12y.o. has the schedule on her wall and has already told big brother he has to watch 24 on the crummy TV. It’s on ESPN2. I hope they play well–they need a big win. We’ve got tix to the UNC and Duke games at Comcast. Go Terpettes!

  36. I was at the game the other day and have a question for you who were also in attendance. Unbelievably, it is not a GV related one. GW’s rotation, could you make sense out of it? I obviously recognized who the starters were in both halfs: Neal, Milbourne, GV, Hayes and Bowie; but after that, the substitution patterns seemed more like GW throwing players at his first half problems rather than any kind of a rotation. This non-rotation rotation seemed to continue during the second half as well. I found it a bit disturbing. I don’t recall at this stage of the season seeing a Terp rotation so unsettled. Comments?

  37. So i was hurrying to my apartment on campus because I was going to be late for work, and I looked like one of those nerdy kids who has a backpack that is way too big, way too stuffed, and is running hunched over so the backpack doesn’t sway back and forth too much.

    Exiting the newly renovated Washington Quad toward Knox and the Commons apartments, I passed by the best player on our basketball team.

    Now, I’m a big proponent of positive reinforcement. You really see how well people respond to compliments and encouragement when you teach your peers. Thinking about all of the negativity on this blog towards Vasquez, and his blowup on the court the other day, I figured the best thing to do was to tell him that I still believed in him. I said, “I believe in you Vasquez,” as I slowed my pace from a jog to a brisk walk.

    I’ll admit that I have a tendency to mumble, and maybe there was a language barrier, or maybe he wasn’t paying attention, because he didn’t say anything back. I was in a rush, and wasn’t about the push the subject. But if he heard it,I hope it makes him know that there are some people who support him.

    Who knows.

  38. There’s a long shot possiblity that Stephenson may accompany James Padgett when Padgett makes a visit to UMD to see a Terp game this season. But it is a long shot. I think Pitt may be showing interest in Stephenson recently.

    Personally, if Lance is only going to go to college for one season and bolt it would make more sense for him to stay in NYC and go to St. John. That way his family can come to all the home games by just traveling across town.

  39. Didn’t hear that Stephenson was following him to MD. But what I did hear, which is great as well, is that Terrell Vinson in de-committing from LMU and MD is the first school he is looking at. ’09 player. #46 overall rated on ESPN.

  40. HYPOTHETICALLY, would we have scholly’s/room for Lance AND Terrell + James/Jordan?

  41. Pearman’s schollie was a one year deal and Neal is leaving. So that opens up 2 slots. If GV goes pro and someone transfers, then yes, we could take all 4.

  42. Lady Terps fought hard through some injuries and Tolliver having a cold shooting night but fall to PUKE by 3. Coleman so sore she couldn’t stand up for post game handshakes.

  43. Lots of questions with Vinson such as but not limited to:

    1) Will LMU release him from his LOI and will the NCAA make him sit out a year (been down that road at UMD before)

    2) Can he get admitted to UMD

    3) Does Gary still want him

  44. Here’s some parity and perspective and points to ponder

    I had the opportunity to catch the last quarter and OT of ND (#13) Vs Louisville (#21). ND did not score a point for over 10 mins and only two in OT. They lost by 12.
    This was the 13th ranked team with a big BIG (Harangody) and a terrific 3pt Shooter in McAlarney. Maybe our terps aren’t so bad afterall. The Louisville Home Crowd was enthusiastically IN to the game. Lousiville outscored ND 13-2 in OT.

    I hate to crunch #’s but if some of you like to, it would be interesting to see how we match up with our opponents in the games we win, then in the games we lose. I realize statistics don’t win games, people do. I got to believe, with few exceptions, we are very competitive in the key areas, surprisingly even in rebounding. Granted the GT games was sloppy, to say the least. I am on record as saying, “the bouncing ball has a mind of it’s own and to stay on track, we have got to get some lucky bounces”. Against GT we must have, To a man they were bigger than us. I have noticed that some of our guys “bend over” to get a loose ball and only a few will dive on the floor after it. That’s got to get fixed. Realize some of this is mundane but it’s the fundamentals that help you win games.

    Bottom line……we are not the only team that’s having it’s “nervous breakdowns”. There’s a bunch of teams in the top 25 that have played long stretches of a game, much worse than us. The secret is how a team “handles” these dynamics. Can they bounce back?

    We’ll see. There’s plenty to fret about the Miami game and the rest of the schedule for that matter. Hey, we’re in in sole possession of 4th place in the ACC. Stranger things have happened. A WIN in Miami will be huge and go a long way in our teams psyche.
    W’s also have the power to heal the psyche.

    GO Terps.

  45. I think LMU will release him. Look at what happened with Bayno. Recruited kids to come and play for him and he now is not coaching due to anxiety???

    He has a very valid reason to be released.

    Does GW want him? I think so. He would he a great add to the team.

  46. Terps not even a mention in Lunardi’s newest. The lack of any kind of opinion in the national press is amazing. News for Wed.

  47. Notre Dame just played on Saturday against a scrappy Seton Hall team. Then had to travel to Louisville…probably didn’t practice much yesterday to try and keep their legs fresh. An OT game was the last thing they needed. Their legs were probably dead.

  48. clock radios that are fully digital are even better than those analog type clock radioes`~.

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