Some Post Georgia Tech Perspective

I am reposting my thoughts after the GT game because due to a miscommunication, Gregg posted over top of my comments. Besides, as many have pointed out, the Vasquez issue has been beat to death. This is a nice segue to Miami on Wednesday……

At first glance the win against GT felt more like a stay of execution than a victory. A loss would have effectively ended the season, and it was discouraging to see the Terps struggle against the worst team in the ACC.

However, consider the following:

1. MD matches up poorly against the Yellowjackets. GT has a massive frontcourt and MD is well, challenged up front. So, it is not all that surprising that MD struggled. Some teams will just pose match up problems for the Terps (see Georgetown) and the fact that we won anyway should be encouraging.

2. MD clearly suffered from a hangover stemming from the Morgan State game. Vasquez shot terribly and what’s worse, his shot selection was awful. The whole team was pressing too much and GT took advantage. Yet, Maryland eked out a victory.

3. The Terps came to their senses down the stretch and executed (like good teams are supposed to do). Some role players had nice games (Mosley, JSK, and yes Dupree), so the Terps should be feeling better heading down to Florida this week.

Maryland does not make the dance without Vasquez becoming a 1st team All-ACC performer. Everyone knows this. But today, the rest of the team picked him up and gutted out a victory mostly without Vasquez. This should give everyone confidence.

Miami is now tremendously important. A win and the Terps can start to believe. A loss and they are on the outside looking in. Hopefully, Greivis will stop jawing with his own team’s fans long enough to realize what happened this afternoon.

(Editor’s note:   When I wrote this, I had no idea that Vasquez made those post game remarks, nor did I know the alleged content that Terps fans supposedly were spouting.)

It won’t be easy. Miami just went up to BC and won. MD will be a significant underdog on Wednesday night.

I may be crazy or suffering from irrational exuberance after watching the Ravens improbable win; but I think the Terps can leave Coral Gables with a W.



  1. unfortunately jeremy, i think it’ll be unlikely gv gets first team all acc. on the bright side, we can still make it if he doesnt . hansborough, teague, lawson and singler look like locks so greiv will have to battle it out with rice, mcclinton, booker, lawal, etc for that last spot. perimeter defense will need to be outstanding against the canes trio of mcclinton, dews and hurdle. collins figures to kill us in the post regardless so the perimeter d will need to be good. i have terps by 4 or 5. say a prayer. we could really use this one.

  2. Oh sure, blame me for posting over you!

    This is our first real road game and we don’t have a very good history down in Miami. I don’t have much hope, but you never know in college hoops. If we can just hit our open shots, we’ll have a chance.

  3. I believe GV will only make first team ACC if the Terps have a big season. Otherwise, he’s probably headed to the 2nd team. The odds are always stacked against teams or players outside of North Carolina to begin with. It would have to be one special season.

    That one year Juan won ACC POY over J Williams was kinda unbelievable since J Williams won national POY the same year. I think it had to do with Maryland winning the ACC. And also the Dook coach gushing over Juan all year.

  4. Rios is out indefinitely. Although he’s a backup G, someone will have to pick up his 12 mpg. Another reason for MD to play hardnosed perimeter D.

  5. For Miami. I think GW needs to emphasize three things to his players: 1) play 40 minutes of hard-nosed team defense, 2) block out and rebound on the defensive end–Braxton and Dino need to combine for 12-14 rebounds. I don’t care if they score a point, just control the defensive boards; and 3) run the floor and score as many points as possible in transition.

    The offense will come from among the perimeter players and Dave Neal (god I thought I’d never be saying that!). If GV can give us 20+ and then from among Hayes, Bowie, Tucker, Neal, Mosley, and LM we can get another 50, I think the math will work out in our favor for a road W.

    If we don’t do the three things I put in the first paragraph done, I think we’re in for another GT like game or worse. GW and his staff surely can get in their collective heads to do these three things. Its not that hard to accomplish, just takes a lot of focus and desire to “get it done! “

  6. Before the Morgan State meltdown, I felt good about the Terp’s chances in Miami. Why? Because Miami is prone to TOs. A good perimiter defense could force 8-10 extra possessions for the Terps.

    Since the 21 TO performance against Morgan, and the sloppy shooting and shot selection against GT, however, my confidence is wobbly.

    Michigan and Michigan State are both better than Miami. The good Terps can win if they show up. The question is, will they?

  7. Agree with sp md. If MD has to pick its poison between defending Collins 1-on-1 vs a double-down kickout to Mcclinton and friends… don’t double down. I’m more worried about a perimeter barrage from Miami. Is it possible that Gary might consider letting Goins get in a few hacks?

  8. Gary Williams on the radio last night:

    Said Goins is trying to get into playing shape and is almost there. Said Burney is still wearing a boot and that he feels badly for Burney because he’s yet to have an injury free year at UMD…much like this is the first injury free year for Dave Neal.

    Said JSK is still behind the curve and is learning on the fly because he missed time during the Clearinghouse mess.

    As for the people booing Vasquez…Gary wouldn’t repeat what was said but did say some ethnic comments were made towards GV. Gary said he has spoken to GV and told him that he doesn’t want him to ‘get into it’ with fans. Gary stressed that UMD has had great fans over the years and that the team needs the support of the fans all the time even when the team isn’t playing well. He also pointed out that GV could become the first Terp to lead the team in points, rebounds, and assists, in the entire history of Maryland basketball.

    Gary said that to beat Miami the Terps need to turn them over and keep them off the FT line because they’re a good FT shooting team.

  9. Based soley on DBR’s report of Gary’s statements about needing to keep Miami off the FT line: I hope that this doesn’t mean that Braxton and Dino play weak on the defensive glass. A poster above said that we only really need them to get rebounds and use their bods to clear the paint for some penetration from the guards, not to score points.

    Vs. Morgan state, the Terps turned one dimensional since Hayes wasn’t hitting his shots, and no one had any offensive sway inside. MS filled the paint and collapsed on any offensive effort by Vasquez at the end of the game, simple offensive warrants simple defense.

    I think our three point defense is as good as it needs to be to keep the Miami shooters off kilter, who knows, maybe it’ll be a blowout in the Terps favor if we can keep them off of their game by running at them.

  10. I’m with sp md and gbx79 – Perimeter defense and effective pressure for 40 mins (whether full court or half) are key on Wednesday. Miami can’t beat us with post play alone; that’s not their game. So let Neal, Dupree and Dino bang away inside, for better or worse, and play solid man defense against the rest of the team. So long as we contain the guards and defend the 3, I think we’ll be in good shape. That is, of course, assuming we can put the ball in the basket, which unfortunately for this team is never a sure thing.

  11. I didn’t get the impression that Gary wants any player to play ‘weak’ while rebounding to avoid fouls. What I took from his comment is that UMD can’t afford to commit cheapie fouls that put Miami on the FT line.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Braxton’s confidence is up after the Ga Tech game. BD looked about as good as I can remember in his short career during the 2nd half. He just needs to stay aggresive on defense and focused on offense.

  12. Anywhere north of 33% from 3, and MD wins the game. Mark the tape. That’s the key stat for this team for the entire season, especially if they continue to keep their TOs down and keep the forced TO up.

    Has MD ever won down in MIA? It doesn’t seem like it. Just a tough place to play, even with the sparsely attending fans down there. Maybe the Terps don’t shoot well facing empty seats.

    I’m wondering if Greivis’s parents will be at the game. If so, that’s never been a good sign. He tries too hard. I hope with the falling petro dollar and the weakening Venezuelan economy that his parents decide to sit this one out.

  13. Maryland is 1-5 against Miami since 2005. The lone win was at Comcast Center in 2006. I agree with Wheels. If everything else holds as it has been (i.e. turnovers and rebounding margin remain at their averages); then the big swing factor is 3PT shooting. If they are over 33%; the Terps are hard to beat.

    Of course, they are averaging about 33% for the year.

  14. Wheels, per your speculation re: GV’s parents’s possible attendance at the UM game: this may be first time in the history of sports blogging that the vicissitudes of the global economy have been invoked to forecast the outcome of a college bb game. This lifts sports handicapping to a new plateau, up there with bets on commodity futures. Gawd, I love the Soup.

  15. Vasquez’ father is/was living with him in Maryland and was coming to home games.

  16. Gary has the last word on this issue. I think this is exactly the way to handle it. You let GV know he can’t do it and also slide it in there that the those fans were being asshats.

    Gag Order For Vasquez

    Some of you may recall the flavorful exchange between junior guard Greivis Vasquez and members of the Maryland student section during Saturday’s game against Georgia Tech. Well, at Gary Williams’s media availability a little while ago, he said Vasquez won’t be doing much interacting with the crowd anymore.

    To recap: At several points during the Terps’ ACC opener, boos were directed in Vasquez’s direction, either for missed shots or other decisions deemed inadequate by unsatisfied fans. Vasquez, apparently, took the public criticism very personally. Near the end of the game, he repeatedly walked over near the student section and spewed four-letter words in succession. It was colorful, entertaining and inappropriate all at the same time. Anyways, Williams put the kibosh on such antics.

    “I addressed the issue with Greivis after the game and again yesterday, and that’s behind us,” Williams said. “That, that, you can’t do that. No matter what was said, and there was some really bad things said besides the booing, from the crowd. Given that, you still can’t respond, and Greivis understands that, and I think you will not see that again.”

    Vasquez, the team leader in numerous categories, seems to prefer playing in environments where he feels as though everyone is against him. That may be why he recently told freshman guard Sean Mosley that playing on the road is more fun than playing at home. Still, Williams would prefer a little more support be thrown behind Maryland’s star attraction, at least when the team plays at Comcast Center.

    “Greivis has a chance to be the first player in Maryland history to lead the team in scoring, rebounds and assists, and I think that speaks for itself,” Williams said. “If a guy misses shots, you know, that’s too bad, but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad player. I know two of Eric’s threes down the stretch were assists from Greivis Vasquez.

    “You know, he’s a different player than people are used to seeing or maybe how older people think players should play, but the game’s international now. You have different people from all parts of the world that act differently than they do here in the United States when something happens. It’s just, you know, I think we need his energy for sure. Like I said, he can’t talk to anyone in the crowd anymore. That’s gotta stop. But we need his energy. I don’t want to see him go away from the way he plays.”

  17. Sorry, forgot to reference that this was posted from the washington post.

  18. Saw Taran Buie play again tonight. He had 18 points in a lopsided game (his team won by 53 points) in which he hardly played in the 4th quarter.

    Tonight he played more PG than in the previous two games I’ve been at and handled the position well. His FT shooting is very streaky. One game he’ll shoot 6-7 from the line. Next game 4-9. Odd.

    Notre Dame assistant coach Anthony Solomon was at the game observing. According to the Notre Dame website Solomon’s responsibilities are working with the Irish guards in addition to helping coordinate Notre Dame’s national recruiting efforts.

  19. God, I hope we don’t loose out on Buie too. Any other guard prospects lined up, DBR?

  20. Watching Jodie Meeks of Kentucky drop 52 pts on the road against Tennessee. And there is still 3 minutes left. Kid is going crazy. Think he’s averaging 24/game so he can score but this is ridiculous!

  21. Soupers…

    I’ve got Comcast cable for the first time this year (oh how I miss my Directv) in Bethesda, MD and can’t find what station our Terps are televised on tomorrow night. It’s supposed to be on Raycom (as usual) but I don’t see it. According to Raycom, it’s affiliate channel for tomorrow is DC20. But the game ain’t listed. Anyone else notice this/have this problem? Watching games used to be so easy until now. I flippin’ hate Comcast.

    Thanks peeps.

  22. A ‘last resort’ option (if you live on the east coast).:
    Raycom says that all primetime ACC telecasts are available for free online streaming on I haven’t tried this, so no guarantees.

  23. WDCA should have the game tonight. In the WaPo tv listings it has the game and the raycom site says it should be on WDCA (DC20). I freaked out too but it looks like tvguide who was just sold to the equivalent of a liquidation company has not changed their online guide system.

  24. Thanks for the heads up. Can’t believe I didn’t see the Raycom offer when I was on there site. Was probably too busy flippin’ out.

    Looks like TVguide does indeed have it listed on WDCA for Comcast in Montgomery County. Comcast’s guide just didn’t have it together I guess. No surprise. They blow.

    Go Terps!

  25. It is on as well. The streaming there is pretty good quality.

  26. Terps are involved with other guards in the class of 2010 like Pe’Shon Howard, Victor Oladipo of DeMatha and someone else who’s name escapes me at the moment because all I can really think of is that it’s 8 degrees right now LOL

    Meanwhile…I expect some JuCo names to begin bubbling up as options for next season should an extra ‘ship become available.

    Last night Jordan Williams was triple teamed last night and limited to 13 points.

  27. Oh and if the free preview is still going on for ESPN Full Court…the game will be televised there.

  28. I am currently in Vegas and Terps are an 8 point dog vs. Mia.
    Time to draw a line in the sand and stop this stranglehold Miami has had over us.
    My $$$ are on the Terps.

  29. I like the Terps and the points. If we are hitting threes early; I think we win outright. Need to start off strong.

  30. DBR, maybe you are thinking of Parker?

  31. Yeah, maybe Parker. I know I’ve heard some noise about him. No details, just that MD is recruiting him and has a solid chance.

  32. I wasn’t thinking of him, but the Terps are recruiting Parker. Parker would be a very good get for the Terps and there are some family members that like UMD and would like him to be a Terp.

    Parker could play more than one position on the wing. The player I can’t remember is strictly a guard. It will come to me.

  33. Re Ricksterps’ post above, I appreciate Gary’s comments on the Vasquez situation – acknowledging that Vasquez was wrong in his reaction to the fans and making clear he won’t tolerate such behavior going forward, but also defending Vasquez as the leader of this team and urging the fans to get behind him. Maybe not as strong a response as some were hoping for (e.g., the Mike Gundy “I’m a man” speech), but let there be no mistake that Gary has his players’ backs. Recruits, take notice.

    On to Miami. Gary, from today’s Post: “Against Miami you have to watch how much help you give in the post or else you open up some guys for threes.” Preach it, coach. McClinton is the guy. Who guards him? Vasquez?

  34. Will Barton?

  35. Terps and 8 is a good bet. Put a dollar down for me.

  36. I won’t lie. I am already sad because we are going to lose tonite’s game. I have learnt to start the mourning on the day of the game…that way, when the game starts and the Terps start trailing by 2, then 5, then 10, then 15, I won’t be dissapointed…I can just ride my blue funk till the end of the game and then turn off the lights, finish off my liquor and call it a night. Then I ignore any MD basketball related story for a couple of days, then re-focus and start believing in the Terps again on the 3rd day (which generally tends to coincide with another upcoming game).

    Boy, it is exhausting.

    I am just so unhappy right now since I know we are going to lose this game. Why? Because Miami is not GA Tech…our boys are in a serious offensive funk right now and withotu it turning around, we will lose games. Period.

    Man! we did have potential early this year too. Sad. So sad. I feel sick.

  37. If you have Verizon FIOS TV and are in MD, channel 1014 (ESPN PPV), which as DBR pointed out, is still free, will be televising the game.

  38. Il terp – For God’s sake we are 13-3 and in 3 rd place in the ACC. Our team has to play like that and we have to think like that. We are playing on the same court, with the same ball, with the same referee’s as Miami. The playing field is fairly level at the tip off.

    Do another post, laced with a ray of hope throughout it and should we win you won’t seem so forlorn and detached.

    Go Terps.

  39. God Bless ESPN Full Court. I’d buy it but I just know as soon as I do all the games will be Weber State vs Eastern Washington.

  40. Perfect timing. I hope Gary prints this up and posts it in the locker room for all the players to read.

  41. On the other hand, Seth Davis (not my favorite writer/pundit) is only saying what several Soupers have been opinng for some time. It hurts. Il terp, I feel your pain. I also brace myself with preemptive mourning, and then feel great when the Terps pull an upset.

  42. Less than 3 hours ’til game time. I’m feeling good!

    Prediction: Terps 75 Miami 71

  43. Hey, If you figure that dooook, numb carolina, wake forest. clemson and maybe miami are tournament teams, there is not much room left for the rest. Those teams have all been ranked in the top 25. Terps, uva, va. tech, g.t.,fl. st. and b.c. are not that much better then each other. That is a thin window to try to get thru Need to win the ones we should.

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