12 Minutes That Ruined The Season

I don’t know how they did it, but they found a way to demoralize the fanbase just a little bit more than we all thought possible.

That was a stomach punch game if ever there was one.

What can Gary and crew possibly do for an encore? Trot out a fan at halftime and publicly disembowel him a la Braveheart? At this point, I think watching that would make me less naseous than how I feel right now.

We now have the terrible trifecta of traumatic Terp losses. Add this to last year’s Clemson game and the Duke game from 2001. Grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. The Maryland Way.

What’s next for our Terps? I’m ready to proclaim the season as a lost cause. They don’t have the horses and now they are demoralized. I would hold judgment to see if they can rebound against Florida State, but I don’t think I have the intestinal fortitude to sit through that contest.

If you are still reading, perhaps you are looking for a silver lining. Here goes:

Only through defeats like this, will Terp fans appreciate the big wins when the program comes back.

I gave it a try folks. That is all I got. At least the economy is going well.



  1. let me correct myself. Bowie (who play an incredable game) had a turnover at the 1:58 mark, 1:24 mark and teh 53 second mark. Vasquez’s To was the the 3:55 mark. It is tough to win down the stretch when you turn the ball over and the other team is hitting threes.

  2. I wouldn’t include the Duke loss in your “trifecta” — at least there were better times after that game.

    Up 20 on Clemson w/ 10 minutes to go
    Up 14 on Morgan St. w/ 11 minutes to go
    up 15 on Miami w/ 15 minutes to go

    It doesn’t matter the level of competition, we can not finish out games. I don’t know if its poor coaching, players choking or what but we can’t play 40 minutes of basketball.

    I need to walk away from this season – I hate this team. I hate that I care more than they do. I hate that I care so much (or at all). You’d think after watching this crap enough you’d become numb to it, but alas. We could even put up with this if we knew help was on the way – but when can we honestly say that we’ll be in the top 4 in the ACC again?

    This is how relevant Maryland basketball is – the entire fan base is up in arms that we can’t hold a lead over MIAMI (a team we’ve only beaten once since joining the ACC) and now our slim hopes for an NCAA tournament birth have been snuffed out

  3. Well, that was a disaster.

    We can break down player performances and specific possessions ’til the cows come home, but it was a lack of defensive intensity in the second half that cost us this game. Unless the starting five was just completely gassed after the first 20 mins, I cannot for the life of me understand why we stopped pressing half court in the second half. Not only did the pressure rush Miami and take them out of their offensive sets, it caused 10 turnovers and created layup after layup after layup for the Terps. Gary’s game plan was working to perfection. Miami continued to struggle to start half 2, but without the defensive pressure on the perimeter, they eventually found their rhythm from outside . . . and perhaps more importantly, our offense stalled without the transition baskets (no pressure, no turnovers), and we couldn’t score to match Miami’s late surge. As many Soupers have said before, this team’s margin for error is incredibly small. We needed 40 mins of hell ala Arkansas of old to beat this team, and we didn’t post.

    Bright spot – Adrian Bowie. The guy played his ass off tonight. I’m not sure why Gary sat him for that 3-4 minute stretch late in the game; we needed his aggressive play offensively to weather the Miami run. By the time he got back in the game, it was too late.

    I won’t call the season just yet; there’s still too much basketball to be played. But make no mistake: On paper, this team will be out matched in almost every game for the rest of the season, and we’re gonna have to play near error free hoops to have any chance of making the Dance.

    Damn. We needed this game.

  4. Chrs couldn’t be more right about the state of Terp basketball.

    I remember being overjoyed when Miami joined the ACC at least from the basketball side of things. But it certaintly hasn’t worked out that way.

    The Clemson loss effectively ruined the Terps chances to make the NCAA tourney last year. The last 2 chokes, I mean losses to Morgan State and Miami will most likely do the same thing this year.

    Did Gary fail in recruiting these last few years? Definitely. Has he done a decent job last year and so far this year with less than great talent? Definitely. Is he to blame for the choking losses the last couple of years when his team disappears and plays scared down the stretch? Definitely. Should he shoulder the bulk of the blame if this program fails to make the NCAA tourney for the 4th time in 5 years???


  5. what adjective would you pick to sum your feelings right now? 1) depressed 2) angry 3)disappointed 4)suicidal. Eating McDonalds and drinking bourbon every day has to be better for your health than being a maryland basketball fan. as for my feelings, its all of the above.

  6. Thanks Jeremy you are quite the wordsmith. Your Braveheart take was inspiring. You and the fellow Soupers will lead us out of the darkness to wait for our messiah next year.

  7. Recent status updates seen on Facebook:

    Gary Williams is….. ruining his legacy.
    Greivis Vasquez is….. lowering his draft status.
    Dave Neal is…… wondering where his fifteen minutes went.

  8. I just finished watching the game on DVR, and I have to go against the grain here. I thought MD played pretty damn well for most of the game against a superior front court (Collins is a man among boys) and one of the sickest three point shooters in the game in McClintock. Hurdle wasn’t too shabby either. I kept thinking, if only we had an inside banger. But you’ve got to feel upbeat about Bowie’s game, Milbourne’s too, and Mosley is going to develop. These kids left it on the court tonight. So I ain’t depressed, suicidal, homicidal, fratricidal in the least.

  9. Atta go frustrated fan. Now that’s more like it guys. There’s still a lot of BB left and there may even be some big (positive) surprises.

    GW’s doing some amazing things with average (and above) talent.

    BTW – Bowie was sitting out late in the 2nd half because he had 4 fouls. EH takes over PG and promptly get the ball stolen. He plays better off the ball guys.

  10. Enough about relevance. That is a ridiculously dumb argument. Since the day Lefty came to College Park until the present day we are and will continue to be a college basketball school and one that is talked about nationally. When we are good, we get praise. When we struggle, we are still talked about and still make it on TV. So enough of that garbage.

    This team has yet to learn how to finish. It’s that simple. It will continue to be a problem until they get the job done and gain confidence. What they should have learned from this tough loss is the fact they can play with almost any team anywhere. We’ll see whether that’s good enough.

    We need to stop comparing this program to what it was 7 years ago. We all wish it was the same program, but it’s not. It can be again and it can be as soon as next year, but until then we are a decent team that needs to play to its full potential to win consistently. Blame it on whoever you want, but accept it as a fact.

    I’m going to watch Saturday’s game and hope like hell they can play like they did early in this game because you can take this to the bank. There are few teams that could have beaten us tonight. Say what you will about Miami, but they have a super star shooter who single-handedly won the game for them. If we were playing nearly any other team in the country, we hold on and win. We helped, but that guy willed his team and hit 4 unreal long-ass 3 pointers that won the game for his team.

  11. I’m laughing right now.

    Am I pissed? Beyond expression. But I’ve read the chatter in this and the previous thread and I have to chuckle. All this constant arguing over who is to blame. Back and forth. Back and forth. Is it Gary? Is it the players? Is it the assistant coaches? Recruiting? What constitutes basketball IQ? On and On. I’ll tell you who’s fault it is…


    I’ve got no problem laying the state of the program on Gary. No matter the circumstances, he is the coach. Overall, the buck stops there. Period. But coaching and playing are not mutually exclusive, people. They’re fluid and work together. Coaches have to teach, game plan, make adjustments and players have to soak up what’s taught, work hard, execute. There are so many pieces to the puzzle. You can’t forget that. Pinning individual losses on the coaches or players is too short sighted.

    I realize everyone is pissed. This loss hurts big, especially being up by 17 with 12 minutes to go. Damn! I feel even worse now typing it. A 17 point lead! But that little voice of perspective is telling me it was a road game in the ACC. No matter what we think, no road game is easy to win. I don’t care who it is. Then there is the angry side of me screaming the we could’ve stolen a road game and come out of Florida 1-1 at worst.

    The margin for error is definitely slim. No way they continue to shoot 50% in the second half. And I think we need to recognize how lazy Miami’s defense was in the fist half. Mike Gminski pointed out several times how Miami’s offensive spurt in the second half keyed their defense. It usually doesn’t work that way but he was dead on. Miami’s intensity picked up significantly and shut MD down. It’s not necessarily a “slow down offense” that hampered MD’s scoring. Miami did a decent job of dictating that. At the same time, MD’s intensity dropped way off. Basketball is so much a game of runs. You’ve got to expect a team will string one together,especially at home, and the Terps looked shocked to see Miami making shots and playing hard with like 10 minutes left. MD’s intensity shrank and I can’t put that solely on coaching. That’s ridiculous. You can play with grit and intensity without pressing and pushing it in transition.

    As a good buddy of mine likes to say. “I love Maryland. But I hate watching them play.” All in all, it’s the same old story. We’re one dimensional. Shots don’t fall eventually and the offense stalls. Turnovers come alive. We get beat on the boards. You can fill in the blanks. What I wouldn’t give for a player who can really create and score off the dribble. Bowie can, but has to get all the way to the rim to be effective. I want someone who can do that but who can also take two dribbles and knock down an eighteen footer. A fifteen footer. A twelve footer. We miss that type of guy big time.

    Season isn’t lost. I’m trying be hopeful. But they are making it harder and harder. They should be 2-0 in the ACC. And really they should be 14-2. Keep your heads up Soupers.

  12. Earlier in the week on his radio show, Gary said that to beat Miami the Terps need to turn them over and keep them off the FT line because they’re a good FT shooting team.

    In the first half we turned them over and kept them off the FT line. Second half we didn’t turn them over.

    Meanwhile two things lept off the box score at me:

    the number of bench points the Terps got

    the number of FT’s the Terps shot (we made four). We’re one of the best FT shooting team in the country but we didn’t get to the line because we fell in love with the jump shot.

  13. I agree, frustrated fan. The guys did play extremely hard. I guess the tough thing to swallow is this…seems like they have to play out of their minds to even win a game. That makes for a long season. But I’m with you. In some ways, you’ve got to feel upbeat.

    Quite simply, we need a game changer. I don’t mean a 5 star recruit per say but a game changer. Two, three, four, five stars. Who cares. We just need someone who becomes a true go to guy.

  14. It would be nice if Mosley could hit a shot. I love the guy, and he could be a star, but his shots aren’t even close.

  15. I thought it was a good game but we went into the God Damn “Prevent Offense” for the last 12 minutes for the game. People were passing up open looks to try drain the damn shot clock. Freakin take your open shots and don’t worry about the score or the time like you did the other 28 minutes! Kudos to Bowie for having heart and taking it to the rim and trying to stop the prevent offense. Don’t know how we only had 6 FTs but I guess it is a road game in the ACC.

  16. I had MD getting spanked tonight. Worked like a $2 whore. I was fine with it too, until the bastards reeled me in and made me believe. I was gripped 30 seconds in and was popping wood before the first media timeout. I hadn’t see such glory since the Bidele twins took me out for my un-birthday in ’87.

    But this is the problem. This is why I’m pained — the deceit. The trickery. The snow job chicanery and borderline malfescence. I was ok with the loss. 37 point beating…no problem. 40 turnovers…saw it coming. Wha? Dupree air-balled a layup….yawn.

    Just when I got out…. (ah, you know the rest.) That Gary Williams has become the master of the double-cross and I’m the fools fool, wading in my own drool. Well played, mijo…you got me again. I say “Gary” because he’s the only one that’s been on the team every year since the 90’s, when Dr. Hyde began showing up regularly.
    I love Gary and I tell him during evey solstice brunch, yet his teams are long time schizophrenic. Sometimes unbearably so, like, ya know, now.

    The bigest shitbrick of them all is that we cant give up yet. If the players were the usual brand of terp-dumb, I could acquiesce in peace. But they are not dumb. Not at all. And after what I saw for 30 minutes tonight, they have enough heat to singe some eyebrows and burn more than a few muffins. We all know we’re not giving up. The miracle is here until the Terps poo on it 7-8 times. 20-4 is, after all, possible.

    Shit! Saddle up! I see a fucking 10 game miracle run in the making here boys!

    ….which is why I’m perpetually the dullest knife in the drawer. That is my pain.

  17. Good point Gerry. GW has done a good job with the talent and experience (or lack thereof) that he has this season. I thought this team has been more discipline than the teams from the past couple of seasons. The boys played terrific defense in the first half, committed few turnovers and ran the quick-hitters to perfection, but they just hit a wall physically and mentally in the second half. Gary can’t play more than 3 bench players for and extended period of time because nobody has proven themselves. 7 players played double-digit minutes (starters+Mosley and Gregory) and the bench contributed a total of five points, which is an improvement from the 2 put up against Morgan State…. The Terps were gassed in the last ten minutes. Plain and simple. They don’t know how to take a punch. Miami stuck them in the jaw, and the boys didn’t know how to react (it was like reliving the nightmare of the Clemson game all over again).

    -Can somebody please consistently assert themselves besides GV?? One night it’s Eric, the other it’s Bowie, next game it’s Neal. Even within a game. Hayes started tonight’s game lights out, but was non-existent for the other 3/4 of the game.

    -Like DbR said, we need to get to the line more often. Neal, Milbourne, Gregory and Dupree just take pussy hook shots when they’re posting up and Bowie and GV are the only two players that can beat their man off the bounce.

    -Where the hell is Jerome Burney?!? He really impressed me last year as a freshman, blocking Trevor Booker on several occasions in that Clemson game last season.

    Jeremy, you couldn’t have said it any better: this loss was a punch to the gut. Hopefully the Terps can get a win at FSU and get it rolling from there. We only have one senior, so this team is learning as they go along.

  18. The good Dr. said it all. The worst part about all this is, my hope, my love, my faith, et cetera–it’s still untrammeled. Next game, I’m going to have to believe, and then the next game, and the next game and the next game after that. It’s like what a parent must feel about their fucked-up kid. It’s hope. Hope is what makes it hurt the most. But I can’t stop hoping. The day I stop hoping, irrationally, is the day I stop being a fan. If you get off now, you can’t get back on when the good times come back….

  19. Rt couldn’t agree more. I also totally agree about the prevent offense. It was like everyone was scared and would rather drain the clock and have a horrible shot. We played completely differently in the last ten minutes than the rest of the game. Someone should look up how many 15 plus leads are lost every season. I am sure we aren’t the only ones.

  20. These posts above were the best of the post game. The pain of defeat has slighlly subsided enough where some coherent discussioin seeps through.

    Few Soupers could have imagined our terps could play “that kind of ball” in the first half. We now know they can and that offers promise as the season bears on. I feel we are going to knock of a Clemson, NC, Duke or Wake. Hell, I haven’t seen them play that kind of basketball and they really are bigger and better than we are. But not many teams are going to let the drop “20 minutes of hell” on them without making adjustments. DBR reiterated my point that we only had 6 FT’s . That was part of Miami’s gameplan. Let them shoot, they (MD) couldn’t hit the backboard let alone score against MS and GT. They took their chances and it payed off. Why would they put the #3 FT shooting team in the nation with the #1 FT shooter (GV) on the line? When is the last time you saw GV go through a game without a FT? If ya’ll missed anything it was this glaring fact. Just think what about 12 FT’s would have meant in this game.

    On more (repetitive) point – When a team drains 7 NBA-like 3’s on you in 9 possessions you begin to think they have a few more left. It’s freaking natural to be more deliberate. You’ve heard me say ad nauseum “another glariing terp deficit is our inabilty to defend against the 3″. We are very athletic but late in a game, playing at the level we displayed, even the best athletes get fatigued. A better solution is to Zone. We didn’t do that.

    Some else said ” we just don’t have the horses”. Absolutely! Which makes our 13-4 record all the more realistic and impressive. With a few exceptions we have been “in” every game and if that continues we’ll get our share. The penultimate questions is “Will it be enough”? It all depends on which teams we can take down. The equalizer, for us, is the ACC Tournament. No one thought we’d have won the lasst ACC ship that we did.

    We’re a very good team and will surprise anyone (including Soupers) that thinks they are going to hang an L on us. Faith Works.

    Go Terps.

  21. Question, if Vasquez is the supposed star or leader of the team shouldn’t he be the one hitting the big shots at the end to keep them from blowing the lead or to get them the lead? I don’t want him to be our best player for 38 mins, hell I don’t care what he does the first 38 mins he needs to be the best player the last two mins. I’m not just talking about missing the relatively good looks at the end, that happens whatever, he can’t hit them all. But what I mean is that I want him saying to the guys “I’m taking on McClinton on D and staying in his face,” or “I’m going to drive to the basket, and either get a foul or kick it out to my teammates if they converge on me.” That is what stars do! This isn’t the first time he has disappeared at the end.

    But lets be clear I’m not putting this loss squarely on his shoulders, he played really well in the first half and first part of the second half, it is a team game and other guys have to hit their open shots. But that said in basketball one guy can take over and it tight situations at the end of games like these he doesn’t.

  22. Braxton Dupree, Sean Mosley, Dino Gregory:
    40 minutes played
    2 Points
    3 Rebounds

    This is why the Terps lost, bottom line.

    I was 100% sure that the Terps would not score on their last possession. Did any soupers have any confidence at all that we would somehow win the game in the end? This is sad.

  23. In response to some comments in the other thread, can we please stop labeling people “Gary Haters” the minute they criticize the coaching. Same goes for the term “Gary Apologist” being slapped on anyone who comes to his defense. These terms are ridiculous and are thrown around way to liberally.

    Is there such a thing as a legitimate “Gary Hater?” The man has done wonders for the program and let us not forget that he delivered the first NCAA championship in program history.

    That said, there is nothing wrong with questioning authority once in a while. It’s the same mindset that let the Bush administration run wild. I apologize for the political reference, but the point applies. If we don’t question the coaching then we are letting Gary and crew run unchecked and we miss an aspect of the game. Same goes if we put all the blame on Gary. Maybe this loss in on Gary, maybe it’s on the players, more likely it’s on everyone. It just wasn’t our day.

  24. First off, Dr. Fincter is hilarious. Second, you’ve got to give a shout-out to the way our undersized mutts hit the boards for most of the game, all five of them (which is why their legs were shot in the ten minutes; they weren’t scared, just tired). I missed seeing any mention of that on the Soup. Third, I must have entered some kind of Zen zone, because I’m enjoying this team even though my expectations for it pancaked after the G’town game. I have faith in them (even in Gary as a coach; as a recruiter is another matter) but not blind faith. Neal finds any kind of range and we win this sucker, despite being outmanned on an opponent’s court. I think we need to ratchet down our expectations. The future’s not the past (read the 2001 miracle turnaround). These kids are what they are: scrappers who are starting to gel as a unit. I hate moral victories, but last night was a moral victory that lets me finish out the week absent the urge to sideswipe a pedestrian.

  25. I meant the last ten minutes of the game

  26. Is this the bottom? Is there only 1 place to go from here and that place being up? Everyone keeps invoking the Clemson game from last year, but recall the multiple times over the last 3 years that MD has blown leads. Didn’t we blow double digit leads against VT last year, too? In the rise of MD during the 1990s to its peak in the early 2000s, this type of loss happened once: Dook “Gone in 60 Seconds”. In MD’s decline, it has happened multuple times. It’s commonplace now. How did the cupboard get so bare?

    I have a comment to make Mr. Greivis Vasquez. You said you were the man, the go-to guy on the team. Yet all it took last night was one guy to step up, and it wasn’t you. A real go-to guy, stems the flow. See Juan Dixon against UConn in the NCAAs. If you played for Dook or UNC, you’d be the flamboyant 6th man, the crowd favorite. But hear this: You do not make the players around you better. You are not the go-to guy on this team. You are the shiny turd jewel in a crown of shit. To boot, you spout off at the fans and the press. Well, here’s you last night:

    “It’s hard, you know, when they’re double-teaming you and all of that,” Vasquez said. “We just let them hit those threes. We just got to step up in crucial times, and it’s got to be more than one guy. I can’t do it by myself and Eric Hayes can’t do it by himself and Adrian Bowie, he cannot do it by himself. We need guys to step up and that’s the reality.”

    Let me clear my throat on this: F-You! A real team leader who spouts off backs it up. You? You point fingers. Mike Gundy would be ashamed of you.

    I went to MD with a girl who read one day that Olean was a fat-free substance, so she took her knowledge to the second step. She decided, as a way to lose weight, to eat Pringles with Olean for 2 days straight. The result, as conveyed to me in the aftermath, was “Oh, that was a mistake.” Who knew that eating Pringles with Olean for 2 straight days would cause you to poo water for 2 days?

    Well, that’s MD’s program right now. Pringles with Olean. You know, if not for last year’s epic collapse, we’d think that last night’s preordained collapse was just a blip. We’d think that the Morgan loss was just a single “look past” game. But that’s not how it is now, is it? Last year, Morgan, and now Miami. On paper this team has less talent than last year. Yet, the heart of the team, Mr. Greivis Vasquez, remains. How can it get better this year? We’ll know shortly against FSU.

  27. I agree about the Gary lovers or haters. they are both strong labels. Let it drop. Yes, he’s hof or no he’s not hof. Same thing Let him finish his career. If we continue to only get nit bids, that will decide it.I thought our guys played extremely hard and well for most of the game. I do not believe we have strong total team, meaning the bench also. I do think the buck does stop with Gary. He picks them, gives them uniforms, and teaches them. When have we got a recruit that chose the Terps over a top 10 team. The statement Gary does well with a less talented blue collar team. Well yeah he get them to the nit. I know this sounds negative about coach W. I truly am glad Gary is our coach, but what i wrote is true.

  28. Terp96 – We would have had another Loss (against VT) had GV not hit a 3 att the buzzer.

    I have seen the guy hit some huge and critical 3’s just when we needed them. Last night in the 2nd half he hit two big 3.s. GV leads in every statistical category. What more can we ask or expect. Others need to get to where he’s at. Bowie took a step in that direction last night.

    GV missed his last two shots that could have won or tied the game. Why? Miami REFUSED to foul him. He is one of the more closely-guarded players in the ACC. In those last two shots he was so wide-open ,it must have made him “think” and not react. Miami was going to take their chances. It would have had the same effect if Hayes or Bowie had the ball instead of GV. It was a psyche-job by Miami, they knew they could score (in the 2nd half) and were willing to let MD prove the same.

    PT – Good post in fact they all were.

    J- Good point…..Guys (and gals), can we please let go of the GW Haters and Apologists tags? Fan frustation should have its limitations . We saw what it can do against a player (GV) on the court and while GW probably isn’t reading our posts he would do what GV should have done …….look the other way. So, what’s the point.

    I love Turtle Soup, without which, the losses would be even more unbearable. You’re great fans and loyalists. We need both.

    Go Terps

  29. Tommy Burney has a stress fracture in his foot and is wearing a boot. Been on the shlelf for over a month.

    Methinks that the game against Miami will be something we see repeated several more times the rest of the season. With our lack of interior offense and dependence on scoring from perimiter players, there will be games where the Terps are shooting 50% in stretches…or even a half. But keeping that up for an entire game? Not going to happen game after game. And if the bench doesn’t give us any offensive production, all it takes is a couple of starters having an off night and we’re in big trouble.

    Look at the Miami box score. Hayes and Neal had off nights, lots of bench minutes but little bench scoring. What happens next? Bowie and Vasquez score all but six of Maryland’s second half points. And when Bowie was out of the game due to foul trouble or having fouled out, Miami could double Vasquez since nobody else on the court was putting the ball in the hole. Result…UMD scored only 25 points in the second half. Perfect recipie for a loss.

    But we discussed this before the season started…if some of our bigs (I’m not including Landon because he’s really a SF) don’t step up and at least REBOUND there are going to be some frustrating nights for the Terps.

    They just gotta get as many wins as they can get…add Padgett and Williams to the mix next season and close out some studs for 2010.

    GO TERPS! I’m all in.

  30. Wheels -You have had some great posts since I have been a Souper. This was you’re worst ever. I know, you are entitled to your opinion. You are dead wrong about GV. I bet your cheered your ass off when he hit that 3 to tie the Vermont game and said WOW when In OT he played superbly.

    You’re too smart to pin this loss or our teams fortunes on GV. You’re also “setting him up”. If we lose to FSU you have already pinned the tail on the donkey. If we win, you get the tail pinned on you. Neither one is deserved.

    If EH or AB go down with an injury that would be bad. If GV, the guy you disdain, went down…….that would be devastating.

    In life and in basketball, we have to pick our ruts very carefullly.

    I do, however, share your pain and frustratiion but seem to find a way to “handle” it.

  31. Great effort from Bowie!!!!!!!

    If the Terps had pulled this game out, we would be nominating him for Treasury Secretary or something.

    Milbourne, too, played well. In fact, most everyone played ok.

    That said, Neal and GV have serious problems with their shot selections.

    IMO, It was not the last 12 minutes that killed the Terps, it was the lack of a rotation in the second half. Tucker and Dupree did not get off the bench in the second half. As a result, Bowie/GV/Milbourne lost their effectiveness.

    On to Florida State

  32. Dammit Wheels I am the one who hates Vaz you back off. That is my torch find your own. Nah you can have it now I got tired of saying what you so eloquently said. It does show your teams heart when you fall apart like that.

  33. GERRY – I appreciate the optimisim that you have about the team, after games like last night it is needed. Like I said I’m not putting the loss completely on Vasquez shoulders, he can’t guard everyone and he can’t score every time, and yes I agree without him this team would have maybe half the win total it currently has. That being said how clutch were those threes you mentioned if they didn’t come in the last 8 mins of the game as Miami was making its run? My point is I’m pretty sure that for every example you have of him playing big at the end (Vermont for example) I can come up with an example of him disappearing at the end (last night). And for someone who wants to be the star that isn’t good enough. The huge ACC losses last year, Virginia Tech and Clemson, he was no where to be seen on the defensive side or the offensive side, again that isn’t good enough.

  34. That is old thinking Jeremy. It is time for CHANGE. Everyone in the country already knows that. Why don’t you.

  35. Well, the sun came up this morning (albeit with a chill) and I can faintly hear Doris’ dulcet tone belting out “Que Sara, Sara”. All is not lost. True Terp Fans *will* be watching Saturday (where they can) and come what may (“the thrill of victory or the agony of de’ feet”) we will wave high the black and gold.

    As I’ve said, I’m not a jock. My “glory days” were running track and playing soccer in high school. I appreciate soupers with higher BB IQ for providing insight and perspective on the ins-and-outs of what goes down during the games. And of course, all hail DBR.

    Go Terps!

    P.S. First Lax scrimmage in 16 days.

  36. Seth Davis has a recent article on CNNSI discussing which teams helped vs. hurt themselves setting up their non-conference schedule this season. The terps arent mentioned in the main article, but Seth has some not to flattering comments in response to a question about the team. See below

    No mention of my Maryland Terrapins? Have the Terps become that irrelevant?
    — Eddie DuPriest Atlanta

    As a Maryland native, it pains me to say that, yes, irrelevant is a pretty good word to describe Maryland these days. The Terps are neither good enough nor bad enough to make you sit up and take notice. Sure, they shocked the world by pummeling Michigan State in Orlando, but they followed that up by losing to Gonzaga and Georgetown by 22 and 27 points, respectively. Then they beat Michigan at home and set off on a slew of home games against no-name opponents — and yet they still found a way to lose to Morgan State.

    It makes sense that the Terrapins have been so up and down, because they are quarterbacked by the maddeningly inconsistent Greivis Vazquez, but it’s unfair to lay all of their problems on him. The fact is, if Vazquez doesn’t play superbly, this team has a hard time beating even decent teams. They don’t rebound very well (their rebound margin is ranked last in the ACC), and they don’t shoot well either (11th in the league in three-point percentage). Nor do I see a significant influx of talent on its way to College Park, either. So I’m sorry to say, Eddie, Maryland looks like it’s going to be irrelevant for the foreseeable future. On the bright side, the state still has great crabs.

  37. Wheels – I want to submit a “do over”. In a previous post I said, ” This is your worst (post) ever”. I’d like to change it to ” This is not one of your better ones”.

  38. GV cannot win every game for us.It is unfair to think he could or should. I scream NO as he takes some dumb shot or make a dumb pass. But he also is our most talented player. I have said this before. We know coach doesn’t like to recruit. It show with our team. I will never boo the average or average plus players we have, as long as they play hard. And I think for the most part they give us all they can. We are just not that talented. It goes back to the coach. He signs them, and we don’t steal anybody away from the front runners. Hell we know that Eric Hayes recruited G.V. for us. Thank you Eric now go get someone else.

  39. If anyone’s irrelevant, it’s Seth Davis. Long live Clark Kellogg.

    Having read through everyone’s comments, I stand by my earlier assessment – we lost this game because our defense trailed off in the second half. That’s it, case closed. In fact, in Gary’s own words, from today’s Post: “You know, if one thing lost the game for us tonight – we lost our aggressiveness on the defensive end of the court.” Now, whether you believe laying off the half court trap in the second half was a mistake, or you think Gary’s approach was sound and the players simply failed to execute on the floor . . . or you think it was a little bit of both, which is probably the right answer . . . that’s fine. Personally, considering how well pressuring the ball worked in the first half, both in confusing Miami offensively and creating easy baskets for us, and knowing our team’s glaring deficiencies on offense, I was surprised to see Gary pull our guards back in the second half. Was it the wrong decision? Probably not; Gary’s the future hall of fame coach, not me, and I defer to his judgment. And no doubt the players are still responsible for playing solid D, regardless of whether we’re pressing or playing straight up. But if I were covering the story and were given the floor during the post-game press conference, that’s the first question I would’ve asked, and I’d be very curious to hear his answer. Now, do I pin this loss on Gary, exclusively? Would taking a different defensive approach have absolutely won the game? Should Gary be fired because a moron arm chair quarterback who’s never coached beyond the local rec league questions his decision-making? No, no and no.

    To segway into the love vs. hate Gary discussion, if people want to drop the “hater” and “apologist” monikers, so be it. Just remember that, no matter what you call them, these groups still exist. There are some Soupers who view everything through the-coach-should-be-fired colored glasses, and for these people, Gary can literally do no right. Others are so pro-Gary that they see any attempt to question his decisions or criticize his coaching tenure as total blasphemy. I say, regardless of which camp you belong to (or if you operate somewhere in the middle), wear it with pride. The differing view points are what makes the Soup great.

  40. Gerry…Greivis told us in unequivocal words that he is the go-to guy. He said that he is the one dishing dimes to Hayes. He said he is the one that steps us. Then he says after another epic collapse, well, hey I can’t do it all. Someone else has to step up.

    I didn’t say any of that. He did. You want to say that hitting a 3 against Vermont was proof of his big stones? Vermont?? Seriously?? (I’m channeling my inner Jim Mora here) Nicholas hitting a 3 at the buzzer in the tourney against UNCW is stones. Greivis is entering John Gilchrist territory very quickly. Hell, Johnny G said almost the same exact thing after losing that Greivis has said. Everyone flipped out then on him, why not on Greivis now? At least Gilchrist put MD on his back and carried them to an ACC Tourney win. Greivis can’t even say he’s done anything close to that. True, MD might be a sub-500 team without him; but what is MD with him? A bubble team. Great. So…what’s the difference between MD with or without Greivis (which is a counter factual since we’ll never know)? A few wins but no dance. So, basically there is no difference between MD with or without him.

    He needs to shut his mouth and play. If and when the day comes that HE leads MD to the NCAA tournament, all props will rightfully go to him. But to open his mouth to say “I am the leader” and then lead the team to a 17 point second half collapse shows what kind of leader he is. Actions not words. Maybe he needs to pull a Tim Tebow, apologize for the team’s performance, and then say that no one will work harder and get his teammates to work harder than he will. Then back it up on the court.

    How can you all not see what a train wreck this is? Look at what we are talking about? We won a NCAA and ACC championship IN THIS DECADE. Now we’re talking about hitting 3s against Vermont and hoping (HOPING!) that some good players come to play for us? We don’t have any semblance of an inside game, we have a coach’s son who is a shrinking violet, and a self-proclaimed team leader who says he doesn’t want credit when does except when the team loses.

    Does anyone on this site personally know a big time donor to the program? I’m not talking M Club. I’m talking 6 figure donor. Do you think they are happy with this, with Gary, with the program?

  41. Last night I felt sick after the game, but after a good nights sleep I feel much better this morning. This was the first real road game, and Miami is good. It took unbelievable 3pt shooting at the end of the game for Miami to pull it out. If the terps play the rest of the season like they did last night things will turn out just fine.

  42. Well, if they play the rest of the season the way they did for the first 28 minutes of last night’s game they’ll be more than fine. This team MUST put together a solid 40 minute performance like they did against Michigan State.

  43. I am starting to agree with GV. A lot of people need to “Shut the F** Up!”. It seems everyone is just harping on all the problems with team, and there are many. But if we can be competitive with our big men playing as poorly as they have all season all it will take is a slight improvement in their play to make a big difference for this team. They are young and they should get better by the time the season is over. I believe the end of last night’s game was more a case of Miami playing unbelievably well than the Terps falling apart.

  44. ‘cept for the “Shut the F** Up!” blast, gotta agree with aroc about last night’s game. I think the overreaction is coming from the stratosphere of unrealistic expectations. We all know what this team’s limits are. I’m impressed with how mightily GW has gotten them to press so hard against them. And CT, I’m neither a GW hater or apologist. My position is more nuanced than that. I simply feel it’s time for Gary to make way for a younger coach, preferably African American, who is able to reel in talent critical to athletic success in today’s environment.

  45. It seems that a lot of the posters on this site seem to debate over the state of the program, GV, GW, etc. I am here to say that both sides are correct.

    Is GV an above average Div. 1 basketball player- Yes

    Is GV Maryland’s best player/star- Yes, can’t argue that. However, this does not make him a star player in Div. I college basketball. Being the stand out on a crap team isn’t that hard.

    Does GV act like he is a better player than he is- Absolutely. Statements to the media, Getting into it with the crowd, home or away.

    Is this years team good/bad/average- Average. They will not make the NCAA’s. I fully expect them to lose some they are not supposed to and win some they are not supposed to. I didn’t feel all that bad about the lose last night, regardless of how they lost. Did anyone really expect them to win at Miami?

    Is this years team disappointing- No, look at who they have playing for them.

    Is the Maryland Men’s Basketball program currently “relevant”- Yes, but just to alums and residents of Maryland. In no way is this team talked about on a national scale. Hell, they have even stopped talking about what a disappointment we are, now we are just expected to be average year in and year out.

    Is it absolutely frustrating to support this program right now- Of course. However, you can not blame your frustrations on the players. The players on this team are just not that good, it’s not their fault GW could not land quality talent and they were given a free ride to college.

    Bottom Line- Support the team, cheer them on, and enjoy them for what they are. Please be realistic with your expectations of the team as we will likely be going through the same thing at this time next year and the year after that. I don’t see GW landing enough talent to turn things around for the foreseeable future. (Williams and Padgett will have a comparable impact to that of past incoming freshman Hayes, Dupree, and Mosley)

  46. My Day is officially fucked up. After watching the game last night, I had to go to the gym work out my anger (see Faison’s comments for exactly how I feel). Came back home, slept 2am and woke up at 5am thinking about how in the hell we lost the game. Could not go back to sleep. Now, I am at work and I am tired. What happened last night was really some bullshit. The Terps know how to break a brother’s heart.

    What really hurts is not that the Terps lost but how they lost….man!…what could have been, huh?

    We are not too deep in the woods though. I believe we have what it takes to beat Miami (I did not think this till last night). Based on the 1st 30 minutes of play, I believe we can beat NC, Duke and Wake. We just have to play for 40 minutes…that’s all. Perhaps it is good that we got this scare this early in ACC play. Hoperfully, it will light some fire under the Terps’ asses for the rest of ACC play. If we lose to Florida State, I will have to call this season pretty much over.

    Right now, there is still hope because we have so many opportunities to do something…we play UNC twice, Duke twice, Clemson, Miami & Wake Forest…2 or 3 wins amongst these games (plus MD winning the rest of its games (i.e., BC, NC State, UVA, Va Tech, GA Tech & FL State) will get MD in to the tournament. Mark the muthafucking tape! (sorry, still pissed off and cranky from sleeplessness).

  47. That Andy Katz excerpt just ruined the rest of my Thirities for me. Bring on middle age!

  48. Wheels, not sure I agree with the “shrinking violet” tag you’ve pinned on EH. He’s not afraid to take it to the hole against tall timber, or take his shot. He’s longer and quicker this year. You can’t fault him for lacking McClinton’s ice water shooting or Lawson’s quicks. He’s playing real well within the offense on the press.

    As for GV, as aggravated as I can sometimes get with his play, he’s no John Gilchrist, and I’ll take GV’s antic exuberance over JC’s toxic chemistry any day of the week.

    I may be disappointed in the program, but I can’t say I’m disappointed in the team

  49. Frustrated- “I may be disappointed in the program, but I can’t say I’m disappointed in the team”

    Could not agree more. I think too many people are expecting way too much out of this group of players

  50. THe whole relevant debate is frustrating. Is Wake Forest relevant? Well, This year they are but they haven’t done anything close to what our program has recently (Final Four, NC, ACC Champ). Now G’town is very relevant. But they had been down for a while before last year. So, Is it just a year-to-year thing? We haven’t been relevant recently because we are always on the bubble. We just need a good season to all of sudden be relevant again.

  51. Wheels – My point about GV hitting a crucial 3 against Vermont was not to compare that shot with Drew Nicholas shot against NCST. The direction of the discussion I was referencing was that GV (and others) be able to take and make “crucial shots”.
    GV certainly did that in the referenced game and GV in this game certainly cashed in.
    As well, Eh did against GT and so did Bowie last night. Bowie’s slashes to the bucket were exceptional and many came when we needed them.

    If there is one savinig grace re last nights game it is this……life (and sports) are full of challenges and the real winners in both seem to take ADVANTAGE of adversity learn from it and make corrections.

    We’ll see.

  52. Dave Neal and some of the other posters are exactly right. The debate of relevance has been going on for awhile on this site and the reality is the Terps are an afterthought now in the world of college basketball.

    After the NCAA title at least the national media and basketball fans around the country wondered what had gone wrong with the Terps. There were constant articles, stories on ESPN about what was wrong with the team.

    Now you don’t hear anything — no one expects anything of this program based on the last several years of mediocrity. The reaction is more like “Oh well the Terps will be on the bubble again with a couple nice wins and some horrible losses”

    Ever hear the saying “there is no such thing as bad press” For the Terps it’s more like no one cares anymore. I guess that’s what happens when your team is a perennial bubble team with a 4th trip to the NIT in 5 years looming in the near future.

  53. jonbruns-

    Correct. All teams fade in and out of the spot light for periods of time, some never to be heard from again. Maryland hasn’t done anything for the past couple years and are currently a non-factor on the national basketball scene making us irrelevant

  54. Dave Neal – I agree but pretty recently we have had some pretty nice accomplishments. Some programs don’t have that to hang their hats on. Look at GaTech. They have a final four but nothing else. My point is that relevancy is just a year-in year-out thing it seems to me.

  55. i want to defend Vasquez for a second. imagine if GV had a great game and then had three turnovers in 65 seconds during the last 2 minutes, that is all anyone would be talking about. This is what Bowie did. The threes would not have mattered if we held onto the ball.

  56. Iwanted to add the Ast/TO ratio. We need all three of these guys to get this number over 2.0

    AB – 1.14
    GV -1.88
    EH – 2.45

  57. Great point, Dan C. The Vasquez haters will always hate, no matter how well he plays.

  58. jonburns-

    That’s the way I look at it. Now if someone was looking at it in terms of relevancy to the history of College Hoops, then of course Maryland’s program is relevant. You can’t deny our past accomplishments.

  59. Dan C and CT-

    GV brings the criticism on himself by the way he acts. If you are going to be “the man” then I can’t stress how important it is to play like “the man”.


    Is GV an above average Div. 1 basketball player- Yes

    Is GV Maryland’s best player/star- Yes, can’t argue that. However, this does not make him a star player in Div. I college basketball. Being the stand out on a crap team isn’t that hard.

    Does GV act like he is a better player than he is- Absolutely. Statements to the media, Getting into it with the crowd, home or away.

  60. So, because Vasquez only scored 15 points to go along with 6 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 steals and a block last night, he’s not “the man” . . . ? Call me crazy, but the above line is anything but an “epic collapse” in my book.

  61. Dave Neal, I get your point. Vasquez’s comments and declaration that he is the man/the go to guy opens him up for criticism when he doesn’t come through in the clutch. I’m not completely arguing against that. But he certainly shouldn’t be thrown under the bus. He is definitely our best player, warts and all. And I think his numbers and play warrant an argument that he is a star Division 1 player. To not recognize that is a little absurd. And frankly, he’s not really the type of player to create a good look when isolated up top with time running down. He can get his own shot but he’s not exactly the kind of player to do so when the defense knows it’s coming. He’s not horrible at it but it’s so easy for defenses to key in on him in those situations. One has to recognize that he doesn’t have a lot of help. The other guys can’t be so tentative offensively. Fro example, Hayes shot 4 times last night. That’s ridiculous. He needs to get more looks than that.

  62. EH’s tiny fga numbers probably reflect the flow of the game rather than any tentativeness on his part. AB was on fire, and it made sense to yield to him. I call that playing within the offense.

  63. I think Hayes plays very well in the offense overall. But he could have taken more shots. I remember 3-4 open looks form the free throw line coming off down screens that he just backed up on. I’m probably being picky. Just think he needs to be more aggressive within that flow.

  64. You’re keen observer than I. I missed those passed-up open looks. On the other hand, the Miami defense, when it locks down, is quick and tall.

  65. Vasquez will be the man when he can tell Brian Mitchell “Vasquez pockets straight” until then he’s just “Jerome from Caracas”

  66. Also a “keener” speller than I am.

  67. Even Vasquez’s most strident supporters would agree that less talk is best, but he’s becoming the scapegoat for all that is wrong with this team. Had he gone 3 for 20 from the field, 9 points, and turned the ball over 5 times last night, I would expect Soupers to pummel him, and rightfully so. But here we are, after a game in which he played well, save for a couple TOs and failing to hit the game winner, and Vasquez once again becomes the main topic of conversation. I understand he ran his mouth about leading the team and is therefore a target, and that’s fair. The expectations, however, are not fair. He shouldn’t be expected to save the team from the jaws of defeat singlehandedly every night for having done nothing more than state the obvious.

  68. Greivis, whom I love like the son I never had, is a kid. That’s it. You get the whole package–talent, bragging, passion, whining, a lot of cultural stuff North Americans probably don’t have an inkling of, etc. etc, He’s a kid. It’s all about a kid who wants it very, very, much and hasn’t figured out yet how to make it happen. He showed brilliance last night. I don’t know how many gorgeous almost-assists got muffed by other players. The team was a lightning bolt for nearly 30 minutes and he was a crucial part of it. The team simply doesn’t have a reservoir of confidence to draw on, and they fold when things start to turn the other way late. That’ll change, let’s hope, as they grow some scar tissue. Stuff like last night will break you, but you get stronger in the broken places. And those of us who love Greivis, warts and all, at least know that Greivis will not leave this school till he either runs out of eligibility or his team puts some kind of banner up in the rafters at Comcast. And by the way, it’s Gary’s job to make these kids believe they’re going to win, and Gary who didn’t last night. I don’t know what the trick is, but the truly great ones have it.

  69. Hey guys, this game was tough to swallow no doubt. Miami didnt shoot too well in the first half but caught serious fire with about 10 minutes left. The season is not over and GW should not be fired today. We just finished game 2 of ACC play and were 8 point underdogs going in. Sure we should have won, but we all knew that leaving Miami with a win was not likely. Lets also not forget, GW and company did a pretty good job of closing the Georgia Tech game. We all knew this season would be a dog fight so lets settle down and not give up on our team. Thanks.

  70. Just a curious thought…….. Is it possible to not make the NIT?

  71. One other thing, as much as we like to think we are unique..GW and Maryland are not the only basketball teams that have blown big leads. We are not the only team that loses to teams we shouldnt. We are not the only teams that can squeak out victories that we shouldnt have. I dont need to get into specific examples. But this is college basketball and this is why the games are exciting.

  72. PT-

    I here ya. Just wanted to point out why GV gets so much grief. His persona is going to get him grilled for every mistake he makes, not saying that’s fair, but seems to be true.


    “So, because Vasquez only scored 15 points to go along with 6 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 steals and a block last night, he’s not “the man” . . .”

    Correct. If GV played as good as he thinks he is then he should have had 35 points last night and led the Terps to a W.

    Look ,GV is the least of this teams problems and without him we would be much, much worse. He is far from the reason we are loosing (see stats from Dupree, Mosley, and Gregory last night).

  73. Jesus Christ folks read it. GV is the best Terp period. That stinks. The Terps have failed to recruit. That stinks. College Park stinks. You have to be mad at GV because he is actually better than that. You have to be mad at GW because he can get better players than that. I don’t know who in the heck thinks losing that game has any silver lining at all. It is a 40 minute game and you have to play all 40. They only see W’s and L’s and there is no such thing as a good loss. GV needs to shut up and play like he can. GW needs to see his family more and retire gracefully. Terps can be a powerhouse, but not with these guys.

  74. kaze. i bow to thee. well played.

  75. Yeah, GV is the best Terp we have, probably the only big time player on the team. You should have at least three of those to be a top team, plus lots of complementary players, including big defenders and rebounders. If the Terps had all that, GV wouldn’t have to be the hero all the time. He would have to share. As it is, though, the ball goes in his hands. It is not an optimal situation, for sure. GV had a good game last night.

    As to the future, it comes down to 2010 recruiting. If the Terps go back to 3-star non-factors, then the program is truly troubled. I’m a total Gary supporter, but even I would then start to think what to me now is unthinkable if 2010 turns out to be a lukewarm recruiting class.

    So we will know before November 2009 what the future of the program will be, and I hope we can suspend all the negativity and dump-Gary talk until these few months have passed. There are some good young players in the program now, plus two good bigs in 2009. A good 2010 recruiting year will turn the corner, and let’s look forward to that–as well as the usual surprise Terp wins until then.

  76. Man this blog lights up when we get an L! At least Soup alumni/fans haven’t lost its passion for Terps hoops. With this team, stuff like this going to happen–you can bank on it. I was at the GT game and came away feeling that this team’s “sum of its parts was greater than the whole.” In other words, it has individual talents–GV, Bowie, Mosley, Tucker, JSK, LM, EH– but to this point, no collective team identity. I defy anyone to tell me exactly what team will show up from game to game. We just flat out don’t know. As you might recall from my earlier posts, I couldn’t even figure out what the rotation was , other than the five individuals who started the game and second half.

    There is nothing about this team you can consistently, night-after-night expect out of any single one of them. Who knows what type of game each one will have on any given night. The whole line-up is one big variable as far as production is concerned. There are no “fixed assets” about it as of yet, even the mercurial GV.

    We might as well put Miami behind us and see what they do against Florida State. Who the hell knows, they might just blow out the Seminoles. Then again, they might just as easily blow another double digit point lead. Everything is TBD from here on out.

  77. Wheels,
    To answer your question :
    “Does anyone on this site personally know a big time donor to the program? I’m not talking M Club. I’m talking 6 figure donor. Do you think they are happy with this, with Gary, with the program?”

    I personally know quite a few big ($100k +) donors. Not surprisingly they follow the tenor of how I think the Soupers feel pretty closely. There is ~ 40% that feel frustrated in the way things are going but that Gary is the man until he decides otherwise (I am included in that bunch). About 30% still like Gary but feel if he doesn’t get it together in the next two years, meaning The Dance and Sweet 16, then he should go. Then the rest want him gone right now.
    Surprisingly there is much more animus about the football program then the b-ball program among this bunch.

    So I ditto to what all have said, I am frustrated. However we are 1-1 in the conference with a chance to steal an away game Saturday, so its not over by a long shot.

  78. Unless there is a hangover effect from the way we lost the game against the U I like our chances against Free Shoes University.

    Meanwhile…changing subjects for a minute. This was emailed to me:

    It happened on January 14, 1984, a Saturday afternoon matchup between 14-1 Duke (1-0 ACC) and #5 Maryland (10-2, 0-1 ACC). It should have been just another intense ACC battle between a veteran Maryland squad and an upstart Duke team, but events prior to the game had changed all of that. Word had filtered out of College Park that senior forward Herman Veal was accused of sexual assault against a Maryland coed, followed by the insinuation that Maryland coach Lefty Driesell had contacted the accuser to pressure her into dropping the charges. So when Maryland rolled into town fresh off a 74-62 home loss on Thursday night to North Carolina , the Cameron Crazies were determined to go the extra mile to let the world know that they did not appreciate the misdeeds of either Veal or one Charles Driesell, Duke Class of 1954.

    As one of the 8,564 in attendance, I distinctly remember the team introductions, as Veal was showered with panties, wrapped condoms, and even a Barbie Doll as he made his way onto the Cameron Indoor Stadium floor. I remember the obscene chants, the signs (“Herman, did you send her flowers?”), and the overall nasty tone of the crowd, ironically what everyone experiences whenever they pay a visit these days to College Park. In the end, the Terps circled the wagons and elevated their game, shooting 63.5% for the contest, with all 5 starters hitting double figures led by Len Bias’s 17 points. Veal responded to the venom with 12 points (including 6/6 free throws), 10 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 steals in 34 minutes, probably his best overall game of the season. Duke also got 5 players in double figures, led by David Henderson’s 19 points off the bench, but the Blue Devils suffered through a poor shooting game (41.7%) and fell to the Terps by the final of 81-75.

    Well, it should have ended right there, but Washington Post sports columnist Ken Denlinger (aka “Dungslinger”) used the poison pen approach to vilify the Cameron Crazies later that week, saying that they “majored in smartass” and that they should have been truly ashamed of themselves. Rather than brushing it off as unwarranted criticism from a pro-Maryland hack, Duke President Terry Sanford sent out copies of his “avuncular letter” to each of the students (see copy below) that he signed as “Uncle Terry”. That led to the Crazies reconvening at Cameron Indoor the following Saturday to face #1 UNC, eager to make amends: Dean Smith was presented with a bouquet of flowers, many of the Crazies had fashioned angelic halos out of coat hangers and aluminum foil, signs ranged from “A Hearty Welcome To Our Esteemed Guests” to “Uncle Terry, The Devil Made Us Do It” (a sign which I made, an homage to a famous quote by 1960’s TV comic Flip Wilson), and the usual chants were replaced by “We Beg To Differ” and “The Refs Integrity Is In Question”. Duke fell short to the top-ranked Heels in that game by a final of 78-73, but the Crazies answered Denlinger’s slander with a display of creativity that is still legendary to this day.

    Good God, I can’t believe it’s been 25 years……

  79. The nominee list is out for the 32nd annual McDonalds All-American game. I didn’t see the full list of nominees but players from New York that were nominated include James Padgett.

  80. Harry…thanks for the post. Interesting, too, about more frustration toward the football team’s performance than the hoops team’s.

    That school has done so much improving over the past 20 years, and it has increased the value of degrees for its alum. The B School and Engineering Schools are among the best in the country. Many of its social science programs rank among the Top 10 in the nation. It’s an amazing school from top to bottom. They’ve done it through superior hiring, a ton of money, and getting rid of the dead weight. Just what a for profit would do. On the academic side, the President and Provost expect a winner. They haven’t settled for mediocrity. They demand the best, and they are getting it.

    My frustration with the hoops (and football team) team is that I want a consistent winner. Period. I’ll take a yearly NCAA invite (with a periodic run to the Sweet 16 and beyond) and bowl game invite (middle and higher) every year and be happy. I’m not a BooVA fan who wanted George Welch fired for only having 10 straight 8 win seasons in football. I just don’t want excuses.

    I’m imposing a “Wheels” posting ban for a while. I’ll still read along, but I have nothing value added to say anymore. Just the same old, same old. Soldier on Soupers. The reading is great.

  81. What is the everyday equivalent of what happened last night?

    The best analogy I can think of is walking in to your boss’s office having been told you were about to be promoted. Instead, when you get in there; he fires you. That feels about right.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2009 Maryland Terrapins!!

  82. Jordan Williams also received a McDonald’s All American nomination. Amazing that both of our ’09 guys got nominations. I’m thinking that just commiting to UMD would have disqualified them. However if they’d committed to Duke or UNC they’d be a lock to play in the McDonald’s All American game.

    Meanwhile, here’s a Terell Vinson update


  83. DBR – That was an absolutely great post. Thanks for the memories. And you reminded me as well of my problem with the Terp crowds. They have no wit. “Air ball, air ball!” and “You suck!” seem to be their limit, brainwise. I hate Duke, and their insular and overprivileged pantywaist fans can sometimes go way over the top, but at least they’ve got some style. Terps fan don’t have style. What Duke fan would be caught dead (a good idea, now that I think of it) in an obscene T-shirt? How am I supposed to take my grandkids into that environment when the time comes to introduce them to Terp basketball?

  84. I like the chances against FSU, too.

    IMO, the loss at Miami should be pinned squarely on GW. He got away from the player rotation in the second half. Specifically, Tucker and Dupree never saw the court in the second half.

    While GW stuck with Bowie and GV, Miami substituted. Halfway through the second half, the tiredness of the Maryland players showed. No more big leaps for rebounds, fewer slicing drives to the basket, and silly fouls.

    The Terps are small, but they can win if GW sticks with the rotation.

  85. I know that we’re in the middle of thinking about basketball. But anybody have info about football recruiting? I know that Cosh was the lead recruit for a few of the guys who have committed for next year, are those those verbals still solid? And what is the status of some of the big recruits (Jenkins, White etc…?)

  86. Enjoy your Soup sabbatical, Wheels.


  87. Possible Titles: “One and done” “Terps play 3 on 5 Game vs Fla St” “Hello Irrelevance”
    All possible if the team is blasted at Fla St. They can turn over a new leaf and show some guts in players other than GV, AB, or EH or they can roll over and be relegated to the basement and hang with programs like NC ST, VA, and Ga Tech. If the latter occurs, I feel sorry for Maryland nation and the possible 5 and 11 ACC record. The bright side is they beat a Miami team for 59 min in Miami, a place where double-digit losses are the norm. I hope the cowardly members of this team will take these three days in the Florida sun to find their inner player and start to play and support their team and not stand around and hope for the best.

  88. Allegedly, all the football recruits that Cosh was involved with that had already committed to UMD are still committed to UMD at this point in time. Kids that Cosh was the lead recuiter for that had not committed yet are the ones that may not consider UMD now that he’s no longer here.

    Jelani Jenkins isn’t considering the Terps anymore. I think it’s between Florida and USC.

    Got my fingers crossed on White.

  89. hey DBR about MD. about football recruits. The two qb’s we signed, I see they are 3-stars. Any ideas if either is potentially a top flight QB? Thank for your great info.

  90. I’ll see what I can find out Jerry. Football info is kind of hit or miss for me. That info I got about Cosh’s recruits was something I’d known for a while. And the Jelani Jenkins info I lucked into a couple of weeks ago when i was in Orlando during the run up to the Under Armor All American game.

    Buie’s HS team has a game tonight. Haven’t decided if I’m going but one way or another I hope to have a Taran Buie update today/tonight. I’ve got messages, txts into my man Onion with City Rocks AAU for an update.

  91. Well, well, well. Onion just got back to me. It appears Taran is going to attend the Derron Williams point guard camp this summer. Taran normally plays the SG position in games I’ve attended because his HS has a senior running the point, but since he’s graduating…

    At this point it still appears that Taran has narrowed his schools to UMD, ND and Georgia Tech with PSU as a dark horse. The day the Epps news broke I was told by someone close to Buie that Epps’ decision may be a good thing for UMD & Taran as it opens up more playing time.

  92. DBR, is Buie considered to be a better prospect than Epps?

  93. DBR … what about Terrell Vinson. And is he any good? We always seem to get the 3rd best player on these teams.

  94. One more thing on BB recruiting … why don’t we have other PG prospects for 2010. Isn’t that when GW should bring one in . We lost Epps and Buie is a SG. I don’t see any other PG’s on the Terps list. That seems ridiculous.

  95. all the criticism on GV is somewhat unwarranted. right now, we have exactly 2 playmakers. GV and Bowie. We might as well call Landon Milbourne the magic man because ‘now you see him, now you don’t’. he cant be counted on game to game. We all know what Hayes is. A decent guard who needs to be set up to score points. He can’t create a shot. Neither can Mosely at this point. Our frontcourt is what is. Defense and a couple put backs a game or some 3’s from Neal are all what he can hope for. When Bowie fouled out our offense became more predictable than when Matt Cavanaugh was running the Ravens “attack”. Late game or late shot clock situations our playbook is basically limited to a ball screen with GV. And when every single person in the building knows whats coming, its pretty easy to defend. He’s not Jordan or Bird. Everyone knew they were getting the ball but they still came through because they were two of the best ever. GV shouldn’t have to apologize for not making the shots. Our offense at the end of the game is literally four guys standing around and gv trying to make a play. I would have the same impact on the court as some of those guys.

    I don’t agree with GV’s comments after the Miami game. It makes him sound as if he’s not a team player or good teammate. Having said that, everything he said was true. Other guys like Hayes and Milbourne need to step up. Landon at the 4 should be a great offensive matchup for us every night and he took what, like 6 or 7 shots the other night. He disappears all the time and its costing us. Fortunately, I think we can count on Bowie to give us a solid effort every night. I think Mosely will emerge as our 3rd guy in a few weeks. If Landon and Hayes can step it up as well I have no doubt we’re a 9 or 10 win team in the league. Rant over.

  96. Been away for a couple days and then I see this headline. Jeremy, did you just start watching sports? You cannot ruin your season in game two of conference play just like you can’t make your season in the second game of the conference season.

    Talk about tabloid journalism, come on, you are better than that man.

  97. I think we will struggle in the ACC. There is a lot of team that fall into the middle. And the ones that too many fall to the bottom, Where do they belong, Could we be the ones, yes. We hope not.This will be a good judge of GW’s coaching. And this will not be an easy job. If we drop a couple of games over winnable teams, we may drop our ass. Do I think we will win big? The answer is no. The guys seem to play hard, but the over all athletic ability. The player I am very concern with, Except the bigs, who I cannot name, Is Tucker. His rep was great. I hope he did not fall into, bad play and i am gone.

  98. For the FSU game, GW and the boys know what they got to do; so it is now time to–Nike Swoosh please–just do it! Just Do It Terps! JWB @ Free Shoes University!

  99. Epps is considered a better PG than Buie because Epps is a PG. Buie is a “combo” guard who is playing mostly off the ball this season due to his HS having a senior who runs the point well. But Buie is still ranked highly as a PG with a jump shot that is a thing of beauty and boy this kid can jump outta the gym. I didn’t go to his game last night but I’m sure I’ll have stats soon.

    I’ve never seen Terrell Vinson play but those that have say he is VERY good. At one point Duke, Georgetown, Maryland and Villanova were all involved then he committed to LMU. He averaged a double-double last season at Montrose Christian. Last summer I was told Vinson would be a good get with his ability to get points in the paint or out on the perimeter. Now that he’s reopening his recruitment I took notice that his dad mentioned Virginia Tech, South Florida and Providence along with UMD. Maybe it’s me but as soon as I see Va. Tech & South Florida I immediately think “shady recruiting”. So, I’m not saying Vinson won’t become a Terp, but I’d say it’s a long shot at best.

    Meanwhile Jordan Williams keeps on doin’ it real big. Last night he had 43 points on 19-for-23 shooting from the field; 15 rebounds; 7 blocks; and 6 steals. Read all about it at this link


  100. Bad play leading to losses can be contagious. The self doubt can get the TERPS thinking too much instead of just shooting. Hopefully a couple of days in the sun together allowed them to regroup for today’s game. It would have been good if they could have brought in someone like Dixon to talk about how his team was down and rebounded after their FSU loss. Lets hope FSU is a high point for this team and not a lower point today.

    Go TERPS!

  101. DBR,

    I saw this on one of the other sites this morning about recruiting at UMD:


    Is there any truth to this? I sure hope not but having this out there sure can be damaging. Can you get the real scope?



  102. cjazhI think the Terps strategy was to get a big time PG in the class of 2010 to be the PG of the future for the program, and Epps was seen as that guy. Things didn’t go the Terps way. Adrian Bowie will be a senior during the 2010-2011 season and can run the point as we’ve seen but you sure don’t want to go into a season with AB as your only ball handler. So it’s possible we may see a JuCo pick up or the Terps going after another PG who just won’t be the PG of the future. Then the Terps may turn their PG focus to 2011 and there are a couple of kids that the Terps are involved with already. The upside for a PG in 2011 is that you can go into that kids home and look him and his family in the eyes and say “you’ll be the starting PG the first day you set foot on campus if you come to Maryland”.

    Coaches have an uphill sales job with some of the current recruits. Kids are considering UMD and, in some cases, schools that are on the rise nationally. So our coaches have to sell the value of a UMD education and that they’d be part of the class that leads the program back to that national stage that saw the Terps go to eleven straight NCAA Tournaments.

  103. ECG,

    Thanks for the post. Who is Kendall?

    If this is how Maryland competes with G’town and UNC, it is no wonder Terps do not get the top players. Hope it is just negative recruiting (a made up story).

  104. ECG,
    I was scrolling through what you said and found this which is the total opposite, so I am not sure what one to believe. This shows that GW is there and giving a ton of effort, just depends on the situation.


  105. There is some truth to that story and I’ll get to that momentarily.

    Kendall is Kendall Marshall, a class of 2010 PG at Bishop O’Connell that committed to UNC in September 2010. And the real scoop is UNC is where he always wanted to be (hence the verbal commitment while he was still a sophomore in HS). He took a courtesy unofficial visit to UMD and Gary wasn’t at that visit. That part of the story is true. Had it been an official visit GW would certainly have been there.

    This is an example of a kid’s father either tryna save face in the DC area as to why his kid didn’t come to UMD or showing his azz by piling on while the Terps are having some down seasons when he knows good and well his kid was always waiting for an offer from UNC and when he got it he popped to them. It didn’t matter how much love UMD or any other school showed Marshall, he wanted to go to UNC…and that is where he is. Gary could have bought the house next door to the Marshalls and he still would have gone to UNC.

  106. Heyyy no FSU thread???

  107. Not looking like it. Well, that was a quick turnaround – for the worse.

  108. at least we got a break with that player control foul on fsu….JSK needs to find his shot

  109. Will someone please tell me how Mosely got to be the #2 scorer in MD HS BB.
    I’ll take tucker over Mosely or Hayes right now.

  110. This will be a game of runs it looks like. Whatever team makes their run at the end of the game will win.

  111. That was a cheap offensive call on Bowie.

    RE ; JSK —-He’s got to make a 3 to ignite his game. He caught a ball underneath, faked instead of going up with it and got swallowed like a whole “Sushi roll”

  112. Correct me if I am wrong…..teams just “refuse” to foul us. We are not getting to the line. Did we get a FT in the lst half?

    Down by 2 at the half if you weren’t aware.

    We’re trying to score underneath the bucket and it’s ot working but the short J is.

    I hope GV is not altering his game to please “certain” fans. We can’t afford to have him take 3 shots a half.

  113. So Vasquez has made one FG (a layup) and Hayes has made one FG yet we’re only down by two at halftime on the road.

  114. This is a fun game to watch. A lot of runs. GV and EH need to hit their shots. Instead of going inside and getting blocked every 4 or 5 possessions, take it out a step or two.

    You are correct though; we have not been to the FT line at all.

  115. Have you seen GV pass up any open shots? I know I haven’t. They are all over him. Now he has foul trouble to boot so he needs to be careful.

    They really do some of this with smoke and mirrors. They make teams play sloppy and hang around in games. This will probably come down to the end like the other two ACC games. We need to dig down and come up with a nice road win.

  116. Why are other teams 3pt shooter so wide open? They absolutely kill us. No one within 8 -10 ft.

  117. Bowie on that drive altered his shot to avoid an offensive foul that wasn’t there.

    GV needs to get some looks.

  118. FSU fell into shooting jumpers over a zone defense. Problem is they don’t have anyone that’s a good shooter in the game right now. Back within 4. GO TERPS!

  119. Bowie fouling out definitely hurts. Still have a chance but with less than 4 minutes to play it doesn’t look encouraging.

  120. Another game with under 10 FT’s for the Terps. That’s an equalizer for us but we ain’t getting there.

  121. TIE GAME

  122. Sean Mosley’s 11 points this half have helped keep the Terps in this game.

  123. Neal with a BIG 3 from way downtown. Took guts to put it up.

  124. wow

  125. OK…not bad….got down by ten on the road and fought back to force OT

  126. Damn…now that we’re getting to the line we’re not making the FTs

  127. Off Neal…man, will this team ever start catching breaks again.

  128. let the flaming begin

  129. Nice game. Came back. Outrebounded a bigger team. This team problably needs to play more zone. Missing those foul shots in OT hurts. Heartbreaking, but not devastating like Miami.

  130. DBR – Absolutely right.

    We need:

    1. Breaks
    2. the ball to bounce our way
    3. to make FT’s
    4. play more zone…although I know we won’t
    5. make wide open shots…..missing too many.
    6. to learn to close out teams and not throw the ball away so much

    There are no good losses, only good lessons learned from them. We are who we are and know we can compete. We should beaten Miami AND FSU.

    These are not “season breakers” but they do make the ACC Tournament all the more important to us. There are STILL some huge opportunities ahead for this team.

    GV has allowed “certain elememts” to get into his head and he’s going to have to shake them because he’s on a slippery (mental) slope right now. I hope he hasn’t been reading Turtle Soup.

    This season is NOT over for us.

    GO Terps.

  131. You know these are games we needed to win. Yes played hard and for a full game. But we are digging a hole that will be hard to climb out of. Damn we needed on of these games.

  132. Yo we need to pass a message to Gary. Eric Hayes needs smelling salts with 3 minutes left in the game so he can wake up. That kid is either falling asleep on crucial possession or is scared. Maybe some redbull or 5-hour energy will wake him up!

  133. Somehow we outrebounded FSU so hats off to the Terps for that. Milbourne was impressive and Mosley contributed off the bench. Tucker needs to get it going.

    Those 4 FT’s we missed in OT were killers for a team that is/was top 5 in the nation in FT %.

    The Terps lost two games that were within their grasp of winning. This Florida swing wasn’t good to the Terps. We really need to win this game against UVA and make no mistake, they have some athletes.

  134. Hey we started off last year in the ACC 1-2 and turned it around until the collapse at the end…I’m not giving up on this team, especially with the effort today. They could easily be 3-0 in the ACC if they made some shots and had some calls go the right way.

  135. Well, Mosley is starting to impress. And you gotta love how this small team scraps for rebounds and loose balls. I’m not surprised they lost; I’m surprised they played this much bigger team so tough. What I wouldn’t give for a wide body in the blocks.

  136. DBR,

    Thanks for the info on the Kendall recruitment. Glad to hear it is not as presented. I missed the game since my kids had a wrestling match today but it sounds like the TERPS were in it even if they came out on the short side. Need some luck to bounce our way.

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