Maryland – Miami Thread

Maryland needs to leave the state of Florida with a split at minimum.  What better way to get the two game road trip started than with a win tonight?

It will be tough, but the Terps are capable of winning.  This is a big opportunity for the Terps.  I will be watching intently.



  1. The Terps are more than capable of winning this game, and Miami matches up well with the Terps not a whole lot of size with their biggest guy at 6 ‘8. Greivis Has to be a leader and control the ball, and Hayes need to step up like he did against Georgia Tech. Landon Milbourne has to be more aggressive and demand the ball, and Braxton Dupree HAS TO HAS TO HAS TO rebound we need to rebound

  2. Adrian also needs to find some of the control he had earlier in the season, and I’m looking for Sugar Sean to continue to be a productive presence off of the bench.

  3. We’ll see who has heart and who doesn’t tonight. Git’r done boys!

  4. I hate to be the wet blanket, but Miami at home is to us what Duke is to Clemson. I anticipate a very bad loss full of negative comments on this thread. Jeremy will title the post game post as “A new low” or “Season is lost” “Hello NIT” Good luck to all keeping your tempers in check.

  5. Get this. Ga. Tech only down by 5 against Duke with about 15 mins to go in 2nd half.

    Go Figure.

  6. we got this ray. have a little faith

  7. GT still only dow by 5 against Puke with about 7.5 mins to go. A GT win would really help terps.

  8. Put Mosley on McClintock.

  9. Ray has a been a Terp fan for a long time I can tell. I hope he is wrong but will not be surprised in any way if he isn’t.

  10. Fantastic Start!

  11. wow. wow. where does this come from. somebody came to p l a y! this is some serious team ball and i like it.

  12. they have surpassed TEAM and look more lke FAMILY

  13. Finally some TOs go our way. We have some great mid-court pressure tonight.

  14. Terps are up 21-12 and that iis with Miami draining a 35 footer that had no business going in. If we played like this against Morgan State; it would have been 36-2 at this point.

  15. Hayes, Dupree, Tucker, Gregory, and Mosley in the game. This is a test.

  16. We’ve played 13 mins and haven’t been to FT line. We have got to get to the FT .
    D look pretty good.

    This is good terp BB.

  17. Thank god Miami can’t hit a free throw or any shot for that matter, or else this would be a different game.

  18. This is beautiful. Everything working our way, transition and half court offense, pressuring the ball, blocking shots. Just need to keep the intensity up. Up by 11 now!!!

  19. Tough to keep tract but blv McClintock only has 2 pts for Miami.


  20. holy crap waht is this slice of excellence! every single guy is playing above their head. this is the defense that makes me want to weep with joy. focused. pesky. relentless. irritatingly persistant. gary’s working a sweet rotation. if miami doesn’t have a deep bench, they are gonna be dragging in the last 7 mins. and the passing…sheer poetry.

  21. Just a fantastic defensive effort thus far. It has led to fast breaks and open shots.

  22. Terps brought their defense to South Florida. Looking good thus far. Can’t wait to see what we run out of this time out with 35 seconds left

  23. @ Jeremy, fast breaks with Dave Neal of all people…

  24. Il Terp….. We got it going. Still time for you to change your mind.

    Go Terps.

    Quick note.

    Bowie is not going to get beaten on a fast break ….he is lightening.

    Mosely, …. misses a dunk under the basket. He really didn’t have anyone on him and could easily have put it up or drawn a foul. I know he’s tough but he gets stuffed alot under the bucket.

    I’m liking GW’s rotation and timing. We don’t match up well with them but we are getting our share of rebounds and assists.

    Can’t let McClintion “go off” on us.

  25. A loss would crush the team. We need to finish off the upset with a solid second half. The season depends on it. Literally.

  26. I’m overcome…watching the pressure defense…seeing shots getting blocked…the steals and even the rebounding effort. This is the best half of defense I’ve seen from us this year. But I’ve only been able to actually watch five games. But even listening online I don’t recall us playing this well defensively…at least at the beginning of a game this season. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  27. 35-23 halftime. 20 minutes of lockdown defense will finish this game. Cannot take even ONE possession off on the defensive end. No open 3’s.

  28. Amazing, rebounding, hitting 3s, great defense! The best they have played all year!

  29. Vasquez filling up the stat sheet again…what an asset!

    Bowie with not one but two emphatic dunks! Yeah!!!

    Mosely must have had an akle issue earlier in the year because he looks 1000x quicker than a month ago.

    Our whole team is swarming the ball and giving Miami no time to think much less get off a good shot. This is fun to watch.

  30. they need to keep up this defensive effort. I don’t expect us to shoot 50% in the 2nd half but hopefully I’m wrong. Lots of b-ball left to play. GO TERPS!

  31. Bowie if flat out strokin’ it tonight.

  32. Wow…they killed us on the glass there…but GV was in the battling and appeared to block Graham’s shot.

    We will be a better rebounding team next year (repeat five times, drink beverage and relax)

  33. We need some “lucky” bounces. Didn’t get any on that Miami Possession but man did
    we lay some D on them.

    I believe we have upwards of 7 blks in the game thus far.

  34. Bowie is playing with SO much confidence tonight at both ends of the court tonight.

  35. Johnny Holliday just said “Vasquez letting his play on the court do the talking tonight”.

  36. I was about to bitch-slap Grey at 6’8″ missing a layup but he made up for it with anoteer chance for 2.

    Bowie, is the guy we have been looking for to take some heat off GV and Eh.

    This has got to make everyone proud to be a terp fan.

    It won’t always be like this but this is wonderful.

  37. What in the freakin world?! This is awesome, baby!!

  38. ROTFLMAO…Nice flop by Neal.

  39. Okay, okay no need to panic. At some point they had to know Miami would make a run. Need to refocus and get back to playing defense the way we had been playing in the first half. Let’s Go Terps!

  40. Sh!t. We can’t fall in love with the 3 pointer. I was afraid of this. NEED a basket here to stop this Mia run.

  41. did dupree just make a layup airball?

  42. Alright…Adrian is rested enough get him back in the game.

  43. All we have to do is defend against the 3….we know they are going to take it.

    How about a zone?

  44. i think it was a jump hook, not a layup but it was an airball.

  45. how do you defend against that?

  46. Does the Clemson game come to mind

  47. AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Stop settling for jump shots. Dammit. Johnny just said the only Terp to to shoot a FT is Adrian Bowie. Gotta get to the FT line guys and you don’t get there settling for jump shots. YEESH.

  48. if your arms are 3 ft, a 3 ft jump hook is a layup;)

  49. The difference between tonight and last year’s Clemson game is that last year we shot 12-for-21 from the free-throw line and 2-for-15 from the three-point line. Tonight we’ve shot well from the 3-point line but we’re not getting to the FT line. Other than that, the lead evaporation is frightenly similar.

  50. This is almost tourtue but I LOVE IT.

  51. The guys need to show the grit and determination that got them the win against Ga Tech.

  52. DBR, you’re a sick bastard :)

  53. playing a slow down game is not what got us 16 points ahead. dumb. dumb.

  54. WTF. Why can’t we close out a game?

  55. damn a turnover…damn a charge another turnover.

  56. the refs just cheated.

  57. Got it back…come on Terps.

  58. Come on Eric make both of these FT’s.

  59. I am SOOOO gonna be glad to see that kid in the NBA next year.

  60. McClinton I mean. He effin kills us.

  61. Can they please miss a 3 once in a while?

  62. I am just tired right now. Why do the terps have to do this to me?????


  64. DAMN…This is a crusher. Totally let this one get away from us.

  65. there went the season

  66. Post #4, Sorry Soup

  67. I’m tired of losing to effin Miami.

  68. i was going to give it to gary on the win, and it swings the other way. how many times have we lost by switching to a slow down game at the end. it’s on gary. bad coaching. sorry. he blew it.

  69. There went the season? R U kidding me? The season was over after we lost to Morgan State. Scroll down a few threads okaybowler

  70. Once again all life is ripped out of me by the Terps.

  71. Clemson last year. lose 20 point lead. Miami this year. lose 17 point lead. how does this happen? where was our supposed leader? How can a team consistently do this? maybe they can rebound a la florida state in 2001, but this is a bad, bad loss.

  72. Fuck this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We could have won this game! Damn this!…I cannot take this shit anymore!

    We really could have won this game.

    It is one thing to play as expected (like they have been playing the last 2 games)…and lose. I was ready to accept that. It is quite another to be soo impressive for most of the game, get me excited about stealing a win from Miami only to fuck it up. That is soo fucked up. This ranks up there with the Clemson game.

    Fuck it! I am going to the gym!

  73. OH well no big deal. It was funny reading during the game how great the team was and this Terp team under Gary Williams was any different than in the last few years.

    The Terps just blew a 17 point second half lead. They gave up 3 pointers time and time again when they knew it was coming. They stopped running their offense and totally went in the tank. In the last 10 minutes of the game they could not score.

    Gary Williams just led another team to ruin. PLEASE all you Gary lovers remember these games, last year against Clemson. Morgan State and now this epic collapse. These losses are so damaging as the Terps have NO room for error.

    Once again another CHOKE by Gary Williams and the Terps.

    GET YOUR NIT TICKETS NOW YAHOO!!!! 4 out of 5 years is on the horizon…

  74. Wow, I dont know what to say. McClinton had no business making those shots at the end.

  75. These “kids” of our played their hearts out. There’s lilttle consolation in this loss. They know they can compete. But hey, 7 of Miami’s last 9 shots were 3’s. We don’t defend against the 3 that well. Must admit some of those Miami 3’s were NBA 3’s.

    Did we even get 10 FT’s tonight. GV never got to the line? Neal has cooled off a bit but still think he played some decent D. Dupree and Dino just really helping.

    This was NOT a Clemson-like meltdown. We can and will recover.

    Like most of you, I can’t even begin to accurately tell you how I feel. It’s a sickening feeling but that’s why the game is 40 mins long. We had some dumb fouls and lazy passes in the end. You recall I said we would be better of with 3 guys sharing PG.
    That works it just needs to work better.

    Please, let’s find and discuss the good things we did. For an undersized team, we did not play that way.

    I still can’t see a “fluid looking ” shot from a wide open Mosely. His shot looks terriible. Where/how did he score all those point is HS?

    Sorry about the rambling on this post, emotions are all over the place.

  76. DBR, I was at the Mo St. game. Thinking here that a solid ACC record would pay off for us, but that is out the window now.

  77. Unbelievable.

  78. When it comes to basketball IQ I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I just love watching the Terps. So can one of you erudite fans please explain . . . why the eff is BD EVER on the floor?

  79. This is devastating, thats all i have to say and Florida State a bigger stronger Miami coming on Saturday.

  80. GV – you had two chances to win it and did not. from the 3:30 mark to the time Bowie fouled out with a minute left AB has three turnovers and GV had 1. Thats 4 turnovers in 2 minutes. Miami had 2 in the entire second half. We played not to lose instead of to win and that got us what we deserved. Lets see if we can rebound at FSU. By the way – Mosely only gets so many free passes on that hideous.

  81. Even if we could split the rest of the ACC games this loss and the Morgan State game along with our recent past will relegate us to another fine NIT where we can lose to some crap team……..I am sooooo depressed and pissed.

  82. this is the worst loss of our season. our guys played hard and we still dropped our ass. this can be very hard hard to come back from. I know you agree with me. Coach really to get them back. We deserved this game and did not get it. I donot know what the answer from here. Hey do not give we are still. this and we will be okay. We had it and lost it. Luv you guys you played your asses off. You have to take a deep breath and kick ass on sat. LUV YOU TERPS

  83. Hope the 2010 recruits were not watching or they will all go away with Epps. Gary will have to load up with Jucos.

  84. Those threes were long even by NBA standards. Zero defense against anything remotely resembling a three. Night and day between first and second half defenses. Players don’t just forget how to play defense, I feel this one is on the coaching.

  85. Now that I have calmed down a little (not really). The team stopped attacking for the most part in the second half. I saw a lot of off the ball standing around and the rebounds stopped coming our way as a result. They tried to milk the clock and it took them out of rhythm. It was like watching a Cosh defense – prevent only prevents wins!! Must have been a coaching decision.

  86. You GW haters make me want to hurl. You are just like the “ugly terp fans” at Comcast. You are dead wrong. If you insist we are Gary lovers then that leaves you as a “Gary hater” and that’s nothing to be proud of. Look, , we lost a feaking game we should have won……maybe. We couldn’t get to the FT line, our TO’s were not bad, we shot 51% the fist half., we had a bunch of blks without DP or DG. GW did not go to a slowdown. The game slowed down. We didn’t. Miami wanted to run in the first half and to their credit they made the adjustment. We can’t run if we don’t have the ball and they don’t turn it over.

    I’ll say it again because you apparently missed it watcing the game. Any team that scores 21 pts (seven 3’s out of 9 possessions) is going to get back in the game. We have two huge weaknesses….One is Dupree and DIno Suck. Two….we cannot defend the 3. We haven’t been able to do that in the last 6-7 years. I would fault GW for not going zone when Miami got hot from downtown.

    Lighten up and display some BB IQ>

  87. Gary’s ability to beat number 1s is matched by his inability to protect seemingly insurmountable leads.

    Live by intensity, die by the lack of it.

  88. Every team that wins on a big stage has a player that they can count on no matter what the situation or where the game is played. Miami has one we do not. We have not had a player like that since JG in 04 and the Juan and only. It is a player others look to in moments like tonight and know things will be ok. We have a nice team but not in the top six in ACC. Enjoy the good but expect your hearts to be on the floor for most of the year.

  89. You all are hilarious. I think it WAS Gary who told them all not to defend the 3. He said, let’s just let McClinton take shots 2 feet behind the line over and over again and just hope he doesn’t make them. I’m sure Gary also told them all to take jump shots and miss. He also told Vasquez to miss 2 pretty much open looks.

    Their super star hit every-freakin-thing, and our best player missed. Miami may never shoot that well again in their lives.

    There is plenty of blame, but the Gary haters just look for anything to blame on coaching. Blame him for not getting good enough players to withstand the run, blame him for the fact that it is freaking cold outside. The stock market is free-falling, it’s GARY’S FAULT!

  90. With about 12 minutes left the team stopped running their offense. Also at that point I think Gary made his first subsitution of the 2nd half…Dino Gregory. He substitued more freely in the first half with Mosley and Tucker getting some run. Why they didn’t get some run during the first 8 minutes of the 2nd half I don’t get.

    This loss hurts because it appeared to be in the bag with 12 minutes to play. I posted during halftime that we weren’t going to continue to shoot 50% so defensive pressure needed to continue. But defense takes effort…tough to give that effort if you’re tired. Substitution rotation in the 2nd half wasn’t as good as the first half. Ya knew Miami wasn’t going to quit…not at home…just like we didn’t quit against Ga Tech in College Park.

    Losing sucks…losing when the game was yours for the taking really sucks. But at the end of the night we lost a road game in the ACC. I didn’t expect us to go undefeated on the road. Tonight we lost to a team we have yet to beat on the road since they’ve joined the ACC. Saturday we were tryna figure out how in the heck did we come back and beat Ga. Tech. Tonight it’s how and the heck did we let Miami come back and beat us. Disappointing doesn’t seem to describe it but it’s all I got for the moment.

  91. Gerry,

    You need to lighten up and take some of your own medicine. I normally just read for the most part and don’t comment often on here (except for tonight because as much as I bleed TERPS I am beyond frustration tonight). Just because someone has a different view does not mean they have a low BB IQ. The game did not slow. The play on offense did. Most of the shots toward the end for the TERPS came with less than 10 seconds left and they were forced leading to 0 baskets for the most part. This was not the case in the first half which built the lead. When you slow on offense, the defensive intensity suffers. That is BB IQ.

    Also don’t ping others when in the same breath you are criticizing our TERP players by name. They played tough tonight. Gary did not. Atleast he didn’t for 40 full minutes. Its on him. Period.

  92. Jeremy I look forward to your post title. I guess you are the soups go to player. The guy we all look to when things go horribly wrong. Good luck wise one.

  93. Forget the dream. this is large. We fought hard. Coach does not the overall talent to win all these games. That is on him. We do not get boards. As tough on defense as we try to be. You can attack our press. Or you can go inside/ out and shoot jumpers. No one player lost this game.But we saw this is a thin rotation, that will not give much support. Do not peddle we will be okay. Gary will need to do h.o.f. coaching to make this work. AND HOF RECRUITING.

  94. ECG – You’re entitled to your opinion but I don’t agree.

    The game DID slow. Miami made adjusments, protected the ball better, fewer TO’s and steal opportunities, they got back on D, they played better D and missed fewer shots (decreases rebounding and Fast break ops). The fast break was simply not there. Of course the plaly on offense slowed. Again, there was no fast break.

    As for our guys, someone else said it better, “Mosely doesn’t get many more passes”. Yeah he plays tough but he has no discernable outside shot and what he has doesn’t look good. OK , Dino and Dupree don’t suck (my apology) but at 6’8″ they can’t make a
    layup, get bottled up with what few rebounds they get and foul too much. You’re right, I did “ping” on them. They deserved worse. The combo of AB, EH and GV got us the lead but we couldn’t keep them in the lineup together for most of the 2nd half.

    “When you slow on offense the defensive intensity suffers. That is BB IQ”.
    No it’s not. It’s a mis-read at what happend in this game.

    You saw it your way. I saw it differently.

    Ranting and railing against our team and Coach is not BB IQ. It’s “losers limp”. All emotional diatribe. We’re all sick about it.

    I respect your posting, I just disagree with your analysis.

    Go Terps.

  95. Gerry has no reason to talk about BB IQ.

    If anyone who watched the game thinks that the Terps played to win in the second half then BB IQ is something you don’t possess. Of COURSE a team that hits 7 out of 9 threes is going to come back, the point is that the defense allowed those shots DUH.

    The offense went into prevent mode, standing around hoping to score near the end of the shot clock.

    I may in the minority but when your team is up 17 points almost midway through the second half and then loses, the coach has to be held accountable. When your team loses a lead in the second half at home to Morgan State and then Clemson last year that has to fall on the coach.

    When your team makes 3 out of 4 NIT’s and most certaintly looks headed for another one, that has to fall on the coach…. Or maybe not it’s the fan’s fault — now that displays solid BB IQ!

  96. their play in the first 30 minutes was EXACTLY how we get back into the show. it was virtually flawless except for the few flaws. really, they were the terps i see in my head. we played perfect to our strengths and the defense was exquisite. beautiful.

    this was a mental breakdown. the mind did not hold the vision. the will broke and the body obeyed the will. it happens. unfortunatlely it happens often. we are still 10x smarter than the past 6 years though. so we got that going for us. smart kids don’t for get this kind of wicked. if we beat FLst by 49, then we still have hope.

    [deep breath] the game did not slow of it’s own accord. we went to a half court offense and stopped pressing at the same time. that’s a slow down game. “hold on to the lead” hold on to the lead!” hey, it makes sense on paper. dook’s incredible at it, but it never works for us. ever. and we’ve done it so much that i know at least 23 people who predicted this game to a tee. ok, 17 people, but i embellish when i’m pissed.

    i was already preparing to heap LOADS of praise on gary. he coached an inspiring 30 minutes. i think it only fair he still gets the heap for the last predictable 10.

  97. Quick note….When was the last time (this year) that we only got 6 FT ATTEMPTS for an entirre game? That was part of Miami’s gameplan. Here you have the # 3 FT shooting team in the nation (that’s us you guys) and the #1 FT shooter in the nation (that our GV guys) and they never fouled him. That’s great coaching by Miami. The 2 shots GV took towards the end of the game……were freaking uncontested. That freaking unusual to say the least.

    Yeah I do thing accurate analysis enhances BB IQ. What we saw on this thread tonight was a lot of emotion……understandable at that.

    I ‘d like to see more discussion on the game itself and maybe I am wrong but I’m not seeing it in your posts either.

    I mean no disrespect to any of the Soupers but let’s analyze the game. I don’t believe our guys could have played harder or smarter. Miami made adjustments that saved their collective asses. We didn’t hand this to them.

  98. ****new thread opened******

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