Gameday Thread: Maryland v. Duke

Maryland enters the first installment of its biannual dance with Duke at a crossroads.  At 13-5, the Terps desperately need a signature win to get back into serious contention for an NCAA berth.

Terp Nation is uneasy.  Clearly undermanned upfront, the Terps have played valiantly, yet they appear to be fatally flawed in a distinct way: Maryland is unable to put teams away and/or hold big leads.

The Terps have lost three games in January.  In two of those games, Maryland blew leads of 14 (Morgan St.) and 17 (Miami) points.  What’s more, MD almost blew a 15 point lead against Virginia on Tuesday.

In my view, the culprit is one of two things:

1. The Terps are prone to lapses in which they grow complacent and fail to execute for long stretches, thus allowing the other team back in the game.

2. Maryland’s offense is one dimensional and other teams are bound to figure out how to stop the Terps over the course of a 40 minute game and when they do, the Terps collapse.

If it is the former, then the Terps can get better this year.  They can learn to maintain concentration throughout the game and throttle teams when the Terps have the upper hand.  It will be tough, but the Terps can learn to win.

If it is the latter, then the season is lost.  If teams like Miami, Morgan, and UVA can handcuff the Terps for stretches of 10 minutes or more because they have figured out that MD’s offense can be permanently neutralized; then we are surely NIT bound.  Again.

I’m not enough of a basketball expert to say which it is.  My gut and heart says the former.

Maryland will be given an excellent opportunity to prove the doubters wrong this afternoon.  The boys travel to Comcast Center South — also known as Cameron Indoor Stadium.

On paper, this game won’t be close.  Duke is ranked #2 in the country and poised to take the top spot if they can beat the Terps.  Fortunately for MD fans, Duke usually brings the very best out of our players.

In the last 10 meetings, the Terps have won 5 contests, including 3 wins at Comcast Center South.  Last year, MD lead Duke by 10 points at halftime before falling apart in the second half.  In fact, that defeat was the first in a string of five such collapses in the last 12 months: Duke, Va Tech, and Clemson last year; and the aforementioned Morgan and Miami games this year.  As if you needed another reason to hate Duke.  They started this mess!

This trend must be reversed.  The inability to hold leads hangs like an albatross on the neck of the entire team.  What better way to exorcize the demon than to triumph against the team that started it all last year?

Duke is one of the few elite teams that Maryland can match up with favorably.  Duke won’t kill us on the inside, and the Terps should have the best athletes on the floor. I believe the Terps will be battling themselves as much as they will be battling the Blue Devils.  If Maryland can remain mentally tough; then they can win.

I will be interested to see if Gary Williams is able to stop Duke’s three point shooting with his new found love of the zone defense.

The Terps need to win badly.  A victory could turn the season around. Get busy living or get busy dying.


  1. + 1

    Let’s do this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Terps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Go Terps! Dream Cuke!

  3. umm, it’s berth. not “birth”

  4. Whatever. We gonna lose. I am handling the loss right now with my Grey Goose…hopefully, I will sleep through the whole thing. I think I will TiVo the damn game just in case the Terps fuck around and win.

    More than likely, I will wake up late in the afternoon, check the scores on ESPN, see that my team lost then I will go back to bed, wake up around 9pm…and go drink away my sorrows away…and look forward to the arrival of Padgett & Williams and ’em. This time tomorrow, we will be 2-3 in the ACC and that much farther from the NCAA Tourneys this year.

    That is ok though. I am keeping shit in perspective. These are only college kids…there are more important things in life…it’s only basketball…their wins or loss should not affect the quality of my life…should it?…hell no. Let the kids have fun and learn that with adversity comes strength!…it’s all good.

    Go Terps. Harrummphh

  5. Hey IL Terp that was a very encouraging post. I hope your damn tivo doesn’t work so you cannot watch the victory. You need to rest up for your performance of scrooge next christmas

  6. Oh Sweet Jesus a win would be awesome today. Yes it would. Great post Jeremy. GO TERPS!

    OFF TOPIC but Last night Jordan Williams had 41 of his teams 74 points in a loss to the #3 team in the state. He also grabbed 22 rebounds.

  7. WAY OFF TOPIC here but kind of important…AD Debbie Yow’s sister, coach of women’s basketball at N.C. State Kay Yow passed away early this morning from breast cancer. Our thoughts and prayers go out.

  8. Oh man. I feel kinda dumb that I never made that connection. Didn’t know they were sisters. A sad day for college hoops.

  9. Thanks for posting that NYMets. Kay Yow definitely put up a fight. Terp fans everywhere need to keep positive thoughts in mind for our AD Debbie Yow during her family’s time of grief.

  10. Jim2k9- thanks. that is embarassing. i wrote that after a long week. my brain was not functioning.

  11. She put up a good fight, that damn cancer is just relentless.

    Gary got some love in the N&O today. They listed the top three coaches in the ACC in different categories. He was number two behind coach K in “best coach if you had to win one game”. He was number one for “best coach to win a press conference”.

    He was not listed in “best recruiter” shockingly enough :)

  12. TERPS need this win but play Duke hard so I am cautiously optimistic for the victory. Too Bad Chris Turner is not on the BB team. Sad news about KY, she was a fighter in women’s college BB.

  13. Huh? Chris Turner the QB?

  14. Hey DBR, Gregg and Jeremy! Glad to hear you’ll be at next week’s game. There have been WAY too many empty seats lately, even for ACC contests. Your presence will be felt!

    Add your voices to our throng and maybe we can crank up Comcast up to the jumbo-jet-decible levels we used to in Cole? Wouldn’t that be cool.

    Glad to see we can put aside our tribal differences and remember KY as a fighter and a *winner*. Kind of like Jimmie V.

    Nothing to lose today, so play hard and have fun. Should be great to watch.

    Go Terps!

  15. According to the Wash Post, Jerome Burney is in uniform and will play today. If he cant shake off the rust and Gary feels he’s ready, he could be a big x-factor today inside!

  16. Love how ESPN’s pregame highlights all the Duke starters in detail and then simply says a few words about one MD player, Vasquez. The ESPN love for Duke is mind boggling.

    Damn I hope we win.

  17. Yeah but hearing the Notre Dame kids chant OVER-RATED while they were showing the Duke players was so sweet I almost needed some insulin.

  18. Good point, DBR. I was loving that as well.

  19. The Post?!? Dang…I posted Rome being cleared to play yesterday afternoon. LOL

    Leb I’d sure like to make more games but getting away from Albany during the week is difficult…need more Saturday night games lol. When I lived in Knoxville it was a bit easier to get to some Terp road games and the Champs Sports Bowl game. This will be my first Comcast game actually.

  20. Sweet…no Dukie V

  21. i dunno what made Adrian think he could make a lay up over a 7 footer.

  22. Oh Jesus this is an uglu start

  23. how about we try and run the offense???????

  24. 5 individuals balling vs. a team. I wonder how it’s going to turn out!?

    Get Mosley in there now.

  25. Ouch, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overmatched. This will be ugly. They’ve scouted Hayes and know he has no handle, look for a lot of TO’s and bad passes from him today…

  26. Damn Zoubek just shoved GV out of the way and nothing called. yeesh

  27. This was pretty much the start I expected…think I’ll be doing something else for the next hour and a half…

  28. I’m not saying it was a charge, but if some Duke punk falls down in the lane instead of Neal, it’s a charge.

  29. I don’t want to rag on the Terps too much, they are playing hard but just don’t have it. They have to shoot close to 50% or better to win these type of games. They just can’t hit those open shots that they need to.

  30. I’m really getting tired of seeing BD drift above the arc on offense. Guess Gary is too as he’s now out of the game.

  31. Early 10 point deficit; will be tough to come back from… maybe the blowing huge leads thing that we’ve been in the habit of doing will reverse itself today

  32. C’mon guys, set some screens work to get open. Our half court offense has been awful all season.

  33. At least I’m enjoying Lenny’s thinly veiled terps boosting.

  34. We are beyond flat. we turn the ball over on every trip up the floor and look scared when we do try to run something. ugh

  35. Lenny’s thinly veiled terps boosting is more professional than Vitale’s blatant dook slurping.

  36. every flaw discussed on this site is being exposed today.

  37. “blatant dook slurping” is a great turn of phrase. If our offense could play even half decent this game would be much closer as dook wouldn’t have 27 points. We’re playing tough on D butthe O is just sooo bad right now.

  38. Jesus it is over already. So who is next.

  39. I don’t care how big a fan you are…this game is completely unwatchable. Are sure those are the Terps and not that high school that just lost 100-0?

  40. that is the worst half of terp basketball I’ve ever seen. period.

  41. 15 first half points. YIKES.

  42. Hey Vaz your house what the heck are you talking about.

    20 point lead this is going to be embarrassing if something doesn’t change.

    3 guys scored so far. This is HS crap. Yeah GW stay another 5 years.

  43. Men amongst boys….this looks like men against infants, the difference in the talent of that team to ours is remarkable, we never had a chance this one was truly over before it started. 6 ACC wins would be a success with the team we put on the floor, it pains me to see Maryland fall to being one of the doormats of this conference.

  44. Men amongst boys….this looks like men against infants, the difference in the talent of that team to ours is remarkable, we never had a chance this one was truly over before it started. 6 ACC wins would be a success with the team we put on the floor, it pains me to see Maryland fall to being one of the doormats of this conference.

  45. Here’s a flaw of our not being exposed. Our guys are picking up their dribble outside and getting eaten alive.

    Ever notice how Mosely get a rebound (good fighter) but he then tryies to put it up over a 6’10 or 7′ and gets unmercifully stuffed. Happens a few times a game.

    I know our guys are trying their best. Obviously it’s not good enough. We can’t even get a good open look.

    Duke just kills us with their 3 pt shooters. Hayes is such a disappointment in that dept.

  46. We’re being over played on every possession. Duke defense is just smothering us on the perimeter because they know we have no legitimate inside offensive weapon.

  47. Wait I thought this was the team the Terps matched up well with. Who lost their mind with that thought.

  48. AL V you are such a disappointment as a fan…..ostensibly one of ours. You have a hair trigger tongue that can spit the vitriol , for your own team, but dribble and drool
    any positives.

    They are playing hard but not getting it done. We are outclassed today.

    I can’t wait to get Miami and Dook in Comcast…..results will be different.

  49. Put Goins in. Even if he isnt ready its not like it can get much worse.

  50. I am just pissed at all the trash talk leading up to this game and then nothing. 2 assists 7 rebounds I don’t think it matters where you play that is not effort that is horrible.

  51. 15 points nice! As i said before we are way overmatched and this particularly demonstrates our lack of a decent ballhandler. I expected this, but the only thing that is really frustrating me is the inability to hit open, uncontested shots. We just have no offense. I like Mosley’s toghness and effort, and I think he could get more minutes in the game than Hayes by the end of this season if he can find his shot. It still just amazes me that he was such a prolific scorer in HS and can’t buy a basket in college. I think that is because he was so strong physically that he was a man amongst boys and just manhandled his way to the basket.

  52. DBR – I was referring to his ability to knock off ranked teams we are not supposed to beat – in jest, not that he can actually play BB. :)

  53. Duke’s defense is good but why do our guys keep picking up their dribble so far from the basket? This is about as bad as a team can look. Do we not have anyone who can shoot the ball? Hayes is completely lost out there. GV got the most open 3 look he’s going to see all year and threw up an air ball. This thing should be stopped.

  54. AL V – Wrong …. Jeremy and others said it well. Deep down, most of us would be assuaged if we left with a 10 pt loss. Did we think a win was possible? Sure.

    The refs and STILL not calling it right. That’s just a small part of the problem. Our weakness, we have many, are getting exposed.

    Having said that, we go have 13 wins and it’s just a matter of which terp team shows up. We have played incredibly well, above our expectations at times and of course slopped it up.

    Duke is dead without 3 pt shooters.

  55. I was just walkin’ by the TV and heard a comment that sums up GV’s day, “it may be his house, but he ain’t home”.

  56. Is it just me or is Coach K growing nipples on his cheeks?

  57. We are a mentally weak team. Whenever anything goes bad, it snowballs. These guys have so little confidence, they just expect things to go wrong. Somebody needs to get their heads on straight. Mosley is the guy, but nobody’s going to listen to a freshman yet.

    They need to just play. They think way too much. It’s probably a character flaw with this current team and we may have to wait until the cogs of this team are gone unless they somehow turn the corner. I have hopes for next year, but who knows?

    We are in need of a superstar player. We need that go-to guy and who cares if he stays for one year. Gary needs to get that done because these current guys are just not talented enough to get us where we need to go.

    We are a decent team, but I’m sick of decent.

  58. GERRY right I am talkign about the crap GV put in the paper about his house and they loved to play at Duke and the crazies made them so much better.

    Fans are supposed to believe their team is going to win GERRY. Even if they stink it up you still believe the next game is a winnable one.

    If they don’t pull something out then BC is going to come in with hope and that is not good.

  59. I think Gregg is right on. These guys think too much. How else to explain a team tha can look so good at times and so bad at times.

  60. Gary Williams must go. There is no excuse for our program to be this bad. Morgan State could put up a better fight against Duke than what we are providing right now.

  61. Neal’s bewildered look at the last time out says a lot.

  62. Nice original post Havax.

    Anyway, Gary needs to take out the entire lineup and put Mosley, JSK, Dupree, Gregory and Burney in there for most of the 2nd half. This game is history and that last play where one guy got a rebound with 3 of our guys right there is enough to tell me the starters have given up. Get the young guys out there now.

  63. And shut that Duke chick up.

    Hayes should be benched for his miserable attempt at a scoop shot. We are a hideous hideous looking group of individuals right now.

  64. Gary may as well use the 2nd half of this game to get the team ready for it’s next opponent. Get Burney, JSK and Goins some run.

  65. 30 point lead agghhhhhhhh shoot the TV now………

  66. This is beyond embarrassing. I never turn games off, but I’m taking a nap right now.

  67. Jesus 40 is this a HS team or what? Where is some damn heart guys. You are getting punked…..

  68. So looking ahead at BC……

  69. This is reminiscent of the UCLA game a while back. They are just throwing oops down on us. This game is UGLY. Awesome Nationally televised game. 40 point lead now. UGH.

  70. I really thought we could keep it reasonable, but this is beyond ugly. The worst part for me is I don’t even feel pissed and I hate Duke. If we can’t muster more than 20 points in the second half out of pride, I don’t know what it says about this year’s team….I am at a loss.

  71. we were due for a big win, but equally so, we were due for an embarassing loss (on espn)

    lately i’ve been happy to get these games earlier in the season so i can watch the rest of the season stress free, knowing that there’s not much on the line anymore.

  72. They just can’t finish. How many drive to the buckets can they miss in a row.

  73. Gotta be the worst I have ever seen from MD. Worse than the Caner-Medley, Obekwe days. Worse than the NCAA sanction days. This is beyond embarrassing. I love GW, but he needs to make an adjustment. Teach his teams to defend the 3. Figure out why his players are so slow to mature. It’s not just them. There’s something wrong with his development plan.

    A loss today doesn’t come as a shock. A manhandling does. I won’t quit on the this team or this program, but this is rock bottom.

  74. Hey we are on track to score more than 15 pts in the second half! Duke should be ashamed of themselves like the girls HS team that won 100-0.

  75. Do you think Duke will want to forfeit the game afterwards because they won by such a large margin and they won in an “unethical” way?

  76. Would someone just tell GV to keep his mouth shut and play ball!!! Come on a coach has to stand on the floor with him during warm ups to keep him from mouthing with Duke fans before the game.

  77. Of course Mosley hits a three now… wonderful, why couldn’t he do that in the Miami or FSU game when it would’ve mattered

  78. Well the loss will hurt until Duke comes to Comcast, but it is a good game for Mosely. He is playing with a lot of heart. I just wish he would finish better it would pay dividends later this season.

  79. If they show this fucking Duke student reporter one more time while the game is in progress I’m going to go insane.

  80. Another BD hairball.

  81. Silver lining? We didn’t blow a 17 point lead today.

  82. GO-INS! GOINS! GO-INS!!!!! Finally we see him. BD and DG need to transfer to junior colleges where they will be comfortable and free up some schollys for somoen that can play D1 ball.

  83. I’ve thought this all season:

    Our best starting lineup would be:

    Bowie at the 1
    Tucker at the 2
    Mosley at the 3
    Milbourne at the 4
    Neal at the 5

    Vasquez coming in as the 6th man, that way if he plays hot off the bench he stays in, if not he comes right back out (same goes for Hayes and his shooting)

  84. Nevermind, I see why Goins hasn’t gotten any playing time…

  85. I gotta say that Braxton Dupree is the softest terp I’ve ever seen. We have absolutely NO identify down low and this guy apparently doesnt practice well enough to play in games and when he does get into a game he does nothing. This is an opportunity for a 4 star prospect like him to make a name for himself – Dave Neal is starting over him. I give neal a lot of respect for doing above and beyond what many people expected, espec starting at MD. But Dupree needs to wake up and realize what’s going on here. He was our highest rated recruit that year and he has a chance to make a difference b/c this is one of the worst frontcourt situations I’ve ever seen. Instead he gets in, misses layups, doesn’t rebound and then neal checks back in. I thought travis garrison was one terp that had so much potential and never lived up to the hype – But Dupree tops him.

  86. I know it was against the Duke bench but the limited time by Goins he was grabbing rebounds and being aggressive. Why is he not plaing more than BD? He would develop faster I think at any rate.

  87. AAHHH Crap!

    This is bad. No; it’s fucked up. I hate that I called this loss. It does appear to me tht Goins will be a better promise than Dupree.

    Vaz has got to be hating himself now. What a loss! This is soo fucked up on so many levels.

    Oh well…perspective right? College kids, only a basketball game…more important things in life…bla…bla…bla….

    It’s not even tht we lost; it’s how we lost. It appears, we just don’t have the talent (which is a sad thing). GW should recruit better.

    Oh well, on to BC. Looks like we might lose that one too.

  88. Hey GW do you still think we should be ranked??

  89. ECG, did you actually watch that minute that Goins was in? Aggressive yes, agressively LOST! We are 0-3 on our big men being able to develop during their years at College Park. Burney needs to get healthy, I think he is the only one (maybe) that will amount to anything.

  90. Rock bottom?

  91. Any positives from today?

    1. Bowie did not foul out. There was an article on TC about him recognizing when someone is going to take a charge and the Duke floppers know how to do that, so maybe he is learning it.
    2. I think Goins may help befor the year is out.
    3. Mosely looked like he was taking over somewhat on defense and looking to get to the rim some (shot still not falling though).

    Any others?

  92. If they win the next two home games, this game will be not matter. Lose by 40 or by 2, we need to move on and take care of business vs GT and Miami.

  93. KCali,

    I agree it wasn’t pretty, but he has not had any minutes especially compared to BD and he still looked better in spite of it. He got position on his man and went up with the ball not standing flat footed. Granted it was only 2 minutes, but I am only comparing him to waht BD brings to the game. In that regard I think he showed some promise. don’t disagree at all about Rome – we need him bad!

  94. Starts his Junior year amid national recognition of a superb Sophomore year effort. Pre-season all ACC pick. Talk of an NBA mid first round pick. Starts the season off strong, leading in most offensive categories. Starts to show chasms in the beginning of ACC play. Becomes contentious with the fan base and eventually the team. Try’s to do too much and looks lost while doing it.
    John Gilchrist? No, GRIEVOUS VASQUEZ.
    We all know how that story ended so get it together GV.

  95. We will see how bad a loss it is when we lace em up again this week. Sometimes these games get a team going and sometimes it puts them in the tank. We will know more by this time next week.

    Milbourne and Mosley played well. That’s about it for the positives.

    The biggest thing we did was revert to last season with the TOs. We were really sloppy with the ball. I think it’s time for Neal to get less minutes. He is getting crushed on the boards. He is just not athletic enough to keep those big guys off the boards.

    Go Terps

  96. Gary Williams has one more year. Jordan Williams and James Padgett better be special. This is team is garbage. The front court is an overflowing toilet. It just gets worse and worse the more you see of it. the backcourt is so inconsistent that it is maddening. Vasquez never shuts up and for all of his playmaking skill; he can’t hit his jumpshot at better than a 35% clip. Hayes and Bowie have no confidence.

    A loss to BC and they are officially in free fall.

  97. As Danny Kaye once sang;

    “Dem bums, dem bums, dem dry bums,
    Oh they may be bums but they’re our bums”

    Over and done. Back to Comcast on Tuesday.

    Go Terps!

  98. Dan C right about the bigger picture. We win the next two games at home, certainly doable, then this game is just a small scar in our season. Then 4 and 3 is about where most of us thought they would be.
    We have to manage expectations here. The talent gap with Duke/NC and UM is huge. We can hope to win them all but will be lucky to go 1 – 3 against them.

  99. When Dookie V said GW’s team would shock someone before it is all over, I hope this was not what he had in mind….

  100. Lets look at this “bigger picture”. We just lost by 41 to an upper tier ACC team. What does that say about our program? Even when we weren’t good we never lost by that much to Duke/UNC. Yeah, we may end up winning some more games this year, but this game, this loss is the truest sign of where we are as a program. Virginia Tech beats #1 Wake in Salem, and we lose by 41 at Durham.

    This is rock bottom. This is a team that tries hard, but does not have the talent to compete in the ACC plain and simple.

  101. I missed all but the first 2 minutes of the 2nd half because I had to head to a Ronald McDonald House Charity event. Just read the 2nd half comments. Seems Mosley and Milbourne were the only ones playing with heart? Maybe Goins in limited action? How bout Dino?

    Maybe it’s a coincidence but ever since the Georgia Tech taunting game, and subsequent meetings with Gary and Debbie…GV hasn’t been playing as well offensively. Granted his shot wasn’t falling all that well in the Ga Tech game. Neal ain’t a center and he’s been guarding centers all season so I’m not mad at neal. Without him we don’t win some of those November games.

    Before the season even started I said we’ve got to get some inside play or it’s going to be a difficult season. Can’t just score from the perimeter and beat everyone. Duke knew that and smothered us on the perimeter and cut off passing lanes while ignoring the interior.

    It’s the price you pay for not agressively recruiting ACC level talent for a few years.

    Now we know how UNC felt back in the early/mid 90’s when the Terps ran a lay up drill on their asses en route to an almost 40 point win for UMD.

  102. Rock bottom? U must not have lived thru the Bob Wade era.

  103. We did recruit ACC level talent this year (Terence Jennings, Gus Gilchrist). They just didn’t come and we’re paying for it.

    I hope Goins will play more. 1 point, 2 rebounds, 1 blk, 1 foul, 1 TO in 3 minutes. His size allows him to play better than Dupree and Neal, especially on the defensive side where we were beat so much (rebounding).

    I’d like to see Goins and Burney split time manning the 5 spot. They are the only ones big enough to rebound.

    Who knew that the “smallest” team would expose us on the boards so much. We were out-rebounded 56-38, allowing 21 offensive boards.

  104. Also, I think the offense should be run through Milbourne. He’s our best player.

  105. You can not put whipped cream on top of a pile of shi* and call it tasty. It is time we honestly look at this team for what they are. Our biggest problem is….drum roll please…We have no big men. It is not fair to ask our guards to compete against true big men in the ACC. Offense)In order for Gary’s Flex Offense to work effectively, the Terps need to play inside-out. That means you pass the ball inside to a big man (we don’t have one), and he dumps the ball outside once he is double teamed, resulting in an open three point shot. Unfortunately, we have no legitimate big men on this team. Defense)Again we have no big man to defend, and it is not fair to ask our guards to out-rebound the opponent at this level. Also, our guards are slow and can not defend the quicker guards in the ACC. Often times a Terp guard will need help defensively from the back guard, leaving a wide open opponent for a an easy three. BTY, this is the formula to beat the Terps. Recruiting) I know Gary likes to recruit unknown players and “get the most out of them,” but this argument is getting old. Man, what a mess. I would rather be in charge of fixing the U.S. economy, than be in charge of turning this program around.

  106. I’ve been watching the Terps for 39 years and I don’t think I have ever seen them lose by 40. Does anybody know when the last time they lost by 40?

    Losing by 10-20 @ Duke would be expected, but 40 is unthinkable, as it was when we beat UNC by 40.

    Think of potential recruits and the tournament committee members who saw this game. What are they thinking now?

  107. OMG, I just caught the score, and nationally televised on ESPN no less! Have we ever had a margin of loss this big before? Ok, where do we go from here? We still have to hang with them this season as alumni and fans, however maybe we need to start discussing next season a bit. Who do we have on the current roster that is ACC caliber? Bowie appears that he might be one, Mosley another, and I guess Milbourne’s a third candidate Hopefully JSK, Gregory and Tucker will develop,.JSK and Tucker need some serious PT the rest of this season to see if they can bring it or not. Burney is an unkown quantity, don’t know if he’ll ever emerge from the blackhole GW seems to have stuck him in. GV of course is ACC caliber talent, however he seems to hurt us as much as help us. Even if Williams and Padgett show they can play as freshman, they are going to need a whole lot of help from the cast above for us to begin climbing out of this hole we’re in.

  108. Grayson is right we did recruit ACC level talent in some cases but we didn’t close the deal or they couldn’t get admitted to UMD.

    But we didn’t really recruit Gus Gilchrist…when we recruited him we lost him to Va Tech…then Woody started with the shenegins. But you gotta look at the recruiting done over several years. It’s been snake bit. We get some 4 & 5 star guys and they either flunk out or become head cases or don’t play defense.

    Today we looked like an early season creampuff for Dook to play. Except we didn’t get an $85,000 check for that beat down today.

  109. Finally Gary learned today that GV is NOT the “leader of this team” (which some of us have known for 2 years now). He’s a team-killing ball-hog that has extremely low basketball IQ. Sean Mosely is the “leader” of this team if there is one. If Gary can’t recruit some talent around Mosely in the next year or two, then Gary needs to retire and get someone in who can. It’s a crying shame that you win a national championship and then fade to a team in the bottom third of the ACC this quickly. No execuses …. pitiful.

  110. Yea, this ain’t nuttin compared to that DBR. Life in the ACC for teams not named UNC or Duke is a cyclical thing. I soaked in the early 2000 seasons because I knew it wouldn’t last.

    l am not giving up on this season, I have watched way too much college hoops to do that. We are 2-3, not 0-5.

    GV has lost some mojo no doubt about it. We need him to find it again or we will be in real trouble.

    I enjoy this site for the posts about what the team did wrong or right. Not the “this team sucks, it’s an embarrassment”. That tells me you lack the perspective to watch sports and the the insight to look at a game and see the nuances of the game.

  111. Nuance in a 40-point loss? Nuance?

  112. Thank God Duke missed so many lay ups or the margin of defeat would have been worse. :)

  113. Terps worst loss since 1963

  114. Props to Milbourne and Mosely who played well today. Bowie and Hayes were scared, GV clueless.

  115. Let me get one other thing … we don’t have a legitimate big man, we don’t have a true point guard, and we don’t have a legitimate shooter … so what is that we do have? With the exception of Milbourne and Mosely we have a team of 2nd stringers.

  116. As I said in the previous thread, GV in his pregame boast led with this chin. Today Duke exposed his glass jaw.

    The team isn’t an embarrassment. The program is. Unless Jordan Williams and Padget are the second coming of Durant and Beasley, I don’t see how MD pull this wagon out of the ditch any time soon. The plunge in MD’s fortunes isn’t cyclical; it’s structural.

    I Tivoed the game. Watched it closely. This contest had as much nuance as a can of whupass.

  117. Havax the reason they kept showing that student reporter is because it’s “Student Week” or something like that at ESPN. They’re featuring student reporters at all games on their family of networks.

    BTW…that girl plays for the Lady Blue Devils.

  118. Jordan Williams and Padget are not the second coming of Durant and Beasley. But they are good players that are an improvement over what we currently have at center and PF.

  119. Ricksterps- Well said. We need less of “this team sucks”. Lots of talk about Milbourne and Mosely’s play. I see it differently. Have any of you watched our shooters lately?
    Milbourne has no arc to his shot. Mosely at 6’6″ (or thereabouts} is getting the Nike Logo stamped on his forehead. Hayes is shooting awful and GV not much better. Some of our guys looking for a shot is like a dog looking to pee. Nothiing and no place is good enough. Hayes seems to have TO’s at the worst time. Bowie was non factor.
    Not only was this one of our worst losses, the yreally did play like crap. Picking up the dribble was a killer. This wasn’t the same team that played at Miami and FSU. A healthy Burney is the only (partial) remedy for our poor post play.

    Duke killed us on the 3 again….year in and year out.

  120. As my buddy said today and I agree…. losing at home to Ohio, American, and Morgan State is far more embarrassing than getting crushed by the nation’s #1 team.

    That being said, I don’t have much faith for the rest of this season due to our lack of confidence and sometimes defeatest attitude.

    I am confident that we have some players that can really be true Terps in the next few years in Mosley, MIlbourne, and Bowie (if he can learn to play less selfishly). This program will be back because Gary or whoever will be here can find local talent because the area is filled with it. We have had some lazy recruiting years and we have had some pure bad luck. It’ll be a struggle at times, but we’ll be back.

    As for this year, we’ll know in the first 5 minutes of Tuesday night’s game whether this team has some fight in it, or we’ll play out the string and end up with 4 or 5 conference wins.

  121. This loss should be considered as serious as a glorious stinging pain down your left arm…time to do a systems check and, maybe, a bypass.

    The doctor has spoken.

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