From DBR: Taran and Me

Diamondback Russ just posted this under another thread, but I thought I would add give it its own thread.

“I just got back from the Bishop Maginn HS game. Taran Buie somehow scored 23 points. I say “somehow” because I don’t know where they came from. I was stunned when the I saw the scorers sheet (I read it upside down so maybe he scored 32 lol). Seriously though, Taran shot well at times and at times seemed lethargic. It was as if his motor wasn’t fully on. In fact this was the first game where I observed him lose his man on defense on a couple of possesions, but he was able to use his quickness to get back in front of him except on once that I recall.

He entered the game with about 4 minutes left in the first quarter but played almost every minute after that. I’ll check the paper in the morning but it looked like the scorer had him down for 7-11 from the FT line tonight.

Best part of tonight’s game was that assistant coach Rob Ehsan was also at the game. I spoke to coach Ehsan after the game and he was pleased with what he saw overall but also commented that Buie’s motor didn’t seem fully on.

Both coach Ehsan and I were very happy to see Buie wearing black Under Armor game shoes and matching UA socks. The rest of Buie’s team wore blue addidas that match the school’s colors. This is the first game I’ve seen Buie not wearing the team’s addidas. Perhaps…LORD I HOPE…Buie knew coach Ehsan would be at the game and was sending him a message with the shoe choice?
I also asked coach Ehsan about Burney and he told me “his foot is weak, but he is cleared to play. Problem is that he lost time and he’s behind Braxton who is playing better in practice and played well in limited minutes against UNC”.

Coach Ehsan and I talked about the Ga Tech game and how tough the ACC is this season. I told him after watching the UNC game I felt the Terps had an upset or two in them, and he said ‘I hope you’re right'”

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  1. The AD rift still irking a bunch of Gary supporter alum’s. I was at my kids school function last night an one booster who kids go there as well passed on an link (below) to an interview with Tyree Evans who basically said that Gary and Coaches were great, he still talks with them but someone else un-named didn’t want him there. I am sorry if this is a repost.
    Since it has been asked of me before, now that the dust has settled the overwhelming support from big donor alums regarding this rift has been in favor of Gary.

    Now on to business, Terps need to secure their first road victory tomorrow to have any realistic chance to making the NCAA’s.,138980

  2. Heading down the home stretch and looking at MD’s last 8 games (@GT, VT, @Clem, UNC, Dook, @NCST, Wake, @BooVa), the good news is that MD plays 3 teams below them in the ACC standings (GT, NCST, BooVa). Yet those three games are on the road, where the Terps have yet to win a game.

    The bad news is the other 5 games, four of which are against Top 10 teams. At least 3 of those against ranked teams are at home.

    The way this team plays makes it nearly impossible to predict W-Ls. This final stretch will be brutal. While 0-8 is a very real possibility, anything better than 5-3 is likely impossible. Harry is right about tonight’s game being crucial, not just for an outside NCAA shot, but to avoid an 0-8 close. In the five games against teams higher in the ACC standings, MD just doesn’t have the talent. To win any of those games will take a nearly perfect game from the Terps or a total off night from the opponent.

    I’ve never had a worse feeling about a stretch of games for the Terps in my life. The ACC scheduling gods must have known that MD was going to be bad this year, so they backloaded the schedule for maximum shit effect.

  3. DBR, you’re going to have to stop with all this juicy info. Jeremy and Gregg are gonna start collecting membership fees soon. :-)

    I’ve been watching Augustus for USF and he’s in no way, shape or form an early-entrant candidate for the NBA. For the scouts that compared him to Amare, shame on you. The only similiarity is the way they look when just standing there. Augustus is “heavy-footed”. He has decent post skills but he lumbers and is slow off his feet. He’s a four-year type of player with a future in Turkey maybe.

    We are 14-8, 3-5 in the ACC.

    Georgetown 13-9, 4-7
    Wisconsin 13-9, 4-6
    Tennessee 14-8, 5-3
    Baylor 15-8, 3-6
    Michigan 15-9, 5-6
    Notre Dame 12-10, 3-7
    Vanderbilt 15-8, 4-5

    These teams are in the same predicament as Maryland. They are either on the bubble or outside the bubble looking in. There is however one BIG difference between these teams and us. They were all RANKED teams at points this season and some of them in the Top 10. How do you think their fans feel? It’s not so bad. Let’s go get G-Tech!!!

  4. Good post Eddie. Let’s keep thing moving in as positive direction this year with the future years in mind. One thing we need to do is play hard every remaining game so the recruits see GW & UMd as having not lost there desire to fight for wins. We also need to take advantage of the remainder of the season to find out if certian players of ours are really ACC caliber or not, and if so develop them. I’m specifically thinking of Bowie, Tucker, JSK, Dino and Burney. I’m already convinced Mosley is ACC caliber.

  5. I was going to post something very similar Eddie. There are a bunch of teams that were basically in the tourney now on their way out. You can add Texas to that list as well. In an average conference and now at 4-4.

    I agree with Wheels, this schedule is brutal from here out. The good part of that is if we can find a way to go 5-3 I see a berth coming at 8-8. I don’t see 0-8 but you can see another 3-5 if we don’t bring it.

    I am still calling for that blowout win and it just might happen tonight.

    Go Terps

  6. Nice article on Adrian Bowie in the Balto Sun,0,1142089.story


    Here is recruiting at the highest level. It is a dirty little business for sure. I have seen this kid play and he is good, no doubt about it. I wouldn’t want him in a Terp uni however. He has a huge attitude and his handlers are basically saying if you want him at your school you have to put up with his crappy attitude and not punish him.

    Baylor has already hired someone close to him which is the general practice with these type of recruits. I would be shocked if he didn’t land there. If he doesn’t you can be sure that guy will lose his “job” at Baylor.

  8. Excited for tonights game. If we win, it will be 8 in a row over GT. I think all of this tournament talk is a bit optimistic though. I’ve been thinking about next year for almost a month already.

    Anyone watch this VT / NC ST game? Refs are absolutely horrible. NC had a huge lead but now its a 2 pt game with 22 seconds. I think I hate VT more than anyone except Dook.

  9. hey, what’s the deal on tonight’s game??? i just realized that i can’t access it on espn, espn2, espnu, espn full court…nothing! sucks. anyone know of more creative outlets to watch the game? if not then please keep the board posted w/ updates for those of you in the viewing area. i can’t stand game tracker so i’ll probably just check this site every so often.

  10. It’s on FSN–Faux Sports Network

  11. Wow, looked at the line for tonights game. We’re a 2.5 point underdog to a 10-11 team.

  12. awesome!!! thanks FF! i didn’t even think to look on FSN. my gay ass would’ve been sitting at home watching desperate housewives or some other loser show while the game was just 2 clicks away. sweet.

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