How Can We Do It?

Since we have to wait 4 more days for another ‘must win’ game, I thought it would be interesting to ask all of you how you think the Terps can get on a run and win some of these key big games remaining on our schedule in hopes to sneak into the tournament.

I know after watching this team all year, most of us don’t think it’s possible to all of a sudden get hot and win our way in, but I’d like to know what you think HAS to happen for us to have a chance to do it.

The schedule sets up nicely in that we need to have multiple big wins in conference to impress the selection committee.  And with a murderer’s row of opponents, it’s right there in front of us.  The good news?  Most of the big games are at home.  The bad news?  We haven’t shown the consistency needed to have a shot to beat the best teams in the ACC. 

What do they need to do overall as a team and individually as players?



  1. With 7 games left, 5 – 2 gets us in the dance no questions asked. So to get there we need to play 4 top 12 teams plus a tough VA Tech, and two tricky games away at NC St. (where we play well) and UVA (where we don’t). So I say with hope that we hold court at home, meaning beating VA Tch., NC., Duke and Wake. We lose to Clemson at Littledick Coliseum, beat NC State and lose to UVA the last game. Thats 9-7 which in of itself gets us a 8-10 seed. If we win one ACC Tourney game then maybe a 6-7 seed.
    Or we go 4 – 3 losing one of the home games. That leaves us at 8-8 in conference and on the bubble. Then we would play one of the other middle pack ACC teams in the tourney like, FSU, BC or V Tch. One win should get us in given the above meaning we beat some ranked teams at the end of season.
    Or we go 3 – 4 and are really on the bubble, however some teams from major conferences have gotten in at 1 game under 500.
    Or we do worse than 3 – 4 and I have to spend the rest of March spewing obscenities to all the “Gary must go”er’s out there.
    So I hope for scenario 1. It can be done and starts with this Saturday. JWB

  2. i’d say we have a better chance of winning at virginia than of beating duke unc AND wake. to realistically have a shot, we have to split the games with the 4 ranked teams and win everything else. i’m not convinced we’d get in at 8-8 this year, especially if we lose the final game to the worst team in the conference

  3. First, concentrate on the Hokies. It is good that we have the mid-week off so that Bowie can get his energy back. For us to have won at GT without his scoring was somewhat impressive. The defensive stand at the end of the game was great.

    Right now, it is not looking good for making the Tournament, but these guys could gel together, as have some of GW’s past squads. I feel strongly that they have it in them to knock one of the big boys off. The fact that Vaz played a very disciplined game against GT gave me some added hope. Tucker is a key. If he can come on strong, that would help a great deal.

  4. I think if they get to 8-8 in the conference and get a win in the ACC tournament they are in. By doing this it means they get at least one win against a top 20 team in the conference. I think their best chance is probably against WF and possibly NC as long as they don’t shoot lights out again.

    The latest bracketolgy (the merits of which can be argued) has 8 teams from the ACC none of which is Maryland. How many games do you think that they are off from being in the mix. They have a really bad loss against MS and a couple others that hurt, the biggest is probably the loss at home against BC. The Miami loss can probably be explained away partially by how hot they got in the 2nd half and for every overtime loss against FSU you get a win against GT where we were really lucky to win considering we missed the last 3 FTs and then Neal tried to play volleyball on the loose ball instead of just grabbing it.

    While its not the best position to be in right now we are by no means out of it and I look forward to staying tuned (with one eye open).

  5. I’m with Samster. Let’s focus on the CHokies (whom I HATE!). Then well have our hands full with the Tigirls. I understand the need for the fans to look ahead, but our boys need to have the focus of a laser beam for every upcoming game.

  6. It seems like a daunting task, so at this point, which players need to step up? An interesting tidbit from the Washington Times blog was that Eric Hayes has the highest +/- rating within the ACC season (not counting JSK). How bad do we need Hayes to hit shots and protect the ball? What about Mosley? He seems to have slowed down a bit in 3 of the last 4 games. Can we convince Cliff Tucker not to shoot every time he touches the ball? Is their any hope for an inside presence at this point?

  7. Samster hit the key when he said: ” but these guys could gel together, as have some of GW’s past squads.” The operative word is gel. We’ve got to do that before we see any kind of string of Ws emerge from this team. No gel, no significant winning streaks; just a bunch of strong efforts (moral victories?) with a few stinkers thrown into the mix. In other words, more Ls than Ws. In my mind it’s that simple.

    So the $64 question is what does “gelling” consist of? I’ll throw out the first thought–we need Bowie, Mosley, Tucker and Dinos’ games to mature ASAP. I dare say we know what we’ve got in GV, EH, LM, Dave Neal; for better or worse. We need our four X factors to break out. We need their collective athleticism and talents to emerge to even begin to think of taking down most of the teams left on the schedule.

  8. I’m with Samster and okaybowler. Gotta beat the Hokies and that will be no easy task. Not sure how this team will respond with so many days off, the Hokies play Ga Tech tomorrow. But a win over a good Hokie team could give this team some much needed confidence and momentum going into this tough stretch of games.

    As for Lance, I still think he’s St. John’s to lose. Besides Lance has said he’ll announce in March. Well, I hope it’s late March cause in early March (hopefully) the Terps will still be playing ball. And…this is really important…UMD doesn’t currently have a ‘ship to offer him. And as far as I know, a kid can’t commit to a school that hasn’t offered him. And a school can’t offer a recruit ‘pending someone leaving early’.

  9. It’s simple…as a team, hit 50% of their shots, 75-80% FT, win the rebounding battle, and keep turnover under 12, stay out of foul trouble
    Hold the opposition to 40% FG, under 30% 3pt.

    Individually, trust your teammates, and don’t be stupid….

  10. Here’s an article about Taran Buie’s family moving to PA. I mentioned this in another thread as a done deal, article makes it appear a decision hasn’t been made.

  11. DBR,

    Let’s say Lance wants to be a Terp. What could GW do? Is it legal/ethical to counsel a current player to transfer? Could Gary initiate the discussion, or must he wait for a kid to seek Gary’s advice about the player’s future as a Terp? What is your view on this?

  12. If Lance wanted to be a Terp I think Gary would be ready to celebrate LOL. GV is a strong lean to leave the program but Gary can’t go around saying that to recruits…unless GV went public or something like that.

    Coaches can certainly advise a kid that it would be in their best interest to transfer out or entr the draft for whatever reason. Shaq’s coach advised him to enter the draft because of a fear he’d get injured and his draft stock would suffer.

    It’s my understanding, however, that Gary has never pushed a kid out of his program.

  13. You can have a kid commit and not have a ‘ship open. It actually happens in football all the time. I don’t know if it would look that good. I would think you would have whomever is leaving declare that publicly before hand.

    Gary can channel his inner Coach K, he is notorious down here for pushing kids out.

  14. I don’t see a ‘contact us’ option, so: Please imemdiately take down the Lance Stephenson article that someone has cut and pasted onto your blog. As you probably know, this is copyrighted material.



  15. if that’s the article poeple are paying for i’m glad i didn’t waste my $$$.

  16. I agree with DBR, St Johns has to be the favorite for Lance. But man oh man what if.

    Realistically speaking, this year’s team is not tournament bound. But that’s as of now. Who knows what the coming weeks will bring?

    Saturday’s game against Va Tech is really, really, really a big game. A win puts us in the conversation and right on the bubble at 16-8, 5-5. I really, really, really hope that our fans are a true 6th man on Saturday. We really need the gym to be rocking for 40 minutes non-stop. We need a “Cole-like” atmosphere. I hope everyone comes out ready and LOUD.

  17. Folks, I have no problem with anyone paraphrasing some information from another site, but please don’t cut and paste.

  18. Terp Center trolling tsoup….I wonder if all of the breaking news on the other sites come from DBRs reports LOL

  19. VT is beatable for sure. We just need offensive production like we had at UNC and defense like we had at GT. We could split the difference and still come out with a W.

    Go TERPS

  20. It’s nice to know the other so-called ‘expert’ sites check us out!! We appreciate it!

  21. Read all your posts. Real good stuff.

    While we have some time on our hands how about stretching our imagination another level?.

    Rather than isolate our comments to how far our Terps will go, let’s see what your thoughts are on the finall ACC regular season standings and the final ACC Tournery Standing’s .

    I really believe that if Tucker can emerge as a 10PPG contributor our post season opportunity grows exponentially,

    Also, “IF” LM, EH and AB can average 10 PPG, GV 14PPG, Cliff Tucker 10 PPG, Mosely/Neal combine for 12 PPG and the rest of the team throws in total of 10….that’s
    76 PPG and…….our D is up and TO’s are down…..we can do some or most of what you have tossed out as possible. Obviously, there are other factors as well but these are at the top of the heap.

    We’re getting closer to where the rubber meets the road.

  22. Okay, so I’m at the Bishop Maginn HS game here in Albany, NY watching 2010 Terp recruit Taran Buie drop 20 points in his team’s win when I get a txt that reads: “Ya boy GW is in NY watching LS and JP”.

    So that was cool.

    Then I got a txt a bit later saying “Lance scored 50 points”.

    I txt back and asked about Padge and got “Padge had 17 pts/13 rebs”.

  23. Here is the link DBR:

  24. Who’s trolling? Someone linked me to the thread that included our article. And this is a quality blog.

    Thanks for taking care of that Gregg.

  25. I tried to post this earlier but something happened and it never went through. Probably user error. Anyway, here goes.

    MD is ranked 65 in the latest RPI and our SOS is 50. The SOS will improve dramatically with 4 games against top 15 teams, 1 home game against RPI #40 and two road games against bad teams. Basically, every game left on the schedule helps MD’s SOS which in turn helps RPI

    To make the dance, wins against VT, NCST, and UVA are musts. Those plus one win against the fearsome foursome puts us at 8-8 and on the bubble. We would need to win at least one ACC Tournament game in this case, maybe two to get in. Gary Williams may actually get some pity votes, so I wouldn’t be shocked if 8-8 plus one tourney win does the trick.

    Wins against the three nonranked teams plus two wins against the fearsome foursome and MD is dancing. We would be 9-7 with three top 15 wins (don’t forget about the mich st. win). At that point, the SOS would be in the teens and the RPI would be in the low 30’s.

    There is a slight chance that 7-9 plus a trip to the ACC finals gets the Terps in; but that is a long shot to say the least.

  26. Just watched Clemson take down BC, as I have said all year, they are for real. It also helps us that BC lost. Clemson is a lock, BC is very much a bubble team right now.

    Gary must know something if he is going to Lance’s games…lol. Who does he KNOW is leaving? My guess is it isn’t GV. I think there is a chance he goes but far from a lock.

    Great info flowing on this site. Me thinks some of these other media sites and pay sites get their fill here.

    I don’t even want to start thinking about getting Lance. You talk about changing a program in one year…wow.

  27. Oh, and FWIW, Taran Buie was wearing UA sneakers for the 2nd game in a row. Next season the Terps make the switch from Nike shoes to UA shoes.

  28. When is ESPN, Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports or whoever gonna run a story about Dave Leitao being on the hot seat? UVa has lost 8 games in a row. In fact, they haven’t won a game since Jan. 4th when they beat Brown. ESPN, Yahoo Sports & Fox Sports should marinate on that for a moment.

  29. Regardless of whether or not a scholarship is open right now, it’s good to hear that Gary is showing up at games for already committed recruits (Padgett) and big time prospects (Stephenson). Continues to sound like Gary is making more recruiting efforts. He’s still not going to completely play the AAU game, etc. But his efforts are being noticed and good things will come of it.

  30. How different in the eyes of the selection committee do you think an 8-8 record with wins over VT, NCST, and UVA and one of the “big 4” is versus 2 out of VT, NCST, and UVA and 2 our of the “big 4”? I think the latter is better. Although we probably can’t lose to UVa.

  31. DBR,

    I think in terms of national coaches, the name Gary Williams has more leverage than Dave Leitao…even with his 2007 ACC COTY award. We all know Gary has accomplished…he can do much better and can have the program in a better state than what we are currently in.

    When Leitao, who has not been at UVA for 20 years and does not have all the accomplishments as GW has, the spotlight will not shine as bright on him as it would on our coach.

    Still though, if people are going to talk about struggling teams, they need to look at all the teams…not just MD, Gtown, etc

  32. Dave Leitao and Gary Williams shouldn’t be in the same article. The bottom line is that the reason there is so much scrutiny surrounding our recent trials is because we have been to the absolute pinnacle. We are NOT an irrelevant team. And therefore when a relevant team is struggling for a few seasons, articles will be written. Virginia has been mediocre for a while (Not Maryland-style 19 wins, 7-9/8-8 ACC mediocre, either).

  33. Leitao has played the “I’m playing all my young players this year” card. UVA has bought into this so he will get next season no matter what he does. If they don’t have a good season next year then he will get heat.

    The funny thing is I have several UVA friends and they are of the mindset that no one can win at UVA now. The last two coaching searches have not brought any big names so they figure if they throw Leitao out they won’t get anyone better. He has brought in some decent recruits but hasn’t won with them. The one year he went to the NCAA with kids he didn’t bring in.

  34. First off don’t gauge a game against a good team and a bad team as offensive and defensive games. UNC just didn’t see to care about defense and GT couldn’t hit the side of a barn on open shots. Next play one game at a time. UVa and NCST are the only ones I feel semi comfortable with. The others are going to be tough at best. Just no more blowouts and sneak in a few wins. Keep UNC, Duke, Clem, and WFU close or win one or two and hope for the best of a 2 game winner in the tourney and hold on to a spot and show up. If not then go quietly into next year.

  35. Jordan Williams SMASH!:

  36. The destruction of the backboard is as rare as a total solar eclipse and just as spectacular. I watched Darvin Hamm do it in ’95 down in Richmond. Here it is:

  37. The keys to success for this team have not changed all season. They have to shoot better than the 42-43% mark, shoot better than 33% from 3, and be on the positive side of the A/TO ratio. If they can do that for the final 7 games, they’ll win more games than they lose.

    I don’t want to throw a wet towel on this thread, but we have all watched this team play this year. Quoting Gregg, they are who they are. Let’s not get our collective expectations too high. MD should win at least 2 games against inferior opponents (NcST and BooVa). The VT game will be close, as it always is. MD will need to play perfect to win any of the remaining four. The talent gap between MD and Dook, UNC, CU, and Wake is too large. MD will be fortunate to win one of those games.

    It’s funny how a season can turn on a game or two. The Morgan St game derailed the season, and BC game put MD behind the 8 ball. If, If, If.

    But let’s not kid ourselves here…MD needs to play nearly flawless to go 4-3…they need to play the way they did during the non-con schedule…which they haven’t done since the Morgan loss.

    Hayes has to hit double digits, GV has to keep in control (3 TOs or less), and Bowie has to get double digits. If MD can get 4 players in double digits in all 7 of these games, they will win more than they lose. How many times has MD had 4 scorers in double digits this year in a game?

  38. All that you’ve posted about Dave Leitao is true. I guess I was just venting….tired of all the static about our guy. And like dc1984us pointed out if people are going to talk about struggling teams, they need to look at all the teams…not just MD, Gtown, etc

  39. I did a little research, Wheels. Looks like MD has had 4 guys score in double digits 11 times this season. Those games in order are as follows…

    Bucknell, Vermont, Michigan St., Michigan, George Washington, Delaware St., Charlotte, Georgia Tech, UVA, BC, and UNC.

    9 of the 11 games were wins.

  40. PT…thanks…

    So…MD win 81% of games when they have 4 double digit scorers. If that can hold up over the next seven games, MD will win 5 of them.

    The Soup is great.


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  42. My question in an ESPN bball recruiting chat:

    Chris (MD): Reggie — Can you talk about Lance Stephenson and Maryland? Looks like the Terps have come out of the blue and now are a serious contender to get him… What do you think the odds are he ends up in College Park??

    Reggie Rankin: (2:34 PM ET ) Thanks, Chris. I think Maryland is looking to land a marquee recruit and Lance fits that bill because of his ability to score. He can put up points as well as anyone in this class. He’d be a good fit for the Terps because he can get up and down the floor. His recruitment has been pretty quiet so far so it’s hard to say if he ends up there, but with his teammate James Padgett already signed their chances are as good as anyone’s.

  43. Looks like the WaPo has started a three part series on “Maryland’s Fall From the Top”..

    Is business that bad at the Post that they apparently need to continue to beat the same dead horse?

  44. Here you go, your daily feeding of “UMD recruiting has sucked”. I think every Post writer has now written about this.

  45. After reading that, I just wonder what kind of agenda certain writers have against Gary. In the last quote of the story Gary says:

    “Anybody can say anything they want,” Gary Williams said. “I shouldn’t be fired based on my record. I am not here to recruit. I am here to win basketball games. Recruiting is part of my job. But you can’t say I should be fired when you look at my record.”

    You take that one line, ‘I’m not here to recruit’ and make it a headline of the final paragraph. There is a negative slant towards Gary in the local press. I know Feinstein sticks up for him, but everyone else including those blog writers seem to attack him relentlessly.

    That being said, it was an interesting article and once again proves that some bad luck and a bit of laziness is to blame for our fall from grace. What we have learned in the past year is that Gary seems to have changed his ways and has gone out and made himself seen recruiting.

    You can’t recruit everyone and, these days, anyone who doesn’t get 5 star treatment is going to have a grudge and say they were disrespected. So, you can only win by… WINNING GAMES. We’ll see if the backboard-breaking Williams, Padgett and perhaps Big Lance can get us back to that.

  46. Wheels could have told you that Chrs :)

    Meanwhile, a lot of hub-bub is being made out of the fact that Lance Stephenson is not going to play in the Jordan Jordan Brand All-American game at MSG.

    My understanding is that the kids get to play in two of these type of games. Perhaps Lance is going to play in the McDonalds AA game and the…wait for it…Under Armour AA game? I’m guessing they have one.

  47. That WP article was VERY informative! has a lot of info about Lance Stephenson.

  48. “The key was we had continuity,” said Hahn, now an assistant coach at West Virginia. “We did a good job of identifying kids that Gary could relate to, that fit his system. We knew each other. We knew the strengths and weaknesses of each [assistant]. We were together for 12 years. That’s a long time.”

  49. I think it is completely unfair to cherry-pick a few local recruits who happened to turn into superstars and say “Why didn’t Gary get him?” I mean Joe Alexander turned out to be a stud and I would’ve loved to have him but at the time he was not a huge recruit. Same for Deron Williams. I mean that is a completely unfair standard. To say that “in hindsight you shoulda got these guys cause they turned out to be great.” And then they interview these guys who were not heavily recruited and get these quotes like Maryland didn’t show up.

  50. Screw the post…wrap some fish in it…they’re awful late coming to the party anyway. ESPN, Yahoo news etc have already done stories…even the Sun. Besides these Post writers were probably the same jokers saying John Gilchrist was a sure lottery pick after the Terps won the ACC Tournament.

    Oh, and I’m sure all of part 3 will be devoted to Kendall Marshall and his pops.

  51. I don’t see a ‘contact us’ option, so: Please imemdiately take down the Washington Post that someone has cut and pasted onto your blog. As you probably know, this is copyrighted material. Douchebag says what!

  52. The only way I can answer this question is as follows. In order of top priority to least but no less important:

    Hayes-He must shoot better than 40% beyond the arc and he must shoot a lot of them. This dagger is missing from our offense and he is the most capable. This is Hayes main responsibility to the team.
    Vasquez-He needs to stop thinking that 12 assists will somehow benefit us more so than 25 points. I don’t care how he gets those either, he just needs to get them because in most games that is at least a 1/3 of the team’s points if not 1/2.
    Bowie-His role is simple, penetrate the lane, put pressure on the opposing D, and make the right decision to either shoot or dish. He is more than capable as long as he keeps his head up.
    Milbourne-He must make that 15 footer consistent to force the defenders away from the rim. He is key to our rebounding opportunities.
    Neal-See Gregory. Other than that, he needs to continue to be selective with those 3 point attempts and make them.
    Gregory-He must outplay Neal for the starting nod. We don’t need Lonny Baxter, but can we get Jamar Smith perhaps? On both sides of the court, a solid presence would brings things together.
    Tucker-First he needs to shut his mouth and play. Second he needs to hit those jumpers from the top of the key.
    Kim/Mosley-It is unrealistic to believe these two freshmen know what to do at this point in the season. If most of the aforementioned were to occur, these two can do what we expect of them. Play hard and play smart.

    With that said Gary needs to do a couple things as well. One, never ever sit Bowie or Milbourne. Anybody who understands the specific roles of these two on the floor, taking into account their production to date versus the lack of any other options, would agree with this statement. Two, implement the 3-2 or 1-2-2 more often with Vasquez or Mosley at the top…it works as long as the wings know not to overcommit on the double teams. Also, on the defense topic, Gary should continue calling more press.

    But even with the aforementioned, we are going to continue the struggle if we do not continue forcing turnovers and bettering the rebounding margins. These two are Needs as opposed to the aforementioned which could be debated as Wants. Love those Terps.

  53. NC State blasting Wake by 20 in the 2nd half.

  54. DBR — check out this juicy rumor on why Stephenson isn’t playing in the game:

    Looks like UA is really doing their best to helpi out MD recruiting. You’ve noted a couple times that Buie has been wearing UA basketball shoes – and now Stephenson has a pair as well. I don’t see anything about an Under Armour All American game yet; but they did sponsor the Capital Classic last year

  55. Kevin Plank tryna help his Alma Mater

  56. MIKE PATRICK IS INSUFFERABLE!!! He is worse than Vitale. It is really amazing that someone this biased is allowed to cover the game.

  57. If Born Ready commits to UMD I wonder if the Wash Post will report that.

  58. It will probably be a tiny article in a sidebar somewhere.

  59. Is it possible that GV let LS know that he (GV) wont be here next season and that would be the open schollie? If I recall, they spent the day together during LS’s visit. Also, if GV stayed and LS came, I wonder about the chemistry? Thats a big ego senior and a big ego superstar freshman….

  60. Mark the tape. born ready and general greivis will not be in the same backcourt together.

  61. Let’s worry about the whole chemistry conversation if/when he committs…

    I hate UNC and Duke, but there is something sadistically satisfying about the possibility that the Duke seniors will not have one win over UNC at Cameron.

  62. Re the Post article, it’s clear their sports writers are more interested in piling on Gary for the sake of selling papers than reporting balanced news. I’m the first to admit that Gary’s recruiting efforts have been sub par. And I think the idea that the staff has struggled to evaluate talent is an interesting point. But you can’t simply pick and choose local players who MD passed on as evidence of poor recruiting decisions. Jeff Jones is noted as a guy we lost because Moxely left. Fine. But no mention of the fact that he’s been a complete dud thus far at UVA. Jeff Green is cited as a local guy we lost to G’town. Of course, no mention of the fact that he probably would’ve ended up at MD but for the school’s academic requirements. The 2003 class was largely a bust, I’ll give them that. But I’m not sure any coach would’ve passed on that group; they were one of the most highly touted classes in the school’s history, and at the time, the media praised Gary’s efforts in getting them to commit to MD. Mike Jones couldn’t play defense, and Gary knew that. But if he’d passed on the #2 rated SG in the country behind Lebron James, he would’ve been crazy. And none of these stories focus at all on the seediness of recruiting and Gary’s unwillingness to bend over for AAU coaches.

    There are good points – Dulaney I agree with; how he got away to Va Tech I have no idea. And I agree that the assistant coach turnover has really frustrated our ability to build relationships in the area. I just want balance. Maybe the second and third articles in the series will be of higher quality.

  63. There is nothing like watching those Duke fans whining and crying. I never root for Carolina, but tonight it’s all about the Tar Heels!

  64. Chrs0049, I’m with you 100%. Duke losing to anyone is always incredibly satisfying. They’re such a soft team, and that will cost them dearly in March . . . as it always does. Lawson made Paulus his bitch in the second half. That being said, Carolina still doesn’t impress me all that much. They play terrible defense, and I often find them to be somewhat undisciplined offensively. UNC’s not a national championship team, and I bet they exit early in the Tournament.

    Mike Patrick – well, there’s not much to say. Simply the worst ever.

  65. The WaPo article is very confusing and is full of counterfactuals and hindsight bias. Hmmm…a guy from TX or VA that are basically the same player? A skinny 6’8″ kid from Fredneck that no one offered? Yes, I’ll take the lightly recruited kid and tell the McDonald’s AA that we don’t want him. You’re kidding, right?

    I know that Yanda and Prisbell are on this site…at least check out some of the facts that many of us have compiled on this issue. I made a freakin’ list of top local recruits…and Gary has signed more than anyone. If you had gone to MD’s School of Journalism (props, Gregg), maybe you would have learned about facts.

    What PrisYan don’t ask is the question I asked after making the list. If MD had signed Green/Boone/Gay etc., would they have panned out at MD? I mean, the list if guys who did sign at MD is filled with All-Met players…and they haven’t panned out. I don’t think Gary is missing players. I think the issue is what happens when they get on campus. Would Scottie Reynolds be scoring 22 a game at MD or 16.5 (like GV)? Who knows…but the data suggests to me that Gary isn’t missing the talent. Something is going on once they get on campus. They just aren’t developing. I guess that’s part 2 of the story. If Gary hadn’t signed GV or EH, PrisYan would have used them as evidence that Gary couldn’t recruit.

    And hey…PrisYan (and your minions that helped put the story together), don’t be so fucking lazy. You basically mimic the stuff we say here…except you do it 3 weeks after we’ve already hashed it out. Fucking day late and a dollar short. Boobs. Your narrative is terrible.

  66. Hopefully everyone has read the Washington Post article and at least taken in what was said. Regardless of whether fans are Gary Williams supporters or detractors there are many clear issues that have led to the demise of this once elite program.

    Without going into too much detail, no matter what anyone thinks this quote from the article reflects the bottom line most accurately.

    Remember this quote next time you hear so many of the blind Gary Williams supporters spout off as to how great he is doing and how blasphemous it is to criticize his performance over the last 7 years.

    “A review of NCAA tournament records shows that no national champion in the past 18 seasons has regressed so quickly.”

  67. From a journalistic point of view that article was garbage. The whole premise was screwy. In almost every example they gave, Gary grabbed the more highly regarded recruit. It would have been harder hitting if all those guys chose not to come here.

    One of the few positives they listed, KB’s inroads to balt, was followed by people saying if he leaves all the bmore recruits go.

    And don’t just throw a couple sentences in there about Gary staying out of the seedy AAU world. Go talk to those coaches and see who they funnel their kids to and how.

    How about why there are two former AAU coaches on the staff right now at GT. What kids did they bring in for those jobs?

    Gary is responsible for getting kids to UMD. No one is saying otherwise. The talent level has been down for a couple years. Each year we went to the acc tourney with a shot a gaining a berth with a win or two. We just couldnt get it done.

    Lost assistants is he key reason for the drop-off. Chucky and Keith look like they are turning that around.

    Let’s have the whole story and not pick and choose the juicy parts

  68. That’s BS. This year’s team and last year’s team are much better than they appeared on paper. They lost 6 games last year they had in the bag. There is only one problem and that is finishing games out. We just don’t have a player with the confidence. It’s a shame you can coach a whole game and have things go awry in the end and people be so down on him. They were 10 mins of basketball from a #3 seed in the tourney last year. Are you going to fire Gary for 10 minutes of basketball? We have the same problem this year. We only legitamtely lost 3 games this year. The rest we gave away because of lack of clear leadership at critical moments on the court. Imagine we have that one player like Steve Blake, the overachieving white boy who keeps us on track at the end of games and life is much different. Obviously Hayes wasn’t all he was cracked up to be and that’s unfortunate. Gary knew he needed that leader which is why he was recruiting those guards all summer and he desperately tried. I can’t fault him one minute for trying to get a convict on the team that may have had heart with 59 seconds on the clock. I hate to say it but we need to make room for some new guards that have heart at the end of the game. PEACE!

  69. What do you guys think the longer lasting effects of Kevin Plank and Under Armour will do for our Basketball team?

    One can argue that the best place to look might be the football team: Fridge agreed to sign the deal with UA in the early 2000s, and it happened to coincide with a few pretty successful seasons.

    Was it the uniforms? was it the new coach? was it the old players? I’m going to go with more coach and players than uniforms, but it sets the scene for Under Armour’s emergence as a national brand, the new “cool.”

    UA was recently recruiting at the Engineering school for designers because they are ramping up their shoe production. Mark the tape, they are planning big things for their footwear. We all know they have cleats, and running shoes. The basketball shoes are a new development, these things are literally brand new. – BUT they are already such a strong brand that everybody wants them.

    The football team might not have been able to reap the benefits of recruiting for shoe deals when they first agreed to wear the UA logo, but it seems like Gary and Co. are now using this bargaining chip as a lure to Maryland.

    Everyone knows that you have to go through the NCAA to get to the NBA for big bucks, everyone also knows that the way to make REALLY big bucks is to have a shoe and apparel deal.

    So this is what Gary has to offer: A free education, a wonderful campus, all the food and drink and the nicest residence you could hope for on a college campus, and the promise of a…SHOE DEAL!?

    It obviously doesn’t violate any NCAA recruiting rule like actually handing thousands of dollars to a teenager does. No other University has aligned itself so strongly with a shoe company since Nike waffles were invented at Oregon. Seriously – look at Oregon’s running program, they get all the great runners from around the country, and they are always in the top at big meets. Fill in the blank: ______ is to Maryland’s Under Armour as Steve Prefontaine is to Oregon’s Nike. Who wouldn’t want to be that blank?

    So maybe the allure of having Under Armour Unis and shoes will bring some big names in now, but soon, like football, the parity will spread because UA is a company on the free market after all. They will sell to whomever will buy. The same thing happened to Nike, they spread and spread until a new hotness came along.

    Is this Maryland’s ticket back to the final four? lets hope so.
    I also hope that as someone else mentioned, Gary uses the bargaining chip (and a HUGE one at that) to open a pipeline from NYC to College Park.

  70. I for one am not happy when the tarhells win. I totally dislike Dule, but i hated n.c since deano has been playing us. I wish duke would have shut them out. Bring on the Hokies and lets kick some ass. GO TERPS

  71. I don’t know if MD having strong relationship with Under Armour is necessarily a good thing in the long run. Nike pretty much owns the Oregon Athletic department, forcing the school to hire its own people, I think the current AD had no prior experience working in an Athletic Department but was buddies with Phil Knight. Besides, it has been great for Oregon’s track program, but big whoop what about all the other sports? Not exactly a national or Pac 10 power in any of them with the exception of Football every few years. Besides, how bad or shady is it to need to rely on Under Armour as a recruiting tool?

  72. It’s all about the money, boys. I always wondered, back in the 60s, how much money was changing hands when Frank McGuire and Vic Bubas were pipelining all these NYC players down to Tobacco Road and dominating the ACC. It’s the same now, just different hands doling the cash and in larger amounts and through more sophisticated means.

  73. I couldn’t get the Chris’s earlier link regarding Williams to work. Here is another pick up by the BS on him shattering the backboard the other day.

  74. For me this was the key revelation in the WaPo article:

    “The key was we had continuity,” said Hahn, now an assistant coach at West Virginia. “We did a good job of identifying kids that Gary could relate to, that fit his system.”

    In other words, players were evaluated according to how they might deal with GW’s moodiness?

    Another takeaway was additional confirmation of GW’s unwillingness to extend himself beyond “laying a scholarship on the table.” Those quotations from Deron Williams’s mother and others were real eye openers.

    And what was Gary thinking when he snarled “I am not here to recruit. I am here to win basketball games”? You don’t win bb games without recruiting.

    Sorry, Soupers, as unpleasantly hackneyed as the Prisbell/Yanda article strikes many of us, it hit home. Gary’s obviously gotten the message, judging from DBR’s recruiting updates.

    Kaze, are you inclining toward an idea I floated a couple of seasons ago that Div. I revenue sports rethink its model and decriminalize capitalism by going to pay-to-play?

  75. Right. Like some recruit’s mother is the authority. Good for GW for not playing the AAU game. Where has basketball come when a coach plays by the rules is penalized?

    I don;t know how college coaches do it. I think if my success depended on blowing arrogant high-school kids, their parents and their AAU coaches, I’d shoot myself.

    I don’t know what Gary did to piss off the Post, but he seems to be in their cross-hairs. And it’s BS. Why no stories about how the darlings at Georgetown seem to be tanking their season?

    And If Gary had passed on Gilchrist, McCray, etc. he would have been pilloried for not getting the best talent in his backyard.

  76. re: “Right. Like some recruit’s mother is the authority.” She is an authority on GW’s recruiting style. There’s a pattern here.

  77. Frustrated – We all know the NCAA system is corrupt. It’s been corrupt forever. When I was at MD it was corrupt. When I was at UNC, Bob McAdoo drove a Caddy convertible the whole semester before he left for the pros. The NCAA tournament (not to mention the league tournaments) is a billion-dollar business….why not just pay these kids who make it possible? Why not allow pro sponsorship of college teams, the way baseball treats the minors, so that kids can support their families and stay the four years? If not the pros, why not allow the Under Armors of the world to do it openly instead of in the shadows? This whole student-athlete thing has been a hypocritical disgrace forever, just basically a gladiator contest with the difference that here the losers don’t actually die but end up selling shoes. They ought to get paid for generating vast sums for the system. But anything reasonable is too much to ask from an NCAA that’s so caught up inprotecting the established money makers that it can’t pull off a championship football tournament.

  78. it’s been a while boys and girls. my gall bladder popped when i read ‘dunking is overrated’. thanks for that., whoever wrote it. at least i sit up can eat solid food today.

    if i need to explain why dunking is not overrated, just let me know.

    for lance stephenson, i originally found the timing of his visit highly suspect at best — some sort of underground favor pulling to get gary out of the hot seat — yet, even if it was that to begin with, it seems that MD and Born Ready are perfect for each other. We have everything each other is looking for, but in the end, he’s just a dumb ass 18 year old kid — i say he goes for the sunny skies and round asses at USC. i would.

    for the terps, i didn’t even make it through the GT game. we were horrendous. literally, i couldn’t watch. i saw the first 10 minutes and the last 3. i believe in the miracle, which is precisely what we need to to win more than 2 more games the rest of the year. i say we win 3. including one against of the big 4.

    ps. in my vision of shawn mosely’s coming out party (which was baby blue), mosely was absolutely awe inspiring. a force to be reckoned with. and although he had his best game against carolina, it did not match my vision and i did not consider it his coming out party. so, it must be the next carolina game, because after he comes out, he’s not going back in.

  79. Kaze, I couldn’t have said it better, or even half as well. But it’s gone beyond corrupt since our salad days at CP. Today Div I FB and BB is pure commerce constrained by an amateur myth that benefits no one but coaches and the AD interest. I say franchise the whole affair to the alums like Harryfish and let them and other bottom-line businessmen run it. You’re right, though. There’s no way the NCAA will shift to that model unless the courts or congress drive them there, so it’s idle speculation.

  80. There is something to be said for Gary’s alleged inability to connect with players relationally (although Juan Dixon said Gary was like a father to him, and Vasquez also speaks highly of his relationship with Gary), but Deron Williams may not be the best example, considering (by the Post’s own admission, and Gary’s comments re his stock in high school) he was never very high on the staff’s list. To some extent, you have to prioritize; DBR’s info re the UNC signee whose parents recently slammed Gary’s approach to recruiting their son — who was never really even considering MD — is case in point (although, regardless of whether Gary should or shouldn’t have spent more time with the kid, that situation was not handled well, in my opinion).

    Re finding kids to fit into Gary’s system, I don’t think it’s fair to conclude that “fitting in” is synonymous with “willing to put up with Gary’s moodiness.” We all know Gary has always liked a certain type of player – skilled, but not uber talented enough to be a primodonna; scrappy; tough defender; relatively soft spoken, would prefer to work hard on the court vs. run his mouth off it (Vasquez being an anomaly); etc. In my opinion, Hahn et al. excelled at finding these type of players, guys who made MD great through the late 90s and early 2000s . . . guys who fit nicely into Gary’s system. That being said, Gary’s definitely a more old skool style coach, not just in years, but also in style and the way he handles his players. I’m sure his personality is a turn off for some recruits.

  81. You all should check out the comments on the Washington Post site about the “Missed Shots” article. There is some serious venom towards WaPo and that article.

  82. Yanik, I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’m the one that posted that I felt dunking was overrated. I also posted that I love a good dunk as much as the next fan. Gets the player, team and fans energized. But at the end of the day I just want our kids to put the ball in the basket anyway they can, dunks or otherwise.

    As for UA, they’re providing uniforms/equipment for all of UMD’s sports teams. I wouldn’t say the terps are relying on UA as a recruiting tool but you use every legal means in recruiting and UA is a hot brand with HS kids. Bringing them in for a visit and including either a tour of the UA offices in B-more (as the Terps did with Buie) or having Kevin at a game for a meet-n-greet with recruits isn’t a bad thing.

    Meanwhile, there’s a video out there of Jordan Williams shattering the back board…the one i saw was not very good quality tho.

  83. Regarding Gary’s personality. Remember it works fine for Tom Izzo and Michigan State. Izzo berates his players publically during games far more than Gary does. Hasn’t seemed to affect the Spartans.

  84. CT: Point taken about “Gary’s moodiness”–an unintended below-the-belt characterization. But I’m not sure that GW’s recruiting style is simply old skool. He doesn’t like spending time in living rooms selling his program as another old skool coach, the Lefthander, used to famously do. That’s why Billy Hahn’s admission that GW’s assistants conducted a kind of psychological screening while on his staff leaped off the page when I read it. Anyway, Gary’s working hard now, so that’s all that matters.

    I don’t think there’s any mystery as to why the Post is zeroing in on the MD bb program. Not only has its fall from tournament grace been faster and steeper than any other NCAA champion in recent memory. But a sizeable segment of the paper’s subscription base and readership are MD alums. It sells papers, and at a time when the newspaper business is shedding jobs as fast as Wall Street–or the auto industry.

  85. How about we do an article about the Post’s fall from grace? It’s half the size it was. It’s consolidating sections, eliminating Book World, etc. Its stock’s plummetted, it’s buying out all its famous writers, firing copy editors, etc. What’s the story here–bad talent or bad management skills? :)

  86. You make it sound like Hahn and Co. were administering the Myers-Briggs psycho. assessment test for potential recruits. All coaches have different personalities, some personalities fit better with certain kids than others. A guy like Roy Williams may be more personable and better able to relate to recruits than Gary, but you’ll certainly find kids who don’t jive with Roy’s personality just the same. It’s simply one of several elements in the recruiting analysis, and it’s relevant for all schools.

    I completely agree, though, that Gary, at his core, just doesn’t enjoy recruiting, and that’s a huge problem for the program. His comment in the WaPo article re “I’m not here to recruit” speaks volumes on this point. I can’t say I blame him, given the challenges (constant travel, sucking up to high school kids, dealing with the AAU circuit) of recruiting. And as we’ve discussed before, he’s a teacher at heart, loves practice, and is energized by the challenge of designing a game plan to beat an opponent. It’s what makes him a great coach on the floor. But recruiting is a critical part of his job, and particularly in this day and age, with greater parity in D1 – you can’t win without talent.

  87. Jordan Williams finished with a school record 52 points in the game where he shattered the back board. They finally finished playing the game.

  88. Gary will turn some people off, no doubt. However, some people like his style. I don’t have the exact quote but Lance’s dad said he thought Gary was a straight-up guy and he could believe everything he told him. The bottom line was he liked him.

    You talk to Bruce Pearl or Calipari they are great salesman but can you really believe everything they say? I am sure some parents come away from those visits thinking they just walked off a used car lot.

    Keith and Chucky are said to be doing a good job recruiting. It is how Gary works. Is he needed to close the deal? Absolutely, but if you read that article a lot of kids said they didn’t go to Maryland once “their” recruiter left. The assistants play a major role in getting these kids.

  89. Yanik…get Dr. Sphincter to write you a med prescription. I don’t want to have to stage the first ever Soup intervention. So, maybe a mood stabilizer might do the trick.

    While I would never ever recommend using the Myers-Briggs Typology (it’s terribly unreliable and not a predictor of performance…it’s more of a horoscope), colleges do in fact use personality assessments on recruits. It’s a multi-million dollar business in fact.

    Speaking of psychology, I will tell you what has always bothered me about Gary’s psyche. He has a massive inferiority complex. What motivates Gary are the perceived slights. He always needs the straw man to knock down. After he won the NC, he had no more straw men to knock down. Now, he’s back to his old motivator – US AGAINST THEM.

    I find it the most tiring cycle. It requires being on the downside and having to compare yourself to someone “better”. I’d prefer a coach who has other sources of motivation than US AGAINST THEM. But, that’s who Gary is. It was great on the way up and it worked. It didn’t work so well at the top. And we’ll see how it works on the downside. I’m sure that while he can’t stand these types of interviews more than he probably can’t stand piping 18 year old kids to get them to come to MD, on some level he probably loves the negative attention. It adds the fuel to his fire. He’s just an irascible curmudgeon. Christ, look at the guy…he wears it on his sleeve.

    Re: newspaper revenue…they think that kindles will save them now. Godspeed on that.

  90. Heard a rumor that Vasquez is leaving and that he might have told Lance that during his visit. Any truth to this?

  91. Football schedule out. Why the hell did we schedule JMU?

    Sept. 5 at California
    Sept. 12 James Madison
    Sept. 19 Middle Tennessee
    Sept. 26 Rutgers
    Oct. 3 Clemson
    Oct. 10 at Wake Forest
    Oct. 17 Virginia
    Oct. 24 at Duke
    Nov. 7 at N.C. State
    Nov. 14 Virginia Tech
    Nov. 21 at Florida State
    Nov. 28 Boston College

  92. Wheels – Interesting re recruits and personality assessments. I was merely taking a crack at frustrated fan, had no idea schools actually administered them. Touche.

  93. Sorry for the 20 posts here but I keep seeing stuff I like. This was a quote about the Jordan Williams shattered backboard dunk. I like this guy.

    “They were just razzing him with ‘What’s a Terp?’ They’d say that when he was at the foul line. He had 27 points at halftime, so he kept them quiet. And when he made the jam, he actually looked over (to the fans) like, ‘That’s a Terp!’ “

  94. CT…I know what you’re saying…no harm, no foul.

    Re: Md’s football schedule…

    Those 4 home games after Cal set up very nicely heading to Wake. RU and Clemson will be breaking in new starters at QB. I doubt MTSU will sneak up on us. After the Wake game, you’d have to think that MD would beat BooVA and Dook. Right now, I see 7 wins (JMU, MTSU, RU, CU, BooVA, Dook, and BC). The Cal, Wake, and NCST games are toss-ups in my mind (one can argue about Cal…but they’ve been reeling). The VT and FSU games are the only ones that I think are lock losses. Notice also that MD plays 8 straight weeks to open the season. What a grind but maybe some MO.

    7-5 regular season should be a baseline. I think 8-4 with an outside 9-3 shot is doable. It’s all down to QB play for them.

  95. Ricksterps – If he actually said that, then that is AWESOME.

    By the way, anybody else notice at the end of the UNC Duke game last night Lawson turned to the student section and said some words to them? I can only imagine what would be said if that had been GV.

  96. CT: The crack hit the target, but again I was just speaking figuratively. You need to cut me some Amelia Bedelia slack! :)

    Kaze: It’s sobering to watch the Post and other once great newspapers slide into the shitter. The cancellation of the Book Review section still sticks in my craw.

    Love the Jordan Williams quote.

  97. Well, Greivis is leaning towards entering the draft. But the only people that, for sure, know the answer to your question Grayson are Lance and Greivis. However you’d have to believe that this spring Greivis will go to NBA pre-draft camps.

  98. I don’t see GV getting drafted. What position is he going to play? He can play overseas but he has no shot of being a 1st round pick and a slight chance of a late second round pick in the NBA. Second round picks in the NBA get cut all the time so it’s not like it’s any financial security.

  99. RicksTerps
    NBA draft.Net has GV going in the second round at #50. I am sure most of the other sites have him in that range as well. So your probably right about the financial security. He could easily play oversea’s for a lot of money so that is an option.
    Interestingly, they have Hansbrough going at #27 and three Wake players, Teague, Aminou and Johnson going in the first round. So Wake could be decimated after this year.

  100. How many college players turn pro to be the 50th pick in the draft? If they are smart the answer would be not many.

    I like GV and hope he does well where ever he goes. He has given us three good years no matter how the team has fared.

  101. With a projection around 50, I think you would be a fool to not have a solid back up plan with something outside of the NBA. In any case a projection is just that, you can’t bank on it. Look at what happened to Caner-Medley who was projected to go mid to late second round. Even if you do get picked up, more and more kids are looking to other leagues (ala J. Gist with San Antonio) because they can make more money and get better experience oversees than they can warming a bench for an NBA team.

    That said, you can’t overlook the coin you can make oversees market these days, especially if you are going to define wealth relative to what you can make/need to have in Venezuela.

  102. When you think about it, if players that aren’t ready for the draft or are good players at a couple of positions at the college level but aren’t a star at one position don’t enter the draft…then the NBA draft would be kinda dull LOL

  103. OK,
    PRISSYBELL just posted that part 2 of the 3 part story is about to be posted, read below.
    On his post about part 1 of the article, there were 80 reply’s which is 78 more than normal. Almost all of them were ragging on him and Yanda. Yet he says below how many positive comments he got. Positve for who, future Hall of Fame Coach Gary Williams?

    “Good afternoon. This is Eric. I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words, thoughts and perspective on the three-part Maryland recruiting series. Write anytime. The large majority of the many emails Steve Yanda and I received were positive. The second part of the series should be posted any minute and I am particularly fond of it because it deals with my favorite subject: the sordid world of summer-league basketball…”

  104. I’m sure finances will play a large factor in Vasquez’s decision to leave (most likely finances overseas; like most of you, I think he’s a definite long shot in the NBA), but I also wonder to what extent he’s just tired of playing at MD and wants to move on, particularly given the shi* storm we’ve endured in the last several weeks. Vasquez is such a competitor, I’m sure it kills him that the team has struggled since he arrived. Also, he’s clearly irked by the fact that so many fans can’t stand him, considering the incident with the Comcast students during the Ga Tech game. If Born Ready decides to come to MD, Vasquez stays. If not, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he leaves, regardless of his draft stock at the end of the year.

  105. CT,
    Vasquez kind of has to leave in order for Born Ready to have a “ship.

  106. I read the comments early today and they definitely WERE NOT POSITIVE. Maybe he is talking about comments he got from his mother, or wife.

  107. Not if Braxton transfers. Or Tucker (assuming he wants even more PT than he’s now getting) . . .


    Here it is. I think Gary comes off as a stand up guy. You can see how you have to bend/break the rules to get these upper tier guys. I don’t want Gary to go down that road. Paying an assistant coach 500,000 to get a recruit? No way Yow is going to do that nor should she.

  109. That was a much better article than the near-hatchet job that was printed yesterday. Gary does come off well, though it’s a tough situation that just does not have a clear resolution. My two favorite quotes:

    “Nobody has ever accused me of cheating in recruiting in my career,” Williams said. “That is a good thing, supposedly. But people turn that around and say, ‘He won’t play the game.’ You do it [my] way, and you are criticized for not cheating.”

    “Third-party recruiting — in other words, making sure somebody gets taken care of [financially] — I am not going to do it,” Williams said. “Period. There is no argument there. If that makes me a bad recruiter, then I am a bad recruiter.”

    I still support Gary and I know he is trying harder to get the best players now, but as always, we’ll have to see if it pans out in the next couple years.

  110. “Nobody has ever accused me of cheating in recruiting in my career”

    That’s because you don’t recruit (ba-doom-boom)!

    Thank you, thank you…I’ll be here all week! I just flew in from Berlin, boy, my arms are tired!

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I crack myself up, though.

  111. ESPN Bubble Talk

    Maryland [15-8 (4-5), RPI: 74, SOS: 72] The Terrapins kept their fleeting at-large hopes alive with a 57-56 victory at Georgia Tech on Sunday. But Maryland still seems to be in pretty big trouble after losing five of its last eight games. The Terps can get back into serious contention (or get eliminated from at-large discussion altogether) in their next four games, starting with Saturday’s home contest against Virginia Tech. After hosting the Hokies, the Terps travel to Clemson and then play North Carolina and Duke in College Park. Maryland beat Michigan and Michigan State during nonconference play but have largely feasted on only the ACC’s lesser teams. A 1-4 record in road games and 2-6 mark against RPI top-50 teams won’t help, either.

  112. And it’s not like Gary doesn’t recruit AAU kids. He found Jordan Williams thru the AAU Circuit last spring then followed his games in the summer play.

    Gary also is heavily involved with Taran Buie’s recruitment as well as Will Regan and they’re both Albany City Rocks AAU guys. Gary even came up to Albany in September for a coaches clinic that was held in Buie’s HS gym and City Rocks guys were there. That was kinda wild because it was during a “no contact” period. So even though Gary was in Buie’s gym and Buie was there, Gary told me he couldn’t even say hello to him.

  113. Lance will be visiting Kansas on Feb 21 for his 2nd official visit.

  114. J-Dub’s dunk

  115. From what I know of the AAU world, it is not unusual for coaches to have good relations with one AAU coach and bad with others. There was a recent article in the N&O about Roy regarding the same subject. There are some AAU coaches in NC that he will have nothing to do with.

  116. I don’t think the solution is Gary sucking up to AAU coaches. That just wouldn’t be the answer. I think he’s fine with what he’s doing now. These days he’s getting involved personally and spending time and energy. I don’t think he was necessarily doing that after the NC and thus the slippage. In college hoops, you only need 2-3 good players per year. You really only need one stud per class with a couple of good solid role players. Gary can do that without leveraging himself to AAU coaches. I mean how does that work out later on? You have an assistant who was “bought” with the star player. If the star player doesn’t want to play defense how does the coach take charge of that situation? It’s potentially an ugly situation. It’s like selling your soul for a coach. I hope that never happens at Maryland even if we miss out on top players.

  117. sigh, if jordan williams was like your typical aau stud (punk).. a big part of the reason he chose md was the great criminal justice school. he’s thinking about life after college (and it doesnt involve the nba). he’s not the kid gw deals with in aau

  118. I think I saw something about Abraham Lincoln HS on ESPN2 tonight, which would give all Terp fans another chance to see James Padgett and Lance Stephenson play.

    Nice win by the Lady Terps last night. I saw the score on the ESPN bottom line.

  119. Saw this in the Sun. The Post has one more piece to their series. Let’s hope they talk to some current recruits to see how they feel about how they were recruited.

    One thing I found interesting were the comments of Tony Turina, the coach of Torrington (Conn.) High School — Jordan Williams’ school.

    I asked him whether Gary Williams was involved in recruiting Jordan or whether he left it to his assistants.

    Turina said: “Gary came up with a school visit and a home visit. He was just as much involved with the recruiting as his assistants.”

  120. After reading the 2nd part of the WaPo series and thinking about it for a bit, I think everyone involved in MD hoops (coaches, fans, alumni, boosters, administrators) need to ask themselves a very basic question:

    Do we want to be a national power in basketball?

    I found Gary’s quotes in this latest article very indicative of the kind of man he is: proud, churlish, intelligent, and unyielding. His quotes about DC Assult and some of the other AAU programs make it highly unlikely that he will land any top talent from some of those programs. Many of those quotes very very personal.

    I’m torn on the answer to that question above. I do want MD to be a national power, but I don’t know if I want it to the point of having to follow the new rules of recruiting. Yes, money has alway played a factor (see Wooden, John @ UCLA), but this AAU scene is an entirely different animal. It’s more than just the money, it’s the added layer of Rasputins. It’s always been bad enough dealing with family members looking to mooch, but now you have these AAU guys joining the fray. AND the NCAA will not curtail any of it.

    I don’t think that allowing the NCAA to pay players will solve. The only solution is to ban all summer contact and all contact with AAU coaches. These AAU guys are like agents, though, which means that they will always find a way to flow to open crack in the system.

    I don’t know…how could anyone want to deal with these AAU svengalis? Clearly, though, Gary doesn’t want to. How can he be effective and not play by the rules that everyone is playing by? Uhg, very dispiriting. I wonder why we don’t see this more in football, too.

  121. Hearing that we’re going to honor the 1984 ACC Championship team tomorrow prior to tip-off — Can’t wait for the game 20 years from now when we honor the 2004 team, wonder what that reception would sound like

  122. Ricksterps, that is correct. Gary was VERY involved in Jordan Williams recruitment. In fact, Gary really pushed for UMD to be his first in-home visit last year.

    Speaking of Gary, on his radio show last night Gary said Burney has been at full strength for the last 2 weeks but is still not in game shape. He also said Braxton needs to get more consistent in his play. The reason he didn’t put BD in the Ga Tech game was his inconsistent play and that putting an inconsistent player in that game, even for a couple of minutes could have meant the game considering UMD only won by 1 point.

    He said Bowie is 100% and that some other players had some minor injuries and have used this week to heal.

    Gary mentioned that he called Jordan Williams and told him we have lots of back boards at Comcast Center for him. He also said he went to NYC to see James Padgett play. When Johnny Holliday asked him about a certain 50 point game Gary said that he couldn’t talk about anyone else.

  123. i hope gary can use all this recent flak to light a fire under these players. i mean, basically everyone has been saying that gary’s still a great coach, but the team has no talent. if that’s not bulletin board material i don’t know what is

  124. Yes DBR,
    I was at practice the other night and Bowie is 100% and was running with the first team the whole time. Hayes, Dino and Tucker were rotating in frequently. The practice was spirited but Gary looked at bit pre occupied as can be expected when a slam job was just published in the paper. It has to wear on him.
    Also Byron Mouton was there watching and he looked in great shape. He told me he was running a basketball skills organization that has about 2,000 kids in Montgomery County under their tutelage. Mike Grinnon was there as well.
    Gary also said he really likes coaching this team despite if their lack of size and he likes coaching in underdog situations like this. He ditto’s the comments of Padgett and Williams above.

  125. I hate that the Post is running this series, but if they had to do it I’m glad they did it now. Right before the Va Tech game. We struggle against them and the article could galvanize the players.

    They’ll have no problem getting up for Duke and UNC.

  126. Harryfish,

    Do you know whether Mouton and Grinnon were at practice to help Gary coach the team, or whether they were watching practice because thats what ex players do on their nights off from having a ‘normal’ life?

  127. They were there to support a coach they love and respect, plus to show some leadership and solidarity with the players. Their words, not mine.

  128. DBR – ‘No problem getting up for Duke,’ eh? Short memory. Just kidding though, I agree w/ you regarding the timing. My soul NEEDS this team to beat VT (I HATE VT. I think I’ve said this once or 2x).

    So, I’ve been ignoring the WaPo series, but broke down and read the “New Ballgame” part. It’s really a convoluted situation, and it reminds me of Washington lobbyists jumping from public to private sector to peddle influence for big bucks. Gary definitely comes off as highly principled, but I agree with Wheels that there are some comments from Coach about some AAU guys that definitely won’t help our recruiting.

    It’s kind of a non-issue though, as GW will not change regardless of whats in the press about him. He is working harder, but not differently from before. Once a new coach comes in, we’ll learn whether the powers-that-be at MD are ok with a coach he cuts corners a little more. And since Gary is old school (and old) it will be harder to find someone cut from his mold.

    A thought, is there anyway we can start some sort of viral marking campaign about Lance coming to Maryland? Like a blog, with video’s, articles, etc… I’m sure there’s enough talented and smart people on the Soup that something like this could be done (How effectively, I don’t know).


    Last article in the series. It is actually the least compelling one of the bunch. I could save you five minutes and tell you it is about the current group of recruits for next season. They leach onto the Lance Stephenson recruitment and call it “desperate”. So Gary got killed for not getting recruits and now he is trying to get a top ten and he is desperate?

    Can’t wait until tomorrow’s game.

    Go Terps

  130. I’m ready to leave this shite in the dust and start polishing my azz kickin’ boots for tomorrow at 4:00!

    Go Terps!!

  131. Amen Leb, glad to see the LAST installment of the WaPo “expose.” Unlike the first story, the second piece was relatively well balanced, and I think people will (and should) commend Gary for steering clear of all the AAU shadiness. But considering the number of well-regarded coaches who have successfully navigated the AAU circuit without incurring major violations (at least as far as we know), I have to believe that Gary could probably do a lot more to build relationships with these guys and still remain on the up and up. Just keeping the lines of communication open and showing your face at tournaments with frequency goes a long way, and it appears Gary is making more of an effort to do these things. He’s so prickly, though, and he has such disdain for the AAU guys and the stranglehold they have over college hoops, that I wonder if he’ll ever really be able to make inroads with these teams. Reading his comments about Curtis Malone suggests to me that Gary may never change his approach, and if that’s the case, we’ll probably be on the outside looking in as long as he’s running the show in College Park. Don’t get me wrong; Gary doesn’t get enough credit for running a clean program, and I love him for it. But he can’t expect to have the same results in this era of college recruiting if he doesn’t adjust to the times.

    Re the third article, I do wonder how Lance Stephenson and Gary would co-exist, given the rumors re Born Ready’s temper/attitude and Gary’s reputation for not putting up with BS. You can’t pass on him, though. If he decides on MD, these clowns best acknowledge Gary and the staff’s efforts in convincing him to play here.

  132. I do not believe we can beat Duke, UNC, or Clemson this year. They simply outclass us talentwise. If we beat VT, then win out at the end of March against NC State, Wake Forest, and UVA, we would be 8-8 in ACC play and should be in 6th place. Assuming we don’t get blown out in the first round of the ACC tournament, I think that would be enough to get us in.

  133. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was going to be a two part series until Lance showed up at the Miami game on 1/31.

  134. An old frat brother sent me this link:

    Click here:

  135. I had the same reaction as Wheels and CT to the 2d WaPo article. Proud that Gary stands by principle, but concerned that his personal attacks are hurting the program. Kinda reminded me of what it is that pride comes before.

  136. Tiny Morton, the head BB coach at Lincoln high school will be coaching in the Charm City Classic. Hmmmmm…oh wait…James Padgett is playing in that game.

    Like Mars Blackmon said back in the day “it’s gotta be the shoes”.

  137. It’s a shame the Post uses such words as ‘sordid past’ when referring to Lance. It’s that kind of media crap that could keep him from coming here. I’d say Tyree Evans had a much more ‘sordid’ past than a guy who has one misdemeanor to deal with. Everyone that age makes some dumb choices, just not all of us are in the public eye.

  138. One of the Soupers lives in NYC and could certainly shed more light on this but from what I remember, the girl that filed charges against Lance is said to be tryna get paid once he’s a pro.

    As for punching a teammate, I’m a lover not a fighter, but like teammates have never fought before. I mean please.

  139. Exactly DBR. I hope Lance is strong enough to want to come here, play with his former teammate and shove some of thei negative stuff down the writers throats!

  140. What? ESPN showed Lance’s list and left MD off. We can’t get any love…

  141. DBR. When is the charm city classic? Is j.w. in it ? i have been to two of them and found the alot of fun.

  142. April 5th. And my mistake it’s called the Charm City Challenge not Classic as I originally posted. And Jordan Williams will be taking part.

  143. Raj, I saw ESPN HS Recruit Ticker at lunch and UM was listed 2nd right after SJU

  144. Happy V-tines day to the soupers.

  145. Anyone here seen something like this before?

    Oh yeah, that’s right…maybe they should also include The Sun All-Mets, since they cherry-picked the “other local players” for a nice effect.

    If the newspaper industry wasn’t in a tailspin, I’d demand a job at the WaPo.

  146. Harryfish, I was talking about during the Lincoln game on ESPN2. I wonder why they updated one list but not the other…

  147. The ticker during the Lincoln game never showed MD as one of Stephenson’s schools, but Bob Valvano mentioned MD being in the running. No respect from ESPN.

    Born Ready struggled tonight, but he can definitely fill it up (doesn’t play much defense). Padgett was very active, although I was disappointed to see him miss so many chip shots in the lane. In his defense, he was often double and triple teamed when he got the ball in the post. I just would’ve liked to see him attack the rim more.

  148. Wheels, you did much better research. Do you think they visit this site on occasion?

  149. DBR: re the viral marketing campaign,

    Sir Lance a Lot already has his own website, which from the best I can tell is run by his Dad (thats based on the point that his father is the “host” of a lot of the videos posted), who might be a web developer because the site looks pretty polished.

    It seems like Stephenson is already trying to grow his brand, and has celebrity connections in rapper Fat Joe who sings his praises as the best thing from NYC in a long time. If this guy is so good, what makes anyone think that he’ll want to stick around for longer than the mandatory year before he can go Pro?

    As far as a viral marketing push, I can imagine some things like a polished website praising the youngster from the Maryland perspective, maybe record some students’ reactions to Stephenson’s dunk videos,maybe then have those same students on camera saying how much Maryland wants Lance to come here. If there is a youtube channel created with a catchy enough name, like “terps <3 lance” he might be enticed to watch it if the names gets dropped to him through Mr. Padgett or word spreads through his hs.

    There are all sorts of ways to vie for his attention, certainly a SHOE DEAL speaks volumes, getting on ESPN is also pretty important, but I’m willing to bet that he spends just as much time online talking to his friends, watching stupid videos, and learning dance moves and lyrics as the next high schooler. We’d have to hit him where his attention is, and as far as my understanding goes, thats in web-based videos.

  150. Also, in addition to getting students to be impressed by his abilities and then sing his praises,

    there could always be a big deal out of getting Fat Joe to perform in front of a crowd of thousands at Maryland’s annual Art Attack which is held in Byrd Stadium. I’d have to believe that Fat Joe has a significant population of his demographic in PG County and Washington DC who would travel in droves to see him on campus. Maybe if Fat Joe thinks that the performance is worth it, it might be another voice telling Lance to choose UMD.

  151. Anyone ready for Dook’s now annual flameout? Anyone going to Vegas in the near future should put money down on Dook losing in the Sweet 16. It’s like clockwork. No inside game, heavy reliance on shooting 3s, no homecourt advantage, and no ACC refs.

    I’d acutally like them to be a 1 seed because they are the safest “which 1 seed loses first” bet.

    Rick…are the fans getting on Koach K? I bet they are.

  152. 7 hours til tip. I’m a nervous wreck this morning. If we win (favored by 3 points in Vegas) we sit at 16-8, 5-5. Those numbers look like a bubble team right? We have now arrived at the game which will determine what type of team we will be coming down the stretch. If we lose this game we are pretty much spoilers the rest of the way. If we win we’re still in there. I will call this ‘The Truth” game.

  153. Much to my dismay, I will not be able to watch today’s game because I’ll be taking my 2 year old to see Elmo and the rest of those Sesame Street folk. Oh, the fun!

    I’ll be keeping track on my phone, but please folks, continue to do the great job of describing the game so I can come home and know why I’d be happy or have to write the season off!

  154. Fat Joe? LOL Oh well at least some hip-hop artist is showing him some love. Outside of NYC and MIA Fat Joe is not that relevant, but perhaps his new single featuring Akon will do well since it sounds more like an Akon song feat Fat Joe than the other way around.

  155. students and alum,
    make comcast as loud as possible. we need everyone for forty minutes. lets take the roof off comcast. i want mosley to poop on delaney today as well. he needs to show him what a rough baller from the bcl actually looks like.

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