Virginia Tech Thread

Well fans, here we go.

Today, the Terps begin in earnest their quest to earn that elusive NCAA bid.  This season has delivered mixed results but the Terps have a chance to right the ship today and set themselves up for a run that could turn the season around.

We are seeing signs that the team has rallied around Gary Williams and that is probably just how Gary wants it.  You can almost hear his pregame speech now.

Everyone is saying that I don’t recruit.  That my players aren’t up to par.  Well, I like this team.  You guys ae good enough.  You have showed it again and again.  Let’s prove the doubters wrong. It begins today

Virginia Tech is frisky and should prove to be a formidable challenge.  Yet, the schedule only gets tougher from here.  A loss and we can go back to ruminating on Jordan Williams backboard shattering dunks or Born Ready’s choice of gym shoes.

Let’s hope that the boys can stave off the recruiting talk with a couple of wins over the next 10 days.



  1. Much to my dismay, I will not be able to watch today’s game because I’ll be taking my 2 year old to see Elmo and the rest of those Sesame Street folk. Oh, the fun!

    I’ll be keeping track on my phone, but please folks, continue to do the great job of describing the game so I can come home and know why I’d be happy or have to write the season off!

  2. I am so nervous for this game today just because I really dislike VT and Greenberg. They just are a classless bunch of people. The Terps need this and it would be a huge win for them and Gary. Hopefully they can pull it out!

  3. VT’s backcourt of Delaney and Vassallo worry me…and we know Jeff Allen is an all acc type of player so this is a tough match up. But the Terps have had a week to prep and with the hatchet job the Post did on Gary I’m expecting the team and the crowd to have alot of intensity. I’ma go with what Gary said about the Georgia Tech game…I want the Terps to get to the first TV time out in good shape and build from there.

    GO TERPS…I’m all in!

  4. Meanwhile…Here’s some recruiting info:

    Following last night’s game, Lance Stephenson confirmed that he will play in the McDonald’s All-American Game April 1 in Miami.

    If you watched the game last night you saw LS wearing Nike, and some of his teammates wearing UA and Adidas brand shoes. The team was supposed to be wearing Nike but due to a mix up, not all of the Nike shoes fit the players. Thus the mixture of footwear by the Lincoln team.

    Taran Buie scored 23 points last night giving him 1,005 points for his career to lead Bishop Maginn to a 100-64 win over LaSalle. I didn’t attend the game because the last time they played LaSalle I was there and it was a rout.

  5. 40 minutes of hell Terps! 40 complete minutes…JWB!

  6. To answer Wheels in the previous post, Coach K is getting heat from his fans. The paper down here (N&O) goes easy on all three schools so not much there.

    If they don’t make it to the final four this year he will really start hearing it. He has been in a back and forth with the fans since he came back from the Olympics. He called them spoiled and said he won’t let them define success for his program. Sound familiar?

    The Terps need to take it right at Va Tech. Go to the rim and get them in some early foul trouble. Va Tech can bring some full court pressure so we need to be ready for that. They can also be pressed which we should do in spots.

    Let’s do this!

  7. Tough match up today…while I hope for a win, it is just a hope. Nothing certain about this team except uncertainty.

    Rick…I can’t wait to hear the noise from RD when Dook flames out again. Dook under Koach K will be like UCLA in the 60-70s…we’ll find out later that some hobnob bankrolled it all but that the media will blush over it….the swoon for K will live on.

    Gregg…Sesame Street live isn’t too bad…better than Thomas Live and Dora Live….but Diego Live takes the prize. All of the stuff “on ice” adds at least an element of danger.

  8. I for one will be doing my best to make Comcast loud today. C’mon Terps. How bout having a good shooting game for us today. And I’m talking about both halves. Hehe.

  9. Gregg – Treasure the time with your 2 year old. In 10 years, *Yikes*! If you raise ‘em to be a Terp, they get the message. My daughter is 28 and lives in San Antonio and we still talk “Terpies” all the time.

    PT – I’m with ya’. We did alright for the Miami game, but us old farts in the upper bowl *and the kids* can do better. Let’s bring our “A” cheering game.

    Go Terps!! JWB!!

  10. My son has it pretty tough, down here in the belly of the beast (Raleigh) and a Terps fan. He still runs around in his Terp gear even with the recent downturn in our performance the last few years.

    Ten years old and learning the tough life of a Terps fan :)

  11. Yeah the upper bowl bummed me out for the Miami game. I was up in sect 226 and it was kinda quiet. On some plays when I jumped up to cheer, like JSK’s dunk I was the only one standing in my entire row.

  12. Hey, I’m having a Windows Media problem that I hope a Souper can help me with. Videos play very slowly…sometimes stop-n-go but the audio plays rather normally. I gotta get this resolved or I won’t be able to see the game today since it’s not on TV in upstate NY. Any suggestions????

  13. DBR,

    1. Restart you computer
    2. Make sure the vents for the fans on the latop/ CPU are all clear
    3. CLOSE all other programs on the CPU and right click and close everything in the task bar.
    4. Restart your router and cable modem.
    5. Try another CPU.

  14. They have got to get this one. 6 days off, Delaney comments about Gary’s recruiting in the Post. GW will have the boys ready today. GO TERPS!

  15. DBR,

    Hope you get the computer working. You got to take me to a Terps game one day soon, it’s my dream to go there and we’ll represent the Capital Dstrict haha.

  16. Got the game on the WB channel here in the Providence area. BC in the ACC opened up the market. Part of me doesn’t want to watch the game…I can’t take it live. Uhg, the thought of VT’s style of play.

  17. I am on the west coast and the game is not showing here on tv. anyone know where I can watch it online?

  18. Off to a decent start. These announcers are horrible. F*ck Raycom, they suck. I’ve literally never heard this much dead air on a network sports program.

    Let’s Go Terps!!! Take it to the Chokies

  19. Sam, this stream might be good. its a commercial now, so i don’t know.

  20. Gold uniforms, Lefty in the building as the 1984 team is recognized today (as someone mentioned in a previous thread). Maybe that will get the people in the upper bowl energized to make some noise all game long.

    GO TERPS…I’m all in.

  21. Hayes hit a long three from a good 4 feet behind the arc. Tucker blocked a three point shot. It seems we’re doing okay on both sides of the 3 ball.

  22. We are seeming to rebound okay, too. It looks like the Hokies are even worse at rebounding long balls than we are.

  23. I am LOVING Bowie’s mohawk. Nice!

  24. And Milbourne is rocking the lowhawk.

  25. The terps are playing well but are having trouble pulling away. Tech keeps making important stops when the lead seems to be getting out of hand.

    Both teams are making stupid turnovers.

    The pace has been pretty fast in the past few minutes, which team will outlast the other?

    Landon has been hitting a lot of good shots. We haven’t missed much when we are open lately.

  26. Agreed about not pulling away, Jacob. I would have liked to see us go into the half with a little more momentum, but i think we can hang on in the second half. Would LOVE to see a 2nd half smackdown.

  27. nice start so far. MD must continue to shoot well. I get this feeling that Va Tech is just waiting to explode. The Terps will need to execute in the last five minutes to win. No time like now to get that monkey off our back.

  28. I think the guys are hyped, they seem to reallly be looking for the open guy, which is a good sign. Not too many forced shots.

    Gary needs to keep them on the upswing and come out strong.
    The hokies will come back, and its nothing to do with how VT plays, but how MD always lets their opponents make the game close. Jeremy is right that the last five minutes will determine this game. gonna be exciting.

  29. Are those “GARYLAND” t-shirts I’m seeing on people sitting courtside? Coincidence?


  31. Milbourne and Vasquez both playing well. Mosely is really active in there and is playing great D. Hayes looks to have his shot and that’s about it for the offense. We are making silly TOs but not enough to throw my computer across the room.

    I too am awaiting a mini run at the least from VT (Vasallo). He looks pretty spotty right now but things can change. Have they even mentioned Allen? We are holding our own in the middle which is shocking. Probably down in RB but not by much.

    Another weak looking crowd at Comcast…Got loud when Milbourne’s 3 bounced around and went, but other than that it’s been pretty sub-par.

    We got a 5 point lead at the half….I’ll take it!!

  32. After those couple of possesions where we didn’t score I got worried but overall a nice start to the 2nd half.

  33. That was a nice sequence. Big shot by Neal. The terps can’t afford to let up. they aren’t putting tech away. They just need to play with intensity all the way to the buzzer.

  34. A dagger with 17 minutes to play?

  35. keep on pouring it on guys! neal awkward pass to vas who drills one to make it an 11 pt game

  36. DBR, .. sorry i got excited. it seemed like vt had stopped all our potential runs in the first half…. i think the Neal 3 just broke the wall. we’ll see.

  37. i hope at the end of the game we can look back and say that Neal 3 with 17 to play was the dagger :)

  38. THREES raining! That will work!

  39. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

  40. YEEESH

  41. Too many three point shots. terps need to get in the lane. they have not been to the foul line all game.

  42. Ugh, giving it away here. This zone is messing with us. HUGE shot from Hayes


  44. Not minding these fouls if VT keeps missing the front end of their FT’s

  45. Was GV even out for a full minute? Nice jumper from Tucker.

  46. Well GV will be sitting now…he’s got 4 fouls.

  47. Did my eyes just decieve me? Was that Hayes bringing the ball up against pressure and drawing a foul?

  48. That sucks

  49. 34 seconds of good D, only to give up a 3… this is gonna be another nail bitter

  50. Gary should bring GV back with 5 minutes left. If we are up by 6 or more, it should come down to FTs

  51. Dino hitting both free throws!

  52. Vasquez 4 fouls…8:30…

  53. That got the crowd fired up!!

  54. Nice pass by Cliff and terrific finish by Landon.

  55. The analyst just said Maryland has good ball handlers and good decision makers…for the most part on the court

    He felt the need to qualify decision makers. LOL

  56. Adrian only has about 19 minutes of PT, I wonder if the flu is still lingering.

  57. It seems like Tech is getting desperate.

    I hope the Terps keep piling it on and don’t just let up to make it a close game.

  58. Classic. My mom unplugged the router and my slingbox went dark for 5 minutes. That was the equivalent of the Heidi game for me.

  59. Gary said in interviews that he was 100% by Thursday. If the Terps hold on and win this game by near the current margin, this could be good for GV.

    He’s on the bench with foul trouble down the stretch watching his teammates, some of them sophs and frosh getting it done. This could lead to him having even more confidence in his teammates.

  60. Enjoy the rest of the game FROM THE BENCH Jeff Allen

  61. did he just flip off the crowd?

  62. wow…espn360 is way behind…no more comments here

  63. GV is done for the day.

  64. you gotta love these announcers. It took then 45 seconds to realize that vasquez fouled out.

  65. between the announcers and the students chanting airball on a shot that hit the rim and reset the shot clock don’t know who’s worse lol

  66. Jeremy, they’ve been horrible today. My 2 fav lines from the day:

    – “In recent weeks, Landon Milbourne has been leading his team in rebounds and in spirit”
    – “Vassallo is the best post up player in the ACC”

  67. Great TO call by Gary…he saw it coming in the backcourt.

  68. Is this the 40 minute game we’ve all been craving?


  70. Honestly, I thought Dave Odom was the best announcer I’ve heard Raycom employ. He did a great job…and it’s very seldom I say that about any announcers these days…

  71. nice win today. the gold uni’s are starting to grow on me

  72. Big win. Amazing free throw shooting. Funny how Dulaney played following the POst expose.

  73. 21 in a row, according to the Diamondback.

  74. Gary has closed the locker room to the media for post game interviews.

    Maybe they can use the extra time to write about how Georgetown has 3 All Americans and have a worse record than the Terps.

  75. And Tim Brandt was saying how rough it must be on Delaney because he grew up in MD and he comes back and doesn’t play well. Eff Delaney, he coulda played at UMD…and someone tell him to keep our coaches name out his mouf BEOTCH!

  76. must win delivered, 6 games left, we control our destiny

  77. Unofficially Maryland shot 48.1% from the field, 38.9% from three and made 24-of-26 from the free throw line, 92.3%.

  78. Nice win for the TEAM. That was a team effort, especially with everyone making FT’s, which ultimately won us the game. Gary had one of his better games of the year, I thought. So now, we are #6 in the ACC, right?

    DBR, Mike Wise of the WaPo wrote a piece on GTown’s mediocrity. I guess someone wanted a little balance there. Also, Dan Steinberg has a piece on “We Heart Our Coach” t-shirts at the game.

  79. I concur…definite team win. The kids seemed to have their legs back. They didn’t even practice until Wednesday. Coaches had them focused and ready to go.

    So nice of Mike Wise to do his job LOL. Maybe he can include an article on George Washington and how they’ve gone straight into the crapper now that their AD is making the coach recruit kids that go to high schools/prep schools that actually exsist.

  80. Really nice win. VT might as well be ranked. They are a quality opponent regardless of what we saw today.

    I thought we played great as a team. Plenty of double figure guys (4) with Bowie and Mosely with 8 and 9 respectively. With the rebounds at 31-31 I don’t think we could have wished for a better scenario. They got some second chance looks but rarely anything easy. We really took care of the weak side board today.

    Needless to say, Milbourne really stepped up today. We are going to need a performance like this from someone on our team to propel us to victory in the next few games.

    That shot by Hayes to end the drought when VT started playing a high zone was huge. We could barely make a pass much less find the hoop and Hayes bailed us out big time.

    Well…here we go…into the heart of our season with a .500 record in the ACC. Could we really have hoped for a better situation?

  81. Ohhhh if we can steal the Clemson game ohhhhhh

  82. MD wins more than 80% of its games when they have 4 scorers in double digits. They shot north of 44% from the field and north of 33% from 3. Even on the boards. Haven’t seen the TO/A stats yet…that’s the blueprint and they executed it.

    I only watched the 1st half, but I echo the comments about the Raycom announcers. Brandt is a MD alum, and I always think he’ll be a little better on the MD stuff…but he’s kind of a dud.

    6 games left…gotta split them to make the tourney. Say one thing about this team, they just don’t let you go. They always pull you back in.

  83. Jeff Allen’s ol’ one gun salute

  84. Was that salute tonight? Wonder what was said to him…

  85. He fouled out so it was the goodbye song

  86. This was a win over a team with a top 45 RPI and that was tied with two other teams for third in the ACC. Nice win.

  87. Great complete game by the Terps. GV played a really mature game. Milbourne is turning into a force right in front of our eyes.

    They played their best game all year with a lead. Never let up on Va Tech, kept pushing the offense. That Clemson game would be just what we need. A quality win on the road.

    Go Terps!

  88. Oh and DBR, those were “Garyland” shirts. They were handing them out before the game and the students got “In Gary we trust” pins.

  89. Wonderful, there’s photo evidence on Jeff Allen telling Terp fans we’re numba one in his heart. Perhaps he’ll be suspended for a few games.

    And Delaney allegedly grabbed his junk when he was introduced and the students shouted “sucks”.

  90. Thanks Raj…I checked out Dan Steinberg’s blog and it appears the GARYLAND shirts had I heart our coach on the back. That’s a good look. Someone needs to put one on Debbie Yow and Kathy Worthington.

  91. Oh and for the record…I hope Milbourne’s dunk will be on ESPN’s top plays (there I said it).

  92. great day for the terps. crowd was great, sugar sean mosley showing delaney what a rough ass baller from the BCL looks like, landon’s facial, jeff allen flipping the bird, the general playing well. and georgetown clinching the #1 seed in the NIT

  93. I had a bad feeling about this game. It makes this complete 40 minute performance by the Terps all the sweeter. Go Terps! Beat Clemson! True Terp fans love Gary.

  94. JWB!!!!!

    loop – I’m not sure what they were showing on the tube, but today was as packed as I’ve seen it for a home game this year. Crowd noise was good, but . . . maybe the accoustics at Cole were just better. We just can’t seem to get that roar like a jet taking off that we had over there.

    Anyway, great all around win. Gary beat Seth like a drum.

    Was it just me or did there seem to be a lot of guys slipping and losing the handle on the ball?

    We’ve got good Mojo to take down to Clemson.

    Go Terps!!

  95. Great win, unable to make the game but listened to it all with Johnny Holiday and Knockne. Nice to hear the homers for the two hours instead of clueless TV announcers.
    Anyway no Braxton for the second game in a row and third out of four games (9 minutes in UNC). Is this the ship were looking for next year?

  96. It almost has to be. If he gets no PT when we have no big men, what are his chances next year?

  97. I am so happy.

  98. James Padgett scored 23 points today, don’t know how many rebounds he grabbed. Lance Stephenson scored 24.

  99. I love Elmo and the Sesame Street all stars!

    Ok, had to get that out of my system. Looks like I missed a good one. I’ll be sure and watch CSN tonight for full coverage, but perhaps I shouldn’t watch the Clemson game as well. Perhaps I’m bad luck!

    Thanks to everyone for your thoughts. It’s as if I was able to watch it. The next 3 games are our season. Here’s hoping they play like they did today the rest of the way.

  100. Great win for the team and the program.

    Two things stand out to me about this game.

    D – Was exceptional just about the entire game.

    Offense – Everyone contributed. AB’s opening slash to be bucket set the tone. I thought GV played real smart (fouls are fouls) and Milbourne signaled the rest of the league that “he can’t be left alone” anymmore. Don’t believe he’ll be disappearing during games much.

    Playing the last 5 mins or more without GV- and VT trying to pull a run was great for our “finishers”. GW’s post game remarks were prophetic….”anyone can start, but not everyone can finish”. We’ve got a pretty good 8 man rotation going into the stretch and that’s without Burney and BD, although I’d like to see Burney get some PT. Gary said…..”they are both healthy”. Of course that’s GW’s way of saying “put up or shut up”.

    Little known comment/observation – One of the announcers pointed out that the Pres.of UMD was making his way down the aisle before the game was over, to position himself to congrat Gary. Great move. Great gesture.

    If we had not won today, as convincingly as we did, it would have beed difficult for the team and us fans to look positively at the rest of the schedule. Our fate is now in our hands.

    Go terps.

  101. The shirts, the pins, Dr. Mote the Pres? I know its Valentine’s Day and we should show some Love, but come on – what prompted the gushing over Gary all of a sudden? -> My guess: Gary and Debbie finally sat down and reasoned some things out (sounds like a Billy Joel song, right?). Maybe the WaPo articles had something to do with it, finally setting the dept. heads over the edge to stand behind their man. It really is Gary’s Modus Operatus to be the “no one thinks I can so I will” underdog.

    Maybe we should feed the press more negative stories to get them to get Gary riled up.

    An interesting tidbit about the Maryland persona as seen from the outsider’s perspective: On the message board next to the feed I was watching, some of the Hokie fans expressed their non-surprise at losing to a Gary Williams team who had a week to prepare. I’ve heard similar sentiment about the Soccer and Football teams. Just sharing.

    Go Terps

  102. The schedule makers gave us a pretty raw deal but we do have one thing going for us. Clemson plays on the road tomorrow afternoon then has to turn around and play us on Tuesday. I know Gary has b*tched about that in the past. He thinks if you play a Sunday afternoon game you shouldn’t play until Wednesday.

    I know these kids are young and it shouldn’t matter but we can use all the help we can get. I have been saying all season Clemson is the real deal. I think they are the second best team in the ACC.

    I will be enjoying this win until Tuesday. Big win against a team that will be a bubble team come Selection Sunday.

  103. It’s the gold uniforms — has to be. Really a great win, the FT shooting at the end was amazing. Milbourne’s jumper from 10-16ft is the most reliable thing about this team, he was on fire today. I wish we wouldn’t forget about him when we go in our scoring droughts. Mosley is going to be so good, he plays phenomenal defense and does all the little things… the scoring will come, just wait

  104. Tonight’s results:

    No. 3 Westchester 85, Brooklyn (N.Y.) Lincoln 78

    Leading contributors: Junior guard Jordan Mayes scored 31 points, senior guard Dominique O’Connor had 24 and junior forward Dwayne Polee Jr. had 10 for Westchester. Guard Lance Stephenson scored 26 points and senior forward James Padgett had 23 for Lincoln.

  105. I’ve never been a big fan of the Post’s Sally Jenkins, but right on!!!!!

  106. “Jordan Williams scored a game-high 37 points to lead Torrington to this away victory over Kennedy.” See photo gallary. Note the size of Jordan’s hand in the photo of the one-hand dunk (3rd page of photos).…-2009/a013.html Help is on the way. Hit the weights Jordan.


    I see one of the local papers latched on to this Duke recruiting story. The recruitment of this Wall kid is as dirty as it gets and coach K is right in the middle of it.

    Baylor took the bait and hired one of this kids handlers so you would assume that is where he is headed. Coach K had also said he wouldn’t take a kid that is openly a one and done guy. This kid has announced he is just playing one year.

    Let me say Duke hasn’t done anything illegal here. The perception some have is that Duke only goes after these great student athletes but Roy is starting to really put the heat on him. Four straight losses to UNC at home will do that.

  108. John Wall will likely wind up at Baylor like the article suggests. I thought I read somewhere that Wall was no longer considering Duke but that NCSU was still in the picture.

  109. Congrats Terps! Missed the game, so I’ve got a request. Most of you gushed over the the fact that we got a W out of yesterday’s contest, however didn’t see a lot of commentary on the breakdown of how we got the W. Saw some commentary in some of the posts, but appeared to be a bit ad hoc.

    Someone give and overall run down of how everyone played. Sounds like they played as a team and for 40 minutes at that. Also sounds like the proverbial whole exceeded the sum of the parts in yesterday’s victory. I mean, even with a W, we’re still not the most talent rich team out there. However, if we play like a TEAM, I see no reason why we can’t take down any of the remianing teams on our schedule, including UNC and Duke. I’m not necessarily saying WWO, but 4-2 is not out of the question if they stick together and play as one.

  110. Clemson just lost to UVA in OT. I was actually hoping they would win. Never like playing a good team after a loss. The coach can usually get their attention better right after a loss.

  111. I’m with Gregg – Sally Jenkins is one of my least favorite columnists, but I appreciated her column in today’s WaPo. Prisbell also got a few pro-Gary quotes from Seth Greenberg. No surprise these nuggets (both Jenkins’ column and Prisbell’s blurb) were buried on pages D10 and D12 of the paper. I guess we’ll take what we can get. Here’s the Prisbell piece:

    I’ll let someone else tackle the complete run down for JohnE, but I thought the key to yesterday’s win was solid defense and hustle for the full 40 minutes. Dulaney was nutralized for the majority of the game (he scored most of his points in the last few minutes), we frustrated Jeff Allen in the post and he ended up fouling out, and A.D., although leading the team in scoring, was defended pretty well on the perimeter. Re hustle, there’s really no reason Va Tech shouldn’t kill us on the glass, given their size (and our lack thereof), but we broke even in rebounding, and that was huge in limiting their second chances.

    Clemson just lost to UVA and will be fired up at home on Tuesday. Not good.

  112. Slight positive to the UVA Clemson game — at least it went into OT; Clemson will be playing on only one days rest. Every little bit could help here

  113. I always thought that playing a good team directly after they lost was kind of a good situation to be in. In this situation, it gives time for Gary and the rest of the coaching staff to watch the tape and dissect what UVa did to beat Clemson. Its like being handed a formula for doing well against a good team. Meanwhile, Clemson will be playing on short rest as Chrs pointed out, and will have minimal time to right whatever they were doing wrong. There is only so much you can teach and change in two days.

    As for why Clemson lost, they could have been too busy preparing for the Terps (gulp) and fell into a trap game against UVa who had likely been preparing for Clemson.

  114. Dang it…not it looks like BC is gonna get a “quality” win over Duke.

  115. And down goes Duke.

  116. Terps RPI up to 60. A road win at Clemson would be huge for these kids psyche and for the RPI.

    I just noticed that Sean Mosley had 3 steals in the ball game. Did he start? I missed the entire first half dealing with computer issues. Oh and Greivis passed Joe Smith and moved up to 24th place in school history with 1,299 career points. Joe Smith scored alot of points in 2 seasons.

  117. Mosley did start yesterday.

    I would rather have that Clemson win than one over Duke or UNC. A road win would really help our cause. Don’t get me wrong, I will take a win over the two Carolina schools.

    We really have to get one from Clemson, UNC, Duke or Wake. If we got two that would be awesome. Of course then we have to win at NC State and UVA. State is really big so that will be a challenge. Plus they are playing a lot better as of late.

    The one thing UVA did that we must follow is stay on Oglesby. Do not peel off him to help with penetration. Stay on him no matter what. He still had five threes but they were from way out.

  118. I think we may have a better shot at picking up 2 out of the big 4 then we do of beating NC state. They matchup well with us and theyve been scorching hot lately. Going into their place will be a major challenge.

  119. …..But for a total of 5 points covering 2 losses (MIami and FSU) our Terps would be in sole possession of 2nd Place in the ACC.

    Another 5 point loss to BC and we would be tied for 1st. Realize this is a “what if” situation but look around….a lot of other teams that “were supposed to win” ain’t getting it done.

    When the shooting stops and the smome clears we’re probably going to see some other “can’t miss” teams fighting for their NCAA lives like we are.

    Clemson and Duke lose today to …..”that’s who”?

    You just got to “believe”.

    Go Terps.

  120. Crucial for MD to come out and get up early on CU. Remember that CU has authored some of the biggest season collapses in modern hoops history. That’s why they hired a sports psychologist. If CU comes out blazing, forget it. MD will stand no chance. They have to make the whisper in every CU player’s head about choking get a little louder. CU has all of the tools, but, as befitting a fine academic institution like CU, their players have 5 cent heads. They are the only team I’ve seen this year that has made me say “Whoa…they are scary good.”

    And right on cue, Dook loses at BC. So begins the swoon. I love it. They’ll still get a 1 seed in the NCAAs somehow…but lose they will. I can’t wait to see Paulus crying in Koach K’s arms after they lose to some middle of the pack big conference school.

  121. I too love seeing Duke on the ropes, but I don’t like the fact that a lot of teams from the ACC who we’re battling with for a Tourney spot (Miami, Va Tech, BC) have pocketed wins against the cream of the conference. We desparately need one of those wins, probably two, to have any chance of dancing. I still think it’s a near impossibilty, but I’ll be rooting along with you guys all the same. JWB.

  122. We just need one… and then to beat UVA and NC st. Even tho everyone else is beating the top ACC teams, if we can beat one of them we’d be right there with them. If we beat Clemson on the road, whos to say that Clemson on the road and MSU on a neutral site is less impressive than any of the other ACC bubble teams resumes?

  123. Agreed – who cares what BC and FSU are doing? They already have 19 wins; at this point they’re basically a lock. Clemson, UNC, Duke and Wake are in too. The ACC is really good (again) this year, so getting 7 teams in should not be a problem, 8 might be stretching it. That means that there is at least one more spot up for grabs between MD, Vtech and Miami.

    If MD comes out and takes care of business, they’re going to get in. It’s pointless to root against any of the other bubble teams in the ACC or in the NCAA. Right now, we control our own destiny.

  124. I agree Chris but I was rooting for UNC last night. Miami is now 4-7 so they are in some real trouble.

    Like most have said, 8-8 will put us right on the bubble and we probably need a game or two in the ACC tourney. 9-7 will have us in no matter what. The only road to that has us taking down two top 20 teams and a real nice “last ten games played” record.

    It will take maximum effort and a bit of luck.

    Go Terps

  125. MD has to take care of business, no question. But the “luck” quotient is critical, as Ricksterps pointed out, and a major factor in determining where the luck falls for the Terps is how the rest of the ACC bubble teams finish the season. If we assume BC and Florida St are in, that leaves MD, Va Tech and MD vying for the final spot . . . again, assuming the ACC only gets seven teams in, which I think is the most we can reasonably expect (NC State is ahead of Miami in the ACC standings, but I don’t think they’ve done enough to have a legit shot at the Tournament). We split with Miami and beat Va Tech, which puts us in a good position when considering the teams head to head. However, both Miami and Va Tech have wins over BC and, more importantly, Wake. We’re still looking for that quality ACC win. Also, Va Tech is currently 6-4 in conference, as compared to MD at 5-5 and Miami at 4-7. Historically, the Committee has been very hesitant to leap frog a team over a higher ranked conference foe and into the Tournament, regardless of RPI, SOS, etc. So, as of this moment, advantage Va Tech, disadvantage to Miami. Finally, don’t understimate the importance of, well, perception. We all know MD is a solid team – not a great team, not super talented, but a solid team that can compete in post-season play. There will be those on the Committee who will use blotches on our record to suggest otherwise. For instance, in the eyes of the Committee, our win over Michigan St was years ago, before either team had really established itself, and it came with at least one or two of the opponent’s key players out of the game. Then there’s the loss to Morgan St at home; neither Miami nor Va Tech have such a glaring hick up on their resume. And don’t think the 40 point beat down at Cameron – on national TV – won’t resonate come selection Sunday.

    I realize this is a rather unscientific breakdown, but it highlights the fact that we need our ACC bubble co-horts to struggle if we’re gonna have any chance of making the Dance. I will certainly be rooting for Va Tech and Miami to crumble in the next few weeks. Here are their remaining schedules (tough road for Va Tech, not so much for Miami):

    at FSU
    at UVA
    at Ga Tech
    NC St

    Va Tech:
    at UVA
    at Clemson
    at FSU


    Oh and on the recruiting front remember Will Regan? He went for 26 points and 11 rebounds recently with Terp assistant coach Rob Ehsan in the gym to observe.

  127. I have a trivia question I was too lazy to look up. When was the last time we didn’t beat Duke or UNC in a season? Unless I am missing a year, I think it’s been a long time.

  128. Not so long ago:

  129. I knew I was missing a year :)

    I think Lunardi generally knows what he is talking about with the bracket but how the hell can he still have GT “last four out”?

    They are 12th in the Big East with a 4-8 conference record and a 13-10 overall record. In the immortal words of John McEnroe…YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS?

  130. Oooooh, I got a feeling about this game against Clemsuck. We’ll probably be a 10-14 pont underdog…we only have one true road win…and I know they’re coming off a loss to an inferior team….but I got a feeling. Can’t wait until tomorrow night.


  131. VT will fall back to the pack… their schedule is difficult and they really havent shown enough to warrant thinking they’ll do any better than 2-4 down the stretch. And CT… VT does have that hickup on their resume. UGA and Seton Hall are both “bad losses”… at the very least our loss to Morgan State and their losses to those two should be considered a wash. Miami doesnt really have a terrible loss, but even if they don’t get upset the rest of the way they’d be 8-8 at best. Again, this is all meaningless unless we can take care of our own business down the stretch… but for the most part, everything seems to be lining up for us as long as we can pick up those 3 more wins.

  132. Ricksterps, I came in to post about Lunardi as well. And he has Miami in over us!! WTF is that? They’re 4-7 in conference, but maybe he’s looking at their remaining cake schedule.

    We are definitely going to need some help getting in, as we’ve got the hardest schedule by far of the ACC bubble teams. It’s going to be tough.

  133. All-Academic ACC Football players reseased…with MD leading the way with 8 selections:

    Interesting, though, that Rick Costa made the All-Academic team but still didn’t know that punching a police officer was not an educated thing to do.

    At any rate, we should applaud Ralphie’s boys for beating out the “brainy” ACC schools (yes, that’s you Dook, BooVa, UNC, and BC). That’s a Terp…whut, whaaat!

  134. okaybowler, I agree with you that I really have no idea how Miami is in over us. Makes no sense. Also, I was surprised to see VT in there, not sure if they have done enough yet.

  135. Karma Gods have to be on our side Tuesday right? I mean there has to be some retribution for last year’s 20pt blown lead. Right? Right??

  136. Maybe losses to UGA and Seton Hall cancel out Morgan St, but I wouldn’t count on it. Losing to Morgan St at home is much worse, in my opinion.

  137. Until selection Sunday is tomorrow, I’m not going to think about the tourney. There is a ton of basketball left for everyone and things are bound to change, for the better or the worse. With the games we have left, we are in pretty good shape as far as I can tell.

    Check out the post game news conference with Gary. Really like the way he talks about this team. Is it possible that this team pulls it together coming down the stretch? I mean how far away from a winner are we?

    Apparently Burney is healthy so maybe we’ll see him sometime soon.

    We need to be really careful with Oglesby. We certainly need to stay aware of him, but changing a defensive gameplan to account for him may not be the best way to go. Clemson can score a lot of different ways and although Oglesby is capable of raining threes all night, our collapsing style of defense has worked well in the past and we will need it as much as ever tomorrow night. 30 from a hot Oglesby would beat us for sure, but I’m more concerned about a big night from Booker or Sykes down low. Eliminate these two guys from the box score and we come out of SC with a W!!!

  138. I agree loop, we need some big wins and have four coming up. It should take care of itself.

    Clemson is an odd team. Their bigs don’t really like to play with their back to the basket. They do kill the offensive glass. We better block out or it’s going to get ugly quick.

    They don’t really have anyone who can hang with Bowie. He should penetrate early and often. I hope GV continues to play the way he has the last few games. His game has been so mature.

    I REALLY like this team. I want them to do well just because I think they deserve it. They have worked hard all year. Let’s hope they can get a few breaks.

  139. I’m glad Ludardi doesn’t have us in that doesn’t bother me. What bothers me I’ll get to in a moment. Didn’t he have us in late in the season last year then we had the great collapse? I’d much rather our kids check out Lunardi’s brackets and NOT see Maryland and know that they’ve got much work to do.

    Now, what bothers me…Duke has lost 4 of their last six games and are still ranked #9? WTF kinda BS is that?

  140. But, duh. They’re Duke. It’s not like they collapse and lose in the sweet 16 every year.


    Good interview with Clemson press. Funny how he points out that GV was a big reason Maryland lost to Clemson last year but his improvement may be the reason we win this year.

    Good stuff

  142. Don’t know if this has already been posted:

    Interview w/ Mouton re: Lance Stephenson

  143. Wake Forest is now on Lance Stephenson’s list of schools.

    So now that’s UCLA, Wake Forest, Kansas, St. John’s and Maryland on his list. I guess USC has faded out of the picture.

  144. Don’t know how accurate this site is but they claim to be a March Madness predictor. Right now UMD is on page 2 at #97. Would be interesting to track this and see how accurate they are.

  145. Jeff Allen suspended:

  146. This guy from the WaPo is gettting on my nerves again. How can he make a declaration like “If GV comes back, Lance comes to MD, Terps can win a game or two in the tourney”. What kind of an arrogant statement is that? Does he have a friggin’ basketball crystal ball? So if GV comes back but Lance goes somewhere else, we are not capable of winning a game in the tourney? Or if they both play next year our absolute celing is the Sweet 16? How can a responsible journalist make such statements?

  147. Excellent… not only did we beat VT, but now we really hurt their chances against UVA. If UVA can upset them with that schedule that Tech has left… you can pretty much stick a fork in VT.

  148. That link didn’t say whether it was Va Tech or the ACC who suspended Allen.

    Anyone know?

  149. I can’t find it on Youtube (yet), but for those who want to see Milbourne destroy Vassallo, you can jump to the 1:36 mark in the ESPN360 Replay. I watched this about 300 times today and will likely do so again tomorrow. I love this play

  150. Mibourne’s dunk was #6 in Sportscenter’s Top 10 following the game.

  151. Another # 1 gets the “dagger”.

    Conneticut falls to #4 Pitt

  152. I’m told it was VT that suspended Jeff Allen for one game. I’m sure they’re hoping that the ACC will see that they’re punishing their own player in hopes that the ACC won’t. Personally, when I saw him flip off our fans I thought “there goes two games for him”. So we’ll see what the league does.

  153. Thanks DBR, I bet they let it slide at one game. That seem fair to me.

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