Opportunity Knocks in Clemson, SC

Make no mistake. The Terps are a long shot to make the NCAAs. However, a loss at Clemson on Tuesday, will not eliminate the Terps. Maryland is not expected to beat the #8 team in the RPI on the road. So, the Terps have no expectations and nothing to lose. Add that to the fact that this is the MD’s only shot to gain a modicum of revenge against the team that ruined their season last year; and we have every reason to believe that this game will represent the Terps best effort this year.

Clemson is very good; but they have a history of fading down the stretch. The Tigers needed overtime to win at bottom-feeder Virginia on Sunday, so they can be beaten.

(Editor’s Note:  Clemson lost.  I’m an idiot and read the score wrong.   There is nothing to see here.  Move along.)

I still think the Terps need a miracle, but boy would a win be special. For a realistic shot at the Tournament, the Terps need to have and RPI in the low 40s at worst. At present, MD is #61. A road win (worth 1.6 wins in the RPI formula) against a top 10 team would probably vault the Terps 15-20 places. That would put the Terps right in the middle of the bubble discussion.

That my friends, is a lot to play for. Sure, the five games that follow Clemson won’t be easy; but a win and the Terps can start to believe in the impossible.



  1. Jeremy you really didn’t just post that Clemson beat Virginia did you? Ummmm just so you know Virginia beat Clemson in OT…

  2. yeah the kitty kats went down to the swashbuckling pirates.

  3. Looking at the ACC what really stands out is how Maryland is the only team in the entire conference not to get a big upset win against one of the top level teams this year in the ACC.

    Boston College beat UNC and Duke, VA Tech, NC State, Miami and GT beat Wake, FSU and Virginia beat Clemson — the ONLY ACC team not to pull off a big conference upset so far this season is Maryland. Of course playing Clemson, Wake, UNC and Duke in the next few weeks gives plenty of chances to change that. The Terps are going to have to pull an upset or two coming down the stretch to have any chance of making the NCAA tourney.

    This rash of upsets shows how competitive the ACC really is, so the Terps have to step up and prove they can beat the top teams…

  4. John, haha wake lost to four middle-of-the-pack ACC teams but is still considered one of the tippy tops. I wonder if Maryland beats Wake does that bring us up, or bring them down?

  5. I hope we beat Clemson on Tuesday (I also hope we spank Duke, NC & Wake, but a brotha can always dream, right?)…my question has to do with the incoming recruits…specifically, the Stephenson situation. If Lance picks MD and If every current player intend to remain in MD next year, how does GW get Stephenson a scholly? Can he for example, take Dupree’s scholly and give it to Stephenson (like he’ll be doing with David Pearman)?

  6. Chi-Terp ; If every player remains and nobody transfers then there will be no ‘ship for Lance. Neal leaving gives us one, which goes to Padgett. Pearman is on a yearly ‘ship as he started a walk-on, so he will give his up and remain a walk-on, this one goes to Williams.
    So the hope if Lance or Terrell Vinson want to come is that someone transfers (Dupree, Tucker, Goins?). GV leaving for the professional ranks is also a possibility but I hope he stays. It is also possible that there is no “ship, I doub’t Gary Williams would run a player off, not in his character , never done it to my knowledge and nor would it help with future recruiting.

  7. Good point John. It also proves that it’s difficult, even for the top tier teams, to always win on the road. If memory serves me correct, all those upsets you wrote about, except BC beating UNC, happend when the higher ranked team was on the road. That’s why not winning the first Miami game really hurts.

  8. Uhh, yeah. Clearly, I read the Clemson-UVA score incorrectly. Not one of my better moments….

  9. I asked around and found out what the dealio was with Bowie and Milbourne’s hair at the VT game. Evidently one of the players came up with an idea to do something to show some unity. The original idea was for players to make a unity statement with their hair but some guys did it that way some did it another way. Even Braxton Dupree did something with his hair…but we didn’t know it because he DNP.

    Oh…and it was Braxton’s idea. As I’ve said before, don’t count on him transfering.

  10. The post put up the full interview with GW here. It’s heated alright! http://voices.washingtonpost.com/terrapins-insider/2009/02/the_gary_williams_interview.html

  11. Seth Davis “reported” on the radio this morning that Dickerson might return to MD as associate head coach next year to be named Gary’s successor, ala Franklin with Fridge. Seth Davis is a turd with no known connections anywhere at MD, so I’m sure he’s just slinging shi*. Has anyone else heard anything like this?

  12. Terps can take down Clemson if they pull together and play as a TEAM. We’ll need big games from Milbourne, Bowie, GV and one or two others, but it is doable. UMd needs to go 4-2 the rest of the reg season. Gotta take a couple from the big four, might as well start with the kittycats.New mantra for rest of season…Whole>sum of parts. JWB.

  13. CT, I just got an email re: this as well. SD is a Maryland native even tho he went to dook. I’ll copy and paste:

    Seth Davis (one of the premium writers on the Terps board) was on the Junkies this morning. This would be absolutely huge because Dave always had a special rapport with the DC and Baltimore players.

    Seth Davis just said that he is hearing rumors that Dave Dickerson might be on the brink of returning to Maryland as the associate head coach and the coach-in-waiting for whenever Gary leaves. Said that Tulane still hasn’t recovered from Katrina, and this is the first time he has broken this news.

  14. I think that would be great. It would sure up the future, in terms of recruiting etc. There is always a question of what the coach in waiting means in terms of timeline, but Gary is getting up there. And Dickerson was always a favorite of mine.

  15. Thanks okaybowler. And I should note that I was confusing Davis with Doug Gottlieb when I made my comments re this rumor. Gottlieb’s the turd.

  16. Lefty had shoulder replacement surgery. Nothing against Dave Dickerson but I would not be in favor of him being the Terps next coach and I’d be really surprised if the ‘coach-in-waiting’ is true.

    Remember, that’s a radio show. Their job is to attract as large an audience as they can and get that audience to listen for long amounts of time. If Seth Davis writes for a premium board his job, in part, is to get people to sign up/pay for the premium content. So you’d now need to sign up and pay to have access to his site to follow along and see if these rumors have any merit.

  17. geiger235 – That interview was intense….. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Tulane has recovered from Tulane. Enrollments are way up. But the BB team continues to struggle. Hard place to recruit from.

  19. More on Dickerson’s possible return to UM. Monte Towe stepped down from the head coaching job at UNO following Katrina to return as Sidney Lowe’s assistant at NCST, so there’s a precedent here–and a justification. The lingering aftereffects of the storm rendered an already tough job well nigh impossible.

  20. Dave Dickerson is not qualified to be MD’s next coach, no how no way! I would love to see the Terps make the NCAA’s, but even if they only get to 7-9, then I still think that GW should be coach of the year to have that record with this group.

  21. I’m shotgunning a beer for every 3 Oglesby hits tonight.

    I hope to remain sober.

  22. Dickerson wouldn’t be my top choice, but he’d make my short list.

  23. I don’t know about hitching our wagon to DD. Good guy, recruits pretty well but I am not convinced he is ready for being the head coach of a big program.

    Let him come back as an assistant and interview for the job when Gary steps down. I don’t think it’s in our best interest to lock him up as our next head bb coach.

  24. You are all getting your Seth’s wrong – Seth Davis writes for Sports Illustrated. Seth Hoffman writes for Terpcenter.com.

  25. I emailed that guy from the Post. Since the three part series ran before the VT game and the kids rallied around GW and played their most complete game of the season, I asked for more articles attacking our coach the day of the UNC and Duke games.

    GO TERPS…I’m all in.

  26. I just read that transcript and Prisbell comes off looking like a hack. He is in attack mode almost from the start. Then he wants Gary to do his job for him on the recruiting violations of other schools.

    In his article all the Gary quotes make it seem that he hate everything AAU and has nothing to do with it. If you read the quotes Gary has some really good things to say about some AAU coaches. It seems clear that he would just keep asking Gary questions until he got he pissed enough to give him a good quote. Good journalist go in with no agenda and see where the story takes them. Hacks go in with a story already in their heads and try to get quotes supporting it.

  27. From the interview, is GW’s assertion that MD has more players in the pro’s over the last 20 years than anyone except dook and unc true?

  28. I think he meant in the ACC. I dont think it includes the whole NCAA. Others like UConn, Florida, have to be up there.

  29. According to this we are in the top ten of all NCAA. Pretty impressive:

  30. This chart is even more impressive. Terps top ten in “Elite Picks”

  31. We take the prize for the most underwhelming multiple #1 pick school LOL

  32. The comment from jonbruns’ second chart re UNC (ranked #1 for top 10 and top 5 NBA draft picks btw 1949 and 2008) is excellent:

    Explain again how UNC has only won 4 NCAA titles with this much talent parading through Chapel Hill?

    I have often wondered the same thing.

  33. This is ESPN’s “Interactive Tuesday” game. Be prepared to see numerous ‘Born Ready’ references scrolling across the screen.

    Also if anyone has ESPN Classic, they are showing UNC @ MD, 1992.

  34. Eric Prisbell obviously does not know the sport of college basketball. He is over-emerged in AAU and summer ball and thinks that’s basketball. He makes statements like “this guy would’ve been worth one bid, this guy worth 1 win in the tourney”. If you rated teams his way, Duke and UNC would’ve won every national championship in the last 25 years. I can’t believe a paper like the WaPo has such an amateur covering the team.

  35. I hope no one forgets…

  36. I understand the need to ask probing questions, but when you continually ask why he didn’t get certain guys and Gary already answered the questions, it’s quite obvious he has an agenda. He can say what he wants, but it’s exactly what Ricksterps said, he already had his story and was looking for quotes.

    In any rate, publishing the stuff seems to have put Gary in a better light than he had before and hopefully that helps us.

    Now onto tonight’s game. I don’t have a lot of hope, but you never know what can happen when these guys come to play and play like a team. If we are hitting shots, we have a chance. But then again, MY road to the tournament does not have us winning this game anyway.

  37. The wife and I say GO TERPS!!


  38. Sean Mosley CANNOT help on defense if he’s guarding Oglesby. He’s gotta stay on him and ignore the help.

  39. 4 team fouls on Clemson before the first TV timeout. That’s good.

    Our decision making… not good.

  40. Okay we got to the TV timeout in decent shape. Sloppy on a few possessions but we’re competitive. Sean needs to make these two FT’s. I wonder if the Terps will throw a different look on defense if Sean makes the 2nd FT.

  41. I think we may need to go to the zone soon… theyre gonna rip us apart inside.

  42. I say live with the inside mismatches…. if you play zone, we’ll get killed from 3.

  43. Maybe a box and 1 look on Oglesby?

  44. We have to drive and be aggressive. We are in the bonus already.

  45. Good looks, just need to sink them.

  46. So we lost…crap!….oh well, what ya gonna do, u know?

  47. anyone have a site where i can watch the game? This dumb hotel doesn’t carry espn2

    Can’t get to 360 either

  48. Shooting 27% and only down by 3. That bodes well if we can get some shots to fall.

  49. Our defense is good, it’s a shame our bad offense showed up tonight.

  50. Clemson’s letting us “hang around”. That will come back to bite them.

  51. That was a terrible 10 seconds for JSK

  52. The Terps are trying hard but are just a terrible shooting team. It is mind boggling that they don’t have any inside presence and therefore have to be a perimter oriented team but they can’t shoot either!

    The great GV has missed 4 open shots so far. You just can’t hope to stay in games against good teams if your star misses easy shots. Milbourne, Mosely, Tucker have all had open jumpers and not even been close.

  53. As usual, Terps can’t shoot the ball into the ocean in Littlejohn…

  54. we look tight.

    Got to get some breaks.

    D is looking strong…. We can win it.

  55. We’re also settling for jump shots and not driving. Even though we blew the 1-and-1, they have 8 team fouls already. Make em pay for that!!

  56. Bowie is flat out attacking the hoop

  57. And he is flat out choking at the line

  58. where is the 90% FT shooting from the other night??

  59. not gonna shoot that well from the line night after night.

  60. there is a differnence between 20 FT’s in a row and going 5-9.

    We are breaking the press rather easily, we just have to be aggressive and hit some damn shots. We can win this game.

  61. Or from the floor apparently.

  62. Bowie’s FT mechanics need work.

    He misses too many front end’s of 1-1’s.

    He’s 2 for 5 or 6 from FT line.

    Milbourne missing lots of shots too….not just GV..

    D is still strong….against a real good Clemson team.

  63. I am so depressed right now. Wish we stole this game from the LittleJohn Coliseum…get ’em back for that horrendous game in the Spring of ’08. Oh well…shit happens. On to NC or Duke

  64. We’re 6-22 on FG’s but only down by six. C’mon Terps gotta find the shooting touch

  65. Throwin in the towel a bit early, aren’t ya chi-terp? We’re only down 6.

  66. cut it to two (or tied) by half is pretty nice. We are not shooting well. If we pick it up in the second half we can win this.

  67. C’mon Terps…ya got their lead down to 2 points. Keep it moving.

  68. Am I right that we have 7 field goals and 7 assists? I like that.

  69. Dave Neal is playing great.

  70. Seriously, was that a travel on Vasquez? Instead of a tie game (and him going to the line), we give up 4 straight to be down 6. WTF…

  71. Awful finish. All the good things we did were erased right there.

  72. Goodbye momentum. We are just so dumb sometimes.

  73. We’re in this game, even though we’re not shooting well, because of our defense. If you had told me we’d shoot this poorly and only be down by six AT Clemson, I’d take that. We MUST shoot better in the 2nd half, can’t keep Booker this quiet for long.

    How many rebounds does Neal have in the first half? Four?

  74. THe half couldn’t end any worse for Maryland.

    GV walks, gives up a layup then makes a TERRIBLE decision leading to an easy basket for Clemson. With a chance to go into the half down 2 they wind up going down 6 thanks to GV.

    It’s a shame because the Terps are playing so hard. They just don’t have anyone on the team that can actually make shots other than Dave Neal ha ha…

  75. I beat Vasquez plays great in the second half.

  76. That’s supposed to be “I bet…”

  77. We need him to. At the very least GV needs to hit his open shots.

  78. I don’t think the D has been that great, Clemson seems to get everything they want on offense. I do think the defensive rebounding has been great. They’ll have to be a thousand times better in every facet in the second half to avoid a double digit loss. If not for a tightly officiated first half this game would already be over, and you can’t count on those same calls in the second half. And while I realize they haven’t been good from the line, they still have like 11 of their 28 pts from the line, and for Md that’s an ass load of free throws in a half.

  79. We’re getting to the line fine… 32% from the field and 16% from 3 is killing us.

  80. The last 24 secs we had to ball we did not have the right team on the floor. There’s no help in the backcourt. Hayes does not do well against a press. We should have spread out and let Bowie atttack the bucket.

    Did I see Burney in there for a minute or two?

    Hey guys…..this Clemson team beat Puke by 27 points and you know Puke clobbered us.

    We could have been in a better place at the half but we aren’t . Conventional wisdem would have us down 16 or more.

    We just need some “breaks” and some J’s to drop.

    Raj- Hardly anyone is hitting their open shots.

    How about Neal with a pull-up J for 2…….he just keep delivering.

    Tucker misse a couple of wide open shots. That’s nerves….a little more PT and he too will have a “breakthrough” game.

    Go Terps

  81. WOW ESPN just showed the graphic that I reference in the 2nd post on this thread.

    Maryland is the ONLY ACC without a big conference upset this season. Good to see ESPN has caught up to my research…

  82. Lord I wish Gary drew up better plays at the end of a half/game and coming out of time outs.

  83. There go’s Patrick again… “Maryland has no upset wins”

    He just keeps fishing for “crap” to throw on MD.

  84. I just realized that for the sophomores (Bowie and Tucker), this is their first game in LittleJohn, that may have an affect on their shooting. Even Landon probably didn’t play much his freshman year when we played at Clemson.

  85. C’mon Sean. Damn, we finally ran a good play out of bounds.

  86. Are you kidding me? I did not just see Mosely miss a layup with no one around him

  87. How did Mosely score so damn much in HS when he can’t make wide open layups in college?

  88. wow. just wow.

  89. Let’s see… they have 3 days of practice before Saturday. How about some freakin layup drills.

  90. umm… guys… ever heard of a layup drill?

  91. Wow all of a sudden we’re running better inbounds plays. But our defensive effort is lacking so far this half. Kids gotta settle down and re-focus before this game gets out of hand. Lot’s of basketball left to be played.

  92. Holy crap.

  93. I literally just threw my remote and turned of the TV. This team comes apart so damn quickly, it’s sick.

  94. What a shame because the Terps are playing hard.

    The veteran leaders of this team have largely disappeared in this crucial game. GV has been horrible, missing open shots, messing up the end of the first half, and making terrible decisions on fast breaks time and time again. He should not be making these kind of plays as a junior it’s inexcusable. Landon has bricked his jump shots all night. Dave Neal is the only veteran to actually contribute tonight.

    And now the frustration has set in. The Terps has stopped playing defense and appear ready to give up. What do you know another wide open layup missed, absolutely unreal that a major college basketball team does not have anyone on the team that can make layups or 15 foot jumpers.

  95. It’s bad enough we can’t make an outside shot, we’re not capable of making a layup tonight either. YEESH.

    Has Hayes taken a jump shot? Has anyone made a three since Neal’s oepning shot?

  96. Clemson looks a step and a half quicker than the Terps this half. Oglesby took that shot from Columbia.

  97. That was awesome ball movement by Clemson on that last possesion.

  98. Well the eternal optimists on this board who thought the Terps were turning the corner and were ready to make a run to the NCAA’s think again.

    Clemson is shooting 75% in this half. Maryland has missed multiple unguarded layups. Milbourne has been non existent, the great leader GV has been horrible and the Terps are giving up. This will be the 3rd blowout against the top level ACC teams which is just not acceptable. Every ACC team has managed to pull together an upset win in conference play, even lowly Virginia. But the Terps will now have been blown out once again on the national stage.

    Hello NIT for the 4th time in 5 years, but hey Gary is doing a great job!!!

  99. clemson is just in the zone.

  100. okay here’s where we return the favor for last year and come back from down 24 to win. Or not.

    Only one TO remaining for UMD

  101. Wow. All of a sudden 26? FUCK.

  102. I’m not going to lie, I never thought I’d live to see the day where we are out classed by 25 points by Clemson. What a joke

  103. Clemson is good this year.

  104. Wow this honestly may be one of the worst halves in the history of Maryland basketball.

    Gary Williams has just had his team give up on him and quit in the second half. What a pathetic display by the Terps. No excuses or false optimism after this total blowout. The Maryland Terps just ruined their season tonight. GV has ruined his draft status with his play against the top level ACC teams this year. He has regressed noticeably and can’t shoot anymore. Gary has failed to get his team to even stay close tonight in a must win game. It’s strange how the perimeter defense has disappeared, they aren’t even running to the shooters anymore.

    A total collapse by the mediocre Maryland Terrapins which will cement yet another NIT bid for this once proud program and once top level coach. What a shame….

  105. Clemson is hitting everything but we just don’t have the horses. There is no offense. Our guards can’t shoot and we don’t have any big men. They are who they are. If Gary can get this team to 8-8, he should be Coach of the Year. Worst Recruiter, but Coach of the Year.

    At this point, MD should just start going after knee caps. (just kidding).

  106. So John….if some of us are eternal optimists what does that make you.

    Everyone on this board knows MD has a good team but not a great team. We are struggling. We are undersized and not good perimeter shooters. But our guys play to win they don’t play to lose. I could really go off on you but you probably deserve a better fate. You sound like Dan Patrck.

    So, get it off your chest and let our guys have it. It will make them look worse and you look better.

    We alrady know betaing Clemson was a “maybe”….if the stars were properly aligned.

    What’s your point? What do you know that we already don’t.

    Losing sucks and it’s worse with posts like yours. Give us a break.

    BTW….Hayes should not be on the floor in a game like this. Everyone knows he’s going to :

    1. Not shoot.
    2. Dribble excessively.
    3. Throw the ball away

    But I still like the kid.

    I too would like to know how MOsely scored all those pts in HS,

    Go Terps

  107. Is this game over yet?

  108. wow burney…very nice

  109. It’s great to see Vasquez and Hayes step up and hit some big 3’s in the second half to keep the deficit under 30 way to go veteran leaders!

  110. Two things come to my mind after this game. We need to get mentally tougher. When we make a few bad plays, everyone starts to stand aroung and look at each other. Secondly why can’t our fans show up and be as in to the game as others in the ACC.

  111. the only way Gary could have earned his pay tonight would have been to allow the entire student section to run a train on his asshole.

  112. ”I am hurt, but I am not slain,
    I’ll lay me down and bleed for a while,
    And then I’ll rise and fight again.”

    Go Terps!

  113. To, John and any other hater out there….

    Losing Gus Gilchrist and the utter lack of develop from Braxton Dupree killed this season before it even started. Dupree was a four star recruit and plays like a walk on. That’s not Gary’s fault. Dupree could have gone anywhere he wanted for college. Gary has some real players coming in next year. If they suck blame Gary all you want. I’ll be calling for his head too. Until then, give it a rest.

    As for this game, it could have been much worse. Clemson shot 60% for the game, and close to 80% in the second half. If MD didn’t get to the 1 and 1 with 10 minutes to go in the first half, then the score would have been much worse. FTs kept us in it for the first 20 minutes. And we all know how the second half went.

    I think teams shoot well against the Terps because they have the security of knowing that offensive rebounds are relatively easy to get against MD. As a result, three point shots carry less risk. Playing with that sense of security helps with accuracy. It is just a theory, but something needs to explain this. Teams are killing us from behind the arc and our defense is not that bad.

  114. Clemson bent us over tonight. Oliver Purnell owns Gary.

  115. Outscored by 23 points in the second half. Milbourne, Hayes and especially the great GV did nothing of consequence until the game was effectively over. Mosely tried hard but as everyone else is wondering, how in the hell did this guy score so many points in HS. He has no jump shot, is not very athletic or quick and has no jumpt shot either.

    Face it this team is just not good. Not even being competitive against the top level ACC teams is something rarely seen from a Univ of Md basketball team. The parity of the ACC this year is evident as every lower tier team has pulled upsets this year except for the Terps.

    Wonder what fans across the country think about when they watch this team on National TV get blown out time and time again. I would hope they wonder how this could be the same program that won a National Title just 7 seasons ago, have long been known as a top program that will always pull off big wins in ACC play no matter how big of an underdog. How quickly things have changed what a complete and utter embarrassment, thanks Gary…

  116. Let me explain that I’m pissed off right now after another embarrassing performance on national tv, so take my next comments for what they are worth.

    The next person who writes how bad Gary is and how he should be fired after this game, I want your address so I can come over and punch you in the face. Yes, you will likely beat my ass, as I’m a small guy, but I’ll still get that satisfaction.

    We can all be pissed and all be upset, but I’m sick and tired of that crap. This is our team. They quit in the second half and I’m sure our Hall of Fame coach will let them know about it. I’m sure they will get their asses handed to them in practice the next 3 games and they’ll come out and play much better on Saturday against UNC in front of a bigger TV audience. Why? Because Gary Williams is a good coach.

    He just does not have a good team.

    Thank you and goodnight.

  117. damn. how many terrible blow outs is that on the year? five? i never remember seeing a maryland team lose this badly even twice in a season, let alone over and over again. that’s certainly the end of any faint tourney hopes and, let’s face it, we don’t belong there

  118. We’re not out yet… but we are on life support. We play enough good teams that we can get the quality victories we’ll need to make the tournament. The only problem is, I have no reason to believe we’ll win any of them. This team just doesn’t have the horses necessary to compete in the ACC… hopefully Williams and Padgett can give us the inside presence we need next year.

  119. The euro d leaguers did it again!

  120. who are the euro d leaguers?

  121. I think the Gary love fest might have been a little premature, much like his ejaculations when he’s boning Debbie (the only reason he still has his job).

  122. Certain things stuck out to me:

    MD 14
    CU 12

    MD 27
    CU 32

  123. Gregg, you are 100% correct. Gary did everything a coach can do. It’s not his fault that Mosley misses from under the basket. Tucker misses from under the basket. Hell, just about everyone missed an easy shot. The plays were drawn up to perfection, run to perfection, and the final execution was blown. That’s not bad coaching, that’s bad playing. Gary may not be the best recruiter, but he can still coach.

  124. Toby – Get a life.

    I’m in with Gregg…..you’re next

  125. WTF is a Winkleshooter? It almost sounds pornographic.

    “Winky” small minds think small things. You must be a a unemployed unskilled laborer.

    This crap denigrate a great program and the Soup.

  126. Gerry is right for once we need to focus on the facts when looking at what is going on with the Terps.

    The team absolutely quit in the second half tonight. They have no one that consistently makes jump shots or even layups. GV talks so much about being a great player and leader but in the big games he simply does not produce.

    The Terps have been destroyed in their 3 games against top level ACC competition. Every lower level (which the Terps most definitely are) team has pulled off big upsets and kept other games close against the better teams of the league. The Terps however get blown out time after time and appear to quit in games.

    It’s not Gary’s fault that his team gives up. It’s not Gary’s fault that the guys consistently miss wide open layups. It’s not Gary’s fault that the players he supposedly developed in Hayes, Milbourne and GV haven’t produced in big games and at crucial moments. It’s not Gary’s fault that the Terps have the worst big men in the entire ACC. It’s not Gary’s fault that the players on this team largely aren’t of ACC caliber as demonstrated by the huge losses against the top teams. It’s not Gary’s fault that this team is heading for the NIT for the 4th time in 5 years. It’s not Gary’s fault that the Terps are now a mediocre team that is irrelevant on the national stage.

    It’s NOT GARY’s FAULT…. uhhhh yeah right

  127. Vasquez is mediocre and plays off emotions. A truly good athlete has mental toughness through adversity; simply put: Vasquez is an unstable head case. Ultimately, it’s Gary’s fault. I never stopped saying he should replaced. I don’t care about this false integrity excuse he has been getting off the hook with. You are a college basketball coach, you need to adapt to the way things are going and how players are recruited. Kill or be killed. There’s one problem with this team and it’s a lack of talent, and that’s no one’s fault but Gary Williams. Inexcusable.

  128. Damn John. Do we really need to rehash this for the 1,000,000,000,000,000th time. Nobody is saying Gary has no blame in what we are, but there should NOT be a call for his head everytime they lose a game.

    His strategy was pretty damn good for most of the game, but his players let him down. When we finish a season with 20 losses (like UNC recently), then the coach needs to go. I’m sick and tired of writing about this.

    See it my way already!!!!

  129. Let’s start over. We have tried what we thought were the best so let’s now try the rest.

    The Mosely experiment has showed he has heart and can play D however, he just can’t sore. Neither can Dino or JSK who we all had hope for.

    The new starting 5 should be AB, GV, LM, Neal and Burney. That makes us less undersized, and should beef up the production. Tucker should be 1st off the bench then Mosely , Hayes and Dino. We all like Hayes but he can’t score in pressure games . His two 3’s late in the game were meaningless.

    We have a chance for another win or 2 with that 5.

    There’s an old saying….”if you keep doing what you are doing ,you keep getting what you are getting”.

    We need a “shake-up”.

    Who’s got a better starting 5? I say that knowing well anyone can start, as GW said, but it’s more important who is at the finish.

    All is not lost yet.

  130. I’m sick of hearing how Gary doesn’t have the horses, or this team isn’t talented enough. This team is plenty talented enough. Individually, you could make a case for 8 Terps playing in an 8 man rotation on any ACC squad. It’s not the players’ fault that they should all occupy essentially the same position on the court. There is no one for these guys to play off of. This is the real issue at the core of Gary’s recruiting woes. He merely collects decent talent with no clear vision of how these guys will fit together. In this respect the Post was right. And he can’t make the claim that he isn’t sure how long he will have them for, because he recruits exclusively 4 year players.
    Oh, and the Euro D leaguers is a reference to the fact that almost all of Gary’s recruits are playing in Europe. Well …..Mexico, Venezuela, Australia, Japan, Albany and Europe.

  131. I bet Gary’s “scream at it and get angry” approach to everything that goes wrong puts a damper on Mosley’s ability to score naturally as it does with other player’s inconsistent offensive play. He is a control freak and wants it his way. It’s probably half the reason Dupree plays so timidly now compared to how he used to. How many other teams have had as many 4-star duds as Maryland has? There’s probably a variable at play, and it’s probably Gary forcing them into his utopia of a system, and away from their natural game.

  132. Gerry, you’re right that all is not lost yet. After we lose our next four, those Wahoos better watch out.

  133. Well put Jake.

  134. Whoa…everyone…hyperdown.

    I didn’t get to see the game, so I can’t comment on it. Clemson is good. They are the best team I’ve seen this year bar none. Inside, outside, athleticism, height, speed…they have it all. They are scary good when they get their heads on right. A near 30 point loss to CU at CU doesn’t surprise me the way that MD’s loss to Dook did. Clemson is just a better team. If MD played them 10 straight time, CU would probably win 8 or 9 of them. That’s all we can expect against any of the elite ACC teams this year. Cue Gregg….they are who they are.

    Is it sad that CU is so much better than MD this year? Yes. But I thought we were all past the anger and denial surrounding this team this season. I thought that we had all come to Gregg’s conclusion…they are who they are. Gary, if Yow is to be believed (and I think she is), will return next year. He has 2 inside players coming in that are hopefully better than Dupree et al…or at least allow those players to move to the 4 instead of the 5.

    It is conceiveable that MD goes 3-3 down the stretch. I don’t think it is likely but they could do it. My only aspiration for this team is finish strong and not give up. I can live with that. Regardless of their record. Pride still counts and still matters.

  135. I agree with Gregg…I can’t take it coming to this board and hearing all the Gary talk everytime after a loss. God, the guy is our coach (Yes I am a little biased because I love the man) but enough is enough. The other team shot 75-80% in the 2nd half and we couldn’t keep up. He had people in the right spots and as even Andy Katz said on the ESPN College Basketball Insider Podcast with Gary that no one works harder than him, no one. So I highly doubt he “quit” or it’s his fault. The players didn’t make some shots and the other team played extremely well. How about we get ready for the 2 biggest home games of the year and make something special happen.

  136. Gregg, right or wrong I have been calling for his head since the middle of last season when the Terps were headed for their 3rd NIT in 4 years. It has only escalated this season with what has taken place. I don’t go back and forth saying he is the greatest coach ever after beating GT on the road like some people did, then turn around after tonight and say he stinks. Again right or wrong think about this — how many coaches in college basketball would have as much leeway as Gary has gotten during this 5 year stretch of lackluster performance? He has gotten more than enough time to right the ship, and only the most fervent of supporters feel as though he deserves even longer.

    I appreciate your views but respectfully disagree. And if you call continuing to state FACTS about the demise of this program as rehashing things then so be it. I will continue to state FACTS that get worse with each loss about the road Gary Williams has led this program down over these last several years.

  137. You really think a coach with the credentials of Gary Williams collects talent without a vision??? You are freakin clueless. How the hell do you think he’s won so many damn games? Luck?

    Congrats Luke and Havax, I am going on a 48 hour sabbatical. I just can’t take it! Talk to you all on Thursday or Friday.

  138. We lost to a team that blew out Duke at their place not too long ago… calm down a little guys. Clemson is a really, really good team.

  139. This was a game UMD was supposed to lose, not by 29 points but we were supposed to lose. All the kids can do now is get ready for UNC. We lost, got out played by a team that has more talent that we have.

    I don’t know why some people are hyperventilating. Before the season even started we talked about how it would be a LONG season for the Terps unless Dupree or Burney could give us some consistent rebounding and some points in the paint. That hasn’t happened and we’ve had some blowout losses to some good teams (and one really bad loss to Morgan State).

    Still got a chance to finish 8-8. Some people thought we’d be 4-12. At 5-6 in the conference this team has almost won as many ACC games as Bob Wade’s teams did in three years.

    GERRY, in the practice time between now and UNC perhaps Burney could play his way into the starting line up. When he first got in he got out hustled for a couple of rebounds. He had good position just didn’t grab the ball. But I attribute that to the limited playing time he’s had + the time lost to the foot injury. These were his first game minutes in a long time. He got more agressive as the game went on. I loved how he followed his missed jump shot, got the rebound and scored. Must be a big adjustment going from having to outrebound Braxton Dupree in practice to outrebounding Booker in a game.

    Props to Oliver Purnell for having his team run time off the shot clock near the end of the 2nd half when the outcome was no longer in doubt.

  140. Reading this thread’s optimism in hindsite is like sifting through the memories of my torrid, adolescent sex life. A-W-K-W-A-R-D. Yet, I have to admit I found myself ‘believing’ before the first 20 was over — which again, is really the problem.

    If this team would just go ahead and suck completely, everyone could simply resign ourselves to suckiness and be done with it. But I don’t think we suck . I think we’re about as mentally stable as a wet cupcake, but I don’t think we suck. I think we have some basic architectural deficiencies, but we don’t suck — at least not inherently.

    Missing uncontested layups is mental man…evidence of the tacky psyche-out…like corn rows or wearing black socks to the beach. If you got business socks on the beach, I assure you, the problem is not the socks –it’s the fantasy world you made up in which black socks & sandals presented itself as a viable life choice. Missing the layup is not the problem so much as the thought that missing is an option. i.e. mental. The body does what the mind tells it to do.

    I will tell you the good thing bout tonight is that, via his own ineptness, Sean Mosely woke up tonight. He snapped out of it. We won’t see it till next game, but we won’t be seeing any more missed layups from Sean. Just call him Picasso. Because when he gets in the lane, faces become asses and asses become faces…and he will delight us from here on out. He’s tough as nails, and for him, mediocrity is not longer a viable life choice.

    Only a certifiable dipdick would predict a win against North Carolina, but I am doing just that. Yes, I will go through the spanking machine when I’m wrong.

  141. Man, the loonies come out of the wood work to criticize Gary, and disappear for all the rest of our discussions….

    I think the thing that surprises me the most is how we hung in there for the 1st half, despite shooting poorly, then got dismantled in the second half. This was a bad loss and all but destroys any NCAA hopes (seriously people, stop being so damn, unrealistically optimistic), but I already put my hopes into next season a few weeks back.

  142. I don’t know if anybody else noticed this, but after Clemson went on that huge run, they were up 21 with approximately 10:30 to go, eerily similar to the situation in last year’s game at Clemson, only Maryland was the one to open up a big lead last year. The difference?? Clemson actually held on. Just once, wouldn’t it be nice for the Terps to mount a borderline miracle comeback instead of giving them up at least once per season.

    The Tigers just have more bodies, especially down low. Oh, and they can make open shots from beyond the arc, as well as 2 inches from the rim….. that always helps.

    I guess it’s time to stop dwelling on the past and looking towards the future. If everybody sticks around for 09-10, Maryland will be in the top half of the ACC for sure.

  143. Forget Lunardi-style number crunching. All you need to do to determine whether MD deserves a Tournament bid, as compared to their conference peers, is observe how they’ve fared against the top teams in the ACC . . . on national TV, no less. I think one of the reasons MD has never really been in the Tournament discussion this year (aside from the Morgan St debable and early drubbings from G’town and Gonzaga) is that people have seen our dreadful performances against the UNCs, Dukes, etc., and they’ve simply written us off as one of several mediocre teams in a great conference that can’t compete with the top programs in the country. As some of you have noted, most mid to low-level teams in the ACC have shown an ability to compete with the big four, some even eeking out wins. MD isn’t even close, losing by 20-30 consistently. I’d like to think we’ll put forth a better effort at home against UNC, Duke and Wake in the coming weeks, but based on our history, it’ll take a miracle.

  144. I think we’ll beat W.F. for sure. They are the Maryland Football of ACC Basketball — they beat everyone good (UNC, Duke, Clemson, FSU, BC), but can’t beat a crappy ACC team for the life of them (GT, Miami, NC St.). For once, being terrible may actually work in our favor!

  145. So far this year we have played good teams pretty well but have gotten our doors blown off by really good teams (the exception being Mich state). I have been talking about Clemson all year. They are for real.

    Does that excuse a 29 point beat down? No. Our defense sometimes just leaves the building. Maybe it’s just our lack of talent catching up to us.

    I will say I am a bit embarrassed by some of the “fans” that crawl on here after these events. You don’t see them at all and then something like this happens and they come on with “FIRE GARY, THIS TEAM SUX”.

    I would love to see a UNC win but I just don’t see it. If we steal games it will be against Wake or Duke.

    Gary is very protective of this team. He likes them and gets very defensive when people go after them. I like them too, I just wish a couple were 6’10 260 and mad hops…that’s next year.

  146. Damn the Soup is so unreal to read after a loss. I’m pissed at the loss and how it occurred but I’m laughing after reading all the comments. Where is all this fire when we win a game? It’s nowhere to be found. And the hard core, vulgar, intense bashing is hot off the presses when there’s a loss. It’s really quite pathetic. I think the Washington Post should make some of you job offers. Really.

    It’s moronic to say Gary didn’t have the team ready to play tonight. They were down 6 at half and were one bogus traveling call away from being down 4 or 2. Of course it all came apart 5 or 6 minutes into the second half. But I don’t think anything changed strategy wise. It was all about execution. It’s hard to beat one of the premier teams in the country when you miss several layups (among several other things). The missed layups probably accounted for only 10 points or so but they were confidence killers. Eventually, the team gave up. They may not have thought that way in their minds but their effort definitely changed. Defense got even worse. Hustle disappeared.

    Look, winning at Clemson was going to be a tough task. MD was a double digit underdog and most of us didn’t expect a win tonight. But It sucks that they let it get away from them the way they did when they were in it at half. It’s frustrating and disappointing to see signs of quitting. The second half was just horrible. Gary will lay into them the next few days, rightly so.

    Hopefully, they can finish 8-8 and make some noise in the tourney. But I’m not holding my breath. The lack of size is weighing on them and we all new unless Burney or Dupree stepped up it would be tough road this season. Too much pressure to score on the perimeter. The shooting percentage reflects that.

  147. Hey great news! It just so happens that my buddy Schroeder is out here in California for a visit. Why is this great news? Well my good pal that I have known for 20 years went to frakking CLEMSON.

    Thanks Terps.

  148. I’m not surprised at the loss. I was more surprised at MD keeping it close in the first half against a CU team capable of making a deep (and I mean final four) run into the tournament. We have nothing inside, and everything falls out from that deficiency. Still hope Gary decides to step down, though, but it ain’t gonna happen. He has no life outside the university, and he’s been a good citizen. So all we can do is pray that recruiting fixes are on the way.

    Though I gave up long ago (after the G’town thrashing) that MD would reach .500 in the ACC and make the dance, I haven’t given up on this group of players. Sure, they get psyched out, which is easy to happen when bigger, faster players are eating your lunch, but they usually don’t quit. And I don’t see them doing it for the rest of the season, as happened John Gilchrist’s last year.

    How in the hell did Dupree get a 4-star ranking coming out of high school? Not even Moody’s could make that kind of screwy call.

  149. So that was miserable, but I thought that was one of the games that the Terps would be least likely to win in this tough stretch. Couple observations and questions for all you other soupers.

    1.) Once again GV did not show up against a big time opponent.

    2.) Terps flat out gave up. Not saying they had a chance but a little more effort in the second half would have been nice.

    3.) Question about scholarships- Are players like JSK, Goins, etc. on 4 year scholarships? What are the rules if they are? Can they just be cut from the team and have their scholarships voided for being so bad or is it like a 4 year guaranteed contract. JSK will not be good at this level at any point over the next four years, I could have done what he did last night, he’s got a real nice jump shot though, HaHaHa. What worth is a player like Goins if he can’t even be trusted to play in a game like last nights? Was Gary afraid we would lose by 5 or 10 more? Who cares? A beat down is a beat down.

  150. After reading the interview I am all for leaving Gary be the coach. Just a little more effort on recruiting.
    GV is still the best player on the court for both teams. I hate that. Just quit making it easy for the other team.
    Tonights game was 18 good minutes of basketball and 22 of garbage. I feel bad for GW as he could not even yell anymore at the crappy play. It was pitiful to watch. He lost the red tinge and quit sweating. Clemson outplayed the Terps all over.
    The only team in the country without horses is Indiana. No one else has an excuse.
    Final thought. This team is not a team, when it realizes that team work will win games they will be decent, not good, but at least competitive. Last night sucked.

  151. The game plan was good, our defense in the 1st half was good, Clemson was hungover from their loss, and we were down by 6 at half. That was the problem. On the road, we cannot go toe-to-toe with a team like Clemson. “Keep it close, steal it at the end” theory applies when the teams are fairly evenly matched. When you are out-matched like we were, you catch them napping, play out of your mind, take a huge lead, then hang on for dear life. That’s the formula for huge upsets. Look at the 1st half scores of most ACC upsets this year. That’s how it works most of the time. That’s my one problem with the game-plan. It wasn’t “greedy” enough. Clemson did give us a window of oppurtunity. We didn’t capitalize.

    The main reason we got blown out in the 2nd half was the missed layups. If you’ve played the game competitively, you know. Nothing more demoralizing than missing easy shots and front ends of 1-and-1’s as a team. It breaks your will and spirit.

    <> I think whoever this poster was over-rates our talent just a bit. I don’t think even 1 Terp can play in UNC’s first eight.

    Have you guys noticed how “funny” our team looks on the court? I say funny because our guards are so big and our frontcourt is so small. When our best 5 are out there it looks like all 5 players are the same size. It looks like recreational ball at the YMCA. There is only one other big-conference team that looks like us and that’s Nebraska. They are extremly small but are competitive because they play lock-down D and have a great home crowd. But on the road, they are so mismatched size-wise they get blown out of the building on certain nights.

    Personally, I thought going into these 3 big games that we had a better chance of stealing one at home vs UNC or Duke than Clemson. Let’s see guys. I think Duke is especially vulnerable. But the players have to BELIEVE. They have to “know” they can win when they play.

    We lose a game on the road as double-digit underdogs and people want Gary’s had again. If some of you had your way after every loss, we’d had gone through about 6 or 7 coaches already this season. We’d have bankrupted the athletic dept with all those contracts buyouts.

  152. Hey w-shooter you are a damn jerk. There is no reason we should be cussing and foul mouthing amateur athletes that play for any team. Especially the one you wear the colors. I do not always agree with Gerry, but I respect his posts and comments. You are just a complete ass. Please do our team a favor. Don’t wear our colors because you don’t deserve to.

  153. Isn’t it funny how after losses the Soup gets taken over with people who never make comments before?

    I was sick in bed last night watching the game and it made me feel worse, after 5 mins of the 2nd half, I decided that a good dose of NyQuil..best nights sleep I’ve had in a while

  154. Eddie…I agree with you post. When you are David, you only have one stone to sling at Goliath. One shot. That’s it.

    That is what we are looking at in 3 of our final 5 games. MD needs to beat the teams in the standings below them (NCST and BooVA). And they need to find one rock to sling at Wake, Dook, or UNC. Against any of those three, if MD played them 10 times this year, they’d lose 9 out of 10. MD just needs that one. That’s what this season comes down to. I still think 8-8 in conference gets MD into the NCAAs. That loss to Morgan just kills them, though.

  155. To answer your question David Neal, the scholarships can be taken away after each season. It is a crappy system in my opinion. The kids has to sit out a year if he doesn’t honor his commitment but the university can just cut you with no ramifications.

    Most teams don’t do this (at least publicly) because it will hurt recruiting. Coach K has been accused of doing this for years. You just get in a kids ear and tell him this isn’t the place for him. Then you help to get him a ship somewhere else.

    I agree Dupree may be a lost cause. Two years now and he just doesn’t seem to get it. JSK is a different story. He is a freshman but he is really quick for his size and has a nice jumper. Give him some time.

  156. I know I’m dwelling on the blow outs way too much; a loss is a loss, regardless of the point spread, and MD has played well in spurts against top teams. But it’s tough for me (and it should tough for all of us) to stomach these losses:

    Gonzaga, 81-59 (22 pts)
    Gtown, 75-48 (27)
    Duke, 85-44 (41)
    Clemson, 93-64 (29)

    I would be surprised if the Terps have ever suffered this many blow out losses in one season since Gary’s first year at MD (with games still to play against UNC, Duke and Wake). Incidentally, we lost to UNC in the first meeting by only 17.

  157. Ricksterps, you could almost say the same for Jerome Burney. Yes, we see flashes of “what could be” and yes he’s missed time due to injury but this is Rome’s third season of going to meetings, watching film, attending practice. Coming into this year I expected much more from him and I’m sure the coaches and his teammates did too.

    One thing that made me think “uh-oh” was that Rome got into last night’s game and Braxton didn’t. It was the Friday before the Ga Tech game when Rob Ehsan told me that due to his injury and “missed time”, Rome was behind Braxton who was playing with more confidence. Braxton was a DNP the past three games.

  158. 2010 Terp recruit Taran Buie had 14 points in his teams final regular season game. They finished the regular season 17-3 (16-0) and will now prepare to defend their state championship in the playoffs.

  159. You know what made the Clemson loss so tough? I think it was because we played pretty well the first half (except for the last 60 seconds). I thought we were going to win. Our defense fell apart 2nd half.

    Hey DBR, are we gonna get “born ready” or is that just wishful thinking?

  160. I’m afraid not even 8-8 will do it, boys. Some of those losses, as Rick points out, were world historical. And everybody in the ACC jumps up and beats one of the big 4 once in awhile. My God, I said “big 4” and we’re not one. I’m dyin’ here. That trip down to Florida a month ago, where two road wins were right there for the taking….that BC loss at home….call me “Death Ready.”

  161. Moguls, “Born Ready’s” recruitment is strange to say the least. Lots of twists and turns, programs involved then choosing not to be involved (UNC comes to mind). So who knows. But before UMD could get him, they’d need a ‘ship to offer him. While, I expect one to be available there are no certainties.

    But one thing became painfully obvious to me during last night’s game. If, as suspected, GV leaves UMD after this season and the Terps don’t land Born Ready; who is gonna score for us next year with any consistency?

  162. All roads to 8-8 are not the same. If we beat Duke, UNC and UVA (work with me here, I know it doesn’t seem likely) then we would probably just need one win in the ACC tourney.

    If we beat Wake, NC State and UVA then we would probably need a couple wins. Remember those wins in the tourney will be against a good team and then one of the top four.

    At this point I would take 8-8 and run. It’s been a tough year and that would be a pretty good accomplishment for these kids.

  163. I agree, Ricksterps — 8-8 would be a great accomplishment for this team. It’s just not gonna happen, I’m afraid, and even if it does, I’m with kaze in that it doesn’t guarantee us a spot in the Dance. When you take into account (1) losing to Morgan St at home, (2) the beatings we took from Gonzaga, Gtown, Duke and Clemson, all on national TV, and (3) our one real quality win came almost three months ago against a team that was undermanned at the time . . . I think the Committee will have too many reasons to keep us out, even if we get another good win against UNC, Duke or Wake in the next few weeks. Now, to your point, two more quality wins to end the regular season could definitely change the equation, as could a deep run in the ACC Tournament. But otherwise, we’re on the outside looking in.

  164. http://www.realtimerpi.com/rpi_126_Men.html has our RPI up to 59 and SOS to 40 after last night’s loss. So at least that is encouraging.
    I also noticed that it has alot of quality wins on it for us (including Virgina and American) and the only bad loss is Morgan State so hopefully this is a positive sign of things to come.

  165. 8-8 would be miraculous. The RPI could be in 30s or in could be in the 50s depending on who those wins were against. Either way, the Terps will need to beat a team in the ACC Tournament that is also on the bubble in order to vault over them. Most likely, that would be Boston College, Va Tech, or Miami.. If we lose that first round game to any of those teams, 8-8 will not do the trick. bottom line is that 8-8 is going to be very hard to achieve unless MD suddenly becomes a different team.

  166. yeah i was saying 8-8 probably wouldn’t do it two weeks ago. we went 8-8 last year with a win over #1 on their court and still didn’t make it. granted, the 3 losses to end the season didn’t help matters. but at this point 9-7 would still have me worried unless we won a game in the acc tourney. the commitee will not be doing us any favors, believe me, so think of it this way: unless maryland gets to a point where they’re an absolute lock, do not expect to get in. which is why i said it’s over

  167. Will we be favored in any of our remaining games? Maybe at UVA. Even that will be a tough game if they play like they did against Clemson. An 8-8 record would be miraculous. What if we finish at 5-11, perish the thought? As someone wrote earlier, the close losses in Florida and the come-from-ahead loss at home to BC will be the kickers.

  168. While Ricksterps is right about the roads to 8-8 not being equal, if this team were to finish 8-8 it would be a much different 8-8 from last year because we’d be finishing strong. Last year we finished 1-4 in our last five games en route to an 8-8 conference record.

  169. To answer someone’s question from earlier about 3 point defense.

    We are bad in 3 point defense because Gary’s strategy is to double team the big man in the post immediately, leaving the 3 point shooters wide open. He is “picking his poison”.

    That’s why Booker only had 11 points.

  170. One other thing related to the above. We need Burney to get significant minutes because he can defend the post without a double team. That will allow the guards to stay on the 3 point shooters. The guards are good defenders and can stop the opposing team guards when they don’t have to double team in the post.

  171. Good point re finishing strong, DBR. So here’s a general comparison with 2007-2008, assuming we finish 8-8 with one win against UNC, Duke, or Wake to finish out this season:

    Great wins:
    2007-08 — One huge win at #1 UNC during ACC play
    2008-09 — Win on neutral court against undermanned #5 Michigan St. at beginning of season + win against top 10 team at home to finish the season

    Terrible losses:
    2007-08 — Two killer losses, to Ohio U and AU, BOTH AT HOME
    2008-09 — One bad loss to Morgan St at home

    Last six games of the season:
    2007-08 — Finished 2-4, two games at home (won one, lost the other), lost the last two games of the season, came into the 6-game stretch at 6-4, played mid-tier teams
    2008-09 — ??? (came into the stretch at 5-5, four of last six games at home, four games against the ACC’s four best teams)

    ACC Tourney:
    2007-08 — One and done (lost to BC)
    2008-09 — ???

    Also, give or take a few points, and assuming we get to 8-8, we’ll end up with at least 5 wins against RPI top 50 teams when it’s all said and done, not including ACC Tourney wins — Michigan St, Michigan, Miami, Va Tech and [UNC, Duke or Wake]. Not sure how that stacks up against last year’s RPI top 50 win total.

  172. As much as I’d like to see Burney get significant minutes he may not be able to give that at this point. Remember, he missed 4-5 weeks with a foot injury. Only Rome and the coaches know what his conditioning is right now. For all we know he may have been pretty winded by the end of last night’s game with the few minutes he did play.

  173. DBR – I don’t buy this winded thing for Burney. If he has skill he can go in for 3-4 trips down the court and then sub out. I play basketball competitively all the time and 3-4 trips down the court with a sub and all the timeouts they have is nothing. He isn’t playing because of something else. Gary doesn’t trust his defense or understanding of the offense. I never really bought the out of shape deal for Braxton Dupree either. Lonnie Baxtor wasn’t in any better shape than Braxton and I can attest to that because he was my neighbor in the dorm. Sure they can’t go 10 trips up and down the court but a few possessions here and there ain’t a thing!

  174. Interesing news…Curtis Malone meets with Gary Williams


  175. Markmax33, I wasn’t say he was for sure winded. I just said ‘for all we know’. It was his first action in a long time…and he got outhustled on a couple of rebound opportunities early. But did play better late. It was good to see him on the court. Overall he was active in his 8 minutes with 2 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 block.

  176. Very interesting news NY. I might be jaded but the first thing I think of is “what is Malone getting out of this?” I’m guessing that he doesn’t want to not get some kids because they are interested in MD or have their parents think he is dirty.

    He will never lose contact with the Huggin’s of college ball but if the bigger schools start to think he will tarnish them they may stay away. Maybe he is just a hard working Joe that always wants to set things right. Yea, I’m sure that’s it :)

  177. Thanks NYMets9631 for posting a link to that article, that is positive news. Malone is a serious player in the AAU business and we’ll see if anything changes. I’m not sure who DC Assault has right now that UMD would be interested in. Perhaps Quinn Cook a PG at DeMatha, or Chris Martin a SG at St. John?

    However, I call shenanigans on his comment that he’s not keeping any kids from UMD. I’ll have to leave it at that. But until the NCAA gets involved and regulates member schools/AAU relationships the Terps have got to do something to have a better shot at getting these kids.

    Lastly…for this post…Lance Stephenson will play in the McD’s AA Game

  178. Curtis is glad that Gary got a chance to talk to Curtis when Curtis had dinner with Gary and Curtis

  179. Curtis is happy that Gary liked Curtis when Curtis and Gary had dinner together

  180. looks like Maryland is getting a little bubble help. FSU beat Miami 80-67 to send them to 15-10 (4-8)…I’d be shocked if they were still in a bracket. And as of now, Virginia is up by 15 on VT with 12 minutes to go!

  181. UVA helps a little… but its looking more likely that the ACC will be a 6 bid league instead.

  182. VT just lost also. That puts them at 16-9, 6-5 in conference. I think right now VT, Mia and UMD are all pretty close together fighting for 1 or maybe 2 spots.

  183. My sources tell me that Dupree will transfer to UMBC after the season. If he continues to be a DNP, you can take this to the bank.

  184. Ricksterps, in the short term Curtis Malone gets positive PR. He reaches out to the coach of a program that hasn’t been getting the top local talent. Good press for Curtis. Which makes DC Assault attractive to parents of young kids with some b-ball talent.

  185. If Dupree does transfer, it will show how soft he truly is. With Williams coming in next year, he could be a true 5. Dupree and Burney are legit 4s and Dino is a tweener 3-4. MD could go very big 3-5, play a traditional lineup with LM at the 3, or play small ball with a similar line up as this year’s squad. No wonder Gary is excited about next year.

    Even if Williams isn’t starter ready, he and Goins are both 6’10”. All of the sudden, MD will have shot blockers at the 3-5 positions on D. With the height, you’d also worry less about the rebounding issues. On the offensive side, having a true post player frees up the 4s to shoot 10 footers and hit the glass. The entire dynamic of the team changes with the added front court depth.

    What…is Dupree afraid of losing out to a rather raw 6’9″ Padgett? It’s pretty interesting to think about the tall wide bodies that MD will have again next year. Very similar to the Holden, Randall, Wilcox, Baxter, Smith years. Not just tall and thin…but strong kids. Remember how MD’s size abused KU in the tourney in the FF year? Dupree must have no heart. That’s kind of sad. At least Burney and Dino show some heart, as limited as they might be.

  186. Is it possible that Dupree has already told Gary he will transfer and because of that he is getting all of the DNPs recently? If this is true too bad that he didn’t challenge himself to get better.

    I remember a story a few years back where Milbourne came to Gary’s office right after the season ended his freshmen year. And Gary thought that Milbourne was going to say he was going to transfer since he barely played that year, but instead Milbourne asked him what he could do to get better and earn more PT. Considering how he has played this year, thank god that was the mind set he had.

  187. Wheels — I don’t think we ever get in a situation where Milbourne is playing the 3 again. Despite the influx of size next year, it doesn’t equate to skill. We know how limited offensively Goings, Burney and Dupree are, and no one has any idea how good Padgett or Williams will be. Our most skilled players outside of Milbourne will still be our guards: Bowie, Mosley, Hayes, Tucker, and Vasquez. You can’t have those 5 guys rotate for 2 spots, 3 of them have to be on the floor at all times.

  188. If you want to get your optimism tempered, look up the 2009 recruits for UNC, Duke, Wake, and Clemson. Big men galore. I mean GALORE. There’s never any predicting who the good ones will be (see “Dupree, DNP”), but Padgett and Williams had better be stout, and precocious, too. Gary doesn’t throw newbies on the floor if they’re not ready.

  189. Chrs and Kaze…points well taken…but it’s the flexibility offered.

    Dupree just might be out of position, being asked to do what he can’t. The flashes he showed last year, I believe, came at the 4. Gist and Boom ate up so much space that Dupree could focus on other things.

    At least with the size coming in, regardless of how ready that size is, Gary will have more options. LM could play anywhere from 3-5 depending on the personnel group. Gary could way big (EH/GV at the 1, LM at the 2, Dino at 3, Burney/Dupree at the 4, and Williams/Goins/Padgett at the 5), traditional big (LM at 3, Burney/Dino/Dupree at 4, Williams/Goins/Padgett at the 5), somewhat small (3 guards, LM at 4, bigger guys at 5), or way small (LM at 5).

    Think about that from the D side. Just on size and athleticism alone, Gary could match up against anyone in the country. As we see this year, post D is lacking. Well, some 6’9″ and 6’10” shot blockers down low again might solve that.

    If Dupree leaves, that does not gaurantee Lance comes to town. I think DBR has spoken to this several times…Lance is a pipe dream who is likely to stay at home.

  190. Wheels my hero, all things are relative. I’ll take any two functioning beg men you can drag in off the street if that’ll give me something I don’t see anywhere on the team right now. All I want to do is play evenly on simple size terms with the other ACC teams, which is the one thing we can’t do this year. But the incoming big men are no lock. I’m sure we don’t disagree on this. What we probably do disagree on is Dupree, who appears to me not to be playing at the wrong slot but in the wrong sport. Q: Choose between Travis Garrison and Braxton Dupree, and who plays? Bingo. No skills, no heart. Could be a nice kid, but he can’t play, and this ain’t a football roster where you can afford a wasted scholarship or two.

  191. Sorry for the double post.

    Interesting read on LM’s post-game comments:


    Not playing as a team. Taking quick shots. Not running the offense. Is there a cancer in the locker room? DBR, Harry, OkayB…any inside scoop on what Milbourne is talking about here? Is this just him being a bit down, or is he calling out people? There has been a constant theme coming from Gary this season about communication breakdown. I took LM’s comments to be part of that vein.

  192. Kaze…you have a way with words. You are momma to my Forrest Gump. You had me at hello.

  193. Wheels,

    Could you or someone explain why BD would be better at the 4 than he is at the 5?

    Don’t the Terps play double post, where the 4 and 5 have about the same roles? The 4 and 5 guys, when they play man, guard the player they match up with best. Whether you play 4 or 5, if you can go out and stick a mid-range jumper, you can do it under the GW offense.

    I also see Milbourne at the 4 mostly next year. He is long and adds quickness. The two new bigs are not coming in and taking over. Jordan might do that some by the end of his freshman year, but even if he does, the Terps will need a rotation of bigs who can produce. Landon gives them a starter who will be a big time producer from game one. If Landon goes back to the 3, then the new bigs will have to do too much.

  194. CT, i think you’re forgetting just how bad some of our losses have been. not bad THAT we lost, but bad HOW we lost. the committee is not going to forget how many times we’ve been simply embarrassed on the biggest stages. that’s what really separates this season from last and makes it even more difficult for us to get a bid, imo. a strong finish might do something to alleviate that, but pretty much best case scenario right now is finishing 3-3. still nothing to write home about

  195. Wheels, I may be wrong but don’t think Milbourne’s comments are indicative of a cancer in the lockeroom. Not running the offense can be a product of the PG by committee. Good PG’s get players into the right position at the start of the play, get the ball to people where they can score the basketball.

    There have been a few games where I’ve been frustrated at the guys taking a quick jump shot instead of trying to get a higher percentage shot.

    Sean, some of our losses have been bad but haven’t been blowouts…we’re what…five points away (FSU, Miami road games) from being tied with Duke, Wake, and Clemson right now for 2nd place in the ACC.

    Damn, now that I’ve looked at that it effin sucks.

  196. Sorry if this has been posted but Tyler Zeller is back for UNC. So they got deeper just in time for this weekend’s game.

  197. Wheels – Multiple movie references! Let’s try this: Who plays Gary in the Terps movie? Also (since nothing else is happening) what’s the title of the movie?

  198. Kaze brings up an interesting and slightly depressing thought: Everyone assumes that if MD lands Stephenson, that we’ll vault back into the top half of the league, but Clemson, FSU, Gtech all have STUD 5 star recruits coming in as well. I’m sure those teams are hoping the same thing is MD is about Lance, that they’ll take them back to the promised land.

  199. Which Souper is in Carolina? There are rumors of a Duke player considering transferring. Are u hearing this down there?

  200. Getting back into the top half of the ACC doesn’t require the Terps to vault. Due to the tie for 2nd place we’re sitting in 5th place right now LOL

    I’m sorry I had to or else I might cry.

  201. I am living lovely Raleigh. I have not heard anything on that yet. I have been in Dallas this week however. I will check with the Duke alums at work next week and see if they have the scoop.

  202. This is from Seth Davis’s weekly post. I don’t think Gary said you couldn’t win unless you cheated.

    Did you read the series in The Washington Post about Gary Williams and Maryland? Should I have newfound admiration for him? What about his leeriness toward those head coaches that befriend shady AAU coaches?
    — George, Kentucky

    George is referring to an extensive three-part series that the Washington Post published last week. If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend it. My foremost reaction is that this series, authored by Steve Yanda and Eric Prisbell, is precisely why we cannot afford to let newspapers die. The article were exhaustively reported and presented in a responsible, balanced way. It was sports journalism as its best.

    As for the content, I must say I had many mixed reactions. I was surprised to learn that Maryland’s performance since the 2002 championship (just one Sweet Sixteen 16 and on track to miss the NCAA tournament for the fourth time in five years) is the worst for a team following a championship over the last 18 years. This is a bottom-line business, and as Williams candidly admitted in the series, he has not met this particular bottom-line responsibility.

    On the other hand, I hope that George does have newfound admiration for Williams’s unwillingness to get down and dirty when it comes to recruiting. I’m not just talking about illegal stuff like paying players outright. I’m also talking about the pseudo-legal stuff like hiring a coach/trainer/uncle to be your assistant coach, paying AAU coaches to speak at your basketball camp and scheduling exhibition games against teams run by these AAU coaches. (That’s how Williams famously lost Rudy Gay to UConn, which is why it’s now against NCAA rules.) The Post series spotlighted many mistakes and near-misses Williams has suffered in recruiting, but that could apply to any coach in America. (You want to know why Duke has no inside presence? Because Patrick Patterson went to Kentucky and Greg Monroe went to Georgetown.) As I’ve said many times before, Williams has never recruited highly-rated high schoolers to College Park, yet he has built a resume that is worthy of Hall of Fame consideration.

    And yet … on the other-other hand, I don’t like Williams’s insinuation that the only way to succeed in college basketball is to leave your integrity at the door. There are plenty of head coaches out there doing things the right way, just as there are plenty of summer and AAU coaches who are honorable and have their players’ best interests at heart. And while the rise of the influence of these middlemen dates back longer than Williams indicated (he said it stated about five years ago, but it’s more like 15), the reality is, these people are in charge now. A college coach has no choice but to communicate with them on some direct level. Williams overtly refuses to do so, and it has hurt the program.

    So Williams has a choice to make: Does he change his ways — ever so slightly, without sacrificing his principles — to accommodate the new reality? Or does he decide he doesn’t want to play the game and walk away on his own terms, much like Eddie Fogler did when he left South Carolina? Williams is a great, great coach, and he has earned the right to make that choice. I just hope he can turn this thing around before someone makes it for him.

  203. I don’t remember Gary saying outright or even hinting that you can’t win unless you cheat. At least that’s not what I got from the 3 part story or the posted interview. He obviously thinks it tougher to win these days. But while he did attribute some of that to the difficulties in recruiting (the cheating, etc.), he also attributed it the parody in college hoops these days. The narrowing of the talent gap.

  204. On the upside, while we’ve been missing the tournament, kids have been graduating.

  205. Who plays Gary in a Terp movie? Paul Giamatti.

    Title: Dangerfield Didn’t Get No Respect?

    Re Seth Davis…he didn’t know MD’s fall was faster than anyone elses? Doesn’t he follow college sports? And he thinks that the article was balanced? Not the 1st piece. Maybe the rest. He must know PrisYan…or wants to take over Wilbon’s or Kornhieser’s spots at the Post. He better bow down on both knees.

  206. Who plays Gary in a Terp movie? Moe Sizlack?

  207. Regarding the chart in the WashPost regarding teams records following a championship is anyone else pretty proud to be included in the chart? I mean we are in there with legitimate powerhouses (UCLA, UNC, Duke, Kentucky, etc.) 63% winning percentage is not exactly lighting it up but its not terrible.

    Am I delusional?


    scroll down a bit.

  208. I realize facts are facts but damn, is the mission statement of the WaPo Sports department to run Gary out of town or what?

    I guess they’ve run enough continual stories on the Wizards troubles, the Redskins, the Orioles, and the Nationals.

  209. Wheels,
    I would not read much into Landon’s comments other than he is frustrated that things aren’t working like they practice them. I think this missed layups by Tucker and Mosley completely frustrate him (and me), you could see it on his face during the game. From what I hear and have witnessed at practices is Neal, GV, Hayes and Mibourne are the unquestioned leaders of what seems to be a cohesive team.
    Maybe Russ;s contacts know something different, sometimes I just get the sunshine sandwich from the department.
    Ladies and Gentlemen John Turturro stars as Gary Williams in “Rise of the Terrapin”

  210. Unrelated to sports but for all of you “J” school grads

  211. Love these who-plays-Gary suggestions! How about Chris Cooper?

  212. Lewis Black for Gary

  213. Gary Sinise?

  214. No one can play Gary now. The only actor that could have come close was James Cagney.

  215. Frasier’s dad, John Mahoney.

  216. nick nolte would be an awesome gary. hell, he practically already played him in blue chips

  217. Anyone else a little worried about this kid Jordan Williams. I know he’s not a blue chipper,but he’s getting some hype, especially from Gary. Recently, Gary hasn’t had luck with these New England kids fulfilling potential, i.e. Caner-Medley & Mike Jones. The competition up there isn’t even close to what the local kids are seeing on a nightly basis. I’m assuming they’re basing his ranking on his AAU play because he’s playing garbage teams in his high school league. On the other hand, I watched Padgett play against St.Patrick’s on ESPN and he looked promising. He’s a good athlete and looks like a legit 6-foot-8.

  218. nice article in the sun about jordan williams…especially the first couple paragraphs about Gary and Yow


  219. Good find NYMets. Proves that all these “hot seat” articles and internet static about Gary leaving can definitely affect recruiting. What Yow did with the letter agreeing to let them out of their LOI’s if Gary isn’t here is a good look.

    And yes, Williams’ ranking is mostly AAU related but I think the ranking was established after spring play last year. Williams didn’t play that well in the spring…really showed improvement in the summer league.

    I hope the weather is good this weekend for Jordan’s visit. I remember reading how it POURED down rain on his official visit in the fall. And I think he had a sprained ankle too. So he was hobbling around campus in the effin rain.

  220. Thanks DBR…After reading that, I kind of got the impression that Gary will be here at least until his contract runs out, but I certaintly hope it’s for as long as he wants. He deserves his name to be on that court one day. I bet if you asked a ton of people all over the college basketball landscape who is the face of Maryland Basketball or what is the first thing to come to mind when you think Maryland Basketball – It’s Gary Williams.

  221. sean — Actually, I’ve been harping on our blow out losses for weeks now, most recently in this thread (scroll up). So yes, I agree that the way in which we lost to Gonzaga, Gtown, Duke, etc. will have a profound effect on the Committee’s willingness (or lack thereof) to give us a bid. And as I said before, partly due to these losses, I don’t think 8-8 will get it done.

  222. Concerning recruits out of New England, you guys already forgot the indomitable Mike Mardeschich? Remember that OT game against UNC his freshman year? :-)

    My guess is that Jordan Williams, although scoring a zillion points in HS, will take longer to crack the lineup than James Padgett. Padgett already has a college physique and has played great competition with Lincoln’s schedule. He doesn’t look like he’ll ever be a big-time scorer at the collegiate level but freshman bigs crack the lineup by boxing out, defending and rebounding and not necessarily by scoring. I am keeping a bit of faith in hoping that Williams is one of those “special” players who’s game doesn’t dip as competition goes up. Like a Joe Smith. But those guys are extremely rare.

    Getting Lance Stephenson makes all the difference in the world. We do not have a single player on the roster who can truly create his own shot against anyone. Against the toughest teams Greveis can’t do it. Bowie can blow by his man anytime but doesn’t have the creativity after that to finish the play consistently. At places like Littlejohn when the crowd is screaming, the opponent is playing in-your-jock D and the shot-clock is running down, a Lance Stephenson can make all the difference in the world.

  223. Who would you more like to come to Maryland; Born Ready or St. Francis’ T. Vinson? Who is more likely to come?

  224. Demba, both players are long shots to UMD. But since you asked, once a ‘ship opens, you take Lance Stephenson in a heartbeat if he wanted to come.

  225. Last night on his radio show Gary Williams said:

    …today’s players “hear everything” that people are saying on the Internet or facebook etc, and that its tougher for them to stay focused. He said the most important part of motivation was getting the players to stay focused on the task at hand, that it does no good to look past the next game.

    …Rome is in “game shape” now and he hopes Burney can give them a few minutes against UNC.

  226. We need UNC to turn the ball over to have any chance at all. They have been playing the inside-out game really well the past few weeks. We will probably have to do what we did last game and sag down. We just have to hope they don’t hit their 3’s like they did at Chapel Hill.

  227. Funny you mention Vinson – his name popped up in Matt Bracken’s recruiting blog today:


    Says he’s considering four teams: MD, UMass, USF, and Cincinnati. Obviously if a scholarship opens up, we’d take Stephenson if he wanted to come here, but interesting that there is still some activity w/ Vinson.

  228. Take note of USF regarding Vinson. The shuck and jive is on and poppin.

  229. DBR, USF must need another “multi-media coordinator and conditioning coach”

    From http://www.testudotimes.com/

    Jordan Williams’ backboard-breaking dunk was the #2 “Top Ten” play on Sportscenter on Thursday.

    ESPN was a little late to the party, but it was cool to see him there. They mentioned he was going to Maryland, but made it sound like that wasn’t 100%, which is BS.

    They also said he was a McDonalds All-American runner-up, but I’m not sure what that means or if it’s true…

  230. Since someone mentioned the horses that are going to other ACC teams next year, I decided to take a look at Scout’s top 100 for 2009.

    Georgia Tech – #1 Derrick Favors, #53 Mfon Udofia, #78 Kammeon Holsey
    UNC – #3 John Henson, #18 Dexter Strickland, #41 Travis Wear, #42 David Wear, #63 Leslie McDonald
    Duke – #11 Ryan Kelly, #19 Mason Plumlee
    FSU – #22 Michael Snaer, #59 Terrence Shannon
    Clemson – #23 Milton Jennings, #65 Devin Booker
    Miami – #27 Durand Scott, #55 Donnavan Kirk
    NC State – #33 Lorenzo Brown, #51 Richard Howell
    Wake – #61 Ari Stewart
    UVA – #68 Tristan Spurlock
    Maryland – #99 Jordan Williams

    By this, we’re the second worst, behind Virginia Tech. Hopefully these rankings are outdated or we get Lance. Otherwise, it does look like other teams are loading up better than we are.

  231. Paul Hewittt can recruit. Not sure about his coaching but he gets some good players!

  232. Historically, Gary has never gotten top 50 guys or even top 100. I understand some of the noise about recruiting but we are just obsessed with it. FSU, NC State and GT have gotten a lot of talent and don’t have much to show for it. Go look at their rosters and see how many top 100 each has.

    Go look at the history of Maryland recruits and you won’t find many top 50 guys. The ones we did get didn’t usually pan out.

    DBR can speak to this better than I can but this whole ranking system is very suspect. Some of it has to do with the schools involved in their recruitment.

    We have two very solid recruits coming in that is on pace with a lot of those schools you just listed. Getting Lance would be great. But let me ask you a question. Is it better to get that top 10 guy for one year or have a really good player for four?

  233. Ricksterps; Back to my original question; might it be better if we get Vinson not Born ready?

  234. The ranking system and the AA system is far from transparent and rather political. I mean Lance Stepenson nor Dexter Strickland were invited to play in the Jordan Brand AA game in MSG? How do you not have the all time leading scorer in NYC history not play in that game in that building?

    Duke could offer a scholarship to a 2-star player today and tomorrow he’d be at least a 4-star if not a 5-star AA.

  235. In addition to Jordan Williams, the Terps have some recruits coming in for this game against UNC.

  236. Steve Francis….Joe Smith….may I have some more, sir?

  237. Again…with regards to Vinson…the shuck and jive is on and poppin. Don’t be surprised to suddenly see some schools on his list that make ya scratch ya head, rub ya eyes and ask wtf.

  238. Recruiting is not an exact science, but the number of stars after a recruit’s name and his performance are associated somewhat. Look at UNC and Duke, year after year. Look at what Brenda Freese does for the Terps with her 4 and 5 star players. You just can’t dismiss the rating systems as meaningless.

    Just go to Rivals and Scout and look at commits for each ACC team, and see how the stars and the subsequent performance are often (not always) related.

    FSU is probably going to the NCAAs in March. FSU has some very young multi-star guys, and are adding some more. GA Tech lost some 5 star guys to the NBA, leaving some holes in their program, but it looks like they are bouncing back. GA Tech’s problem is not recruiting enough top talented players who can step in for those fleeing to the NBA (like Duke and NC do). But they should be fine with that group coming in.

    Clemson burns me some. Why would a kid want to go there when he could be in College Park, which has tons of advantages over Clemson, SC? Yet Clemson pulls in the top 100 guys and often top 50 guys, in some years better than the Terps can. The Terrps should have an inherent edge over Clemson.

    It is hard to get to the middle of the ACC pack unless you get talented recruits, much less rise above mid-pack. So let’s not kid ourselves that lower-ranked guys, who can’t get much NBA attention, will stay for four years and therefore become better than the other teams’ more highly ranked players. That works to some degree, and some guys do develop later than others, but highly ranked talent usually works even better! In summary, targeting lower-talented players is not a sound recruiting strategy if the goal is to win.

  239. Regarding Vinson, when he committed to Loyola Marymount, I did say WHAT THE F*CK!
    I mean Loyola Marymount in Southern California? Looks like the shuck & jive was started there.
    I also think if we have a shot at landing Lance, we take it. It brings street cred, gets us instant recognition and rankings and elevated the program, even if for one year. Most everyone knew Francis was one and out and Gary handled him just fine and the program benefited.

  240. harry – my point exactly

  241. Don’t get me wrong, if we can get Lance, we do it. Period. I don’t know that he is a one and done guy anyway. He is good but not that good. He could go after one year but it’s not a lock for sure.

    To answer your question DBR, the word I got from my Duke guy was no transfer was written in stone yet. The name that is being floated is Czyz. I would put him in the category of Braxton. Both seem like good candidates (no minutes) and there are rumors but nothing solid.

  242. Tobias Harris will be at the game tomorrow.

  243. Thanks Ricksterps…Czyz was one of two I thought those rumors may be about. The other was the 5-star freshman guard Eliott Williams from Memphis who doesn’t seem to be getting many minutes.

    Meannwhile…PG Tyrone Garland from Philadelphia will be at the Terps game tomorrow. Terps are recruiting him for the class of 2010.

  244. Lets talk game. We need a complete effort and some cooler shooting from UNC.
    How are they going to react to Roy’s F’ bomb/they stink rage?
    I’m going for the daily double today, the mens LAX game at 1 at Ludwig field, then the mens Ball game at 3:30.
    Just Win Baby

  245. Man oh man, the Heels are in some BIG TROUBLE today!

  246. hopefully that happens to UNC today…Go Terps!

  247. I am sure Gary will try the same strategy as the last time they met. He will sag down to help and hope they can’t hit their 3’s. It’s really the only way we can play them with their inside presence and our lack of it.

    You can run on UNC and we should do lots of it. I think they are the best team in the country so we have our work cut out for us.

  248. Go Terps!

  249. What’s happening, no new thread, no first half comments. Has everyone deserted the terps? If they can get some scoring from someone other than Vasquez they have a chance!

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