MD Shocks UNC as Vasquez and Tucker Spark Upset


I’ve seen my share of upsets; but today’s performance has to take the cake.  Talk about improbable! MD’s trio at the pivot of Dave Neal, Dino Gregory, and Jerome Burney some how some way held off one of the strongest frontcourts in the nation. And that wasn’t even the most incredible performance of the game! That honor, of course, goes to Greivis Vasquez.

I couldn’t be happier for Mr. Vasquez.  Sure, he has caused his share of heartache during his tenure at Maryland; but the kid wants to win so bad that it hurts.  He has taken his lumps in the ACC, gotten ripped in the press, and been booed by his own fans.  Through it all, he has never stopped trying. Maybe, just maybe he will have the opportunity to go out on top.  He may have a few more great performances in him; but surely none will compare to what he did today.  35 points, 11 rebs, and 10 assists.  Greivis notched the triple double before overtime even started.  He was Mr. Everything all game long.

Even with Vasquez carrying them, how did the Terps pull this off?  I think it’s just that MD wanted (hell, needed) this more than UNC.  I’m not saying that is the only reason they won; but it helped.  I’m thrilled as a fan; but even more thrilled that 12 kids and a coach who have worked so hard all year finally got rewarded for their efforts.

How many close calls that turned into eventual losses have their been?  Too many to recount here.  We have talked ad nauseum about how this team “didn’t have the horses”.  We lacked talent and height and just couldn’t compete with the top teams in the NCAA.  That may still be true; but as I said in my thread post, there is a reason they play these games.

The Terps proved to me that they can play with heart.  Sure, there have been other games where it looked like they gave up (see Duke); but if they give it their all and they play with consistency, it is a beautiful thing to watch.

Of all the reasons to be happy tonight; I hope you are happy for Gary Williams.  Ripped to shreds by his hometown paper; Gary may indeed have the last laugh.  For if he can take this squad to the NCAAs; he has forever proven his mettle as a great coach. If it happens, it will be his finest hour.

Now, it is on to Duke and a chance to vault ourselves off the bubble and into the dance.  However, before we get too excited; remember that this is the same team that lost to Clemson by 27 points on Tuesday.  Last year, MD hosted Duke coming off the upset at UNC and we ran to a 10 point halftime lead only to blow it in the second half.  Maryland has a chance to exorcise all of its demons on Wednesday.



  1. Great post Jeremy. I am one who has been critical of the team and Gary and that will continue, however there is no doubt that this was an incredible win. The team played with such grit and most importantly the guys actually made shots in the second half. What a difference good shooting can make!

    The enthusiasm needs to be tempered though. This win does not make the season or guarantee anything as the win over the Tarheels last year proved. The Terps HAVE to follow it up with wins against some tough teams to close out the season. If not then this will be a great win that doesn’t impact the final outcome of the season which would be a real shame…

  2. You know that scene at the end of The Shawshank Redemption where Andy Dufresne “crawled to freedom through five hundred yards of shit smelling foulness I can’t even imagine, or maybe I just don’t want too. Five hundred yards… that’s the length of five football fields, just shy of half a mile. .. and he came out clean on the other side.”

    You know when he raises his arms up in the air in the pouring rain…. that was the feeling I got when Ty Lawson lost that ball and the Terps had won.

    I nearly tore my rotator cuff in celebration and probably scared the neighbors. What an amazing performance not only by Vasquez, Tucker and Gary, but the entire Maryland program. We did it on National TV with Brent Musberger doing the play by play. Look at the stats, we have beaten a top 10 team for 13 straight years now. We are 8-4 against UNC at home in the last 12 games. We may be down, but we are not out.

    I barely have the words as you all have pretty much summed everything up and the players did as well. I loved Vaz’s comments about Gary. While one win does not change everything we’ve had to go through this season, Gary continues to prove that he is one hell of a basketball coach.

    One last thing I need to say. I have many times called these players ‘losers’. I meant that they did not know how to win. They did not have what it takes to win close games… to hit shots when they needed to. Well,. that may have been the case earlier in the season, but on Saturday, every member of the Maryland Terrapins basketball team are WINNERS.

    It’s not as if we had a lead all game and held on. We came from 16 down. We hit big shots and hit big free throws late. The defense was great.

    The question now is if these players can continue to be winners. Can they come right back on Wednesday night and beat a Duke team that embarrassed us big time last month.

    This is the time. They actually control their own destiny. Can they beat Duke and Wake? Can they win a big road game? Consistency has always been this team’s problem, but perhaps this wonderful moment can give them that confidence that they seem to have lacked all year.

    If they can beat UNC, they can truly beat anyone. Now do it again!

  3. Van Pelt must make a special request to do Sportscenter after big Terp wins, cause I swear he always gets the nod on nights like this. ESPN showed MD’s Tournament resume after the highlights and listed Miami (along with Morgan St) as a key loss. So, while MD gets no respect from anyone, Miami has been on the bubble for a month, actually a Tournament pick by some (one of Lunardi’s last four out), despite having a worse conference record than the Terps and splitting the series . . . and our loss to Miami IN Coral Gables is a key loss? Hilarious.

    Also, in case you hadn’t heard – G’town, 14-11, 5-9 in the Big East. Three McDonald’s All-Americans. Winning the local recruiting battle.

  4. WOW it’s 11:15 and the win is just starting to finally sink in and I was a the game! At the end of the game I looked at my wife and our two friends we share our season tickets with and said how did that happen? In the 17 years I have been following the terps I have always had a some sort of a gut feeling either before or during a game when a comeback or in some cases a letdown was coming. Today I was shocked! GV: This kid became a man and a leader today. Cliff Tucker: Not since Juan Dixon have I seen a shooting guard with so much confidence in his shot from anywhere on the court. EH: This is the player I saw play in HS! Being a 6th man is the perfect role for him at this level the level of aggression is 30 times higher then when he was starting. GW: All I have to say is thank you! Just last week I was arguing that you are one of the 4 best coaches in the NCAA right now despite the recruiting shortfalls. All I have left is to see BRING ON THE DOOKIES AND THEIR RAT BOY OF A COACH! I’LL BE THERE WEDNESDAY AND AS DBR WOULD SAY I’M ALL IN!! GO TERPS!! BEAT DUKE!!

  5. Of all the recent upset wins Gary has put together, this one takes the cake as the most improbable. We beat UNC the last 3 years and beat Duke with the Gilchrist/Caner-Medley teams. But those Terps teams had the talent to compete with anyone on a given day. This year’s version of our Terps just didn’t seem capable of competing with a UNC. I mean our entire starting five are about the same size. We’re like a mid-major team. I’m surprised ESPN didn’t schedule us in their Bracket Busters. Guys, make sure to read Mike Wise’s column in the Sunday WaPo. Now that’s journalism.

  6. I’m glad Burney got serious PT. It allowed us to play without helping too much in the post and allowed our guards to stay on the shooters.

    I never knew Tucker was that good of a 3 point shooter!

  7. Had to watch it on DVR. I was nearly reluctant to record it. Wasn’t sure I could stomach another look at the team’s weaknesses exploited. But, being a glutton for punishment and a lifelong Terp fan – kinda the same thing, these days – I went ahead and set the DVR. And thanks to the return of CT and the passionate play of GV I was well-rewarded for not quitting on this team. It was a pleasure to watch heart be supported by hustle, cool, IQ and a feel for the basket. I hope this quintet shows up to the rest of our games.

    Let’s hear it for Maryland!

  8. As truly great as this win was, tomorrow is back to work. Dook will definitely not be looking past us. And as someone else said, consistency has been a big problem for us. Hopefully, the emergence of Tucker and Mosley will let us match up with them better this time.

    Also, when’s the last time the students rushed the court?

  9. Good stuff:
    * Vasquez went over 500 assists becoming the fifth Maryland player to do so. He also moved into a three way tie in steals and moved into 22nd place in scoring
    * Tucker’s five 3-point baskets is a team high for this season.
    * Eric Hayes passed Nick Caner-Medly and is now the Terps #10 all time 3-point shooter
    * In both wins over top 5 ranked teams, the Terps bench scored more than 30 points

    Here’s wut I know about the recruits in attendance today:

    Roscoe Smith and his family did not look happy. Keep in mind UNC is Roscoe’s dream school but he’s still waiting for an offer from them. Meanwhile the Terps have offered him.

    Tobias Harris enjoyed himself but the expectation is that he’ll end up at UConn.

    Garland enjoyed himself and was on the court when the students rushed the court.

  10. Grayson…Cliff could always shoot. He was the #20 ranked SG in the class of 2007. Showed some flashes of his shot last season, but for some reason couldn’t shoot FT’s worth a damn. Worked hard in the offseason and was lighting it up in pick up games and was the leading scorer in the scrimmage at Temple. Started the first six games or so but his defense played him out of the starting line up and into the dog house.

    Good news is that he didn’t lose confidence, worked hard and it’s showing up now in games. He’s probably our most athletic perimiter player, we need CT to continue to contribute like he did today.

    Lord knows Cliff and Rome are rested and have fresh legs during this crucial stretch run.

  11. One big play we may forget is GV blocking Lawson’s shot at the end of regulation. Lawson is a stone cold killer at the end of games. I have little doubt that would have gone in if he hadn’t smacked it.

    GV had a tough time with Lawson, he was just too quick for him. But the general used his height on him at the end of the game with that runner.

    Bowie was buried on the bench for the last four minutes of regulation and OT. I think Gary wanted the GV, Tucker and Hayes out there for the three point threat.

    I wonder if we will get Dukie V for the game Wednesday night?

  12. Wednesday night ACC game? If its not dook vitale Id be shocked.

  13. Also, anyone have a link to watch that game again online? Didn’t see it on 360, and I wanna watch that game about 100 more times.

  14. I also want to see the last 30 minutes online. Anyone have a link? I DVRed only the 1st 2 hours, not expecting MD to force overtime. I managed to see some of the OT stuff, but I so want to see it again. Any feeds online?

    Go Terps. Fuck Duke up for real!

  15. Oh and since I dont’ think anyone posted this, I’d like to say that Saturday’s win was Gary’s fault. Even when the team was down by 16 with under 15 to play and down 9 with just over two minutes to play he convinced these kids they were going to win, so I blame this win on Gary Williams.

    I think the game is going to be on ESPN Classic at Midnight Monday if you want to DVR it. And just to clarify, by Midnight Monday I mean Sunday night going into Monday morning.

    I’m counting on Mike Patrick for PBP for the Duke game. I’m PRAYING for Len Elmore as the color comentator and not Vitale.

    I wonder if Kendall Marshall’s dad watched the game.

  16. I am not sure if anyone noticed, I do not think I saw it when I watched the game on the DVR. Somepoint in the last 4 minutes wehn we were down by about 10, out of nowhere Gary turned to the crowd behind the bench and gave them a big fist pump. He belived in thsi team when the were down. You have to give that man all the credit in the world

    Tucker and GV were great and hit key shots. as did the much beat up Eric Hayes.
    Last 9 points frfom my memory: Tucker Three, Hayes steal and pass to GC who missed the layup only to get his own rebound and put it back, Hayes taking it to the hoop and floating it in – swish, and then GC taking ait to the hole and hiting a shot taht was much tougher then it looked. WHAT A GAME

  17. Starting 5 plus starter-level minutes for EH and Tucker, and some for Gregory (or Dupree if bulk is needed). There’s your 8. But please, not Jerome Burney in critical OT situations. It was predictable that he would miss both FT in OT, and risk turning momentum over to the Heels. Burney has yet to make a FT in his entire Terp career. It is fine to play him in parts of some games, when his FT shooting is not going to be critical to the outcome.

    This game was one of the all-time best, just for sheer fun to watch.

  18. Great posts…again

    CT – Good point about the loss to Miami in Coral Gables. I saw that note on ESPN and wondered out loud why our Win over Miami at Comcast diidn’t at least wash that out?

    John – I’ll try to be nice. This WIN over UNC has already impacted the final outcome of the season. We’re nearly IN….because of it. Had we lost, we were probably doomed.
    Yes, it was improbable…..but it wasn’t impossible.

    You said, ” I was one who was critical of the team and GW and that will continue, however this was a n incredible win”. Why then would you remain …….critical of the team and GW? As someonoe said, “GW took Roy Williams to school” You have a HOF coach, a team with renewed confidence and a stay of execution. No one knows which team/players will show up against Duke but we are no longer “undersized” and the team/players know that on any given night the other team can be had. Do you really thnik Duke will beat us by 40+ again? You don’t need to respond to me but you do need to talk to your inner-self.

    We need to be somewhat concerned about two tings:

    1. GV – “I went to GW and said I want to be the PG. With the ball in my hands I can make things happen”. BINGO !! I have clamored for GV be the PG all year and have said it’s a waste to have Hayes at PG – he plays better off the ball and does not make things happen when he’s at PG. He proved that point and got into the record book doing it.

    2. Bowie- He’ll probably start (although I believe CT earned it) but the danger is Bowie
    may try (too hard) to reassert his place on the team. It’s a natural process even for a “team player”. He played his way into a starter but may subconsciously feel threatend by the emergence of Tucker . AB didn’t play in the final stretch or OT. Mark the tape. Tucker’s performance is not a fluke. He brings a dynamic on offense that we have desparately needed all along. Mosely should get quality PT but he hurts us on offense. Bowie needs to look for his moments the rest of the way and not try to elevated himself above CT. Two different players.

    Beating Duke is “probable” now. Losing to Duke would not be as big a setback because a (another) win over UNC is huge and will go further than a loss to Duke. We’d still have to come up big elsewhere but “Carolina Blue” has grey-leadened skies today.

    Duke has to now come into GV “house”. He made have had a career game and we are and surely we are all gushing with pride. He ain’t done yet, especially if he has lots of play at PG.

    Go Terps.


  19. Geiger235 – Like you, I was shocked! Not so much surprised as shocked. I swapped tickets with my bro (he got my UNC and I got his Puke) so I wasn’t there but just sitting with my wife watching, it was like we just couldn’t reconcile reality with what we were seeing. She said I sat with my mouth hanging open shouting “Holy Sh!t” … “Holy Sh*t”.

    No time to let up! I’m not sure I can bring up WWO at this point, but JWB will get the job done.

    I look forward to helping make Wednesday a bigger noise than Saturday.

    Go Terps! JWB!

    P.S. Let’s not mention lacrosse this week 

  20. With the top three teams losing this week, Pitt will again be #1 on Monday. Did you guys know that Dante Taylor from Maryland, who’s going to Pitt next year is the FIRST McDonald’s All-American at Pitt since 1987? How long has PItt been good with Howland and Dixon? Man, those guys do a great job.

    BTW, the national champion has had at least one McDonald’s All-American every single year since 1979 with the exception of one. I think most of you guys know who that one was.

  21. We were at the game and somehow sitting next to heel fans. How do they get those tickets? They were loud early and then got very silent. It was great. Was Jordan Williams at the game. GERRY I think in the second half Eric played the point almost all the time. I think coach wanted his 3 point potential. Dupree and Kim no time even with our bigs in foul trouble. Great day to be TERP.

  22. great game. i went and got (literally) falling down drunk to celebrate. vasquez has gotten on my nerves at times this year with the chest-thumping and all that, but boy did that kid play his heart out last night. i sort of wish we wouldn’t rush the court, though. we’re fucking maryland, we shouldn’t act like winning is unheard of

  23. Joe Lunardi just said on Sportscenter that MD went from being 17 places out of the Tournament to being the last team in this morning. That is just amazing.

  24. Outside the Lines had a very interesting feature about “package deals” in college bb. They talked about the Beasly situation, Calipari said he “didn’t care” what anyone thought about what he did in recruiting, I learned that Mario Chamers father was hired as a coach at Kansas (though, he seemed qualified), and most egregious, USC has hired two fathers of players (one who gave a verbal in 9th grade). The result of this is those two players are considered walk-ons because they get free tuition with fathers employed at the school, in effect giving them two extra scholarships. I didn’t get to see the whole program, so I don’t know if there was anything from Gary. Very interesting stuff, none the less. Some real crooked coaches out there.

    Lunardi has MD as the last team in, beating out Michigan on the strength of our victory over them.

  25. CBS has the Terps at 53 in the rpi this morning.

  26. okaybowler, ESPN’s OTL picked up on the following Associated Press story from Friday. I hope the NCAA cracks down in this type of stuff with parents, trainers, mentors, AAU coaches getting jobs etc.

    Report: NCAA looks into Hackett’s USC arrangement
    Feb 20, 2:55 am EST

    LOS ANGELES (AP)—The NCAA is looking into whether point guard Daniel Hackett’s arrangement to play for Southern California was part of a package deal that includes his father, who is the school’s strength and conditioning coach, according to a report.

    Because Rudy Hackett is a university employee, his son Daniel receives free tuition, which opens up another scholarship for the Trojans to use, ESPN reported Thursday.

    Hackett’s name was mentioned, but he is only one of the “package deals” that an NCAA focus group is looking into, the cable network said. Such a situation technically does not violate NCAA rules.

    USC coach Tim Floyd denied any wrongdoing.

    “All I can tell you is that that bridge was crossed three years ago with the NCAA, with the Pac-10, with our compliance office and we have not done one thing wrong,” Floyd said after the Trojans beat Washington State 61-51 Thursday night.

    “As far as Rudy Hackett being at this university as our basketball coach, he was here a year before Daniel Hackett got here and he’s far more qualified than 95 percent of the assistant coaches in the United States of America. He played in the NBA, he played on a Final Four team at Syracuse, coached and played in Italy and was highly recommended by the number one team in Southern California.”

    Rudy Hackett joined USC in 2005. His son, a point guard who grew up in Italy and has represented the country internationally, joined the Trojans a year later.

    Floyd said that Rudy Hackett had been recommended to him by Pat Barrett, president of the Southern Cal All-Stars, an AAU team.

    “He recommended him, I hired him and I’m very glad we did,” Floyd said. “That’s all I got to say.”

  27. Or maybe it was vice versa…ESPN reports Thursday…AP follows Friday…OTL today lol

  28. I love ya Gerry but I can’t put a Duke win in the “probable” category. It is absolutely in the very possible category.

    We need to get to 20 wins to lock up a bid. It can come in any fashion at this point. Any combination of wins that get us to that number and we are dancing.

    We still have a very tough road to hoe. If we don’t come to play each night we could be revisiting the Clemson loss. These kids have a great opportunity in front of them. I just hope they can grab it.

    As far as the starting line-up goes I bet it’s not touched. We are 3-1 in the second half of the ACC schedule and Gary doesn’t like to tinker when we are winning. Who starts isn’t nearly as important as who finishes. I would be shocked to see any change at all.

  29. You know who I feel bad for? Guys that want to get into the coaching profession but don’t have a stud basketball player for a relative. College coaching jobs are hard to come by and so many positions are now being taken through these package deals. It will lead to less great coaches in the future like our own Garyland who paid his dues making poverty-type money and moving his family from city-to-city all in pursuit of a dream.

    The best way to somewhat temper all these shenanigans is follow football and have a national signing day. This system works so much better than basketball’s in my opinion.

  30. Look I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but someone has to say it especially in response to DiamondbackRuss. Yesterday’s win was ALL BECAUSE OF GV. GW had nothing to do with the result of that game. This is why I love MD fans, because everytime something goes wrong, they always blame the players, but when something good happens its because of some great coaching miracle by Gary. GV had to have a career game for MD to win yesterday, a career game including a triple double! If he loses, I’m sure everyone on this board and Gary through him under the bus and the kid becomes another John Gilchrist.

    Let’s break down the game a little shall we:

    -First 15 minutes of the game its UNC vs GV, and no other player is can make a shot. Not good coaching. Lets not forget the number of assists GV would have had if the rest of the team would have scored.

    -Right before half, out scrappiness gets us to within 9 and Gary cheers. Not good coaching and not reason to be happy.

    -Early-Mid 2nd Half, the players actually start making baskets and GV is getting assists. Tucker also comes around and Milburne a little as well. UNC begins to start accumulating fouls and start relying more on the outside shot. Ok good coaching if you want to call living and dying my the three and mid-range shot good coaching.

    – Late 2nd Half, GV hits the big three, then CT hits three, Neal scores, the GV MAKES TWO LAYUPS INSIDE UNDERNEATH too send the game into OT. Not good coaching, all GV.

    -OT, CT hits a layup, GV makes two three’s and we’re in the bonus so Hayes goes to the foul line, game. Coaching-meh,

    Go on any UNC board and you will read them saying “damn not another guard killin’ us.”. Listen, this game has to be credited to GV more than GW. Probably giving GV the 70-30 split, and the funny thing is without him we don’t win this game, and EVERYONE here dogged him. Utterly dogged the kid. But as we say we’re I’m from and you all may not get this, but GV is a “G”, a rider, he’s one of your boys who will be with you until the end. Did you hear his post game. All he was saying was that GW is a good coach, AND he APOLOGIZED TO DUKE. So get off of him already.

    If you like to apologize to GV just simply copy and paste this in your comment entry:
    GV, I’m sorry for throwing you under the bus, and although we may have differences, I have no reason or any knowledge of you to be making character assessments based on my feelings on how you play. You’re a good player and without you MD would be in the tank right now. Signed (Your Commenter Name).

  31. EdDC – you are way off point on Burney. Burney was +7 for the game as opposed to -2 for Neal. Burney gives the Terps more of what they need than Neal does when the guards are on, a low post player who actally plays in the post. Him not roaming around the 3 point arc creates more space for the better shooters (Hayes, Tucker > Neal). On D he can guard a Hansborough/Thompson straight up and doesnt require a double team which lets the guards stay on their men and not give up easy 3s. With Burney you don’t see it in the conventional stats but aside from Tucker and Greivas (best single game by a Terp ever by the way) he was the MVP today. When he was in the game the Terps were winning, whe he wasn’t they weren’t. Period.

  32. MightyTerp,

    Greveis has been unfairly criticized for sure by Terp fans. But I think you’re speaking to the choir here. Most on this blog, myself included, love The General and fully realize we are a 10-win team without him.

  33. MightyTerpYoung,
    Get a f’ing clue.

    I am the biggest GV backer there is and he had an incredible game. But with all due respect you sound retarded. Nothing but love but never throw rocks at the throne after a win like that. How many coaches would’ve kept Tucker in with a starter on the bench even if he was hot? How many would’ve continuously gone small against a strong inside team trusting his players to play big on D. How many would’ve stuck with an offensive liabilty like Burney because of what he was giving them on D. Gary is the best game coach in the ACC period. The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is at the top of this post.

  34. And I read in the Sun Jordan was supposed to be at the game yesterday. I had a sign welcoming him to Garyland but apparently that is against NCAA rules. Can’t wait for Wednesday. Paybacks a Terp!

  35. Did everyone see the story in the Sun about Bowie’s dad who has been working at the University for over 20 years? Interesting when compared to schools giving out jobs to land recruits and avoid a scholarship cost. Apparantly Bowie and his dad were both ballboys in their younger days. It’s a feel good story, but looking at it from another angle, I am guessing Bowie’s Dad’s job doesn’t qualify for the free scholarship, but if it does, maybe that could be Stephenson’s scholarship for next year.

  36. hahaha, oh wow. Its so funny how fast some of us forget on this board. Get a grip, just look back on previous post when everyone and his brother decided that they should post up their own starting line up absent of GV with him coming off the bench. Genius.

  37. It is apparent that mighty is not a regular of this board. I don’t recall ANYONE saying GV should be coming off the bench. Much less multiple posters.

    GV makes some poor decisions at times, he did so in the game yesterday as well. He has played much more mature this year. Having said all of that, no one thinks he should be on the bench.

    As far as Gary goes, find me one article that questions his coaching skills. Just one. Anyone that knows a thing about basketball will tell you Gary is a great coach. His recruiting errors have been covered just a tad over the past six weeks.

    When you come on here and make those sorts of statements it says more about you than Gary.

  38. Wonderful…and thank you MightyTerpYoung. I was like Darth Sidious seducing Anakin to the dark side. I knew full well that my “blaming” Gary for the win would draw out someone to throw love at Greivis (which he richly deserved). Didn’t know it would be you but I’m glad you did. And Eddie is right, most Soupers love/respect Greivis and know this team would be in the crapper without him. Greivis has one hell of a motor, in fact the only person able to stop Greivis from scoring yesterday was Gary when he took him out for a breather in the first half.

    Lee…Jordan Williams was not at the game yesterday. He was under the weather.

  39. I don’t get ESPN Classic… anyone have another way to watch a replay?

  40. I think you are out of luck Raj. It was on ABC so I don’t think you can get it on the web. 360 doesn’t have it and it wasn’t a Raycom game so they won’t have it either.

    I see ESPN Classic has the game of the week scheduled for 6:00 PM. I would guess that will be our boys.

  41. can watch the replay of the overtime….also the last 6 minutes of regulation is up.

  42. Also watching the end of the game again….Mosley and Neal just had monster rebounds when needed.

  43. okqybowler – Any idea if ESPN will replay the Outside the Lines re college hoops recruiting? The show is scheduled for 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, but I’m not sure how often they tape new episodes. If weekly, tomorrow might be a replay of today.

  44. Proud to be a Terp the day after! Here’s to hoping for a strong regular season finish and making some noise in the ACC tournament. I’d sure like to be dancing next month! If we can get there, it will make 2 of the last 3 years in the Dance, instead of 4 of the last 5 years out of it in the NIT. That would be sweet with all we’ve gone through this year. Go Terps!

  45. I found the last 6 minutes of the game and the OT on youtube:

    Last 6 mins:



  46. MightyTerp,
    Your rant makes absolutely no sense. “This is why I love MD fans, because everytime something goes wrong, they always blame the players, but when something good happens its because of some great coaching miracle by Gary”. Everytime something goes wrong, they always blame the players????? Are you freaking kidding me? That’s just dead wrong, Gary takes tons of heat after losses. Why do you think so many fans want to see his ass on the street? As far as GV goes, I like him as a player and I don’t think he should be coming off the bench, but at the same time one good game doesn’t change an entire season. The fact is that GV’s field goal % has been hovering in the mid to upper 30s all season (the only ACC player in the top 20 in points per game who can claim that distinction), which is horrendous. When you say and do stupid things like curse at your own fans, claim that Cameron is “my house” and then play like crap, and talk about your triple-double aspiration in the midst of a losing streak, all the while shooting 30-something percent from the field you’re bound to take some heat. Fuck no I’m not apologizing!

  47. I just watched from about the 15:00 mark when we were down 16. The one thing I noticed is our ball movement. That is the best we have moved the ball all season. Those shots went down because they were high percentage shots. When we didn’t execute we shot the ball early.

    Just like what happened in the second half of the Clemson game. We just don’t have the shooters to take shots like that. Move the ball, get a good look at close range or a wide open three.

    Let’s hope they all take the right lessons away from this game.

  48. I’m still wondering how anyone can question GW’s coaching ability, and gives the win to GV. Don’t get me wrong, GV was unbelievable. But as I stated in the Clemson thread, the Terps ran the plays Gary designed…they worked to perfection…and this time they actually executed. In the Clemson game, just about every player had an open look, right under the basket…and missed. It was the worst shooting display I have seen. Again, as I said before, GW can put them into a position to score, but it is up to the players to execute.

    Now, enter North Carolina. Again, the plays were run to perfection, and this time the shots went in. Not only that, but the player substitution was great. And in overtime, Gary made all the right calls. Neal fouls when up by 3. They don’t foul after that. All coaching decisions. Give him the credit he deserves.

    Last thing on GW. How great is it to see a coach get as fired up as he did. Pumping the fist to the crowd. And a chest bump with GV? Classic.

  49. For what it’s worth, GV’s postgame remarks acknowledged his own poor play over the last month, so Soupers who got down on his erratic gamer were only echoing what he himself owned up to. Vaz even admitted misspeaking in saying Cameron was his house. That’s all past; let’s hope Saturday’s remarkable win is all prelude. I’m surprised we haven’t heard Kaze, GV’s foster father, weigh in with a trumpet blast of pride after yesterday’s triple double.

    MightyTerp: to say GW had nothing to do with the UNC upset is nutty. He’s the one who prepared them, practiced all the out-of-bound situations, made them believe in themselves (even on the boards!). And what can you say about his adroit substitutions after Burney, et al fouled out, except congrats.

    I’ve been down on GW’s recruiting. Am still agnostic. But yesterday’s game should remind anyone of the treachery of snap judgments where Gary’s coaching abilities are concerned.

    I’m beginning to think these undersized scrappers might break .500 and make it to the dance. My early season loss of faith is probably going to cost me serious money in a bad bet with my brother-in-law. I won’t mind ponying up, though.

  50. Checking on ESPN/Scout’s remaining undecided prospects in the Top 60, and it lists Lance Stephenson leaning toward Maryland and St. John’s, and Terrell Vinson leaning towards Maryland solely.

    Any thoughts from anyone on how true this may be? If both are seriously considering the Terps, does this mean we are likely to get one? And does it mean we will see a transfer from one of our players? GV entering the draft?

  51. FF, I am one proud papa.

  52. Damn Jordan missed the game? That’s a shame. That was the first time I have ever been in Comcast and felt like the energy was equal to what Cole used to be. I hope Born Ready catches it on ESPNClassic tonight. Although honestly I wonder where he would fit in the rotation next year. Will he come if he thinks he won’t start? Will Gary promise him a starting gig? Could get a little interesting with Bowie, Hayes, and GV all with a good 30 games a piece as starters, Cliff Tucker proving to be a sleeping giant, Sean Mosely being in my opinion one of the most steady players on the team this year and hands down the best on the ball defender… Is this what it’s like at UNC and Duke with too many players and not enough minutes?

  53. I noticed Braxton has earned the exalted “Chest Bump” guy that stands at the end of the line during intro’s and bumps the chest of the starters coming in. Almost always reserved for a non starting and rarely playing senior. Those of you who can’t get to the games never see this. So I wonder is this what his career has come to as a sophmore?
    Word is around booster land is he is transferring to Patsosland AKA Loyola.

  54. Gary’s coaching was no more evident than in the last minute of regulation. His decision not to foul with 55 seconds left, down 2 points and believe in MD’s defense was the best coaching move of the game. The way MD killed the clock from 35 seconds down to 9 seconds without getting fouled and moving the ball around was legendary. That doesn’t come without practice. Gary called his timeouts at VERY good times during this game. He called them at crucial moments when he knew the offense was out of sync. A non-basketball expert can’t see these decisions. That was the greatest coaching job I have ever seen. There was probably only one man in that stadium who believed the Terps could knock of UNC for the entire game and his name is Gary Williams. He made his team believe and it happened. Go read the UNC chat boards and the only thing you see is how Gary outcoached the hell out of Roy.

  55. Our women just started the 2nd half on a 10-0 run. Men beat UNC and women beat Duke. Not a bad weekend.

  56. man, i just found out that duke and wake forest are playing each other tonight. that’s very good news for us that duke has a big-time game with only 3 days of physical and mental recuperation time. i’m feeling even better about wednesday night now. the only question is, do we want duke to win or lose tonight??? i always want duke to lose, but at the same time i really hate playing teams after a loss because they play harder and with more urgency. this is a tough call.

  57. markmax33: Roy Williams takes your point: “The best team won today — the toughest team, the smartest team, the best-coached team won today,” UNC coach Roy Williams said. “That’s all I have to say.”

    From today’s Raleigh N&O

  58. we want duke to win tonight I think would be the general consenus if I had to guess

  59. Nice looking crowd at Comcast for the Women’s game. They said over 16k…good to see a strong turnout. That Marah Strickland is special.

  60. game on again espn classic sun 5:30

  61. That was definitely in the N&O FF. There was of course another article on the fouls that weren’t called. They thought psycho-t got beat up.

    No player in the ACC initiates more contact than Hansbrough. If you want to call all that contact then you have to call it both ways. He would foul out of most games if they start calling all that body bumping that goes on between him and the opposing player.

  62. Terps RPI up to #53…and some how UNC’s RPI is also up.

  63. Darrius Heyward-Bey ran the fastest 40 time at the combine at 4.3.

  64. 2nd fastest time for a WR since 2000. He may have just passed Maclin and Harvin on some boards simply on potential from all that speed.

  65. Evening All,

    Enjoyed reading all of the posts. Couple of thoughts on game:

    -UNC fans – I have never (I mean never) seen that many opposing team fans at a game. I had two of my kids with me and we got there an hour early to make things easier and I’m telling you, excluding the student section, it was almost 1 to 2 blue to red there until about fifteen minutes before the game started. In our row it was 50/50. While I was sitting there, I was thinking up a seriously pissed post to all of our “fans” that sold there tickets to the dark side, but I have to tell you being surrounded by a bunch of opposing fans made watching and ultimately winning the game that much sweeter. I’d say it was my favorite game yet at the Comcast center (I think having my kids there to see it tipped it).
    -Gary was on fire towards the end of the game. At one point towards the end of regulation NC missed a free throw and apparently we weren’t excited enough, so Gary turned to the crown and pumped his fist as if to say, “what the f#@$ make some noise”, and the entire center came to life.
    -The defensive stand at the end of the first half was very impressive and i think a good spark for the team going into the locker room.
    -We can hate on Roy Williams all we want, but at least on this occasion he and his team acted classy both in their comments and their actions (waiting to shake hands even though the court was mobbed). I bet you Coach K and Puke wouldn’t have done that.

  66. Lady Terps cruise to victory over Duke! NICE.
    Reagrding Hacksbrough and fouls UNC had 21 fouls to Terps 23 and shot 11 more foul shots then the Terps. Plus there was that horrendous non call when an Ellington shot clanged the rim and hit the top of the basket and they didn’t call it out.

  67. DBR,

    I knew that Tucker was athletic and could shoot mid-range jumpers, but didn’t know he was a good 3 point shooter, especially with the new 3 point line. If he’s a good 3 point shooter, we need him even more.


    I agree with you regarding Burney. We need his post D and shot blocking ability.

  68. GV played great, but do we really want him back at PG? It was more of the same as last year, 10 assists, 7 turnovers. Perhaps he’s the best option though. Hayes had 3 assists and 3 turnovers.

  69. In the postgame interview, GV credited his productivity turnaround to getting back his PG job. He likes having the rock in his hand. It comports with his self-image as a leader. After yesterday’s performance I’m okay with the turnovers; some of them would have been spectacular assists had their targets been more alert. Because his teammates weren’t ready, those no-look bounce passes looked like half-baked French pastry In fact, I seem to remember Steve Lavin calling Greivis on it.

    I never thought the Gary Williams psychodrama could get more interesting than it already was. The man thrives on adversity. Who said there aren’t second acts in Div I BB?

  70. Don’t look now, but Wake Forest has cut a 22 point Dook lead down to 7.

    And CONGRATS to DHB on that 40 time…hope it helps is draft stock. But it bums me out that our coaches couldn’t come up with more ways to get the ball in that kids hands last season.

  71. Haha, look at all of the new recruits who want to come to Maryland once Gary and co get back on their horses. I think its pretty funny that now the sentiment might start shifting from “we don’t get the good local players” and thats why we have been playing just above mediocre for years to “we have the prospect of getting good players but we’re afraid that we might not have room for them”

    I guess you can’t have it both ways – now I guess we’re starting to understand the power that is Gary Williams – recruit guys who fit into the system, who know their roles, and don’t try to play outside of their abilities.

    Recruiting analysts are sometimes right when they say that they are surprised that there are some top top guys looking at Maryland, because sometimes the top top guys have egos that don’t fit into the Garyland system.

    Awesome win! I can’t believe that UNC had only 5 assists all game. Didn’t duke have about 5 assists on one play during the blowout earlier in the season? (I know thats impossible but it sure seemed like it with all that high-flying trickery)
    Congrats to Burney – I was just looking at some old youtube tape of him when he played for us earlier in his career, he had some nice dunks – really powerful and to the point, none of that fancy pants stuff. One cool stat i saw someplace is that we had the most blocks in the games that we beat top 5 teams, Mich. State and UNC.

    I can only imagine that the UNC’s RPI went up because they faced a team that had a high SOS on the road. Who knows. I’m glad that ours is climbing.

    How many ACC teams make the tourney? 6, 7? 9?

  72. harryfish: There were plenty of calls that could have gone against the Heels, but the backboard play wasn’t one of them. The top of the backboard is not out of bounds. If the ball had hit the scoreboard, or any part of the supporting structure it would be out of bounds. I’m happy that only one or two posts have complained about Mosley’s lack of offense. He is a huge part of this team’s success…clutch rebounds, drawing fouls, taking charges. And he has a great basketball IQ that allows him to facilitate the offense even if he’s not the one finishing plays.

  73. If I had to guess, I’d say 7 ACC teams get in. In my opinion, anyone who can get to .500 in conference play is probably good. We’ve got enough quality wins, and our cpu numbers will jump if we can get to 8. Same goes for VT and Miami already has the numbers… just not the wins.

  74. Ricksterps – Here’s why we need the best starter’s AND finishers. The UNC game being the exception, we are notoriously slow to start. Terps (GV in particular) did unbelievable job hanging around in the first hafl. Were it not for GV we could have dug a huge hole. We need scorers to “start” and “finish”. The 2nd half comback was accomplished by “scorers”.

    At best the “starter’s vs finisher’s” is a blurry line. On the one hand you need the D to give your own offense a jump start, but D alone doesn’t win games and the reverse is true. Balance is the key. I agree Mosely is one of our tougher defensive ballers but there’s just no shot there…….yet.

    I really like Tucker’s scoring and poise. He’s “stealthy” like an assassin. We haven’t had one of those in awhile. GV let’s you know he’s around.

    Should be a great game Wed.

    Hope that helps.

    Go Terps.

  75. Grayson – GV plays better at the PG. Hayes plays better off the ball. Not even worth further debate.

    When Hayes is PG he ain’t even looking for a shot. He telegraphs his intentions. I love the kid and we need him. He had a great 2nd half against UNC but has been struggling offensively as a PG. Someone reminded me that Hayes played to PG most of 2nd half. Well, GV played it the first half and went wild. That ain’t going to happen often and it is less likely with Hayes at PG. I’d argue that Hayes played PG most of 2nd half. .

  76. Thanks to all of you for your excellent comments on the win over UNC yesterday… missed it live, but just watched the full game on DVR. WHAT A GREAT FEELING being able to witness a TEAM finally coming together and playing to potential… to which many of you have already commented in detail.

    However, haven’t seen anyone comment of the poor job of announcing by Brent M. and Steve L & the direction of the ABC technical team. While watching the exciting action of the game, I couldn’t help but find myself yelling at the screen at Musberger, Lavin, and the director. The action was HOT and they went into their inane banter mod with screen dominating graphics, talking about Academy Awards, Hoops players as actors and Actor as Hoops players nice trivia… maybe, better saved for another time… NOT in the middle of HOT action in a tremendously competitive game. This seems to becoming more and more common as ABC/ESPN seems more interested in promoting themselves then really covering the game at hand. Add this complaint to the list of Dookie V. and Mike Patrick issues in calling games… and I think we can make a point with the brass at ABC/ESPN. I’m not asking for coverage with the “homerism” of a Johnny Holliday, just give us some honest, real, in-depth coverage.

    Major KUDOS to the TERPS!!! and I hope that some others may join me in sending “boo-birds” emails to ABC/ESPN !!!

  77. Duke is seconds away from putting the hurt on Wake.

    35+ points for Henderson – he was shooting lights out.

    Mosely can’t guard him. He’s quick and great moves to the hole. Perpahs AB if he gets the PT. Not sure who else.


  78. FYI… Puke 101- Wake 91… Let’s go Terps on Wednesday!!! For those of you able to get to Comcast, keep the roar of Saturday alive and LOUD!!!

  79. The game against Duke on Wednesday will definitely be a huge undertaking. When they spread the floor and hit shots consistently the Dukies are incredibly tough to defend. Of course the Terps actually match up well with Duke and can counter their attack by making shots as they did against UNC on Saturday.

    A brief response to Gerry — maybe you took what I said about being critical in the wrong light. It was a simple statement alluding to the fact that one win does not make an entire season. If the Terps don’t follow their amazing performance with similar efforts and wins in their remaining games, the win against UNC will be one great night in yet another disappointing season. And your optimism is admirable but don’t get too far ahead of things just yet. You are right that if the season ended today the Terps would be “in” the tourney. However with games remaining against Duke, Wake, NC State and Virginia an NCAA tourney bid is not even close to being cemented. At minimum the Terps will probably need to win two of the last four games and win at least one ACC tourney game. If they falter down the stretch as has occured several times in recent years then the Carolina win will have no net effect on the final outcome of the season.

    Hopefully this win will galvanize the team and lead them to an improbable but much needed NCAA tourney berth that would go a long way to revitalizing Maryland Terrapin basketball.

  80. I can’t wait ’til Duke. With the UNC game, we kinda took the Duke game off the “must-win” list. If we lose, we have more chances. If we win, we almost stamp our ticket. It’s a great situation. There is no pressure. I hope the kids play freely and leave it all out there.

    Meanwhile, G’Town’s situation is so precarious that if they lose to Louisville tomorrow you can stick a fork in’em. They’ll be taking their 3 McDonald’s guys to the National Invitational Tournament. Go Cardinals.

  81. based on what i saw tonight, duke isn’t a must-win, but it’s pretty damn close to being one. i say that because tonight was the first time that i saw wake play all season and despite losing they’re GOOD! i was very impressed. i think we have far better chance of beating duke at home than we do wake. those guys are just relentless on offense and have lots of height too in the front court.

  82. I agree that this one win doesn’t solve the shortcomings of this team. One thing it may do is solve their confidence problem. They really seem to lack the confidence in some games. This should let them know they can hang with anyone if they play the right way.

    The Duke game will be tough. I had the Wake game circled as the most likely win. If we get one of those it takes the pressure off of two tough road games.

    We beat Duke and this season is totally different. If not, we still have work to do but we can get it done. We have to play at the top of our game. We just don’t have a large margin for error.

  83. John – I’ll buy into most of your response with reservations.

    Barring semantics, the UNC game has affected the final outcome of the season. With the win we are alive and kicking. Without that win, it would have been the penultimate nail in the coffin.

    I actually thought we had a better chance at beating UNC rather than Duke. I watched them play WF tonight and they have 3 impressive strategies.

    1. They are quck and spread the floor deep. They know where the seams are, (actually create them) and slash to the bucket.

    2. They have great perimeter shooters; actually better than UNC

    3. They know how to create mis-matches. Henderson (may) give us fits and as I said earlier, Mosely doesn’t have the foot speed to hang with him .

    Summary, they don’t have a lot of weaknesses except this one…….you can get inside their heads. Even Coack K can come unraveled……you know, like GW does at times.

    It will be a game of nerves. If it’s 40 minutes of hell…..we have a great chance. However, we need to have them chasing us on the scoreboard.

    Nuff said.

  84. Milbourne on Singler. Bowie/Tucker on Henderson. When you look at Dook, they are a two-headed monster. You have to shut one of them down, but just one of them. The rest of their lineup doesn’t exactly scare anyone. Their other guards get 3s off of Henderson driving.

    MD can’t rely on outside shooting against Dook. MD won’t hit 13 3s against Dook like they did against UNC. Bowie, Greivis, and Hayes have to get into the lane…just like they did against UNC.

    Dook is kind of a strange team. They have no inside presence on O or D. Everything is perimeter oriented. They overplay passing lanes, jump screens and picks, and trap in the corners. They funnel everything down the middle to their one shot blocker and their host of floppers (can’t wait for the NCAA to put the halo under the basket). Their D play is exactly the kind of D that someone like Greivis should exploit. He’s not a high flier, so he won’t get into the air and get the charge called…but he still gets into the lane.

    On O it’s all dribble, drive, and shoot 3s. They have no game from 5 – 20 ft. It’s not a “built for the long haul” style of play. Keys for MD…get Dook into early foul trouble. They have a limited bench. Force Henderson OR Singler into a bad night. If MD interior players get more than a combined 2 dunks, that’s a good sign.

    And always, MD needs to shoot north of 43% from the field and 33% from 3.

  85. I would think Gary would assign Tucker to guard Henderson. He did a great job on Ellington yesterday. The only other Terps that could match Henderson’s size and quickness would be GV, but I would imagine Gary doesn’t want him spending all his energy guarding Henderson.

    Elliot Williams looked tenacious on the defensive end for the Dukies against Wake today. I’m guessing he’ll be assigned to GV on Wednesday, it’ll be interesting to see if he can handle Williams’ pressure and tenacity.

    Looked like Coach K took a page out of Gary’s book with the jacket-strip. He was more animated in their game today than I’ve seen him in a long while. Can’t wait for the game on Wed! It’s payback time for the embarrassment at Cameron!!!!


  86. Sorry Butch. Give me Musberger every night. I love that guy. The voice just screams ‘big game’.

    1. Gus Johnson
    2. Brent

    497. Dukie V

  87. i think mosely could definitely take henderson. there’s more to being a great defender than having speed and athleticism. id say mosley is our best perimeter defender right now, having a slight edge over gv. neither of those guys are great athletes but theyre pretty damn good on defense. in contrast, mike jones was an amazing athlete and a bad defender. we’re going to have to do something about zoubek though. he killed us in the first game and its a little too much to ask neal at 6’6 to guard him unless we start applying some ridiculous pressure on the ball to help him out. we really need burney to come through with some defense in the post. comcast should be electric. i wish i was still in school.

  88. “The top of the backboard is not out of bounds.”
    Thanks Steve, your never too old to learn something. Funny my whole section was screaming about this.
    We should get a full and hopefully load as sh*t crowd at Comcast and in there early since its a 9 PM game so traffic will be lighter. This should help put the beat down mood on Duke at the start.

  89. If we are to believe DBR, “both players are long shots to UMD” (referring to Stephvenson and Vison). What would we do with a scholarship(s) if one opens up?

  90. Hansborough sure does flop a lot, can’t believe coach K didn’t get him. Maybe he’s been training at Duke in the summers…

    Rewatching the game last night I was laughing out loud at Lavin at the end of OT. When Roy called the timeout with 10 seconds left and MD up three they were talking “to foul or not to foul” and Lavin said you have to foul. Of course Gary isn’t doing this because he knows his team has been playing sick D all day and Lawson is the only guy hitting and he has GV on him who has 5 inches on him. Then Ellington comes around a screen and bowls over Dave Neal who popped out and they call a foul because it’s UNC and you have to give them that call or the game is over and Lavin acts like A) Neal actually fouled him and B) he intended to and that was what Gary called for. And this is why Gary is still coaching and Steve is no longer roaming the sidelines…

  91. I rewatched the game last night and Gary is really 10 times the coach that Roy is. Go watch the last 5 minutes of the game and overtime. Don’t watch the players watch the sideline. Gary is up calling plays, urging on his team on defense urging on the crowd to make noise, etc. Roy is sitting in his chair silent when they are on O and then crouching when they were on D to get a better look, perhaps he needs new glasses. The best look of this is when they show a close up of him with 3:30 left in OT when Burney went to the free throw line. He is sitting in his chair silent and just has this aww shucks look on his face like he needs his mommy, his blanky, and a stiff drink. And Lawson is back over by the bench looking for some coaching too, nothing. Roy got punked, again, just like the final four in 2002. He can have all the NBA players in the world and he still can’t win but 1 of 2 from Gary and it’s getting worse. Gary has taken 4 of 6 from him. Think about that with the teams UNC has had the lasat few years and the teams MD has had. Love it.

    First Miami, then UNC, and now Duke. Payback’s a Terp.

  92. Speaking of Lavin…anyone notice he has foresaken the slicked back hair in favor of the butt-cut with wings look? Whenever they showed he and Brent, all I could see was Lavin’s large head. I look to the left and I saw head, I look to the right and I saw head…it was like a giant jackolantern. I shouldn’t make fun of him because he is getting old, and getting old really does suck.

  93. Glad to see I’m not the only Gus Johnson fan around Gregg. You know the great thing about Gus? He does NY Knicks games this year and does every game like it’s his last. A Wednesday night late game between the Knicks and the Wizards and Gus is losing his mind in the 4th quarter. He’s great.

    I’m inclined to put Mike Patrick below even Dookie V for worst basketball announcer.

    Good point about Hansborough. I’ve been watching him for 4 years thinking he went to the wrong school! He looks out of place in a Heels uniform. He is definitely a Dookie-type.

  94. Remember Gary’s first win over Roy? It was in a DC tournament and Kansas came in at #2 in the country with Paul Pierce and Raef Lafrentz. Laron Profit was great that day.

  95. Eddie – Watch out I think some UNC fans might try to burn your house.

    Ok time for some fantasy. In two months chances that the following will have happened?
    – MD makes the NCAA Tournament
    – Dupree transfers to Loyola
    – Following impressive roll through March where he leads MD to the tournament, Vasquez declares for the draft
    – MD reloads with Born Ready and Vinson
    – Gary goes to the WashPo and body slams the all of the journalist there.

    Except for the last one, 10% chance? 20%? Or just total pipe dream and I need to get back to work before I get fired?

  96. Right…top of the board is not out…over IS. I think that ball wall millimeters one way or the other from being in/out. Tough call to make at a time like that.

    Someone mentioned Burney’s couple big dunks from last year. I don’t know if anyone else saw it but he was about 3 inches away from grabbing an offensive board and bringing up from his waist to throw it down. I don’t remember exactly what point it was in the game but it was close and the roof may have collapsed if he had got to it. One tarheel got in his way. jerk…

    GV was huge but everyone knows youngterp is way out of line with his assessment of Gary’s contribution to the game. He orchestrated the game and created almost all the plays that we converted upon. Just like someone said with the clemson game we got the looks but didn’t knock them down. It’s all been said from here…

  97. Terps96 – I’d say 33% chance MD makes the tourney; 50% Dupree transfers; and 2% chance we get both Vinson and BR

  98. Terps…

    50-50 on point 1. A 2/2 split in the final 4 games. If a Dook or WFU win is part of that 2/2 split, MD is a lock at 8-8 regardless of the 1st round ACC game. Notice that Gary is already talking in the media about 8-8 deserving a bid. The mid-majors are way down this year, too.
    80-20 on point 2. It looks like the kid’s heart is as soft as his body.
    90-10 on point 3. GV will take his triple double overseas not to the NBA. He’s too slow and not a good enough shooter (right now) for the NBA. A few seasons in Italy might help.
    50-50 on getting one of those guys on point 4. Although, you should ask DBR that one.

  99. UNC’s roster is chocked full of great players. Om paper they would seem to be the overwhelming favorite for the national championship, but they don’t play that well as a team. At the end they were relying on Ty Lawson to make a great play. Is this the cost of having a team of 5 star players that are more concerned about how they look to NBA scours?

  100. Congrats to GW and the boys for a great, great win.

    Wednesday night has a lot of meaning.

    I wish we could get back the Morgan State, FL State and Miami road games.

  101. MD makes the tourney = 33%
    Dupree goes to Loyola = 75%
    Vazquez to draft = 75%
    Born Ready and Vinson = 10%

    Gary’s body slam = 100%

  102. So much has been said but I’ve got to chime in…

    I was in attendance and it’s without a doubt the best MD game I’ve been too. Comcast was nuts. The peeps in section 210 were nuts. I thought I might lose my voice and my hands were actually a little sore from clapping so hard. As Gary said after the game, “This is how the Comcast Center is supposed to be.” Gary gets credit. The players get credit. The fans get credit. Everyone doing there part to make Comcast a tough place to play.

    I agree with those who praise Mosley’s defense. He is our best perimeter defender. He’s not super quick but he’s very strong, positions his body well and is so active, especially with his hands. He pllays defense with his hands in a good way. I don’t mean reaching in (though he does swat the ball away very effectively without sacrificing his feet). I’m talking about using your length and hands to bother guys by disrupting vision and angles. He does this very well. I think Bowie could take a page out of Mosley’s book to become an excellent defender. Sometimes his hands just lay at his sides kind of Frankenstein like. Get em up, Bowie! Disrupt those angles.

    Really love the minutes from Burney. His presence inside gives the team something they desperately need. He’s a shot blocker teams have to account for and has the potential to give us something inside offensively. I hope he continues to get minutes. He’s our best matchup against Zoubek’s size on Wednesday. Dino continues to play well doing a lot of dirty work. Great effort.

    Tucker. Can’t say much more about him. I hope this gets him on a roll. Don’t expect him to put in 22 nightly but scoring off the bench the way he can is huge, especially if he can knock down open looks consistently.

    The Hayes playing off the ball talk is so stale. The kid played major minutes Saturday at the PG spot and played them well. No guard is playing strictly off the ball much less so in Gary’s offense. Vasquez handled the ball at the start and came out smoking yet several of his scoring opportunities early came from off the ball screens. Hayes and Vasquez need to work it both ways, which they did against UNC.

    Re the rest of the season. Bottom line is winning games. Just win baby. That being said, a loss to NC St. or UVA on the road doesn’t hurt as much as wins against Duke or Wake help. Especially in a tough league like the ACC, what often matter in the end is the question, “Who did you beat?” Quality wins like Saturday go a long way. Of course, I’m assuming they go at least 8-8. 7-9 with wins against UNC and Duke, though quality, wouldn’t get it done.

  103. MD makes the tourney = 66%
    Dupree goes to Loyola = 75%
    Vazquez to draft = 50%
    Born Ready OR Vinson = 65%

    Gary’s body slam = 00%

    That said I saw a guy that looked like Mike Wise (who wasn’t even involved in the article) at the barber shop the other week and was so pissed at the post I gave him the stink eye for my entire haircut. I just wanted him to say something so I could throw him through the plate glass window and tell him “tell your boys Prisbell and Yanda there’s more where that came from!”

  104. Good posts on Burney–thanks. My question was to ask if he should be in there at a critical point in the game? Fouling Burney is almost like getting the Terps to commit a turnover. Burney is 0 for 8 on FTs in his Terp career, and it looks like he is having trouble locating the hoop (some of the shots have not been close).

    Burney has played a total of 193 minutes as a Terp. If you gave him full-time minutes, and put his career numbers into let’s say 30 minutes (given that big guys need rest), you get an average game of 40 percent FG shooting, 5.9 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks. Some of those numbers (like FG percent and of course FT percent) would go up with regular playing time.

    The posts on Burney were helpful to me. He is a valuable guy, and I have to amend my thinking on him. He is more athletic than Neal, and taller than Gregory. Given the fact that DB may be in Gary’s doghouse (and maybe DB is being run off the team, just by lack of PT), you do play Burney.

    My question is this: do you keep him in at crucial times (like OT vs. UNC), when he would get hacked and go to the line?

  105. I mean BD, Braxton Dupree.

  106. EdDC, I think you are right. When Burney went to the line I knew there was slim to no chance he would hit those shots. I think you saw in OT Gary went with GV, EH, Bowie, Tucker and, I think, Mosley? I mean at the very end. Obviously for foul shooting. I think that was the lineup.

  107. By the way, Dean Stockwell would blatantly play Gary in the movie. He’s a dead-ringer. After the game on Sat. night, a few terpfans and I went to a restaurant in NYC called Caracas, where we serenaded the Lion all night long. GV is a folk hero, even in these dark times, and he will go down as one of those terps that you think about long after he’s left campus–like Exree Hipp, like (well, for me, at least) Rodney Elliott, et cetera–except that, unlike those other guys, he is capable of transcendence. This obsession with turnovers and bad plays regarding GV and players like him always seems to leave out the exceptional plays–the kinds of plays that nobody else could, or even would think, to make. If we don’t get Duke (which I think we will) we’ll get Wake. And then it[‘s really on.

  108. Wheels, nice pull re Lavin’s hair. He switched it up last year and actually tried several different variations (the dry slick back, a la Jamie Dixon, for example) before finally settling on the butt-cut/wing coiffure. It looks ridiculous. I mean, seriously – I know he got a lot of crap for the slicked back hair, but it was ten times better than the hairdo he’s rocking now.

    On Duke, I’m most concerned with their lock-down defense. If we’re all honest about Saturday’s win, we know there’s no way we beat UNC without great shooting from outside down the stretch, and that kind of shooting is both incredibly uncharacteristic for this team and tough to replicate against Duke’s relentness perimeter D. We need to get out to a good start offensively, but not necessarily from 3; execute the offense, run Vasquez, Tucker, etc. off the flex screens, and get good shots. Speaking of which, Milbourne having to guard UNC’s bigs really took away from his offensive game last weekend. Singler’s a tough cover, but I think Milbourne matches up well against him, and Singler won’t wear Milbourne down physically like Psycho T, Thompson, etc. did. Hopefully that leads to Milbourne having more of a scoring impact against Duke; his mid-range game and athleticism on the glass could cause fits for the Dookies in the lane. My money’s on Mosely to guard Henderson. Mosely gives up a few inches, but he’s strong, reasonably athletic, and to PT’s point, just a great instinctive defender. Bowie might switch up now and then, but I think Henderson’s too much for him (Tucker doesn’t have a chance against Henderson). Hayes shot the ball really well in the last 5-6 mins of the UNC game, but he needs to be more aggressive going to the basket. He can get there, he’s just not confident in attacking the rim. If Hayes can make himself a threat and Tucker’s shooting carries over into Wednesday, we’ll have a lot more for Dook to worry about offensively.

  109. jonbruns,

    Yes, I did see GW put the shooters in there at the very end. My concern is that OT–all of it–is the end, and Burney shouldn’t have a chance to go to the line. If you can use Burney on D, and pull him before the offense gets started, then I guess that is OK.

    I thought Burney going to the line was going to be a potential momentum changer, but GW got away with it. Gary’s remaining big was BD, and realistically he is not a whole lot better at the line than Burney. However, BD is 55 percent from the line for his career (and 62 percent last year, when he was less in the dog house). It may show how deep the split is between GW and BD, when GW would take the risk of using Burney over Dupree in OT.

  110. Ed,
    Burney was in at the VERY end of OT too but this was after Neal fouled out. I think Gary was trying to go offense/defense switches with him and Neal (although both were in for the jump which Burney might have got if Thompson didn’t snag it on the way up, illegal by the way) but didn’t have the timeouts/stopages of play to really do it. And really I think he can make 1 of 3 free throws and with everyone else making 4 of 5 you’re still getting a pretty good return on your investment.

    As for the Duke game it was ugly as hell to watch but MD would be pretty lucky to have the same whistle happy crew that did the UNC game. Duke is not deep at all and if Henderson Singler, or Scheyer gets into foul trouble… And are both Paulus and Smith hurt? Or is K just messing around with the rotations and starting Scheyer on the point? Our press will eat him up if they run him on the point for 30+ minutes…

    So very excited to be at the game Saturday and going Wednesday night. Beat Duke and it’s nothing but house money from here on out. Payback’s a Terp!

  111. I don’t think you can put a kid in who hasn’t played the entire game at the end of OT and think he’ll give you a better look at the line. I would take my chances with Burney who had been in the game and was warm over a stone cold sitting on the pine for 2.5 hours Dupree, Kim, Pearman…

  112. Someone mentioned Dupree serving as the high five guy at the end of the intro line for the starting five on Saturday. I thought for a moment it was Dupree but figured certainly he hadn’t fallen that far down the food chain, so I just assumed it was Pearman. If it was Dupree, and considering he’s barely sniffed the line up for several weeks, he must be transferring. DBR, you still think he’ll stay?

  113. It’s all about shots dropping, boys. I grew up thinking this was a game about getting the ball down low and scoring it. But it ain’t played that way no more, no sirree. We saw that on Saturday when our shots wouldn’t drop for the first 25 minutes and then they did. Another 16 point comeback in the ACC….how many have there been this year? All made possible by the three-point rule. So it is written, and so it shall be done….except this Wednesday night, when we’ll outscore the blueboys in the paint and win it with our newly-minted lock-down perimeter D.

    Mosley will be an integral part of the victory Wednesday. Does he begin to remind you of Mouton?

    RT, do you remember Dean Stockwell’s brother, Guy? Dean’s a great choice for Gary, but Guy was Gary’s evil twin.

    Wheels my hero, you’re the best. But Greivis Vasquez will be playing here next year unless he’s hung a banner up in the rafters for Gary, and not just the one that says NCAA Tournament. He’s not thinking about playing in Italy, and if and when he finds out another year of college ball would help him NBA-wise, he’ll stick. I think.

  114. Latest ESPN Bracketology has us at the 12 seed against the 5 seeded Washington Huskies.

  115. ESPN/NCAA selection committee mock bracket selection on Saturday, 2/21:

    Eight ACC teams made the field, while nine made it from the Big East. But as has been the case in the three previous years I’ve done this, the conference affiliation was never mentioned until the bracketing principles kicked in for the committee. And yes, Notre Dame and Georgetown made the cut from the Big East, Cincinnati and Providence did not. Boston College, Maryland and Miami (Fla.) made it out of the ACC and Virginia Tech did not. Of course, in the real world the next few weeks, the Hokies have more chances to make the field with Clemson, Duke, North Carolina and Florida State on their upcoming schedule.

    Here’s the full article:

  116. We also got a top 25 vote. Only one, but a vote non the less.
    Yes CT, BD was the high five chest bump guy for the NC game. I came after the intro’s the two games before so I don’t know if he replaced Pearman or what.
    I will pay attention at the Duke game and report back.

  117. Nice work, harryfish. I don’t have as good a vantage point at Comcast to make out the chest bump guy. You’re clearly a PTPer . . . or, a baller, as the kids like to say these dayz.

    Can’t wait for Wednesday night. It’s gonna be madness in sec. 210, baby!

  118. Last year, didn’t GV lead the league in assists and TOs? I remember a lot of people saying that this year, GV better NOT play PG because that experiment was a disaster.

    I do think he is a little more controlled this year, so hopefully he will be able to lower his TOs if he starts playing more PG like he did against UNC. 7 will not be acceptable in most games.

  119. But 10 TOs Saturday would have made a unique quadruple double, wouldn’t it?

  120. Why does everyone here have such hatred for the Post. I don’t feel anything they wrote over the past month was unfair. It was true. Not reporting it would have been more of a slant than reporting it was. You can’t deny GW’s refusal to play the “game”. Many will commend this from their moral high ground. The reality is college basketball and football are not amateur sports anymore, they are a business. For God’s sake, GW is certainly compensated like it is a real corporation.

    It’s only cheating if the governing body cares enough to enforce penalties. Is jaywalking against the law, yes. How many times can you jaywalk right in front of a police officer before you actually receive a ticket? a 100? a 1000? The same with playing the “game” in college basketball. The NCAA will never crack down on any recruiting violations unless a coach is so stupid so as to force them to.

    GW is making north of 1.5 per year. Look at the other coaches in this realm : Calipari, Calhoun, Roy Williams, Bill Self, Tubby Smith, Tom Crean etc. This kind of pay should, and does, come with certain expectations. If you can meet these expectations doing thing the “right” way, good for you. If you can’t, then it is time to employ the tactics used by those in your pay scale or relinquish your post.

    I am not debating the merits of GW as a coach. I wish college basketball was immune to the realities of a free market economy… truly amateur… but it’s not. The “game” is changing, and those who refuse to will become obsolete.

    Unless the NCAA ever grows a pair. In that case, I want GW at MD forever.

  121. Luke, I think the first article was very slanted…against Gary. I thought it was horrible reporting. They interviewed a few players (and family) whom Gary chose not to recruit heavily, and asked “hey how involved was Gary in the recruiting process?” And to say “Why didn’t you go after Joe Alexander?” is ludicrous. Alexander was not a big recruit coming out of Linganore. Many people passed on him. Sure it turned out he was great but hindsight, well, you know. Plus no one could argue with our class following the championship. It was a great class…on paper. Didn’t turn out to well though. They also didn’t interview anyone who actually CAME to Maryland. His involvement might’ve been completely different.

  122. Cut Throat Calhoun catches some heat:

  123. I guess my point is that too often this blog tends to glance over the glaring issues with the MD program, and dismiss those who disagree as “haters”. I agree that many of the anti GW comments can be crass and not well thought out, but I think dwelling on past accomplishments is both counter productive and irresponsible. How vocal a fan base is has a big say in how successful a program such as MD is. Complacency breeds mediocrity. MD has been too good in the past, and come too far in the recent past to accept any thing less than consistent national relevance. To demand less as a fan is to neglect your responsibilities.

    I hope that GW turns things around (beginning with the end of this year) because I do love him. But I love MD basketball more. I have lived in Texas and, more recently Michigan, for the past 7 years post UMD. I take a lot of pride in UMD and it’s bball program. But, by the same token, living outside the area forces you to listen to national opinions more often (and perhaps more often than you would like). I’ve read others on this site refer to the unfair attention or coverage some programs get, and how that benefits their recruiting. Trust me, living well outside ACC country, for the first few years after the championship season I saw every MD game on TV. Now I am resorted to watching most MD games on 360. It isn’t just bias, it’s relevancy. Which is something MD has no one to blame for but themselves.

    I fear most that GW wasted a monumental opportunity to add MD to one of the nations perennial powerhouses.

  124. Well, the Post articles were backwards looking. The Terps are paying the price of three things: the goofy recruit class of superstar frauds (stars in their heads only) after the National Championship, some under-recruiting after that, and in recent times some more NBA guys who didn’t want to go to the trouble of actually playing and building their skills. They were pretty big time recruits but they went elsewhere. How could GW control such egos? Who could? The 2009 crop looks much better, from a character standpoint, and the current young guys on the team are just fine in the character department.

    Now it is clear that the Terps have got the message. I am sure the Terps are recruiting like crazy. The 2009 class looks fine. The Terps needed bigs, and they got bigs. So it comes down to 2010, and recruits are seeing good things in the Terps (even though the Post can only look in the rear view mirror). So we will see if the Post, Debbie, etc will gang up on Gary, or if Gary can hang tough.

    GW’s age works against him, as recruits want stability the whole time they are here.
    If the Terps go to the NCAAs, then GW gets a rollover year, and that should help, as Gary will be there as long as the new kids are. And with some further success with the help of the new crops of recruits, the program should stabilize and grow for an extended time. A new top assistant who could be considered an heir apparent would help even more, as long as the understanding is there all around that nothing will happen soon, transition-wise.

    It really takes some prime recruits for 2010 to turn this around. That is the key for any of the other good stuff to happen down the road. So we will know in just a few months where we stand with the Terps, as the 2010 recruiting results pour in.

  125. Nice pull on the Dean Stockwell mention! He would have been a perfect choice back in the Quantum Leap days. Now I think he’s getting pretty old!

    Regarding the Post, great response jonbruns. The first article was extremely slanted and was purely agenda driven. They didn’t even report one full side of the argument. You have to have current players talking about their recruiting. It’s been proven Gary is very hands-on with the recruits he WANTS. You can argue, and we have, that he should have wanted different guys, but that had nothing to do with that first article.

  126. One more thought…
    I’ll never forget the ominous feeling I was left with after an interview GW did prior to the start of the ’02-’03 campaign.
    I’m paraphrasing here, but he essentially said that he was so satisfied with reaching the mountain top that, and this I can quote, he “almost don’t want next season to begin.” This has haunted me since he said it. GW’s fire and determination is what got the program to the mountain top, but this interview seemed like a man who had just taken a huge sigh of relief. Complacency. Like, “I’ve made it, there’s nothing left to prove.” In contrast, Mike Tomlin of the Pitt Steelers said, not more than days after winning the SB, that this is over and it’s now like it never happened… let’s look to the future.

    I feel like now Gary can only channel that fire that got him to the summit when his team is backed into a corner, after weeks or months of mediocrity.

  127. Yeah the first article set the tone for the whole series and was absolute garbage. You can’t play “the one that got away”. You can kill anyone by playing that BS game. See below. And the reality is the Terps have fallen from #2 in the ACC while UNC was down to #4 behind UNC/Duke/BC (this is not including this year). The ACC hasn’t been getting as many bids because apparently brining in 3 schools that are winning just about half their league games watered down the ACC giving them less bids with more teams. Bringing in 4 schools to the Big East doing the same thing made them the greatest basketball league in the history of Western Civilization worthy of 10 bids a year. It’s kind of retarded when you think about it. The Terps are certainly down but I don’t think they are as down as people are saying they are. The other premise of the article is that Gary was recruiting worse than he was before 2002. This is just plain false. He has had three of his top four classes ever in the past five years. The article was written in a very qualitative and slanted manner when there was quantitative data available. It is by definition sensationalistic, slanted, tabloid journalism. Those jokers need to go write for if they want to peddle that BS and stay outta a respected paper like the post.

    Missed recruits the last three years. Guys that had these schools on their “short list”.
    Greg Oden
    Kevin Durant
    Mike Conley
    Ty Walker (in state)
    Courtney Fortson (in state)
    Tracy Smith (in state)
    Davon Jefferson (in state)
    Doneal Mack (in state)

    Michigan State
    Greg Oden
    Mike Conley
    Blake Griffin
    Corperryale Harris (in state)
    Darquavis Tucker (in state)
    Ramar Smith (in state)
    DeShawn Sims (in state)

    Brandon Wright
    Eric Gordon
    Greg Monroe
    Ty Walker (in state)
    Courtney Fortson (in state)
    Tracy Smith (in state)
    Davon Jefferson (in state)
    Doneal Mack (in state)

  128. Question…

    Does MD coming back from a 9 point hole with 1:36 left in the game against UNC ease the “Gone in 60 Seconds” game against Dook years ago?

    God, I want this team to beat Dook on Wed. I just feel like a beaten child, though. When I believe, I get smacked. When I give up on them, they win. Being a MD fan means a healthy heaping of trauma. MD fans are like BoSox fans in that sense, aren’t we? Maybe Cubbies fans, but I don’t know enough about them.

    If I had any hair left to lose, it would have fallen out over the last 2 seasons just watching MD football and basketball. I don’t think I’ll watch the game. I don’t know if my heart can take it. I’ll periodically read The Soup to guage whether or not I should watch the game later on DVR. Where is my therapist?

  129. The only thing worse than the ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ is the Final 4 game against Duke. While it was a huge win, Saturday’s game just doesn’t make up for it in my eyes. Those losses still hurt. The comeback in the 2004 ACC Tourney Final against Duke helped, but until we knock them out of the big tournament when they thought they had us beat, those two losses will always be there… lurking.

  130. Probably late to the party but this is pretty neat.

    We’ll see what tomorrow brings when the old polls are dropped and the new ones are in…

  131. The final four game was the worst. So much worse than the other one that I don’t glorify with a catchy nickname. Saturday was just the “Gary is your daddy Roy, deal with it” game. It doesn’t make up for the other ones or erase them, just concludes the Roy v. Gary discussion.

  132. Okay Gregg. If GW should have “wanted” different guys but didn’t, what is the consequence of this. According to most of the posters on this site, nothing. If any other outlet dares to accuse him of poor recruiting, everyone here accosts them and insinuates they are infidels and ignoramuses. All I am asking is for a little balance. I love MD bball as much as anybody on this site. I just fail to see how making excuses for major shortcomings does anything but create delusion.

    I love Gary, I really do. Imagining him not leading the Terps out of the tunnel is painful. But at some point results become reality. I don’t give too much credence to MD’s streak of consecutive years over top ten opponents, because MD has ample opportunity playing in a conference where they receive 4-6 opportunities do do such every year. If you want to argue that other middling programs in the ACC can’t boast such a statistic, I would argue that MD shouldn’t be considered a middling ACC program, but for GW’s failures in both scouting and acquiring talent. It’s all self inflicted.

  133. Lee,
    Your argument makes no sense. Look at the quality of the recruiting classes those schools obtained during the years in question. It doesn’t compare. Your post does nothing more than reaffirm my assertion that this blog has a superfluous amount of GW apologist.

  134. I’m on here so I might as well post.
    Would a player that goes by the name “born ready” really mesh with this collection of four year talent?
    Remember Steve Francis? I barely do. That’s how forgettable that year was. It was a similar situation, in terms of the talent surrounding him. That team didn’t mesh, and as a result we were a 2 seed in the NCAA and got raped in the sweet 16 by St. Johns.
    I agree that getting this caliber player is important, but I question if that is the best thing for this team right now. None of the current MD roster came to MD to be a role player. They were all sold sold on how mediocre the rest of them are, and how they would be a star. I fear that with this current lineup, which frustrates the fuck out of me but I love, will not respond well to deferring to a freshman pre-madonna. Just a thought.

  135. I don’t have any concrete info on Braxton or any player transferring as I’m guessing none has told Gary that they’ve made a definite decision. At the end of the season all the players with remaining eligibility will evaluate their situation and decide if they’re returning to UMD or not. Personally, I hope Braxton takes a page outta Cliff Tucker’s book and busts his butt, goes to a big man’s camp, something and comes back a new player.

    But when I know something definite, I’ll post it if someone doesnt’ beat me to it.

  136. Haven’t we gone over this past recruiting stuff enough already? And the Soup’s Pro/Con Gary slant? Alright I’ll take a bite once again. In summary does everyone in soup want Gary to recruit better? Yes. Does anybody here think that he get a free pass for the last few years? No. If the 06 class hadn’t been filled with headcases would we have this discussion? No. Have we all agreed that they stepped it up recently and gone after better caliber players? Yes. Do we all agree the players he has right now aren’t very talented and that it is his fault? Yes. Do we all agree that he has done a great job getting max effort from these guys? Yes.

    If I didn’t summarize properly what we’ve all talked about for the last oh 4 months then let me know and I will retract. But overall yes some people give Gary more leeway on things than others. No different than any other message board, so lets move on.

  137. Luke,
    I think we jump at the chance to get Lance S. You may not remember Steve Francis but thats you. I remember his positives for the programs clearly outweighed his negatives. He meshed well with that team and if I remember correctly he was the only one to show something in the game when St. Johns delivered the beat down. I believe he was the only double digit scorer for the Terps that game. Also St. Johns had a great team that year with Ron Artest, Erik Barkley and Bootsie Thornton.

  138. Greivis Vasquez named ACC Player of The Week.

  139. Russ I just don’t think were going to get any more out of Braxton then we have. I saw Gary at a function before the season started and he told me how impressed he was with Brax, how hard he worked over the summer, how much weight he lost, added 20 lbs of muscle, increased his bench 50%, really working hard. So I don’t see how he is going to turn it around. I believe we have what we have with him.
    He seems like a very nice kid and sometimes things that look good on paper don’t work out. As it stands today if he wants to actually play NCAA basketball he would be best served to transfer. If he wants to stay at UM because he loves the school, wants to get his degree and knows he will get limited playing time, then I am sure Gary will honor his scholarship with the original intentions.

  140. Luke…I think you’re late to the Soup on this. We’ve had entire threads on this topic…hundreds of posts.

    Yes, there seem to be two camps but not really a pro-Gary, con-Gary split. It’s more like a time or a when issue. Even the most ardent Gary supporters have expressed a high degree of dissatisfaction over the state of affairs; but the most ardent supporters think that Gary’s past merits more time to fix the problem. Other people on The Soup think that a shorter timeframe is needed to make the replacement/retirement call.

    Check out the thread after the Dook fiasco. You can see it pretty clearly.

    Hell…I’m probably one of the more vocal “Gary needs to make the NCAA this year or let him go” people on this site; so I almost take personal offense that you think no one on The Soup is holding Gary accountable. Have you missed the Gerry-Al V fire fights? I think The Soup is areally good barometer of how the masses feel. There’s a wide continuum of opinions on here.

  141. Bootsie Thorton! Why can’t we get a player with a nickname like that?!

  142. The ’06 class?!! This goes back way further. Are you kidding me? This has been a 6 year grace period. You can want to move on all you want, but the truth remains that MD has a lot of work still do. The same source that has them as the last team in the tournament right now (Joe Lunardi) also states that they have a 40% chance of maintaining that spot. Don’t pretend that just focusing on the future will fix everything.

    Furthermore, if rehashing is what I am doing than it is necessary because the tone of this blog hasn’t changed. WE must demand more. If it begins this year, then so be it. But don’t allow the dream of an NCAA birth cloud your reason. This shouldn’t be a goal, rather an expectation. Even if MD makes the tourney, then what? Stop being so short sighted. That is the biggest flaw with GW’s defender’s. If you aren’t conjuring up the distant past, you’re focusing on the all too immediate future.

    The prevailing issue with MD hoops transcends recent individual seasons’ results. If you refuse to really acknowledge the problems (which I’ve stated earlier) you are merely perpetuating the mediocre present.

  143. Luke, all I’ll say about your comments is this. If the conference gives teams multiple chances to beat Top 10 teams each year, then where are those string of victories for Miami, Va.Tech, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Wake, Virginia, BC, etc.

    I don’t blame anyone for being angry about the whole Gary situation as far as his recent record in recruiting and the NIT years are concerned. You can want him out.

    I just disagree.

  144. Wheels and terps96 are correct – Gary or not Gary is old news. I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t have these arguments in the future; it’s in part what makes the blog great. But really, until we know where the Terps stand as to post-season play for 2008-09 (and thus, can draw conclusions about the success or lack thereof this season), or unless someone provides breaking (and, importantly, credible) news re Gary’s future, take a breath. Geez.

    More John “Junior” Feinstein on Gary:

  145. I’m going to make an overly simplistic prediction concerning the dook game: 40 minutes of hell, especially on the defensive end–we win by 5-8 pts; 20 minutes of hell and 20 minutes with their collective head up their ass–we lose by 15. The key will be the defensive intensity from the get go. They’ve got to get in these dookies ugly faces and stay there–no letting threes rain down on us. The subs have to follow suit when they come in, no drop-off–none. Of course our shots will need to fall on the offensive end, but even if we don’t shoot lights out, the D can keep us in the game until we begin to get some O back for the crucial final ten minutes. GO Terps! 40 minutes. 40 freakin minutes!

  146. Gregg,
    You clearly didn’t read my entire post.

  147. Wheels,
    I’m not late to the soup on this. I read all those posts as they happened. However, most of the posts after a bad loss are reactionary (or after a good win for that matter). I think that most of the sentiment I have conveyed would cease if the GW apologists on this site would give a simple “right on”. Just because you’ve heard the opinion before doesn’t mean it is any less relevant. I’ve heard the same “GW rallies the kids again” opinion on this site more times than I can count. I don’t suggest we all agree. I think disagreement is what makes blogs worth while. However, I feel that on this blog (let me preface this with the fact that I love this blog) too many regular posters shoot down the anti-GW posters with incredible condescension.
    Furthermore, the tendency is to divide people into you’re either with us or against us groups. Just because you have major issues with the way things have been run doesn’t mean you don’t love the team or the coach.
    I’m fine with discussing the next matchup, if you’re fine admitting that where Gary has led the program since the championship is unacceptable, that he has had a generous grace period to date, and that anything less than results from now on is unacceptable.

  148. Now you see I don’t agree with the Steve Francis year. Stevie gave us great fun that one season. We blew out so many teams that year. We did lose as a #2 seed in the tourney. But we lost to the #3 seed. Granted we were blown out. But a 2 seed losing to a 3 seed is not even really an upset. How can someone consider that year a disaster? That’s not being realistic.

    Bootsie was from Baltimore right? I guess we could’ve had him but he didn’t have the grades and went the JC route. Speaking of JC route, why has that pipeline dried up for us? We were always so successful doing that except for Parrish Brown.

  149. I found it curious that we got into foul trouble early and still beat UNC. It does make sense as the team was only trying to rack up the defense intensity. How about those Terps, huh? Wheels said it best…being a fan comes with surviving a healthy dose of trauma for real. My heart is beating fast just thinking of wednesday already. I don’t know what to expect. I feel like a 15 year old boy about to go on his first date with one of the hot girls. Will I get some? Or will she slap me in the face with 41 points again? Can I handle this chick? Will I embarrass myself?

    Oh boy! I don’t wanna go on this date!!! but I have to! Damn it!

  150. Wheels – Do we have to put out an “APB” = All Points Bulletin for AL V? I may have missed something but not even a post on the UNC game. Was there a “cave-in” and he can’t get out? I kinda miss his “bombastic” commentary, the absence of which limits my own posting.

    I too tire of the GW vascillations. He’s our guy till he pulls the trigger or another NC. The longer he stays we’ll get closer to the Holy Grail. lMark the tape.

    There’s a lot of high hopes for our guys against Duke. That’s natural coming off the improbable win against UNC. A win Wed night and “look out” …..there’s no telling what it would take to stop this train. We don’t need luck to beat Duke, we need some breaks and for the ball to bounce our way.

    Ain’t it great to be a believer?

  151. Check this video out from the Wake-Duke game last night:

  152. Maybe Braxton has been moved to the “chest bump hand-slap guy” because he is so soft and pillowy, the other guys know they don’t stand a chance of actually hurting themselves when they collide with him.

  153. And Tommy re: the Jacket Strip:

    I don’t get why everyone thinks that taking his Jacket off is Gary’s thing – far from it.
    The Athletics department held a “Gary Williams Look Alike Contest” early in the season and a few guys came out with grey-hair and suits on. Nearly all of them took their jackets off in a fit of rage when told to mimic Gary.

    After their performances, Gary said something to the effect of, ‘I don’t know why everyone took their jackets off, I’ve only done it one or two times in my career, I try to keep it on most of the time’

    What they should have done was berate the bench for a turnover or missed lay-up on the floor, because that’s more Gary’s style. When was the last time you saw Gary take his jacket off?

  154. I should have posted this with the above comment:

    sorry for the triple post

  155. Luke,

    I agree with you on the need for some reservations about “Born Ready”. A lot of what you said seemed likely when I saw him play on ESPN2 the other day. When he gets on a team with D1 talent, things may change, but from what I’ve seen and read, I don’t think he’d be a great fit. He’s got the skills to be a better stronger version of GV, but unless he’s got the passion and love for his teammates, it could be destructive. If he comes to MD and the team implodes, or Gary sticks to his guns and benches him, how many more years will we have to wait for a top flight recruit?

    That being said, I don’t know the kid, and he could be the most unselfish, coachable gym rat in the world.

    I also want to explain why some people (myself included) put so much weight on making the tournament. College Basketball is great, and the NCAAT is like the cream of the oreo cookie. But making the tournament isn’t just making the tournament. It’s a chance to win a game, and maybe another. If you ever turn on a game and don’t think there’s a chance at victory than why watch? Even if we don’t win, just being a part of it makes the whole tourney fun. That’s probably a flaw on my part, that I can’t enjoy the game for the sake of the game, but what can I say…Go TERPS!

  156. Luke, I read what you wrote, but we are hardly a middling program when we rank 3rd in the conference in wins the past 10 years or so, including the 3rd most wins over top ranked teams.

    Despite the shortcomings in talent the last 4 years, our coach can still win big games because he is a very good coach.

  157. Luke is about two weeks late with that stuff. If you want more info on it feel free to read the links below. To say it’s been done to death is an understatement.

    The shocking thing about that mock bracket was GTs inclusion. How can you have that record and get in the tourney? I don’t care who you play, at some point you have to win some games.

    I agree with the above posters, give me a win over Duke or Wake for a loss to NC State or UVA.

    I don’t agree with Duke being a good match-up. We play help defense and their offense is based on using that against you. We can win of course but it won’t be easy.

  158. I can’t really pinpoint Luke as Al V, but the coincidence of one appearing while the other is missing is scary.

  159. Posters on this blog continue to do the same thing. Take one point in a post, address it, and feel vindicated and validated. Yet no one really ever addresses the true gist of the post. And please stop using stats in conference over a 10 year period. It is true that GW has avoided the truly atrocious year that most programs are accustomed to. instead, he has managed the art of sustained mediocrity, the likes of which we have maybe not seen. This is a tribute to his coaching abilities. He can repeatably get decent talent to beat excellent talent once or twice a year, while beating the majority of teams his talent should beat. This equates to consistency. Consistent mediocrity. He gets the most out of what he recruits. Kudos. It’s not good enough.
    And stop trying to validate GW as a good coach. I’ve never disputed that. But he is in a position to be far more successful than he has been the past 6 years. The modern college basketball coach has to be more than a great x’ s and o’ s and molder of men guy. I think we all know it.

    P.S. what’s wrong with debating GW’s merits? It’s better than breaking down a matchup for 3 days.

  160. How dare you Harryfish!

  161. G’Town won’t be included in any more mock brackets after the embarassing loss tonight. Louisville is a Top 10 team but how can you get beat by 18 at home in their current situation? Did you guys see the game? What happened to them? They have completely fallen apart and lost all confidence. I can’t say I feel bad for them. :-)

  162. Wow…the best local recruiting class is done? Some stellar AAU guys. I only saw the last 2 minutes. Louisville found a way to hold Summers to like 2 points. At the end of the game it seemed like Monroe didn’t even want the ball, then he got hit in the eye or something and came out. By then “24” was coming on so I switched but I can’t wait for the Terps 3 part series on Georgetown’s meltdown.

  163. I watched some of that debacle Eddie. You would think that game puts a stake in their heart but who knows.

    One other interesting thing about that mock bracket was Clemson. They were on the second tier right in line for a two seed. I think that is about right. They are the second best team in the ACC in my opinion. They are just more consistent than Wake.

  164. Luke…I think what you are sensing is a kind of burnout on the subject of Gary recruiting and overall performance. In fact, I think that there is a high degree of consensus on the topic. No one is happy right now about where the program stands. Almost everyone agrees that the buck stops with Gary. You’re right in noting the general decline in Ws over the last 7 years. The real question is what to do about. Then the issue of “when” becomes the topic of conversation.

    Okay…I am off to watch a show on the Falkland Islands War. Sweet stuff…Great Britain used the Harrier jet for the first time in combat. One day, I will visit the Falklands. One day…I dream big.

  165. Is anyone else tired of Luke running his mouth? This guy must be a real egomaniac.

  166. Great TERPS weekend with Men’s and Women’s BB programs and strong fan base for both. Glad we looked good on TV for a change too. In this what have you done for me lately world if we finish strong we could be dancing……….CRUSH Duke and get some payback!!

  167. Someone mentioned the whole Calhoun salary blowup this weekend. While you can certainly question his shady recruiting habits, you can’t ask the man to give back his salary.

    He isn’t the CEO of some company that is losing money. The state of Connecticut may be losing money but he didn’t have anything to do with it. He is like any other employee. If the decision makers at UCONN deem it necessary to ask him to take a pay cut then fine. He can either walk or accept the lesser sum to stay on board.

    Looks like the Boston Globe has picked this up and is taking issue with Calhoun saying his team made 12 mill for the University last year. They are saying the mens and womens team made that combined. I haven’t read the particulars yet but I wonder if they are counting merchandising etc.

    Should be fun to watch

  168. Ricks…
    I think Calhoun should have used a bit more tact in his response rather than what he spewed out. He sounded more like the CEO of Merrill Lynch than a college b-ball coach.
    So like we have recently seen here in College Park , he was thrown some bait and he bit.

    Luke your posts have been entertaining enough and you have fairly expressed your disappointment without the animus some choose to use, so I welcome your point of view as I welcome others retorts and agreements with them.

  169. Now the Terps have to do it again. We saw what happens when they hit their perimeter shots and guard the three point shooters. They’re going to have to do more of the same Wednesday night. Guess who’s leavin’ work early? The Slopesta…………..Go Terps!!!

    Maryland til I die, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Duke is going to be ready for Tucker and Vasquez after Saturday. Those two are in a tough spot; we need their scoring and playmaking ability, but they can’t play like they feel like the burden is on them to score all the points. Basically – don’t force the action, let the game come to you

    Milbourne and Bowie have to step up this game; I think they’re both capable of having huge games against Duke. We saw what Wake did to the Devils in slashing/driving to the lane w/ Teague/Smith (Bowie) and stepping back and hitting those mid range jumpers (Milbourne)before the Duke floppers could get the offensive foul.

    If Milbourne and Bowie can come out and have a really strong first half; that should open things up in the second for Tucker and Vasquez.

  171. Ya know, the UNC game was the formula that we had all talked about before the season started – survive on the inside and – using the depth at guard – beat the opponent on the permiter.

    Why did it take so long to materialize?

    My observation is that, for two many of the close games, the Terps have only had one player with a hot hand. On Saturday, for the first time since Michigan State, the Terps had 3 hot shooters.

    I’m nervous about which set of shooters will show up on Wednesday.

  172. No Luke,
    Because the Vasquez, Hayes, Milbourne class that was three years ago he was comparing it to was the #19 class in the country. The Gilchrest, Jones, Medley, McCray class was top 20. Ibekwe, Strawberry, I forget who else was with them was #3! Thats the whole point of the one that got away, it’s Monday Morning Quarterbacking… Garbage.

  173. Milbourne, Neal and Bowie were a combined 4-17 against UNC(LE). We need better from those three plus Hayes, The General and Tucker. Can’t expect much from Mosley, Dino and Rome except a few layups / putbacks.
    Maybe Neal can emerge from his slump and hit 2-3 three’s, he is certainly capable of that.

  174. Totally agree Harrry, “Shut up” is probably not the right response to any question from a reporter.

    These coaches are an odd breed for sure. I thought this article by Feinstein was pretty spot on for most older coaches in the NCAA.

    Sorry if this has already been linked.

  175. Slope, I agree with you. As I said in my earlier post, the D is the key. If they go 40 minutes with intensity, the famed “40 minutes of hell,” I see a W on Wednesday night. If they don’t, either dook wins by the Terps letting them off the hook with their all-too-common, low hoops IQ style, defensive lapses; or we get bitch slapped in the Comcast.

    On a positive note going in to the game, the Terps confidence should be sky high. They need to translate that into energetic, smart play on the court. Dook is not going to roll over just becuase the Terps are chest-bumping confident and the crowd is rowdy as hell. Dook is too experienced for that, and the Rat will have them focused on the business at hand playing on the road.

    Gotta take it to them on the hardwood. Gotta demoralize them with maniacal intensity and focus. 40 minutes of hell Terps! Run those wimpy SOBs right our of our gym! Ruin the Rat’s and ESPN’s evening. PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!

  176. Luke,
    Would the last 4 years suit you better? Last year MD screwed themselves with the bad losses in December but they also have been hosed by the selection commitees non stop hard on for the Big Ten and Big East. And really how does the Big Ten get away with never producing tangible post season results in football or basketball and still get 2 BCS bids and 7 NCAA bids? It’s pretty incredible…

    2007-2008 2006-2007 2005-2006 2004-2005 Total Rank
    North Carolina .875 .688 .750 .875 .797 1
    Duke .813 .500 .875 .688 .719 2
    Boston College .250 .625 .688 .521 3
    Maryland .500 .625 .500 .438 .516 4
    Virginia Tech .563 .625 .250 .500 .484 5
    Clemson .625 .438 .438 .313 .453 6
    Wake Forest .438 .313 .188 .813 .438 7
    Florida State .438 .438 .563 .250 .422 8
    Georgia Tech .438 .500 .250 .500 .422 8
    Virginia .313 .688 .438 .250 .422 8
    Miami (FL) .500 .250 .438 .438 .406 11
    North Carolina State .250 .313 .625 .438 .406 11

  177. Dukes gonna throw a slew of guards at General Vasquez, they have a new one (to use) in Elliot Williams, plus Elbows Henderson, Nolan “I’m a reserve?’ Smith, Face man Scheyer and Floppy Pall Ass (BTW hows that decision to play basketball instead of football looking now?). I am sure shutting El Jeffe down is priority one. Seeing as he had only four points in the blowout this is a good strategy. They will check him high and harass the whole game.
    So we really need a few others to hit their shots to take off some of the pressure.
    I am getting pretty excited about the game but want to temper my expectations as we did lose by +40 to them a few weeks ago.

  178. For what it’s worth I think the Calhoun thing was funny. I heard that the question was the FIRST question of the press conference so you can imagine why it made him so mad. And even if it was for both men’s and woman’s you have to assume at least half is for the men’s which would be 6 mil v 1 mil. Same thing goes for when Gary gets hit for his salary every couple of years. See the money brought in by the extra 5k seats at Comcast? That amount should be his salary and I am sure it covers every bit of it…

  179. Calhoun’s reaction and dismissiveness shows him to be the Ass that he is.
    I wonder how much of that profit was eroded when he paid Rudy Gays AAU team coach to play an exhibition game?

  180. Stevend – The formula hasn’t worked because, although Neal would probably disagree, considering the number of 3s he chucks up: this team isn’t a genuine threat from the perimeter. UNC was an incredible win, but our outside shooting in that game (particularly from 3) was an anomaly. If we can play solid D and execute the offense to get high percentage shots for Milbourne, Vasquez, and Tucker, we’ll have a shot. If we try to replicate Saturday’s shooting performance and settle for 3s, we’re doomed.

    Also, I agree with Ricksterps re Duke not necessarily being a good match up. The sole criteria for our allegedly matching up well against Duke is Duke’s lack of a strong post game, but as we’ve experienced against UNC, even one of the toughest front lines in the country is beatable if the opposing team plays sub-part defense. Duke won’t quit on D, and that, in my opinion, is just as if not more of a challenge than guarding Psycho T. Also, the help defense issue is a great point. There is absolutely NO reason to double down on Singler (he tends to play on the perimeter anyway), Lance Thomas, or, for goodness sake, Zoubek. I don’t care how soft we are in the post – these guys aren’t nearly the threat that Scheyer and the rest are from 3 if left wide open. Henderson and Nolan Smith will beat us off the dribble from time to time. Fine. Slide Neal or Burney over to help. But don’t double these guys from 15 feet out.

  181. No double teams period. That was actually a good amount of what I saw Saturday and there is no reason not to duplicate it Wednesday. Outside of Henderson none of these guys are creating off the dribble anyways and Sugar Sean Mosely has plenty of D for Henderson. I actually think Tucker (if he hits a few shots first which gets him going on D) can stick with him too…

  182. I’m no fan of Calhoun, but I don’t think he did anything wrong. The reporter (who wasn’t even a sports reporter) cleary had an agenda and was looking to embarrass Calhoun in hopes to get him to lose his cool. Unfortunately he fell into the trap, but it was not the place or time to bring up a political issue. That’s the reason most coaches/athletes think the press is out to get them. It gives us press folk a bad name and makes it tougher for us to do our jobs. Most coaches, players, and organizations will give you the opportunity for such questions in a different forum if you just ask, but that guy clearly wanted it in public. Ridiculous.

    When asked why he was bringing this up directly after a game, the reporters said: “If these guys (the other reporters there) would cover this, I wouldn’t have to.” Just shows how idiotic this guy is. It’s not the sports reporters’ job to inquire about salary and budget deficits, it’s to report on the game and team.

    As you can probably tell, I have strong feelings on this as a media member. Athletes and coaches are already guarded with us and every idiot trying to make a name for himself doesn’t help.

  183. Regarding tomorrow night’s victory over Duke: The Terps will get points in the paint. It’ll be guards who do it, but there will be points in the paint. Those who were last shall be first: Milburne, Bowie, and maybe a double from Mosley, who is due. Why? Because these are kids and they go up and down, up and down. These guys will go from down to up, scoring-wise, and against a Duke team newly worried about the perimeter. Slash and burn tomorrow.

  184. Kaze I like the cut of your jib. Is that how you say it.

    My basketball heart is so torn with the emergence of Cliff Tucker. I have my favorite Terp from last year, who I loved for his offensive potential competing with my favorite Terp from this year who I loved for his defensive and do everything that helps a team win mentality. In the immortal struggle of offense vs. defense my soul knows not who to choose. Perhaps Gary can figure a way to sub them at mid court ala hockey or petition the ACC to institute a lacrosse style rule so we can have one for O and one for D…

  185. Re: Feinsteins article trying to soften the Terps up for his Dukies

    What’s this fluff piece on Gary in the post ish? What’s this bull’ish? I don’t f’in’ care! It don’t matter to Greivas. But you’re not foolin’ me, man. You might fool the f’s in the league office, but you don’t fool Gary. This bush league psyche-out stuff. Laughable, man – ha ha! I would have f’ed you in the 455 Saturday. I f you in the 455 next Wednesday instead. Wooo! You got a date Wednesday, baby!

  186. 1) Gary has had a few meetings with Curtis Malone.
    2) Gary is reaching out to talk to chat up Will Regan (Terps schedule and Will’s HS team schedule prevent Gary from getting up there right now)

    3) Mike Wise on the Terps!

  187. If I were Gary…

    I’d play this game in thirds: the first third we chuck an enormous amount of three balls.
    Then they start defending us a step past the trey line.

    Thats when Gary calls for the extra pass, and the boys are all taking the 12 foot jumpers.

    When Duke starts defending a little bit more inside,

    Gary has the fresh legs of Mosley and Landon and Burney come into the game and finish it off with some powerful dunks to get the crowd hyped as the game draws to a close.
    Chances are that by the time the third part of this scheme comes around, both teams will be into bonus so that no one will be flinging their bodies around trying to get fouls.

  188. Good stuff DBR…and we don’t even have to pay for this site :)

  189. I ask it yesterday, if a scholarship opens up and Vinson and Stephenson have committed elsewhere. Who is left?

  190. Demba, most ’09 guys are already committed to schools so if a third ‘ship opens up and the two players you mentioned have already committed elsewhere Pearman will probably get to keep the scholarship another year.

  191. CT,
    First, I agree that Neal has been taking way too many 3-pointers. He had some early season success with it, but his outside shooting became a drain on the team by mid-season.

    It’s interesting, I think, to compare the frustrations from last year vs. this year. Last season, turnovers killed and the shot selection was awful at times. To GW’s credit, those problems have been corrected. This year’s team takes care of the ball and take, IMO, great shots. They almost always get a clean look. But before UNC, the shots just have not fallen.

    On paper, this team has Hayes, Vaz, Bowie, Mosely, Milbourne and Tucker who are all legitimate Division 1 scorers – including an ability to hit a 3. Neal can also hit a shot, too, and Kim is supposed to be the best shoter of them all. They have, unfortunately, shot very inconsistently. Sometimes no one is hitting or maybe just one player. It’s been frustrating to watch, but a completely different kind of frustration than last year. Last year, idiocy killed. This year, it’s like a lids on the basket at times…..too many clean looks rim-out.

    Anyway, if we have 3 scorers against dook – like GV, Hayes and Tucker provided against UNC – then Wednesday’s game is winnable. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

  192. Lee, classic quote.
    Donnie: Jesus.
    You said it man. Nobody mess-a wit Jesus.

  193. Gregg,
    I too thought that reporters question was unfair. I mean the reporter was getting at some bigger picture societal issues, things that are unfair to pop on a college coach right after a game. Why are athletes (professionals) paid so much when the rest of the nation is struggling. Why are actors paid so much for every movie? etc, etc. I dont want to get into a economic debate here, but that is my point. I am sure Calhoun didn’t want to either.

  194. There has been a fair amount of talk about Maryland’s attempts to bring in another recruit, or two, in the ’09 recruiting class. What’s the rule about signing players in regards to scholarship limits? Would a player on the current roster have to transfer, or at least declare his intentions to do so, or declare for the draft before Vinson or Stephenson could sign with the Terps? It was recently covered what if spots open up, but there is nobody to fill them, but what about the opposite? If nobody wound end up leaving and one of the above players wanted to come to Maryland, or the Terps lost one player via attrition and both high schoolers picked the Terps, would it be possible to create a spot by having Adrian Bowie receive his grant in aid from his father being a university employee?

  195. Ben a school has to have a scholarship available in order to offer one to a recruit. As for children of university employees receiving free tuition at a college, I believe each school makes their own decision if that will be their policy. I’m not sure UMD handles things that way. I have a call into someone that may be able to clarify the policy at UMD.

    If UMD does, you’d have to wonder why Adrian is using an athletic scholarship

  196. Today I listened to an interview with 2010 recruit Will Regan. He’s definitely taking his time on making his decision. Said he hasn’t even narrowed down his choices and suddenly more schools are showing interest. He does like Michigan, went to their summer camp, likes their style of play and seems to like the coach alot (based on his comments in the interview).

    Terps were the first to offer him a ‘ship but I don’t expect a decision from Will before April. So we’ll see.

  197. Are you sure about that scholarship rule DBR? I know in football they offer more ‘ships than they have all the time. UMD did it this year by about five.

    My understanding is there are no rules governing how many you offer, just how many are actually used each year.

  198. First of all let me clarify what I mean by “offer a scholarship”. Coaches offer more ‘ships than they have because they know they’re not going to get every kid they recruit. However, as the NCAA will tell ya, no verbal scholarship offer is binding. It can be withdrawn at anytime, just like a kid’s verbal commitment can be withdrawn. But to send the kid and his parents/legal guardian a LOI (which is binding) you need to have the ‘ship available. I

    Also, football is a little different Ricksterps. Sometimes those kids that are offered, verbally commit but need to go to prep school and then UMD will place them in a prep school til they’re fully qualified and can get into UMD. As long as the team gets down to 85 players before the season. And almost every FB team has attrition after the spring.

    I hope that helps.

  199. It’s official. I’m out. I wasn’t going to transfer until coach said I had to cancel my Fat Tuesday Little Debbie party. Fascist.
    I bet if i was having a chicken waang party coach would approve.

  200. Only if undergrad hotties were invited to the chicken waaaang party . . .

  201. We kid because we love.

  202. Brax, we got a ship waiting for you here

  203. What would be more satisfying:

    MD lands Stephenson


    Coach K admits to sodomizing Bobby Hurley, Wojo, Reddick, and Singler.

  204. Luke,
    The way you speak about the Francis year makes you sound like an 8 year old. That was a great year that didn’t end how we wanted it to. We were ranked as high as # 2 that season and stayed in the top 10 the whole year. There’s no shame in losing to a really good St Johns team by 12 or so when we had a terrible shooting day. Furthermore, Francis went on to become a big nba star for the next 5 or 6 years, which always looks good for the program. As for your other points, they’ve been dicussed ad nauseum on here. We know Gary should have recruited harder post NC. We know he doesn’t deserve a lifetime pass for mediocrity. We also know that he’s still a great coach and that he’s been working much harder on the trail in recent months. So stop posting the same messages. We get it. Oh, and I dont think every player was told they would be a “star” when they got here. Teams are composed of players with different roles. Not every player’s role is to score 20 a night. We’re going to be good again and sooner rather than later. You’ll see.

  205. sp md,

    Why not address the fact that posts like “we don’t have the horses” , or “we don’t have the talent”, or “we lack the interior size”, are regurgitated more on this site than a bulimic after a 5 course meal.
    Oh, and it’s ad nauseam.

  206. DBR, what is the latest on Buie?

  207. Hey,
    You guys are really knowing of many things. So…….como se dice coach K tiene barros en la verga, in English?

  208. Our commentators for tomorrow night… Mike Patrick and Jay Bilas. Glad I’ll be at that game rather than listening to that crap.

  209. JohnE, I’m actually tryna find out when his next game is. The local newspaper’s website hasn’t updated their playoff brackets. Buie’s team was to play the winner of a game played last Friday. I called my AAU contact and he didn’t know when the next game was but said he’d call Taran and call me back. So stay tuned.

  210. Mike Patrick and Bilas? Ugh. Why does ESPN insist on using freakin Mike Patrick for every ACC game? For those poor souls who can’t make it to Comcast tomorrow night, you’re much better off muting the TV audio and listening to Holiday and Knoche on the radio broadcast.

  211. An interesting look at one kids route to playing basketball at Georgetown (and how many classes he failed in HS)

  212. Except you’ll see Vasquez hit a 3-pointer, then about 10 seconds later, Holliday will tell you he hit it!

    At least we avoided Vitale.

  213. Mike must be the lead PBP guy for ESPN. I don’t mind him much, must be from watching him on WJLA channel 7 all those years b4 I moved outta the DC area.

  214. G’town plays the recruiting game, for better or worse. One of JTIII’s assistants, David Cox, was a long-time assistant to Curtis Malone with DC Assault. When G’town hired him last year, his resume consisted of stints at local high schools (as adminstrator and assistant basketball coach, as far as I can tell) and four years of hoops at William and Mary.

    I can understand hiring assistants who have AAU connections, so long as their experience otherwise justifies a spot on the staff. However, when the only real bonus to hiring the guy is AAU, without more, it seems a little sketchy to me.

  215. What are people’s thoughts about the on-the-ball pressure Duke applied to Wake Forest? Particularly Elliot Williams pressure after made baskets. H created some problems for Wake early in the game, stealing the ball from Teague 2-3 times leading to scores for Duke.

    Whoever runs the point for UMD tomorrow better be ready.

  216. I have muted games and listened to Johnny Holiday in the past. But as anyone that has tried it knows, the radio is ahead of the TV (kinda takes the surprise out of missed and made shots, especially free throws). The delay is even worse if you are watching in HD. Someone needs to offer a delayed radio broadcast that sincs up with the TV.

    Someone suggested Dave Neal stop shooting 3’s, and I admit I’ve felt like he should give it up at certain points this season too. He made a couple early in the season and Gary kept calling him a “shooter” in the post game interviews. I think it got to his head, but I think he’s toned it down. For the most part, lately I think he is taking the right shots from the outside. If he’s going to be on the floor, it doesn’t do any good to have him under the basket on offense. He doesn’t have the speed to get rebounds, or the moves/height to score in the paint. If he can draw his defender outside it often removes a shotblocking and rebounding presence for the other team.

  217. I am all in, nuts on coach k’s chin

  218. Scott Van Pelt ripped G’town today on ESPN radio saying there is no way, outside a major Big East Tourney run, that GTown should make the NCAA’s. He brought up their 3 McDonalds AA’s, JT III willingness to play the recruiting game, etc. Wasn’t able to hear more than a few minutes to see if anyone came to Gtowns defense.

    Also anyone notice DHB ran a 4.30 at the combines, fastest time this year and scored real well overall. Gronkowski also scored well for TE’s which is good for him since a few of the higher rated TE’s had slightly disappointing combines.

  219. DBR is dead on. How the Md back court handles the Duke pressure will determine how close this game will be. If the Terps turn it over frequently from the guard position, or it takes them 20 seconds to get into their offense, it will be a long night.
    And I would just like to say how fresh and insightful the posts of Luke have been. A little long winded, but thought provoking.
    Ok, Ok. This is Luke. I’m changing my screen name. Don’t get me wrong, Luke is an unbelievable name (I know it’s mine), but it lacks panache.

  220. I’ve tried muting the TV and listening to Johnny Holliday via internet stream but the stream can often be a full minute behind the TV.

    As for Neal, gotta give Dave credit. He’s probably played three times as many minutes this season as he did his first three years at UMD. He’s been banging with bigger players, guarding quicker players…I’m surprised he hasn’t gone down with a leg cramp. He’s limited athletically but he has busted his ass for this team. Steve, you brought up a great point about him drawing his defender outside it often removes a shotblocking and rebounding presence for the other team.

  221. Hey Gregg!

    You didn’t tell me you live in the Detroit area!
    Why aren’t you answering your door?

  222. DBR,

    I would argue that a post I read on here earlier about Neal was more accurate: Neal hanging around the perimeter congests things around the 3 point line.

    Neal can’t shoot, can’t rebound, can’t dribble, and can’t run. He is a good emotional leader and hustle guy. His minutes should be selective and limited. I feel for the guy though. He was a better player in high school. Injuries have really changed the type of player he is, or could have been.

  223. JohnE, I don’t have much on Taran Buie. His team plays their first playoff game tomorrow night at 7:30. At this point I’m planning to go and leave at half time to get home and watch the Terps. Although I’ve seen coaches from PSU, ND and UMD at some of his games, he pretty much shut down his recruitment until after the season so he could focus on his classes (I’m told he’s a B student) and his season (they’re defending state champs with a good chance to repeat).

    Looks like his mom is still leaning toward moving to Harrisburg where other family members live so she can get some help taking care of her kids (she has 7 or 8 incl Taran).

    Last year Buie said he wanted to decide on a college this spring, we’re almost there.

  224. I’m not a huge fan of Neal shooting the 3 ball. I know he hit a couple big ones early in the season but he is shooting about 20%.

    Duke ball pressure = over playing. You have to make them pay for over playing their man. Cuts to the basket are the best way. Watch the WVU win in the tournament last year for a clinic on how to beat their pressure.

  225. DBR,

    I second that Neal is busting his ass. If Gist played with his heart he would have been an All-American.

    Who is everyone rooting for tonight in BC vs. FSU?

    On one hand we may surpass BC if they totally bottom out, but on the other hand if we both end up as bubble teams with identical records then we both beat UNC and they beat us head to head. They’ve got an easy road the rest of the way so it may be better off to have them just win out, and let us battle for that 7th ACC bid (assuming UNC, Clemson, Duke, Wake, FSU, and BC). At least that way the loss at BC won’t look bad.

    I’m not sure the ACC will get 7, so I think I’m gonna pull for the FSU win/BC implosion combination. I think the top 6 regular season ACC teams are in the tourney, with more bids possible depending on ACC tourney performance.

  226. Steve,

    At this point it doesn’t matter who wins. MD has it’s destiny in its’ own hands. If they take care of business, beginning tomorrow night, it doesn’t matter what BC does. If they don’t, it won’t be BC taking their spot, it will be Big East #9 or Big Ten #7 or Pac 10 #5 or SEC #5. MD has ample opportunity to seal a bid. If they don’t take care of what they can, they won’t be losing a bid based on what BC or Miami or VA Tech did, but rather what they didn’t.

  227. Sizzlewhip, I never saw Neal play in HS but it is a bummer that injuries during his first three seasons limited his action and affected his game. Neal also does alot of talking on defense that helps his teammates out. According to his shooting percentages are: FG 40%, FT 80% and 3-point FG 32%. That doesn’t exactly suck.

    He’s not real athletic, and his game isn’t pretty but Dave Neal sure gives everything he’s got. On senior night I hope he gets a very long and very loud ovation.

    Meanwhile, look at Pitt fighting back from being down 20 something to within 5 with 50 seconds to play.

  228. Lance Stephenson update. USC and UCLA are no longer in the mix

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