Terps – UNC Thread

Today is Maryland’s penultimate chance to impress the selection committee. Some probably think that this is an exercise in futility and there is nothing the Terps can do short of winning out to get in.

I’m inclined to agree. The Terps just aren’t good enough to compete with the likes of UNC. As we’ve seen all year; the team’s flaws often get exposed against the better teams.

Despite that, there is a reason why they play the games. Let’s just hope we are not ashamed of the performance after the fact.



  1. Need a special performance from our kids to get a win today. GO TERPS…I’m all in.

    I watched the Lacrosse game. First lax action I’ve watched in years. Bummer on the results. Looks like a beautiful day in College Park.

    Jordan Williams had 52 points, 21 rebounds and 5 blocks last night. You can read about it here http://www.registercitizen.com/articles/2009/02/21/sports/doc499f952d7531e091565240.txt

    However he’s under the weather will not be at the game today, meanwhile more b-ball recruits coming in the for the game today. Class of 2010 players 6-6 wing Mychal Parker and 6-8 PF Hippo Tsafack.

    Terps will wear Gold uniforms again today.

  2. Jesus, Neal has 2 fouls already and GV is bricking it early. Oh no.

  3. GV recovers by getting some inside shots to fall. OMG they actually called traveling on Psycho T? GV for three. It’s GV 9 UNC 9

  4. BS blocking call. I just rewound and looked at that. Mosley beat that guy to the spot. Now he has 2 fouls. I hope Hayes and Tucker are ready to ball out today.

    Someone other than GV needs to socre for the Terps.

  5. Wow, on this possession Vasquez can take the lead over UNC.

  6. That was a good coaching move to give UNC a different defensive look off the made FT’s. Still nobody else seems able to make a FG for the Terps.

  7. MONSTER block…top plays nominee.

    But damn if we can’t make an open jump shot. C’mon guys ya gotta make those wide open looks.

  8. No one can still make a shot…if the rest of team doesn’t start taking the pressure off GV, he’ll get no more breathing room. And we’ll get blown out.

    Come on the rest of you!!!

  9. Probably gonna regret this but Hayes is totally useless in a game like this.

    Our shooters taking “anxious” shots.

    Burney and Dino need to play over their heads.

  10. Jesus, did these refs fly in with UNC and have breakfast with the team?

  11. Well, I thought Hansbrough travelled by hopping with the loose ball before throwing it out of bounds off Neal. But maybe he never had possession.

    Finally someone else hits a FG

  12. I think Gary told Sean he needed to “pick him up” in regards to Ty Lawson’s break away. Yeesh, we’re shooting horribly and are only down by 9 points. SOMEONE has got to make a damn shot.


  13. Tucker is 10 times the shooter that Mosely is and about as good a defender


  14. I think Gary made a bad coaching move to take Vasquez out when he was the only one scoring…as a result, GV has gone ice cold. I’m pretty sure Gary was giving him a breather and forcing the rest of the team to step up and not rely on GV, but I think that substitution hurt us.

  15. These last 4 minutes of the first half are crucial. Need to cut this lead in half, at least. But if it groes by halftime it could be Clemson part 2.

  16. The effing ref just gave the ball to UNC as they went over the back against our guy.

    If we had just made a few of those missed 0-12 shots.

    Hayes’s 3pt shooting average (wide open) is dropping but his shot isn’t

  17. Hayes’ 3’s are so damn close…keep shooting kid

  18. I like Cliff’s game too, but he’s not even close to as good a defender as Mosley is. Sean is tougher and stronger

  19. WOW that was pretty damn exciting at the end. Our shorter kids were scrapping for those rebounds. Those boos were for the refs I’m sure.

    I hope we can shoot better in the 2nd half…with the way we shot in the first half we should be down by 20.

  20. DBR- You’re probably right about Mosely’s D but he wasn’t in that last series and Tucker was (Burney too) and Tucker can score and Sean can’t.

    I’m passionate about this…..LM, Rome, GV, AB and Neal starting 2nd half with Tucker 1st off the bench.

    Look,…. these guys know they gotta bang the boards and they are. Rome is making a difference. We need speed and scorers and it’s only coming from that 5 above.

  21. Trying not to rag on Mosely him and this lineup aint going to do it.

  22. Effing refs the buy traveled

  23. Dbr – We need scorers

  24. I don’t think you’re raggin’ on Mosley Gerry. I wish we could combine Mosley & Tucker into one player. THAT would be awesome. A 17-20 ppg player that can play good D.

    Meanwhile, Terps need to go on a run here or this game will be out of reach in a few possesions.

  25. Tucker 5 quick points …need I say more?

  26. Ok…this is what the doctor ordered…gotta keep it up. Terps definitely need scorers Gerry and Cliff’s playing well today.

  27. Nobody? Nobody picks up the man with the ball? YEESH!

  28. Why swap one guy with four fouls with another guy with four fouls?

  29. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! These kids are playing so hard.

  30. Apologies to Hayes…..

    Tucker….The Man and his Dreams….wasn’t that a movie.

  31. damn, Milbourne is done for the day.

  32. Damn. Kids are playing thieir butts off

  33. I’m surprised that’s a shot clock violation…it appeared that the ball hit off of UNC before the red light lit up the back board.

  34. these kids are playing their hearts out, they friggen deserve this

  35. Refs have not helped. I can live with the bad calls you get when you play at Chapel Hill or Cameron but not at home. Kids are playing really well.

    Would be great to some how did this out in the last four minutes but it won’t be easy.

  36. Kids are playing well. Tucker is awesome. Don’t know which is worse: the refs or listening to Brent

  37. Dare to dream?

  38. Holy sh*t!!!!!

    Please, let us get this one…these kids have earned it.

  39. Don’t want to wear it out but I have been begging to get Tucker into the starting rotation or 6th man.

  40. Who had the last triple double? Gatlin?

  41. He was in the starting lineup in the beginning of the season.

  42. I know GV is the reason we are in the game but he sure makes some poor decisions.

  43. R U KIDDING ME??? They left the man with the ball requiring GV to run out on Lawson. UGH

  44. that was not directed at you Ricksterps…totally rhetorical


  46. Yea, I as talking about his TO before that.

    Please make these FT Hayes

  47. The floor will be rushed.

  48. Get it to GV on the in-bounds…

  49. Good thing Gary gave Greivis that breather in the first half when he scored all our points or he’d be real tired now :)

  50. Greivis gotta make these

  51. 5.4 is a ton of time for Lawson to get up the court

  52. I say we foul here

  53. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  54. Awesome win for our boys

  55. Unreal! Absolutely unreal!

  56. Gotta love seeing the Capitals hat on one of the students :)

  57. HOLY SHIT!!! I JUST DID A LAP AROUND MY BLOCK!!! Now just beat up on sid the crib tomorrow for my caps and it will make my weekend GREAT!

  58. Now, if one of the many 2010 recruits that were at the game would commit to the Terps today this would be perfect!

  59. The movie: “Out of the Ashes! The Gary Williams Story”

  60. North Carolina is annoying, Tyler Hansbrough is so overrated, and I’m in a great mood.

  61. Awesome win. So glad that were able to pull it out.


  63. Gary that SOB did it again. Just went I thought I was out they pull me back in!!!

    It was all heart. Every kid played their hearts out. Eric “I love the AAU” Prisbell take that!!!

  64. Just how big was the 3 ball today!!!! I mean wow! I’m still amazed right now at how we came back and then to win! I can’t get too hammered tonight gotta get up early for the caps game but damn I’m going to enjoy it tonight!

  65. Do you like apples?

  66. Maybe John & Luke or whatever name that person wants to post under will show up tonight, like they did after the Clemson loss, and this time show our kids some love/respect and show Gary some love/respect on this victory over a top 5 team.

  67. Gary needs to go! Another blowout loss to a top team! Great win… lets worry about the implications later. Just enjoy this one tonight.

  68. raj are you fucking serious

  69. Tyler is not overrated. I can never understand the overrated stuff. It takes away from the victory. UNC is a great team and we beat them like we have 9 out of the last 11 times in CP. Great for RPI, National respect, HUGE confidence builder for the Duke game. Dare to dream now.

  70. Greivis played lights out. Eric and Cliff kept us in the game with their timely three point shooting. Eric even beat someone off the dribble to the basket in the final seconds of the game. Back at 3:45pm I posted that I hope Eric and Cliff are ready to ball out today and those two answered the bell off the bench.

    And how many blocks did we have today? OMG

    The “Ghetto” wins another one over the Tar Holes.

  71. How do you like those apples?

  72. Serious about what… I was making fun of the Gary haters…

  73. C’mon Realtime RPI update your info please LOL

    NYMets9631 this win will make tomorrow’s snow storm bearable.

    Doug Gottlieb just said this win was “massive”.

  74. oh ok my bad raj sorry I didn’t realize…I just was pissed at the first sight off one of the potential gary haters haha they can all go elsewhere. Anyway, thanks DBR it sure will, I want this team in the tournament so bad let’s start a streak of consecutively going there again baby!

  75. p.s. I’ll say it again…Gary should be here for as long as he wants. I think that washington post thing was the worst thing that they did, but the best for Gary he is such a great motivator!

  76. Wow I was ready to right the season off and they keep pulling me back in. Hopefully it does make a statement with all the recruits at the game. Not sure, but if the last triple double was in ’87 I’m guessing it was Derrick Lewis with points, rebounds, and blocks.

  77. Tucker HAS TO START or be 6th man agiainst Duke.

    Can’t wait for ESPN at the hour and half hour.

    Go Terps.

    BTW…it’s been great reading/posting on the Soupp for this game. Even if we had lost, bad as that would have tore us up….we’d have good words for GW and boys.

  78. Just got back from the game. One of the best sporting events of my life. The crowd was incredible! The atmosphere was electric. Huge win by the boys. GV played out of his mind. Wow. Gotta keep this momentumup for the Dukies. That is a revenge game.

  79. Do you think that Duke will be scared? I hope the Terps play out of their mind on Wednesday. Congrats to GV for the triple double. Quite an accomplishment.

  80. Tucker was beyond phenomenal. Every time the ball left his hand, 18000 people just knew that ball was going down. He will play substantial minutes, Gary showed us as much when he left Bowie and Mosley on the bench for the critical periods of this game and gave Tucker the green light to fire away.

  81. Jeremy, how’s the crow? :) GREAT win. What can you say about Vasquez? I hope it shuts all the haters up. Twenty Two for Tucker off the bench was huge as well. I totally agree with Gerry re: him being the 6th man. Hayes was horrible in the beginning (tho, so was most the team), but really came on in the second half. I was pissed at him in the beginning. This is thrilling though.

    BC beat dook and the tardheels so we can too. I’m impressed we won without too much contribution from Landon or Bowie.

    DBR, remind me which recruits were at the game. That had to impress them. P.S. Doug Gottleib is a doosh.

  82. Words cannot describe the heart and tenacity the boys played with today. Hansborough is a great player, but his work eithic is what puts him among college’s elite. Today, the Terps had more hussle than Tyler and UNC.

    GV was simply the best player on the court. Tucker has shown he deserves a start. Hayes is great off the bench. Burney gave HUGE minutes!! Great team win.

    With wins against Virginia and NC State, we could still lose against Duke and Wake and go .500 in the ACC. And the best part? We play Duke and Wake at home!! If indeed we go .500 in the ACC, with the non conference wins, I would have to think we get in the dance.

  83. Great point on Burney. It’s easy to point out offensive production. Tucker was fantastic. But we held UNC to under 40 points in both halves. Alot of that had to do with Burney being a shot-blocking presence in the middle. How often do these things happen by accident? Neal then Gregory got 2 quick fouls and Gary was forced to give Burney extended minutes. He came up big-time.

  84. Just heard on the radio. our bench had 41 points. Not bad. But really it was all from Hayes and Tucker. Hall you Hayes-haters, I think he played great. He was cold to start but he has to shoot those open threes. He was huge in the 2nd half.

  85. cant tell u how happy i am. drunk as a drunk skunk right now and enjoying the gv lawson rivalry.

  86. Losing Rome to injury may have cost us two wins this season. He is pretty athletic and if he can ever stay healthy would be a factor.

  87. Maybe not 2 wins… but he really showed something tonight. The box score may not show it, but he was a presence inside. After tonight, we found out our bench is MUCH deeper than we thought it was…

  88. For all the agonizing, excruciating, anxiety-filled, bombastic, electric, exhilarating games and talk on the Soup….a real life “human drama” was orchestrated by our “kids” today on National TV. This game could not have been scripted better. They brought new meaning to “Fear the Turtle”.

    When we went ahaed, you could almost see it and feel it…..that UNC actually began to play conservative and cautiously while MD went balls to the wall.

    We got no meaningful “breaks” and UNC got bunches. Tyler H is a “travelling” fool and a very good actor to boot. Little else needs to be said about the undersized Terps. I said it before on this site that “if undersized Portland State could take down a “big” Gonzaga team….so could we”.

    Let’s move away from the undersized rap. Our key to the NCAA’s is …….again……..
    GV, AB, LM, Rome, and Neal starting and Tucker either start or 6th man. Mosely can play defensive specialist but realistically, his own personal drama continues….he lost his shot. He’s very important to us down the stretch but we cannot afford to have in in the line up when we need points. Tucker’s scoring was not a “fluke”. He’s had his break-out game and Mosely’s probably won’t come this year. Most of us knew Tucker “had it in him” but for circumstances unknown to us mere mortals just wasn’t getting the right playing time…to suit his game. Did you seem him smile on the court near the end of the game after one of his 3’s? He is at peace with himself and his game. Hopefully GW is too. Clliff…..can ya hear me? Please don’t transfer. Give us another chance!

    Everyone’s heaped mucho praise on GV and he deserves it. If he goes down we go down. No debate. However, I felt before the game we had a better than average chance of him returning next year.

    With this game on national TV and probably scouts in the stands and who knows how many others scouring the national scores, you gotta admit he “NBA stock” went up today and that doesn’t bode well for his returning. I personally believe he wants to see his Jersey in the rafters. It boils down to “economics”. I hope he stays.

    GW showed us what many of us already knew……we have us a HOF coach.

    Finally, it’s been a pleasure posting and reading your comments today. Looking forward to Jeremy and Greggs comments too.

    Go Terps

  89. hahahahaha….I just visited a Tar Heels website. Lots of crying about the refs. Comments like:

    “Refs should be reviewed and fired”

    “Refs were horrible and blind Hess showed his usual anti-Carolina colors….”

    “tired of Tyler getting hacked all year long with no call!” (DBR is tired of Tyler walking all year with no call but I digress)

    “Maryland did not win a damn thing, the refs gave it to them.”

    LOVE IT. Although one poster had a cool avatar. It was a big light blue fish with a UNC logo on it eating a smaller dark blue fish with a Duke logo on it.

    GO TERPS! Celebrate tonight you earned it…tomorrow morning begin preparing for DUKE.

    I’M ALL IN!!!!

  90. Oh, one last thing. I read that Tobias Harris was going to the game today. Great day for recruiting. Only wish Lance Stephenson was here instead of Kansas.

  91. okaybowler the recruits I knew about were: Roscoe Smith, Tobias Harris, Mychal Parker, Hippolyte Tsafack and class of 2010 PG prospect Tyrone Garland all indicated they were coming.

    During the game I noticed just about everyone except Harris and Garland. But I don’t really know Garland looks like LOL

    There were also some FBall recruits and I think a Lady Terp BBall recruit.

    I’m sure they all will remember the atmosphere and the game at Comcast today.

    I hope this game will be on ESPN classic tomorrow…

  92. Oh and DO NOT TAKE THE GOLD UNIS OFF. Wear them on road games too.

  93. PC you are correct… Derrick Lewis owns the only other triple-doubles in Maryland history. He did it twice, once against UMBC in Feb. ’87 and once against James Madison in late Jan ’87.

  94. If Lance Stephenson is a long shot, Tobias Harris is a long, long shot. But it was great that the staff got him into the building.

  95. I can just imagine one of Lance’s friends texting him the Maryland game scores while Kentucky is trying to show him their facilities. cue the Ben Stein Voice:
    “…..and here, Lance.. is the weight room… where you’ll lift…. weights”
    meanwhile Lance is going, “YES! OVERTIME!”
    Ben Stein: “Did …you say …something?”
    Lance: No sir. (chuckle)

    I can dream, right?

  96. Good one Jacob…but it’s Kansas…but still funny scenario :)

  97. Oh and I’m sure Lance got a post game txt from Greivis

  98. Huckleberry Hound….er I mean Roy Williams on Terps Cliff Tucker: “I think he sees that Carolina blue and it gets him going.”

    Ellington said that the Tar Holes were flat out there being selfish and not playing as a team.

    UNC had 5 assists and 16 TO’s.

  99. Amazing win, and man, Comcast was rocking. We need that kind of crowd Wednesday night against the Dookies. I believe tip’s at 9, which will help those of us coming from the District.

    Burney is still raw offensively, but his size/length demand that he get as many minutes as possible for the remainder of the season. He, Dino and Neal did a fantastic job on Psycho T. And Tucker – wow. If he can hit from 15 and beyond consistently (and that’s the key – CONSISTENCY), watch out. Finally, I sincerely hope all you Vasquez haters were watching his performance today. The guy drives me crazy at times, I will admit, but he was flat out incredible against UNC. Rest assured, we would be lost without him.

    Now, we needed at least one win against UNC, Duke, Clemson and Wake (I think two wins would be a lot more comfortable), and it’s great to now have that win in our pocket. But let’s not look past NC State and UVA. Both games are away, and UVA has notched wins over Va Tech and Clemson in the last two weeks.

    BTW – Boomer, Gist and Mouton in the house today. Go Terps.

  100. Gold should be here to stay (at least for the home games).

    Tucker… I mean what can you say but wow. All the pub is going to go to Vasquez, but Cliff was a huge spark tonight and played well during the crucial minutes of the stretch run. I don’t think there is anyway he transfers, he’s now a crucial part of the rotation

    Vasquez — greatest individual performance in MD history since the Joe Smith game against Duke?

  101. Terps on the front page of ESPN.COM!

  102. Question for any Soupers at the game today…I’m told that in some sections Tar Heel fans were chanting NIT at Md Fans with about 15 mins left in the game. Did you experience this?

    Also, I read on ESPN.com that before the game Gary wrote on the board in the locker room “Someone nobody knows needs to step up tonight”. Today the world met Cliff Tucker and he showed why he was a 4-star top ranked 20 SG recruit.

  103. Also Joe Smith, sitting a few seats down from Gist.
    Atmosphere the best I have seen in two years, winning a big game will do that. If I was a recruit, this is where I would want to be going.
    What a game, nothing more need be said other than “you gotta believe” and that Gary completely out coached Roy “They F*cking stink” Williams.

    Russ why is Tobias Harris such a long shot? I haven’t been following his recruiting other than what you post.

  104. I second the gold unis. They remind me of Tom “Speedy” Jones for some reason.

    Jay Bilas said on national TV that he’s impressed with how the Terps play hard all the time.
    Bobby Knight was impressed with how the Terps made smart decisions in overtime.
    Playing HARD and SMART are usually indicators of coaching acumen. Why is it that the entire nation realizes Garyland’s greatness except many of us in our own backyard?

    If Duke doesn’t hit their 3’s, they are very beatable. BUT, they play D much harder than UNC. Our offensive execution will have to be crisp. We will not have the wide-open 3’s like we did today. Can’t wait til Wednesday.

  105. One of the recruits during the game was going bonkers towards the end….thought he would fulfill DBR’s wish and commit right there.

    What a win so proud of these guys when they fight hard like this. My one complaint though, anyone see the Carolina fans sitting court side? In the exact same seats where last game 3 Virginia Tech fans were sitting. Are we just giving away court side seats to opposing alumni? Or is there some a-hole big donor who just doesn’t care and gives them away to whoever?

  106. Oh and on a day where the Hoyas lost the sixth of the last eight games?? WaPo you need to write some new material. And the Hoyas with all that talent while UMD has Arby’s All Americans.

    I wonder if WaPo will even put the Terps game on the front page of the Sports section on Sunday.

  107. Russ why is Tobias Harris such a long shot? I haven’t been following his recruiting other than what you post.

    Also there were quite a few Tar Hole fans there but nothing even approaching unruly. They are pussies.

  108. I know you can believe but do you realize that ……but for the two losses to Miami & FSU we would be tied for the lead in the ACC?

    It’s been a wild season and the team has followed suit. Today’s win just has to be a “defining moment” for this team. The human drama played out today should prove to each player and coach on our team ……that we have the goodies.

    This team will go as far as their stamina and vision will take them We all know what stamina is but vision is a tricky thing; it’s really “seeing with the mind, what others miss with their eyes”.

    Every member of this team is crucialy but none more that the following – AB, GV, LM, DN, Rome & CT. We have all heard that winning teams should not peak too early. Rome and Tucker may be “Peaking” at the right time. Mosely’s D and Hayes’ 3’s are also critical. They are more likely to contribute in the 2nd half of games. To beat Duke we simply need to stop their 3”s AND we need Rome and CT to get max PT.

    BTW- there’s been mucho chatter about the necessity to win 2 more games. Won’t argue that point. However, winning ACC is another “chance” to get to the dance and if we make a lost of noise in the ACC Tourney i.e., # 2 or #3 …..we’re in……as well.

    Need more? Were in not for the 2 losses (6 pt total) to Miami & FSU…..our Terps would be tied for lst place.

    After WWII Winston Churchill was asked to speak to the graduating class at his High School. His entire speech was two words. Seriously………2 words.

    He limped to the podium with his cane, stared at the audience, looked over the rim of his classes and said………Never! Never! (it sounded like NEVAH) NEVER QUIT !!

    That, my fellow Soupers is where we are at this moment.

    Go Terps

  109. You could write a thesis on Gary Williams and his program. The term “hater” has become a cliche, and is merely a term now used by someone lacking evidence to dispute a point. I love this blog. I rarely post, but I always read. My comment is primarily in response to DBR (who’s posts I respect more than anybody’s, but he called me out). This blog, while informative, is full of GW apologists. I agree that tonight’s win is monumental for MD’s tournament hopes, and is probably the best MD regular season win I can remember considering both the circumstances of the game (down 16) and external pressures. However, the fact remains that splitting a home and home with NC should not be monumental for MD.

    Gary built this program BACK up. This is not a program that has lacked star power or success pre GW. MD has a long tradition, but GW did build it back up and them some.He deserves much credit for this, but let’s not pretend that this program is Oregon State . College basketball, like college football, has become a business. As such, it is a what have you done for me lately industry. If GW had commited a non-capital felony in 2002 the statute of limitations would expire this year. The reality of the situation is he has failed in the past 6 years (if not for Gilchrist’s one shining weekend in the ’04 ACC tournament, this team would be facing a 5th NIT in 6 years). MD fans need to overcome their inferiority complex. It is ok to demand excellence from a program that won a national title this decade and resides in the county ESPN the Magazine deemed the best high school basketball county in the country.

    I am stoked about this win (I still have an erection), but stop making excuses for why we don’t belong among the elite. We do, and we can be. I have the same sad emotions imagining GW not leading this team out of the tunnel, but if he doesn’t turn things around quickly he needs to go. We should be the team road fans storm the court against after victory. Enough with the underdog mentality. It’s time to act like a true blue blood college basketball program.

  110. I just peeped out a Duke board to see their reaction to the Terps beating UNC. Typical. One guy is complaining that they’ll have to see those “ugly ass jerseys (gold) on Wednesday”.

    Several of them made comments about Greivis showing class and saying that Cameron isn’t his house it’s Coach K’s house and he respects that.

    Others posted how it’s “painful” or “completely revolting” to root for UMD but how wonderful it is to see UNC go down.

  111. VT down 10 at half at home to FSU…hopefully FSU can put them away that would help us out a ton!

  112. Great post Luke. My calling you out was “preemtive” and I kept it clean and tried to make it polite. Actually I figured you’d post at some point tonight but I wanted to post something before someone posted something rude. Use some ice on that erection or the EMT’s may have to stick a needle in it to drain…oh neva mind.

  113. Go NOLES. ick…that hurt to say.

  114. In case any Dookies are reading this blog, YOU ARE WELCOME! We beat the Heels for you guys again this season, God knows you guys can’t.

  115. Jeez. And now VT rallies hard. Don’t think it makes much difference anymore tho. If we take care of our business, it won’t matter what anyone else in the league does. No one (with the possible exception of BC) has 2 more impressive wins than UNC and Mich St.

  116. Huge (can’t even being to describe the magnitude) win for the Terps today!!! The crowd was awesome, the guys were awesome, Gary was awesome. Cliff Tucker showed why he needs to be on the floor more often, Greivis showed all of those haters why he is one of the better players in the ACC. I don’t think we’ve scored 42 bench points this entire season! The effort on the defensive end today was a thousand percent better than it was in the Terps’ first meeting with the Heels. Hell of an effort down low for a unit that was vastly undersized compared to the likes of Hansrough, Thompson, Davis and Zeller. Muh boy Burney is slowly working his way into the rotation and Dino was on the SC Top 10 with that come-from-behind block on Lawson, who is not an easy person to catch.

    With this win in the bag, it’s now time to look forward to the Dookies and speculate on NCAA tourney scenarios. If Maryland beats either Wake/Duke and beats NC State and UVA away from home, I would think that one or two wins in the ACC tourney would put them into serious consideration for a bid. I don’t think just going .500 in the ACC does for the Terps, unless they get to the semis/finals of the ACC tourney which would be highly unlikely. No win is a cake-walk from here on in, let’s just hope that the boys can build off this win and get some swagger in down the home stretch!!

  117. The way I look at it guys, AWAY games at NC State and UVA are just as tough games as HOME against Duke and Wake. NCST and UVA are playing pretty well lately too. We will be the underdog in every one of those games except maybe UVA. It’s pretty useless to look at scenarios because we really don’t have even 1 win in the bag. Gotta beat Duke then go from there.

  118. Gotta love our boys, huh? For once, I have a good reason to get stupid drunk (as opposed to the bad reasons I have had in the past like the Clemson & Duke losses). It is still a long way, but we could actually pull this off and make it to the Tourney. We need to fuck Duke up on Wednesday for real. I am still smarting from the 41 points drubbing. Need to fuck em up…no BS.

    Go Terps.

  119. GV was awesome, a little sloppy at times with the ball, but I will take that any time! I said earlier that his offensive struggles were related to him not playing the point and today he was our point guard. He even said in his post game interview that he asked GW to put him back on the point and thankfully GW listened. If we get 8 ACC wins GW should be coach of the year. Great, great game!

    Did anyone notice that NC only had 5 assists for the entire game, that must be some kind of a record?

  120. FSU beats VT!

  121. Buzz kill time. Let’s wish for a strong finish and a tournament birth. But, beyond that, at what point does reality supercede hope, and, perhaps more difficultly, nostalgia.

  122. Lunardi just put us in the last four in. I know that is not super important but it’s a nice boost for our kids.

    We have a really tough schedule the rest of the way. Like I have been saying, if we get to 8-8 with this big win, we can get in with one tourney win. The problem is all four games are tough.

    Luke, you expressed your opinion without the usual nastiness associated with the anit-gary crew. I’m sorry, but it is just an uniformed opinion. Who do you think we will get that is better than Gary? That is the real question. Gary just schooled Roy. If they switched teams Gary would beat Roy 10 out of 10.

    Gary built Maryland to a point where you got there expectations. Because of that he gets to decide when he leaves.

  123. Great comment Eddie. UVA and NCST WILL be tougher wins to get than dook or Wake. In fact, I have a strange sense of confidence going into this dook game. With this win and the way our bench played, I hope our team has a confident feeling as well. We should never have lost by 41 to this WAY over rated dook squad and there is no doubt in my mind that Gary will get this team hyped and prepared to shut them down.

    Love seeing Burney flying around the paint. His presence in there is awesome!

    Cliff! Been waiting for this game out of you all year (as I know many here have been). That is a funny stroke but it sure looks good going through the net!

    What more can be said about Greivis. He was the man tonight. Kept us in the game early and lead us to victory coming down the stretch. Really nice to have a cocky guy out there on the court to support the team. I’m way to used to seeing our players shrink in the face of adversity or when facing a winning situation. Vasquez and Tucker’s attitudes coming down the stretch allowed us to get on top and stay there.

    Love the clutch FTs. Way to go guys!!!

    If the crowd was rocking last night I hope the roof comes off on Wednesday night!!!

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