Welcome To The Postseason

Gary Williams said it all in his post game comments.  Greivis gets all the credit for the win.  He refused to let Maryland lose.  His “Eff-U” three pointer at the end notwithstanding, Greivis’ performance was just about perfect.  I counted only one bad shot and very few turnovers.  Tonight’s performance was GV’s second best.  Only the UNC game surpasses.

Down the stretch, our secondary scorers really sealed the deal.  Hayes made great decisions and Tucker knocked down two big shots.  On a night when Milbourne fouled out early, the guys the Terps needed to step up, did.  Kudos to Dave Neal who fought hard all night and hit some big threes.

Now comes THE GAME OF THE YEAR: Wake Forest.  Who would have thought?  Can the Terps throw it all together again and come up with another perfect performance?  Wake has struggled away from Winston-Salem; but the Terps are undersized and Wake is huge.  Will the mismatch be too much to overcome? My guess is that Greivis and the rest of the Terps can smell the postseason and will give us their best effort on Tuesday.  It may not be enough, but I think it will.

Will a win on Tuesday seal the deal?  My first instinct is to say that bubble teams can’t afford to lose to teams like UVA. Period.  But let’s worry about that later.  Things are looking good. The Terps have won 5 of their last 8 and are playing their best basketball of the year.

If the Terps can head into the ACC Tournament having won 7 of 10, we are dancing.  Of that there is no question.  6 of 10 is still on the right side of .500, but I’d like to not leave it up to chance.  The RPI is moving up (road wins are huge) and we have victories against some other bubble teams (VaTech and Michigan).  Let’s just hope that Georgetown doesn’t sneak back into the conversation.

So the season comes down to two “winnable” games.  Knowing what we now know about this team and their tremendous shortcomings in the frontcourt; fans and alumni have to be thrilled at that prospect.

Comcast Center better be ready to explode on Tuesday night.  17,000 fans ought to be worth somethng right? Now is our chance to shine.  Make it happen Terp fans.

Can We Win Out? NC State Thread

Tonight begins MD’s quest to finish the season strong and in turn stamp their pass to the dance.  Personally, I’m more afraid of the road games the final home game despite Wake Forest being ranked.  It’s is extremely tough to win on the road, but NC State is the third worst team in the conference.  That may sound bad; but they are only one game behind the Terps in the standings.

I suspect an ugly game.  I think in the end Maryland’s desire and urgency will win out. NC State is tough but they are playing out the string at this point.  Let’s hope that carries the day.

A loss and Maryland is NIT bound.  Only a miracle will prevent that.