Can We Win Out? NC State Thread

Tonight begins MD’s quest to finish the season strong and in turn stamp their pass to the dance.  Personally, I’m more afraid of the road games the final home game despite Wake Forest being ranked.  It’s is extremely tough to win on the road, but NC State is the third worst team in the conference.  That may sound bad; but they are only one game behind the Terps in the standings.

I suspect an ugly game.  I think in the end Maryland’s desire and urgency will win out. NC State is tough but they are playing out the string at this point.  Let’s hope that carries the day.

A loss and Maryland is NIT bound.  Only a miracle will prevent that.


  1. they terps need to beat n.c. state tonight, that gets them to 7-7. V.T. will finish out at best at 8-8. So, if we win 2 of 3 we will be 8-8 and 7th in conference ahead of V.T. and Miami. That should get us in.

  2. 45 min to go. JWB! Go Terps!

  3. Yikes, brain fart.

    7:30 start. Guess I can’t wait.

    [It’s such a bummer when you start to geez]

  4. For MD to win this game, GV might need another 3×2….

  5. Less than 2 hours ’til tipoff. This game might be our season. I think we’re gonna get a grandiose performance from our boys!

  6. No way, Wheels. We just need to play solid team ball. NC State doesn’t excel in any one area or with any one player, and they don’t have a great D. Not to say that I’m not nervous, but we don’t need a record setting performance tonight. GO TERPS!!!

  7. I am so pumped for this game, can’t wait we got to get this W…GO TERPS!

  8. I feel better about this game then earlier, because of how we have been playing recently. a good start is very important. GO TURTLES

  9. I am definitely a bit nervous for this game. What can I say though, I am always nervoud for Terps games. I am still waiting patiently for that in conference blowout. I would love a comfortable 15-20 point win that is never in doubt. No nerves, no heartattacks, no giving up double digit leads. That would be sweet.

  10. UNC/Duke women’s game just went to OT on Fox. Does this mean we miss the beginning of the game because of a Dook women’s game? Fox knows better right?

  11. i hope so Eddie…i hope so lol

  12. GO TERPS…let’s make this day doublely enjoyable. Lady Terps won today by 25 and clinched the ACC Regular Season Championship. So congrats to Brenda and the girls…now it’s time for the men to do their thang.


  13. OK.

    After two hours spent chewing on my lower lip and trying to pass time on the internet it’s time to Just Win Baby!!!

    Go Terps!

  14. 7:30 and their still showing the girls game, switch it dammit!

  15. OH JESUS MUCK FE. I turn to the channel for the game and a Duke/UNC women’s game is in OT

  16. good christ please change this

  17. It’s game time and I’m watching Abby Waner slap the floor like Wojo. I think I’m gonna throw up.

  18. uuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. They’re should be a law about womens bball superseding mens.



  21. Finally switched to the game on CSN.

  22. It looks like 10 persons there, good show of support for the Pack!

  23. Crowd does look a bit thin.

  24. Wearin Red tonight! Lets get it done!

    There are more sh*t posts on the WaPo website including one from the AD but I am too pysched up to read them now.

  25. Mike Gminski gets on my nerves like there’s no tomorrow. Bring back Kenny “The Jet” Smith.

  26. Doesn’t look like we’ve misse anything

  27. Hell, bring back “Bones” McKinney! [RIP]

  28. the weather is bad in that area tonight isn’t it Ricksterps?

  29. I guess Sean is a go.


  31. WOW…Landon with a three early. Nice

  32. Please tell me Mosley will learn to finish those plays!!

  33. Sean. Sean. Sean. That was an NBA if you could make a layup.

  34. Finish Sean!

  35. Mosley’s first layup of the year! We’re in business.

  36. Right now it’s just wet but it is suppose to snow about 3-5 inches. I think you can see the crowd is more sparse than usual. Good break for us.

  37. Where was the T on that slam… he hung on there for an eternity!

  38. It looks like we can press State. Their ballhandling is suspect.

  39. I was screaming the exact same thing at the TV Gregg.

  40. call that f*ckin shoulder on Tracey Smith

  41. Could our 3 carry us? That Smith guy might give us fits.

  42. WTF! Can’t we make a layup???

  43. Zone creates the TO. Good call Gary.

  44. We’re scoring fine but need to tighten up the D. There we go. That last possession was good.

  45. Landon made his shot 10000% tougher. He grabbed a great rebound, just go back up strong…. don’t know what was up with Bowie. Normally he’s a decent finisher.

  46. Time for a zone to handle Smith?

  47. Anyone know why the game tracker is not an option through UMterps? I like to have as many stats and feeds available to me as possible during the game.

  48. maybe burney will get some playing time tonight?

  49. Good start. Bowie is lightening to the basket but can’t/doesn’t “finish”.

    Mosely….freshmen mistakes on those fouls. He’s going to be good but we need that to happen ….now.

    Glad to see Tucker in there and a good assist to Hayes.

    We need Tucker this year…..and next.

  50. Eric Hayes came to play again. That’s a good sign for us.

  51. Agreed, Eddie. I was really down on him earlier in the year, but he’s been terrific as of late.

  52. I thought I saw a Terp big headed to the scorer’s table. Could it be Burney time?

  53. lol looks like dupree

  54. Some really poor shot selection led to that run by State.

  55. No MD TO’s. Cannot afford to have Bowie get to the basked time and again and be bouncing ball of the back board.

  56. itz braxton! off foul

  57. ok.. i’ve seen enough of Dupree

  58. F-Up in 5 seconds – BD

  59. Wow, Dupree in the game? Seriously?

  60. DOH

  61. How can Dupree get in before Rome. If I were Rome I’d quit.

    Dupree launches a ball 2 ft from bucket ….but not off the ball. Missed everything but got the foul.

    WTF . Let’s just hand it to them

    Why o Why cannot we let Tucker do his thing.

  62. Is it just me, or is this just Maryland’s typical end of the first half let-down?

  63. We should be winning this game by much more than 1 point.

  64. Terrible finish… we should be up by a lot more.

  65. Good point by Gary on the foul line. I know Mosley took a FT but has anyone else gotten to the line?

  66. Just took a bunch of jump shots, never good for an entire game. Need to drive to the hole.

  67. The way this game is going I am afraid what will happen if we go cold

  68. Recap

    6 missed layups
    Dupree has no business being in the game having no PT in the last 3 games.
    Mosely still has shortcomings that, given his PT, should already be fixed.
    Bowie has had his chances now CT needs his.
    Still not comfortable with Hayes at PG…. he’ll only look for a shot after he’s tried to set up 3 other terps. He still cannot create his own shot. Very concerned for a PG that
    can’t do that.
    We have no effective play that works on the “last shot”.

    We are more than fortunate to be ahead. We’ll need a 12 point lead with 3 mins to go in the game in order to win it.

  69. Gerry, not sure how you can say “we are more than fortunate to be ahead.” We outplayed them for 17/20 minutes and, as you said, missed some easy shots.

  70. Adrian Bowie has regressed. He has no jump shot and he loves to lower his head and drive to the hoop so he can throw up a wild layup attempt. He has not played well in over a month.

    The first five minutes of the second half will be key. The Terps can’t lose the lead. They need to re-establish dominance if they want to hold on at the end.

  71. Why was Braxton in the game? Does that mean he’s not transferring? There is no way we should be up 1 at the half hitting half our 3’s and turning it over once or twice. It’s a little dangerous now. The first four minutes of the 2nd half will tell alot about this game.

  72. I’m very concerned with the amount of 3’s we’ve been shooting… we hit way above our average in the first half, and if that doesn’t keep up, we could be in trouble… i’m glad that Gary basically recognized this in his comments…

  73. I don’t like what the zone did to us. They scored against it and it slowed the game down which hurt our offense. We got a ton of points early transition buckets.

    I would love to see us go back to man to man. I know the bigs are tough on us but I think the tempo helps our game.

  74. Put Burney in the game to guard that number 23!!

  75. Two quick fouls on NC State. Thank Gary for complaining at the half.

  76. Agree entirely. Man to man with Burney taking Smith makes sense.

  77. Looks like we’ll be shooting pretty early on in this half.

  78. Eddie, we’ve been the ones…well some of us…talking about Dupree transferring. Not Braxton.

  79. I am quickly losing my belief in Bowie and Mosely. These are not freshmen mistakes, they are “mental” and they should be out of their system by now.

    We are very,,,,,very fortunate to be in this game.

  80. Russ, haha you’re right. Braxton never said that himself.

  81. Shit. 4 on Milbourne.

  82. how is that foul, unreal

  83. Tucker needs to have the same freedom to shoot as GV does. He’s that kind of offensive player. He’s playing too “controlled” now and is not loose.

    When a player has a break-out game like he did,….ya just gotta let him “free wheel” (like GV) till he hurts the team.

    Milbourne would not have 4 fouls if Rome was in to help.

  84. Gary just said about GV what I said about Tucker

  85. Agreed, NY. Arms straight up the whole time.

  86. How much more slack are we going to cut for Mosely.

    I’m not beating our own “sled dogs” but they just ain’t getting it done.

    We lose this one and it will hurt skin deep.

  87. Damn, just lost the lead. How do we respond?

  88. Gut check time w/ State getting its first lead of the game. Come on Terps toughen up the D and take care of the ball! JWB!

  89. Nice three Cliff!

  90. Like that. Big 3 tucker.

  91. Tucker, Tucker, Tucker…

  92. Wow. I mean, that was an awful shot, but Greivis is feeling it.

  93. Got to stop the second shots in the paint. That crap killed us in the dook game.

  94. This Smith kid is KILLING us.

  95. Big shot by Tucker…That was huge…But without GV we’re down 20.

  96. Neal is getting just abused by Smith. He is the Mayor, love his hustle but against guys like that he is a liability.

  97. Please don’t ever question GV’s value to this team or let anyone else question it.

    Neal must have 5/6 rebounds.

    Keep Tucker in the game

    Hayes needs to hit a 3 or drive to the hole.

    Offensive board work hurting us.

    Notice that NC gets all those clanging shots that bounce on the rim and go in

  98. can’t believe that was on milbourne such bs

  99. How bad are brandt and gminski? I don’t even think they realized Milbourne had 4 fouls, much less 5. they didn’t acknowledge it until after he had fouled out.

  100. shoulda waited…didn’t have numbers.

  101. Don’t let anyone question Neals value to this team

  102. Hayes, BRILLIANT PLAY!

  103. Five point lead. Time to extend it in the last 4:30. Not with shots like that!!!

  104. Dino! Oh man Eric Hayes with a high IQ play. That was great.

  105. I love Hooters as much as the next person but this commercial is getting played to DEATH.

  106. MUST. HOLD. ON.

  107. lol, DBR. I was just commenting on how few games I’ve seen with Dookie V this year. Let’s go Terps! Gotta hold on!

  108. We can do this!

    Go Terps!

  109. II said earlier, we need a 12 pt lead with 3:00 mins to go.

    Gonzalez 3 hurt. But we should learn from it.

    GV may have to “will” this one.

  110. My cable box died…Is this game on the radio in the DC area?

  111. The intensity of that play – Hayes to gregory- we are going to win this game. Earns gregory a min or two for that hustle.

  112. CLIFF!

  113. Beautiful Cliff! Big time D now!

  114. Tucker with the clock running out!!!

  115. Critical possesion here after this time out.

  116. Brian,, you can watch the game there.

  117. I BELIEVE!!!

  118. Tucker had the “ice man” look after making that J.

  119. Dino :(

  120. UUUGH!

  121. Damnit Dino!! 4 pt swing.


  123. DAGGER


  125. General delivers!!! Now need a big time D stop and a State foul should ice things.

  126. Vaz with the clincher!

  127. UP 6 PTS… 25.8 SEC’S.

  128. Damnit DBR… you beat me.

  129. Whoever this Maryland is, they are one-well coached team!!!

  130. The hell with “the general” he’s EL PRESIDENTE !!

  131. Team looks like it has really taken a big step for the better. Great playcalling on the t.o. By gary even though it didn’t fall. Great leadersip in vasquez taking the jumper. Good shit

  132. Put ‘er in the W column!


  134. Good rebound!

    Great video quality on channelsurfing, holy crap!

  135. OK, that was classless at the end…

  136. 3 at the buzzer. HA!! Kind of a dick move, but I love it!!!!!

  137. GV GOOD MOVE!

  138. I was ugly!…make no mistake about it…but i will take it. Go Terps! How many points did the Vas score? 40?

  139. Held NCST to 27 second half points. Hopefully the team can get outta Raleigh tonight and back into MD wut with the bad weather. Wake is big up front and has very quick guards, possibly the quickest backcourt in the conference.


  140. Vazquez couldn’t resist.

    I just got the following text: “GV = asshole”. Maybe, but he is our asshole!

  141. Great win but GV should not have taken that shot. When they don’t guard you, you don’t take that shot.

    GV has put us on his back for this stretch run. That Wake game is gravy, we get that and we sitting pretty. We hit some big shots at the end.


  142. That’s a bullshit display of unsportsmanship by vasquez. Really kind of taints the win. Kid can be a real prick sometimes it seems.

  143. Great game from the guys. GV was amazing, Cliff made some big shots, EH was solid as hell. Still looking for that complete game, but a W is a W. Bring on Wake!!!!!

  144. 1 down two to go. Gotta get Wake. Comcast should be off the hook!

  145. How many did GV end up scoring? Great win, but got keep it going vs Wake. Take the next two and we’re 9-7, 20-10 heading into the tournament with, by my count, four quality wins-Michgan, MSU, UNC, and Wake.

  146. Great wknd for the Terps…Lax team beat Duke, women won on Friday and today and clinched ACC Regular Season championship…men win tonight. Awesome.

  147. I really believe GV felt he was “sorta” guarded and just decided to throw it up. Another tenth of a second and it wouln’t have counted anyway.

    Call it what you like but it wasn’t ‘unsportsmanlike”.

    These guys came into this game to play hard, play tough and play 40 minutes of hell.
    Why are you wanting them to play 39 mins and 59 seconds worth?

    Cut him some slack will ya. If it was Hayes, Dino or CT….how do you feel?

  148. GV had 33 and he would like to first of all thank God.

  149. We go 9-7 and we are dancing, you can “mark the tape” on that one. 8-8 and we have to win the first round game in the tourney.

    I was just looking at the match-ups and we might get UVA two games in a row. Not sure I would like that one.

  150. This is one senior night I wish I could be at. Dave Neal should get a very long standing O. The guy is limited athletically but he maxes out with effort. Has given great leadership this season. And we’ll forever remember THE PICK.

  151. GERRY, there was absolutely no reason to shoot that ball. It was classless. We’d be bitching if someone did that to us.

  152. He shouldn’t have shot it but I wouldn’t call it unsportsmanlike. I guarantee you I will hear about it from the State alums tomorrow at work though.

  153. guys please let’s not start a thread about the shot at the end. We got a win on the road and got out of there. GV played great and the team supplemented him fairly well. Let’s turn the focus to Wake and keeping milbourne out of foul trouble…Go Terps on the right track baby!

  154. The PICK and the 3!

  155. Cincinnati and Michigan lost today. We may catch a break this season with the bubble teams. There aren’t nearly as many mid-majors with good resumes this year. If the conference favorites win their tourneys in the mid-majors it leaves a lot of spots open. This season 8-8 from the ACC might be enough on its own. Every season is different and this one is shaping up favorably for us.

  156. I wouldn’t go so far as to call Greivis’ shot classless. I would have prefered that he not shoot it, but it’s not like he gave the NCSU crowd the one finger salute.

  157. Good win on the road. 9 – 7 and a win in the ACC tournament. That should get us in.
    Vasquez taking that shot at the end….so fucking what?!!!!!

  158. Get off GVs back. Poor judgement perhaps. Anyhoo, the Wake game looms big. If we win that, I feel we punch our ticket. thoughts?

  159. One at a time gentlemen, one at a time.
    Somewhere in Vegas someone is making plans to kneecap GV… heh.

  160. Jeremy, I got the same text message!!

    Anyone know how we can watch the Wake game in the NYC area?? Its not on full court or any other local channels.

  161. Probably

  162. “For MD to win this game, GV might need another 3×2….”

    Okay…he only had 5 or 6 As and as many RBs but he had to be the one to do it.

    Hayes played great. I couldn’t believe how few TOs MD had. Great control.

    Man…if MD had that Smith kid in their lineup, we’d be a top 15 team. That kid can play. MD did a good job of containing him with that zone. Good call by Gary. They even threw in a Temple-style match-up zone. That’s a new little wrinkle on the zone they’ve been playing.

    Ricks…Sidney Lowe can’t survive long down there, can he? They have a ton of talent on that team, more than MD does. If Gary coached that talent, they’d be a lock for the tourney.

  163. State is a really big team so Milbourne had his hands full. Wake is a different animal. They get up and down the court and are super athletic. GV will be an interesting match up with those guards. He will have a tough time staying with them but he should be able to get that floater in the lane with his size advantage.

  164. Our RPI moved to 52 with the win.

  165. That was a huge win. 2nd road victory of the year. As of right now were the 7th best team in the ACC, standings wise and tourney resume wise. If Lunardi keeps VT ahead of us, hes gotta be smokin something. He had them ahead of us today, but with the W we’re 7-7, 18-10, with a win over VT. VT is 17-11, 7-7.
    I think the ACC will get at least 7, maybe 8, so its looking good for us, but we gotta at least split the next 2.

  166. I think Burney maybe hurt. I bet the game on Bodog and he was listed on the injury report. Does anyone know if he is hurt?

  167. Good hard fought victory. They didn’t play their best but I was worried about this game and they gutted it out, especially GV. I don’t know about you guys but I might actually miss Neal come next year. He had some clutch points and played tough D on Smith and the other State bigs. Tucker also had some big points in the 2nd half and Hayes seems to be back to form. Bring on Wake.

  168. It’s funny Wheels, the alums say he has at least another year or two. The reason is he is getting good recruits so they keep waiting for that to click. The other thing is he is loved because of his role on the ’83 championship team. They aren’t in a big hurry to run a hero out of town.

    I guess it would be like Juan coming back to coach us in 20 years. Most of us would give him the benefit of the doubt until all hope was lost.

  169. Obviously a much needed win that keeps the Terps season alive. GV stepped up after fouling out of the Duke game and willed his team to a huge win.

    Milbourne had a surprisingly bad game, it was nice to see Tucker step up and hit some big shots in the second half that came at crucial times.

    DId anyone notice though that Mosley wasn’t in the game for the stretch run and how well that worked out for the Terps. Having GV, Tucker and Hayes in the game allowed the Terps to spread the floor and get good shots.

    It’s nice to see that Gary saw the same thing as a few of us posters here on the Soup and took Mosley out of the game during crunch time. Thank goodness Gary realized that having Mosley in is a huge detriment when the Terps need to score points…

  170. i think the broadcasting team is horrible. Two minutes after Hayes is in the game. They say Hayes just entered the game. No mention of Milburn’s second foul. I do not know how any broadcast team can ignore and not talk about the fouls and the effect on the team. Great coaching by GW. I agree that Burney should have been in the game. It could have come back to haunt us. If nothing else it might have kept Milburn in the game longer.

  171. John….based on some previous discussion about Mosely, there may be some posters that don’t necessarily agree with your comments, but I do.

    There’s a place and time for Mosely to be in the game but it’s not as a “starter” or as a finisher”, unless we have a big lead. Yes guys, he’s going to be a whole lot better next year but right now he’s tentative, missing layups , collecting untimely fouls and TO’s.

    I lke Hayes, CT and GV as starters along with Neal and Milbourne and have probably said that the last weeks or so too excess. Mark the tape.

    Does anyone have any insight as to why Rome is not in the game? Send out the scouts. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Go Terps

  172. Just check our Terp homepage and whoever writes those summaries is not being helpful by saying “GV was taunting the Wolfpack fans at the end of the game and even made a 3 at the buzzer just to needle them further”.

    We don’t need that BS on our homepage and it’s NOT true. There was no taunting and needling.

    DBR can you get them to clean that crap up?

  173. I heard rumor that Burney fractured his foot, again. Sounds like the same foot problems Andrew Toney had back in the day.

  174. Man oh man, one of the most prolific scorers ever. Andrew Toney.

  175. GVs stats – 33 pts on 56% shooting (13/23), 5 assists, 3 rebounds….and only 1 turnover! Obviously not the gem of a game he had against UNC but still heck of a game. The good shooting coupled with lack of turnovers is great to see….. and the shot at the end may have been poor sportsmanship, but I kind of liked it in a sort of guilty pleasure kind of way. Didn’t seem like the State players took much offense to it during the end of game handshakes.

  176. It seems as though the team may have a difficult time getting back to CP. Bad winter storm. Hope that doesn’t negatively impact short prep for Wake. Wake frightens me with their run and gun. I love Teague when he isn’t playing against Md. Aminu is a load as well.

  177. GERRY, I’m flattered that you think I can get content changed on but I’ve got nada to do with that.

  178. Anybody who thinks that 3 was a big deal at the end of game hasn’t played sports in their life. GV played his arse off and I could even argue that a 10 point when may look better on the tourney resume in 2 weeks. It might even be a positive for us in the long run. I think it even has a slight positive effect on our RPI. Grow up!

  179. DBR – Do you know anyone who can ?

    The write-up was just wrong and inaccurate.

  180. Gerry,

    It’s nice to see we finally agree on something. I have been harping on the Mosley issue for quite awhile as well.

    It really was a big key to the game having a more offensive minded lineup in the game during crunch time. Tucker hit a huge three when the Terps were struggling and a big shot as the clock was winding down. There is no way Mosley would have made those plays. Gary must have watched the same film of the Duke game that a few others of us did…

  181. You people are pitiful — if anyone from Duke or Carolina had taken a shot like that at the end of a similar game, you crybabys would be moaning for at least two years. But if it’s one of you own, all the justification BS comes out. I especially like the one about if someone didn’t like the shot, they haven’t played sports. Right.

    Congratulations on a good win — and now step up to the plate and admit Vazquez was a punk for taking that shot

  182. The whole point is that someone from Duke or Carolina didn’t take the shot. A Maryland player took the shot. In fact, the Maryland player who won the game for us took the shot. This is a Maryland blog. We give our own player the benefit of the doubt. I don’t see why we should be expected to be the basketball moral police. Save that for the clown Eric Prisbell.

  183. great win and great game by vasquez. he probably shouldn’t have taken that shot at the end, but fuck it, it seemed like he was just throwing it up as the clock expired and probably didn’t really expect it go in anyway. doesn’t matter. the dude showed up tonight and that’s all that matters. i hope we can come with some intensity against wake and really show that we’re actually deserving of a bid. because, right now, we’re not. not yet. let’s go win some more

  184. Wpacker
    GV should’ve held the ball. And I played sports. But your accusations are over-the-top . “…crybabys moaning for at least two years”. Uh huh, more like a few flames in tonite’s blog and done with it.
    “Vasquez was a punk”, suuuure. You’re still jeering the guy after he’s put 30 on you and singlehandedly whooped your bigger team. He’s gonna put one last thumb in your eye. Like I said, he shoulda held it. But you dished it, so take it.

  185. My thoughts:
    One of GV’s top games as a Terp. Last shot was stupid and in bad taste, but if he missed it we wouldn’t be discussing it.

    Mosely is a lot better than a lot of you think he is, and has 10 times the upside of any of our other freshman. He will be very good in his MD career!

    Hayes is playing a lot better the last few games than his entire past couple of years.

    Milbourne is getting good. His fouling out wasn’t because he had a bad game, it was because he had to guard out of his position and was doing all he could. This hurts us when we play bigger teams because his extra defensive effort takes away from his ability to score more(and he also fouls out).

    We owe a lot to Dave Neal this year, even if you don’t want to admit it, it’s true.

    Let’s make the Tourney!

  186. Wolfpacker is right, that shot Greivis took at the end was classless and I guarantee Gary let him hear it after the game. Nevertheless, GV was hitting on all cylinders tonight. He shot well from beyond the arc, played very well of those curl screens into the lane and only had one turnover!

    Smith gave us fits down low but was under-utilized by Lowe and the Pack. I have no friggin clue how the Terps plan on holding Wake frontline. Aminu, Johnson and Macfarland are all over 6’9 meaning Milbourne and Neal are going to have their hands full to say the least. On paper, the Terps stand little chance against the Wake lineup, but I think the Terps have the intangibles to pull off the upset in Comcast. Wake turns the ball over a lot and doesn’t exert a lot of effort on the defensive end. It’s going to take everything we’ve got to pull off the upset on senior night.


  187. Wolfpacker may be right that if someone from Duke did that we’d be complaining about it for two years…probably longer. HOWEVER, there was a Wolfpack player right in front of Greivis when he took that last shot. If that player had some heart he’d have put a hard foul on Greivis.

    So Wolfpacker…go back to the Den or where ever you crawled out from and rue the day ya’ll ran Herb Sendek out of Raleigh.

  188. GERRY, that content on is not written by UMD, it is from Associated Press. Contact the Athletic Department about your displeasure.

  189. Great victory. Not to take anything away from Vaz’s performance, but the play of the game was Tucker’s 3 right after NC State took the lead. That was Juan Dixon vs. Indiana. You take the crowd right back out of the game with a shot like that. It was huge.

    It’s never pretty on the road, but who cares. A win over a good team on the road does wonders for confidence.

    I’m sure we’ll find out about Burney at some point, but he was in uniform, so if he really broke his foot again, I would have thought he would have been in street clothes with a boot on. Perhaps it’s just sore. Let’s hope because we are going to need some size on Tuesday night.

    It’ll be another zone-fest and hopefully Wake won’t be hitting from the outside. The fans need to show up like they did against UNC and Duke.

    And yes, Neal deserves a huge ovation. This kid has a lot of heart and is a leader on this team. He battles his ass off game after game even though he’s undersized.

  190. no tv or internet. Living off iphone. Nice W. I don’t predict unless confident– we will beat wake. I just saw our highlights on espn — wow. Viva la terp.

  191. Vasquez taking that shot at the end….so fucking what?!!!!!

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