Welcome To The Postseason

Gary Williams said it all in his post game comments.  Greivis gets all the credit for the win.  He refused to let Maryland lose.  His “Eff-U” three pointer at the end notwithstanding, Greivis’ performance was just about perfect.  I counted only one bad shot and very few turnovers.  Tonight’s performance was GV’s second best.  Only the UNC game surpasses.

Down the stretch, our secondary scorers really sealed the deal.  Hayes made great decisions and Tucker knocked down two big shots.  On a night when Milbourne fouled out early, the guys the Terps needed to step up, did.  Kudos to Dave Neal who fought hard all night and hit some big threes.

Now comes THE GAME OF THE YEAR: Wake Forest.  Who would have thought?  Can the Terps throw it all together again and come up with another perfect performance?  Wake has struggled away from Winston-Salem; but the Terps are undersized and Wake is huge.  Will the mismatch be too much to overcome? My guess is that Greivis and the rest of the Terps can smell the postseason and will give us their best effort on Tuesday.  It may not be enough, but I think it will.

Will a win on Tuesday seal the deal?  My first instinct is to say that bubble teams can’t afford to lose to teams like UVA. Period.  But let’s worry about that later.  Things are looking good. The Terps have won 5 of their last 8 and are playing their best basketball of the year.

If the Terps can head into the ACC Tournament having won 7 of 10, we are dancing.  Of that there is no question.  6 of 10 is still on the right side of .500, but I’d like to not leave it up to chance.  The RPI is moving up (road wins are huge) and we have victories against some other bubble teams (VaTech and Michigan).  Let’s just hope that Georgetown doesn’t sneak back into the conversation.

So the season comes down to two “winnable” games.  Knowing what we now know about this team and their tremendous shortcomings in the frontcourt; fans and alumni have to be thrilled at that prospect.

Comcast Center better be ready to explode on Tuesday night.  17,000 fans ought to be worth somethng right? Now is our chance to shine.  Make it happen Terp fans.


  1. Talk about a pregame speech. I’m fired up. Hope the terps are able to get in tonight and get some rest. Get their legs back and fire it up Tue night.

    This could be one for the ages!!!!

    as DBR would say

    GO TERPS….I’M ALL IN!!!!!

  2. We are shining…although NCST didn’t play the best game, MD wasn’t bad. Actually,we have been pretty darn good in the past few contests. I expect the Wake Forest game to be hard fought and hinge upon one or two plays.

    Regardless of what anyone else thinks, this UMD team can beat anyone in the country. Our front line is thin, but with the guys we got playing in the backcourt, there’s no telling what we can do. If Greivis shows up like he has and gets some support from his team, MD WILL beat anyone.

    I think we get Wake by more than 10 and go into UVA with a little momentum. Not sure that we win that UVA game, but I hope it won’t matter…

  3. Oh…BTW…for the Mosely doubters, we saw him take his man and get to the rim plenty of times tonight. Although he didn’t finish a bunch of his opportunities, this was a glimpse of what the guy can do. He sees mismatches and understands the game. If he makes his layups, we win by 20. Being a freshman, I’m confident that he finishes in the future.

    All for this guy getting a bunch of PT.

  4. Great win. Now let’s win out!!! Wheels, you were def right about needing a huge effort from GV. Wake will be tough, but we can do it. We took down the Tarholes and could have beaten dook (Nolan Smith is out with a concussion indefinitely). I’m picturing an up-tempo game and think Tucker could make some noise in that kind of play.

    With all the talk of if we’ll need an ACC tourney win to get a bid, I decided to look ahead. It looks pretty certain that we’ll maintain our spot at #7. BC, #6, will stay ahead with two games left vs NCST and GT. VT, #8, will lose one, maybe two, to UNC and FLST. Who we’d play is less clear, but if we make it through round one we’d play the #2 seed, currently Duke.

  5. Is this what GV can do when he isn’t in foul trouble all game?

  6. I’ll be at the Wake game!

    loop is right. Mosley made some insane moves to the rim. Now he needs to finish. I’ll still take his defensive efforts he gives every single game.

    Vasquez needs to play smart and stay out of foul trouble. We can win this game.

  7. Big win. Congrats to GW and the boys. A couple of randam thoughts…..

    Is Burney hurt again? He played well against UNC, then disappeared the last two games.

    Gregory needs to gain about 15 pounds to be effective. The guy has lots of heart, but he just gets pushed around too much.

  8. LIke most of the Terp posters here I would prefer that the General did not shoot that last shot. Having said that I am glad he made it since he did shoot it.
    However there is one potential ramification to that shot, specifically:
    If it plays out like OK Bowler says and we finish with the #7 seed in the tourney we play the #10 seed, currently NC State. It looks most likely that we will finish 7 & they 10 so is the revenge, get back at the Terps, knock them out of the dance game coming? Or is the General going to play like they are his bitches again?

  9. harryfish: I thought the exact same thing after he made that shot. NC State seems to have a history of doing well in the ACC tourney where we do not. Hopefully this year is different since it is in Atlanta and not those guys backyards.

  10. Harry….dead on. that’s cosmic karma calling. It’s that side of GV that still needs to grow up. We’ve seen him mature this year, but that shot shows he lets it go still from time to time. The greats don’t take that shot. If GV wants to be a Terp great, he’ll learn to never do that again.

    Great game last night from the team,,,the entire team. Everyone played their role. Now MD has 2 winnable games. 9-7 in the ACC is a lock. 8-8 is bubble all the way. That Morgan game is killing this team. Killing them.

  11. I think all the Carolina schools do well in the ACC tourney. It is a really big deal down here. Until a year ago, the kids were off school that day so they could watch it.

    We have to hope we get the disinterested Wake team. If we get the fired up one it will be tough sledding.

  12. Been too busy with work to post… Is Burney hurt again? How he has the games he had v Clemson and UNC and then no run the last two games is beyond me… We need him Tuesday night…

  13. Pathetic people care about someone taking a shot in basketball, meanwhile we’re going into another great depression. Even in the context of basketball, do people realize that teams are selected on Selection Sunday, and not automatically bid in via computers. That means we need to build a resume and every point counts (this is why a loss isn’t just a loss in the L column…just look how commentators have the 41 point Duke loss highlighted and underlined everytime we are mentioned for being selected).

    Next, the ACC tournament is likely to have 1 of 2 scenarios, I’m hoping for the first:

    1) We beat Wake and UVA, and then Wake loses to Clemson. This would put us at #6 in the ACC, and move FSU to #3 in the ACC, this means revenge time, if we could beat Virgina as the 10 seed – I’m not sure how I feel about playing a team twice in a row though.

    2) We beat 1 of 2 between WFU or UVA and come in as the 7 seed, playing NC State 1st round and Duke 2nd round. This scenario seems most likely and it looks almost like a lock that it will be NC State being the 10 seed. Our tournament hopes will rely on being the Wolfpack again, this time on a neutral court.

  14. The shot was funny. Plus winning by 8 looks like a close game to the selection commitee and winning by 11 looks like the game was in hand. Screw NCState, they deserve to be owned like that.

  15. Blame the State fans. If they hadn’t been heckling GV then he wouldn’t have taken that shot to rub their noses in it.

  16. and really is that shot any different than any other basket when the team is up and breaks the press and gets a dunk or a lay in at the end of the game?

  17. Havax:
    Great Depression – 23% unemployment, 35% inflation, 25% interest rates.
    1979 (J. Carter) – 13% unemployment, 16% inflation, 18% interest rates.
    Current (2009) – 7.2% unemployment, 0% inflation, 0% interest rates.

    great shot to be admired

  18. Speaking of ACC tourney in Atlanta, I just got my tickets. Anyone on the board going? It would be great to meet up and have a beer/coffee?
    The only thing bad about the 6th seed is its the dreaded 9 PM game which has less people then were at the game last night and seems like a drag.

  19. Economies of scale my friend. The ups and downs are longer and less variable than they were 30 and 90 years ago. This is a function of a mature economic system. Doesn’t make the ish-hole that we are in due to rampant deregulation of greedy pole smokers any less real.

  20. Havax –

    It’s a bit sanctimonious to use the state of the economy and pull the “there are more important things” card regarding Vazquez; which you then follow up with a three paragraph treatise on ACC Tournament scenarios.

    So let me get this straight…

    The economy is bad so we can’t focus on trivial things like Vazquez taking an meaningless shot; but ACC tournament scenarios are serious business that reflect the gravity our times and the global financial crisis?

    Let’s just keep the economy out the whole discussion, eh? Nothing related to MD basketball compares to that which is exactly the reason that this site exists. It’s an escape.

  21. has anyone commented on the latest wapo gary witch-hunt article? they wrote up a four page piece about possible recruiting violations based entirely on speculation, and have painted the picture of dirt and probably made stephenson weary of coming to um without a single factual basis. i’m done with the washington post and their hack writers who have clearly made it their mission to drive gary out of town just to boost their own name recognition. fuck em

  22. The Post’s 4 page article is more about UA than it is about Gary. The part that worries me the most is that Mouton told the Post that he spoke to Lance. My understanding is that if you’re a representative of the university (and former players are considered representatives) you cannot a) talk to recruits, b) talk about recruits by name.

    In fact it may be against NCAA rules for anyone at the game to talk to a recruit. Even if you’re sitting right next to him/her. You can hold up a sign that says “Lance Come to UMD” though.

  23. Evidently the weather is bad in CP. UMD is closed for the day…Women’s B-ball team flight was cancelled so they’re still in Miami.

  24. I could be wrong, but I don’t think margin of victory has anything to do with RPI, SOS, or any other deciding factor as to how our resume looks. While individual writers may remember the dook beat down or an 11 point win at NCST, most on the committee won’t look past our record and the rest of the stuff that they deem to make us a good or bad selection. No one should ever shoot that shot Vasquez took (even against dook) and it reflects poorly on his character. I don’t know what was said to him down there so I can’t justify his shot due to people ragging on him. Honestly, if people were on him all night…he probably deserved it. With BS shots like that, he’s only going to get more hatred in games to come. Not what this team needs…

    Re: Burney…I’m on board the train. I was screaming at the TV when Smith was torching us inside for Gary to insert the big man. The way things were going late in the first, there was no reason for him to be sitting out. However, Neal was shooting well and maybe Gary thought that we had enough offense in the game to deal with one big guy trouncing us in the paint. At this point it’s a BIG win and I give Gary credit for doing what we needed to win.

  25. Didn’t we lose to Morgan State?

    Playoffs? Playoffs? ibid Dungy

  26. Got a link Sean? I’d like to check that out…

  27. Don’t even read it. The premise of the article is Lance and his parents came down for a weekend and visited MD and UnderArmor. This is what they would do if MD wore Nike and UnderArmor was owned by a UVA grad. They made one trip down to the state of Maryland and took visit to two potential suitors. That is the only fact in the article and then 3.5 pages of EP and SY trying to make it look like something shady.

    Regarding signs, DBR. At the UNC game I was reprimanded and told it was a violation to have a sign with a recruits name on it. I was trying to throw Jordan Williams some props. The event guy gave me a look that said “hold it up again and you’re gone” and then said “good catch Sally” to the usher that had called him…

  28. here’s the link if you insist on reading it but i agree with lee that it’s not even worth it:


    and i know they don’t personally go after gary here, but the pattern is clear. they’re going to continue to smear the program even when there’s nothing really note-worthy taking place. even the mouton stuff is such a minor violation that it hardly warrants discussion

  29. The Mouton thing is a very minor secondary violation. Unless you have a history of them, it is no big deal at all. Duke has had two of those this year alone.

  30. Jeez, you can’t even hold up a sign with a kid’s name on it?

    The lunatics *have* taken over the asylum.

    Do these event guys in the student section carry night sticks?

    Power to the People! [sorry, just a little 60’s flashback]

  31. I would love to know what Lunardi is thinking with his latest bracket. He has Va Tech as a 10 seed and has us as the 7th team out of the tourney.

    We beat them head to head. Their best win out of conference was Fairfield. I know we have a Morgan State loss but we also have two good non conference wins against Mich State and Michigan. Come on…

  32. Lee, you’re right about that my bad. Some student did have a sign at the Miami game that Lance came to but now that I think back to it the sign said “Born Ready” not “Lance”. So either nicknames are okay or security was asleep at the wheel that game.

    Minor secondary violations by Duke that they self report are a-ok in the All Carolina Conference. But a secondary violation by UMD brought to light by the media…

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

  33. One of the Duke secondary violations was brought to light the same way the Mouton one was. The N&O did a piece on Wall and mentioned that Collins was at a specific game that was during a closed recruiting period.

    They claim these things happen all the time and it’s nothing unless there is a pattern of misbehavior.

  34. That is INSANE Ricksterps. I thought for sure his Braketology had to be from last week but nope updated today. And he has Miami in. So thats two teams below us in the ACC that he has in over us and we split with one and beat the other head-to-head. Another interesting fact, EVERY loss we had this year (except for G’town) is in the tourney based on the latest Bracketology (‘zags, Morg St, Miami, FSU, Duke, BC, UNC, Clemson, Duke). Lunardi must think we will lose out? Whatever, its crap. Just win, you’re in!

  35. Best moment in Gary’s post game presser (that I heard):

    Q: you’re 18-10 and 7 wins in conference, do you have any numbers in mind on what it’s gonna take to get into the NCAA Tournament…8 conference wins?

    GW: I wish it was six.

  36. To be fair I wasn’t in the student section when sporting the sign. I am probably a bit too old for sign making but felt it was a big game and it was worth it. Then I thought sign making was lucky and made a sign for the Duke game as well. That sign didn’t break any rules… Now I am thinking only rule breakign signs are good luck…

  37. Don’t sweat Lunadri, bracketology 101 has a MUCH better track record and has us in.

  38. I think the turning point was the 2nd half of the UNC game. Our boys are playing HARDER now. Last night we simply played harder than State. Not just physically but mentally harder. I think that’s why our execution was so good the last 3 minutes. Gary’s teams are always known to “bring it” all the time. This team has turned into one of Gary’s vintage teams. As of today, does anyone doubt that we are one of the 65 best teams in the country? “Finishing strong” is a consideration to the committee. I think the last two seasons they have gone away from the RPI more. It’s a nice tool for ESPN to flash on the screen while talking about teams but in the end the 65 teams are picked by people. We just need to win 2 out of our next 3 games and we don’t have to worry about other teams. If we go 8-8 and lose in the 1st round we will need lots of help but even then we still have a chance. Who knows what the other bubble teams will do this last week?

  39. Props to the Terps for getting a critical win away from home in the final lap of league play. These games have gotten away from us in the past, so it was good to see MD stick it out. That being said, I didn’t think we played that well, save for Vasquez. Fortunately the Pack played like poo (more unforced errors than I’ve seen in a while). Like many of you, I too am confused as to why Burney got no run, given NC State’s size. If he reinjured the foot it’s a damn shame. Tucker was big in the last 5-7 mins; he has to continue producing if we’re gonna have any shot of dancing. Speaking of Tucker, I wonder if his recent resurgence has gotten to Bowie. Bowie looks lost on both ends of the floor, and he almost has a sulking vibe to him, like he’s just going through the motions.

    I’m a Vasquez supporter, and there’s no doubting he won this game for us. But the shot at the end was definitely low brow. It didn’t really bother me, but only because I’m a Terp and not an NC State fan. Rest assured, if it were anyone else from an opposing team’s roster, Soupers would respond with venom.

    Despite Wake’s size (and very, very good back court), I like our chances at home tomorrow night. Comcast should be rocking, and we’re playing really confident hoops right now. I will admit I called the season several weeks ago and considered it nearly impossible for us to get an at-large bid. Terps, prove me wrong. Please.

  40. GVs post game comments echoed Eddie’s post. He was really harping on toughness and how tough his teammates are and how tough they played. Gary has the team convinced that if they play hard for 40 minutes they can beat anyone, and if they don’t, they’re in the NIT. He’s right on both counts and they’re certainly buying what he’s selling right now.

    Jeromeeeeee Burneyyyyyyyyyy, come out and plaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy….

  41. “I should have never shot it,” he said. “I apologize. But I was into the game, and I made it. It was kind of disrespectful to the fans. … They have a great team and great fans, so I know they’re going to be mad at me.” GV from and article in the Boston Herald

  42. Would have been nice to see those quotes in our local papers. It’s good he apologized. In my eyes it is now a dead issue. It was a breech of etiquette and he has made it right.

  43. Did anyone notice in that WaPo article from yesterday that Greivis Vasquez, the Lion of Caracas, whom I love like the son I never had, was talking with Born Ready at the Miami game? And that he told Lance how great it would be to team up with him in Maryland’s backcourt? Either Greivis was fibbing, or he intends to come back next year…as I keep insisting he will unless he gets Gary a nice flashy banner to hang in the rafters at the end of this season.

    Regarding that last-second shot, if he really were my son he’d be out in the driveway right now shoveling out the family car. And then every car in the neighborhood, and then the adjoining neighborhood, and then…you get my point.

  44. Good catch on Greivis’ comment about playing with Lance at UMD.

  45. Talked to a State alum who was at the game last night and his biggest reaction was how small we were. He said they thought they would crush us on the boards but only got 6 offensive rebounds. He also said “That Neal guy is so undersized but he really banged with our bigs and kept them off the boards.”

    I wish our other big men would play that hard. I guess we need to remember that he is a senior. I am sure he couldn’t have done this in his first couple of seasons.

  46. Enough about the stupid shot! Etiquette?! We’re worried about etiquette? How many countless times have we been on the OTHER side of that shot? How many times have teams run up the score against us? Please. Every point counts–maybe not for the RPI, but there are other statistics (like Pomeroy), and it does make a difference. It’s like you guys are almost sorry we won the game. We need to punish these teams, humiliate them, destroy them. This is something the Duke and UNC have learned and perfected. The only thing better than a three-pointer at the buzzer would have been if he had dunked it right in their faces. You cannot worry about making teams angry. You WANT to make them angry, because that means you’re winning. I hope we make a hell of a lot of teams angry.

  47. Did you guys catch Mike Wise’s article? He compared the Terps to Hickory High, Gary to Norman Dale, and GV to Jimmy Chitwood. Pretty funny.

  48. All,
    I wrote the Washington Post reporters who wrote this Gary story:


    I told him basically he should focus on the good things in the program and I dropped my credentials (President of an Internet firm which I won’t disclose) and he wrote this back:


    Thanks a lot for the email. Great point. I agree with you. What he has done this year ranks up there with anything he has done at Maryland. And I have said repeatedly on TV and on the radio that if Gary gets this team to the NCAAs, he should be the ACC’s coach of the year. I really believe that. Some may say you can get a better recruiter in here at Maryland. You can’t find a better coach. He is still one of the best in the country, and what he has done this season is the strongest evidence of that. I love watching his teams play. This team, being on the brink of an NCAA tourney berth, is not a good story, it is a GREAT story. And that story will be told over the next few weeks. If they get to 8-8, I think they have a great shot regardless of what they do in the ACC tourney. Big game tomorrow, but they’ve got a chance. Write anytime. Thanks.

    Eric Prisbell
    Sports reporter
    The Washington Post
    Telephone: 202-253-0838
    E-mail: prisbelle@washpost.com

    I think we should all write these Post Reporters if the team plays well in the next few games and hold them to it. I would love to see an article about how Gary should be the ACC coach of the year!

  49. Where did Prisbell go to school? I get Yanda’s angle. He’s a Marquette pining for the glory days of bell bottoms and Al Maguire Big East punk. But what is Prisbell’s angle? Is he just a different form of internet tough guy? Writes a story full of BS calling out Gary, MD, Under Armor, DC Assault, basically everyone and then if you email him he gets all contrite and scared behind closed doors? I am actually starting to wonder if the editor of the sports section at the post has made a conscious effort to drive up readership with a good cop bad cop angle. Good cop being the stories Wise and even Sally Jenkins have been writing. Bad cop being these to yahoos. This is probably the case but I like to think that Wise and Jenkins are doing it on their own to show these young punks what’s what in the world of reporting, basketball, and life…

  50. There is absolutely no explanation for Lunardi including Virginia Tech over MD in his Bracketology. We beat them head-to-head and have a higher RPI. End of Story. Unless Lunardi is baking in an upset vs. UNC; which would be crazy. Va Tech must beat UNC to remain in the conversation. If not, they are out.

    Don’t sleep on Miami. They close out with NC State and Georgia Tech, so they should get to 8-8. They have a better RPI than MD. If we wind up tied with Miami at 8-8; I think it will come down to the ACC Tournament. Whichever team has a better performance will get the nod. If they both bow out; then it is a toss up. I can’t see 8 ACC teams making it in. The Terps can end all of conversation by finishing at 9-7.

  51. I believe I read someplace that Prisbell is a Rutgers grad.

  52. Wanna know whether the Terps make the big dance?

    This site has the answer!


  53. Tee Hee. This is not quite SFW. Great vid mocking Greg Paulus and other Dookies.

  54. Looks like Braxton got 3 minutes in the game but no Burney. What is up with that? I was personally hoping that a transfer was in the works to free up a spot for BR, but if BD even gets minimal minutes that may keep him around. I don’t want GV to leave to free up the ship. He could be awesome as a senior bringing more than a freshman BR would.

    Otherwise very good win on the road for the TERPS! Lets get Wake.

  55. I have no problem with GV hitting the three if the crowd had been razzing him. You get what you pay for, you know? The chance you take when you get on somebody is that it’s going to come back and bite you in the ass.

  56. Hopefully that 3 fires up NC State and they take down Miami…

  57. Jeremy,

    Thanks for calling bull shit on Havax. Harry, I am hoping I can make my schedule work to at the tournament. If I get it together, I’ll definitely drop you a note and we can catch up for a beer.


  58. Jeremy, that video is classic. Saw it this morning…go to page 2 to see my comments.

    On Greivis’ final shot Sidney Lowe said something along the lines of ‘you play til the final buzzer somebody should have been on him’.

  59. I think the more irritating thing about the whole UA recruiting story in the Post isn’t that the Post is trying to bring to light what might be a major problem in big-time college athletics, (admit that we’ve all been frustrated by the subversive means that some coaches recruit top guys)

    but more that it assumes that Lance is only considering Maryland for the UnderArmour deal. What is Gary and our Basketball team? Chop Liver? Give the whole freakin University, Athletics Dept, and Basketball teams some credit for being good enough that a top recruit would even consider us.

    The whole damn reasoning hinges on the point that Gary is seen by the post as a terrible recruiter, is begs the question of how else Gary would get Born Ready interested in MD basketball? Its just part four of the recruiting “expose'” horse.beat.dead.

  60. It’s gotta be hard for Kevin Plank. I mean first off he is an alum. I am sure he wants the team to do well. Second why wouldn’t he want a top recruit to go to a school that uses UnderArmour gear. I am sure he would be thrilled if Lance went to Maryland. And I am sure he would be thrilled if Lance signed with UA upon graduation. It is almost like the two entities (UMd and UA) cant court (and win) the same guy, or all sorts of accusations would get thrown around.

  61. But jonbruns why can’t it be that way? Can nobody go to Duke and then sign with Nike (who has a contract with K)? Nobody to UNC and then the Jordan Brand? Can a kid go to Duke and also carry an American Express? This Under Armor MD junk is getting old fast. It’s only a problem at UMD, and only in the Washington Posts eyes…

  62. Lee, I agree completely. 100% The WaPost said it “gets shady when the athletic company only has a contract with one school.” which is insane. I really don’t understand the problem. Unless Plank pays a player to go to Maryland?

  63. Good points guys. I think the UA being the reason for Lance’s interest just foolish. He says the shoes suck anyways.

    Although Jon, “Lance” and “graduation” sounds funny in the same sentence. :-)

  64. I’m not 100% sure but if the Terps finish 8-8 along with Va Tech and MIA I believe we’d be seeded 7th and face NCST in the ACC Tournament with the winner advancing to play Duke.

  65. If you scour the Washington Post, you’ll see all kinds of desperate measures to keep from folding. It’s seeping into content. For example, when you read their editorials, they now invite you to “reply” to the editorials online. Like we’re kids raising our hands in class. They’re giving out “PostPoints” for subscribers who read op-ed pieces on the web. The’ve cut entire sections and folded them into others. Bought out expensive writers. Anyway, my point is that we’re all suddenly talking about the WaPo sports section, and so are the national outlets who suddenly see a “controversy” at UM. So congratulations, not to the reporters–who, I believe, are actually damn good beat writers–but to their editors, who are successfully stoking phony controversy and thereby drawing attention to their paper. It may cost Gary a once-in-a-decade recruit, but sell half a dozen extra copies of the Post. Follow, as they say, the money.

  66. jonbruns — The Post has it wrong. UnderArmour has contracts with other schools — South Carolina for one.

  67. I thought Syracuse was under armor too. In fact I thought they were the first…

  68. I think the post was referring to having an exclusive deal with a school. UA has contracts with some schools for certain sports. But they’re the uniform outfitter for all of UMD sports and next year I think shoes too.

  69. Nolan Smith, out indefinitely:


  70. You’re an idiot if you don’t think we have any inflation. Also, I talked about the economy to underline how little of a deal it is we try to score extra points in a basketball game. It’s like giving sympathy to the girl’s high school team that lost 100-0. It’s a competition, don’t enter it if you’re not ready to get what you’re worth. I am a Georgia Bulldogs fan too, and I didn’t mind when Urban Meyer called a timeout late in the 4th quarter while they were blowing us out to score more points. Plus we’re already Maryland, we pride ourselves on being asshole fans or else we wouldn’t be known for our rude chants. I enjoy and embrace it – it is just a game with the objective of having fun and being competitive.

  71. the jury is still out but I believe; but with oil and other commodity prices dropping off the table, we are at little to no inflation. There has even been some concern in the news about deflation.

  72. I attended the Gonzaga-USD Men’s basketball game over the weekend @ USD. The game was horrible. I can’t believe MD lost to Gonzaga early in the season actually. I had to cheer for the Zags because I was with Josh Heytvelt’s sister during the game but I completely understand why the Zags choke every year in the tournament. They play horrible teams during the conference schedule and get complacent. I bet we would blow out Gonzaga by 15 right now.

  73. Taran Buie’s HS team has made it to the semi-finals in their section of the state playoffs. Due to a brain fart on my part, I missed the game on Saturday but hope to make it to tomorrow night’s game…weather permitting. Mike Brey and an assistant are expected at the game.

    Ironically, the team Buie’s team is playing tomorrow is coached by the man that runs Buie’s AAU team (Albany City Rocks).

    Taran seems to really like UMD so hopefully Gary, Rob and Chuck can close him. It would help if we could get an athletic wing in the class of 2010 so we’ll see. More Taran news as I get it.

  74. http://www.inflationdata.com/inflation/Inflation_Rate/CurrentInflation.asp

    HAVAX – Current inflation rate 0.03%. So I guess I am idiot. Maybe if you went to Maryland instead of Duke you could figure it out.

  75. DBR,
    Do you think we actually need another athletic wing guard in 2010? I believe Jin Soo Kim will fill that gap nicely when Landon leaves. He has almost the exact same athletic ability and just needs to get in the buffet line and weight room. I seem to remember Landon getting about 1 minute of PT per game his freshman year and looking lost but that sure did change! I don’t see JSK really playing the 2 guard in the ACC, but I could be wrong.

  76. Tombootom –
    Hope you can make the ACC, let me know if so.
    Anyone else, should be easy to get tix this year?

  77. No offense but this isn’t an economics blog, it is a UMD blog. Inflation is nearly impossible to measure but by definition it is the expansion of the money supply. The GOV is printing money faster than we can grow trees right now trying to bail out wallstreet, detroit, every state, and finance an empire in 160+ countries. Price inflation generally lags about 18 months behind the printing of the money and this has happened several times in history, see Russia, etc. While we may not see rampant inflation today, it is right around the corner and inevitable in the coming 18 months. As inflation ramps up, the GOV must raise interest rates to combat it later. You can easily find inflation indexes that claim 10%+ inflation right now as well.

  78. I don’t think JSK and Buie are the same type of players. Buie from what I understand is an off-guard and would replace GV or Hayes. Buie would be a BIG boost to the program.

  79. On UA — Kevin Plank is a grad who has given a lot back to his school. His company now outfits the school, so he has even more reason to want MD to do well. At the same time, he is the CEO OF A PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANY and has an obligation first and foremost to his shareholders to make good business decisions. Committing a recruiting violation that would damage his growing basketball business and affect his flagship school does NOT fit under that category.

    One last thing — For those who will be at the game tomorrow like myself, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, sit down when Dave Neal gets his framed jersey for senior night. Here’s a guy who most of us pegged as a wider Mike Grinnon and someone that we never expected to give us major minutes. The consensus at the beginning of the season was if Dupree/ Burney did not develop quickly, we would not win more than 4 games in the ACC.

    Well, here we are, March 2nd and we stand at 7-7 with a legitimate shot to make the NCAA tournament. And you know why? Because of DAVE NEAL. He went from sub to team leader in less than a month and has provided this team with key rebounding, big time 3’s (who knew?) and great intangibles. Think Vasquez would be having as good of a season w/ out picking-and-popping all season w/ Neal? He has guarded and defended very well low post studs throughout the ACC – Hansbrough, Lawal, Booker, T. Smith, all of FSU, Allen, etc. and not complained once.

    Dave Neal, thank you. You are a man sir. Soak it in tomorrow, you have earned it.

  80. The one year there are tickets to the ACC tourney I am on my Myrtle Beach golf trip, bah. Would loved to have watched our Terps and then had a coffee/beer with you Harry.

    I hope we are rockin’ the gold jersey tomorrow night. I am a bit nervous but can’t wait to see if our boys can dig down and find another win.

    In the game observation section of the N&O today there was some good Terp related stuff. They said they couldn’t believe this team beat UNC and this might be Gary’s best coaching effort.

    I remember more than a few soupers had our boys at about five ACC wins this season. If last year’s team had this team’s moxie they would have had 10 conference wins.

  81. Don’t worry Ricks… Its in Greensboro like 5 of the next 7 years. I’m sure you will make it one of those times.

  82. Remember that Mike Grinnon was there for us when called upon to do his duty at the ACC tourney Championship game.

  83. Sometimes you have to read between the lines Markmax33. I love JSK and look forward to his sophomore year. What with a full year in the system, off season S&C program etc.

  84. Looks like Notre Dame is gonna lose to Villanova today. Good news for us.

  85. Dave Neal for president. Hey, big man the soupers want to THANK YOU. Keep kicking ass and extending your senior season

  86. Well said Chrs0049. I remember posting at the end of last year that Neal would be a starter this season. Most thought I was smoking something. Also, I saw the pre-game warmups at Boston College last season and watched Neal and Gist set imaginary high screens and then pop set three pointers. I’d estimate that they probably put up 10-15 a piece and I don’t remember Neal missing one. I certainly wasn’t hoping he’d be our starting center at this point in the season, but I kinda knew he had it in him. Big time props to Mr. Neal.

    The only thing sketchy I took away from that post article was the timing of Stephenson’s visit to UA. If it was truly on the first day of a University of Maryland sponsored official visit (does the University pay his way to and from/room and board during official visits?), some could interpret that as a violation. If UA brought him in I don’t see a problem. It would have been much tidier if he had come to UMD one week and UA another week. The whole same day thing could be an issue.

  87. The Irish’s bubble has burst. One down!

  88. Didn’t Taran Buie also visit the UA headquarters? Why is no one crying about that?
    If Sir Lancelot was really Born Ready, then I hope he was Born Ready for the media, cuz they’ll get cha.

  89. I’m a little confused. Why exactly can’t a potential recruit tour the UA headquarters?

  90. Chrs0049 is en fuego with that impassioned post about Neal, but I agree totally with him. Neal is the leader of this team, every interview he talks about this being his team, in addition he has pushed himself to make the most of his limited athletically ability (would have been nice if say Travis Garrison had done that). He deserves all of the applause that he’ll get tomorrow.

  91. Prisbell wrote this respnse to questions about the UA story.


  92. Jacob, the difference between Taran’s visit and Lance’s visit may have to do with the types of visits the recruits made to UMD. Taran’s was an unofficial visit, meaning he/his family paid for his travel (among other things) and not UMD.

    Also, we don’t know if they got the same type of treatment/tour. Based on phone calls/txt msgs I got today and tonight I was able to exhale on this UA/Lance Stephenson situation. Beginning to look more and more like biz as usual for shoe companies and top talented kids. Wouldn’t be surprised if Nike/Jordan Brand stirred the pot with the Post.

    And I asked around about Rome’s health and could find no one that could confirm new/recent injury. That’s good cause we could use him against Wake.

  93. Can anyone tell me what channel the game is on tomorrow night? I’m not in the DC area. I purchased ESPN fullcourt just to catch all the Terps games. Generally, I catch all the Raycom games but don’t see it listed. Hopefully it’s an omission and will show up tomorrow.

    P.S, I hate Comcast and am switching to ATT where they get ESPNU. thanks in advance.

  94. I just read it is on Comcast Plus? Odd, I subscribe to Comcast but don’t get the channel and have the top package out here. Wonderful – seems like I’ll miss the biggest game of the yr. Enjoy it folks, sucks to be me.

  95. channelsurfing.net might have it..

  96. comcast sports net

  97. Somebody better carry this game on TV or I will be p_ssed. I hope the team got enough rest between games. GV and Neal played a lot of minutes at Raleigh. This one will also require a 40 minute all-out effort, great team defense, another great game by GV, scoring help from everyone. I’m nervous because I think making the NCAA tournament boils down to winning this game against Wake and at least one more. GO TERPS!

  98. My fellow terps,

    It is with great sadness that I bring you this news; the Wake v. MD game will not be airing on channelsurfing.net. Therefore, for those of us fans not living in the MD/DC/VA area, it is gonna suck to be us. So, is it definitely gonna be on Comcast Sports Net? Perhaps, on Comcast SportsNet Plus or something, because CSN here is not going to show the game.

    Does anyone know if it’s gonna air on ESPNU? Because if it is, all hope is not lost. I will just hit some bar here that carries ESPNU.

    Cheers guys. Go Terps!

  99. some say this tech fan streams games all the time and since VT plays on wednesday, there is a good chance he will have it.


    good luck.
    i missed last game. freaking satelite.

  100. Has anyone ever seen Duece Bigalow? Did anyone ever notice our assistant coach Joe Harrington looks just like Detective Fowler with the problem of being too thin?

    Detective Fowler:

    Joe Harrington:

  101. Dave Neal has been this season’s most pleasent surprise.

    I thought he would start the season as the starter, but then one of the younger kids would out-battle him for the job. The reverse happened. Neal deserves lots of credit for that.

  102. chi-terp, this is totally f-ed up. i just assumed the game would be televised, but i can’t find it anywhere. it’s not on espn, espn2, espnu, espn full court, acc select……nothing. this totally blows. guess i’ll be checking the blog tonight unless someone has other ideas.

  103. Fox Sports is carrying it down here. Not sure if they purchased it from Raycom. If they did, I think you can watch in on Raycom’s website.

  104. I also live in the NYC area and it’s not on ESPNU, Full Court or anywhere on the internet. There are a few bars in Manhattan that televise almost every college hooops game and none of them are carrying this game. I have become so desparate I’m thinking of blowing off work this afternoon and tomorrow and going down to College Park. I checked with StubHub and they show Section 115 tickets at $115 each. Are these good tickets? I have never been to the new building.

  105. Any bar that has the DirecTV Sports package (which most do, but call to find out.. and I mean the pkg that has all the 600’s channels), will have the game. It will be on DirecTV channel 642 at 9:30pm (after the Caps game) and it will be live starting at 9pm on another 600 channel on CSN+ (I’m not sure the exact channel, but it’s there)

    Otherwise, I found this website. Not sure if it’s legit, so beware, but it promises tons of college hoops game, though I’m sure you will have to pay.


  106. Eddie, sec 115 is on the first level so you are in a good section. Driving down to CP for this game elevates you to hero status in my book.

  107. I agree, that is pretty epic Eddie. Which would also be your new handle…Epic Eddie.

  108. Do it Eddie! I went to the UNC game and the joint was rocking. If you come down I hope they pull it off for you!

  109. As all have said, big, big game tonight! Here’s to hoping Dave Neal has a great Senior’s Night and gets some help up front from someone else in the Terp frontcourt~ paging Misters’ Gregory, Milbourne and Burney. Go Terps! This is a pure JWB game if I ever saw one.

  110. eddie, those are good seats come on down. see chart


  111. Don’t use stub hub eddie, just scalp a ticket outside the stadium. you can get any seat for $20 and probably a good seat for $40

  112. isn’t the radio broadcast streamed on the internet? i know that’s not ideal, but i had to utilize it earlier in the year when a game was not on tv, and it’s not bad. i love johnny holliday and it beats checking this site for updates or watching the score update every few minutes on yahoo (which i’ve also done in the past)

  113. Yeah go to http://www.wjfk.com/Home/691878 and click on listen live and you can stream the radio broadcast. There is also an hour long pre-game show is you are so inclined.

  114. Eddie if you can get reasonable tix and get down to CP do it. I’m so glad I was able to get to the Miami game. Go represent the Soup!

  115. Look for us to go zone early tonight. Wake has one guy who can drain the three consistently. That man’s name is Jeff Teague. You cannot leave him alone, he hits almost half of his threes. He can also take it to the rack so he is a tough match-up.

    Wake is a bit like UNC as they lose interest in playing defense at times. They score a lot and are the number two rebounding team in the conference. We have to keep the offensive rebounds to a minimum.

    I would love to win on Neal’s senior night. I just hope they can pull it off for the Mayor.

  116. If Wake comes to play tonight, it’ll be over quickly. They are too talented for MD to match up against. Too much size, too much athleticism, and too much Teague. (I’d put Bowie on him not Mosely) MD needs to start fast. If they can start the way they did against NCST, that will be huge. Luckily, Wake likes to get up and down (the UNC comparison is sound), so MD can get some scoring confidence early.

    MD needs 4 double digit scorers in this game to win it. GV can’t win this one on his own like the NCST game. I’m calling a W for MD if they can get 2 20 point scorers in this game. It wouldn’t surprise me, given the pace at which both teams prefer to play, to see both teams shooting near 50%…so whoever can take care of the ball will have a great advantage.

    Like the NCST game, where both teams shot well, RBs don’t really matter. TOs will be the key to this game. MD needs to harness that Senior Night energy into forcing TOs. They have to protect the ball. Play smart. Play like they did against NCST. I don’t want this season coming down to the BooVA game. Win this one and lock a bid…I think.

  117. Wheels points out the talent level of Wake, and what MD must do to overcome it.

    Looking at Scout.com, Wake pulled in one 4-star in 2005, three 4-stars in 2006, two 4-stars in 2007, two 5-stars and one 4-star in 2008, one 4 star for 2009, and three 4-stars for 2010. That’s a lot of talent!

    Counting players in uniform today, Wake has seven 4-stars and two 5-stars, compared to four 4-stars for the Terps. This is tremendous recruiting by Wake, getting kids to commit to a place (Winston-Salem) most kids have never been to or heard much about (compared to diverse, populous College Park).

    Gary is a great coach, and maybe he can overcome this talent gap.

  118. You guys are very dangerous people! Your persuasion powers are mesmerizing. I have spent the last hour doing the following:

    1) Going over with my brother (who works with me) my schedule for this afternoon and tomorrow.

    2) Calling my buddy Jeff in Towson who promises me buying tickets online is stupid and he just has to make some phone calls to obtain tickets at reasonable prices.

    3) Convincing my wife to blow off her patients tomorrow and drive down with me. The deciding factor was dinner at this seafood place in Baltimore called Bo Brooks. (That place has great sentimental value to us.)

    I’m so hyped up I don’t know what to do. I feel like a little kid. Let’s go Terps!

  119. Eddie – pick me up on your way down, I’m stuck here til tomorrow without my directv (stupid blizzard, can’t fly home)!! ;)

  120. Man, Now I want to go!

  121. Eddie — There are ALWAYS guys selling tickets outside Comcast. Always. I even saw guys with tickets to sell for Dook and UNC. Just get IN — anywhere.

  122. Eddie, you are the stand-in for the Soupers tonight. Wear something red so you’ll stand out on TV….for those of us who just happen to have 46″ flat-screen FIOS HD reception of the game tonight. (This is my version of talking smack.) Go get that W!

  123. Other DirecTV channels that the game is on tonight:

    655, 646, 653, and 656

    I believe those are Fox Sports Florida and Sun network.

  124. Is the best bet for those outside of the area to hope that justin.tv has the game on there? Otherwise I am not sure where to go to get a link for tonight. Gregg, I checked yours out but didn’t see the maryland game listed or where to go. Thank you for tryin hopefully something comes through!

  125. I basically typed ‘Chicago Bars; Direct TV’ on google and a bar dedicated to the Hawkeyes popped up. The Bar has direct TV. I intend to go there and ask them to change one just of their 20 TV sets to the Whacke v. MD game (I don’t think they need the Hawkeye game on all of the TV sets!).

    I so hope this works out, but mo’ importantly, I hope we win. It’s gonna be rough thoguh. One of their players scored 28 points and got 18 rebounds in their last outing.

    …maybe i should just accept our fate and start moruning the loss now. It’s all good. We can still finish 8-8.


  126. According to Wake Forest guard L.D. Williams, nobody on Wake’s current roster has ever won in College Park. Hopefully we can keep that streak alive tonight.


    Oh, and the guy in the cubicle next to me is a Wake Forest fan yeesh.

  127. From the stats that have no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of the game department:

    Wake has lost 4 in a row to MD overall and has not won in College Park since 2004.

  128. This would be a HUGE win but not a devastating loss. Hopefully we will come out nice and loose. If we would have dropped the State game this would be a much different game.

    GV has been so stellar lately mostly because he has let the game come to him. He hasn’t forced the action like in past years. Let’s hope he doesn’t feel he needs to “be the man” and damn the offense.


  129. NYMets9631 I will be watching the game at the Latham Holiday Inn Express in their Breakfast Room. Just called them and they said they have Direct TV. Said nobody should be in there. You’re welcome to meet me there to watch the game.

  130. DBR – Thank you alot for the invite. I looked into a Holiday Inn here at Schenectady about 5 minutes from where I live and they do in fact also have Direct TV at their bar area. Since I have a decent amount of work to do tonight the shorter drive works out better for me. Any other night I’d watch a game with ya and I’m still looking forward to meeting you in the area. Thanks again and go terps! Btw what direct tv channel is it going to be on?

  131. DirecTV channels 655, 646, 653, and 656. Also on 642 after the Caps game.

  132. 20, 11, and 11 for Mr Vasquez tonight. Neal knocks Teague the ____ out to celebrate senior night. My DCJCC team plays better but loses again before the game. Ben’s Next Door is delicious as always and we enjoy the Terps win more than our own game. I am tired/hungover at work tomorrow. These are my predicitions…

  133. Gregg to the rescue.

    Since last night I’ve been told that Rome did tweak his foot. Probably coulda played against NCSU but coaches most likely felt he’d be needed more against Wake and the rest wouldn’t hurt.

  134. Dang. I feel like Burney is going to be forever fighting off the injury bug. I hope he can overcome it and it doesn’t limit his time until senior year like it did Neal.

  135. tickets are on sale on mds website i just checked and 2 in sec 108 are open. Unreal

  136. I figured he had to be hurt. No way he wouldn’t have played vs. Duke or State after the week he had vs. Clemson and UNC. That’s a good thing I think that they save him for tonight. Didn’t need him Sunday and need him more vs. Wake than Duke. Glad to hear he’s feeling somewhat better…

  137. Neal played well against NCST but – as much as I hope he can repeat it – I think 37 minutes is too much to ask from him. Somebody needs to step in with some good minutes to give him a rest – Rome is the man.

    Dupree, too, needs to get some floor time with three strict orders:
    1. Find someone and box out
    2. Hack the bejesus out of Aminu, Johnson and Woods. (I don’t care how quickly Dupree burns his fouls), and
    3. If you actually catch the ball (which is always an adventure) in the position to score…dunk

    I’m nervous about tonight, but I think the home crowd will provide the motivation for a Terps win.

  138. Thank goodness for the Sun Sports Network here in Florida. They generally show some crappy game along with two others on ESPN and ESPN2 but tonight, that crappy game has turned into the biggest game of the season (how many of those have we had?) for the Terps. Sorry guys, all internet options seem to lead to radio only. I’d rather listen to Johnny and Chris anyway, but I’ll take the pictures when I can get them.

    Let’s go guys….make it LOUD in there tonight!!!

  139. Hey DBR – Seeing as how you are a site celebrity and all, can you make it to College Park by game time? I have an extra ticket, but you gotta let me know quick.

  140. I also will be there tonight. I got my tickets from the Terps ticket office. Who in the hell keeps bailing out on our Terps? Soupers unite and lets kick some deacon ass early and often. TURTLES FOREVER

  141. I’ll be there. First game this year. Hope it is a “W”.

  142. Ditto me too with a big crew of Terps crazies.
    Off now to meet at Hard Times Cafe, then to the game.

  143. Woohooo!!!!!!

    I am in the office and I just wanna scream, but I can’t…thot typing my scream here would help…but not…it ain’t working.

    I am once again feeling like that teenager going on a date with the hot chick, not knowing what i’m gonna get…waahaa!!!….

    Man, these games so get to me dude…. I shold not be a nervous wreck like this.

    Damn it!

    Go Terps.

  144. Here’s some fantasy basketball.

    Let’s assume Burney could have played in the last two games but for reasons known only to GW (and staff) they deliberately kept him out.

    Why? Wake should have been scouting us, reviewing game film etc. Right? So they probably haven’t factored Burney into their game plans.

    Somewhere in the lst half……enter Burney and he becomes a factor that stifles Wake enough for us to stay in or jump out to a lead.

    Maybe it’s the 2nd half that this scene materializes. It sure beats the hell of putting a tenderfoot like Dupree in their. Now watch Dupree get in and call me a liar.

    If GW is the coach mqny or uw know he is……he’s got his eye on the “finish” line and he’g going to throw his HOF stuff at Wake tonight. Our guys should be playing like a “wounded tiger” on the prowl.

    Go Terps

  145. LOL…thanks for the offer Tombootom but I’m in Albany, NY. Six hours by car to College Park. All of you that are going to be there enjoy the game. And make it jack hammer loud.

    I’ll be watching it at a hotel lounge up here in upstate NY.


  146. I knew you were in NY, but didn’t realize it was Albany. No worries, just send good vibes through the set for us. Go Terps!

  147. Stevend…if Dupree gets in this game and boxes someone out and grabs a rebound I may break down and cry. He seems to fail to get position for rebounds more often than not…then when he does box out and get position it’s a long rebound that some guard grabs out by the FT line.

  148. hey, lets all the soupers that are going tonight give Dave Neal a soupers extra loud cheer at senior night. And an extra loud cheer after his first of many baskets. Kick the demons ass again and again and again. GO TURTLES AS DBR SAYS I’M ALL IN.

  149. Astonishingly, Comcast Sportsnet here in the Washington area is covering the Washington Caps hockey game beginning at 7:00 and will join the Terps in progress. Remind me never to talk smack about my cable ever again.

  150. http://www.justin.tv/mineshaft

    pretty sure the trps game is on this site after uva-clemson!

  151. just confirmed it, the terps will be on that site after uva and clemson!

  152. Thanks! I’m sweatin’ here.

  153. kaze, the Terps are on live on Comcast Sportsnet Plus. Channel depends on your cable/satellite system.

  154. New Thread?

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