Wake Forest Game Thread

Before I get into my brief pre-game analysis; I need to tell you a quick story.  At around noon today, I was scheduled to be a guest on Terrapin Sports Network’s Pregame Radio Show (that’s 105.7 in Baltimore and 106.7 in DC).  I was going to talk about Turtle Soup and the general state of the Terp Blogosphere.

Well, I just got a call from Greg Abel (tonight’s fill-in host) that I had to be bumped because–get this– Jared from Subway is at the Comcast Center tonight and Subway is sponsoring the game and Greg was being forced to interview him.  How hilarious is that?  I got bumped by Jared from Subway!!!  My life is complete.   The best part is that I will be able to tell that story forever.

Regardless, many thanks to Greg for inviting me on and I hope I have a chance to get on the show at some point in the future.

On to tonight’s epic contest.  The Terps must box-out on the defensive glass, harrass Teague; hit some threes and get someone else besides Vazquez to step up.  I hope Gary doesn’t rely too much on the press because I think Wake is too quick to be bothered by it.

Enjoy the game folks.

Go Terps!


  1. Thank you Dave Neal. No matter how this game turns out you had a senior year for the ages.

  2. just heard burney was in a boot again ;(
    we win anyway!

  3. Jeremy, hopefully they can get you on before the game at UVa. Imagine the traffic you’d generate to the Soup. You’ll be selling banner ad space next lol

  4. Dave Neal has been a joy to watch this year. I love to watch a guy who knows where to be on the court and competes no matter who he matches up with. Watch him to have a great game tonight along with GV, Tucker, and LM. We need all four to have great games to win and lock up a NCAA bid.

  5. hey DBR, not sure if you saw but this link has the game incase you weren’t still going to the hotel…


  6. Oh…

    GOLD uniforms tonight.

    yanik mguaua…not only is Rome hurt again…but this time it’s the OTHER foot. He must be beside himself with frustration.

  7. Really yanik? Geez… I guess the Burney train has come to an abrupt halt.

    Do we go zone tonight? I wouldn’t be surprised. Teague is dangerous but I’m not sure if he’s that dangerous. Close out quick and fight like hell for every rebound.

    Clemson smoking UVA by 20 right now. Still 4 minutes left in the game…it’s 8:52 PM…no fouls, UMD is on next!!!

  8. Thanks NYMets9631. I just left the hotel…they don’t have the “sports package” so I couldn’t see those channels. I’m posted up in front of the computer using that link. Some people txt me and said the game is blacked out on Direct TV anyway unless you’re in an ACC area.

  9. your welcome…Go Terps!

  10. Go Terps! JWB!!!

  11. Our Father….

  12. FWIW…This is Wake’s third game in six days…the last two have been on the road.

  13. the other foot?!!! dang. wow. he must be pissed i think there is a fragile clause in the scholarship that burney violated. we need to use it for healthy people.

    the feeling i have in my belly for this game is the same as i had for the UNC game and the same i had when i said providence would beat pitt….the feeling i call ‘quiet confidence’.

    God bless Terp.

  14. Wow, DBR, I thought that the Terps were working on short rest.

  15. I’m disappointed that Cliff Tucker didn’t get the start with the way he’s been playing lately.

  16. Can’t believe how far behind the radio stream is…Johnny Holiday just said Deacons lead 2-0.

  17. They are just tossing it inside every play.

  18. comcast has hockey on until 9:30. preposterous. doesn’t naming your arena “Comcast Center” count for anything?

  19. 2 on Neal…

  20. Vasquez with 7 of 9…were in trouble boys getting crushed in the paint. I don’t think they’re going to forget they’ve got a big advantage.

  21. Dang…Dino needs to be ready. Other than the fouls we got to the first break in action in good shape.

  22. for real loop. two fouls that were barely callable. I’m more upset that the first one was on a “shot.” The wake player had barely received the pass, much less gone up for a score when he was “fouled,” why give him two at the stripe?

  23. Try again, TerpFever. They just switched over from the hockey game on my TV.

  24. Baba Bowie is playing horribly for the third straight game. Another wild drive followed by an errant pass. GV needs another scorer. His name is Cliff Tucker.

  25. If Gary knows that we have a height disadvantage, why doesn’t he have everyone practice the pull-up jumper from about 10 feet out like it’s their job? GV had a nice pullup for his 6 and 7 of 9.

    I’m waiting for Landon to start to catch fire from long two range. That is.. if he doesn’t foul out trying to guard the bigger wake forest bangers.

  26. Already having a tough time grabbing a rebound.

    Dino is going to have to give some quality minutes. I hate saying this, but Macfarland being out for the game would be huge.

    Greivis is dialed in again. Hopefully AB, EH Ct or LM can help out.

  27. BEAUTIFUL play by Vasquez!!

  28. YAY! he finished!

  29. Who else was worried when Mosley went for that layup? :)


  31. here we go!!! Mosely with a hell of a steal/finish!

  32. LOL okaybowler I raise my hand to y our question

  33. ooo i thought for sure that landon was going to have that one.

  34. Ew. that wake guy looks like he is a terrible free-throw shooter.


  36. WOah….Braxton
    Bad shot Greivis

  37. HO-LY CRAP

  38. was that braxton? for the turnaround?

  39. Yeah…where the hell has that been all season.

  40. Bad shot by Greivis after a huge surge leads to 3 from Wake. Argggghhhh

  41. That Vazquez three was too early in the shot clock and led to a transition three by Wake. A six point turnaround. Ouch

  42. Could be Braxton’s playing like it’s his last game at Comcast.

  43. I hope Greivis is coming in to spell Mosley…keep Cliff in and let him get in a groove.

  44. Tucker way off from three then out of control for the charge.

    Gregory and Dupree both playing and looking awefully tall!

  45. MOsely with two sweet assists so far.

  46. O…M…G who is that wearing Braxton’s uniform?

  47. BRAXTON DUNK!!!!! Somebody here called that

  48. um sorry, i fainted for a sec. was that braxton with a manly dunk?

  49. did Braxton Dupree just make a confident move in the paint?

  50. I’m tellin’ ya….senior night for Braxton?

  51. I mean really…BD is playing with confidence like I haven’t seen since the Illinois game last season.

  52. Just made a weak one too…maybe that isn’t an imposter.

  53. Did I just see a Terp front court player get the ball near the basket and go strong to the rim with a dunk? !?

  54. Go Braxton Go…we need all you got big fella!

  55. Terps can play this pace. Not certain Wake can.

    Keep it up. They are not as good as we are.

  56. Hustle and brute strength could pull us even in the paint. We need it all night


  58. i just stood up and screamed a manly scream at my tv after that dunk!!!!!!

  59. Woooooohooooo. I’m kinda shaking! This effort is sick so far.

  60. Awesome stuff. The defense is phenomenal

  61. Greivis has cooled off. Luckily we’re playing awesome D and we’re getting good minutes out of Dino, BD and Hayes.

    Keep it up baabyyyy!!!



  62. I belive WF has scored 90+ points six times this season and several times in the 80’s. They can get up and down…but on their third game in six nights? We’ll see, you may be onto something GERRY.


  63. Like to see us get the ball to Landon in an area of the court where he can get his shot off…get him on track.

  64. Go Terps!

  65. This might be a a break out game for Mosely. Maybe not offensively but just all around play.

    We just have to keep the TO’s down, get some steals, our share of loose balls and
    survive the Wake combacks. D looks good to very good.

    This could be the one we’ve been waiting for.

  66. Wake is for real. These guys aren’t going to miss shots all night. We really need to wear them down at every chance we get. I swear when Cliff is in the game tonight, it just feels like we have no where to go. Cmon Cliff…do it!

  67. We can’t have a let-down in the last 3minutes here… Vaquez has gone cold for now, we need someone to step up…

  68. Johnny Holliday and crew ticked about no called as Tucker was hammered on that last play.

  69. Gregory missed dunk. Tucker with a quick yank after going up with no where to go.

  70. That was tough no call. that should have been a 1 and 1 for us. instead dunk for wake.

  71. Half court trap D really bothering us

  72. Terps seem a little frustrated/confused by WF change in defense. Wake is really extending this zone waaaaay out.

  73. C’mon Terps…nice pass by Greivis

  74. oh wow i thought dave neal almost got his third

  75. Damn…3rd on Neal. We haven’t shot a FT yet have we?

  76. Dagger!!!!!!

  77. Neal… NEAL!!!!


  79. DAVE FUCKIN NEAL!!!!!!

  80. HUGE shot by Neal for 3!!! We collapsed a bit there, but that changes everything. Cmon boys we can do this.

  81. Now that is finishing the half strong! The next 20 minutes are all about heart and desire. Finish it.

  82. Leb…u are the king of the early dagger call. Love it.

  83. Wow, what an effin’ half!!! First we have momentum, then lose it and Fake Warest closes, then we reassert and the Mayor drills the 3 to end the half!!! Keep it up Terps!!!!!!

  84. Amazing, Braxton shows up & Moseley is 2 for 2 on layups. Huge three to end the half, please please no 2nd half collapse.

  85. When you go up with three much taller men around you and don’t get a shot up, I’m not sure that’s a foul. Plus it wasn’t like he took it up strong, he was coming from the hip with it. Love Chris and Johnny but they are homers with the best of them!

  86. …who art in heaven….

  87. Maybe having GV so hot to start scared the Deacs and now they’re letting our role players push them around.


  89. amazing half, let’s get milbourne involved!

  90. Ha Georgetown just lost! Can they officially be OUT of the tourney now?

  91. G’town needs to win the Big East Tourney now. Ha Ha.

  92. i’m with you PC…. dupree dunks and mosely makes his layups….[ insert twilight zone music here ]

    i’m thinking wake won’t suck all game, but we did just hold our own during a run.

    …hallowed be thy name….

  93. Makes our horrendous loss to Gtown look even more horrendous…don’t think that won’t count against us come Selection Sunday.

  94. If Wake Forest’s five losses are mostly from middle of the pack ACC teams, why are they still ranked #10? I guess the AP and the coaches think highly of the ACC?

  95. Some kid just hit a half court shot at halftime and won $500,000. that is not a misprint. We can’t lose now with shit like that happening!

  96. Is Jared from Subway going to give him the giant check?

  97. That is way better than when some kid won a car at the 2007 UNC game. (We won that game). He hit the layup, foul, three pt and then hit the half-court shot with no time left.

  98. The only things that matters tonight is the final score.

    Have we not even been to the FT line tonight?

  99. Brian, I’ve been thinking the same thing. I think the Selection committee will realize that UMD and G’town have gone two completely different directions since that game.

    This game is going to get tight. I hope GW and GV can fire up the troops for another half like that!!!!

  100. Georgetown was once thought to be one of the best in the country. Most writers are confused and shocked at their inability to perform. A loss to them is no bigger of a deal than a loss to any other team.

  101. That kid must be channeling Dave Neal’s vibe.

  102. @Jacob, it’s proof that the polls mean absolutely nothing…

  103. I agree tommy. We need to stave off a run at some point here… Let’s Go!!!

  104. hahaha, I just got a station identification for 1300 that went “this is Bart Scott for the Baltimore Ravens”

  105. heh, Tommy, don’t spoil the mood with sour grapes…

  106. Ugh… this is a terrible start to the half…

  107. If anyone else is watching the justin.tv feed, does it annoy you how the announcer is over-pronouncing the “u” in Vasquez?

  108. Not good right now. Moseley with his second missed layup of the game and Greivis is chucking it.

  109. Bowie is KILLING us!!!!

  110. Bowie is lost in the type of game

  111. We need to get some buckets from around the paint. Hopefully, someone along with GV will step up. Some D would help too.

  112. disaster

  113. Wow..I missed the first four minutes…what happened. Wut’s up with Bowie? TO’s?

    Gary needs a time out.

  114. We need to pick up the energy and the man with the ball.

  115. Gary was (smartly) waiting for the tv time out. Its okay.

    Sidenote: is it just me, or does Vasquez only drive to the basket on his right? I think that’ll hurt his NBA hopes.

  116. We desparately need someone other than GV to step up. Milbourne is struggling. EH shots not dropping.

    It’s time to get Tucker in….we need the diversity.

  117. Terps have to slow it down. Can’t win a track meet with Wake

  118. Greivis does go to the basket more strongly on his right, naturally but he does go to the left.

  119. Finally going to the line…

  120. Mosley blocked, but it would have been an “over the back” if the deacon wasn’t so damn tall.

  121. We need another scorer. GV can’t do it alone.

  122. Mosely is 0-4 under the bucket . I have been saying this all year…he get’s eaten alive alone in the hole.

    We can’t mount a charge with the current starting 5. Mark the tape.

  123. Make Wake run their offense. To do that we need to score OR get back. We aren’t doing either right now but things are subject to change.

  124. He likes his right because he can use his body to shield that semi-hook shot off the glass.

    This half has started pretty bad, but we knew Wake is a good team. Just need a couple of plays to go our way, the crowd gets loud and we’re right back in it.

  125. there we go sean!

  126. GERRY, Mosley made a lay up earlier…that’s inside :)

  127. God Mosley has been blocked 3 or 4 times….

  128. How does Wake, whose coach died last year, manage to be so good the following year…

  129. Its not a shot if it gets blocked? How can you call it a blocked shot when it’s not a shot? haha

  130. Uh oh…nobody can make a shot for us

  131. Dbr….no body else wants to shoot. We need shooters in there


    if we can stay within reach during this cold streak, I fell like the boys have another run in them.

  133. BTW, what’s the score?

  134. Brian….Wake’s coach, Skip Prosser, died in July 2007. None of the recruits in the class of ’07 transferred…and the kids he’d recruited for the class of ’08 came as well. He and his staff recruited some good players and his lead assistant is doing a good job coaching.

  135. Are these raycom announcers on justin.tv Wake homers? No enthusiasm when bowie tied it up on the fast break..

  136. terrible call

  137. Who are these jive announcers?

    Ed Walker could call this game better.

    Go Terps!

  138. Tough call on Eric there. Score…someone score. If we can run but not allow them to, that’s exactly how we win this game.

  139. 43-41 wake is up with Johnson on the line

  140. Seems odd that no one from the 08 class would change their minds…sounds sketchy…but I guess it happens…folks probably think the same thing about Walt Williams sticking around even during the MD sanctions…

    What a terrible call on Hayes…BS.

  141. things are starting to unravel a bit.

  142. milbourne has to get some buckets

  143. Its disheartening watching Maryland fight for every point, but when wake needs some buckets, they just run at the net and it goes in. They can score so much more easily than we can. Its going to hurt at the end of the game.

  144. Get Bowie OUT

  145. It’s a good thing Fake keeps missing their ft’s. Landon is strug-ling

  146. So many chances… someone score!!!

  147. Adrian is sloppy tonight

  148. Well, Vaz-coo-ezz needs to step up according to the announcers…

  149. Still…it’s very much anyone’s game right now. Someone for UMD needs to make a shot/play

  150. David W. Neal get us back in this game.

  151. yeah that dude is annoying me…he’s saying Vasquez like it’s spelled and not how it’s pronounced…the tool


  152. TUCKER.

  153. Woo Tucker!!!

  154. our lack of size is killing us on the boards. but the kids are playing tough.

    Gtown and Cincy both lost to bad teams tonight so consider them off the bubble for good

  155. Wait, what? How do they decide on a defensive play of the game with 9 minutes left?!

  156. David W. Neal. Get us back in this game again.


  158. Because there’s no possible way that another play could conceivably exceed the sheer awesomeness that was that interception and dunk… :-/

    Neal on Senior Night!!!

  159. No push off? Are u kidding me?

  160. Dave Neal!!!!!

  161. DAVE NEAL!!!!

  162. If we win this game; Dave Neal will drink for free in the stete of MD for the rest of his life!!!!


  164. Give him this win, come on boys

  165. Neal is officially my favorite player

  166. Holy cow! Dave!!! Let’s go!!!

  167. got to thow caution to the wind and keep this pace.

    We just needed 1 or 2 others to step up.

  168. Post Number 4. Love DN

  169. Can we get a NEAL chant in comcast?

  170. Hey, this Justin.tv’s not bad. http://www.justin.tv/mineshaft

  171. For all the crap we Soupers gave Dave Neal the last few years, he’s earned our love this season

  172. Neal earned this. Always the first one on the court on game days. Hard work payed off.
    GO NEAL!

  173. Very good half court defense.

  174. Notice Neal bobbin his headtoa little “JumpAround”

  175. I don’t want to know how many offensive rebounds they have…

  176. Offensive rebounds are killing us.

  177. How many fouls is Dave Neal playing with?

  178. three i believe

  179. Probably more than we have total…

    neal has 3 fouls I think

  180. nobody picked up the ball. yeesh

  181. 54-52. 1-3-1 is killing us.

  182. Terrible call

  183. everyone chucking up threes…we don’t need that…don’t forget the mid range shot guys…work it. GO TERPS!


  185. assist to the ref

  186. four minutes left.

  187. We need to stop shooting 3’s.

    Damn, Neal just got posterized.

  188. OH NO FARKING WAY…he fell on his own…phantom call…

  189. And of course, after the BS call, they hit a 3…

  190. GV has to step up here, has to..

  191. Teague nice duke. At least Neal didn’t get the foul call. Not many players are going to stop that dunk.

  192. DAMN. We’re just launching threes like that’s the only option.

  193. the officiating is weak. but no one can hit a shot.

  194. damn, down by 3

  195. we are playing scared. something needs to change.

  196. We got a HOF coach against a 1st year former assistant for Wake.

    GW….we need ya ….right now.

  197. Has Braxton been on the bench the entire 2nd half? Not that he’s Mr. Offense but he gave us good minutes earlier on.

  198. got to get back in this somehow

  199. You mean like scoring and/or getting to the foul line? I can’t believe we’re still in this thing with, what, 2 FT attempts?

  200. This is all Jared’s fault…

  201. Gotta hold on boys. Play mean.

  202. Not playing scared just getting the negative on every call and it’s turned into running opps for Wake. We need to score here.

  203. Vas gotta penetrate for two and get us back in the game.

  204. David Neal has always been my favorite player – he’s a hard working player that has worked, and waiited and now he’s living his dream. Go Terps. This team has really come together… My favorie of the past four years…smart, play hard, make smart decisions (sometimes GV – muct better!
    No matter what those broadcaseters say in the area those players love thier coach!!!

  205. 59-54, think that’s it.

  206. We suddenly look tired

  207. Can’t believe Vasquez missed on that fast break… come on boys!

  208. 9-10 times GV makes that drive.

    Eh needs a 3 and a floater.

  209. wake extended their D and its killin us along with our lack of rebounding which is expected.

  210. WOW they’re out rebounded us by 20???? How the heck are we even in this game? You can do it guys GO TERPS…I’M ALL IN.

  211. hayes missed the 3.

  212. eric missed this fourth three in a row. that hurts. I hope the game doesnt come down to him with the ball at the 3 line ugh. We gotta have faith.

  213. Hayes is supposed to be a good shooter…why does he suck whenever we need him…

  214. That was a terrible play…

  215. Too many missed layups! LAYUP DRILLS IN PRACTICE PLEASE!

  216. I think eric gets nervous. I’m shaking and i’m not even playing.

  217. Dave had the right idea go to the hole try to score or get the foul

  218. Neal should not have taken that drive… that’s not his game

  219. That TO was the nail. Night folks. Good game, but now UVA is a must win. Damn that was close.

  220. Game’s over…must beat UVA to have a chance…

  221. fffffffffudge…..
    if only games were 16 minutes long

  222. more missed layups than any team in history. pitiful. blown. game.

  223. Not enough tonight. GV went cold, and the rest of the boys never warmed up. If Eric makes that shot, it’s probably still tied. Oh well, what can you do.

  224. We had leads on two top ten (and ACC) teams within 5 minutes of the end of both games. Thats not too shabby.

    I don’t know how much that counts for the selection committee.

  225. Tough loss. Just like the Duke game. We were close but couldn’t pull it off. Beat UVA

  226. We just couldn’t shoot tonight. It’s that simple. We got beat on the boards by 20 which sure doesn’t help.

    We now have our first real must win game, have to beat UVA and finish 8-8.

  227. Too bad, we really needed that… gotta win 2 more games to get into the dance… I don’t think 8-8 does it w/o an ACC tourney win.

  228. All you can ask for is open shots. We got em and we didn’t hit em.

  229. The Terps handed this one over by not blocking out and weak ass layups. +1 to the ref who turned the tide for good with the fantom tripping call. just becasue a douche falls down, doesn’t mean that someone fouled him. asshat.

  230. That layup attempt by Neal summed up the game. It was a great play. He beat his man; but then the intangibles took over. Aminu vs. Neal in the paint is no contest. We just don’t have the athelets. Despite the shortcomings; we were so close to winning this game. Neal played the game of his life. We just couldn’t buy a basket in the last five minutes.

  231. Our guys played hard against the top shooting team in the ACC.

    We had our chances…lots of open looks just didn’t knock them down.

    But only 2 FT’s with 4 minutes left in the game yeesh. We get to the line I believe we’d have won this game.

    Gotta win the UVa game.

  232. Ouch. Another moral victory. Looks like we’ll need UVA plus two ACC wins to be on the bubble for the dance…They fought hard, but can’t hide all their limitations all the time, i.e. in this case outrebounded by 20. Tough to overcome it.

  233. It’ll be interesting if it ends up with three 8-8 ACC teams vying for 1-2 spots in the tourney. Might be whoever does best in the ACC tournament.

  234. Two man show tonight from what I could infer from the Gametrack. DN and GV really came to play, but finally another team beat MD down with their height. We’ve all been waiting for that to occur, and it finally did. I wish I could have seen the game, but from reading The Soup it seems that the effort (of course) was there. The mind and heart were willing, but the body just wasn’t there.

    Give Wake credit for taking it to MD in the 2nd half. Close game, but there are no wins in a loss. I hate…hate…hate…that this season will come down to a game at BooVa. Do the boys have any gas left in the tank?

    Landon better atone for his shyte performance. MD needs 4 scorers. Props to Dave Neal. To go out on senior night with a loss has to be tough, but it looks like the kid tried to will MD to a win.

  235. Here we are, needing a win against the worst team in the ACC to make it to the show. Crap if this doesn’t sound familiar.

  236. The difference in athleticism was very clear at virtually every position tonight.

  237. When you look at the matchups and review the game stats, we weren’t supposed to win this game……..but damn it…….we could have won.

    We had no answer on the offensive board’s. Lost that by about 18 Reb’s.
    GV needs help. Early in games he’s “on” . Milbourne never got into it. Mosely missed 5 layups. Eh missed four 3’s in a row, AB is inconsistent. Tucker can’t get enough PT to get in a groove. I can see it in his eyes and his demeanor. He could be a 15-18 PPG scorer but he’s just not getting the PT or the green light. As maligned as Dupree is, in this game…..we had nothing to lose but parking his bulk down low.

    For reason known only by the refs we probably didn’t get more than 4 FTA’s in the game. How the cripes is that even possible? Seriously…..blows me away.

    Ya’ll probably got a lot on your mind….let’s honor Dave Neal but having some thoughful
    and rational posts.

    Go Terps

  238. Neal left it out there on the floor tonight. A new career high for him. Our guys had open looks in the 2nd half but didn’t knock down the shots other than the ones Neal got for us. Played tough tonight.

    And lets not forget that was the NUMBER TEN RANKED team in the country. That was a very talented and well coached basketball team. Gotta give WF some credit

  239. WHOA…Georgetown lost to St. John by 15 points? Has that team quit on JT3?

  240. It’s not as if they didn’t try to draw fouls. They were fairly aggressive, but the refs weren’t calling it tight. If they were, we’d have been fine. Wake has huge guys and that’s why the ended up with 10 blocks. We tried to do it, but we just don’t have the inside guys… yet.

  241. DBR G’town lost by three in OT

  242. We have to cheer hard for UNC tomorrow night.

  243. I think the fact that we played Sunday night and had to come back and play this one against Wake, with its composition, on Tuesday night, made the difference. GV just did not have the energy the last half, and nobody else except Dave Neal, stepped up. Gotta have more than two scorers. Tough loss against formidable team. I’m proud of the effort. GO TERPS!

  244. My bad Jonbruns…been drinking LOL. Misread my email. Upon further review it says Georgetown led by 15 at one point but lost in OT by 3.

    To St. John’s? Wut’s next…they get beat by DePaul in the Big East Tournament?

  245. To make the tourney we have to beat UVA and then probably NC State. If someone would have told you that a month ago you would have laughed at them.

    It won’t be easy but this team can do it. Just a very off night shooting. We had been lights out for the past two weeks so it was coming.

    Beat down UVA boys…

  246. no worries. I had to double check the score when I read your post. I really do think an 8-8 team in the ACC is going to make the tourney. maybe two. Depends on who wins the mid-major automatic bids and what the other bubblers do. But we have to beat UVa. Duh. Maybe they will rest their starters in preparation for the ACC tourney.

  247. We may need more than just UVA and NC State. If there are no upsets in the midmajor tournaments it may be good, but we’ll need to at least play Duke tough for 40 minutes if not beat them to feel good about out chances come Selection Sunday.

  248. Pundits now say win vs UVA and at least 1 in tourney? thoughts?

    I’m stupid and optimistic that a win Sat puts us in.

    Tonite would have punched our ticket. damn.

  249. UVa has a tough place to play. It’s their Sr night but I think their two Sr’s hardly play. But that team and their fans would love to punk us and keep us from getting to 8-8. I’m glad that the game isn’t until Saturday but I wish it was a night game to give our kids more recovery time. We just ran a gauntlet of Clemson (top 15), UNC (top 5), Duke (top 10), NCSU (tough road game), Wake Forest (top 10).

    Need that game in C-ville to bounce back and get ready for whoever we play in the ACCT

  250. If we beat UVA and NC State we are in. Screw that. We are playing awesome and 9-9 in ACC games and 20 wins better do it. There is 0 doubt about that.

  251. I was worried about the quick turnaround time as well. In the first half we came out with so much energy that I felt it 1000 miles away! Then came the second and energy was lacking, but when no one can make a shot other than Dave Neal, we’re going to be in trouble. Not to mention the fact that Wake came out in the second like the team that everyone knows they are. We were, and looked, completely outmatched.

    It all came down to scoring tonight. Not a ton, but just getting it in the bucket once and a while. When Wake was running their half court set, somehow we had an advantage. Anything they could get in transition was absolutely killing us and most of that came from missed shots. If we could have scored even every THIRD time down the court we would have won that game. Of course if Eric makes that shot (or any other one) than I think it at least goes to overtime.

    Valiant effort, but I don’t think anyone cares. We need to win a couple more games and hope the bubble gets even softer than it is right now (which is extremely soft, our ratings and wins look pretty damn good against most other teams in our situation).

    I need a beer and am gonna go finish up my cigar. Too bad it’s not a victory cigar…

  252. Agreed, DBR – UVA won’t be easy, their awful conference record notwithstanding. Senior night, MD in desperate need of a win, UVA with absolutely nothing to lose. It’s got trap game written all over it.

    Honestly, it’s a damn shame we won’t get style points for playing as well as we have the last 4-5 games. A month ago, no Souper in his right mind would’ve bet that we’d beat UNC and take Duke and Wake to the wire. When you stop and take stock of how much bigger, quicker, and more athletic these teams are, it’s a miracle we’re at 7-8 right now.

    That being said . . . we’re 7-8 right now. This game was winnable, and we’d be in a MUCH better position had we come out with a W against a top 10 team in the second to last game of the regular season. There are no gimmes; no matter how well we played against UNC, we’ve gotta show up for every freakin game. Our defense for the majority of tonight’s game was fantastic – we clawed for loose balls, stepped into lanes to deflect passes, frustrated their backcourt with the zone in the second half. Wake had 25 points at halftime; that’s unheard of. But ultimately, I think the great D masked what was really a sub-par offensive performance. Take away Neal’s miracle 3 point barrage in the second half, and we lose by a lot more than 2-3 points. No movement against the 1-3-1, resulting in several forced shots by Vasquez. And as great as it was to see Neal hit those 3s, the reality is, this team is not a 3 point shooting squad, and it showed in the last 3-4 minutes. Hayes has never been more wide open in his life, and he couldn’t buy a basket. Milbourne was, again, nowhere to be seen, either on the glass or on offense. I know he’s stuck guarding bigger guys and gets worn down in the post, but that’s no excuse for failing to move without the ball, being tentative with your shot, and just not having your head in the game. He’s become one of our marquee players, and those players have to come to play in big games. Aside from having a decent shooter and veteran player to come off the bench and provide a spark (Hayes), I’m not sure why Bowie is starting. He’s bringing very little if anything to the table.

    Look, Wake is a lot better than we are. I expected to get beat on the boards, and I expected to be overmatched at almost every position. But this game was our game, and we let it slip away in the last 6-7 mins. It hurts.

    Neal, if you’re reading the Soup, que standing ovation. You played an incredible game, and you went out like a stud. Now, get your team ready for UVA.

  253. Re the Dance, I have to believe 8-8 with one win in the ACC Tournament is enough. We’ll have wins over two top 5 teams, a .500 record in arguably the toughest conference in the country (on paper, anyway), and a pretty impressive run in the last stretch of the season, despite losing to Duke and Wake. Just to be safe, let’s hope Va Tech and Miami drop the ball in their last two games. Va Tech’s got a tall order, Miami not so much.

    At least G’town’s in the crapper.

  254. Just got back from the game. My thoughts…

    A huge standing ovation for Dave Neal, as he played his tail off and went out with a bang on senior night. The guy is so limited physically against opponents in the ACC but he plays so hard, makes good decisions and really wants to win. He’s been a very bright spot on this team. Kudos to him.

    What can you say really? They played the #10 team in the land to within two points. Gary definitely has them playing better the last several games. Sucks to not get this win. Would’ve been another marquee win and probably enough to go dancing. It’s heartbreaking. But it’s not over. Can’t say I would have thought they’d have a shot two months ago.

    2 FT attempts is absolutely ridiculous! There’s no other way around it. MD wasn’t attacking enough for my taste late in the second half. You have to give the refs a reason to consider blowing the whistle. Too often they rely on 3’s and they aren’t a good enough shooting team to do that. I still think they need to shoot no more than 15 in most games. That being said, the refs were horrible. 2 FT attempts to Wake’s 17, and this on our home floor. As has been said…we get to the line, we probably win. Can’t blame the game on the refs as we had our chances. But they were awful and really changed the momentum of the game to Wake’s favor more than a couple times.

    Wake killed us with that trapping zone when they went back to it late in the second half. Our guys just stood there clueless. No one flashed to the middle. There was no high post presence. They settled for long range bombs. Too often this team doesn’t trust the offense either. I feel for Vasquez because you can see him getting frustrated when he gets no help. He certainly makes some bone head plays sometimes but too often the other four stand around watching him. He’s often forced into pressing because no one is making an offensive effort. Tonight in the second half they gave up on the offense and didn’t run it. Can someone please set a solid screen? Not a little rub but a screen. How bout moving yourself and the ball? Offense has been a struggle all year and tonight was no different. Sometimes they just don’t put themselves into positions to score even though the options are there.

    The effort was there tonight on many levels. They are playing hard, especially for what they have out on the court. The lack of size wears them down in many ways and I’m sure the quick turnaround after playing Sunday was a factor. But the bottom line is loss and they are in need of a tough road win on Saturday.

  255. Very surprised at the way the Terps lost tonight.

    Dave Neal gave everything he could and it’s a shame enough of his teammates couldn’t help him out on Senior Night.

    It is baffling to me that with so much on the line, playing at home that veterans such as Landon Milbourne and Eric Hayes were so terrible tonight.

    Landon played poorly against NC State and had a chance to redeem himself tonight. He was largely invisible and contributed nothing of note, what a dsappointment for a player who had made strides this year.

    Eric Hayes performace was even more shocking. He has been a vital component to the Terps recent run of success but failed to deliver tonight. He had several wide open shots and if he just could have hit a couple the complexity of the game would have changed.

    Mosley played his normal ineffective game especially in the second half.

    The lead wasn’t as big that the Terps blew this year but what a sad sight that 2 years in a row, at home, playing in games to effectively clinch a berth in the NCAA tourney and help turn things around for this struggling program.

    Unfortunately no matter who is to blame or whatever the reasons are, once again Gary WIlliams and the Terps failed to deliver when it mattered most…

  256. Jeremy – Apparently, despite the last minute decision to interview Subway’s Jared on the pre-game show, Greg Abel did in fact talk with dcsportsblog on air. It appears you got played.

  257. Right on CT. I, however, would have put us squarely in the spot that we are a month ago. I thought we’d get dook but not UNC and I actually thought we would get Wake tonight.

    I still can’t get down on this team. When guys play as hard as this team has, I can’t help but stay with them. I wish the crowd would have been a bit more careless, in that they cared less about the score and cheered more for no reason. Don’t get me wrong they were awesome tonight, but the moans and groans after missed shots were just as audible. An extra boost of unbridled crown support may have given us the energy to grind out a win tonight.

  258. jOHN– I think you are wrong with your pissing about mosley and hayes. These are not elite players playing against taller and faster players. I saw mosley battle and snag some rebounds against bigger players, and his court savy is evident. hayes had 4 assists and only one t.o. while gv had 4 t.os with 7 assists. And I love and feel better when hayes is on the court.

  259. I agree with Hubert Davis. If Md gets to 8-8 GW for coach of the yr, seriously.

    I have now officialy boycotted the Wash. Post.

  260. Re the comment that Jeremy “got played,” I would like to clear the record. I planned to have Jeremy on the air but it didn’t work out due to interview commitments the show’s producer made that were out of my hands.

  261. Jerry — Hayes did play a good floor game however missing open shots on 4 straight trips down the floor when he is a good shooter takes away from his performance a bit in any reasonable view.

    Not really worth talking too much about Mosley again, everyone knows about his inability to make layups as he has shown in numerous games this year.

    As I and others brought up after the UNC game, 8-8 and one ACC tourney win most likely gets the Terps in the NCAA tourney. The Terps have failed miserably in these situations over the last few years but hopefully they will be up to the challenge this time.

    Beating a terrible UVA team and putting together a solid run in the ACC tourney is not too much of a monumental task. Let’s see if Gary can lead this team out of the NIT and into the NCAA’s for the second time in 5 years…

  262. I love this team. And, this is the same shit. different year…give us just enough rope(hope) to tie around our necks then yank at the last second. If history holds sway, we lose to Virginia…. but wait….we still can win the ACC tourney…..


    It sounds like I’m being negative, but it’s jsut true. My life preserver is Gary and what he said to the media after the game. If you didn’t hear it, a reporter started to mention this was the same shit as last y e a r


    ” Well what’s different th e n


    ^That’s paraphrasing, but the gist of it is that Gary basically called a win saturday. So. I’m sticking with Gary. And I think that it doesn’t matter how many games we win in the ACC tourney. We have to win saturday and have better credentials than VT and/or Miami. 2 of us are getting in.

  263. Jerry – I too agree with John. We also like Hayes and Mosely but they are getting too much PT, in the wrong spots.

    Hayes has had 3 years at Md, to create his own shot. That means don’t rush it, don’t be anxious, just be an assassin. He’s got a good stroke but I really believe it’s mental with him. He talked himself into this situation. He needs to convince himself out of it. Not certain that’s going to happen. Too late.

    Mosely’s D contributions are “washed” by his Offensive liabilities. We can’t afford to have in in the lineup at the beginning of the game. We don’t need D at the start of the game (awkward as that sounds) we need “firepower”. We need to jump out with O and stay ahead with D. Can only have Mosely on the floor as a “finisher” if we have a sizeable lead with 3-4 mins to go.

    This is the lineup that should start, finish and get plenty of PT…..conditions warranting.

    GV, Tucker, Bowie – This gives us some perimeter scorers and Bowie’s penetration but he’s got to finish. Tucker is the kind of shooter/scorer that just needs some extra PT to get in the flow. Then he’s a lock to score. He should and can score 12-15 ppg.He’s not the defensive liability some have claimed. With more PT he gets better.

    Neal, and LM – Neal will be Neal but LM has to …..get himself involved in the offense.

    Did anyone else notice our feeble attempts around the bucket ? We drove, slashed and dribbled to the bucket and …..had no where to go when we got there. Mosely especially is 6’6″ trying to shoot over 6’10” monsters. Wake had 10….count them….10 blocks against us. Aminu had 14 rebounds. It’s ok for those guys to get to the hole from an open court run…….but not from the half court set and not against Wake. Bad mistake.

    So who is next off the bench/

    Low post…..(I gues Burney is out).but he’d be my first choice. So, go with Dino….he’s athletic but anxious. He’s looks like a High School kid out there but has flashes. He certainly can spell Neal for 2 -4 mins a few times. Having said that, that still leaves our 3 guards in…..that’s right. They need to play for the first 10-12 minutes. I hate to say this but Dupree showed some toughness and scoring potential. He needs to go to the proverbial blackboard and write 1000 times…..Block, Rebound, Block, Rebound and only shoot if it’s a Dunk. GW’s got to find some spots for him. When BD got in, I know most of us said “Oh crap” WTF is Gary thinking? Turned out to be a good coaching move. Leaves you to wonder what BD would have done if he stayed in. He’s still an enigma.

    Next is Hayes but not Hayes and Mosely at the same time. We need to maintain some speed and firepower on the perimeter and to motor down the court.

    Chew on that for awhile. Comments?

  264. The Wahoos Lite (undergrads) are currently on spring break. Hopefully, JPJ will look like the barren wasteland that the RBC Center was for the NC State game. Apparently, UVA is even selling student section tickets to the public as a part of some “family deal” sale.

    I’ll be there to cheer on our beloved Terps, despite having a final earlier in the day.

  265. Thanks for the clarification, G. Abel. I was just yanking Jeremy’s chain.

    In his post-game comments, Teague said this was the first time Wake ran the 1-3-1 trapping defense this year. Might help explain why our guys had such a difficult time with it (nothing on the scouting report, unexpected, didn’t have time to practice against it).

  266. Heather Dinich is such a bitch…I can’t take the criticism anymore


  267. NYMETZ, read MIke Wise’s take from above and never look at Dinich the Bitch again!

  268. Unbelievable that I would pass on a quote from coach “K”, but here he is pining for eight plus ACC bids. Good for him! (This was buried in a Post article about VA Tch.)

    “But my feeling is, the top eight teams in our league, they all need to be in. And let’s see what happens with Miami, Maryland. There might be nine, depending on these last few games. But it should have nothing to do with conference records. I think that’s just such a big mistake.”

    “What should happen in the NCAA tournament is once you get your conference champions, from then on, it doesn’t matter what you do in your conference,” Krzyzewski said. “It matters what you’ve done in your whole season. To put another criteria in, like what you’ve done in your last 10 games, what you’re conference record is, it’s wrong. Because not everybody plays the same last 10 games, not everybody is in the same conference. But everybody plays the whole season.”

  269. Neal should’ve fouled the shi* out of Teague on that play. I don’t care how many fouls you have (and at that point, with just a few minutes left in the game, Neal only had 3), you don’t let someone rise up like that in your own gym.

  270. Dinich is a hack. Even the headline is awful. “Sweating It Out Once Again At Maryland”. Clever. Oh, I get it, Gary Williams sweats in his suit during games. Gary Williams is the coach of Maryland. I see what she did there. That is brilliant stuff.

    Seriously, when these writers go to journalism school, do they take a class on writing puns? they all do it and it is terrible. It is such lazy writing. Cashing a paycheck after an article like that is shameful.

  271. Ha thanks harryfish and Jeremy…I’ll be sure not to look again at anything by her. It just absolutely blows my mind why we have to hear about Gary 24/7 by these people in such a negative way. He is OUR coach and coaching his ass off. He knows what he needs to do and is more dedicated then ever. He will be here for as long as he wants and this team WILL go to the tournament.

  272. Sorry…I didn’t think Dinich’s column was bitchy at all. I thought she sounded a bit sympathetic toward the team she used to cover. It’s not like she’s PrisYan at the WaPo.

    I can’t stand BooVa. I’m going to throw myself out of a window if MD loses down there. Well, maybe not. But still…you get my point.

    Please…please…please…win down there. I just hope they’ve got some gas left in the tank.

  273. Agree with CT, never let a guard punk you like that. If Neal wasn’t trying to stand there and draw a charge (which he ironically wasn’t tall enough to do) he gives up the foul, Teague doesn’t get the basket, hits the ground hard, misses one or two free throws, momentum doesn’t shift so hard, etc…

    Why is it the two biggest scoring nights of Neals season (which has been incredibly admirable) were the two most gut wrenching losses? Tonight and Morgan State? Barf in my mouth, swallow, ugh.

  274. It could be worse than sweating it out on selection sunday. There are a lot of teams, good teams, with good history, who aren’t sweating shit on selection sunday cause they aren’t even close. Every year that we haven’t made it to the tourney we are right on the edge, in the discussion. We’ve never had even close to a losing record.

  275. I love this team, I don’t care that they’re small and undersized. I’m ready for Saturday NOW. I really am trying to talk myself into making the drive there. I know I’m in the minority, but if we win on Saturday, I think we’re in good shape. 8-8 in the top rated conference w/ the toughest conference schedule. Wins over two top 5 teams. Obviously, one more win in the ACC tourney would be the icing (no WAY you’re leaving out a 20 win team from the ACC), but with the weak bubble this year, how can we be so far out?

  276. I agree Chrs. I think if we win on Saturday and lose the first round we might still get in. But we will sure be anxious. I think a win on Saturday and win the first round, and still nervous, but fairly confident.

  277. We gotta hope for VaTech losing out (or at least one of their next two). I do not want to be the 8 seed in the ACC tourney (which is where we are now) and have to play Miami in the first round. If we get to 7 right now we would be playing NCSt. No shot of us getting any higher than that.

  278. Funny video of ridiculous Duke travels. Featuring, of course, Scheyer spinning all over the place with nary a dribble against VaTech. Hilarious.

  279. I feel like I am just talking to myself here (four posts in a row) but I gotta vent. I generally hate refs. I feel persecuted and wronged by them as a terp fan. Wake Forest is much better than us and deserved that game. But the insane call on the Teague trip was, I think a real momentum shifter. That was obviously a travel…turnover…our ball. But no, they called a foul and Wake promptly hit a three, cutting into our lead. I dont mean to sound like a whiner but, well, whatever.

  280. 10 to 1 (blocks to blocking fouls) and 17-2 FTAs. Tough pill to swallow at home.

  281. I honestly kind of like the idea of playing VT or Miami in the 1st round more than playing State. It’s a play in game for sure. Win and in. Both teams will know it. I like the heart of this team in that situation…

  282. I don’t like the idea of playing against Jack McClinton.

  283. Plus if we are the 7 seed in the ACC tourney we will play at 7, so I can watch the game. I HATE the noon on Thursday followed by noon on Friday games.

  284. Went to the game last night. Comcast was loud and full.

    The Terps put up a good fight, but the game should not have even been that close. EH. LM, AB and CT were all off their game. Especially shooting. You guys have all mentioned the 2nd chance points by Wake. Killed the Terps as did the blocks. Teague and Smith were much faster than any Terp, but they did a good job of containing them. The WF bigs just crushed them. Vasquez kept in tight really early and Neal got them the lead in the 2nd half. The 1-3-1 half court press late in the 2nd half by WF was a killer.

  285. OK 7 seed plays at 7 so I can watch. Done deal. That’s what I want.

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