Post Game Thoughts

Dave Neal’s drive to the hoop in the final minutes that got swatted by Aminu summed up the entire season.  Neal got to the ball in the flow of the offense, made a great move, and was headed for an easy lay-in.  Aminu just elevated like the superb athlete he is and swatted the ball into next week.

It reminded me of a play in the 1980s that Lefty Driesell drew up in the closing seconds of a game against Carolina.  I think MD was down by 1 point.  Lefty Drew up a play and somehow, Chuck Driesell found himself open underneath the hoop.  He was wide open.  It was the perfect play.  Maryland was about to win.  As Chuck went up for the game winning lay-up; Michael Jordan came out of nowhere and swatted it.  UNC won.

When Chuck Driesell is going up against Michael Jeffrey Jordan, you know who is coming out on top.  Dave Neal vs. Aminu is the same thing.  We played our hearts out; but we just don’t have the athletes to beat a team like Wake Forest.

I hate to love this team.  I really do.  I know that in the end; I will feel unfulfilled after watching them for five months.  But they try so damn hard against better equipped teams every night; it is hard not to love them.

People have been rightly criticzing Milbourne for disappearing the last two games.  He has; but keep in mind that he has just played two of the biggest frontlines we will face all year.  He is only 6’7″.  Every time I look at our starting line up; I shake my head and think they can’t possibly compete.  Yet there they are; playing their best basketball at the right time and they have brought us to the cusp of the Tournament.

If they make it; it will be Gary’s best performance ever as a coach.  Mark the tape.

Speaking of which; here’s how I think it plays out:

MD, VT, and Miami are likely to be the #7, #8. #9 seeds in the ACC Tournament.  Two of them will make it. #8 and #9 play each other in the first round.  The loser will be out.  Regardless of which seed Maryland grabs; they will only need to win their first round game.

That’s a good thing, because depending on the seed; either Duke, UNC or Wake loom in the quarterfinals.

There is still hope.



  1. beat UVA. beat State. Dance ticket acccepted. Beat Dook just for fun. Last night was soooooooooooo close. Just one shot rimming in or one more foul call and…. To lose by 2 when the other team has a 10-1 shot block to shooting foul ratio is pretty damn impressive…


    Some love from the Post. It is just the hack beat writers that can’t stop running the program down.

    The kids came to play again last night. They just couldn’t finish it off. Milbourne has been money with that 15 ft jumper all year, it just didn’t go last night. Hayes has been shooting about 50% from 3pt land the last two weeks and couldn’t get one to fall late. GV has put us on his back this season but in the second half he couldn’t go inside against all those shot blockers.

    With all of that, we still almost pulled it out. UVA is a must win. Then we just knock one team off in the tourney. I would love it not for me but for those kids and Gary. They have played so damn hard. They deserve this, they really do.

    I will miss the game Saturday. I will be looking for that score when I am freed up around 6:30 PM. I will be so nervous just opening that web page to see what happened.

    Next week I have to go on my annual golf trip with five UVA alums. We cannot lose that game. I may have to hurt someone if we do and I have to hear their boring rants.

  3. Rick…you’ll have clubs in your hands…that should be all the warning you need to give to your friends. BooVa people, I’m told, are smart. They should get the warning loud and clear.

    Jeremy “Bumped for Jared” is right about Landon, but it still sucks. I’m sure he’s worn down by the banging, but that team needs his scoring.

    Of all of Gary’s teams, this one is probably the one he likes most. They are a mirror image of him. He see’s himself in those kids and they see themselves in him. I’m still pissed at his recruiting because MD should have better players, but I can’t complain about their effort and heart. If life really was like Hoosiers, this team would win the title.

    If MD loses to BooVa, I might turn into the bishop from Caddyshack. That loss to Morgan…one fucking point loss…changed the season. 8-8 in the ACC with 20 wins and we’re looking good. 8-8 in the ACC with 19 wins IS different. I know we can’t go back to January, but that loss…by one fucking point…has us where we are. Totally sucks.

  4. if we were playing like we are now all season, we’d have won a few more games and be in no question. and i think at this point it’s safe to say that we have a talented group, we just absolutely NEEDED some sort of inside presence to pull it off. gary should have scoured the jucos and found some big ugly bruiser. even if the dude couldn’t score, it wouldn’t matter. we just need someone in there to disturb shots and grab some boards, and as much as i love dave neal he can’t do it against a team like wake. ah well, this team exceeded my expectations coming into this year and i’m proud of them, but i think we’d need to win two in the tourney at this point and it’s probably not going to happen.

  5. Leaving the Comcast Center I was left with the most foul taste in my mouth that I wish we could play today again. I’ve been to almost every home game in the last 9 years and 2 ACC tournaments where MD bowed out in the first day, and I think this game is in my top 5 of sickest feelings after leaving the game. That being said…

    There are plenty of tickets available for the UVA game, I say we invade their arena. Seriously after having Tech, UNC, and Duke fans come and take up 15% of Comcast it would be awesome if there was a sea of red at their place. This game is huge and it would be great to show up and support the team (and hopefully have some fun at UVA’s expense) Who is with me?

  6. Great effort by the boys. If Hayes’ 3 goes in at the end there we don’t know what would’ve happened. It was a good look. Watching the game in person, Wake was just so god-awful big for us. The bigger problem was they were bigger AND quicker. I don’t know how we compete but we somehow did.

    Being at my first game in many years, the whole experience felt surreal. I have been to Cole too many times to count since I was 9 years old and have never come out of that place with my voice intact. To this day I rarely have my voice left after screaming at the TV for 2 hours every game. But yesterday I was just so happy to be in that atmosphere. When Gary came stroming out of the locker room for the first time I felt like crying. My wife (who went to Columbia and has nothing to do Maryland at all except me), was screaming and cheering louder than I was. She told me after that they could’ve shot a lottery commercial using me. I just had a stupid smile on my face the entire game. Thank you Dave Neal and thank you Gary Williams.

    One thing I’ve convinced of with our team now. We WILL put a momumental effort in against UVA on Saturday. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind. The only way UVA can beat us is if they shoot lights out from 3 (always the great equalizer) or we lose GV to long stretches to foul trouble. The advantage of playing Tuesday was an extra day for the boys to rest up and an extra day for Gary to dissect UVA on tape. I am confident.

    Like most of you, I think UVA and one tourney win does it. But it’s important to note that it’s not that simple a formula. Remember 3 years ago when most of thought we were in? That year so many things broke against us as far as other bubble teams go. There were a couple of teams with no chance that won their conference tourneys and so forth. So far this year, there just isn’t the depth of quality bubble teams. We are RIGHT THERE, even now. Don’t listen to these goofballs on TV who make different declarations on a daily basis. For example, Cincinnati looks hopeless now. But if they win their last game and win two in the tourney their right back in the mix. They can certainly do it. The top 4 seeds in the Big East tourney get 2 BYES straight into the quarter-finals. Cincinnati won’t even have to play any of the Top 4 seeds to do it. (BTW, I think this format is a consipracy to get their bubble teams more wins.) The fact is, what we do is most important. But we are also heavily dependent on what other teams do. We have to cheer against the bubble teams. Not only VaTech and Miami. You don’t think 9 ACC teams can get in cause it’s never happened before? I bet it can definitely happen depending on other results. I have mapped it out game-by-game, it can happen this year.

  7. Wheels my hero – you remind me of the most pathetic incorrigible Terp fan I know….me. I keep replaying last year’s Clemson collapse, for crying out loud. But this year it ain’t Morgan State….it’s dropping the big leads at Miami and at home against BC. Think of our ACC record if we’d held those two leads: 9-6, with a quality win away. The way we’re playing right now, we wouldn’t have lost either of them, let alone the Morgan State game. Now we beat on, boats against the current…..

  8. Happy Birthday to Gary today. 64 years young.

  9. You are Epic Eddie, or EE from now on. That is bringing it as a fan.

    I don’t think we have ever been left out with 8-8 and a tourney win. Those years you are talking about we dropped that first round game in the tourney.

    Let us also remember that we do not play a balanced schedule in the ACC. I think we were the only team to get UNC and Duke twice. Unless there is some crazy happenings around the country, we are dancing with two more wins.

    Go Terps

  10. Great article this morning by Heather Dinich on that appeared on the front page. Goes into some detail about how the Terps are once again on the bubble come tourney time. If only they could have won last night what a different tone there would be, all of the “experts” would be talking about how the Terps solidified their bid with a great performance. As it stands now it’s just another great effort resulting in another loss.

    Kaze is right — last year was Clemson. This year beating BC or Miami would have made a huge difference. If this team could have simply held onto a big lead for once and not choked it away they would be in great shape right now for an NCAA bid.

    So now they have to win at UVA, an ACC tourney game and hope it’s enough. A familiar position for a struggling program, hoping to squeak into the NCAA tourney. Hopefully this time Gary, GV and the team won’t blow it and wind up in the NIT for the 4th time in 5 years. Beating a UVA team with a 3-12 conference record shouldn’t be too much to ask then putting it all on the line for a rare win in the ACC tourney.

    Gary is so proud of this team, GV will fight to the end and lead this team — all of these things sound so good let’s see if the Terps can actually back it up and turn this season into a memorable one. If they fail to qualify again for the NCAA tourney then this year will be looked at like so many others in recent memory — strong efforts, a couple of big wins, a couple of disastrous choke jobs that ultimately result in another trip to the NIT…

  11. There is a big difference between this UMD team and the ones that got left off the bubble in the past few years. The previous teams closed the season horribly. The had big wins but they were in January and got disgraced at the end of the season. This team is peaking right now, has a great win at UNC, played #7 and #10 in the country down to the wire, etc. There is no doubt that how finish is going to count. A UVA and NCST win should easily do it and put us in the NCAA tourney. We should get another shot at Duke in the 2nd game and I love our chances there as well.

  12. This team is so much better than a month ago its almost scary. These guys are playing with alot of heart and confidence, and one big difference is i think everyone has bought into Garys system and they are truly playing as a team now. Last night was surely a heartbreaker to play so well for the whole game and then to go cold the last five or six minutes was tough to watch. Alot of good looks for hayes, Vaz, and Neal from 3 and a few good layup opportunities just wouldnt fall…but we fought hard and we simply gotta take it one game at a time starting with UVA. I dont see Vtech beating UNC tonight and Miami still has to win two straight to get to .500. If we pull out the win to get their and neither of them finish at .500 i cant see us being held out of the tournament especially if we can win our game against N.C. state in round 1. With the confidence we have no i would love to see us not simply win a game but get another crack at the dookies or wake, because i think we got one big win left in us before the dance.

  13. Post my thoughts again.

    Went to the game last night. Comcast was loud and full.

    The Terps put up a good fight, but the game should not have even been that close. EH. LM, AB and CT were all off their game. Especially shooting. You guys have all mentioned the 2nd chance points by Wake. Killed the Terps as did the blocks. Teague and Smith were much faster than any Terp, but they did a good job of containing them. The WF bigs just crushed them. Vasquez kept in tight really early and Neal got them the lead in the 2nd half. The 1-3-1 half court press late in the 2nd half by WF was a killer.

  14. Don’t look now but Morgan State is not bad loss:

    They are winning the MEAC and very easily could win their conference and get an automatic bid.

  15. Milbourne and Gregory were awful yesterday, I understand that they may be worn down from battling players bigger then them, but does that stop them from boxing-out and putting a body on somebody? Hayes, gave us a view of his entire inconsistent career in one game, good in the first half, awful in the second, if he hit just one of those open three’s in the second half…

    I don’t think Morgan State is going to overly hurt us (they will make the NCAA’s) I think it is not winning one of the games against at Miami, at Fla St. or BC at home.

    Beat VA and one tourney win get’s us in

  16. Happy 64th birthday to our coach Gary Williams.

  17. Maybe I’m alone on this but I don’t think singling out Milbourne is fair.

    We’ve seen what Milbourne can do when they get him involved early in the game and keep getting the ball to him either in transition or in areas of the court where he can score. At NCSU I think he scored our first 5 points (one was a 3-point basket) then it seemed we didn’t go back to him and the next thing you know he’s got foul trouble.

    Face it, last night the Terps played a team that is more talented and more athletic. A team that deserves their #10 ranking. A team with THREE first round NBA picks. And we were right there with them.

    This team has played it’s collective heart out all year. Coulda folded after losing two road games to Miami and FSU but didn’t. Coulda mailed it in after losing to Duke by 41 but didn’t. Coulda folded after losing to UNC…but won the next two games. Coulda folded after losing to Clemson…but beat UNC in the next game.

    Let’s give this team it’s due.

  18. KV– I watched the last half of the game again last night and saw the same thing. We did a very poor job boxing out. They weren’t getting rebounds by out leaping us they were getting them because they had two or three players right at the rim. They got a few rebounds just by out leaping Neal and Milbourne, but there were a slew of others from our lack of fundamentals.

    The kids still played hard though. I just hope they don’t feel the pressure down at UVA. That is one thing that has gone against us the last few years. UVA is always so far out of it they have no pressure at all.

  19. DBR – I agree with you re the team’s overall effort last night, and that we were simply overmatched by Wake across the board. But if you watched the players’ activity away from the ball on offense, you would’ve seen Milbourne dragging and listless from the opening tip. Nothing against the guy, generally speaking; he’s played very well for most of the year, and he’s developed into an integral member of our team. However, in a game of this magnitude, we need Milbourne to step up. If he’s simply having an off night, asserting himself but missing shots, that’s one thing. If he’s consistently out of position, not moving without the ball, tentative when given the opportunity to attack the rim, etc., there’s a problem.

  20. This is just a thought that maybe GV should have taken a few less shots and EH should have taken 2 to 3 steps in for a better shot. I think GV blew that game by ignoring other players. Yeah they might have missed or got blocked but you never know who would have showed up. I mean Neal hit 4 threes in a row and then nothing. Milbourne gets an easy one in the paint and then nothing. I think the guards launched too many jumpers instead of hitting the boards. Should have won that one. It may be the back breaker as well. hard to get up for a maybe invite if you win.

  21. Random musings from the game:
    -Eddie I am sorry that we didn’t win so you could have that story book ending but what an effort you made to show your support. You saw a great game for the most part.
    -RicksTerps I just had a fantasy that you striped a 320 yard frozen rope down the middle as your singing the Maryland fight song to your UVA buddies.
    -Was it just me or did Jared look about 25 lbs heavier since his original commercials. Better stop eating at Wendy’s Jared or you will lose your endorsement and go back to delivering packages.
    I am sorry we have to sweat out selection sunday but were still very much in it so lets get it done then were all happy.

  22. Oh, also important to note, walking out of the bathroom near section 101 as I was walking past was none other than Terrell Vinson.

  23. In case anyone who didn’t attend the game didn’t hear about the classic prank played at halftime; here’s the video:

  24. the selection committee will take at least 7 and maybe 8 from the acc so root against miami and vt. if we can finish 8-8 and they finish 7-9 i’m not sure they can leapfrog us for a bid. miami (6-8) plays at gt and then nc state at home and vt (7-7) has unc at home and fsu on the road.

    Ricksterps- I think we were left out a few years ago after beating gt in the first round and then getting blown out by the craig smith-jared dudley bc team.

    I believe we’re the 7 seed in the acct if we beat uva. nc state looks locked into the 10 seed. if we get past nc state we’re probably getting dook, which is better than facing wake again. gotta get it done on saturday. put mosley on landesberg. bowie and hayes get zeglinski. gv takes baker. milbourne probably gets jamil tucker with neal on mike scott. cant get scott get off, i think he’s their best guy.

  25. I agree, harryfish – Jared looked a bit large. Not necessarily pre-Subway large, but I definitely saw man boobs on the jumbotron. Understandable, given the amount of weight the guy lost. You’d think, though, he might be able to afford a little plastic surgery to alleviate the sagginess, now that he’s got all that coin. But I digress . . .

    Vampire – Vasquez’s shot selection was suspect at times against Wake. However, I attribute that more to his team’s lack of movement and inability to create in the flex. Neal’s four 3s in a row, while fantastic, were completely out of character; he missed at least one 3 after that barrage in the final 2-3 minutes of the game, if not two, when we really needed them. And if I recall correctly, the only easy basket Milbourne got in the paint came near the end of the game . . . off an assist from Vasquez, and only because for once Milbourne correctly curled off a flex screen toward the basket and made space for an open jumper. I’m with you, though, re Hayes taking a step or two in on those open looks, maybe even going to the rim and creating contact. And our backcourt certainly settled for long jumpers in the final minutes as opposed to attacking the 1-3-1 with penetration. That zone just killed us at the end of both halves. I questioned why they waited until 5 minutes left in the game to go back to it (maybe because they weren’t used to running it, and the coaches thought trapping too early would wear down their players), but it obviously worked for them.

  26. Oh, Taran Buie’s Bishop Maginn team eliminated from playoffs last night in a 1-point overtime loss. Buie had 30 points but was 4-10 from the FT line. In fact as a team Maginn shot 7-20 from the FT line. YEESH.

    As far as Buie’s recruitment goes, Notre Dame coaches were here last night. Marquette was up here recently and there’s a buzz that Wake Forest may attempt to get involved.

  27. We lost the game for 3 reasons:

    – Gary has done an awful job recruiting (they had way more talent)
    – Gary didn’t play Tucker down the stretch (he should be starting for Bowie)
    – Our team choked and went cold with 3 minutes to go and couldn’t buy a basket, this is mainly due to the first 2 reasons.

  28. Jeremy – The way the guy reacted after the prank makes me feel like it was staged almost looked like he was acting. I mean I don’t know about you guys, but if I thought that I won 500 K only to realize the whole freakin arena pulled a fast one on me there would be bodies hitting the floor. Though I could be wrong…

  29. That prank is great. No way he was faking. When he held his hand up to his mouth when talking about what he would do with the money, he was shaking. He was speechless. That is amazing.

  30. I’m proud of the way this Terp team has kept battling. It will be sweet if they can just make it to the Dance. From there it will be all gravy. Definitelly one of GW’s best coaching jobs.

    It appears Dupree was DNP again. Any chance of him transfering and using that scholarship on Born Ready, assuming we still have a good chance of landing him? What a shame BD can’t even give Neal a breather from time-to-time and give us a couple of good minutes.

    I guess from reading your posts, Burney is done for the season? So what are going into the ACC tourney with up front, Neal and a tired LM and Dino? Pretty thin frountcourt to be dealing with NCST if we get them again. Probably a fired up State to boot after GV’s FU shot at the end of the recent game. That little incident might come back to bite us if we get past UVa and draw the Pack in round one.

  31. I, too, wish we could get back the Morgan State games and the Florida road trip…3 that got away.

    Oh well. No need to worry about the ACC Tourney yet. The boys need to take care of business against uva.

    I said it before, but I’ll say it again because it fits the mood of this thread. The fan frustration between wathing last year’s team and this year’s is 180 degrees different. Last year, turnovers and dumb shots killed the Terps. Basically, they were stupid. This year, they don’t do dumb things. They always get good shots, too, but the shots have a way of keeping out of the hole. You know all of these kids were great scorers in HS. So they can all score points.

    I know it’s too early to start worrying about next year, but with so many players returning and a couple of solid bigs comming in…..

  32. Nice intell on Terrell Vinson, Harry. Was he there to watch us or Wake? :)

    Do we know if he has narrowed down his schools yet?

  33. Ha, I just watched that Prank video. How would anyone react after winning half a million dollars?
    A few reactions:
    1.its funny that they gave it to him on a giant Chevy Chase Bank check.
    2. You can tell that the guy who got pranked, Amir, is totally trying to avoid Testudo. Testudo keeps chasing the guy around, and he keeps wanting to run away like a five year old in a department store at the mall.
    3. Makes you wonder, “Why Maryland?” I figured that they filmed college humor in NY.
    4. Positives all around: Positive coverage of the homecourt, of the crowd, of the Athletics Department, and also that Axe body wash apparently gave a lot of money to Maryland for the opportunity to do it.

  34. Terps down three, 2:06 to go, wide open three for Hayes from the elbow and he misses another key shot for the Terps. Hayes has been a disappointment from the day he stepped on campus. He has one thing in common with Steve Blake — skin color. Eric Hayes = Danny Miller. Different position, same recruiting hype, same results. Eric Hayes might be a first team player in the CAA. Never, ever, compare Eric Hayes to Steve Blake. Bigger disappointment to their respective teams — Greg Paulus or Eric Hayes? Hopefully, Hayes will ride the pine his senior year like Paulus. Better yet, Loyola in Baltimore loves Terp transfers.

  35. Jordan Williams interview.

  36. Markmax, leading the MEAC or not, the Morgan State loss was a REALLY REALLY BAD LOSS.

  37. Villanova with four ESPN Top 40 players from Class of 2009. Two from Montrose Christian. Wow! Wonder if Jay Wright might want to coach @ Comcast in about five years.

  38. I don’t recall the recruiting hype surrounding Eric Hayes, I’d have to look that up. But this season he’s second in assists, second in steals, second best FT shooter, third leading scorer, and moved to 13th all time in assists at UMD. That’s not a disappointment to me.

  39. FrederickTerp I think the job Jay Wright wants next is Arizona.

  40. John E – After and exhausting chest bump player introduction stint, Brax played a couple of first half minutes to spell Neal when he got two fouls. He missed a short jumper but had a rebound and a nice slam off a Bowie feed. Then was back on the pine the rest of the game. I am not sure what to think about him anymore.

    RicksTerps.. not sure who Terrell was there to root for. I didn’t even know it was him but my friend follows Baltimore High School basketball big time and recognized him right away.

  41. Jay Wright in Arizona is the equivalent of Mike Locksley in New Mexico. Every recruit big-time recruit Wright has signed has been from the Northeast (especially Jersey) or the Mid-Atlantic (DC area). Dante Cunningham is blowing up this year at Nova. He’d be even better in the more wide-open ACC style of play. But I will defer — your information is always very well connected and accurate.

  42. I recall Hayes having been the top-rated recruit in MD’s class that year and considered the second coming of Blake, so there was definitely hype. But he wasn’t top 50 overall. And at that point, people didn’t appreciate what kind of impact Vasquez would have at MD (Vasquez was not as highly touted as Hayes). Nevertheless, I’m with DBR – maybe not the career that people hoped for, but definitely not a bust.

  43. I might be the only fan that is glad Hayes is a Terp. FrederickTerp–I think you are over the top. He is the number 2 player in the acc in assist to t.o ratio. He has past Gv. which means he is number one on our team. I think if we had thought he would be that high when we signed him , we would have been very happy. The nice steal and baseball pass last night went unmentioned. I want him on my terrapin team and we run more effectively when he is on the court. We shoot down a bad shot, or bad rebounding, or missed free throws. The real problem maybe is we don’t have the talent of some of the teams we beat or need to beat. I remember how most tore down Neal earlier this season.

  44. FredreckTerp…Hayes is also second in the ACC in assists to turnover ratio, and has been a key contributor in many of our wins this year.
    Yes not quite a Steve Blake, but a quality performer. Sorry you don’t see it that way.

  45. Make sure to root for UNC over VaTech tonight. A win by Va Tech and we are the odd man out on selection sunday, I’m afraid.

  46. Hayes was the #12 PG in his class, GV the #10 SG in the same class.
    If you look at the Rivals list, there are probably by my estimation 7 better PG’s rated in front of Hayes and maybe one better (Reynolds @#14) rated behind him in that class.
    So only a disappointment in your mind

  47. Stevend…great point that we haven’t (luckily) had to talk much about this year. If last year was the year of the turnover for MD, this year is the year of better decision making. I think I saw in The Sun that MD has had fewer TOs than their opponent in like 18 games this year. That never would have happened last year.

    I am in the process of making BooVa voodoo doll. I will stick pins in it every night until gametime. I will also kill a live chicken, cut its head off, and bury the head in my backyard. If that doesn’t work, I say f-you Joeboo.

    (Please don’t call the cops on me)

  48. FrederickTerp, Steve Blake was gutsy and among the best Terp PGs ever. Plus he won the National Championship. Until the Terps repeat, every UMD point guard (regardless of their skin color) will be compared to him.

    Hayes has similar gutty performances, IMO, but he has just a shade below Stevie B. in terms of speed, decision making and accuracy (both shooting and passing). To be fair, it’s a lot easier to dish dimes to Lonnie Baxter than Braxton Dupree, so Blake did have more talent. Hayes still has another year to go, but regardless of how that year goes, I’m glad Eric Hayes is a Terp, too. If nothing else, I like his determination.

    That said, if Hayes goes back to the boy-band haircut that he started last year with, he may lose my support. :-)

  49. The college humor skit was blatantly staged but entertaining nonetheless.

    If Tucker actually got to play down the stretch (Thanks Gary) and had the looks Hayes had in the last few minutes of the game, we would be sitting here talking about how it’s virtually a lock for an NCAA tourney bid.

  50. All-time Terp PGs

    1. John Lucas
    2. Steve Blake
    3. Brad Davis

    752. DJ Strawberry

  51. Actually FrederickTerp, I got my Big East coaches mixed up. It’s Jamie Dixon of Pittsburgh not Jay Wright of Villanova that has interest in the Arizona gig. Which made the timing of Epps’ decision to commit to Pitt suspicious to me.

    And remember, Arizona is one of those programs that almost recruits itself.

  52. Jay Wright won’t ever be the coach here. He’s married to a former Nova cheerleader, has pretty deep roots in the Philly area (having grown up around there) and has a contract that lasts for quite a while longer. Not that it matters now anyhow. We’ve got until Gary calls it a day to figure that one out.

  53. Tough loss. If the 2 points on Teague’s charge didn’t count or the phantom foul wasn’t called and led to 2 points on a fast break, we would have had a chance at OT.

    UVA will be a tough one. Take it to them!

  54. Without Hayes on this team, there woul db e no bubble talk, just talk of getting over 500 for the season. I ma not saying he is a superstar but if Bowie was playing the minutes EH is, Bowie would lead the country in turnovers. Hayes had made some big shots this year and I for one (plus at least GW) want him to keep taking them.

  55. I will be in attendance for the UVA game sitting beside the band with my my gold Greivis jersey! GO TERPS!

  56. I don’t know about Morgan State but our American win is actually a part of our resume. They have a 67 RPI and count towards our top 100 wins. UVA and NC State are both outside of the top 100.

    I would love a blowout Saturday. What a nice change that would be…

  57. unc up by 6 on vt at half

  58. and nc state beating bc by 9 at half and gt up big early on miami…things workig out ok so far

  59. UNC’s defense is so horrible!

  60. Its beyond atrocious. Cmon Heels… this may be the first and last time I root for you, but please, play D on at least one posession.

  61. Anyone know where the Miami game is online? I want to switch over to that after watching VT lose…

  62. NCST beats BC – Task 1/3 of the night complete

  63. UNC Wins.

  64. #2 looks good too. No way VT comes back.

  65. UNC beats VT – Task 2/3 of the night complete

  66. …and tech up 11 on Miami. If they win Miami cant even GET to .500 in the ACC. C’mon Tech!

  67. Tonight might be even better for the Terps than the loss was bad last night. Of course, assuming WE get to .500.

  68. Is that a typo? GT holding Miami to 32% from the field… and McClinton is 3 for 10.

  69. Yeah, McClinton 1 for 7 from three. 50 seconds left GaTech up 9.

  70. The Canes are done!!!

  71. GT beats Miami – Take 3/3 Complete! Wow way for things to work out for the terps!

  72. Good to see GT held onto a big lead vs. Miami — if only the Terps could have done the same thing everyone wouldn’t be sweating so much.

    Well it’s all lined up now for one scenario — win at UVA then win a game in the ACC tourney. NO excuses…

  73. BC not likely to lose at home to Ga. Tech this weekend, but if we beat UVA and FSU beats Va. Tech, we are 7th in the conference and it would be difficult to keep us out barring a horrendous loss in the ACC tourney.

  74. Wouldn’t we be 7th even if Va Tech beats FSU (provided we beat UVA)?

  75. I think so. Win and we’re locked in at 7. But theres a chance we see Miami instead of NC st now…

  76. The sad truth is that we can lose to UVA on saturday…boy, that will be heart breaking. I am glad that BC, Miami & Va Tech lost though…what is Joe Lunardi’s dumb ass gonna do now (especially if we beat UVA)? He is going to have to wrap his tail around his legs, put MD in that his stupid bracket and take out Va Tech (and probably Miami, a team that cannot even get to .500 in regular play this season)

  77. yeah… if BC loses and we win, we’ll be tied with them, but they’d get the nod due to head to head…

    In other bubbly news, Kentucky is in big trouble against a hideous Georgia team and Florida look to be losing as well.

  78. Now I’m a Canes fan again. I do not want to see McClinton in the 1st round of the ACC tournament. I hope they can beat NC St on Saturday so we can avoid them…

  79. On the bad side, Vandy is going to upset LSU

  80. Georgia… RPI 205…. goes into Lexington and beats Kentucky. Wow!

  81. I stated earlier this week – from a source on another board (according to his “inside” info Burney had another fracture). We all were skeptical. I then compared it to the persistent foot problems old NBA baller Andrew Toney had.

    It seems there is some credibility to this source from, ahem, another board. Usually that stuff is B.S. Can anyone provide further info? thanks.

  82. And Miss St over UF. And Texas A&M is in a little bit of trouble at Colorado. No one wants to get into the tournament.

  83. HOnestly I think if we win at UVa we are in regardless. Unless VaTech or Miami make a run. If all three of us go out in the first round what will the selection committee do? I doubt they will only take 6 teams from the best conference. They can’t take a lower seeded team over us, right? Just to be safe, I think we should win the ACC tourney!

  84. Does anyone have any further info on Born Ready?

    I like the fight in our team and with the new crew next yr along with our nucleus, we’ll be tough.

    I wanted to see if anyone thought Goins or BD are likely to transfer opening up a scholly. thanks

  85. Another hit on Va. Tech, even if they win this weekend they still will have lost 5 of 7 to end the season.

  86. i just hope they lose to end the talk about them

  87. i can totally see that pointless three GV took at the end of the NC St. game coming back to haunt us in the ACC tourney if we face them. karma is a bitch.

  88. All in all, a good night for the Terps. Other than Vandy, everything broke our way. Tomorrow we need the following results:

    Villanova over Providence
    California over Arizona
    Illinois over Penn St

    Nova is home so that looks good. Illinois can definitely win at Penn St. Cal at Zona will be tough but it’s nothing new for Mike Montgomery going into the desert. Terps at UVA will be on ABC! Whew! I was dreading a trip to Charlottesville. That’s too far away!

  89. ok here it goes.. steve blake is the most overrated player in maryland history (at least by fans). yes we won a national championship but it wasnt because of blake, it was despite him. people are so easy to forget the md kentucky and md uconn games. i was there… his worst game of the year was maryland kentucky, until he shit his pants two days later against uconn. if we had lost either of those games (we were rescued by juan and lonny) the 2002 team would have remembered for being one of the best md teams ever before bowing out early. blake would have been the scapegoat. instead, juan saves us and blake suddenly becomes one of the greatest pgs in md history. go back and watch the games or look at the stats. for all the talk about gv being loose with the ball, steve turned the ball over jsut as much. blake’s legend is built around three things.. oh he steal, “shutting down” jason williams, and the national championship.

    oh he steal is the signature play from the nc season so thats obviously special.

    shutting down jason williams… williams still ripped steve’s tits multiple times during their careers. people only remember blake locking down williams like he was a 14 year old playing in a 9 and under league. sorry but it didnt happen that way.

    national championship.. as i said earlier, it wasnt because of blake..

    ps. his rep has only been magnified because he’s been our best nba player from the nc team.

  90. Is Vandy even really a bubble team? They have some awful losses and an RPI somewhere in the 80s or 90s. I think pretty much every bubble team but Texas A&M lost today.

  91. i hope the md-uva game is shown here in NY on ABC and not oklahoma-oklahoma-st

  92. i hope the terps game saturday is shown here in NY on ABC and not oklahoma-oklahoma-st

  93. whoops sorry for the duplicate guys

  94. larry the cableguy…it was posted in the Wake Forest Game Thread that Rome injured his other (right foot). I saw him sitting on the bench during the game in a white UMD UA polo and slacks with a boot on his right foot.

    As for Lance Stephenson he had a triple double last night with 39 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists. James Padgett had a double double in the same game with 21 points and 13 rebounds.

    No need to speculate on any Terp transfers at this time because it doesn’t really serve any purpose. After the season is over all of the players will evaluate their options meet with Gary and let him know their decisions. Just know that for Gary to be pushing so hard for Stephenson he must expect a ‘ship to be available.

  95. Did anyone see the poll question on espn college bball page today? Is Gary Williams’ job in jeopardy in MD doeas not make the NCAA tourny? 65% no 35 % yes 23,869 votes.

  96. SP MD,
    In that UConn game I seem to remember him hitting a dagger three with a minute to go. He was having a bad game but he still wanted the ball to take a huge shot. I dont think that Blake could’ve won the NC without Lonny or Dixon but I think he was a great point guard. I dont think he’s overrated. I think you would be hard-pressed to think he was more important than Lonny and Dixon.

  97. not so good news, but we can still do what we’ve been doing and make it baby, go terps!

    Jerome Burney is out for the season

  98. Hey SP MD blake the most over-rated pg. You are a damn idiot. Be careful if you say that in front of your dr. They will put you right in the jacket.

  99. hey sp, interesting take on blake. i would say you left out one very important factor in your list of 3 things about blake, and it’s the most obvious one. his race. now, i’m not trying to call maryland fans a bunch of racists, but do you think blake would get as much attention if he was a black point guard? I’m actually asking this as a serious question and one that i don’t know the answer to. my natural inclination is to say no, but i could be dead wrong. there’s a reason that wayne chrebet has the best-selling jersey in the history of the new york jets franchise and it’s not because he was their most prolific wide receiver.

  100. Things could not have worked out better for us last night. Virtually every game we needed went our way. Maybe the stars are aligned this year?

    Miami is dead and Va Tech will be with a loss at FSU. I think BC is in no matter what so that loss to NC State is irrelevant.

    Still waiting to see if the UVA game is on ABC down here. They still have that time slot as “college basketball – teams TBA”.

  101. Wow. I’m stunned about these Blake comments. I, for one, would never argue that he was the equal of Juan Dixon. And it’s true he strugged in the 2002 Tourney. But look at his body of work as a whole. Blake’s freshman year the Terps were picked near the bottom of the ACC, he led them to a #3 seed. He is 5th ALL-TIME in the NCAA in assists. ALL-TIME as in out of EVERYONE that has ever played Div-I college basketball. Let’s not forget his 1,000 pts, 400 boards and 200 steals. And to say he wasn’t a great defensive player, well you just weren’t watching. Jason Williams lit up a lot of college players. It was Blake who almost always covered the best opposing guard regardless of whether he was the 1 or the 2.

  102. Wayne Chrebet was a special case. He was born and raised in Garfield, NJ about 10 miles from Giants Stadium. He went to Hofstra Univ in Long Island, NY where the Jets practiced for many years. He was a hometown boy through and through. And he was a “hustle” player, always the type that’s a fan favorite. Also, you are talking about the Jets, not exactly a franchise that has produced many marketable stars since the NFL merchandising boom.

  103. Eddie, all good points and I agree that those factors played important roles in Chrebet’s popularity. But do you actually believe that he didn’t get a boost in attention and fanfare because he just happens to be a white guy playing a position that’s been dominated by black athletes for decades now (and that’s a huge understatement)?

  104. This Steve Blake discussion is outrageous.

    A. He has 972 career assists placing him 5th all -time in the history of the NCAA. He averaged 7 assists per game throughout his career; including his senior year when the entire NC team was decimated.
    B. His race is irrelevant. Juan Dixon, Walt Williams, and Len Bias are probably the three most beloved Terps of all-time and they are all African-American. I’m not going to sugar coat Maryland’s and the ACC’s sordid history on race and equality; but in the modern era this is a stupid discussion.

  105. Jeremy, you did not have Walt Williams on your list, so I can’t second it. My All-time Terp PGs

    1. John Lucas
    2. Walt Willaims
    3. Steve Blake
    4. Brad Davis

  106. Well-said Jeremy.

  107. From Andy Katz today…

    The ACC is eating its own. Georgia Tech beat Miami, North Carolina took out Virginia Tech and now the bubble in the ACC may be down to just Boston College, which lost at NC State and needs to beat Georgia Tech on Saturday, and Maryland, which is still standing if it can win at Virginia with the UNC and Michigan State wins as its bookends on the season.

  108. Great list of PG’s. Can we make my all-time personal favorite Keith Gatlin the 5th?

    The Chrebet point is well-taken. There still are many backwards-thinking people around.

  109. Based on Andy Katz’s comments, it sounds like being in a tough conference is actually going to hurt the ACC come tourney time…WTF? I guess if we add 4 more crappy teams, it will look better for our Top 8…


    I’m not saying we deserve a bid yet, but seriously?

  110. Maybe the Steve Blake reasoning is this: Eric Hayes is supposed to be the next Steve Blake. Eric has been fine so far, but is not an all-time great Terp point guard. If EH is like Blake, then Blake must not not all that. Unless you saw him play. Does Steve Blake have a little brother who likes to wear red?

  111. At least it lists us and still having a chance to get in the dance. I still think BC is in but I guess if they close the season losing to NC State, Ga Tech and then lose to UVA in the first round of the tourney they may get bounced.

  112. Jeremy you’re completely misinterpreting my comments. Just because 3 of the most beloved terps are black guys makes absolutely no difference in the world. Again, I’m not calling terp fans racist, I’m saying that people have a natural tendency to give extra support to people from the same background (in this case racial background), and especially so if they’re underrepresented. You can easily deify Steve Blake in your mind in part because he’s white (perhaps even subconciously) and still love black players as much or more. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about white people supporting white athletes in underrepresented roles (i.e., point guard in b-ball, wide receiver in football, boxing) or black people supporting Obama because of his skin color. Why do you think Obama received 98+% of the black vote? Does that make all black people racist?

  113. I’m black (at least that’s what people tell me) and I love Jim O’Brien, Bob Bodell and Tom McMillen.

  114. Eddie, I would second Keith Gatlin as the #5 Terp PG.

  115. Matt Kovarik?

  116. Hopefully Gary Williams will comment on Jerome Burney in either a written release or on his radio show tonight. It is possible that his basketball career is over but Gary hasn’t said that so we’ll see.

  117. Basketball career over? Because of the extent of the injuries?

  118. If so that is a damn shame.

  119. This Blake discussion is absurd. First of all, the alleged underrepresentation at the PG position has more to do with the fact that white players are generally underrepresented in hoops when compared to black players. If anything, PG is a position where whites thrive. Again, I’m not suggesting there aren’t more black PGs than white PGs out there, but it’s more an issue of there being more blacks vs. whites across the board, as opposed to us whiteys pining after a white PG we can call our own. I suppose the same logic applies; based on terpgrad’s argument, a white fan would probably deify a white player at any position, since there tend to be more blacks than whites in big-time D1 hoops. I just don’t think the PG position, specifically, makes any difference at all.

    But more importantly, based on numbers/stats alone, I have no doubt Blake would receive the same accolades and support from white fans if he were black. He didn’t have the prettiest shot or the best handles, nor was he the quickest guy on the floor. But he was a pure PG, incredibly smart, and he saw the floor better than most who have played the position at this level. Two “bad” games in the Tournament (and this is debatable) don’t alone make the player. As someone put well in an earlier post, you judge a player by his entire body of work, and Blake’s career speaks for itself. And really, do you need any more evidence than the fact that we freakin won our only national championship with Blake at the helm? Do you think Juan Dixon, Lonny Baxter and Chris Wilcox enjoy the same success without Blake leading their team? Not a chance.

  120. Agree with PT – let’s all hope Burney can come back from the injuries.

  121. White people are so funny about racial topics. I was one of the few white kids that went to HS in PG County. I was the only white kid on my football team and I personally ended Lamont Jordan’s HS career. I went to Oxon Hill HS. Anybody ever watch the Chappelle show? I love it when white people get offended about percieved racisim by other white people who have probably never had a large group of african american friends. Can’t we all just get along and joke about it? Steve Blake made the most of his athletic abilities and nobody can ever dispute that. That kid also displayed the leadership, grit and tenacity of anyone I have seen in college basketball. Obviously we have all seen White Man can’t jump so Blake wasn’t going to woo anyone with a windmill jam, but he was the man.

  122. Also from that Katz article…

    That leaves eight spots left among 19 teams (in no particular order):

    1. Maryland
    2. Virginia Tech
    3. Miami
    4. Rhode Island
    5. Providence
    6. Texas A&M
    7. Oklahoma State
    8. Kansas State
    9. Penn State
    10. Ohio State
    11. Northwestern
    12. Michigan
    13. Florida
    14. Kentucky
    15. Saint Mary’s
    16. UNLV
    17. New Mexico
    18. San Diego State
    19. Tulsa

    If its 8 out of those, I really like our chances. More realistically, it’ll be 5 or 6 after tournament upsets, but even with that, I still think it looks pretty damn positive… as long as we can take care of UVA on Saturday…

  123. My goodness, why can’t I ever bring up a racial topic without someone twisting my words around. Let me clarify, if the Blake racial effect exists (which is debatable), I am in no way offended by that. I wasn’t bringing this up to complain that white people need to shape up and quit our racist ways. I was simply making an observation about Blake’s popularity relative to SP’s original 3 supposed reasons about why Blake is unduly considered a legend, and that observation is this: If you were to give every Maryland alum a survey about former terp b-ball players and ask them to rate them on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being Will Bowers and 10 being Len Bias, black people might score him as an 8, white people would more likely score him as a 9.5. There are more white alums than black alums, hence the inflated legend of Blake. Disagree with me if you may, but I think it’s naive to ignore skin pigment.

    Besides, Markmarx, how do you know I’m white??? Is it that obvious? :)

  124. CT, your point is well-taken about the point guard position being irrelevant to the argument.

  125. I think it has more to do with the under-representation than the white thing. Everyone seems to love JS Kim. He hasn’t shown much of anything. I think the whole 2002 team has been lifted to deity status. In my mind rightfully so. That was a great team. I think Blake is a top 5 Terps Point Guard, regardless of skin color.

  126. I am black . . . actually, I’m white, was one of only two white guys on my high school basketball team, had quite a few black friends growing up, and love Def Comedy Jam. I understand terpgrad’s argument 100%, and it doesn’t offend me; I just don’t necessarily agree with regard to Blake. What does offend me, however, is the idea that Blake was highly overrated. That’s just nonsense.

  127. Steve Blake was the starting PG on Maryland’s only National Championship team. He was a helluva player with a very high hoops IQ; so were his teammates Juan Dixon and Lonnie Baxter. Last time I checked #3 & #35 were hanging alongside Blake’s number. Career performance and results on the floor are the only reasons #25 hangs from the rafters in the ComCast. His number would be up there whether he was white, black, brown, red or yellow.

    If he was being unduly “deified” among the Maryland faithful only because he was/is white, then he would have never lasted as long as he has in the NBA. White college “deities,” or any color for that matter, do not last long in the NBA if they can’t perform. They get shown the door. He starts for the Portland Trailblazers becasue he was & still is one helluva player.

  128. Wow DBR, I was unaware of that about Jerome. If that is in fact the case, is that perhaps where the extra scholorship comes from?

  129. I assume Burney would retain his scholarship, regardless of the injury. I mean, they’re not gonna make him pay for school, right?

  130. If we pay for his school he will take up a ‘ship.

  131. Granted Blake struggled during our championship run, but his body of work as a true point guard was awesome and a perfect compliment to that team, plus he was as tough as nails and both he and Dixon refused to lose. See stats below of 2002 regular season and tournament averages. Everyone was pretty consistent, but Dixon really picked up his game.

    Maryland (32-4) NCAA Tournament Overall Season
    —Per Game— —Per Game—
    Gm FG% TPts Pts Reb Ast Gm FG% TPts Pts Reb Ast
    Juan Dixon 6 .542 155 25.8 3.8 3.2 36 .469 735 20.4 4.6 2.9
    Lonny Baxter 6 .561 94 15.7 8.5 0.7 35 .545 533 15.2 8.2 0.8
    Chris Wilcox 6 .516 81 13.5 5.5 1.0 36 .504 432 12.0 7.1 1.5
    Byron Mouton 6 .351 42 7.0 5.0 1.7 36 .469 401 11.1 5.0 2.1
    Drew Nicholas 6 .387 41 6.8 2.3 2.3 36 .477 255 7.1 2.3 2.4
    Steve Blake 6 .289 37 6.2 3.8 6.7 36 .382 287 8.0 3.8 7.9
    Tahj Holden 6 .563 35 5.8 3.2 1.0 36 .453 202 5.6 2.7 1.2
    Ryan Randle 6 .467 14 2.3 1.8 0.2 34 .524 129 3.8 3.1 0.1
    Andre Collins 2 .500 2 1.0 0.0 0.0 22 .667 48 2.2 0.5 0.9
    Calvin McCall 3 — 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 19 .526 27 1.4 0.8 0.1
    Earl Badu 1 — 0 0.0 0.0 2.0 12 .500 4 0.3 0.3 0.8
    Mike Grinnon 1 .000 0 0.0 2.0 0.0 16 .286 7 0.4 0.3 0.3
    MARYLAND 6 .476 501 83.5 38.5 17.0 36 .482 3060 85.0 41.1 19.8
    OPPONENTS 6 .400 417 69.5 35.0 14.2 36 .399 2552 70.9 37.4 13.6

  132. Isn’t Burney a lefrank scholar? Maybe he could move to an academic scholarship if he really is done with BBall.

  133. Let me present an angle here. Many times white players are considered “scrappy”, “heady”, “high-IQ” and black players are considered “athletic”, “gifted”, etc. If you really break down Juan and Stevie’s game, they were both kinda misclassified perhaps party because of skin color.

    When you say “high-IQ”, I would definitely atrribute that to Juan Dixon. He was not exceptionally quick but constantly could get himself open for mid-range jumpers using his guile. He didnt’ have great foot-speed but used great basketball instincts to over-play the lanes and pick up an ungodly amount of steals.

    Steve Blake is 6’4″ with very long arms and deceptively quick feet. He is what they call “long”. He is very quick going baseline-to-baseline with the ball. Blake was a great defender mostly because of his God-given talent. I was watching Blazers vs Pacers last night Blake hit a 3 to put Portland ahead after trailing the whole game. TJ Ford was scorching it for the Pacers and they isolated for him at the top of the key twice in a row with the game on the line. You should’ve seen Stevie D him up. Stevie completely cut off the drive and forced TJ into 2 fadeaways in a row, which he missed. In effect, this won the game for Portland. We’re talking about TJ Ford. Dookie V once called him the “quickest PG in the history of college basketball”.

    The fact that Stevie has been a better NBA player than Juan doeesn’t surprise me in the least. Stevie is a more “gifted” basketball players. In today’s NBA game, ability counts for 70-80% whereas in college maybe it’s only 50% with all the other factors being just as important.

  134. Eddie I think the key to having a pro career is having a true position in the NBA. This is where Juan’s pro career was hurt. He didn’t have the handle to be a pro guard and was nowhere near big enough to be anything else. Just like Booth who was way to small to play the way he did in college. In the pros Booth woulda been a guard (or at least a swing man) but his game was more banging down low.

  135. If anything, Blake is underrated as a MD player. He is by far the all-time assists leader and he won a national championship. Yet, very few people would rate him as the the best PG ever. When Blake was at MD, every student on campus was wearing a Dixon jersey. These assertions that he may have been favored because he was white are preposterous. After all, he has been more successful in the pros than just about any Terp of the last 10 years. How he could he possibly be overrated?

    Can we please move on?

  136. Interesting point, Eddie. While I agree re Juan, I wouldn’t necessarily label Blake athletically gifted. In fact, one might suggest that his ability to play D in fact has more to do with his hoops IQ (filling lanes, interpreting where his man will go with the ball, etc.) than with his athletic ability (Blake is certainly long, but I’ve never thought of him having very quick feet, although you seem to have paid closer attention than me). And jonbruns is right on re Blake fitting in better at the next level than Juan. Juan will always be a great shooter and determined as hell, but he had almost no chance of thriving in the NBA, given his size.

    While we’re on the subject, I can’t help but recall and admire how great a college player Juan Dixon was. Maybe more than any other D1 hoops star, he squeezed absolutely every inch of success, talent, whatever you want to call it, out of his spindly 6-3/6-4 frame. He moved amazingly well without the ball, always knew exactly where to be on the floor, read defenses like a professor . . . and he was the only Terp in my short history with MD who, when he shot the ball (from mid-range, 3, wherever), I had 100% confidence it was going in. Every time. Juan Dixon was special.

  137. I just spent 30 minutes going through just looking at the 2002 season. Man, we just dominated fools. Winning by 20, 30 points. That was a great season. and thumbs up CT. Dixon was incredible. I am STILL PISSED that somehow J. Williams wins National Player of the Year, but fails to win Conference Player of the Year. How the fuc k does that happen?

  138. CT, Well said and you kinda got me thinking in a different direction……

    As I heard once from Bobby Knight, “Everyone has the will to win on game day. What separates the champions from the also-rans is that champions also have the will to practice to win, even when it hurts.”

    I always liked Blake and Juan because I think they had that will to practice to win. They were/are both averachievers, but it was/is no accident.

    And taking that thought one step further – The 2008-09 Terps are the first Terp team to fit that mold since 2003, IMO. The heralded recruiting classes in 2002 and 2003 didn’t have that gumption. The Gist and Boom team had it physically, but that team was mentally unprepared. This year’s team has got it!

    They must beat uva

  139. My post was worded poorly. I think Juan shoulda been ACC and National Player of the Year.

  140. UVA/MD tickets available if you’re close enough to go and don’t mind sitting in the student sections 117 & 118 (benches, no seat backs). Also seats in section 301. Tickets $37.

  141. Since UVA has begun to sell tickets to the general public, Terps fans are buying them up in large numbers. There is a “Family Night” deal where you can buy tickets for $24 each, and included is a food voucher (22 oz soda, hot dog, popcorn). You have to buy a minimum of 4 tickets though. I expect to see a lot of red, which will be very entertaining. I’ll be in Sec 119, along with many other Terps. I believe Sec 119 is already filled, and they are working on 117 and 118 now.

  142. Need this game. Everything is right out there in front of the Terps. Beat the crap outta the Hoos…win first ACC Tourney game and maybe even steal a 2nd one for insurance.

  143. Agreed!

    Great that things in the ACC fell perfectly for us last night!

  144. Anyone know where I can get a DVD or movie file of the 2002 National Championship? I would love to watch the whole game again. I saw that the Womens Championship run came out on DVD and I have a DVD of the ACC championship but can’t find anything for the National Championship. Weird.

  145. Juan was certiainly not athletically gifted compared to most college athletes. He was my neighbor and I have plenty of good stories about him. I remember very vividly that his calves were the size of my forearms. I couldn’t believe it! I was very shocked that he eventually learned to dunk after his sophmore season. Another strange thing about Juan was his shot. I was in Cole Field house one night at 2 AM and we have all heard the stories about Juan taking jumpshots all night. I had hit the 1/2 court shot during half time of one the games early in the season and I sneaked into Cole to practice for the shoot out during the final game of the season. I was practicing my 1/2 court shot using the chest-push technique which is how I hit the 1/2 court shot during the season. Juan took the ball from me and said, hey just shoot it like a regular shot, watch! He took a long step and shot a regular shot from 1/2 court. I couldn’t even hit the free throw line with a standard shot jumpshot on a full sized regulation college court from mid court, and I played pick up ball my entire life.

  146. jonbruns contact the UMD Athletic Department, I’m sure they could point you in the right direction.

  147. For those of us in the NYC area, ABC will be showing the OK-OK St game on Saturday.. But it appears that the Terps-UVA game will be on the Full Court package – CH 426 on TWC.

  148. I’m relatively sure that this is the full game…

  149. Let’s play an imagination game. Everyone close your eyes and picture a person in your head when I describe the typical player in this sport (humor me).

    To excel at this sport, it helps to be tall, have long arms, and be able to not just jump high vertically but have leaping ability over distance. Because the game requires constant jumping, you must be able to jump as high at the start of the game as at the end. Having the ability to move laterally very quickly is also a must. You must have great hand-eye coordination, as well as great body awareness (there are lots of tall people around you going after the ball). Not only must you be able to jump high and over a fairly long distance, you must also have good timing to block an opponent’s shot.

    What sport am I describing? What is the likely skin color of the player of this sport?

    Volleyball. White.

    Why do we see so relatively few white kids playing at the elite level of hoops but so many white kids playing at the elite level of volleyball? Both sports require almost the same exact skill sets and same abilities.

    Fact: White kids self-select out of hoops at a young age because either they or their parents think that they have no future in hoops because of their skin color. Think about what you’re saying when you say that whites can’t jump as high or run as fast as blacks. You’re saying that there is an anatomical difference between the two. Jimmy the Greek lost his job for saying the same thing. It’s almost as stupid as saying that one race has a greater “innate” intelligence than another. You’re saying that their brains are actually different. There is no evidence at all of this. If blacks are faster over short distances and can jump higher (indicators of fast-twitch muscle), why are blacks also the best long distance runners in the world (indicator of slow-twitch muscle)? The “black” gene is the same for African Americans as African Caribbeans as sub-Saharan Africans.

    If you want to trip out on some academic reading, go to Google Scholar and type in “White men can’t jump.” You will find a study done a few years ago that showed how stereotypes about race affect physical performance. Hint: Whites don’t jump as high around blacks as they do around whites. Performance anxiety to no confirm the stereotype causes poor performance.

    Steve Blake had almost 2 times as many assists at MD as the second best assist man at MD. Think about that. Over-rated? Seriously?

    I’m not accusing anyone of anything. I just thought I’d drop a little science to enlighten our debate. I love The Soup and all Soupers. I am available to write any terms papers for the right price (just kidding…about the price).

  150. Interesting point wheels. I would also suggest that maybe socio-economics has something to do with the make-up involved in various sports. Also Raj! You are a gentleman and a scholar! Thanks for the link. I place an order. Glorious!

  151. We sure have some smart people on this blog. Some great points about his subject.

    Down here in Raleigh this is really a sore subject. They tie Duke’s popularity to the prevalence of white players. Duke has a much larger following outside the state of North Carolina than in-state. By local accounts, that following is about 90% white.

    The whole Duke Lacrosse scandal is viewed in a different light locally. Nationally those lacrosse players are viewed as victims of an overly aggressive prosecutor. Here they see the indecent as typical privileged white behavior.

    You had a group of white players getting a black stripper over their house and abusing her. It was at best very boorish behavior. The night was topped off with racial epitaphs being yelled at her as she left the scene.

    My four and a half years down here have been a real eye-opener. I had no idea how racially charged the school rivalry was.

  152. I think the Duke lacrosse thing was a lot of both. Priviledged, abusive white behavior AND an overly aggressive Prosector. Definitely brought to light the vast economic differences in the people at Duke and the surrounding areas.

  153. I watched that HBO documentary on Duke/UNC. I didn’t realize that Duke had such an isolated following as compared to UNC’s state-wide following. Also, is Duke really that much more popular nationally? I know that UNC has as much a national following as can be expected because of the great players and the baby blue unis. But really I don’t know anyone that didn’t go to Duke that likes Duke. I think they are a media, especially ESPN, creation.

  154. Noooooo way. The vast majority of Duke fans cant even spell SAT, much less get into school there. Theyre the same people that swear they were always huge Pats and Yankees fans despite the fact they grew up in rural Ohio.

  155. jeremy whast your point? its college careers only. just because juan is a fringe nba player and blake is a starter on a playoff team does not mean blake was better than juan. and for the record, i think steve was a really good player and deserves to be top 5 for md pgs. but i think fans overrate him all the time. terpgrad has a good point. whether people admit or not, they tend to root for players that look like themselves.

    jerry- show some respect. you’re the idiot if you can’t accept one person’s opinion for what it is- an opinion.

  156. I was depressed for like 2 minutes when I saw that ABC in this area will be showing the Oklahoma game…in fact, I came on this site (as i do, like every other hour) to bitch about my predicament and then to ask about where i can catch the game…but then, i caught anotha brotha’s blog which said that the game will be on FullCourt.

    The world is all well now. I luv this site!

    I am sick of muthasuckas not giving MD any respect. Now, cats are saying that we need UVA and 2 wins in the ACC Tourney to stand a chance. They need to shut the fuck up for real…makes me wanna smack sumbody

  157. To have a chance we need 2? Thats a lie in every way. Top 20 SOS, some major wins, .500 record in the toughest conference in America… 1 should be enough.

  158. Ric Maese of the Baltimore Sun said Terps need UVA and 2 in the tourney. He didn’t write they “might”, he just stated like it was a well-known fact. I’ve e-mailed that clown several times before. He always waits ’til the Terps lose than writes about them. After the UNC game, I think he was writing about fishing.

  159. Damnit. Buies brother just hurt us badly with that shot at the end of the PSU game.

  160. Ric Maese is an idiot.

    One good, one bad tonight. Providence losing was good, Penn State bad, but PSU still needs to win this weekend at Iowa. Their non-conference schedule was horrid, rated in the 300’s. All we need to worry about is winning Saturday. Nothing matters unless we do that.

  161. Dayton going down was good too. Hopefully Duquesne beats them again this weekend.

  162. You nailed it Gregg. We need to worry about winning on Saturday. Then we can look through the rubble and see if we need another win.
    Man, the Wahoos are in BIG TROUBLE this weekend!!!

  163. Ric Maese is just showing that he is not paying attention. Almost every bubble team has been tanking badly. This season there is much less competition for spots.

    Could we not get in with two straight wins? Yea, if there are all sorts of crazy conf tourney upsets and bubble teams all get hot. Barring that, we are dancing with two wins.

    Mark the tape!!!

  164. Lunardi (as of Thurs) has us in his LAST 4 IN group.

  165. Haha. We lose a game, and move from the 6th team out to one of the last 4 in on Lunardis bracket. This has been one crazy season.

  166. Considering that the big east already has 7 spots locked for the NCAAT (according to espn) Its looking good for BC and Maryland to get there from the ACC. BC has a better record, but VaTech’s is just ugly. If we get left out, but Providence gets let it, it’ll be a shame that the Big East was able to push 8 spots while the ACC only 6. Thats parity for ya.

    I seriously question how far Maryland can go in the Tourney if they are run down by the second half of any single game. Gary seems to get the most out of his guys, and they always peak right around 2 weeks before the ACC tourney, but don’t they all look so worn after a win this late in the season?
    I’m willing to bet most of those missed 3 pointers by the Terps vs Wake, and the sluggish second steps were a function of the exhaustion of playing on short rest vs a bigger team.

    How bad do we get beat versus a big team in the second or third round of playing on short rest in the NCAA tourney? Is a bad sign when even Vasquez is too tired to be his usual exuberant self.

  167. After doing a fair amount of reading this week, I reluctantly must report that although there is much to hate about Coach K, he has been very vocal about GW and what a great job he has done with his team this year. Some very supportive comments.

  168. I watched the Illi – Penn St game and boy , both those teams suck. They would be behind Miami in our conference and Illi is looking at a second place finish. The B.ig 10 should get 4 -5 teams in max!

  169. I will be INFURIATED if the Ben ten gets more bids than the ACC gets. Every year we win that ACC-BigTen Challenge and then they get more bids. It is ridiculous.

  170. Wheels,

    Good write-up. May I humbly ask a question. In 2006, the median houshold income for white households was $52k per year and for black households was $32k. Am I crazy to wonder how whether that difference in income explains why blacks youths are over-represented in college B-ball & football while white youths are over-represented in college volleyball and soccer?

    First, poorer youths are more likely to be exposed to just the mass media sports. So, they concentrate on what they know (basketball, football and baseball). Richer youths have a greater likelihood to be exposed to a wider variety of sports (more soccer, volleyball, tennis, and golf), so there is less concentration on one sport.

    Second, Children in poorer families, it is my opinion, are raised to be more physically aggressive and will, as a result, excel at the sports that require aggressiveness (i.e, basketball and football).

    What do ya think? Is it worth a term paper?

  171. .StevenD I think absolutely socio-economics plays a huge roll in a persons interest in (and participation in). I think one additional huge factor is cost of sports. Basketball is a very inexpensive sport to play. Sports with a lot of equipment/rental/location costs are more difficult for people of lower income to participate in (golf, hockey,volleyball etc.) I don’t really agree with the whole “children in poorer families are raised to be more physically aggressive” thing. Perhaps their neighborhoods are more difficult to grow up in. Perhaps their schools are rougher. But I wouldnt say they are raised to be physically aggressive.

  172. Jordan Williams last night 52 points, 21 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 steals.

  173. Steven and Jon…I think most people would agree that the racial divide in sports, as with almost everything else in this country, is a function of socio-economic status (SES). In this country, it is nearly impossible to distinguish between race and SES.

    So…I think you’re both right. Poorer kids (who on average are more likely to be of color in this country) tend to view athletics as a way out, and if there was a ton of $$ out there in professional volleyball, we’d see more people of color entering it. A cycle begins where kids see people “like themselves” making it big. They get into the sport and perpetuate the cycle.

    The history of the NBA bears this out. In the 1950s, many of the urban poor were Jewish and Irish. When you look at professional hoops back then, surprise, Jews and Irish dominated the game. Pro football was the same (with the addition of another large group of working poor…Italians).

    In short, people do what they are rewarded for doing. Is it surprising that the larger gap between the purse for 1st and 2nd place winners in PGA events, the lower below par the golfers shoot? Not at all.

    Okay, we better get off of this before people start yelling at us to stick with MD hoops! I could go on all day talking about this stuff, but I am a nerd.

  174. I might add Tennis and Golf are sports where access has historically been an issue for blacks. Add to that, that Golf is an expensive sport to play. With basketball all you need is a ball and the ability to find a playground or school with outside baskets.

    And if you’re an inner city kid (regardless of race) you’ve probably never seen a golf course or soccer field.

    I grew up in the Maryland suburbs of DC in a mostly black neighborhood and as a kid I only saw one guy with golf clubs. Nobody talked about soccer. I kinda got interested in tennis when Arthur Ashe won Wimbledon and took up tennis for a few years but only two of my friends played so I got bored playing the same two guys all the time.

  175. It’s a location thing as well. You see a higher number of minorities in cites that don’t have the open spaces that soccer and baseball require. Basketball courts are everywhere. It gets even more interesting if you look at the geographical areas that athletes from different sports coem from. Lots of hoops from the north and football from the south.

    I think the more interesting question to ask regarding race and MD is how would Hayes and Vasquez be viewed if the traded looks. Exact same personalities but different skin color. I think a lot of people (old people that need to die so their subconcious but very real racisim can die with them) that HATE Vasquez would LOVE him. Is he really any different than Caner Medley attittude wise? He’s a much better player…

  176. Vasquez much better player, to clarify.

  177. Wheels, might it also be that segregation had to do with the larger amount of Jewish and Irish players in the NBA in the ’50s? at that time the NBA was just starting to desegregate.

  178. I do not care what color a player’s skin is as long as they wear Terp colors. I grew up in PG county as a white kid and did fine. When all races have to deal with each other in the same neighborhoods the differences of skin color or culture is not as important. Growing up I did not see any kid with golf clubs, but I saw plenty of tennis rackets, baseball gloves, football helmets and basketballs. Good luck guys on Saturday.

  179. My athletic career as a boy growing up in Queens hit a glass ceiling when stoop ball failed to become a bigtime sport. Same with stickball and Chinese handball. Also, getting beaten up never made Wide World of Sports. I’d have been a shoo-in to represent the Agony of Defeat.

  180. Williams score 52 and they lost!? That was an epic HS basketball game!

    That artical was a fun read. I especially liked the way it ended……

    In that final minute, Torrington and Crosby cheerleaders backflipped up and down the floor together during a timeout, coaches hugged, the crowd stood up and screamed and, once it was finally over, the Bulldogs tried to lift Turina on their shoulders in testimony to his retirement and their respect.

    Ireland was named the outstanding Waterbury senior; Williams got the Connie Donahue Award as the league’s outstanding senior player. Ireland was the tournament MVP; Williams and Mitchell were All-Tournament for Torrington; Ireland and Vasquez made it for Crosby.

    Fights should always be this good.

  181. jonburns,
    Yeah, i was talking about environments breeding more aggresiveness in poor neighborhoods. I was not trying to make any claims on parenting. Thanks for allowing my to clarify.

  182. DBR, these numbers Jordan Williams keeps putting up are bordering on surreal (i.e. 52 points, 21 rebounds). Is he that good? In other words, might we expect him to come in as a freshman make a significant contribution from the get go; unlike a lot of big men who take a couple of years to develop?

    He sounds like he might be the type of player that could give us 10-12 points and 10 rebounds a game as a freshman. I know I’m getting way out ahead even asking about his potential contribution while the current Terps are fighting to get into the dance; however, every time I see you post another eye-popping J-Dub stat line, it gets me wondering.

  183. His numbers are great, but he’s also playing pretty weak competition up there. The guy guarding him is usually a couple inches shorter and a good amount smaller than he is. He’ll probably need to hit the weights (like every big man coming into the ACC) to make a difference, but he’s got all the potential to be great.

  184. Jordan Williams’ HS league isn’t the toughest. And in most cases he has several inches over the kid guarding him. He does get double/triple teamed and keeps putting up numbers. And he did well against stronger competition on the AAU circuit last summer. He’s not gonna be a game changer at UMD as a freshman but he’s an upgrade over Dupree and Goins and should get plenty of playing time next season.

    Raj is right he’ll need to hit the weights. I think Jordan mentions that himself in the video interview I posted a link to on 3/4. Scroll up the page and check it out if you haven’t already. Seems like a good kid.

  185. Raj nailed it, a lot of recruiters watched his AAU games more than his high school games. DBR can shed more light but I believe he fared well in AAU play.

    Nothing like 50 pts but respectable numbers.

  186. When Jordan played on the AAU circuit last spring (April) he didn’t play well because the level of competition was much higher than his HS competition. His AAU coach (former Celtics coach John Carroll) worked with Jordan to help him adjust to the speed of the game at the AAU level and improve his game. He even became more of an above the rim player and developed a nice shot from 7-9 feet. Carroll really pushed him and coached him up. When the summer AAU circuit started he played quite well in front of coaches in July and Gary was there for everyone of his games.

    Over the past seven months some of the things that I’ve read about Jordan that I really liked were:

    He rebounds in traffic very well
    Extra contact does not seem to bother him
    Does contest shots

    Other than Milbourne (who’s only 6-6), Burney (who’s career is in jeapordy due to injuries) and Neal, who’s graduating name a returning Terp big that you can say that about?

  187. Pretty funny commercial even though it does have a Dukie in it…

  188. Bracketology 101 on the Terps

  189. Anyone in NYC trying to grab a beer and watch the UVA game somewhere tomorrow?

  190. DiamondbackRuss, you have written about the competition level in which Jordan Williams’ high school plays several times, but its still hard to resist the thought that we are getting a significant up-grade in Jordan.

    While not as flashy as Jordan’s numbers James Padgett is also putting up some god numbers. How would you rate the competition in which James Padgett’s high school plays?

  191. Jerry Palm has Terps in as a #10 seed right now.

  192. Good WaPo article concerning local teams chances of dancing.

  193. Padgett is playing in a tougher HS league for sure. Plus Lincoln HS plays a tough out of conference schedule against some of the best HS teams in the nation. Padgett averaged 14 points and 10 rebounds during regular season conference games. He’s averaging 17 points and 13 rebounds in the playoffs.

    DeMarcus Cousins is considered the #1 PF in the class of 2009. Padgett was matched up him in a HS game and played him very tough and physical on defense. Cousins looked extremely frustrated with the contact he was forced to take around the basket. Padgett bodied him up all game long.

  194. Anyone have a link to watch the women play Wake today?

  195. I am nervous about tomorrow’s game. This game is different than what we have been playing. If we play our best game we win, case closed. I just hope our boys don’t press.

    I would love a blowout but don’t expect one. I just learned that our local ABC station is now carrying this game so I can watch it. Unfortunately, I will have company so I won’t be able to glue myself to the TV.

    One key is we can’t get jumper happy. We have to take it to the hole. If GV starts off strong I expect a zone. That doesn’t mean we hang around the three point line and shoot 3s all day. You still work it inside out.

    Come on boys, you can do it!

  196. You can listen to the game at We’re tied with Wake 15-15.

  197. Agreed, Ricksterps. They can’t fall in love with shooting from long range. Attack the rim with dribble penetration and on cuts to the basket. Run the offense and get good looks. No need to be chucking up 3’s with 25 seconds left on the shoot clock.

  198. Maryland women on the verge of getting blown out by Wake, 61-49, with only 10 and change left. Too many turnovers and allowing WF to shoot 53%.

  199. The women have gotten back on track, but are still down 63-57 with 7:58 left.

  200. Finally got the lead back with 3:21 left, 66-65. Toliver finally got untracked. Currently on a 17-4 run.

  201. Lady Terps won by two. 72-70.

  202. Scandals from our conference-mates down in Tallahassee:

  203. Wait, FSU in trouble…THE HELL U SAY. Oh their friends in Gainsville gon love this.

    Meanwhile congrats to Lady Terps. Hopefully this game woke them up.

  204. Haha… before I went to UMD, I was a huge Gators fan. Still kept that resentment of everything from Tallahassee. Good ol’ Free Shoes University, you’d think they would eventually learn…

  205. FSU has always had an aura of shadiness about it, much like Miami.

    Glad the Lady Terps finally pulled it out. Terrific comeback. Would like to see them get an ACC title, as it has been a long time since the last one. They should have no trouble bearing down against UNC. It would be very impressive if they won the title by going through Wake, UNC, and Duke in Greensboro. Over at ESPN, on the women’s basketball front page, the headline story is how the only team that could take out UCONN would be a team that was a combination of Maryland and Oklahoma. I was getting worried for awhile that article had jinxed our ladies.

  206. Congrats to Kristi Toliver ACC POY

  207. Just learned that Oak Hill Academy is playing Montrose Christian on ESPN or maybe it’s ESPN2 tonight at 7pm. A couple of Terps recruits are playing in that game. Terrence Ross, Pe’Shon Howard to name two.

  208. “We did not allow anyone who we knew was ineligible to compete,” Wetherell said in a statement from the school. “Our position throughout the inquiry was that as soon as we knew of a problem, they didn’t play.”

    That defense didn’t work for Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling at Enron, doesn’t work at companies facing sexual harassment investigations, and didn’t work for the Nazis at the Nurenburg Trials either.

    MD almost had the death penalty imposed after Bob Wade for loss of “institutional control.” Not know IS the problem. Waiting to find out IS the problem. When FSU first found out about 1 player, why didn’t they immediately investigate? Why wait until “we knew of a problem”?

    They got off light, too. Football loses 2 scholarships this year and 1 next year. Boo-hoo. Bowden might have to forfeit wins, which would be the biggest punishment to Bowden only.

    Didn’t MD lose a game or two in both football and basketball in 2006-2007? How much $$ did FSU’s cheating cost not just MD but every team they played? This is totally outrageous, and the NCAA is letting them get away with it. Total crap.

  209. Wow, that Prisbell article…. “The Washington area has been a college basketball hotbed in recent years. Not only have Maryland and Georgetown reached at least one Final Four this decade, but George Mason authored a Final Four run for the ages the same season George Washington finished the regular season with the nation’s best record in 2006.

    I’m sure it would have taken more a lot more words to say we had 2 final 4 appearances and one national championship, but I guess it’s about equal in value in his mind.

    IIRC the Post uncovered the GW bogus High School scandal and forced the NCAA to pretend to do their job. In that light i read the 3 part article on recruiting and thought the 1st was unfair, but the other 2 were balance and enlightening.. The next article on LS recruitment was full of innuendo – it seemed totally geared for the sensational. Apparently Prsibell appeared on numerous forums saying that the article wasn’t about MD, but was mostly about UA. According to him, his real agenda is to reveal the dark underside of the shoe people and AAU this summer, when he has more time. I’ll be interested to see what he comes up with.

  210. Couple more thoughts about the FSU situation:

    1) Look how long it took the NCAA to make a decision. This goes back to ’06 and ’07.
    2) If they really wanted to send a message the NCAA should make FSU bowl ineligible for two years (same # of years as the infractions)

  211. WOW is anyone watching this Montrose Christian/Oak Hill Academy game on ESPN? That block by Isiah Armwood was ridiculous.

  212. uh oh Ross and Lamb almost threw down…

  213. Wheels: The NCAA is a joke. Nuff said.

  214. Lady Terps will win the tourney now. Remember ’02 guys? George Mason almost bounced us in the 1st round and work the boys up. I predict our girls will be ACC Tourney Champs and get a #1 seed.

    19 hours ’til game time. The Wahoos are in BIG TROUBLE!!!

  215. sp md, sorry i have to say this, your an idiot, Steve Blake has been one of the best point guards we have ever had. He hits the thre pointer to get us to our second final four, tops our career assists, etc.

    I have always believed that true greatnes is not just what you can do, but how youl lift your team around you. So, look at where he has played and the records before and after.

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