Just Win Baby… Please!

Here we are.

Just hours from the biggest game of the season for us fans.  But we all need to remember it’s the biggest game of some of the players’ lives.  In the final day of the regular season, the Terps have it all in front of them.  Win a game against a rival on their home floor and they nearly clinch a spot in the NCAA Tournament. 

It’s that simple.

It’s that difficult.

There are no sure things with this Terps team, we all know that.  They are not talented enough to blow a team out.  In fact, they haven’t blown a team out since December when we played Elon.  So don’t expect it today.  Expect a usual battle between a bottom team in the ACC on their home floor and an overachieving team that has a ton of heart and desire.  I’m not sure it will be enough, especially with all this on the line, but I sure hope it will be.

We haven’t had a good history in 3 of the last 4 years in winning games at the end of the season that we have to win.  Today, that can change.  Today we can make it happen.  Today we take that step back towards having the rest of the country ‘Fear The Turtle’ once again.

If we play like we have the past 5 games, we will win this.  Everything has broken our way this week to set up the Terps for an NCAA bid.  If they lose against Virginia, we don’t deserve to go. 

Everyone knows what is riding on this game.  You think we are nervous, think about the players.  But despite our limitations, we are a better team that Virginia.  We are a better team than the one that beat UVA earlier in the season, now they just have to prove it.

I said earlier in the year that these guys were losers, that they did not come through in the clutch and didn’t have the confidence to win close games.  Despite the losses to Wake and Duke, this team has proven it can win in the clutch, and it can win close games.  In the past month, the Terps have proven they are winners and they just need to do that just one more time. 

The tournament starts today. 

This is Round 1. 

Let’s get it done and move on.



  1. Response from the previous thread…

    I just got back from the Montrose vs. Oak Hill game. It was great. Several big time college prospects playing including Ross and Howard, guys who MD is looking at. Ross was pretty impressive overall with his athleticism and shooting range. He had a couple monster dunks. Howard isn’t flashy but he played very good defense. It’s just crazy how many good players there are on these teams. The size of these guys is incredible. Yarou and Gallon are just monstrous inside. They were both very impressive. It was a very exciting game for sure. Not as exciting as a couple years ago when Vasquez and Bowie led (well, really it was Kevin Durant how led) Montrose over Milbourne and Oak Hill.

  2. Oh and Chuck Driesell was in attendance.

  3. Ross is a MUST for 2010.

  4. This game is without a doubt one of the biggest in recent Maryland history.

    Everything has fallen into place for the Terps in the last couple of weeks. They got the big win against UNC and started to play good basketball. The teams above them have continued to lose to the point where beating UVA tomorrow may be enough to get them in the NCAA tourney for the second time in five long years.

    GV has talked about wanting to lead Maryland back to prominence. Gary Williams has said how much he loves this team and believes in their ability.

    There is absolutely no way the Terps can lose this game. They beat UNC, stayed with Duke and Wake until the very end, and have all the motivation in the world to win tomorrow. UVA is a terrible team, losing 8 of their last 10 games, the last 4 losses getting progressively worse. Sure they hate the Terps and would love to end their season but so what we have much more to play for than that.

    Winning this game will go a long way to rebuilding the Terps program and hopefully getting them back into the NCAA tourney. They simply have to win this game and there is nothing more that needs to be said…


  5. No chance? They have a chance to lose (see: last year). That said we shouldnt lose… as long as we run our offensive sets and dont fall in love with the 3 ball we should be ok.

  6. I hope that there is a large Terp fanbase at the game, to really make it loud enough to be just like a home game for the guys in red.

  7. I can’t find the game listing on Channel Surfing. Are there any other sites where the game will be broadcast on? Please help!

    -Out of country Terp

  8. I’ll be away from tv and internet until next Saturday, so I’ll be missing a lot. GO TERPS!!! I’ve got a good feeling…

  9. I hate UVa as much as the next guy but I have to admit, it is pretty sweet they named their court after Led Zeppelin’s bassist.

  10. MUCK FE! I’m in NY and the regional game I get isn’t UMD & VA it’s Oklahoma?!?! WTF.

    As for UVA…I expect them to come out with alot of energy/intensity with it being senior day for them. One of their seniors, Mamadi Diane, grew up near College Park but UVa just isn’t that good.

    Even though the Terps split their last 4 games they appear to be playing their best ball of the season, unlike this point last season. So unless Sylven Landesberg plays lights out, or some unexpected Hoo has a career game I’m expecting a Terps win.

    Then we can turn to the ACC Tournament seedings.


  11. Can’t ask for much more of an opportunity that is presenting itself today for the Terps.

    Winning a game on the road in the ACC is never easy but let’s look at the Terps opponent today —

    It’s not UNC, Wake, Clemson or Duke — it’s the horrid Virginia Cavaliers who have lost 12 out of their last 14 games. The Terps have a chance to win a game on the road against a marginal opponent and go a long way towards making the NCAA tourney.

    The Terps simply HAVE to win this game which will help turn this struggling program in the right direction. Win and there will be good feelings all around and a reward for the toughness and effort this team and Gary Williams have shown this season.

    Lose this game and it will be another trip to the NIT, another lost season, watching all the experts talking about how the Terps blew their chance again and choked away another huge opportunity.

    NO EXCUSES……………………………………….

  12. Philly beer week has officially begun and I will be attending the Philly Beer Fest tonight at six o’clock. My question is…. will I be sipping a celebratory Belgian Tripel, or drowning my sorrows in some sort of marginal wheat beer?

    Well, as DBR says GO TERPS…I’M ALL IN (for the win and the tripel)!!!!

  13. Does anyone know if it will be on justin.tv again, and if so, what channel???

    Stranded in Nashville,

  14. I am nervous. I hope our young men don’t think this will be a easy game. Don’t come out flat. That will show the doubters that we can’t win when we have to and therefore don’t deserve in the ncaa. The key get the lead and hold off their runs. Get them out of the game early. Don’t let them hang around. TURTLES KICK ASS. As a fairly well known souper says I”M ALL IN

  15. The word “huge” doesn’t even do this game justice. Gregg stated well the reasons. There is also the Gary factor. The termites will crawl out and scream in full force if we lose this game about Gary failing again. I wouldn’t be surprised if certain people in the AD, certain people at the major local print publications, even certain people that read this blog are secretly rooting for the Terps to fail.

    This game will be a war. We will get UVA’s best shot. They think this is a rivalry game. (Vegas lists the Terps as 2-point favorites.) GV will have to win it for us. Not by taking 25 shots either. He will have to get everyone involved. He’s not only the best scoring option we have. He is also the only player we have that has the ability to get other players involved. I put it all on his shoulders. He will define his Maryland career thus far with this game.

  16. Guys, as a nice warmup to the big game, the Lady Terps vs UNC at 1pm (ACC Semi-Finals) will be on FSN.

  17. I think we can get this one and make a huge stride towards making the tourney, possibly even locking up a birth with an 8-8 acc record. But in order to do that we cant settle for jump shots, especially if we get a decent lead going. Thats how teams come back from big defecits against us, we start settling for jumpers, we go cold, and then get frustrated. We need to be in attack mode for 40 minutes, if we do that, we’ll get the W. GO TERPS!

  18. How are you guys finding out if the game is being shown in your Media Market? I’m in Philly and have no idea if I’m going to get the game of games or stuck with Oklahoma. Any suggestions?

  19. I am in New Orleans. Anyone know of a web site that is showing the game? Thx.

  20. I’m hoping and betting that UVA doesn’t come out as fired out for Diane as they did last year for Singletary.

  21. Miami has beaten N.C. State, so for us terps fans it looks like N.C. State will be the 10 seed

  22. NYMets… we’re not at 7 yet, please don’t jinx us

  23. Wow. What a shot by Sanders to beat GT. BC tried to choke away their bid and couldnt do it.

  24. sorry Crs…my bad, another update is that BC just hit a shot with 1.7 left to beat GT by 1

  25. haha your certaintly right Raj about them trying to choke it away lol…Anyway Let’s Go Terps and get this today baby!!!

  26. No worries Mets, I’m an emotional wreck right now, I think I need to shut down the computer and see if I can find a way to calm down before this game

  27. Vermont just lost to Albany in the quarter final round of the American East Tournament.

  28. Get it done boy’s.
    Your destiny is in your own hands.
    Just Win Baby!

  29. Let’s ALL be all in today!

    Go Terps!!

  30. im getting so pumped for this let’s goooo

  31. come on…come on…..

  32. Gregg and Jeremy, I think you guys have been doing a great job of facilitating lively discussions with relevant and timely posts to your blog. Thanks so much for letting us all comment away like we own the place, I’ve noticed a steady incline of comments to Turtle Soup since I first started reading it almost daily a year or so ago, so congrats!

    So who wants to wager the number of comments that this post gets by tomorrow? I’m thinking that it could swell above 200.

    Go Terps bring it hard to the Hoos. Gary is going to have this team pumped.

  33. Gary won’t have to say anything. These guys know whats at stake. They know they need to bring it.

  34. Thanks Jacob. Let’s just hope we have good things to say after this one!

    GV just got away with a foul in the first 10 seconds. That was a big non-call for us.

  35. Wheres the goaltending?

  36. The Lady Terps moved on to the finals of the ACC tourney with a win over UNC. They play the winner of Florida State/Duke.

  37. CRAP! espn full court still has 8:00 left of this colorado-kansas st. game! that means they’re not going to pick up umd and uva until midway through the first half.

  38. for people with 360 I guess the game won’t be on there until the end of the kansas state-colorado game which has been taking forever, about 5 minutes left in it as of now

  39. good start. We need to keep pushing and get a big lead. Let’s put this game out of reach.

  40. I know terpgrad…i am like steaming here, listening to johnny holiday on the radio

  41. Good start defensively. Vaz hitting his first couple of runners. up 9-2 at first timeout

  42. Now why wouldn’t that have been Mosely was fouled ….push out of bounds?

  43. Our Boys look pretty good so far. They are playing hard and yet in control (for the most part)

  44. There are A LOT of Terp fans down there.

  45. Hayes, Tucker and Neal hurried shots 3 possessions in a row. Just run the offense regardless of score please.

  46. Dino with the Touch!

  47. Lets get goin’ Landon!!

  48. Virginia is horrible. We should crush them. We won’t, but we should!

  49. We have 4 guards in there and two of them aren’t even looking to shoot. Guess who they are.

  50. We are getting sloppy, thank god they are sloppier.

  51. UVA playing horrendous. We need to take advantage and get some breathing room.

  52. Is that Dino’s career high already?

  53. We should be up by 20. The longer we let them stay in this, the worse it could be for us.

  54. Put this team away.

  55. we got to draw some fouls on them and get to line

  56. Agreed, Gregg. We should be beating this team by more than 9 right now.

  57. Nice pass Neal. Geez.

  58. Landon has made a few nice shots. We need him to step up

  59. On two fast breaks AB and Mosely had the ball and took it down the sides.

    My B B IQ says guys with ball takes it down the center.

    When is AB going to learn to finish a drive.

    We are lucky right now.

  60. Len Elmore just called Neal “unstoppable.” Awesome.

  61. We are SO sloppy, it’s killing me

  62. wow 360 is being a pain in the ass right now

  63. Vaz should play the entire game. When he’s not out there everyone is afraid to shoot.

  64. Shoulda, coulda, woulda…only up by 5

  65. Eff it. Give the ball to GV and let him take every shot. Has Hayes even taken a shot?

    We have sequences when we are wide open and don’t shoot.

    This is crazy …we’re letting them back in.

  66. Too many 3s. And to Elmore’s point, TOs against a team like UVA that struggles to score, are killer.

  67. TOO MANY 3s

  68. Pathetic… once again, no one can score but Vasquez

  69. Not being able to see this game is KILLING me.

  70. kentucky just lost, sweet.

  71. 16-4 UVA run.

  72. There it is – Milbourne flashing to the lane, wide open 15 footer. All freakin day. Keep feeding him (or whoever’s coming off that flex screen).

  73. Lets get a nice run to close out the half and put this gross-ness behind us.

  74. Never mind.

  75. Just sad. Would anyone watching this think we deserve to be in the tournament? I say no. It’s so sad how easily we can be taken out of our game. One or two misses and we are done mentally. Everyone is afraid but Vaz and Milbourne.

  76. let’s go man we got to beat this team. This is just like last year we were up 1 at half let’s turn it around and give to LM more in the 2nd half and draw some fouls on them

  77. Let’s hope we played or normal 2nd half “slouch” in the first half instead.

    We really have an issue on offense with 3-4 guards in at same time. I’d now rather see
    2 guards with 3 bigs down low.

    If we are going to shoot perimeter J’s then let limit it to 2 guys vs 4 .

    Gotta do something different in the 2nd half.

    We should be up by 12-15 .

  78. 1 for 9 three point shooting. Who do we think we are taking that many 3 pointers (when they are not falling), Duke?

  79. It was the zone. they scored 18 points in the final six minutes. It gave them hope.

  80. Rhode Island & Penn State just lost, more bubble teams falling to off, please don’t add yourself to the list Terps.

  81. this virginia team is so damn uncoordinated that it throws other teams off. We need a big start to the 2nd half

  82. I hope NYMets9631 isn’t right. I don’t want this to be like last year. If someone goes down with leg cramps I may just stop listening to the stream LOL

  83. I don’t even understand how we could play like that with what is at stake… it’s one thing to get beat, it’s another to beat yourself with sloppiness and poor shot selection… I sure hope they get their heads on right at halftime

  84. Come on, everybody stay tight. We can will them through this.

    JWB! Go Terps!

  85. The way I see it, it’s TWENTY MINUTES OR THE N.I.T.

    That’s the half time message. And UVa would love nothing more than to send us to the N.I.T.

  86. The early lead in some ways was the worst thing that could’ve happened.

  87. Just wow.

  88. Sack up or go home. They are giving the game away.

  89. im sick right now this is ridiculous let’s go

  90. VA is hitting the shots, we aren’t. it’s that simple

  91. Judging from the shot selection, they’re panicking. We have to calm down and run the offense, or we’re finished.

  92. I think Diane is having a career day or at least his season high.

  93. Pathetic… I just don’t understand how you play like this…

  94. Neal’s got 3 fouls.

  95. Zone offense. Zip the ball around and exploit the center. Why can’t we handle a zone? This has been going on for years and years.

  96. Why does it seem we win the games we’re not supposed to and lose the ones we are supposed to win?

    gotta be mental.

  97. We get three offensive rebounds but can’t put the ball in the basket? Damn. C’MON TERPS GET IT GOING!

  98. How many shots are we going to miss? Seriously

  99. Memo to team…you’re not making three point shots. Stop taking them. YEESH.

  100. They are so afraid.

  101. How many 3s in a row have we missed?

  102. Can’t see the game but 1-13 from 3pt and the comments here say it all. They’re panicking, plain and simple.

  103. The pressure is too much for these guys. They can’t even grab rebounds that drop into their hands.

  104. I’ve never seen a team miss more layups than us.

  105. just gotta hang in there keep it close

  106. Sotty guys this team does not belong in the NCAA the way they are playing

  107. Somebody get into the lane…draw some fouls. How many FT’s have we shot? 4?

  108. I’m thinking of turning it off. what a bunch of losers.

  109. You know what. If this is what these guys are going to do, just lose already and go to the NIT. Don’t embarrass us further.

  110. NYMets9631 said it earlier at 4:19pm “this is just like last year”. This game isn’t over yet but Jesus this is frustrating. C’MON TERPS!

  111. I realize it aint’ over. But We got to have guys on the floor that WANT to shoot not have to shoot.

    Someone please tell me what Mosely is doing on the floor and Haye’s too?


  113. Stupid Vasquez, STUPID

  114. A good play followed by a bad one by Vasquez…

  115. that is why people hate vasquez. worst shot of the game.

  116. UVA – up 9… Great start for us… and now, it’s all gone away. C’mon guys – start playing!!

  117. Yeah… Im gonna go ahead and retract that.

  118. And… here come the missed FTs…

  119. bowie is a disgrace. jam or not.

  120. Why is Bowie playing. As I said 3 games ago, he is a liability. Can’t guard anyone. Doesn’t look for a shot. Horrible!

  121. Bowie missed two FT’s. That is horrible.

  122. OK, now add to that he can’t make any FT’s either. He sucks and should be deep in the bench.

  123. If we shoot one more 3-pointer, I’m gonna puke

  124. Slip slidin’ away . . .

  125. i’m done. Thanks. It’s been a great season. Get pissed at me if you want; but I have seen this all before.

    I can’t take it anymore.

  126. Add to that … he jogs up the court and then fouls a three-point shooter. Is Gary blind?

  127. I think the body language says it all. Season over, boys!

  128. god come on guys i can’t believe this is happening we got to get back in it

  129. OK, what are you made of, do you want to make the NCAA’s?

  130. Man I’m trying to stay positive.

    Our guys leaving their feet and throwing their boides at 3pt shooters.

    We must lead the nation in missed layups and fouling 3 pt shootiers.

    Of course we’ve been going through this all year. They have indeed surprised us many times with stellar play…..this is not one of those games….yet.

    We need some stops and need some pops of our own.

    The clock is now our enemy.

  131. Different year, same script. I’m not giving up, but it’s hard watching this team compulsively repeat the same mistakes.

  132. Diane looked like Renaldo, going down faster than a cheap whore.

  133. This is pathetic. I can’t believe I made sure to replace my cable box for this crap

  134. Groundhog day for the Terps and all of us. See you next year after the Terps get blasted in the ACC Tourney by whoever they play. It dosen’t matter they will lose. How do you coach guts? Lets move ahead 365 days and I be anyone on this site we will be in a similiar place. MARK THE TAPE

  135. I meant bet anyone

  136. Bowie has a fundamental flaw in the FT’s . He cock his head away from the baskete.

    You’d think someone would have caught that by now.

    Probaly sounds trite at this time but we needed those 2 Ft’s . I called his misses.

    Shame on me.

  137. Karl Hess — worst ref ever

  138. Diane averages 6.9 points and have not been playing much, but has 20 today. Go figure. Only Vs. the Terps.

  139. Even if we somehow pull this off, we do NOT deserve an NCAA bid without a run to the ACC semifinals.

  140. Our lack of talent and basketball IQ is blinding…

  141. Everyone is an All American vs the Terps

  142. You can say that again Ray….

  143. At least the Lady Terps know how to put banners in Comcast. Another big win today. My vote is that Gary hire Brenda to recruit for the mens team too.

  144. As bad as weve played…. closed it to 2.

  145. This is like a bad horror flim sequel. Maryland III: Maryland chokes again, again.

  146. *film

  147. nvm…

  148. One possession game

  149. And of course they make a ridiculous 3 against us…of course…

  150. Milbourne is killing us

  151. MIlbourne has been horrendous the last 2 or 3 games

  152. Dammit we can’t get to the line. That’s killing us too.

  153. We need a HERO.

    JV? DN? Anybody?

  154. Thank you, GV, for attacking the rim.

  155. Play some @#$%! defense

  156. Dave Neal!

  157. Hell yes!!

  158. I have not enjoyed the refs today. Haha.

  159. I’m 45 and I have to suffer with this fuckin team every year.

  160. cjazh three games ago Bowie had 14 points against Duke.

  161. Dave Neal is the MVP of the team this year … hard to believe.

  162. Neal to the rescue!!

  163. TIE GAME!

  164. STOP. STOP. STOP. C’mon!!

  165. missed layup… amazing

  166. Has any team ever missed more layups in a season that this Terps team?

  167. TIED?!?

  168. Oh God. How did that not go down? We need a stop… I might have a heart attack soon.

  169. That’s when you wish Neal was 6-10. Damn.

  170. Hayes – FINALLY a 3 that goes in!! 61-61… Neal-Hayes show down the stretch!!

  171. I hope my wife doesn’t get home soon, she could quite possibly see someone she doesn’t know. AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  172. Jermey…you could at least display as much fight as our guys do.

  173. PT: how about if he was just 1 inch taller :-/

  174. Agh! Neal had a chance.

  175. Of course…

  176. Awful

  177. OT?

    C’mon Terps – Need a huge stop!

  178. Vasquez… this is why people hate you… because you are SO STUPID… SO DAMN STUPID

  179. The worst possession I have ever seen in my life.
    WTF was that?!!!

  180. GV why why why?

  181. DAMN.

  182. And of course Diane is having a season best game today. We need a miracle. Please miss these FT’s.

  183. for those that didn’t see it, 35.8 sec left, down 3, GV runs clock down to 10 sec, drives and throws an off balance 2 pointer and misses.

  184. Wow the radio internet stream is way behind. Terps just called TO.

  185. I will say this on that last possession. Non one was doing anything at all. Yes, GV was horrible. But dammit, move!!!!!!!

  186. Where’s Loop?

    I’d expect him to post “dagger” once we missed out shot…cause that was the dagger in our season.

  187. {sigh}

  188. I am going to Vegas and bet whats left in my savings against this gutless bunch of fools in the ACC tourney.

  189. :( So sad.

  190. So, who likes reruns?

  191. This is the same crap every year… start the year off poorly, then get a big upset and play much better and give us all hope, and then choke it all away at the end… when is it ever going to change? Seriously. I’m pissed off beyond all belief at Gary and Vasquez and all of them — you can NOT lose a game like this… yet we choke EVERY SINGLE YEAR. It’s just pathetic. We deserve much better than this crap.

  192. Unreal. This is awful. Just like last season. Yes. Just like last season.

  193. 7-9 again… Need to reach semis in ACC for only chance

    Again VA with 4 ACC wins knocks us off in a much-needed game!!

    Def. Maryland III: The game that gets away!!

  194. Look on the bright side, Dave Neal gets to play at Comcast one more time.

  195. Good thing we jumped out to that 21-8 lead or this would have really been ugly. Damn, I have no idea how this team doesn’t play better today with everything on the line. Especially with all the returning players remembering how they felt at the end of this game last year.

  196. Nothing left to say. It’s all been said…for years, now. On history alone I’m willing to give GW one more year to show he’s turned the corner on recruiting and can turn boys into men. If he fails, he has to make way for the best interest of the program.

  197. Can’t spell NlT without University of Maryland. How many times can we go through these types of losses with everything on the line? Awesome job coming back from 9 down with nothing going right for them, but only to blow it in the last minute. Somewhat fortunate shot by UVA to take the lead, but the last sequence by us summarizes the last 6 years or so…. Need 3 wins in the tourney to have a chance.

  198. It is pathetic. So many things falling into place for them to snatch the wins and get to the tourney. You’ve got to win the games you need to win. They don’t deserve to be in the tourney. Now, it’s that simple. Yeah, it was on the road and senior night for UVA. That’s why most of us were concerned. But that is just awful. Can’t expect to claw your way into the tournament every damn season. You lose games early and you pay for it.

  199. : (

  200. Watching this on Gametracker sucked worse than watching it…well maybe not. MD has to WIN the ACC tourney to get in.

    How does MD only shoot 6 FTs while BooVa shoots 24? Diane is a DeMatha kid and a senior, so it’s not like one couldn’t expect him to show up for this game. Besides, he’s killed MD before.

    But it’s not like Gary has anyone to turn to on that bench. When no one is hitting shots and standing around (which is the gist of what everyone was saying here during the game), MD has no one else to get it going. By default, it turns into the GV show. He’ll start jacking it up and letting it all hang out. But what else could MD do?

    I’ll be interested to hear what Gary has to say. He loves to Lou Holtz the media…start complaining that 7-9 deserves a bid over someone from the Big 10. He’ll bring up the ACC-Big 10 challenge. To no avail. We’ll get 6 Big 10 teams in and they’ll all be gone by the Sweet 16.

    How does this change next year? It won’t unless a game changer comes. Gary better be on the phone to NYC to one Mr. LS.

  201. All we have to do is beat VA TECH and Duke. We are not out of this.

  202. The ACC tourney will be a joke. Here’s the senario We will play one of the first two games that won’t be on TV. They will lose by 10 to 15 points with the game never in doubt for the other team. I’d rater lose to UNC by 50 every year than go through seasons like 5 of the last 6.

  203. Good luck in the NIT boys. Its what we deserve after a game like that.

  204. We do not have to win the ACC tourney. Don’t be stupid. We do still have to beat NCST and Duke though. A win over Duke would look better than a win over UVA anyway. It’s not pretty but we ain’t done yet.

  205. Hayes let us down. 1-7 from 3 point land. Many were wide open.

  206. I think the GW era will be remembered for the “one big upset per year” which gets overly offset by a bad loss or two and a non-clutch performance late in the year. I can’t think of another team in D1 that has gotten so close to punching its ticket and failed so many years in a row.

  207. Why is there any reason to think these guys would show up in the ACC tournament when we couldnt even show up here? Its time to get your NIT tickets.

  208. We need more than two wins in the ACC tourney to get in I think. 7-9 and we end the regular season losing to UVA. On the road and senior night, yes. But this is bad.

  209. V.Tech wins tomorrow, and then McClinton hits 40 against us in the ACC tourney…

  210. Yeah I would agree that if we cant win @ UVA we dont deserve a bid, but lets say that VT loses tomorrow at FSU. That would put us, VT, and MIA at 7-9. Im pritty sure we get the 7 seed. VT would play Miami.

    Lets say that we beat NCST, and VT beats MIA. Then we both lose to Duke and UNC is closely contested games. Does the ACC only get 6 teams? I think that is what would happen but the ACC deserves more than 6 teams. UVA is no piece of shi* team, theyve beaten Clemson and VT in the past 2 weeks at home.

  211. Anyone who thinks we will show up against NC ST is smokin crack. GV last second 3 will come back to bite him in his looser ass

  212. I guess we got to hope FSU beats VT tomorrow, I’m not really sure anymore just really really depressed right now

  213. The whole team let us down. Up 21-8 and dominating the game. Awful.

  214. Need host FSU tomorrow to knock-off VA Tech, who’s 1/2 up on us. VA Tech needs to win at FSU to be .500.

    Maryland may be #7 over Miami b/c of split and how the other head-to-head tie-breakers. We could face #10 NC State. Miami (7-9) and needs a similar scenerio, like us, to reach NCAA.

    We may need to reach championship round and win that, just as 2004. That’s highly unlikely now.

    How this team recoups emotionally after losing vy close 2 of last 3 games before Thurs. will indictate whether or not, it’s a miracle run in tourney. But it’s highly doubtable…

    At least, the Lady’s are on fire. Beat Duke/FSU winner tomorrow!

  215. I don’t understand Gary at all.. if Tucker misses a couple shots, he gets taken out and never sees the floor again. But Hayes has free reign to miss WIDE OPEN JUMPERS AND COST US THE GAME?!?! How does he play that much?!

    The fact that the bubble is sooo weak this year, and we’re going to the NIT AGAIN is a testament to how far this program has fallen. We’re an afterthought in this sport now.

  216. Terps shot 40%, which seems wrong to me with all the misses I heard on the internet stream. And we took 20 more shots than Virginia????? TWENTY?!?!

  217. That’s a good question Chrs0049. I wish I knew. I KNOW GERRY wants to know LOL

  218. Oh and don’t even get your hopes up for the ACC tourney… we’ve won ONE game there since 04, and with the way we played today, it’s safe to say we’re not adding to that total this year

  219. We had what, 10 FTs attempted the last two games? That’s BS, and fishy, but we can’t hit open layups or 10 footers…we deserve what we got

  220. The thing is though, a LOT of other bubble teams lost today. A lot. Rhode Island and Penn State just to name a few. I think 2 wins gets us in. Thatd give us a 20-13 record, with wins over UNC, MSU and Duke.

  221. The FT numbers are a complete joke. But MD doesn’t do themselves any favors by standing around the perimeter. You’ve got to force the ref to even think about blowing his whistle. Attack!!

  222. I don’t think we’ve shot ten Brian. Was it six FT’s today and two against Wake?

    And I think UVa is undefeated against us in John Paul Jones arena.

  223. W-Shooter here,
    How many times can this play out? Quez craps his pants and Hayes reverts to usual form. Play of the game; 44-41 and Quez pulls up for a three on a three on two break and bricks it long, leading to a three point play for Landesburg. Typical Quez, always needs a heat check. Once again, when we need an inspired effort against an inferior opponent we shit the bed.

  224. I’m taking a contrarian stand here. UVA’s incredibly active zone is what did in the Terps. Nearly every shot was contested on the perimeter, forcing MD out of rhythm and into rushed shots. It was one of the best zones we’ve faced all season. Our press was adequate but our own zone stunk. I couldn’t count the number of times a defender was faked off his feet or recovered late, only to foul the three point shooter. 7-9 is about where I thought this team would end up; no, I thought it would be worse, something like 6-10 or 5-11. Without quality bigs, we were behind the eight ball the entire season. UVA merely added another exclamation mark to that obvious fact. That the team almost broke .500 is a tribute to GW’s coaching, and this from someone who, for the last two seasons, has been saying it’s time for him to start enjoying his retirement on account of piss poor recruiting. Bottom line: this game was more a case of UVA winning, rather than MD losing. Today, at least, the better team won.

  225. When you guys realize the season is over except for the next two losses. One in the ACC and the first round at some away gym in the NIT. The program has hit rock bottom and don’t give the Bob Wade years or post Bias. We have no excuses with any scandal or shitty coach. Kids just can’t perform in our colors.

  226. Ray you are an idiot. I bet you really hoped Gary paid off Gus Gilcrest’s handler so we had a big man this year don’t you? We beat 2 top 10 teams this year and Gary has 19 wins for 18 consecutive seasons which is top 5 in the NCAAs. Get a life.

  227. this fucking sucks, even if MD is in the 8.9 game and win that vs miami…it’s most likely UNC after that…unbelievable just unbelievable

  228. WHY IN THE HELL DID GARY NOT USE HIS LAST TIMEOUT ON THAT LAST POSSESSION WHERE GREIVIS TOOK 20 SECONDS OFF THE CLOCK AND CHUCKED UP SOME DESPARATION SHOT?!?!?!?! that is un-friggin-excusable, GV was obviously in trouble and GW could have set up a play to tie the game or at least get some kind of bucket….

  229. You know this season will not end well for UM. Are we better or worse then our record? The up a down season is getting very normal for a GW team. We were not as bad during the poor stretch and not as good during the end of the season run. My thoughts. Our talent is not strong and we are not big. Recruiting problem you damn right. We didn’t have any bigs if Burney was healthy or not. Thats on GW. my thoughts
    Bowie when he slashed with confidence he added something the last few games he was a liability. Mosely loved his court sense and hustle. Think he will be a very good Terp over the rest of his career. Tucker showed flashes but not enough. Both Mosely and Tucker need to handle the ball better. Hayes is second in the acc in assist /turnover ratio. The only calm point guard next to scatter head, who I love, some of the times. I want Hayes on the court.Also of course GV. My emotions with him run way to go GV way to go GV oh shit why did you do that GV. Milburn is smooth just not real tough. Neal is the man and tough just not that athletic. Then there is Gary my feeling straight up and honest. He has let this university down the last few years.Not because he doesn’t care or know how to coach. He did not bring in great talent. He has himself to blame for that. I love Gary, but that doesn’t mean he is blameless. He is the captain. This is his ship. And he can’t stop us from sinking.

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