ACC Tourney Primer

MD will only beat NC State if they are able to reverse a disturbing trend. Once this team gets knocked down; it seems to take them several games to bounce back.

UVA was a stomach punch game.  As we have seen time and time again with this team; that usually means a prolonged slump will follow.  Back in December of 2007; VCU beat the Terps in a game we should have won.  MD followed that loss with the Ohio U and American debacles.

Later in the season;  just as Maryland was starting to surge; we blew a 20 point lead to Clemson.  The Terps completely derailed after that loss and ruined their season.

This season, MD fell apart against Morgan State.  That was followed with giveaways against Miami and Florida and BC.   The team recovered, positioned itself for an NCAA bid and then wet the bed against UVA.

So what happens now?  Well as I have just illustrated; history says a loss against NC State is in the offing.  Tomorrow night’s game is less about our opponent than it is about the Terps themselves.  Can they pull themselves out of the mire?  Do they believe in their teammates?

Here’s what I think.  Maryland has the talent and ability to beat NC State.  Maryland also has the ability to beat themselves. Who will win? Most pundits think the Terps will just fold up the tent and head back to College Park with their tails between their legs.

My brain is telling me to agree; but my heart tells me that we can do this. Regardless of what happens; this disturbing trend needs to end.  The Terps need to figure out how to not lose focus and to stick to the game plan when shots aren’t falling.  If not, we will perpetually fail to reach our potential.



  1. In talking with my co worker who a die hard fan like I am . I’m more disappointed with last year team than this year. Yes, I do agree that we should be better but if you told me in the begining of the season Neal would be our starting center. Burney would be hurt a lot and Dupree would contribute as much as GAY GAY does for the magic and with Gilchrist transferring I’d laugh at you if you said we had a shot at the tourney but we do. WE HAVE TO BEAT NC ST. It’s simple Gary needs to tell them nothing to pump them up. As a coach myself I know it goes in one ear out the other. IT’s the player who need to ask themselves if they WANT to bust their ass and lead the terps to a win and a rematch vs wake. It’s quite simple. COME ON TERPS PLAY WITH SOME HEART!!

  2. Jeremy, I’m afraid I will agree with your brain. Most ACC teams would see NC State and say we have a good shot, but unlike most teams the Terps following losses see another opportunity to fail on the big stage. They get tight and panicked. Nobody wants the ball except GV and if he is cold it runs through the whole team. I will know in the first 4 minutes as most on this site will. If the shots are dropping for anyone other than GV and our defense is ok we have a chance. If GV is the only option or others are afraid to shoot or can’t shoot it will be a long night on national tv.

  3. GV is testing the NBA waters. Here’s a quote from GV in Post on-line:

    “If I come back my goal is not going to be just to make the tournament,” Vasquez said. “My goal is to win a national championship. But, in the meantime, we’ve got to get Lance. With a big-time scorer I can guarantee you a lot of things.”

    Soupers seem a little divided. Some Soupers think GV is the blame for a poor team. I don’t understand the reasoning enough to summarize it here, but it has something to do with making stupid decisions and not bringing out the best in others.

    Other Soupers (and I’m in this camp) see GV clearly as the Terps’ top player by far, and think that the Terps have to add other top players to be a factor–and not just rely on one guy with top talent, GV, to do it all.

    GV seems to agree with the latter group. Without some top talent beyond GV, his passes and shots will seem forced and “stupid.” We would see more teamwork if others could play at GV’s level. They would get open for GV passes and make their shots.

  4. I think we have a two game minimum run in us. This is what I choose to believe. I will be there screaming my lungs out in support.
    That is all, other than J W B

  5. Damn, Greivis may have just committed a minor recruiting violation with that quote.

  6. EdDC- I am in your camp. Vaz is the best player on the Terps and has been for two years running. He has no consistent support. No one else even wants the ball in crunch time except Dave Neal and that speaks for itself. If he comes back and Lance comes here; then we will be a top 20 team next year. No question.

    DBR- what is the violation and does it affect Born Ready’s chance to play here next season?

  7. Geez – Gary’s gotta keep Vasquez’s mouth under control. I assume Vasquez, as a member of the hoops team, is considered a rep of the university, and therefore he’s not allowed to mention potential recruits in public forums such as the Post. Can’t imagine this is that big a deal, considering we’re not expecting much flack from the NCAA over the UA situation.

  8. The violation, although potentially considered minor, is that employees and/or agents of a university are prohibited from mentioning an unsigned recruit by name. At least that is the way I understood it. Hopefully, I’m wrong and it’s only coaches.

    A player, former player, booster even a student would be considered an ‘agent’ of the university.

    Again, hopefully my understanding of the rule is incorrect. The NCAA recruiting rule book is a dark place where many good people have gone to die.

  9. Even if its a violation, its not like we’re getting crack dealers to pay our star players… They’ll probably just tell GV not to do it again and be on their way.

  10. Vasquez is the man. Why is Stu shipping 2 top 40 players to Nova? And SJU is down 24 to Marquette. Way to go G’town. The hoya Destroya is gonna be all over this.

  11. By the way, when are you guys going to turn your clocks forward?

  12. The damn Post writer could have left out the comments about Lance Stephenson. I am now convinced that they have a vendetta against the Terps.. Those guys are a JOKE! I understand the freedom of the press, but they have to know by printing that comment, it was going to get themselves some national attention again and cause additional issues for the Terps. Thanks for kicking us while we are down again!

  13. I agree that it sucks the comment was printed, but put your self in the reporter’s shoes. Why should he care? He isn’t a MD alum. What if you were the reporter for the post, and a G’town player made a similar comment? You wouldn’t print it? Vasquez is the wild card. Hopefully, this is no big deal, and it serves the purpose GV intended: it reaches LS, and causes him to imagine the possibilities.
    If this strategy works, I hope GV is quoted in the post saying he’s been praying to St Anthony to help him find Hayes’ balls.

  14. Terps recruited Armwood but he chose ‘Nova. Don’t recall the Terps making a push for Mouphtaou Yarou UMD was more interested in Dante Taylor who also picked a Big East school. But what’s done is done.

  15. I have no problem with Vaz testing the waters. He’ll be told he’s not ready and then he’ll decide whether to come back or try Europe. There will always be an agent somewhere who will tell a guy he’s a definite 1st round draft pick when he isn’t, so Vaz better beware.

    Maybe he waits to see if Lance comes before making a final decision. It should be an interesting offseason!

    I can’t be angry with the Post in this situation. I think any paper in any city would have printed that. It’s a guy coming close to guaranteeing a long tournament run if they get a certain player.

  16. Hopefully Garrison doesn’t get in Quez’s ear and tell him how sweet it is to play ball in Venezuela. HA!

  17. What’s up GV’s cheeks? I know when I turn that color playing ball I make sure I have my Bayer aspirin near by.

  18. Been wondering that myself, perhaps it’s rosacea. My mom suffers from a mild case of it, it’s a a skin disease that can cause redness and pimples on your nose (WC Fields), cheeks, chin, and forehead.

  19. Good info Russ. My brother cracks up every time Vaz’s cheeks turn red.

    My brother is a Penn St alum. He LOVES that school. They have a good chance of making the tourney for the 1st time in a long time this year. I asked him, his choice, who would he want to make the tourney out of Penn St and the Terps (We grew up in Towson). He looked at me like I was crazy and said “Maryland!”.

    I’m on Vaz’s side on the debate. He has excellent vision on the court. If Lance becomes the primary scoring threat, it makes Vaz’s game that much better. In fact, it takes the pressure off of Hayes’ shot too. The entire team would look totally different. We don’t have to ask supporting-type players to take a primary role. Vaz is a Scottie Pippen but since we don’t have a Michael Jordan Vaz is like Scottie when Mike was playing baseball. If Lance wants to showcase his talents for the NBA, Maryland in its current state is a better option than Kansas. Kansas is very young. He will become just one of better players. At Maryland, he can get 15 shots a game and play the best competition. Actually it would be great for us too. Guys like Dookie V will be hyping a Terps rejuvenation and we will be on national TV more.

    The Pack are in BIG TROUBLE!!!

  20. Also, have you guys seen Bill Self curse his players out constantly? “What the f*ck was that?” and so forth. Gary is a Teddy bear compared to Bill. Keep that in mind Lance!

  21. No doubt GV is the best player on the team. I don’t think anyone would argue otherwise. By the ACC media, he’s also a Top 10 player in the conference. Does that mean MD is better with or without him?

    I made my case on the last thread that I think he presence ultimately causes other players to defer to him. I think when he goes, the team will improve because everyone will step up. I likened it to MD after Juan, Lonny, Mouton, and Wilcox left. Blake stepped up in scoring. Nicholas came off of the bench to be a starter and a top scorer. Holden and Randle stepped up inside with scoring, rebounds, and blocks. Everyone thought MD would go in the tank after those players left. Instead, MD had a really, really good (one missed shot from the elite 8).

    Of course, this is all unknown. It’s not like MD was better last year with GV being the best player and having more talent around him (Gist & Boom). MD is pretty much the same this year with GV and less talent.

    Also…remember that the games MD tends to lose are those where GV is not playing well, shooting far too much, and turning the ball over. Everyone just stands around and watches him, and he stops distributing the ball. It’s chicken or egg.

  22. DBR,
    Any update on Goins’ progress in practice? Obviously he won’t play this year but does he have any clue how to play ball?

  23. At Syracuse, Carmelo Anthony came into a well-built, skilled team that needed a star scorer. Anthony came in and took the Cuse all the way.

    With two new bigs coming in for the Terps in 2009, to go with a more experienced squad, and a GV who stays because LS comes in, it is a somewhat similar situation. Of course you can break down the line-ups and find differences between Syracuse of 2002-03 and Maryland of 2009-10. But the point remains, LS has an opportunity here. Gary will let LS run and light up the scoreboard– and not assign him some role, like he may get at Kansas (or NC or Duke or other top program). Look at how Gary treated Stevie Francis–he handed Steve the ball and said “go,” right from the very beginning. It’s perfect for LS here.

    Gary knows exactly what it means to have a special talent, and he has proven that. Moreover, Gary and jim Boeheim are buddies, and they would talk about how best to use LS, given Boeheim’s experience with Carmelo.

    Just looking at the Terps’ roster, you can se a situation where the Terps would depend on LS to take them to lots of wins and change the whole direction of this program. Who knows how high the Terps could go with LS? You wouldn’t want to put a ceiling on it.

  24. Looks like PrisYan won’t get to his (I think of the two as being one person) big AAU expose this summer. Yahoo scooped him:;_ylt=AosefLKa_QyTU4Kuas0KnIXevbYF?slug=ys-agents031109&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    Good for Kevin Love.

    What, Jay Williams…Mr. Squeeky Clean at Dook was involved in this?

    In other news, Bristol Palin called off her engagement to Levi. What has the world come to?

  25. Wheels,

    I don’t think that is a very good comparison you used. I believe the debate is whether the Terps would be better or worse with or without GV. The 2002 Terps were a #1 seed and won the NC. The 2003 Terps were a #6 seed and as you stated made it to the Sweet 16. That is definitely a step down. Steve Blake scored 8.0pg in 2002 and 11.8ppg in 2003. It wasn’t a major difference. Drew Nicholas was a starter playing behind a great player as a junior. He is currently one of the very best players in all of Europe. There are no Drew Nicholas’ on the current roster.

    If GV is gone, then other players will definitely step up. I agree with you on that. That’s just mathematics. Other players will get more minutes, more shots. Also, the players will be one year older and have one more year experience. Players get better from year to year for the most part. GV himself is a better player this year than last. But how could they be BETTER by losing a guy who is clearly their best player? Is there some “diamond in the rough” on our team that’s capable of 2nd team All-ACC but is being held back cause of GV? I don’t think that guy is on our roster.

  26. Markmax33, I don’t have any updates on Steve Goins. Would love to say he’s ready to give the Terps some quality minutes but I don’t expect him to see any action the remainder of the season.

  27. 1/ 3 wins puts us back on the bubble, and nothing less.

    2/ 99% chance terps lose and lose healthily on thursday.

    3/ i’m taking the 1%.

    i’m believing vision that mosely will have his coming out party against north carolina –which means we’re going to the finals or mosely won’t make a layup until next janurary. of course, there is a scenario available that would have us play UNC in the big dance –but it does not involve less than 3 wins in the ACC tourney.

  28. 2 wins and they’ll have a chance, but even then I don’t think they deserve it. I’m hoping they get in just to diminish the stigma, but this team sucks. I just don’t understand how you can have such an enormous collection of 6’2″-6’6″ players that can’t shoot. If you are in this height range and have aspirations to play major D1 ball, don’t you work on your jumper? That’s biggest issue with this team. You can thrive in college bball with a small lineup, but you have to be able to shoot the fucking ball. I don’t understand even looking at a player in this size range that can’t, unless he possesses incredible intangibles. College bball is about the 3. If you don’t have shooters (I mean ones that don’t need 5 seconds to get it off), you better be damn good at getting to the rim and finishing. This team is poorly constructed.

  29. This team is poorly constructed because of GW’s recruiting deficiencies. I’m not just talking about the failure to bring in the blue chipper, but the inability to recognize needs. GW has failed miserably in this aspect of his job; one that constitutes at least 50% of his job responsibilities.

    Alright bring it on enablers! I’m ready!

  30. Try to calm down Toby I don’t think anyone will disagree that there have been recruiting misses in recent years. Recognizing needs may be debateable.

  31. GW would at least lower the volume on his critics if he would not be so defiant and arrogant with the media. I, for one, am sick of his “I thought we did a lot of things right. We just didn’t make shots. They got hot, you know what I mean..we just didn’t make shots.” You just got beat by 40! or 20! or by Morgan St or UVA! At least JTIII will say things like “I’ve never been more disappointed”, and Roy Williams will say “the better team won….the better coached team won”. GW can’t help but remind us that he won a national championship this decade. Where’s the humility? HE makes it easy to scrutinize the program’s shortfalls in recent years.

  32. Toby – The only thing you’re readyfor is a reality check. How many Souper want to read your BS i.e., “this team sucks”.

    We bleed Terrapin BB. We’ll take the good with the bad but we don’t need your back-handed crap,not this time, not now. Go out for a walk , there’s a full moon tonght.

  33. Recognizing needs, debatable? How many 2’s and 3’s do you need on one roster? More poignantly, how many 2’s and 3’s that can’t shoot do you need on one roster?

  34. Wheels – I respect your BB IQ . In the previous thread you said, “If GV goes, bring Hayes back to the 1.

    Seriously, that’s a recipe for disaster. EH cannot create his own shot and a PG that
    can’t do that is effectively neutralized. Hayes needs to work on getting open – catch and shoot or get the floater in the lane is the best we’re going to get from him.

    It pains me to see him at the PG. In that role, there’s less than a 10% chance he will either seek or get a shot off. In that mode, the D see it and let’s him dribble around.

    I realize he’s got some decent numbers but as a PG he’s proven to an ineffective scorer with the ball. He has greater success without the ball.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

  35. GERRY,
    You refuse to ever really address anything I say. You’re all sunshine and rainbows. You’re like Big Brother on this blog. Anything contrary to your delusional view is blasphemy, and punishable by exile.
    The fact that I disagree with you doesn’t make me an idiot. Untuck your package and grow some thicker skin. Besides, without the “haters” this site would be one big circle jerk.

  36. Toby, Toby, Toby – Haven’t you learned yet that we only address “key issues”.

    “This team sucks” just doesn’t rise to the level of an “address”.

    I hadn’t considered the matter of exile but since you brought it up, you are now the leading candidate.

    You can’t leave wel-enough alone.

    “Besides,with the haters this site would be one big circle jerk”. How dare you. Disagreeing is tolerated on the Soup. BS you dispense is just that.

    You are what you see in others. Mark the tape.

    Hey, who’s your favorite NCAA D1 basketball program? Obviously it’s not MD.

  37. Gary realized we needed bigs in this class, especially with how Braxton turned out but the Terps were unable to close on Ater Majok who picked UConn and I don’t think he was even eligible until January. Terrence Jennings committed to UMD then de-comitted and went to Louisville…where I don’t think they require student athletes to go to class. Terps were in the mix with Henry Sims but he chose Georgetown. And there was Greg Echenique…Terps were involved with him but he decided to stay home and go to Rutgers.

    All those guys are either centers or power forwards and were all ranked in the top 50 for the class of 2008. Terps either couldn’t close, or in Jennings case decommited from UMD.

  38. Gerry…we simply don’t know what type of PG Hayes would be if he had the spot fulltime…without being switched back and forth. He’s never been able to develop as a PG fulltime. The PG position in a flex offense is about hitting the people coming off of cuts and curls. It’s not really about dribble drives or creating shots for yourself. The only thing that really worries me about Hayes is his spottiness on bringing the ball up under pressure. Part of me thinks that is a function of just not playing the spot enough, including practice. When in doubt, defer to GV. That’s been the pattern.

    Eddie…I think you make my point for me. No one…no one…thought Drew Nicholas would be a leading scorer on the team. I remember the huge question marks about him. He was a 3 point specialist…a spot up shooter. No one thought he could fill Juan’s role in the flex. But he did. Blake increased his scoring, as did former bench players Randle and Holden. Remember, people thought Holden was Garrison before we knew what a Garrison was…a soft big who wanted to shoot 3s. Randle was a juco player, who played sparingly in his junior year. Both of those guys increased their scoring.

    Losing the offense they did, that Blake/Nicholas team was not expected to go to the elite 8…and they almost did. In my opnion, I think that team was Gary’s best coaching job. He almost…one missed shot at the buzzer…got that team back to the Elite 8. It wasn’t like Randle, Holden, or Nicholas were highly rated players.

    I’ll just conclude it this way. GV’s been the General for 2 years now, and the team has almost the same exact record and trajectory. So, um, you think the team without him next year would really be THAT different? Instead of 18-12, they’d be, what, 17-13? Come on, it’s not like GV is Carmelo Anthony or Danny Manning…carry an entire team on his back to glorious heights. He’s carried them to the bubble. Sweet.

  39. One more thing…look at the PGs in Gary’s flex…

    Simpkins, Stokes, Blake…not huge scorers. Good assist guys who could hit the open three off of a kick out.

    GV is really an anomaly in Gary’s offense, so was Gilchrist (a score first guy). DJ wasn’t a PG, he just played one on TV. Hayes is more typical of a flex PG. Distribute. Get the team set in the offense. QB the defense.

  40. Caps lock gerry,

    I barely understand anything you just wrote. You seem to dwell on one sentence I wrote that had very little to do with the theme of the post. I was saying this team can’t shoot. Why don’t you address that?
    And you don’t tolerate disagreement unless it wreaks of regret. Based on your posts I’m fairly certain GW has a restraining order against you.
    Sorry, how dare I!

  41. Toby – Every guy/gal that posts here has read and experienced the “they can’t shoot” issue. Bringing this up is like steering us to a 2007 Sports Illustrated issue. We have beat it to death. Where were you? Are you a “newbie”?

    Get with the program

  42. Terp followers, we have a huge game tonight and we have to read about how bad we are from a so called terp fan. TOBY–go sell your crap somewhere else. We all see weaknesses and problems over the recent seasons. You bring down a good web site. Sure everybody has a right to their thoughts, but you are constantly negative. Please don’t call yourself a fan. Your just an ass.

  43. Game day really brings out the fire! Let’s hope the Terps bring the fight tonight. Amazingly, thanks to some really crappy bubble teams, we actually still have a small chance of impressing the committee. Though I think we should be rooting for Va.Tech at noon, since we’d look better being compared to the Hokies. So let’s hope that dude who shot Patrick Swayze in ‘Ghost’ (Vassallo) comes to play!

  44. After reading some things in the new and observer, N.C. State is really fired up for this game today because of what happened last time. Also, they plan to play zone against us and then pound the ball inside on offense. I am surprised their Coach actually knew how to implement some good things for their team haha. Anyway, we are going to have to bring it tonight and get this win…Go Terps!

  45. GO TERPS!

  46. Wheels,

    It’s a side issue, but I think it’s important. I agree that with last year’s Gist/Boom combo, the Terps actually had more talent than this year. However, even though the records are similar between last year and this year, I think this year’s team is better than last year’s. Last year, the team consistently did dumb things. They turned the ball over and took bad shots consistently. This year’s team protects the ball and usually gets a good shot.

    The problem with this this year’s team is that they can’t shoot! It’s a strange problem since many were big time high school scorers – Tucker and Mosely are prime examples. They know how to shoot. They know how to score. And every now and then they show flashes. More consistently, however, they miss frik’n lay-ups!

  47. I don’t have a good feeling about tonight’s game.

    Wheels, beaucoup thanks for the link to that Yahoo rock-lifting into the world of NBA agents and AAU impresarios. The stench of it still lingers.

  48. HA! Vassallo DOES look like that guy from Ghost! That’s uncanny, good observation!

    So is that true that we should be rooting for Vtech? I thought they had the better tourney resume so I thought we were rooting for Miami. It’s probably irrelevant, with McClinton hurt Miami has little chance.

  49. McClinton is hurt?!??? Like out? If thats the case VaTech just got two HUGE breaks. McClinton and Lawson out. Man! Is Jeff Teague out by any chance?

  50. I figure that if we are lucky enough and it comes down to VaTech and us, we did beat them head to head and we will end up having a better record in the last 10 games than they will (assuming they lose to UNC)

  51. Gary is certainly prickly with the media, but I would never classify him as overly arrogant. He has on numerous occasions taken the blame for losses and called himself out for making mistakes in game preparation, etc. And he never, EVER throws his players under the bus publicly, which he should be commended for. Also, cting JTIII as a positive example in this area is absurd. He’s just as if not more anti-media than Gary (just like his dad), and he’s been spinning all kinds of shi* this year to avoid questions about why his team sux.

    Wheels’s point(s) re next year’s team without Vasquez are interesting. I for one never thought Drew Nicholas would develop into the scorer he became when Juan et al. left. Whether we have a Nicholas on this team remains to be seen. But players like Tucker and Bowie at least have potential. Also, consider the impact that big guys like Holden and Sleepy Randle had on that 2003 team. They weren’t stars by any stretch, but they were experienced and skilled, and they gave us a legit threat in the post to complement Nicholas and Blake from outside (in fairness, Holden did like to hang around on the perimeter, but he played in the post a lot more that year, because he had to without Lonny and Wilcox around). Unless Jordan Williams and Padgett can have an impact immediately, we’re still missing the post piece next year (Dino will improve, but I’d take Holden and Randle over Dino any day of the week), which means still more pressure on our guards to score, maybe too much for guys who aren’t used to stepping up.

    One thing we haven’t touched on is, if Born Ready ends up at MD, whether there’s room on this team for both he and Vasquez. Vasquez talks about how great it would be to have a scorer like Born Ready, and Vasquez is definitely capable of distributing the ball. But do you guys have any doubts about Vasquez’s willingness to cede his points and the spotlight to Stephenson? Next year’s it for Vasquez; after testing the waters in the off-season, he’ll be looking to impress NBA scouts. Will that affect his chemistry with Born Ready? Personally, I’d rather have Vasquez here than not, with or without Born Ready, because I don’t have a lot of confidence in this team without him. It’s an interesting question, though.

  52. BTW, Gregg, I can’t stop laughing about Vassallo and Ghost. Freakin hilarious.

  53. Don’t forget Greivis had to play with Kevin Durant at Montrose Christian. I’m sure he had to keep Durant happy by getting him plenty of touches.

    That is if Greivis comes back for the ’09-’10 season.

  54. I’m going for putting the positive vibes out there. The Terps can win tonight and then CAN win again tomorrow night if they want to. At this point, I kind of care most about how they go out this year. Getting in the NCAA or even playing in the NIT comes second. It’s more about not folding for me.

    I think if they want to, they can do well in the ACC tournament and then, even if other conference upsets or anything else keeps them out of the NCAA, at least they will have done all they can do.

    Positive thoughts. Positive vibes. Positive energy. That’s really all any of us here in the peanut gallery can do.

  55. True, but Kevin Durant is Kevin Durant. And Vasquez wasn’t the Vasquez he is now when he played at Montrose. He’s become the face of Terps hoops, our marquee player. I’m not suggesting that necessarily changes with Born Ready on the roster. But it definitely gets a bit more crowded.

  56. NYMets 9631 – If it’s true NC State “is really fired up for this game because of what happened the last time” – that might work in our favor as follows:

    1. NCS will have an extra morsel of anxiety trying to “get” or collase on GV.
    2. This might open opportunities to “kick out” to others who may be more open for the J or drive.
    3. When a team focuses on one player they may get out of sorts.

    I look at this as a big opportunity….in our favor.

    Makes sense?

  57. The Wolfpack are fired up accodring to the local papers. The still think that was low class what Vaz did. GERRY I think it works in their favor to stop Vaz as the rest of the team has never been able to step up so it might be worse.

  58. AL V – You’re right in that respect. I’d argue that CT has shown that he can “step up”. However, since his breakout game against UNC, he’s not getting the same opportunity. He misses a shot and he gets yanked.

    If collapsing on GV gives Hayes, Tucker and CT an extra 2 seconds to set up may be they could step up ?

  59. Our perimeter players need to make open shots. Pressure Javier Gonzalez cause he will turn it over and then we need to score off those TO’s. I hear Courntey Fells has a groin injury…I expect him to play but it could hamper his ability to guard Greivis when NCSU isn’t in zone.

    Bottom line is both of these teams are flawed, but have enough of the right pieces to beat each other. Hopefully, our kids will play more like they did against UNC/Duke (at home)/Wake and not like they did against Uva.


  60. 28-24 Va Tech leads MIA at half time. And dare I say the courtside announcer has the voice of God.

  61. Remind me again — do we want Tech to win or not?

  62. Yes…bc we beat them head to head but split with MIA.

  63. we have a similar resume to both those teams. we beat va tech the only time we played them and we split with miami. it’s basically a toss up

  64. Gerry…I hope your right and it works for us. I don’t think there are 2 back to back games in a row that I want to win more than these two. But focus with tonight first and let’s get it.

  65. “They say all the stuff about me; they’re just going to get me fired up and get me motivated to kill them.”

    I love Vasquez — if this is his last season with the team, I hope he goes out on a good note

  66. I have a sinking feeling about tonight’s game. I just hope it doesn’t come down to the last 2 minutes with the game within 3 points and both teams having scored about 60 points.

    Inevitably the Terrapins will take quick shots from long, be unable to get rebounds, and have NC State trot 1/2 the court, and toss in a swish three. It happens ALL_THE_TIME. ugh.

    I only hope my pessimism is an indication that they will play well… it seems to work for the football team.

  67. 36-30 Va Tech

  68. DBR,
    Just took a look at ESPN’s Top 100 recruits for 2009 and there are 4 still undecided:

    6. John Wall,
    8. Lance
    31. Kyryl Natyazhko, C, 6’10, 250
    47. Terrell Vinson, PF, 6’7, 205

    Any word on these guys. Apologies if this has already been bantered about.

  69. VT up by 20 with 7 minutes left on Miami.

  70. No apologies neededGeoff.

    UMD is a finalist for Lance Stephenson and I reported earlier this week that Terrell Vinson included the Terps in his final four.

    The Terps are not involved with John Wall or Kyryl Natyazhko. I hope Natyazhko’s big ass winds up at Arizona State or Xavier and not at FSU or Miami. As for John Wall, I’m thinking he’ll end up at Memphis…that way he won’t have to go to class lol. But it would be great if he comitted to Kansas because then they would probably drop out of the Lance Stephnson sweepstakes.

  71. Damn, VaTech is up by 20. I hope we have a statement game like that.

  72. Unfortunately, as long as McClinton is in the game MIA is not out of it.

  73. and on the subject of Vassallo, i still say he looks more like avey tare of baltimore’s animal collective than prospect place willie:

  74. Question — can the school take a scholarship away if they want to use it on somebody better? If not, do we have enough to go around for those guys we’re hoping for?

  75. We can take away a scholarship, but thats just not something Gary would do. You promise these kids a 4 year education when they sign, and to take it away like that is just amazingly low.

  76. Woody, taking away a scholarship is a dicey thing. If a kid is going/passing class, not violating team or school policies and you take a scholarship away or run the kid off to make room for another player then you’re creating a difficult environment to recruit future kids into your program.

    Imagine this in-home visit conversation

    “So coach, thanks for coming into my home and offering my son a scholarship. If he turns out to be a good student and role player are you gonna run him off/yank his scholarship if an All American expresses interest and you’re out of scholarships like you did in the past?”

    Now, if a player decides it’s better for them to be someplace else where they can get more playing time and an equivalent education and decides to transfer…then that’s different.

  77. MIA is done

  78. The Hokies up by 21. They’re beating up on Miami like a red-headed stepchild. Really embarrassing performance by the Canes. McClinton sucking up the joint, missing threes (1 of 6) and turning the ball over. I think Miami was in better position to qualify than the Hokies. It will now be interesting to see how Clemson does against GT. Talk about a lousy draw for the Tigers.

  79. I was googling to find out more about McClinton’s injury. Found a Miami Herald blog called Eye on the U. The bozo who writes it, Manny Navarro, laments “Just one sports writer’s opinion, but the two games I’ll point to should Miami miss the tournament are the road losses at MARYLAND, and the let down at Georgia Tech last week. Both of those games, UM didn’t show the type of desire and fight it needed to. Despite being MORE TALENTED, they were inexcusably flat emotionally.” ——- (caps are mine). Bozo should have been thrilled his boys were able to pull out the game against us on their home court. It really pisses me off we haven’t been able to win there or at VT. I hope the next time we go down to the U, we kick the crap out of them, just like the Hokies did today.

  80. The ACC site finally posted our championships in Wbb and Wrestling.

    Nice to see 4 Terpies up there (more than any other school).

    Go Terps.

  81. Raj, DBR, etc —

    Not suggesting GW pull a scholarship. Just wondering – since we seem to be anxious about more recruits than we have room for. Is there a “luxury tax” in NCAA? Like we all pay $2 more per game for tickets and the team gets 2 extra scholarships . . .? Or pull a couple from the football or golf teams.

    No, I guess it doesn’t work that way.

  82. Way to go Kansas way to let it run down your leg against Baylor.

  83. LOL no it doesn’t Woody. But I believe that if a school’s grad rate falls below a certain level the NCAA could reduce the number of scholarships available for a program to offer.

  84. McClinton hurt his knee in a game against FSU. Miami’s coach said that yesterday was the first time it seemed right. Neither he nor McClinton used the knee injury as an excuse for why he played below his usual level of play.

  85. Wow!…the worst team in the ACC is staying competitive against Clemson (39-39 at the half)

  86. Ga Tech still winning. Let’s see…Terps beat Ga Tech twice…Ga Tech beats Clemson in ACCT…Terps better than Clemson. DONE. LOL

  87. Folks- In case you haven’t refreshed the main page in a while. I have moved the site!

    go to I’m moved over all the content. Check it out.

    If you us an RSS feed; you will need to change it and subscribe to the new feed on the new site.

    Also, eventually, the URL will just; but for now please use the one with the “wp” at the end.

  88. Yeah. GT up 8.
    Tourney time is always a little nuts. ACC is such a tough conference this year. Even the bottom feeders are better than the record indicates.


    I’m going to be annoying about encouraging everyone to go to the site. Please check it out and continue the conversation over there.

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