Turtle-Soup.com is Live!!

Hey Folks-

The new Turtle-Soup.com is now live!

All new posts will now go to this site.  If you currently subscribe to an RSS feed for this site; please replace it with the following:  http://turtle-soup.com/wp/feed/

We have successfully moved over all of the old posts and comments to the new site.  Right now, we are having a problem getting the old comments to populate under each post; but I am hopeful that we will be able to work that out soon.

Some of the features will be improved.  In particular, I think you will all appreciate the Disqus comment system.  It allows users to reply to each others comments and start different content strings under one post.  You can also rate as comments as positive or negative.

I’d like to than loyal Souper, Jonathan Bruns and soon-to-be loyal Souper, Brian Tomasette for their help in getting this off the ground.  A thousand thanks to you both

I’m hope you all enjoy the new site.  I can’t wait to hear your feedback.