OK… I’ll Bite

I’m going to start a new thread picking up on the theme from the last one:  ranking the ACC schools in order of my hatred for them.

1. Duke.  For details read the manifesto at the top of the page.  In short, they are at the top of my list because:

– The coach is a fraud.  He curses like a sailor at his players but counsels the country about sportmanship during his endless AMEX commercials.  He whines to officials incessantly and acts like a capital crime has been committed when a call finally goes against him.

– The students. Comprised of dorks and nerds; they viciously insult opposing players (Steve Blake is “ugly”?? Are you kidding me?)

– The officials.  No team in the history of sport has gotten as many calls as  the Duke Blue Devils under  Coach  Krybaby.

2. UVA.  The fans chanted at DJ Strawberry that his dad was crackhead. Case Closed.  Their fans are pretentious a-holes.

3. UNC.  I never liked them.  However, last year’s “go back to the ghetto” chant after the Terps upset them sealed the deal.

4 – 6. VT/BC/Miami.  They have ruined the ACC plain and simple.  The conference will never be as good as the glory days as long as these schools are there.

7 – 11.  The rest.  These schools are the bridesmaids. They stir no feeling of revulsion or joy in me.  Aside from NCST, none of these schools have ever acheived anything substantial.  Wake, GT, Clemson,  and Florida State need to develop a basketball personality before I can hate them.  As for NCST, I do appreciate their fans for their ardent hatred of Duke and Carolina.  I love how they stick with the Pack despite being the third wheel down there.


I am so sick of Finals week. I hated it when I was in school and I hate it as a basketball fan. They need to start playing again. Some more random thoughts:

– UVA just turned in a turd of a performance in the San Juan Shootout. Two losses and a “win‿ against University of Puerto Rico- Manayuega. Yeesh. They edged UPRM, 59-52. The Cavaliers don’t exactly look like a good road team, do they?

– Duke keeps squeaking by. A rousing 7-point victory against Kent State yesterday. The Blue Devils will have a losing streak of 3 or more games this year. It is a matter of time. The fall will happen and it will be hard. Josh McRoberts is not leading them anywhere.

– No one in the NFL respects the Baltimore Ravens (only 5 pro-bowlers?). That will change in the playoffs.

– Having Carmelo and J.R. Smith on your fantasy team at the same time is not looking like such a good idea anymore. Not only are they suspended, but the Nuggets just added a guy who takes 25 shots per game. Has anyone’s fantasy value deteriorated more quickly the Carmelo’s when an injury was not involved?

– Wake Forest produced Josh Howard, Chris Paul, and Tim Duncan. Maryland produced Steve Francis, Juan Dixon, and Joe Smith. Look at the NBA careers of those players. The Terps have two Final Fours, a National Championship and countless Sweet Sixteen appearances. Can someone explain this to me? Is Gary that good or that lucky? I want to say good.

– Is it me or does the college basketball landscape look decidedly average right now? No teams stand out to me as being particularly good. Every team just looks average. I have yet to see a team (besides Ohio State) that made me think that Maryland would get beaten soundly by them.

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