Turner To Start Saturday

The Terps announced that Chris Turner will be the starter this Saturday against Middle Tennessee State. Unfortunately, this had to occur as a result of an injury to Jordan Steffy. Regardless, it is the best news to come out of College Park this week. Turner was the best QB on the roster last year and until proven otherwise; remains so this year. Sadly, Fridge has spent the entire off-season forgetting that fact.

The story of the 2008 season has yet to be written, but I am confident that the ending will be better with Turner at the helm. By all accounts, Steffy is a great kid, but he can’t get it done. Turner isn’t pretty, but I know he can lead the team downfield once or twice per game. Steffy was the guy to do it and hopefully Turner will play well enough that the argument becomes moot.

Turner now has a week to prepare for the California game. So much the better. I think you will see the Terps run more screens this week to Scott so that he can get the ball in the flat. Darius Heyward-Bey better see 8-10 balls thrown his way or Franklin needs to go back to the West Coast.