Henderson Undrafted

I am shocked. I noticed a few comments in the last post about Erin Henderson and I thought I should at least make mention of this surprising turn of events. I saw draft previews and mock drafts that had Henderson going as high as late in the 2nd round, but mostly in the 3rd-5th rounds.

Nobody picked him. Why? The guy has proven bloodlines. The guy was a warrior, playing hurt, yet still leading his team in tackles on a regular basis. He came up with big plays against quality ACC competition. I don’t understand how he could have dropped out of the entire draft. When kickers and punters go and you are still sitting at home, it’s heartbreaking. I feel very bad for the kid.

And now the big question. Should he have come back to school for his ‘senior’ season? Now, Henderson had already graduated, so he would have had to take some grad school courses or something, but the decision was made to enter the draft pretty early. He was quoted as saying he didn’t need the money for his family since EJ had taken care of that. I wish he would have come back since he was our best defensive player, but he was also a guy who battled injuries from the start of his career. I think he was worried about getting hurt again if he returned to college, but now the poor kid is going to have to try to make a team as an undrafted free agent. I know he’ll get a chance (rumors have him signing with the Redskins), but it’s a long road and one small nagging injury in mini-camp or training camp and you are done. He’s gotta have a lot of luck now, stay healthy, and prove himself.

Congrats to Dre Moore, who was picked up by Tampa in the 5th round. Moore was another guy who was projected much higher, but fell. Unfortunately, Moore was the only Terp drafted this year. This is not a good sign for our program, but I feel it’s just a bad year. We have plenty of guys who have a chance to be drafted in the next few years. I think with all the injuries across the board this past football season, it cost the Terps players a lot.

Now I know we usually just talk hoop, but it’s nice to get back to football, if it’s only for a moment. That being said, did anyone out there check out the Red/White game this past weekend? I’m interested in hearing how the players looked. I heard the QB’s were not that impressive.

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