Salt in the Wound from the Worldwide Leader

Thanks, ESPN. Maryland fans really need to be reminded that our program has sucked over the last five years. Not only did the ESPN write an article about how far Maryland and other programs have fallen, but it decided to feature Gary Williams on the front page this morning. Gary looked like the poster child of the “over the hill” gang. To make matters worse, Gary Williams sounded like a whiny baby. And I quote:

“A lot more schools around the country that don’t have football have figured it out that if you pour most of your budget into men’s basketball, it’s going to generate a tremendous amount of income. The level and the numbers are way up compare d to 10 or 15 years ago in terms of teams that take it serious enough to be good enough to play in the NCAA tournament.”

Pleeeeaaase! We can’t compete anymore because George Mason sinks all their athletic budget into the basketball team and we have to share that money with the football program. Are you convinced? How about taking a little personal responsibility here? Gary could have easily said “I’ve made some terrible recruiting choices over the last five years”. But instead he gives ESPN that whiny diatribe? Horrible.

I’m probably making too much of this. In the grand scheme of things, all this really isn’t that bad. It is not as if we are seeing that infamous picture of a drunken Gary Williams with two ugly chicks and a half-eaten chicken wing in his left hand for the first time. Now that was a bad day for the program.

(Note: I refuse to link to it but it is the number one image result when you Google “Gary Williams”.)

Seriously, can you think of a photo that embarrassing that did not involve the coach’s firing? I mean Larry Eustachy got fired for eerily similar behavior.

How many recruits’ parents have been shown that photo and have said, “umm no thanks”? If you think that opposing coaches aren’t despicable enough to dredge that photo up when Maryland is the running for a blue chipper; think again. Coincidently, we have lost an awful lot of recruits since that photo surfaced, haven’t we?

Drunken behavior is somewhat permissible when you are cutting down nets, but not when you are going to three NITs in five years.

I will now swallow my own tongue.

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