O-line, Turner Horrid

You know, Ralph Friedgen is always complaining about lack of fan support for the football team. Well, if he expects to have good crowds, I would think he’d like to show up in the biggest game of the year.

The offensive line, one that is big and experienced should be ashamed of themselves. They have been just miserable and they should offer apologies to Chris Turner. 5 sacks???!!! Give the guy some help.

Second, Turner should offer apologies to the defense. When he has had time, he’s been horrible. We were getting right back into the game late in the 2nd quarter and he had Davin Meggett so wide open, yet he decides the throw into quadruple coverage. I know he’s getting nervous back there with all the pressure, but my goodness, complete a pass.

The entire team should be ashamed.

Oh, and did anyone know that there is this Rolle kid who was arriving late tonight?

FSU’s Ryan Reid = Disgrace

Well I am going out on a limb here. FSU forward, Ryan Reid will not be in the lineup on Saturday against the Terps. He just punched the Wake Forest center in the face. Nice.

FSU is a complete mess. The administration just placed their entire athletic program on probation due to a huge academic cheating scandal. And to think, the excellently named Uche Echefu chose FSU over Maryland. How’s that working out for you Eche?

Normally, opposing students will ride a player who spurned their school. I don’t expect that to happen on Saturday because nobody knows who the hell he is. Nevertheless, the student section will need to find something to motivate them because this is a big game for our Terps.

The FSU game and VaTech game that follows are must wins. The Terps have to get to 8-4 in the ACC. By continuing to win, the losses to Duke become easy to explain.

I think this is a bad time to play FSU. They have no gravitas. When was the last time they finished over .500 in the conference? This is a classic letdown game. We should win by 20, but I won’t be surprised if it is close. Maybe I am over thinking things. Just win baby.

Out of Sync, But We’re Dancing

This was just one of those games that you kept looking at the clock and the hoping the game would end sooner. Every one in Terp Nation just wanted the “W” and you could just feel that the players played that way too.

That was a brutal final eight minutes of the first half wasn’t it? In January, that meant a loss. The stupid fouls and overagressiveness killed us. Even when Maryland took a 29-21 lead, I knew we were in trouble. We had 18 points from three pointers. That is not our game. With our starting frontcourt on the bench with foul trouble, the Terps were in trouble. But, we held on.

The second half started with an impeccable four minutes. 12 unanswered points keyed mostly by turnovers and fastbreaks and Comcast was rocking again. But somehow, the game didn’t feel like it was over. The Terps just weren’t playing their game. The offense was out of sync and the halfcourt offense was not working. The 12 minute timeout came and we just couldn’t stay out of foul trouble. Gist, DJ, Ibekwe all had 3 fouls. I thought, “if we could just make it through the next 4 minutes with none them picking up their 4th”, we’ll be home free.

For the most part, that happened (except Ibekwe); yet somehow I’m left uneasy. The optimist would say, “we played poorly and still won by 18!”. If you are reading this, then you know by now that I am not an optimist. Florida State really frustrated the Terps in the halfcourt and forced us into countless bad decisions. Is this a roadmap for how to beat Maryland? Stop the penetration and get our bigs in foul trouble and the Terps will struggle mightily.

All of this is reason for concern, but guess what? The good teams have off-nights and still win. Can we play this way and expect to win on Sunday? No way and the players know it too. How excited are you for Sunday? The Terps have a chance for a signature victory. An exlcamation point on this remarkable resurrection. 11 days ago who could have imagined this?

The resume has us dancing. 21-7 overall, 7-6 in the ACC, RPI in the teens and rising. So why is it that Duke is ranked #18 and the Terps are unranked again?

Can they make a Tournament run? Absolutely, if they continue to pound the ball inside and let Vasquez and Hayes make the decisions.

The seniors have finally accepted their roles. Strawberry is a slasher, and with able passers in the half court, he can get to the hole and use his athletic ability to finish or get to the stripe. Jones is our shooter and remarkably not a whole lot of anything else. He knows it now and so do we. Ibekwe rebounds and plays defense. His offense should come off putbacks and the occasional low post move if there is a mismatch situation.

With Gist and the freshman leading the way and playing consistently, the Terps can make a run. The NCAA is pretty mediocre this year. No team outside of the Top 5 or 6 teams have demonstrated consistency. That helps to explain our high RPI ranking.

MD could rise as high as #2 seen in the NCAAs should they finish 10-6 in the ACC and win the ACC Tournament. Granted that is extremely unlikely. What is more likely, is a 9-7 conference record and a run to the semis of the ACC Tournament (if the draw works in our favor). If that is the case, we are 25-9 and I think that warrants #5 seed in the NCAAs. From that position, I think we make the Sweet 16 and depending on the matchup, an elite 8 is possible.

I can’t believe I just wrote that.