Gus the Hedger

So, the message boards are aflutter that Gilchrist is playing both sides of the coin and may return to Maryland if he isn’t allowed to play during the Fall 2008 semester.

Gilchrist is enrolling at USF but will not sign an letter of intent. This leaves open the possibility that he will return to Maryland if his appeal to play this fall is denied by the NCAA.

Apparently, Augustus loves his teammates. Clearly, not as much as he loves himself, but whatever. We need him. Desperately.

Whatever happens, Gary Williams needs to get off ass this summer and recruit. He better not host any Golf Tournaments like he did last year.

Augustus turns into Brutus- Gilchrist to Leave Maryland

Gus Gilchrist was released from his scholarship today. He is going to transfer. Gilchrist asked Maryland to release him. The only reason given was that he wanted to explore an option that would “allow him to play more games”. Presumably, the extra penalty (not being eligible during the Fall ’08 semester) for transferring within the ACC became to much for Gilchrist to bear.

That is bunch of crap if you ask me. He’s known about that penalty for months. Why now? Oh and thanks for twisting the knife in Gus. Why would he time his departure with the Evans fiasco to maximize the bad publicity for Maryland?

This is really bad news for our program. Not only are we screwed in the post for next season (anyone for a Dupree, Burney frontcourt?), but the program is slowly turning into a joke. In the last six months, how many guys have been rumored or confirmed suit up for Maryland but will never actually wind up playing one second for the Terps? Evans, Maze, Bowman, and now Gilchrist. All come and gone.

I don’t want to openly root against a college kid (except for anyone in a Duke uniform), but I am going to break with tradition and root for Gilchrist to suck wherever he goes. First he rips the heart out of Va Tech fans and then he does the same to Terp fans? Eff you, Mr. Gilchrist. Can we all agree now that Maryland should never, never, never, recruit another player who’s last name is “Gilchrist”?

So we have made it into June and so far the Terps have signed and then released a shooting guard with three convictions and had our top recruit transfer. We still have July, August, and September to go! What’s next? Will Braxton Dupree gain 100 lbs and become a professional competitive eater? Nothing would surprise me at this point.

The program is reeling. Someone help me find a silver lining.