Steffy “looked more than fine in the 1st half”? Are you kidding!?

“More than fine”. That’s what The Baltimore Sun’s David Steele wrote this morning. “More than fine”.

With all due respect to Mr. Steele, who has been writing since I’ve been alive, are you nuts?!?!?!

It may sound like bloggers and Terp fans are dumping on this kid, but there is no way that the Terp coaches can watch the tape from Saturday’s game and tell anyone with a straight face that Steffy was ‘more than fine’ in the first half. It’s right there on tape. As they say, the tape never lies.

First let me say again, Steffy is a good kid. He works real hard and I wish him nothing but success in whatever he does. Maybe it was the concussion he got in the Va. Tech game in his freshman year. Maybe it was some of the mistakes he made two seasons ago in relief of Sam Hollenbach. Whatever it was, he is a different player than the one we thought we were getting coming out of Pennsylvania 5 years ago. Remember he was the second ranked QB out of Penn that year behind Chad Henne (now with the Dolphins). He was a swift guy with a good arm. Now he looks scared back there. Not scared to play, but scared to make mistakes, scared to take chances. Perhaps scared to run with the ball after those heavy hits.

Let’s examine some of his first half plays. They let him throw the ball twice right out of the gate. The two screen type passes that the west coast offense is all about. It was about giving Steffy some confidence back there and he threw them fine. Most of us could have thrown those fine. Then they run the ball with fantastic results until a 3rd down, must pass down in Delaware territory. Here come the happy feet.

With the rush coming, the confidence is gone. He’s looking around, eyes locked on ONE guy the entire time. The ENTIRE time. Watch the tape. On his first 5-6 throws, he’s locked on the receiver from the time he gets the ball. Better teams bait him and return it to the house.

Later in the half on the play that we should have been called for grounding, the Delaware player blitzes right up the middle. Steffy has his eyes locked onto someone to the left and doesn’t see the blitzer until he’s right on top of him. How can you not be aware of your surroundings!? It’s not as if the blitzer was coming from the blindside, he was coming right up the middle. Be aware!

Those are what stands out for me in the first half. Sure, if we make those field goals, the score looks better, but when you look at the tape, Steffy is just not getting it done. Plain and Simple. Not to mention the second half, where he crushed any momentum gained by Barnes’ interception, by throwing it right into the numbers of a linebacker. Horrible. And he fumbled away another field goal attempt by holding onto the ball too long and taking a sack/fumble.

The guy is not a Div. 1 starting QB. Mysterious thumb injury or not, he will not win you games. He was supposed to not lose you games, but he gave it his best shot on Saturday. I’m not saying Chris Turner is a superstar, but the guy gets back there and plays the game. He may throw an interception here and there, but he takes chances. With so many talented athletes on offense, let them do the work for you. Get them the ball somehow. Let them make a play. Don’t throw into triple coverage, but show some confidence back there. Don’t bail everytime and look panicked. Turner is the guy who should be leading this team. There is too much at stake and the Fridge should not be putting his legacy and perhaps job on the line for somebody who tries hard and is a good kid, but just isn’t good enough to play QB for a BCS conference team.

We don’t need someone to be “fine” or “more than fine”, we need somebody to be good.

Steffy Is Your Starter

For better or worse, Jordan Steffy was named the Terps starting QB on Monday morning. Apparently all three QB’s were close and the Fridge said he expects all three to play at some point, but apparently he feels the most comfortable with Steffy at the helm.

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Posts article this morning:

Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin canvassed a handful of players for their opinions, and about two-thirds felt Steffy was the right choice. Franklin then conferred with Friedgen, who made the final call.

The players also noted that Steffy prepares more than any other QB. Not sure exactly what I think about the whole thing. I guess Steffy gets his shot to prove everyone wrong and if he falters, I’m sure it won’t take half a season to make the switch. It’s up to Steffy now to go out and lead this team.

Weak Finish against Wake Forest

Awful.  These are the moments when I am glad to be out of local TV coverage.  I checked the score midway through the third quarter to see we were dominating 24-3.  70 horrendous minutes later, the Terps had lost in overtime and Steffy was lying on the ground, a crumpled mess.

How long exactly until midnight madness?  20 days?  Can it come sooner please?

I’m back from my wedding, the honeymoon and my summer hiatus, yet somehow I can’t say that I am excited for the rest of the football season.   In fact, I’ll be posting my preseason outlook for the basketball team soon.

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