Jordan Williams Commits to Maryland

As has been widely reported; Jordan Williams verbally committed to Gary Williams today. It was also reported that Gary Williams had no idea what Jordan was committing to; as it had been that long since Gary had actually recruited anyone. OK, I made that up. I couldn’t resist.

Seriously, this is a huge win for Maryland and in particular Coach Williams. Everyone knows how much he hates to recruit, but Gary clearly put in the time with this kid. He made Jordan feel wanted and really sold the program.

Jordan Williams is a guy you build around. Maryland can place him alongside fellow recruit James Padgett and boom; there is Maryland’s froncourt for the next four years.

Now, I haven’t had the chance to see Jordan Williams play; I will defer to the more knowledgable on that front. I just know the following: He is a big-time recruit of the four-star variety. Can someone name me that last four-star big man that Gary Williams nabbed out of high school from a state other than Maryland? (for the record, James Gist was a four-star player out of Good Counsel in Wheaton, MD in 2004). My guess is Chris Wilcox, but that is going back to 2000. (Can someone verify this?)

So to recap, this is the first top quality big man THIS DECADE (Wilcox signed his LOI in 1999) that Gary Williams has recruited. The last sentence tells you everything you need to know about the last five years of Maryland Basketball.

As such, I’m excited for what the Jordan Williams saga symbolozes: a rededicated Gary Williams. He has seen the error of his ways and has put forth the necessary effort to bring home the bacon. The fact that he was rewarded with Jordan Williams saying “yes” proves that hard work pays off. I’m sure that Jordan Williams will be great and hopefully, his name will hang from the rafters one day. For now, I’m just going to celebrate the fact that a 63 year-old man still has the fight in him to succeed in the ACC.

Maybe the tide has turned for the Terps. The start of the season is a month away and there will be plenty of locker room material in the form of preseason predictions to motivate the team. One thing is for certain. The coach still has the desire to win.

A Note From DBR – 10/10/08

Here’s the latest installment of our new Friday Feature:

Not much to report today that I haven’t covered during the course of the week.  In the Jordan Williams sweepstakes, it’s Maryland or St. John’s, and a decision is expected next week.  It appeared the Terps were in the driver’s seat after Williams’ visit but St. John’s evidently did a good job closed the gap.

Arsalan Kazemi took the SAT on October 4, and is waiting on his results. No real academic concerns with him that I’m aware of.  Word is he is a superb student. But he cannot begin his official campus visits until those SAT results are in. Kazemi had hoped to visit UMD for Maryland Madness, but it’s likely the results will not be back in time.  If JW doesn’t pop to UMD look for Kazemi to visit College Park in November.

Getting ’09 recruiting over with would allow the Terps staff to focus on the crucial 2010 class.

JSK still has not been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Practice starts 10/18 so time is running mighty short.

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