DBR Update and Midnight Madness

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2008-09 Maryland Terrapins Men’s Basketball Team!

Tonight is the start of what is surely to be one of the most unpredictable basketball seasons in recent memory for our Terps. Nothing would surprise. We could finish 4-12 in conference (unlikely), or we could finish 12-4. Will our backcourt experience key victories or will our inexperience in the frontcourt be our downfall? Who knows?

Perhaps odder scenarios are at play as well. Maybe our frontcourt is better than experts think. Will the sophomores, Dupree and Burney make the leap? Can they? So much is unknown.

Hanging over it all is the very future of the program. What will happen to Gary Williams if Maryland fails to make the Tourney again? I am loath to make any real predictions, but my intuition is that Maryland will be MUCH better than the experts are predicting. (Thanks Sporting News for the bulletin board material. Last in the conference? Really?)

Midnight Madness or not (btw, it will always be Midnight Madness to me. None of this Maryland Madness crap); the recruiting trail is still hot and here is DBR’s latest update. Enjoy:

My primary source for UMD info emailed me late last night to say still no word on Jordan Williams. Two media types have said they will text me as soon as they know something. As soon as I find out something definitive I’ll post something (watch…I’ll be in a friggin’ meeting when the word comes down). C’mon J-Dub say “YES” to UMD.

Meanwhile, Arsalan Kazemi now has an interesting final four of Maryland, Seton Hall, Rice, and Colorado, and according to Patterson Coach Chris Chaney, will likely sign early, as the 6-7 Iranian is already tired of the recruiting process. It now looks like Maryland will get a visit in early November, possibly the 7th and 8th, and one would think Williams’ decision will have certainly been made by then. Hopefully a decision will have been made by the NCAA on the eligibility on Jin Soo Kim by then as well. Chuck D went to watch Kazemi this week as Patterson scrimmaged Oak Hill Academy, Kazemi played well, so the Terp interest appears to still be very much there.

The following recruits are expected at tonight’s Maryland Madness: Isaiah Epps, Taran Buie, Jonathan Graham; and don’t be surprised to see Roscoe Smith there as well. While it will be encouraging if Smith does show, sources tell me it’s premature to get overly excited, or overly optimistic, about UM’s chances of landing the 6-8 wing man. The list of schools tracking Smith is endless, and the competition will be fierce. Some class of 2011 prospects are expected at Maryland Madness too including big man Jordan Goodman.

I’m hoping to get email updates from some people that attend Maryland Madness, so I could be posting often tonight.

As for our football team, I am aware that they have a huge game against Wake Forest tomorrow. However, I refuse to write about them until they prove they are worthy of following. I can’t take the complete and utter lack of effort. If they can hold serve against Wake and NC State and get bowl eligible in the process; I’ll start to believe again. Until then, Greivis and Co. have the floor.