Gist To San Antone!

No matter what, it’s always nice when a player gets drafted.

Despite our struggles and despite James Gist’s struggles, he is currently an NBA player. That is good for the program.

Will he be an NBA player in November? We’ll see. But Gist, who was drafted by San Antonio in the second round, has a chance. First, he was drafted by a good team, a team that can teach him what it takes to stick in the league. He has the ability, we’ve all seen it. He needs to turn himself into a defensive specialist who can use his athleticism and quickness to make a difference on the defensive end and then learn and work on putting the ball in the hoop.

We’ll see what happens, but he has a shot.

Best of luck Jim!

Greivis Rumors

The date to declare for the NBA draft is two days away and still no word from Senor Greivis Vasquez. All indications (and by that I mean Diamondback Russ) are that Vasquez will indeed declare himself eligible.

Now, before Terps nationwide go bonkers; it is important to understand that Vasquez is 99% likely to return to Maryland this year. Declaring himself eligible is a way for him to measure himself against NBA talent as well as get feedback from the pro scouts on what he needs to work on in order to get drafted.

Anyone who watched more than 15 minutes of Maryland basketball this year knows that Greivis is not yet ready for the pros. He has yet to play an entire game under control and he needs to improve his shooting and decision making. Despite his shortcomings, GV just missed the ACC first-team and is likely to be a pre-season all-conference selection going into next season.

I encourage fans not to read too much into this impending announcement. Yes, Gary Williams has been hitting the road and will be bringing in many new faces into the backcourt next season. The arrival of Sean Mosley and Tyree Evans will certainly shake things up next season. Hoever, do not be fooled into thinking that Greivis will not be playing a prominent role

Vasquez led the ACC in minutes played and the optimist in me thinks that fatigue may have been part of the reason behind the Terps failure to put ANYONE away all year, as well as the being the culprit behind their well-documented collapses. A rested Vasquez should be able to shine next season if he can learn trust his teammates.

I have visions of a backcourt that electrifies in the much same way that Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili do for the San Antonio Spurs. Will it be Evans who plays Parker to Vasquez’s Ginobili? Only time will tell.

Be assured Terp fans, that no matter what happens over the next two days, you can pencil Vasquez into the starting lineup next season. As for the other four positions, I’m not so sure. Neither is Gary Williams.